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Duluth evening HERALD 


Mar 1 

Apr 30 

Originals held by; MHS ^ other 
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191-4 -1978 

Larry B. Hlavsa ^^>^ 4/24/78 


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TIKSDAV, MAliril 1, 1S!)S. 




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riie^v' prelly Plant Stands or Tabourettes in Oak, 
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1 he second barjjain is a line of 
Brussels Carpets with and w ithout 
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Establi!>heJ i86<). 


Money to Loan on 

Improved Property. 

First National 
Bank Building. 



Members of the Board of Inquiry Into the 

Maine Disaster Not Posted on Ship 



The Operations on the Debris of the War- 
ship Have Been Much Hindered By 
Bad Weather* 


Daniel Flynn Shot Dead By 
Milton Williams In a Dis- 
pute Over Wages. 

St. Paul. Marrh 1, — i Sin-cial to Thf 
H-fal'l.,< — All AuslJi, .Minn., -I'imijI v> 
■ n.spatch .says: .\Iilton William.-^, 
Mr.s. A. A. William.s. proprietress 
i.t lh«- Williams' h(jtel lieiv. .shot arid 
kilU.-a Daniel P. Flynri last evening. The 
crime was committed in front of the 
^' ''• ' and .^eems to b%- the result of an 
ation ovt r Flynn's wages. Flynn 
iiiio iieen in thi- tinploy of .Mrs. Will- 
iams for a nil ■nth or so as l>us driver, 
and vva.s iHscharKed P>iday evening 
without l)eing paid off. He wvnt to the 
note! last night to get his wages and 
ua.H killed by Williams. 

There wa.s a great many peoiiie on 
the street at the time. Williams ia still 
at larg^. He hired a rig to be driven to 
Lyle, altout twelve miles south of here. 
ri.).-! I.t" Polii '• Oalt .sent a po.sse out 
i.ii ea. h M-ad in pursuit, going on the 
south rnad him-self. Cuit Will- 
iam.s into Iowa and has imt yet le- 
t i: iimI. 

qut.stion that he had not exchanged a 
word with thf president about the trip, 
and tha tit was purely a private under- 
taking t )r the purjiofit of m.aking a 
persi nal inspection. 


Two Returning Dawson Miners frozen 
to Death. 

Seattle. Wash., .March 1.— The steam- 
er Si .[i I. which has arrived from Ska- 
guay reports that on Feb. 19 the bodies 

of two men were found frozen to death 
on the trail, and were brought into 
Skaguay. The men were evidently from 
Dawson, as they had a small amount 
of gold with them. They had not been 
identitled when the steamer Scotia left. 



Insurance Companies Will Have to 
Obey Ohio's Laws. 

(•,,Pi!r,':,n-. ' ',un. .Mar.-h 1.— The sii- 
[,; ■; 10 tvvi) i/ases wher-'in lUe 

X 1 . Lit • Insurance company and 

*;). Horn; Life lii-iit;i!:- i- Mupany 
V ,iu:h! t'. compel till- >;.-i" i-ommis- 
risurance to permit them to d'< 
..,^.,...:. in Ohio in the Lliyds sys- 
teTTi. sustained the commission r and 
dismis-^- 1 'h.- p'tition. 

Long Ocean Race From Philadelphia 
is Lnded. 

Tacoma, Wash.. March 1.— The Ameri- 
can clipper ship Tacoma, Capt. Gaff- 
ney. has arrived here completing and 

winning one of the longest races ever 
! run. She sailed from Philadelphia. Oct. 
' 12. thus making the time of her passage 
over a 10,000 mile course in 138 days. 
The Tacoma and Ih^ Yankee ship In- 
diana sailed from Philadelphia the same 
day. The Indiana is bound for San 
I Francisco and it was agreed she should 
' give the Tacoma a time and distance 
allowance. a.« the Tacoma had to come 
700 miles further north. 



Several Senators and Representa- 
tives to Go to Cuba. 

Washinut. n. Mati h 1 —.V party of 
senator.s ani tn.,ml"i"s -f tb-' .musi' 
will 1 :i'. W:ishini,'li':i a' I this aft- :- 
noon t'T a nip to Cuba. They go l>y 
train to Fortress Monroe, and from 
there will take a private yacht for Ha- 
vana. The |)arty will consist of Sena- 
t .rs aal linger, Thurston and Monty, 
and lli-taest ntatives Amos J. Cum- 
mings and William .\lden Smith and 
their wives. 

Senator Thurston said today that the 
trip wa.s undertaken for the ptirpose of 
making a personal invtatigatlon into 
affairs in Cuba. "It ig not." he said, 
•in any sense an official tour, but it 
uill naturally give u.h a better oppor- 
tunity for investigation than we can 
[losslbly have from this distance." He 
.,ai 1 til party would be absent about 
tt n lays, which would allow several 
days in Cuba. 

Senator GalUnger saijii in reply to a 

Arkansas Judge Declares It Is Un- 

i Washington. March 1.— The decision 
of Judge Rogers at Fort Smith. Ark., 
yesterday, holding the I'nited States 
general meat inspr:^ction law to be iin- 
constitiitlonal. has apparently caused 
no concern to the (»ftlcials of the a.?rl- 
<ultural department under which ad- 
ministratiim the law is executed. They 
regard the decision as one largely tech- 
nical in character and will not affect 
the real operation of the law when ap- 
plied to the inspection of m^ats when 
intended for interstate traffic or export 
to foreign countries. 

Their chief regret is the failure to 
convi<t Boy. r of the Dold Packing 
company, who was charged with at- 
tempting to bribe one of the meat in- 
spectors. It v/as the first case that had 
been Jirought under the penal clause of 
the statute and the offlcials had hop<?d 
it would result In a eonviction. 

Washington. Maroh 1.— Two weeks 
ago tonight the battleship Maine was 
destroyed in Havana harbor, and in 
spite of the greatest diligence on the 
part of the officers charged with an In- 
quiry into [he affair, the cause of the 
disaster is still shrouded in mystery, so 
far as any officials in Washington 
ki^iw. Few officials acquainted with 
the formidable obstacles in the way 
of operation.-? of divers are surprised 
at this situation of affairs, and it is 
beginning to be generally believed thai 
upon the testimony of the divers al- 
most altogether will depend the suc- 
cess of the inquiry. 

Meanwhile the officials of the depart- 
ment have reported the conclusiori 
that hann is b. ing done by th- [ 
hniaching of theories to account for the 
explosion, and notice has been served 
upon the experts who have been hear! • 
from in the press that it is preferred I 
tney shall no longer discuss this mattci 
in advance of the report of the 'com- 
mission of inquiry. One reason for | 
this action was the fact that the de- I 
partmtnt was finding its«lf committed I 
Involuntarily to the support of \ht I 
theory that the explosion was of inter- 
nal origin, while as a matter of fa\ 
M-Kh Secretary Long and Assistant 
Sec^retary Roosevelt have been at great 
pains to show that the department | 
stood entirely neutral as between the 
I'heorists. and were prepared to accept 
only the conclusions of the court of in- 
quiry as binding upon it. In conse- 
quence of this decision, there Is lest; 
disposition manifested among the naval 
officers to talk about the Maine affair 
in any phase. 

In indication that the court of in- 
quiry is either far from reaching any 
conclusion, or else is disposed (with a 
view of meeting future criticism) b 
collect all possible evidence, whether 
it be deemed essential or not. Is the 
call to their assisftance of experts. It 
has already been a matter of comment 
that with all the ability comprised in 
this court of inquiry it has one weak 
spot, namely, the lack of practical ex- 
perience in the construction of a ship, 
in Its members. This is no part of ih.' 
duty of a line officer, so that no retlec- 
tion is carried by the statement. 

To remedy their shortcomings the 
court has called upon the department 
to send to their aid a constructor and 
a i-arpenter. and In compliance with 
fho reouest. Secretary Long has di- 
rected Naval Constructor Hoover and 
Carpenttr Helm to report to the court 
at Key West. It is expected that they 
win go to Havana when the court re- 
turns there, and from their familiarity 
with the structure of the Maine, on 
which both of these men worked when 
she was built In the New York navy 
yard, they will be of great assistance, 
not only in suggesting easy methods 
of work for the divers, but also in 
iilentlfying portions of the wrec*. 

The latter consideration is one of the 
greatest ImportanL^t, In view of fne 
.statements that have come from Ha- 
vana to the effect that some of the 
ship's bott<»m plates have been found 
In the debris above water. It Is said 
at the department that if this is true 
the fact will be of ImportanLt-. but it is 
added it would not be necessarily 
conclusive evidence as to the source of 
the explosion, for it Is conceivable, as 
the de:k was blown up. it might easily 
have pulled up with it s~ume of the 
frames and bottom plating, which are 
rigidly attached by rivets. Without 
doubt the two experts will be much 
better qualified than the line officers 
or divers to identify any such piece of 

No orders have gone out from the 
department to the vessels of the 
1 squadi'on today. and the officials 
Itamj!) as without foundation the report 
that the squadron was yesterday or- 
dered to be held in readiness to sail 
far Havana. it i.s said that 
no selection has yet been made of a 
cruiser to proceed to Havana, but it is 
likely, in case the court of inquiry 
should desire to make the retiu-n trip 
to Havana in a cruiser, that Admiral 
Sicard would l>e allowed to make his 
|.wn selection from an^^ng the vessels 
of his fleet. 

No advices have been received at 
either the stat< or navy department 
rhat would warrant the statement that 
the Spanish officials in Havana have 
aitetri>ted to intt\rp'.4-»e any ohstaoles 
to the prosecution of the work of the 
wieckers on the Maine's hull. It is 
said that the very last phase of this 
matter was sent out in the published 
dispatch of Assistant Secretary Day. 
authorizing the Spanish government to 
jirosecute an independent Invesitlgation 
by Its own divers. The department has 
withdrawn that permission. 


in Washington to Admiral Sicard. and 
are said to l)e base<l on information 
wired from Havana by the captain of 
the Bache. ITnited States coast survey 
boat, which L ft Key West for Havana 
yesterday. The captain of the Bache 
told such a story of the heat of the 
Havana public and the probability of 
a riot at any moment and danger to 
Americans now in Havana, that Secre- 
tary Long at once made the order indi- 

Dlaro Del Ejerclto, the Spanish army 
gazette received here fiom Havana, 
says that Spain has notified the United 
States that the Maine's remains must 
nAt be removed and that work must 
stop until the governm nt receives the 
report of the United States court of In- 


Dons Wondering What the Mains 
Investigation Will Reveal. 

Madrid, March 1.— Greater anxiety is 
visible here In regard to the verdict of 
the United States naval court of In- 
quiry Into the loss of the battleship 
Maine than was apparent a week ago. 
The constant rumors of possible hostili- 
ties are harrassing and weakening the 
government and they are also trying 
the patience of the pul>llc. 

The "jingo" papers publish exhaustive 
dispatches from New York and Wash- 
ington to the effect that the relations 
between the United States and Spain 
are hourly becoming more strained and 
attributing to Presid- nt McKlrley a 
'series of anti-Spanish declarations. 

Admiral Bermejo. the minister of ma- 
rine. Is actively seeiving the l>est means 
to procure additional warships. 


Atlanta. Ga.. March 1— Gen. Gobin. 
commander-in-chief of the G. A. R. 
arived iiere this morning to attend the 
state encampment which takes place 
tomorrow. He was met by a reception 
committee of the local Q. A. K. and es- 
corted to the Kimball hotel. During 
the day Oen. Gobin was driven to dif- 
' ferent points of interest about the city. 

Report That Spain Orders Work on 
Maine Stopped. 

Chlcage). March 1.— A special to the 
Chronicle from Key West says: Thi> 
fie^t here made up of the New York, 
Marblehead, Montgomery, Nashv'lle. 
Cushing and Ericsson, as well as the 
thr.-e battleships Indiana. Texas and 
Massachusetts, now at Dry Tortugas. 
have received orders to hold themselves 
in readiness to start for Havana at the 
tap of the drum. The Detroit has left 
here for Dry Tortugas. where sh- will 
Join the squadron. 

The orders came from Secretary Long 

No Other News of Importance Comes 
Erom Havana. 

Havana. March 1.— There is a strong 
breeze blowing today and active prepa- 
rations continue for the welcome to be 
accorded to the Spanish cruiser Vlzcaya 
which the Spaniards hope will arrive 
here today from New York. 

Senator Proctor after his visit to Gen. 
Blanco today will make arrangements 
to take a trip to the provinces, going 
first west to Pinar Del Rio. He will 
accompany Mr. Elwell. Miss Clara Bar- 
ton's Ituslness manager. 

The steamer Montevideo left Havana 
for Barcelona last evening with about 
."lOOO soldiers on board, some invalids 
and others whose time of service had ex- 

There is no woril from the divers thus 
far today, of any work of importance. 


Looks For Good News From Cuba 
Before April. 

Madrid. March 1.— Premier Sagasta 
is quoted in an interview as saying 
that he expects very satisfactory news 
from Cuba before April. In the course 
()f the same Interview Senor Sagasla 
said: "In view of the increase In the 
price of grain in Spain, the govern- 
ment has decided to reduce the import 
duties. A decree on this subject is 
Vr/jmentarily expected." 

A meeting of Ithe cabinet was ar- 
ranged for tomorrow. It is believed 
this step will be taken owing to the 
receipt of more reassuring news from 
the United States. 


New Mexico's Executive Gives Ex- 
pression to His Opinion. 

Santa Fe, N. M.. March 1.— "If the 
Maine disaster should be shown by the 
court of Inquiry to be due to Spanish 
treachery," said Governor Otero, "the 
transfer of all Spain's West Indian pos- 
.sesslons to the United States would not 
In my judgment l>e .sufficient atonement 
for the outrage, and our government 
would be justified in deferring all nego- 
tltlons for Indemnity until merited cha.s- 
tl&iment had been Inflicted. Cuba's free- 
dom Is not necessarily involved in this 
affair of ours. In case of war, New- 
Mexico's Spanish-speaking soldiery will 
l)e found at the front with the United 
States troops." 


Host of Witnesses tn Readiness to 
Be Examined. 

Key West. March 1.— The second 
day's Session here of the United States 
court of inquiry Into the loss of the 
battleship Maine in the harbor at 
Havana on Feb 15, began in the United 
States district court house shortly 
after 10 o'clock this morning. Most 
of the officers who were examined yes- 
terday and the lieutenants and cadets 
of the warships wore all on hand, al- 
though It Is expected they will not be 
examined until the court returns from 
its second visit to Havana. Groups of 
enllsteel men also gathered about the 
court room, awaiting their turn to be 

A high naval official said today: 

"Perhaps the court of inciuiry will re- 
turn to Havana on board the cruiser 
Marblehead or the Nashville, instead 
of the coast survey boat Bache. The 
Marblehead would be specially suitable. 
She has a strong electric light plant." 

A good part of the work of the court 
today was devoted to verifying th? 
testimony previously given, the steno- 
graphers reading their official tran- 
scripts of the evidence, and the wit- 
nesses confirming their correctness. 
Apparently but few vital questio.os 
were asked, the morning being devoted 
to routine work. Following the cu.s- 
tom at the previous sessions of the 
court, all the witnesses wiere sworn 
not t>) reveal any part of ^he proceed- 
ings of the court. 

The cijast cruiser Bache will return 
here from Havana tomorrow night or 
Thliisday morning, biinging all the 
Maine's unburied <lead and wounded 
mt n who have iieen In the hospital at 
Havana. The wounded will be left at 
the Tortugas for cjuarantine. and four 
wounded men, who were left at the 
Tortugas on Saturday last, will be 
brought on here. 

Capt. Sigslieo reports la.«?t night that 
only one unidentified l)ody was ready 
for shipment, but it Is expected that 
several more will bo recovered from the 
wreck before the Bache is ready to .sail. 
Funeral serviev over the remains will 
probably be held on Thursday and the 
Interment wiH take place in the city 

Admiral Sicard is credited with the in- 
tention of having the funeral as pri- 
vate as possible, )iut It is considered 
doubtful whether his wishes will l)e re- 
spected by the residents here, who are 
eager to pay a tribute of respect to the 
Maine's dead. It is possible the fun- 
eral may be made the occasion for an 
attempted Cuban demonstration. 

The court adjourned for lunch at 12: Id 
p. m. after examining four engine offi- 
cers and eight enlisted men of the 

The afternoon session will be devoted 
to hearing the testimony of enlisted 
men. Judge Advocate Marlx said: "We 
have done good work and are clearing 
up here In grvrat shape. We may get 
through tonight." 



Report at Washington That 

He Is Trying to Placate 

Senator Davis. 


May Shortly Be Given a Fat 

Place at Washington 

or Abroad. 

Largely Devoted to Discussion of 
Maine Disaster. 

Washington, March 1. — The meeting 
of the cabinet today at which all of the 
members were present dlsclo.sed the 
fact that the government is still with- 
out news with regard to the cause of 
the disaster of the Maine. The court 
has not indicated In any way the trend 
of the Investigation. The members and 
president are so completely in the dark 
as to the evidence adduced as they were 
on the day of the explosion. It is ex- 
pected that und'ir the peculiar circum- 
stances of the case. Capt. Sigsbee would 
not communicate his theories or know - 
ledge of the facts to any one except 
the court conducting the inquiry. Con- 
sul General Lee would l>e guided by 
the same considerations. In any event 
neither of the officers have communi- 
cated to the government anything 
bearing upon the vital question at is- 

The court itself has been equally non- 
conlmunicative and nothing Im expect- 
ed from this source until the inquiry 
is completed and the findings sent to 
the secretary of the navy. Nor has any 
Intimation be-jn received as to the prob- 
able time which the inquiry will con- 
sume. At today's meeting the cabinet 
discussed a number of tneories which 
has been advanced as to the cause f 
the explosion, but nothing approacning 
a conclusion was reached. 

Another matter which engaged the 
attention of the cabinet was the brutal 
murder recently of the colored post- 
master and his infant child at Lake 
City. S. C. by a mob of a hundred or 
so of white men. It was remarked by 
a member of the cabinet after the close 
of the meeting that this crime had been 
passed by almost unnoticed by the pub- 
lic In the excitement caused by the 
wreck of the Maine, and thoughtful 
men might possibly give a share of their 
attention to this great wrong commit- 
ted by our own people. 

Washington, March 1.— (Special to 
The HiBrald.) — Ex-Governor Merriam. 
arrived here late yesterday from the 
South, and immediately proceeded tj 
Ihc capitol, where he had a long inter- 
view with Senator Davis. Last night 
Senator Nelson and Tams Bixby dined 
with him at his hotel, and it is pre- 
sumed the gu'hernatorial situation was 
ihoroughly discussed. Nothing can be 
ascertained as to the result of his in- 
terview with Senator Davis, but there 
are rumors to the effect that Davis has 

withdrawn his opposition to Merriam's 
appointment of a federal position, 
and that he will shortly be given a 
place either here or abroad. 

Merriam asserts that he is here only 
on private business, and will return tj 
Minnesota tomorrow. Several mem- 
lier.s of the Minnesota delegation, how- 
ever, assert that Merriam is endeavor- 
ing to obtain the favor of Senator 
Davis, either for the purpose of secur- 
ing some federal appointment, or to 
advance some of his political schemes 
in Minnnesota. 


Will Plead Guilty to Crime to Save 
Him From Prison. 

Chicago, March 1.— Frank Hill will 
so to prison to save his brother. Hi.? 
friends have Informed the state's at- 
torney that the young man intends to 
plead guilty t.) robberj'. and voluntarily 
accept punishment in order to keffp 
his brother, Rol)ert J. Hill, from th, 
penitentiary. The latter is now undi^r 
.sentence, having been convicted of 
robbing a saloon. At the trial several 
witnesses testified that Robert J. Hiil 
was one of the robl>ers, while two wit- said Frank Hill was the man. 

The brothers l.iok ver>- mu<h alike, 
and it would be an easy matter to 
I onfuse their identity. Ii is arranged 
that the witness who identified Frank 
Hill during the trial .shall go before the 
jrrand jury and jirocure his indictment. 
If he pleads guilty t,he art will releasr- 
Robert J. HIH. 



General Land Office Asked to Con- 
sider Them. 

Washington, March 1. — (Special to 
The Herald.) — A number of Mlnne- 
scitans, including Senator Nelson. Rep- 
resentative Morris, Attorney General 
Childs and Land Commissioner Arnold 
of the Wisconsin, Minnesota & Pacific 
railroad, had a conference with Acting 
Commissioner Mondell of the general 
land office today with reference to ex- 
pediting the consideration of surveys 
of lands in the Duluth distriot. 

These surveys and the field notes ac- 
companying them are now in the land 
office and a large part of them come 
within the limits of the grant to the 
road represented by Mr. Arnoki. Tlie 
acting commissioner will probably is- 
sue an order to take the naatter up at 
once and segregate the lands, accord- 
ing to the grants to the state and. the 


Said to Be In Washington Dead 
Letter Office. 

Stockton. Cal., March 1.— Peter 
Christen?en, a wealthy bachelor farmer, 
who died a few weeks ago on his ranch, 
near Waterloo, this county, left an 
estate worth upwards of 5100,000. and 
so far as known no heir of his resides 
this side of Denmark. Public Adminis- 
tiator Norton is in charge of the estate 
as administrator, no will having been 
found. It was known the old man had 
a will piepared for him. but it was 
thought that it had not lieen ex.-cuted. 
Now comes the story that he had made 
a will several years ago, and left it with 
the late Judge Baldwin. It is said thi.s 
will is now in the dead letter office in 



Naval Secretary Thinks Spanish Gov- 
ernment Not Responsible. 

Washington. March 1.— Following the 
cabinet meeting today a report was cir- 
culated to the effect that Secretary 
Long had stated that the element of 
Spanish responsibilty had been elimin- 
ated from the incident of the disaster 
to the Maine. When Secretary Long 
returned to the navy department, he 
was interviewed concerning this alleged 
statement. He said that his expres- 
sion had been of the most casual char- 
acter. The expression was based en- 
tirely upon his personal judgment and 
did not spring from any evidence or In- 
formation In his possession. He further 
said that there was a material aljate- 
ment of the excitement over the sub- 
ject of the Maine. The secretary says 
that his reference to Spain's responsi- 
iiility was that the qu^^stion of any of- 
ficial participation by the Spanish gov- 
ernment in the destruction of the Maine 
was practically eliminated In his judg- 
ment. He desired to have It made clear 
that this was his personal view on the 


Will Tell His Story of the Shooting 
at Lattimer. 

Wilkesbarre. Pa.. March 1.— It was 
announced this morning that Sheriff 
Mai-tin would be placed on the witness 
stand to tell his story. 

Thomas Harris, paymaster for the 
Calvin Pardee company, at Lattimer, 
testified that he was sworn in as a dep- 
uty and arme'd with a rifle. On Sept. 
8. he together with William Kulp was 
guarding the railroad approach to the 
breaker at Lattimer. When the strik- 
ers approached Kulp fired his gun in 
the air and the strikers broke and ran. 
at the same time a striker fired a re- 
volver and shouted. "You've got us" to- 
day, but we'll come back tomorrow- 
several thousand strong." 

New York, March 1.— The work of 
mounting two new 8-lnch disappearing 
guns at Wlllets Point, L. I., which was 
begun a week ago by men from Fort 
Schuyler, is progressing rapidly. Only 
a shoit time ago three new guns weie 
mounted at Wlllets Point. One was an 
8-inc'.i bore, and the two others were 
10-l.u^h weapons, weighing thirty-three 
tone eajh. 

Paducah, Ky.. March 1.— A distlnet, 
but light earthquake shock was felt 
here at 11:30. very perceptible In the 
southern end of the <<ty. 

Banker Holmes of Detroit, 
Minn., Is Anxious to Suc- 
ceed Examiner Flynn. 

Washington. March 1.— (Special to 
The Herald.)— E. G. Holmes, a banker 
cf Detroit, Minn., has been In Wash- 
ington for some time endeavoring to 
secure his own appointment as na- 
tional ijank examiner for Minnesota. 
The present examiner, Mr. Flynn. has 
made a good record, and there apjjears 
to be a disposition on the part of 
Comptroller Dawes to allow him to 
re-main in office. That official said to- 
c^ay tnat requests for a change had 
been made, but he had taken no action 
as yet. and probably would not for 
some time. 


The Garfield Corrupt Practice Law 
Sustained By Supreme Court. 

Columbus, March 1.— The Garfield 
corrupt practice law was sustained by 
the supreme court today. The law 
limits the amount of money which can- 
didates for public offices may spend to 
secure election. 


Injunction Againnt Tippecanoe Club 
Is Dissolved. 

Cleveland, March 1.— Judge Neff of 
the common pleas court today dissolved 
the injunction granted some time ago 
and restraining the Tippecanoe club 
from expelling Mayor McKisson and 
Legislators Bramlc^?-. Burke and Ma- 
son for the part they tewk in the fight 
against Mr. Hanna in the late senator- 
ial campaign. The directors of the 
club are now at liberty to dismiss the 
offending mrmliers if they so desire. 

Wasnington, March 1.— The president 
t> day sent these nominations to the 
senate: Lieut. Col. William J. Volk- 
mar, a.esistant adjutant general, to b.^ 
colonel and assistant adjutant general; 
Maj. Arthur L. Wagner, assistant a(:- 
jutant general, to be lieutenant colonel 
and assistant adjutant general: Capt. 
George Andrew. Twenty-fifth infan- 
try, to be major and assistant adju- 
tant general. 

New York, March 1.— The cjurt- 
inartlal which is hearing charges of 
conspiracy, embezzlement and conduct 
unbecoming an officer, preferred 
against Capt. O. M. Carter, met here 
today, but almost Immedialeb' ad- 
jcurned until tomorrow, owing to the 
non-appearane^ of witnesses sum- 
imoned. The testimony which the 
court desires to obtain in this city is in 
regard to the payment of the drafts, 
amounting to over $2,000,600. to bank- 
ing firms here in connection -nith the 
ifontracts endorsed by Capt. Carter. 

Pekln. March 1.— Th<e Anglo-German 
loan oontra..'ts were signed yesterday. 
The Interest was fixed at 4V4 per cent, 
redeemable In forty-five years. The 
contract price Is 83. The final Kiao 
Chou treaty is not yet signed. 

Nearly the Whole Business 

Portion of Watersmeet, 

Mich., Destroyed. 

St. Paul, March 1.— (Special to The 
Herald.)^An Ironwood. Mich., special 
to the Dispatch says: A message from 
Watersmeet. Mich., a village fifty-fi\-j 
miles east of here, states that fire start- 
ed on Main street in the building for- 
merly occupied by F. C. Payne & Co.. 
last night, destroying the Commercial 
house. M. Kelley's store building, which 
was occupied as a dwelling; John Kel- 
ley's dry goods store: Kelley's saloon 
and Kelley's barber shop. The Krom 
building occupied by F. C. Payne & Co. 
was the only building on Main street 
that was saved. This is nearly the whole 
business portion of Watersmeet. and on 
account of having no waterworks, the 
village was practically at the mercy 
of the flames. The origin of the fire 
is unknown as yet. No lives are known 
to be lost. 


Young Iowa Man Jumps From a Chi- 
cago Store Window. 

Chicago. March 1.— William A. Dod- 
son, an employe of a notion store en 
West Madison street, committed suicid.- 
in a most sensational manner. He 
climbed out upon the ledge of a third- 
story window. The street was filled with 
people he shouted to them to look out. 
His cries attracted the attention of 
hundreds, but before anything could 
be done to save him, Dodson had hurled 
himself to the street. His nrck was 
broken and his skull crushed. 

Dodson's parents live in Manchester. 
Iowa, and are well-todo. It is thought 
his mind was affected by brooding over 
ill health. 


Chris Von Der Ahe Not In Need of 
League Financial Help. 

St. Louie. March 1.— The baseball 
magnates were tired out after a Ia.te 
session and it was noon before they got 
together today. The most important 
questions are the amendments that are 
exjjecttd to do away with rowdy ball 
play. The committee on rules ha.s 
formulated two such amendm.^nts. one 
each by a majority and a minority. 

The story that Chris Von Der Ahe 
would ask the league magnates to help 
him out with a loan is denie^d. He 
says he is not in need of money and 
can carry his projects through without 
help from any one. 


Milwaukee Road to Metamorphose 
Its Evanston Branch. 

Chicago. March 1.— The Post says to- 
day: The Evanston division of the Chi- 
cago. Milwaukee & St. Paul railway 
system, which has been a "white ele- 
phant" on the road's hands for ten 
years, is to l)e transformed into a trolley 
line. President Roi^well Miller says the 
change is made for economy's sake and 
for the puriH)se of furnishing better 
facilities. Mr. Miller says the change 
will be made as soon as the ordinant^e 
introduced at the council meeting last 
night, authorizing the road to change 
fr.m steam motive to electricity, com- 
pressed air or any other method, is 
favorably acted upon. 

Chicago, March 1.— A jneeting of the 
stockholders In the National Metallur- 
gical company had a long and stormy 
met ting in the offiev of the factory. 
Thirty-ninth street and Lowe avenue, 
last night. It was a contest between 
the laige and small stocJcholdei-s. and 
it Is stated the large holders had the 
best of K. The meeting was held be- 
hind closed doors, and none but stock- 
holders were acmitted. Believers in 
the idea that quantities of gold had 
been hidden in the big factory were 
given an opjxirtunity to inspect its 
nooks and corners. 


Portland. Maine. March 1.— The spe- 
cial train from Halifax having on board 
a number of passengers from the La 
Champagne arrived here at 8 a. m. to- 
day. This was five hours behind the 
schedule time. 

Seattle. March 1.— The steamer Vic- 
toria has started for Alaska on her ini- 
tial trip with 150 passengers. The 
steamer Cleveland also sailed for 
Alaska with two first class and 125 sec- 
ond class passengers. 




It IIWf-M»l 

^ 1 11 1 


Col. Nunez, the rilibustering 

Director, Says It Is Meat 

at Hand. 


How They Tried to Treat a 

Wounded Maine Sailor — 

Havana's Danger. 

N*W York. Maroh l.-on Ou- .lay that 
the white squadron opens lire en Hav- 
ana, Maximo Ooniez will bepin an U- 
tark hy land. He will keep on flght- 
inK until Havana surrenders or nmh- 
inK Is left of It but a heap of ruins. " 
These words were used in Tampa. Fla.. 
to a World correspondent by Emllio 
Nunez, of New York. wh») eomniandod 
the flllliusterinK expedition which has 
been landed in Cuba from the steamer 

Capt. Dynamite Jack O'Brien has 
returned to Tampa with Col. Nun-z. 
Thev left for New York last night. "l 
am Jusr back from Cuba." Nun^-z said, 
•■which is now ahnosc free. Our little 
steamer carried two allotments of 
arms and ammunition. Wo made 
«>ne landing on Oriente. wher-> we left 
a large quantity of rides and dynamite 
for Calixto Garcia's command. Then 
we put about and st.anied along the 
entire length of the Cuban coast to 
I'inar Del Rio province. wher' we 
plac-d the remainder of our cargo .n 
the hands of C.en. Diaz, who com- 
mands our forces in that part of the 
islaJirt. ,, . . 

■At Kev W-st I had a long talk with 
Dr. Gulteras. who Is the surgfon .it- 

nding the wounded sailors of th- 
■ ' fel- 


t-nding the woundeii sauors oi 
Maine. He told me that one poor 
low asked him th^ meaning of 
Spanish words Mata lo.' 

"The doctor told him that 
in English kill him." 

The sailor shuddered. I 
overboard ^^h-n the exnlosion 
place." he said, 'anil swam to a 
boat." A man in it knocked 

it meant 

me off 
with an oar and said mata lo. Yankee." 
That shows you the way Spaniards love 

•p^veryone in Cuba knew of the 
Maine disaster twenty-four hours after 
It occurred. Our underground railway 
Is almost as ouick as the telegraph. 
Garcia is now besieging Bayamo. Gen. 
Pando. with 25.000 men, is trying to 
force his way up the Cantes river to 
dislodge him. In the open country 
Gomez is slowly but surely Avorking 
towards the capital. Imrnlng plant- 
ations as he go s. 

■ A.S Blanco recalls his troops to pro- 
tect Havana. Gnmez draws nearer from 
the east and Rodriguez and Diaz from 
the west. They all expecf that the 
I'nlted States will declare war. Th- 
moment that happens they will mass 
their forces and co-operate with the 
Tnited States fleet. Havana will fall 
and Cuba will l>e free." 

The athletic 
woman is the wu- 
ni.m of the day. 
The past twenty 
years has seen 
wundcrtul p r o - 
Vjress in this re- 
spect. That this 
tenjency will re- 
■•ull in a more ro- 
bust wuiuanhood. 
Ik Itci able to bear 
tile burdens and 
dutit•^• and pleas- 
ures of life, there 
can be no ques- 
tion. lUit this 
result will be ac- 
complished by 
the building up 
of tho-'C wotneu 
already in rea- 
s o ?i a b 1 y robust 
health, and the 
killing off of their 
weaker sisters. 
Athletics will 
make a naturally strong woman stronger 
and healthier ; they will make a naturally 
Weak, sickly woman weaker and more 
sickly, and if indulged in to excess, may 
result fatally. 

A woman who suffers from weakness and 
disease of the delicate and important or- 
gans distinctly feminine, cannot hope to 
rtcover her general health through ath- 
letics, so long as she remains locally weak. 
A woman suffering in this wav is unfitted 
to bear the strain of athletics just as much 
as she is unfitted to bear the duties and 
burdens of wifehood and motherhood. 
There is a sure, safe, speedy and penna- 
nent cure for all disorders of this descrip- 
tion. It is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip- 
tion. It acts directly on the organs con- 
cerned in wifehood and maternity, making 
them strong and healthy and vigorous. It 
soothes pain, allays inflammation, heals 
ulceration and tones the nerves. It fits a 
woman to indulge in. and be benefited b^, 
athletics. All good medicine stores sell it. 
•• Your valuable ' Favorite Prescription ' cured 
ine of female weakness ami a catarrhal dis- 
charge from the liniiig membrane of the .special 
part!..' writes Mrs. T. H. I'arker, of Brixiklvn. 
Jactson C>- . Mich. " I ai:i now perfcctl) will." 
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure consti- 
pation. Constipation is the cause of many 
diseases. Cure the cau-*e and you cure the 
disease One '• Pellet " is a gentle laxa- 
tive, and two a mild cathartic. Druggists 
sell them, and nothing is "just as guod." 


Klondike Fortune Hunters Stuck at 
Valparaiso, Chili. 

New York. March 1 — A dispatch to 
the Herald from Valparaiso says: Thi> 
steamer City of Columbia, bound from 
New York to Alaska, with passengers 
for the Klondike gold rigion. is being 
delayed here becaus- of lack of funds. 
The vessel was injured by running on 
the rocks in Smiths channel two 
weeks ago and had to put in at this 
port for repairs. Her offlc-rs have 
bc;en exp cting funds from New York, 
but the money has not yet arrived. 

Through the I'nlted States consul to- 
dav Capt. Baker advertised for $25,000 
in American gi.ld. for which bottomry 
bonds will be issued. Proposals i'T /" ' 
bonds will he received at the 1 nlted 
States consulate on March 2. The 
money thus obtained will be us-d to pay 
for repairs and for the purchase of coal 
and provisions tn last until the ship 
reaches Seattle. 

All the passeng rs on the Columbia, 
twenty of whom 

are women. 

are well. 



The Agricultural Department 

Secures a Large Variety 

of Seeds and Fruits. 


Prof. Hansen, For the Depart- 
ment, Secures Many 
New Specimens. 


_uuHi-^iii iCiiru 18 Ki"*>'iiutet<l lo lieutjsuliHely 
lmrml>-ss. uml it .-,li..iiK louie in t.iillilii.« ui> ''I"' v,v^>i 
iiMil .li bllit::;.-.!. It eiire-t m-ule cr i l..i;;ii:i- 
tis'u la iri.iu ..:ie lu (i-.o (l;i)S. Sh.rp. rl.oul.ut; |)aiiis 
111 anv piirl tit il,e IxkIv ittuppeil lu a leu do ,x A 
t.roiiiiit, eonipli'ii. urn! iiiTUKUicut eaie for l..iiiiii.-*<, 
i,,ren.'ss, Miif l..„ k and uU I".i'i» I'l ''ips "'-'1 Ik".^- 
ri.roiuo rli.Mii.iaiNm, .-^c iui.. a, luii ^:^^■« or pain iii 
Itir baek !iro siH.->d:ly cunJ. ll'fUi'i" lull« to ^■lvo 
rell.'f Iroiu Olio lo two (loves, aiiJ lii\ iiruhly 
cures iHlore om- l>oHlf lm.s hei n i.s.a. 1 lie Miiiooii 
IlL'incily (.•i>iii|«.ny prei>iirc u seixirule ci.n; lor t:u ti 
Jiseu^iv Alull aru;rt;i.sls -'> ci'iiina vl;il. Jl y;.ii lu. cl 
uieiileal Bilvlee wri:e I'rof. Mu.i.voii, l^^Oo A'eli 
btreul, Philadelphia. It Is a bsohiU-ly Iree. 9 


Settlers Flocking Into the Northwest 
In Large Numbers. 

St. Paul. March 1.— Laml sales by the 
Northern Pacific land department indi- 
cate that 1.S9S will be the biggest In the 
hi.story of the company. This statement 
is based on the sales made and the in- 
(lUlrles for land daily received. "Com- 
pared with last year the settlement on 
lands In 189S will be three times as 
great." said an official. "During the 
next ninety days not less than :tOOO peo- 
ple from Eastern states will go West to 
locate on farms. The movement will 
continue all summer. The greater part 
of the actual settlers come from South- 
irn Minnesota. Iowa. Illinois and Wis- 
consin. Many also come from Virginia. 
Pennsylvania. Ohio and other states. 

•The size of the farms range from 
eighty to 320 acres, but the large pro- 
I.ortion of them are small. The demand 
for grazing lands is mostly confined to 
Montana and North Dakota. More peo- 
jile ask for farming lands In Minnesota 
nnd the eastern part of North Dakota. 
The Red River valley has the prefer- 

"There Is a heavy demand for lands In 
the Western part of North Dakota by 
rnen that to engage in stoekralslng. 
especially that of .sheep. The men that 
engage in cattle raising have a prefer- 
ence for Montana. The fact that ranges 
are becoming fenced in makes it more 
desirable every year for raisers of 
livestock t > own their own land. 

"The sales of land in January of this 
year amounttnl to $24.5.000 in value, as 
compared with $7S.0O0 in January last 
year. This month the sales were $17").- 
000, as compared with $58,000 in the same 
month last year. This Is considered a 
battering prospect, in view of the fact 
that winter sales are the poorest of the 
year. The .sales last year amounted t'l 





Rochefort's Opinion of the 
Maine Disaster. 

New York. March 1.— A dispatch to 
the Herald from Paris says: Henri 
Rochefori writes: "To really grasp 
the situation, the explosion on th? 
Maine must be r garded as the first 
battle between Spain and the United 
States. As for us. we only see in it 
the last stage of the advance of the 
Cubans toward independent. The 
cata-strophe has caused the death of 
"54 unfortunate sailors, but It has also 
saved th^ lives of millions of combat- 
ants for it insures the final triumph if 
the 'insurrection before many weeks. 



Paul & Duluth Street Crossing 
Case Reaches There. 

St. Paul, March 1.— The St. Paul & 
Duluth road filed an appeal with the su- 
preme court yesterday in the case of thq 
St Paul & Duluth road, plaintiff, 
against the city of Duluth and the Du- 
luth Street Railway company, defen- 

*'**The appeal is from an order of Judge 
M.,er of the St. Louis county district 
fourt overruling and denying the mo- 
tion of the plaintiff to set aside an order 
of the court Issued Oct. 6. l!-97, dismissing 
the action of the road against the de- 
fendant city and street railway com- 
r,' ny and denying the plaintiffs motion 
for a new trial and the setting aside of 
the order of the lower court is based on 
o eeneral statement, supported by ar- 
eument and evidence. .<«ot forth In a 
farge paper bDok. to the effect that said 
older and decision were contrary to law 
and not justified by the evidence. 

The causes leading m' to the legal 
action between the road and the street 
?a way company and the city of Duluth 
origlnatf^l .«ome time ago when the 
ctreet railway company of Duluth tried 
to get the St. Paul & Duluth to remove 
Its track 

Cloud Land Officials Are 
moned as Witnesses. 

St. ClMud, Minn., March 1.— Deputy 
United States Marshal Timothy Shee- 
han. of St. Paul, was In the city Satur- 
day for the purpose of serving sub- 
poenas on Theodore Bruener. register 
of the United States land office: C. F. 
MaodonaM, ex-recelver. and Chief Clerk 
M. B. Humes, for their appearance at 
the United States district court «it Fer- 
gus Fall.-^ on March 22. They are pre- 
sumed to be wanted to testify In the 
case of the United States vs. E. M. 
Itobards. The defendant to the pre- 
sumed action is the man who one tim-- 
made fraudulent soldiers" additional 
hcmeste-ad entry at the St. Clmd offlce. 
his plan for doing so being along this 

About two years ago a man by the 
name of Robards and others appeared 
at the St. Cloud United States land 
offlce. one of whom made a soldiers" 
additional licatlon under the name of 
■William A. Cornelius, upon what it 
subsequently developed was a valual)le 
piece of pine land. Other parties were 
after the tract of land, and their attor- 
ney. Francis G. Burke, of Minneapolis, 
made an investigation, during which he 
located the old soldier. William A. Cor- 
nelius, in Arkansas. His army service 
record corresponded with that used in 
the entry at St. Cloud, but he em- 
phatically denied being here or making 
such entry. Through Special Agent 
Cray the entry was attacked, and 
William A. Cornelius was brought from 
Arkansas as a witness. The officers and 
clerks were positive that he was not 
the same person who made the loca- 
tion. As a result, the entry of •'William 
A. Cornelius." whom Robards uccom- 
panled, was finally canceled. 

Last September the matters connecteil 
with the entry were submitted to a 
United States c:)urt grand Jury at Fer- 
gus Falls, at which Register Theodore 
l;ruener. ex- Receiver C. F. Macdonald 
and Chief Clerk M. H. Humes were ex- 
amined. It is now believed that an In- 
dictment was found again«t Robards. 
and that the summons Just served on 
the local United States land officials awl 
ex-official is for the purpose of taking 
testimony from them. That there wis 
an attempt at fraudulent entry In th^ 
St. Cloud office, in which one Rohar' - 
was connecteil. appears to bo cert, 
and while it is not positively known 
that the subpoenas Just served »ire for 
the purpose of getting testimony on tlii^ 
case, it is believed that this Is what the 
parties sulipoenaed are wanted for. 

Washinflton. Maivh l.— Secretary 
Wilson of the agricultural department, 
in pursuance of his determination, aw 
far as practicable, to utilize the agri- 
rultural seed appropria'lon In seiuring 
•'mw, rare and valuable seeds," dis- 
patched Professor Hansen, professor 
•if hintlculture at Rro.iklngs, S. D.. t.> 
Kasttrn P^urupe and Asia to secure 
new .seeds and plants, and to ascertain 
Aha: the people at the original cradle 
>ri mankind had bien doing to adapt 
plants to tht;ir conditions. 

Professor Hansen is now preparing 
his repiirt for publication, after a trip 
involving many thousands of mlUs of 
travel in Eastern Russia. Trans- 
Caucasia Russian Ttirkcstan. Western 
China and Siberia. The immense di.«- 
tances travtleil. the change of climates 
and food, and especially the overland 
journey In Asia, which was a very 
rough and advenuresomo one. tested 
th^' enduiance of the man sent on this 
mission. Th^- trip was a successful 
one. many promising varieties were ob- 
tained. Aluiut three carloads of seeds 
will be distrubute<l to state experiment 
statlims. This seed. it is expecteil. 
will be chielly of value in the arid 
legions, the purpose of Professor Han- 
-;en's trip bilng to obtain such as were 
listinguished for resistance to drouth 
and heat. The following is a dl.gest of 
his findings: 

1— In Central Asia a marked feature 
jf the agriculture was found lo be the 
native alfalfa, which is a distinct sub- 
spicles of the comnKm alfalfa and 
greatly supuior to It in extent of loo'. 
syrtteni and capacity for resisting 
drouth and heat. This has been shown 
by actual trial, and It has bt en Intiu- 
lucfd for that reason by the govern- 
ment Into the dry steppes of the region 
east of the V.dga river, in European 
Russia, and It is also coming Into cul- 
Jvati^n in Sil^-.^ria. 

o_xhe muskmelons of Russian Tur- 
.tey. Bokhada. Khiva and Trans- 
Caucasia were deemed worthy of in- 
.roduclion. Many vaiietles run fiom 
fwtnty-flve to <thirty-five pounds in 
veight. oval In shape, tlesh snow while, 
:n< Ulng and superior in quality to any 
.\merican variety. S.-ed of a large 
nund>er of varieties was saved from 
.niclons bought on the spot. 

:;— A large quantity of pits of the 
choicest varieties of the Vladimir race 
if cherries of F^ast Russia was obtained 
c'lom carefully selected fruit. These 
jome practically sure to seed, bear 
fiuit of large size and exttllent quality, 
ind endure 40 degrees below zero 
Fahrenheit. These trees, howover, are 
.1 distinct race of cherry, and must l>e 
4rijwn from seed or sprouts in the true 
Russian fashion, as they are shirt 
lived and tender when grafted or bud- 
led on the common commircial Mahe- 
zard and Mahaleb stinks of the nur- 
series. ■ 

4_One thousand plants were secured 
)f a new species of raspberries of seml- 
r.cumbont habits, only discovered by 
■xpl jratims In the mountains of 
Northern China. The fruit is orange 
vtllow In color, of large size and of 
peculiar, but ver>' pleasant, flavor. The 
['lanl has proven hardy at St. Petei'S- 
burg. This is a new departute in 
raspberries, and is worthy of general 


a—j^fions of some new hybrids o, 
■lardiest variety of the small frui.eJ 
.-^Iberian crab, with the hardiest Rus- 
sian applts. originated by a Russian 
txptrimenter by artificial cro.s.- fer- 
tilization. These will be valuable for 
trial in our Northwest, far north of the 
fsrcsent limit of apple tree culture. 

6_The Russian method of absolutely 
preventing the root killing of apple 
r. OS on hardy stoi-ks was carefully 
studied, and seds obtained for trial. 
This method will no doubt prove a great 
.)oon t) a large part of our Nortbwest- 
rn prairie states, where root killing is 
the main obstacle to successful apple 
:ree culture. 

7_From Turkestan. West China and 
Trans-Caucasia. native varieties of 
apricot, plum, peach, cherry, apple, 
IKi-ar, quince, grape, (deaster and other 
iruits, and a collection of vegetables 
,vere obtained. 

S_A ccill'e^v-tion of new ornamental 
•rre shrubs from Siberia. Turkestan 
and the Caucasus. 

i)_Sfceds of plants used in Russian 
forestry experiments to bind the mov- 
ing sands of the deserts of Southtast 
Russia and Turkestan. 

10— Small bits of a large number of 
nt w legumes, cereals, grasses, trees, 
fruits, shruhs and ornamental plants, 
etc.. recently discovered by Russian 
-•cientific experiments. 

11— The Siberia sand vetch (Vlcla 
vilosa) as grown In the Volga region of 
East Russia, which was obtained in 

irge (luantities for distribution. Thin 
plant has been widely tested at the 
\merlcan agricultural experiment sta- 
ions. and Is now considered to be one 
of the best fodder plants for all pur- 
poses of the United States. Select 
seed of Russian red clover was also 
ibtalned for limited trial, as Russian 
experimenters have found their native 
■ lovei to l.r hardier than that com- 
monly grown in America. 

]2^Seeds of many other Russian varie- 

ies were obtained fr im the dry sec- 
tions of European Russia, due regard 
being paid to their market value from 
in American and English standi-oint. 
The hard spring wheats of the Volp.i 
rt gion were not included in the set 1 
distribution, as they find a profitabl. 
foivign market only in Callfornin, 
vvhtre they are used for the manufa - 
arre of macaroni. 



Oeorgf 10. I.iisi\ lias b>i-li airrsbd :U 

I.IsImci, cliargeil wiili the lareiiiy of .i 

sli-iiin gaUK.' ami a i|Uaiitil.\- of lii!tiii:j 

fi-. Ill a llui'sbiiin iiiaeliiiii' nwe-d by lie 

.Villi 111.111 inin|>a 11>'. 

Hiixtiiii to\viislii|), Traill i uiiiit;/. is a 
■iluuble" Iuwilslli|i. Koine live years iiR'' 
Ille Iii\Mlslli|) was bonded ill llle Slim ut 
Jloiio lor load RruiliiiK ami drain. igi'. 'I'b' 
lai>-.i'r part of the money thus raised wa^ 
ix|i iiili-il ill Kast Huxtoii, as lliat is lowei 
than W.St Hiixtoa. Last fall the last ol 
Ihtse loail liuiiils wi'i • jiald. Two .s<'ar^ 
aHo Uii' tiiwnsliip was again boinli-il. in 
till- sum (it $:;oiHi to biulil a central 
A line, -l-rooin briek st'liool Imnse wa.- 
liiiilt in the village of Uiixloii, which is 
just over the line into \Vest LJuxtoii. Now 
iOiisi lliixloii has sent In a numeroiisls 
slKlietl pi litioli to br- se|>al'at<'d from W<'vt 


Minnesota Congressmen Are 
Much Concerned About Re- 
publican Nomination. 

Wii-shington. March 1.— (Special to The 
Herald.)— Members of the Minnesota 
(ongnsslonal delegation are taking a 
lively interest in the local i>olitical situ- 
ation in their sjtate, and It might be 
safely naid that with but one exce'ption 
they do not approve of the combination 
of Clough and Van Sant, by which the 
latter is to T'-celve the gubernatetrial 
nomination. There are at present 
some of th- shrewdest Republican poli- 
ticians In Minnesota temporarily v- 
siding in the capital city in addition 
to the regular congressional repre- 
s-ntativcs. Naturally they do not wish 
to express any opinion for publlcntion 
which might injure the <hanres of party m the next campaign, but 
privately, with but few excei'tions. they 
do not hesitate to say that the nomin- 
ation of Van Sant moans the election 
of an anti-K' publican state .icket in 
Minnesota, assuming, ot course, that 
there is a fusion of tin- De nocratic. 
Silver Republican and I'opulist forces. 
It is presuioeil that in the event of 
fusion, John Lind or some other strong 
man will be nominated for governor 
and his el-ciion is predicted by a ma- 
jority of at 1,-ast ."".OOO. 

The Minnesota members of the house 
do not att.nipt to disguise their un- 
easiness aliout the local situation, anil 
at least five of them realize that they 
will hav- a hopeless tight on th-ir 
hands in attempting to sueceed them- 
selves in contrress if Capt. Van Sant 
heads the l.vcal tick. t. There is no 
doubt now that Charles A. Towne will 
be the candidate of the fusioni?ts for 
congress in the Sixth district, against 
Pag- Morris. The magnificent re- 
ception Mr. Towne ha-s received on the 
Pacific coast has added new laur- Is :o 
his fame and the insignificant position 
his successor has occupied in the 
since the opening of this congre^ss na- 
turally mak. s Mr. Town "s chances of 
returning to con.gress ver>' bright. 

CongressiiMi Eddy and Heatwole are 
also in dang, r of losing their congres- 
sional S( all's in the event of Van Sanfs 
nomination and Tawney, McCleary and 
even "Unci.." Lor n F^letch'T would 
not have sm"oth sailing back to Wash- 
ington. Ib.i.twole has announced that 
he will not be a candidate for re-elec- 
tion, but this is taken with a grain of 
salt bv Minnesota politcians. 

Tams Rixbv. who is regarded as one 
of the v.ry shivwdest of Republocan 
politi'-ians. is known to be opposed to 
Van Sanfs iiominalion. not because of 
his own failiH-e to bo abl-^ to enter the 
race but for the reason that he sees 
certain def at for his party with Van 
Sant at the I ead of the state ticket. 
Senator Nelson, it is reported, will sup- 
port Van Sant. He will do so because 
he has no personal interest in the cam- 
paign, and as a matter of fact, it is be- 
lieved wr.uld prefer an anti-Re- 
puldican colleague in the senate, as thi'» 
would greatly nigment his own po\\.-r 
with the Republican national admin- 

Harbingers of spring- 
— out March 1. 

-the Gordon Hat 

frTm Garfield 


Good looks fire really more than skli. 
deep, depending entirely upon ;i healthN 
Pine ' condition of all the vital organs. If th 

street and Arthur avenue. The city 
ordered the road to remove the tracks 
ill favor of the street railway company, 
and the road refused. The city then 
threatened to arbitrarily remove the 
company's track.i, whereon the road ap- 
plied for an order to show cause why 
Its tracks should be removed. This 
order wa.-? dismissed, and from that 
ruling the road now appeals. 

liver be Inactive, you have a bilious look 
if your stomach be dlsorder'-d. you hav« 
a dyspeptic look; If y^ur kidneys be af 
fected. you have a pinched look. Secur' 
good health, and you will surely have 
good looks. "Electric Bitters" Is a Kon-' 
alterative and tonic. Acts directly on the 
stomach, liver and kidneys. Purifies thf 
blood, cures pimples, blotches and bolls, 
and gives .a good complexion. Every bottle 
gunranteod. Sold at Duluth Drug com- 
pany's drug atore. 50 cents per bottle. 



The famoufl Appilance and Remedies of 
the Krio Med ical Co. no w torihe ttrflt time 
offered on trial without expense to any 
honwtmMn. Not « dollar to be p«ld 
la •dvancr. Cure EiTecte of Errors 
or Bicesscs In Old or Young. Manhood 
Fullr Kei>tored. How to Enlarge and 
flirenRtlicQ Weak. Undevelot>od FortlonB 
of Body. At>8olutely unfailing Horn© 
Tr««trnent. No C. • >. D. or other Bcherae. 
A plain offer by ■ firm of high Btandloic, 

A piain ouer ujr ■ ui lu >. 




Decrease In Populotion Caused By 
the War. 

Santiago De Cuba, March 1.— (Corres- 
pondence of the Associated Press.)— 
Before leaving here the ofHcers of the 
Montgomery gathered such data as te> 
affairs in the province of 
Cuba as their short stay 

the state of 
Santiago De 

Huxloa. .Siioiild tills ln' graiili-d, 
i;iix:oii will lia\-.- to iiay fur tln' 
hniLsi', and will hardly idiluiii rrbi 
i:t\ s paid fur road iinprovemi'iit. 


lie oil 


.bihn SiileiM. a faline!- liviiin- a fiw miles 
west of Tyiidall. conimitli-d suieide by 
jiinipiii;; bead first into a well. He leav<s 
,1 wif. and largo family. 

'Paaeied P.. Tousi- died in Rapid City <d' 
j'.rlKlil's (lis ase at '.he age ol" CI. De- 
ceased was an old resident of the F^laek 
Hills, having been iiosiniaster at l'"tl.i 
mine for se\-eral .xears. He served both 
in the M" xicaii and civil wars. He leav.-s 
;l large family of grown ehlldreii and an 
;iged wife. 

H. Herring, exien,sive cattle and horse 
raiser, sold all of his possessions, includ- 
ing ranches and stoclt. to (\irbin Morse, 
ot Rapid City. Consideration. ?:W.iJ<KJr 

The Pierre board of trade was r>^or- 
ganizid and an executive committee was 
selected, consisting of C. H. Hurke. John 
SiiUu'iiand, L. L. -Xibrigh;, C. C. Pen- 
net t and J. C. Eager. 

Would allow. 

The province of Santiago De Cuba, 
contained 267, Tdl inhabitants at the last 
Census. Since the outbreak of the pres- 
ent war no accurate estimate of popu- 
lation has been made. Before the war 
the city of Santiago De Cuba had 50.- 
77t; inhabitants. 'I'his has been reduced 
to about I!;". 000 by the departure of most 
of the able-bo(^i.Ml men to take part in 
the war. This id" poiailalion was in 
spite of the (luartering here of about 
.^000 laboring people from the surround- 
ing country. 

In January there were 4S6 deaths \n 
this city. During the tirst week in Uet>- 
ruary the mortality was only one-half 
of the average (.f January. This marked 
decrease is attributed to the free dis- 
tribution of quinine from the United 
States consulate. The de-stitution docs 
not in any degree approach that found 
in Mantanzas. There is. however, con- 
siderable poverty among the people ot 
the lower middle cdass, who are too 
proud to ask or to let their nam.s be 

There is but one means of public re- 
lief in operation at present, and this 
is known as the Cocina Kconomico. It is 
under the manap-menl of a German 
subject named Michaelson. The Cocina 
Economico is supported by viduntary 
contribution of the citizens of Santiago. 
The Spanish government has not aided 
this charity as vet. but th- autonomist 
governor has promi.sed Mr. Michaelson 
$1000 toward its maintenance. Wood 
and coal are given in addition to food 
and there does not appear to be any need of further assistance by 
the United States for the city of San- 
tiago De Cuba. Kighty-nine citizen.s 
of the United States are now supplied 
with rations from the Unib-d States 


The senate has denied the admission to 
a seat in :hat body to Henry \\'. Corbeti. 
of Oregon, by a vote of 19 to M. 

The steamshiji Doric arrived in San 
Francisco .vesterda.v tlylag a small pox 
Hag. A Chinaman died of the disease 
while on the trip. 

At Los Angelts. Cal., Jim Jeffries last 
night easily defeated Joe Goddard, in 
four rounds. Goddard was badly punish, d. 

Presideat NisUir of the town of Miiiii- 
sing. .Mich., has causeii the arrest of 
Aldermen Moore. Rruiio, Pdssell and Han- 
sen, a banker name«l Claude \V. Case and 
the lepii'sentative of the Shaw-Kendall 
company, whose nuim^ Is not known. The 
specitie cIkukc is made uKaiiis! th- last 
named by President Nestor llial he offered 
the latter a bribe of $i;(Ki to slojl the ill- 
vi'Stigation into a certain contiac;. 

The ( onditlon of affairs bciwcn Nica- 
ragu.i ;iiul Costa Rica is beninning to 
uroiiso .seriokUS aijprthension In olticial 
I'inhs. as It is said to threaten to in- 
volve not only those two t-ountries in war 
bill also to draw all the e'cfitral American 
rt-ptiblics Into a:i armed conllie:. 

The Italian claim has been settled by 
Hayii pa.\ing the full amount demandeil. 
The French governinrnt is now pressing 
ii (dalm for damage for violation of the 
treaty rights of French diizens. 

The United States court has decided 
that a United States official cannot take 
advantage of his office to secure advan- 
tage over others in the location of gov- 
ernment land. 

In diplomatic circles it Is said that the 
n'ports that war is imminent between 
Chill and the Argrntlne Republic are not 
well founded. ;ind that on the contrary, 
arbitration liy the British government has 
been agrci d upon. 

Mrs. Henrietta Proctor, of St. Paul, 
has laid claim to the fortune left by the 
lat- \\'illi;im Carson, the Eau Claire niil- 
lionaire lumbt-rman. The will of Mr. Car- 
son entered for i)rol«ate divides his cs- 
tat- among his six children. 

The Pennsylvania r.iilroad's 
stati-meiit for l.s!»7 makes the foUowins 
statements: earnings. $12S.27s.iim;.m;; 
operating expenses. $x7.i;4i.ii:Ji.;(l ; and n. ' 
earnings. $l(j.6:!7.o5:M>'i. In this 
there were iritt..^iri,!<."ii» tons of freight 
moved and 6S.S48.'i07 carried. 

At West Bay City, Mich., :'.iM\ niiieis 
cn'.plo\fd in the Monitor and Bay County 
coal mines struck yestcrilay. "I'he men 
demanded an S-hoiir work day; pay for 
mine run .iiid abolition id' the 1-inch screen 
These demands were refuseci b>' th'.^ oper- 

At I'hiladtlphia Mrs. I.eon:iri> Cushman, 
a bride of three mo:ilhs. committed siii- 
cidf- yesterda.v by taking carbolic acid, 
.and Dr. Frederick F'ullerton. a promi- 
iiitit i)h.\-sician. ended his life by shoot- 
iii.i: himself. The motive in bo h cases is 

At Mass., a ]0 jier Cent re- 
diii tioii in wages went into effect yester- 
d.i\ in all denartm-tifs of the Boston 
MnnufacturinK company's cotton mills 
tliiie. The :>ii'i operatives accpfited the cut. 

.Samuel Gilson. of Irondale. Ohio, was 
mctdereil y*si.rday by l-^ren Mosey, a 
boy of IS. The two were in a saloon 
ovi'crl by Moseys father, where an alt'-r- 
c; ended in yollIlK Mose.v dl'awiiiK a 
liiiKc clasp knife and stabbinK (jilson 
lai.iMy. The injured man died in l;,iii' 
.m hour. 

Mrs. Robert Mantell. who wa.s tiiken 
seiiously ill in P^ort Huron, Mich.. Jati. 
.-), but was believed lo be well on her 
way t.' recovery, has suffered a rei.iiis. 
of hiT disease and all liopes of her re- 
cover v have been abandon. d. 


Bill Regarding Miile Lacs Settlers 
Reported Eavorably. 

Washington. March 1. — (Special to 
The Herald.) — Land Commissioner Her- 
mtinn yesterday report-.d favorably on 
the Mori-is bill lo patent lands to set- 
tlers on the -Mille Lacs r.-servation. He 
says, in substance, that the Indians, by 
the acccplanev of the act eif ISStt relat- 
ing to the removal of all the Chipjiewas 
of M.tines.ota to White Earth, finally re- 
lintiuished all calm to the lands on their 
own particular reservation. This being 
the cas' . the commissioner sees no ob- 
je^ction to the passage of the bill. 

In fact, he says, there is nothing for 
the Indians to do but take allotments 
on the White Earth reservation as pro- 
vided in the a< t of 1SS9. He recom- 
mends that provision be made by con- 
gress for the perpetual care of the In- 
dian burial grounds on the Mille Lacs 
r-.servation or the removal of the bodies 
to White Earth. 


For Infants and Children. 

The fie- 




Om;i<ha. NtVi.. M'lreh 1.— It has been de- 
cided to extend the time In which ap- 
plications for space at the Trans-Mi.-;- 
sissippi exposition will be received until 
March 1.'.. The limit expm s tomorrow, 
but there are so many contracts that 
cannot be closed in twenty-four hours 
that the extension of time was absolute- 
ly necessary. 

N^w York. March 1.— The dispatch 
boat Dolphin has been lioated in the dry 
dock in the yard where she has been 
undergoing repairs for several months. 
It is the intention to have the Dolphin 
read.N' ti> g<> into commission by March 


The Ruined California Grape Crop. 

•Ihe partial loss of the grape crop this 
vear. caused by the h.a\'>- rains, is es- 
estiicated to exceed Sl.iNM.iW. Farm, rs 
,iiid vinevards all over the northern pari 
of the state hav.> suffer.'d. While this is 
true, it Is equally a fact that lost and 
failing strent-'th may be restored by tin 
,„.,-s;stent. svstem.itic use of the f^reat na- 
ti..iial tonic." Hoytetter's Stomach Bitters, 
which and ton- s the activity ot the 
stomach, livir and bowels. < ouiueracts a 
teiidencv to rhsumatism and kid.iey com- 
l)la!nl. "and prevents malarial disorders. 
After exhausting diseases have run their 
course, recov.rv is greatly accelerated by 
the use of the Bitfei-s. which improves 
appetite and imparts renewed vigor to 
the debilitated pliysiiiue. 


whose house is conspicuously clean, whose work worries 
her least, whose leisure time is greatest, how she manages. 
The chances are ten to one she will answer : 

" I do all my cleaning with 

Sold bv till grocers. Largest package — greatest economy. 


Chicago. SSL. Louis. New York. Boston. Piuiadeliihla. 




New Haven 









For hoarseness, sore throat and cough 
take Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the spe- 
cific for affections of the throat and 

Ho J^\^ Claims "^ '°"^" ' ' 



,r k'i<lntv alfections and all aches ft 
"tdp^n" Manufacturers standing 
: l^^^Stee of merit. Insist upon a 
F F \ SO-Nl Only the genuine effec 
live Price 25c. Refuse substitutes. 






St. Jjouis— ss. 

District Court, Eleventh Judicial Dis- 
Illinois Trust & Savings Bank, 

D. Clint Prcscoit Company, D. 
Clint Prf.scotl, and Sarah Pres- 
cott his wife. R. H. Trumbull, and 
Adelia Trumbull his wife. Austin 
I'ruver, and Carrie D. Cruver his 
wife, John H. Cruver. and Caro- 
line D. Cruver. R. W. Mars, and 
Fanny Mars his wife, E. C. Pres- 
cotl and Ibittie E. Prescott his 
wife, Harriet H. Noirls, E. E. 
Prescott, and (;ertru<le Prescott 
his wife. W. P. Mars, and Leo- 
nora Mars his wife. Joseph Nor- 
ton and Rule Norton his wife, 
Edith Mav Whittle.say. First Na- 
tional Bank of Chicago. Illinois. 
Bankers' National Bank of Chi- 
cago. Illinois, W. U. Squier, re- 
ceiver of the Marinette Iron 
Works, John E. Merritt, as as- 
signee of the Iron Exchange Bank 
of Duluth, Minn.. William R. 
Stone and Albert L. Ordean. co- 
partners as Stone and Ordean, 
Wood County National Bank. 
Curtiss & Comi^anv Mtinufactnr- 
ing Company. Wisttrn Rubber 
and Belling Company, American 
Radiator Company. The Chicago 
Screw Comptmy. a corporation, 

and C. II. Curnpy, 


i.nder and bv virtue of a Judp^ment and 
Decree entered in the above entitled ac- 
tion, on the 14ih day of February. 1S9S. a 
certified transcript of which has been 
delivered to me:— I, the undersigned as 
sheriff of said St. Louis County, Minne- 
sota, will sell at public auction to tthe 
highest bidd.'r for cash, on Saturday, the 
2nd dav of April. i^'*s. at two o clock In 
the aficrnoon of that day at the office 
in the main building of whn.t is known as 
the Marinette Iron Works Comimny s 
MaMiifiteturiiii? Plant in West Duluth. in 
the (.'iiv of Diilmb. in the County of St. 
Louis and State of Minnesota, the follow- 
ing personal proiieriy described in said 
Judgment and D ere •, to-wit: 

1 CO In X 24 ft. New Haveii Lathe. 

1 GO in. X f ft. Fitchburg Lathe. 

1 as in. X IP-, ft. N.w Haven Ltithe. 

1 2S in. X !•:'- ft. New flaven Lathe. 

1 -'4 in. X :n"l"l. Putnam Lath-. 

1 :?i» in. X 151., ft. New Haven Ltithe. 

2 IN in. X .S ft. Prenticp L;ithe. 

1 PI in. X S ft. Jidinson Ltithe. 

1 p; in X 10 ft. Perkins Latthe. 

1 14 in X 2.J ft. Putnam I>athe. 

1 lo in X 22 ft. New Haven Lathe. 

1 20 in. X K ft. Filehburg Lathe. 

1 14 in. X r. ft. Blaisdell Lathe. 

1 3u in. X 9 ft. Lathe. 

1 ].'. in. bv ." ft. Sp- ed Lathe. 

1 Bernent & Dougherty 12 in. Slotter. 

1 Key Sealer. 

1 S ft X S ft. X 24 ft. Tarrant Planer. 

1 :V) in X t'.i) in. X S ft. Pond Planer. 

1 4" in X 42 in. X 14 ft. <51easnn Planer. 

1 ;« in. X .-Hi in. X ]•'. ft. New Haven 

l'32^in. X 2Mn X 7 ft. New Haven Planer. 
1 30 in. X 42 in. X 11 ft. Fitchlnirg Pianer. 
1 24 in. X 30 in. X S ft, 

1 :.0 in. Nib s Pulley Lathe. 

2 Bolt Cutters. 
1 Crindinj; MaclKiie. 
1 No. 4 Ciaciiinali Millilii 
1 l.j in. Step-toe Shaper. 
All anvils, sledges, tools 

belting therein. 


1 l',i( kford Radical Driller. 
:; I'orttible Drillers. 

2 :!2 in. Lickf.ird Drill Presses. 

1 Stuinders Pipe Cutter. 

2 I'liiiKht Drill Pressi s. 
All B'-lting therein. 

1 J. A. Fav & Co. Band Saw. 
1 J. A. Fay & Co. combiurd rip and cut- 
off saw. 
1 J. A. Fay & Co. Pinner. 

1 J. A. Fay & Co. Daniels Planer. 

2 Pe.itern "^Makers Lathes. 
All 1 telling therein. 


1 BrMdleV Power Hammer. 
! Buffalo Blow. r. 

IN |-(irMiRY. 

2 Baker Blowers. 

All ladles, tools an.l appurtenances con- 
tained there-in. 

1 liltcr and heat r. 

All b'lMnir therein. 

All Standard Patterns contained ihere- 

Also the folbiwing real estate set forth 
and d. scribed in said trust dee-1 or mort- 
i^ape situate in the State of Minnesota, 
as follows, to-wit: , , , ■, 

All that corttiin tract or parcel of Taiio 
'^ituat-. Iving and being in the County ot 
St Uiui.s and State of Minnesota, par- 
tcularlv described as follows, lo-wK:— 

Out lot number one ^1>. of the plat of 
West Duluth, Third Division, as re-ar- 
ranged, together with all and singular the 
hcreditamtn-s and appurtenances there- 
unto belonging or in any wise appertain- 
ing including machine shops, erecting 
vliops pattern shops, blacksmith sho]is. 
foundries, boiler houses, store houv:ei». 
and all other buildings of every nam' or 
nature whatever, situate and being upon 
he hinds above eonveved. or any part or 
parcel thereof; also including the follow- 
intr aiipurtenaiu'cs and lixtures connected 
with said shops, to-wit: 

Ail linr shafts iind shaftin.i:. 

And the following machines being fix- 
lures therein, tn-wit:— 


1 22 ft. Pit L.I the. 

1 12 ft. Pit Lathe. 
All line shafts therein. 


] ]ii-lon trtivclitig crane. 

;> Radical Arm Cranes, with hoisting 
riirs complete. 

All line shafts therein. 


1 Jewell Horizontal Engine-. Line. Shafts. 

All li:ie shafts tlvrein. 


1 Bell Steam Hammer. 


1 12 in. X 14 in. Horizontal Engine & 
BoiU r. eeiuipincTit complete. 

1 large No .'. WhiliiiK Cupola. 

1 Sniallcf Cuiiola. 

1 larpe Jib Orano. 

2 Smaller Jib t'ranes. 
1 l'oundr\- i:ievator. 

1 Is in. X 24 111. ""l. I. W. Co. Horizontal 
1 Tde Engine S in. X 10 in.- 

1 Mavo Dynamo. 

2 72 In. X W ft. Rollers, with fronts, pip- 
ing and appurtenances all complete and 

All the lire shifts therein. 

Said property will be offered for sale in 
the following manner, to-wit: 

1st: The several pieces of perPondl prop- 
ertv will be offered for sale separately. 

2nd: All of said personal property will 

forges and 

be offered for s;>l.- in bulk. 

:!rd: Sin h jiortion of said property as Is 
hereinbi fore desu'naled as real property 
will lie f>ffered to be sold as one piece or 
parcel of land. 

-Ith: That thereafter all of said real and 
personal property constituting one man- 
ufacturing plant will be offered for sale 
In bulk. 

Such offer from which the most money 
■will be realized will be accepted. 

Dated Febru.-irv l.'.th. ls:<s. 

As Sheriff of St. Louis County. Minne- 

Plaintiff's Attorneys. 
10:{-10t; Duluth Trust Co., Eldg., 
Duluth. Minnesota. 
GEO. P. KNOW*LES, of West Superior. 

Wis., of Counstl. 
Duluth Evening Herald, FC'b-13-22-M'h-l- 



United States Land Otiice, Duluth, Miiui., 

Feb. 18HS. 

Notice is hereby given that in compli- 
ance with the provisions of the act of con- 
gress of June 3. lS7s, entitled "An act for 
the sale of timber lands in the stat-s of 
California. Oregon. Nevada and Washing- 
ton Territory. " as extended to all puljiic 
land stat?s by act of August. 4, 1SJ)2, Ann 
E. Hosman, of Duluth. county of St. 
Louis, state (or of Minnesota, 
has this dav filed in this ofHce her sworn 
stattmcnt No. 4047. for the purchase of 
the se'i of sw^i of section No. y. in town- 
ship No. ,">4. range No. 15. and will offer 
proof to show that the land sought is 
more valuable for its timber or stone than 
for agricultural purposes, and to <-st.ib- her clalin to .said land before the 
register and receiver of this office at Du- 
luth. Minn., on Monday, the 2Dth day of 
Ai>ril. 1S?S. 

She names as witnessc-s: Thos. Devine. 
of Duluth. Minn.; Allan Cook, of Cloquet. 
Minn.; A'.ex Fras-r. of Duluth. Minn.: 
Neil Bowie, of Duluth. Minn.; Allan Mc- 
Donell. of Duluth. Minn.: Nicholas Bangs, 
of Duluth, Minn.: David Bang.=. of Du- 
luth. Minn. 

Any and all persons claiming adversMy 
the above described lands ari requested 
to file their claims in ih's office on or be- 
fore said 25th dav of Aju-il. l*Wi. 

Duluth Evening Herald, Feb-S-15-22-Mch- 



Under and by virtue of an execution is- 
sued out of and under the seal of the 
.listrict court of the state of Minnesota. 
in and for the Elevemh judicial district 
and countv of St. l^ouis on the sevpnthday 
of Februtirv. IStts. upon a .iudgment ren- 
dered and 'docketed in said court and 
countv ii; an action therein, whertln 
Ai.pus R. Macfarlaiie. as receiver of thu 
Seeuriiv Bank of Duluth. was plaintiff, 
and Join; Bramlin, defendant, in favor of 
stiid plaiiniff and against said defendant. 
for the sum of one hundred thirt\-five and 
t;(i-liMj dollars, which said executien ha.s to 
me, as sheriff of said St. Louis County, 
been dulv directed and delivered. I have 
levied upon and will sell at public auc- 
tion, to the highest cash bidder, at the 
front door of the cmirt house, in the city 
of Duluth. in said c'^unty of St. Louis, on 
Fridav. the 2rilh day of March. 1^!".^. at ten 
o'd.Hk in the forenoon of that day. till the 
right, title ami interest that above named 
iudtrmeut deluor had in and to the real 
'est:Ue hereinafter described on the 2(>th 
dav of June, i^'.u. that being the date ot 
the rendition of said judgment, the de- 
scription of the proirerty l)eing as follows, 
to-wit: An undivided one-eighth (Vs» in- 
terest in the east half in" northeast (plar- 
ter te'~j of neij I and southwest o.uarter ot 
uortbeast quarter (swU of lu-i^l anil 
iiorihweKt quarti^r of southeast quarter 
(wU of seV* of section five (.'.). townsh.p 
sixty-three (Gtb north, of r.nnge twelve 
(12) west 4th principal meridian. All the 
above described land lying and being in 
St. Louis Countv. Miniu-sota. 

Dated Duluth. Minn.. February 7ih. ISyS. 
Sheriff St. Louis County. 
Bv V. A. DASH. 

Altornev for Judgment Creditor. 
Duluth Evening Herald. Feb-S-15-22-Mch- 


Mott's Nerverifle Pills 

The great 

remedy tor 
nervous pros- 
t ration anJ 
all nervous 
diseases of the 

__^^^^^ generative or- 

BhtoKt AND .\KTi.K t SING, gans of Cither 
sex, such as Nervous Prostration, Failing or 
lost Minhood, Impotency, Nightly Eniis- 
tions, Youthful Errors, Mental Worr^', ex- 
t;s;ivt use of Tobacco or Opium, •which 
lead to Consumption and Insanity. $1.00 
■>eT box by m?.il; 6 boxes for $5.00. 

^'•f^TT s CHEMICAL CO.. Props, Cleyeland, Ohia. 

Sold in Duluth by Max Wirth and S. «. 


" We have a brick house witli all 
modern improvements, heated by 
hot watvr, in a central location, 
belongin^i to an estate, whicli wc 
offer for 'sale at $4250.00. This 
property is now rented for over 
10 per cent upon the price asked. 
For further particulars see 


Big CI ia a non-poijonoos 
remedy for Gonorrhiipa. 
Gleet, SptTTnatorrhiva, 
Whites. unnaturBl <iis- 
chargps. or any inflamnia- 
tion. irritatien or u! 'ra- 
tion of m u r o u s ciem- 

JTHEEvANSCHEW trnno. »"■»"♦''• Non-astriceent. 

,cmcmK»Ti.o ■■ «•"« »»' V*"""*" «f 

or Bent in rloii wrarrfr, 
by exprcKS, pr.'r«; '•■ .J"'' 
«t.OO, or ?. bcttle». J- ■' 
CiXCBiar MBt «B ntiueftb 


i I 





Again the Trend of the Mar- 
ket Was I'pward Inder 
Leiter's Control. 


Severe Injury to Argentine 
Crops—Minneapolis Send- 
ing Wheat to Duluth. 

Aiu.thff aiUiUUr- in wheal pn>.i-:i .)c- 
curiva today. Liverp(Xil made but a 
sliRht rfsp«insf at the start to yester- 
day's sharp advance in the American 
markets and later cables reported lower 
quotatiuns abroad, but despite this 
bearl^ feature the market advanced 
quit'.' steadily. There was the same good 
liuyinK at Chicago as there was yester- 
day and Letter was In such perfect con- 
trol of the May option that he could 
ii.tinipulute it as he pleased. The North- 
west receipts were of moderate prop«ir- 
tions and a bullish report came from 
Argentina that severe injury had been 
tUme to the crops there by he«vy rains. 
Minneapolis reported a shipment of 
2.'l>,0«)0 bus No. I northern "wheat now 
under way from that place to Duluth, 
which was suppt>sed at Chicago to indi- 
cate that owinar to the srreat bulk of the 
giod wheat at Duluth l)eing «>wned by 
I.eltfr. the millers had been compelled 
to bring supplies for their own use 
from the other biar Northwe.^tern mar- 
kets. In trying to discover a reason 
for July wheat be<oming so strong in 
Chicago, that transfer of wheat from 
Minneapolis to Duluth was pitched upon 
to explain it. 

Trading was dull on the Duluth hoard. 
M;iy wheat opened V up at 99c and 
sold up U> W-SjC. It reacted to 99V8C be- 
fine noon I'ut later sold up to $1 and 
elos. d strong with buyers at $1. a net 
gain wf IVgc for the day. The elevators 
l/ought 10.000 bus )f cash stuff, paying 
Iv- premium >>ver May. Corn advanced 
^4c. rye gained \v. baTley closed Ic 
higher, while Max declined Ic. Follow- 
ing were the closing prices: 

Wheat— No. 1 hard, eush. ll.W'g; May. 
SI. 01: July, '.ts'ic; September. 7J»4c. No. 1 
northern, cash. ll.tiO: May, $1.00: July. 
9""i,c: September. l%\v. No. 2 northern. 
92c. No. 3, S5c. To arrivf— No. 1 hard, 
tl.oi'a: No. 1 nonher.n. Jl.Ol. Rye. 49V4C. 

Car inspection — Wheat. 1«J5: corn. J*.*?: 
Oats. 27'(i2»>:''4c. Parley. :Uc. Flax. $1.22; 
M. \ ?1.2r)>... Corn to ;irrive. 29i. 

- 117: rve. 12; barkv. 2; flax. 7. Re- 

•^— Wheat. 4S.2W bus: _oom. 12.1.!7 Dus; 

s;l.75S bus; rye. 47ii bii."; barley. 

lim I'Us; riax. 122!i bu.s. Shipments— Wheat. 

tK*""''! bus; rlax. I0.4*C bu.s. 


Reported Injury to Argentine Crop 

Caused Strength. 

Chicago. March 1.— In wheat today 
the opening was marked by the con- 
tinuance of the bu\1ng which caused the 
al^arK^ yesterday, and the market at 
the -Start exhibited some strength. For- 
eign news was disappointing. Liverpool 
showing but a slight response to the 
sharp advance here yesterday and re- 
porting arrivals of wheat for the last 
six days as being up to the normal re- 
quirements. This stopped the buying 
for a time. May opened unchanged to 
i-ic higher at $1.04%(5$1.05 and declined 
to $1.04^, while July opened V^iBV^v 
highe-r at Sg^icgsOc. and declined to 
S9%c. Northwest receipts amounted to 
lis cars, forty-one of which were con- 
tract. Private advices from Argentine, 
stating that severe injury to the crop 
had been done by the recent heavy 
rains, were partly responsible for the 
stre.igth which developed l&ter. Un- 
der moiferate buying May moved up lo 
11.05 and July to 90%c. the latter de- 
livery reacting slightly from the top. 
Trading -ven during the advance was 
very small. 

The advance that followed the early 
decline was in face of lower quotations 
that came in from Liverpool. Beer- 
bohms cabled that Liverpool stocks of 
wheat were .SOO.OOO bus against I..">l2.0o0 
bus Feb. 1. and 3.632.0t)O nus the similar 
time last year. The total receipts at 
Western primary markets were 453,- 
00<J bus against 239,000 bus the corres- 
ponding day of 1895. The Atlantic port 
clearances were equal in wheat and 
tlour to 425.0IX) bus. Liverpool closed at 
a decllm for the day or from V^^Hd 
The demand here for cash 

wheat of any kind that was suitable to 
flean into contract grade was as dis- 
couragingly dull as it has ruled for a 
ronsiderable time back. The mark'Vt 
for May was in the hands. In fact the 
keeping, of but one man who by vari- 
ous artifices kept it bobbing up and 
down. After touching $1.05»^ it fell 
back again to $1.04'-j and lay still a 
while, watching for Braas:reet's world's 
visiblv statement. July was a little 
more lively and was much more gener- 
ally traded in, but after it had touched 
90'-i'a90»i^c. it dropped to 89Tsc and also 
assumed a waiting attitudp. 

Corn and oats were exceedingly dull, 
and both markets were apparently 
guided by the course of wneat. The bulk 
of tratJe was confined to scalpers. May 
corn opened ^^'iy^c higher at 30Vi,'^30V4c. 
declined to 30c and reacted to the open- 
ing price. Receipts were heavy. 1014 

May oats opened \%c higher at 26%c. 
eased off lo 26^c and reacted lo 26%c. 
Receipts were 424 cars. 

Provisions started firm with the 
steady hog market. Little support was 
given, howevsr. and moderate profes- 
sional selling and the closing out of 
some long lines through commission 
houses turned the market downward. 
Selling of ribs was especially heavy, bui 
good support was given this product. 

May pork opened 2^<ii^ higher at 
$10.42010.45 and declined to $10.30. May 
hird opened a shade higher at $5.15 and 
sold at $5.12i^(&$5.15. May ribs opened 
a shade low-:-r at $.5.10. 

Chicago. March 1.— Close— Wheat : 
March. $1.05>4; May, $1.05%: July. 9mc: 
September. 78%c; December, 77^c. 
eorn— March. 29Vic: May. 305«,c: July. 
an*c: September. 33c. Oats— March. 
25%c: May, 26%c; July. 24%c. Pork- 
March. $10..35: May, $10.42; July. $10.45. 
I>ard. March. $.5.12: May. $5.15'fi5.17; 
July. $5.2.5. Ribs— March. S5.17: May. 
|5.17'S^5.20: July. $5.2.5. markets— 
So. 2 red wheat. $1.04: No. 3. 90fi97c: 
No. 2 spring. 96c; No. 3 .spring. 90ifi9Sc: 
No. 2 hard. 95c: No. 3 hard, XS-aOlc; No. 
1 new spring. $1.04. Corn— No. 2. 29r: 
No. 3. 27H@28c. Oats— No. 2. 26Hcfi) 
26%c; No. 3. 25»<2'S26c. Barley— Cash. 
No. 1, 33^840. Rye— Cash. 49V4c: May. 
50%c. Flax— May. $1.24Vi@1.24%: Sen- 
tember. $1.13; August. $1.15: cash. 
$1.12H: Northwest. $1.25^:. Timothy 
Sfed. cash. $2.90; March. $2.90. 


with Spain will glvt^ us a temporary "break ' In wheat, but afttr UiHt look out for 
:i blK advatio«». There Is really iiothtnt; to "break" ;he market now; wheat Is stronM 
on lis owa nirrils and shuwt'd a ilecrease in the \ isllib' of n«*arl.\ a niilliuli ami a 
half. «'orii Is stro:)K anil would go rnueh higher. In the event i.f war. <'(irn Is safer 
l.>r snuill investors than wheat antV if ImuKht on "AVKKA«i I M( } SVSTK.M" will 
make money. SentI lor e.\|>lanalion or Pre,, lumk. t 'uniiinKliain \' ('roshy. siKeessors 
to c)slH>rn. Crosby & Co.. Flour KxitianKe. Minneapolis. 

.March. $1.05\; April and May. $1.00\. 
Julv. 92%c. Mav corn. 35Vic; May oats. 

Liverpool. March I. —Closing; Wheat, 
steaily. '4(&^'Sid lower: March. 7s 10%d; 
May. 7s 4V2d; July. 's 

l%d; September. fis CVnd: De- 

cember. 6s 5>«4d; corn, steady. >^d lower, 
uiiehanged; March. :!s 4*i,d: Mav. 3s 
2-^ii; July. :!s 2ai,d; September. 3s :!%d. 

(attlf: anl" iioos. 

( liidKo. Man h 1.— K.-<tlml> .1 ree.-ipt.- 
h<>i;s today. 2»;,iit»(»: Uft o\er. Z'M. Market 
fairly aetlvr; shade higher. Llpht, $.1.7'i'(/ 
•i.OtJ. mixed. J;1.S0<'<j4.0.'); heaw, $:i.S«f(i4.o,'.; 
rouKh. $:(..M)'U.<.SH». Ca;tle. reifipts. ¥*»>. 
StPadv. Reeves. $.''..,sri(lj.'..4'i; cows anil heif- 
ers. $2.10'(j4.40; Texa.s .Meers. t<.:*.^ii *X>: 
stoekers and fet'tlers. $;!. 40'a 4. 40. Sheep, 
receipts. K.t.KXl. Slow juul weak. Yester- 
day's otflelal: Hogs, receipts. :<s.<W7; ship- 
ments. M!<tt. Cattle, reeeipts. 14.223; ship- 
ments. 4447. Sheep, r ceipts. 27.S86; shij.*- 
ments. 47:i2. Es:lmate»l rei-eipis hogs to- 
morrow. 38.000. Native sheep. $; 
Westerns. $3.60(fj4..V,; lambs. $4.25r<i.5.60. 

Following is the Hour statement for 
Duluth and Superior for the week ended 
Feb. 26. 1898: 


Production 23.560 

Exports 1.030 

Total shipments 22.985 

Slocks in sUre 35.075 

New York, March 1. — Monev on call 
nominally. iv.j'{i2: prime mercantile 
paper.3'.^(&4 per cent ;slerling exchange*, 
steady, with actual business in bankers" 
at $4.S4Vti for demand and $4.81 Va for 
sixty days; posted rales. $4.82%(fi4.83»^. 
and $4..S6; for commercial l)ills. $4.81(ri^ 
4.8Us: silver cvrtitlcates. 55%Tj.56%c; bar 
silver. 55Vic: Mexican dollars. 45»4c. 
government bonds, tlrm: new 4s. regis- 
ter^'d. $1.23!^: coupon. $1.2314: 4s. $1.10: 
coupon. $1.12: 2s. 99c; 2s, JLlli-jj: cou- 
pon. $1.12>/<;; Pacific 8s of "99. $1.03. 


Minneapolis. March 1.— Wheat, 

stnmg; March. 9SV4,c: May. 97V4(ff^c: 
July. 965sc. No. I hard. $l.oi»4; No. 1 
nitrthern. $1. 

New York. March 1.— S[>ot citton 
closed dull: middling uplands. 6 5-16; 
m.iddling gulf. 6 9-16: sales, 11.700 bales. 
Cotton futures closed steady; sales. 125,- 
700 bales; March. $6.09; April, $6.12: May. 
$6.15; June. $6.18; Julv. $6.21: August. 
$»^.24: September. $6.19; October. $6.18; 
November. $6.17; December, $6.19; Janu- 
ary. $6.21. 


Receipts. Shlpm'-ntfc. 

Bus. Bus. 

Duluth 4X.240 fi.Hrtl 

Mirmeapolis r> '"o 42.!*J«i 

Chicago .... •«! 1S2.0II.' 

Milwaukee •;•'«' lS.9i» 

St. Louis 1.'>.W"» !H).0Ol» 

Detroit l."..6.Sl ll.«<>s 

Toledo ; 14.3f.O 2.600 

Kansas City 79.s<)0 .^4.sOO 

New York I.>.7.5<> 47.696 

Boston 13.2S2 

Philaiitlphia r.2i;i 504 

taltimore 45.717 86.0)1 


Mlnne- New 
Duluth. apolls. Chicago. York. 
Open W^B 96Ti 1.04^4-5 l.OOU 

HiKh ....l.tM 97%-V; 1.0f)>/2 l.(»0",i 

Low 99 96>2-48 1.04>'4 1.00 

Close ...l.OOB 97V4-afe 1.05HA 1.00%B 

Oprn 96% B 95% 9<i 92>4 

High 9«% Hiy* 92% 

Low 95Vb «•% 9114 

Close 97%B 91«4B 92%B 


Corn. Pork. 

May. May. 

Open aoVi/ii'g $10.42'& 10.45 

HlKh 30% 10.45 

Low :!0 10.27^ .V^k 10.42^*8 

Received over private wire of B. E. Baker, 
grain and stock broker, room 107 Cham- 
ber of Commerce and i!07 Board of Trad >. 
Chicago, March 1.— Wheat opened to- 
day fl'rm, although cables were weak 
and lower. It seemed to be a little weak 
for a sale, and the local scalping crowd 
were inclined to feel very bullish, and 
late in the day. after the market had 
declined from 90Vsc®89?ic, there ap- 
peared to be a good many buying orders 
in the market which carried the price 
to 91^®91>4c with shorts the principal 
buyers at the advance. We canned see 
anything to advance the price of wheat 
on at present and think July a good .sale 
on all bulges. 

Corn has been stubbornly strong all 
day. and closes a* the top. Corn acts 
fully as strong as it did on its last ad- 
vance to 31\c for May. The demand 
from the seaboard keeps excellent. Some 
of our advices say that farmers aiv free 
sellers, but we hardly think this is cor- 
rect to any great extent. The corn 
market is having the help of some of 
the kading houses here as it is the 
cheapest thing there is on our floor. 

Oats were fairly active, firm and V^c 

Provisions aeted Aveak early, and broke 
a little under .som- heavy selling, but 
closed firm. Some short lines of provi- 
sions werfe bought in today. This gave 
the market some help. It looks at the 
close as though provisions had turned 
again and would sell higher. 

Puts. May wheal. $1.03% (g 1.04. 

Calls. May wheat, $1.07Vs®1.07 bid. 

Puts. July wheat. 90(a90%c. 

Calls. July wheat. 92',4@92>/2C. 

Puts. May corn. 30Vi-%''ci30%-»^c. 

Calls. May coiTi. 30t^-31®30T<!C bid. 


Name of Stock. 


High Low CI IS* 

Whisky ' 1 


Atehlson preferred. 

28 { 


28 ! 





127% 1 


Canada Southern .. 


C. B. & Q 


96 ' 



St. Paul 





Chicago Oas 



93 • 

94 '4 

Pacific Mail 


General Electric .. 








73% 1 






19 S, 

L. & N 










Missouri Pacific .. 



2S ' 




91 V4 


91 '4 

C. & N. W 





N. P. preferred 





Rofk Island 

' 87% 


X7 ' 


I'nion Pacific 





Western I'nion — 



87% 1 







T. C. I 

' 20% 

21 & 



Clevrland Leader: Greenlenf. of 
Boston— I saw you down town, this afer- 
noon. but you didn't deign to look at me. 
Mr. We.stlake — Oh. there must be some 
mistake. I surely couldn't be too busy to 
see \-(iu at any time. Where was 1? 

Miss Oref nleaf— You were walking In 
Nabob avenue. 
I Mr. VVestlake— No; It couldn't of been 
' me. I wasn't there— I beg your pardon. 
Miss Oretnleaf. I ilnn': want you to think 
j I doubt your word. I— 
I GreenJeaf— Never mind. We mn a 
! cease to be friends. I dare not trust my- 
self in the company of one who savs: "It 
couldn't of be>en me " Good night and 
good bye: 

NeU' York, March 1.— c"09e: 



Note— The ouotations helow are for 
gix)ds whk-h I'hanjre hands in lots on the 
open marki'l: In lillinK' orders, in order 
to secure b«st go<Kls for shipping and ;o 
cover cost Incurred, an adv.iiiie ii\er .ioh- 
blng prii'es has to he charged. The ligiuvs 
are changed daily. 


Clover Leaf, per lb 22 

Cream., separators, fancy.. 18 (!7 20 
Dairies, faney, speelal make IS W '^t 

I'aekliiK stock 10 li' 11 

Dairy, fair 14 Ir K 

Clover Leaf cheese, per lb.. 10 di lO'a 
Twin.s. tiats. full < r'ni. new loV'/u' 11 
Full er'm. Young A nerlca.. 11 (tr' 11% 

Swiss cheese. No. " 12 fii' 12>ii 

Brick. No. 1 11 ru 12 

LlmburRer. full r m. choice »t%r(i' lu'.. 
I*rlmos: t; w 6% 


Candled, strletiv fresh 12%(J? 13 

Storage, tandled 11 f? 11% 


Fancy white clover 12 & 12% 

F^ancy white clover, in jars 

strained, per lb 12%'?? 13 

Golden roil 11%'ti) 12 

Dark honey 11 (it 11% 

Buckwheat, dark 11 Ca> 11% 


Vermont, per pound 11 

Ohio, per i>ound 10 

Maple svrup. per jral 90 (S 1 Ot) 


Choice, per lb 2% 3 


Chestnuts, per lb 12%W 15 

Soft shell almonds, per lb.. 12 

Soft shell walnuts, per lb 12 

Hard shell walnuts, per Ih.. 11 

Brazils, per lb 8 (Tv 9 

Pecans, per lb 8 O 10 

Filberts, per lb 10 

Peanuts, roasted, per lb 7 

Raw peanuts, per lb 4%'it' 5'j 


Horse radish, per lb 6 (f? 7 

Hot house cucumbers, doz.. 1 75 (ff 1 9ti 

Parsley, per doz 25 ft :«> 

Jersey sweet potatoes, hbl.. 3 .">i) £i> 4 00 

Hubbard squash, p^r doz.. 1 50 ifji 1 75 

Beets 40 «/> 45 

Parsnips .15 .fi) fio 

Lettuce, per box 90 fit 1 25 

S[iinach bus »• (ff 1 Ott 

California celery, doi p) (it 70 

Wax beans, box ." 2.50 W 2 75 

Potatoes, per bus 54 (if 5S 

Mint, per doz 25 ft? :<() 

Cauliflowers, per doz 150 fu 2 AO 

Carrots, per bus 55 (ff 60 

Turidjis. per bu.s 30 (it 35 

Cabbage, per UK) lbs 1 U) (ii 1 lo 

Re<l cabbage, per doz .50 OJ' CD 

Horse radish roots, per bbl. 5 00 tt 5 ,50 

Onions, per bus 110 ("a" 1 2ft 


Fancy navy, per bus 1 .^5 ©150 

Metlinm. hand picked, bus.. 90 

Brown b^ans. fancy, bus... 1 25 (Ti 1 5<'» 

Green and yellew peas 1 10 if? 1 25 

Green peas, bus 110 <fi; 1 25 


Malaga grapes. \ht bbl 6 00^7 00 

Cranberries. Cape Cod. bbl. 7 50 (ft 7 75 

Cranberries, country, bus.. 2 00 ({? 2 25 

Catawba grapes, basket IS ffi> 20 

Washington rears, per box.. 1 90 r,i 2 2.'> 

Limes, per case 4 25 (iiA'iO 

Califiirnia seedling's 2 25 (f? 2 40 

Mexican oranges 2 00 (f? 2 25 

Navel oranges 2 75 (ff 3 25 

Lemons, per box 2 50 (ff 3 00 

Cocoanutn. per doz 35 (^ 75 

Fisrs. per lb 12 di 15 

Dates, per lb 9 01' 10 


New Y'ork spies. i>er bbl 4 00 

New York kings, per bbl 4 00 

Willow twigs 3 00 (3)3 25 

N. Y. famous Orleans. l>bl 3 75 

Rhode Island greenings, bbl 3 ,">0 

Wine saps, per bbl 4 00 $1)4 50 

Snow apples .5 00 

Jonathans ;.... 5 00 

California bellfiowers, boxes 1 75 

Roman beauties, per bbl 2 75 (li 3 Oil 

Ben Davis, per bbl 3 25 513 50 

Genltons, per bbl 2 50 ® 3 00 


N. Y. .sweet cider, per keg.. 2 75 ffj 3 00 

Fruit Juices, per keg 4 00 ©4 50 


Turkeys, per lb n & 12 

Chickens, hens g 

Chli'kens, springs 10 


Hens 5%(g) C 

Spring chickens, per lb 8 


Mutton 7%'<i' S 

Ijamb 8 (it 9 

Veal fancy 8%(fi) 9 

Veal, good 8 (ii 8% 

Pork 5 >ii> 5% 


Choic-e south Minn $7 00 (ft 7 aO 

Northern Minn 5 00 (fi 5 .".0 

Medium 6 50 (ff750 

Tame, ton, choice timothv.. 9 00 


Bran, 200 lbs. sacks Inc.... 12 50 

Shorts. 100 lbs. sacks inc.... 13 00 

Shnrts. 200 lbs. sacks inc.... 12 .50 

Ground feed No. 1 13 00 fllS 50 

Ground feed No. 2 13.50 Cu U 00 

Oats, car lots 30 

Corn 35 

Chicago, March 1.— Butter. firm; 
creameries. 13@20c: dairies.ll^lSc. Eggs, 
weak, fresh, 12c. 

New York. March 1.— Butter, receipts. 
9845 packages, firm: Western creamery. 
15(ff20%c: Elglns. 20%c; factory. 11® 
14 %c. 


Prices Showed Qu'te an Advance at 
the Opening. 

New York, Mar. 1.— Prices of stocks 
opened higher, the l(X'al exchangf 
ignoring the depressing influence of 
lower quotations from London. Gains 
ranged uj) to V- in the standard stocks. 
Sugar rose nearly a point on the large 
transactions, and Metropolitan Street 
Railway opened up 2% and extended 
its gain to 3%. The tone became quite 
buoyant in the course of the first hour, 
and there was great animation in the 
dealings. Gains of over a point were 
made in many of the leading properties. 
The local specialties were under man- 
ipulation, and showed large gains. 
Metropolitan Stieet Railway rising 5Vj, 
.Manhattan 2%, and Consolidated Gas 
3. Pr Jtit taking caused slight reaction 
later, which brought a decrease in ac- 

The contraction in the volume of 
business continued during the secimd 
hour and sharp declines were shown in 
some cases. Toward midday renewed 
strength was shown by the local transit 
stocks which helped the balance of the 
list. Sales of stocks to noon. 205.00<J 
shares. The bond market was fairly 
active and strong. 


Many good stories could be told of the 
alertness which senators display in secur- 
InK well-placed desks, but the expi-rience 
of Mr. Vest is especially worth relating. 
When. In 18S3. the civil .service law was 
b.-iPK discussed. Mr. Pendletoti. an Ohio 
Democrat, and Mr. Dawes had presented 
bills, .-(ays the Washingtcjn Post. By a 
shrewd hit of i>olitics the Republicans 
abandoned thc'ir support of the Dawes bill 
and voted for Mr. Pendleton's measure, 
their votes, together with the votes of 
the Democrats favorable to the mea.sure, 
being sufficient t opa.^s it As the bill was 
about to be voted on. Mr. t'ockrell moved 
that Its tl;le be ehan^rd no as to lead: 
"A bill to retain Republicans In office. " 
As soon as it pa.ssed Mr. Vest filed a 
claim for Mr. Pendb. trtn's .seat. "The au- 
thor of such a bill." said he. "will never 
come back to the senate." 

Mr. Vcst was riRht. and at the bCRln- 
nlne of the next congress' he moved into 
Mr. Pendleton's vacant chair. 

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reliable employment utlice for gO(jd girls 
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Halstead's Great Cuba Book; all aboi.t 
Cuba. Spain and wart great ••xciteme;;* ; 
everyone buys it; one agent sold eighty- 
seven in one dav; another made Jit! 11 
one hour; 600 pa.tjcs; magnltlcent UIus- 
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I'uunlr.v towns to sell specialties iti 
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pan\, 70u West Superior street. Duluth. 


West Sufurior street. nif)ni 




ai 1 born in the parish of 
Cloyne, county I'ork. Ireland, who land- 
ed 01 America in l^!l•■■> or l.s4t;. will coin- 
munieate with C. C. Brown, Herald of- 
I'ce. Duluth. he will learn something to 
his advantage. 


CAi.l.. A.Ni- 

money. < 


t t3 


'anD~ 'sa\'i: 

West Superior 


ous hair, moles, etc.. permanently de- 
stroyed by electricity, without Injury. 
Also scieritlflc face massage and com- 
plexion treatment. Manicuring. Choice 
toilet preparations. 3o5 Masonic temple, 


private family Ijy a young lady. Refei- 
ences given. Address r 4. Herald. 

private family, near car line by a 
young lady. References given. Ad- 
dress T 4. Herald. 


Whereas default has been m.'ide In the 
conditions of a certain mortgage, execut- 
ed and delivered by iMkhael J. i'b re 
(unmarried), mortga^'ir, to Throdore H. 
Lawience, mortgagee, da'^e the 18th day 
of June lS!t6. aad with a power of salr- 
therein contained recorded in the office of 
the register of deeds in and for the coun- 
ty of St. Louis, stale of Minnesota, on 
the 24th day of June. 1S96. at two o'clock 
I", m., in Book 93 nf mortgages on page 
W}\ said mortgap was given to secure 
the payment of one iirincipal note for 
seven hun<lred and lifty dollars ($7,50) and 
three interest note.- representing the sev- 
eral installments of interest on said prin- 
cioal note as the> became due. on the 
iMh day of June of each year, said inter- 
est notes bearing interest at the rate of 
si'Ven per cent per annum after they be. 
lame due; and 

Whereas, default has been made in the 
ptiyment of the interest note for fifty- 
two and 50-100 dollttrs ($.52.50), which be- 
came due on the Isth day of June, 1S97, 
and said default htis continued to the date 
of this notice, and does now continue, 
and the amount of Interest now claimed 
to be due and is actually due is fifty-f(»ur 
and 95-l()u dollars i$.'.4.95) and the sad pow- 
er of .sale has becume operative and no 
action or i)roce«li.ig hfis been institutetl 
at law or otherwi.'-e. to recover th<j debt 
secured by said mortgage, or any part 

Now. therefore, notice is hereby given, 
that by virtue of the power of sale con- 
tained in said mortgage, and i)ursuant to 
the statute in such case made and pro- 
vided, the said niurtgage will be fore- 
closed by a sale of the premises described 
in and conveyed by .said mortgage, viz: 
Lots one (1). two (2). three (3). four (4). 
(Ive (5) iind six ((J), in block three ,.0. 
Second Glen Avon Division of Du'uth. 
according to th-^ recorded plat thereof, 
said premises lying and being in St. 
la)Uis County and state of Minnesota, 
with the heicilitaments and appur- 
tenances; which sail' will be nuide by the 
sheriff of said St. Louis County, at the 
front door of the court house, in the city 
of r')uluth. in said county and state, oh 
the 13;h day of April. 1S9S. at 10 o'clock a. 
m. of thtit diiy, at public vendue to the 
highest bidder for cash, to i)ay said 
mortgage debt a. id the interest and fifty 
dollars ($50) attorneys' fees, as stipulattd 
in and by said mortgage In case of fore, 
closure, and the disl>ursements allowed b>- 
law; subject to redemption at any time 
within one yetir from the day of sale, as 
provided by law. 

Dated Februarv 2Sth, A. D. 1898. 


Attorneys for Mortgagee. 
Duluth Evtning Herald. Mch-1-8-15.22-29- 

A prll-5. 

Philadelphia Press: From one of the 
lectures given last week at the winter 
meeting of the college of preceptors, in 
London, a strange light was cast upon 
the esthetic ideas of the small child. A 
prect;ptress in the Manchester high 
school gave her class of about thirty 
very young children five minutes to 
think of the most beautiful thing they 
ever .«raw, and at the end of that time 
rt<(X)rded their answers. The human 
element was entirely ignored, not one of 
them refr.rring to any beautiful face. 
Five children mentioned the moon iinC. 
stars (one stipulating that it must be 
the full moon), two the sun and one 
setting 6un. Two chose flowers. 
certain scenery, two birds and 
(l»oth of them lazy) fell back upon 
last object lesson, viz., 

some cases a revision was de- 
the next day. The girl who at 
most approved the rain wished 


afterward to change it for a houst 
with snow dropping from it. a Utile 
street in front and a postofllcp at the 
end. The boy who admired barracks 
<icxt day preferred Haddon hall. An- 
othi r boy, who at first suggested a 
ship with sails, withdrew this in favor 
oif a steamer, which he thought was 
nicer because of the smoke. Second 
thoughts were an im.prnvemenl in the- 
case of another, whnse first cliolce of 
a steam engine (with the qualifica- 
tions, however, that it was running 
nb'ng in the sunshine) was withdrawn 
for a country scene he remembered, 
where there was a stream with golden 
bracken anc* the sun shining upon it. 
The children who v.-ere thus interro- 
gated were nc-t city arabs, but came 
from well-to-do homes. 



Thlid St reel. 

.-.12 WEST 

11. Crosby & Co.. KMJ Providence build- 
ing. Tel. 24. 

ments; centrally located. R. I'. Paine, 
room 1, 2(j \Vest Superior street. 


rt III. 

, « i'V^"^ /-.> 


.'.K; West Sixth street. 

prices. 31 East Superior street. 

West Second street. Two bhtcks from 


central location; all modern conveni- 
ences. Siivcy & Steiihen.son. Providence 


stock and Imperial mill stock. 11. W. 

goods. Call or send postal to Dulutli 
auction liousi-. 17 Fi rst avenue west. 


cern.— AH charges on storage with us 
must bw paid by March 15. 1S98. or 
goods will be sold as nilowed bv law 
Bayha & Co., Duluth, Feb. 19, 1S9S. 

Every Evening 


of Shrewd People 


The Herald 
Want Ads 

A Well Worded 

Standing Card 

Will Attract Their 

Attention and Bring 

You Business. 


All advertisements of "Situa- 
tions Wanted" inserted free. We 
invite as many repetitions as are 
necessary to secure wtiat you ad- 
vertise for. The Herald's 50,000 
daily readers will be sure to fill 
your wants. 


place in a private family to work for 
board and clothes. T 17. Herald. 


$3«!(rFmrX' iR- S 1 NESS^ R o P Elffy^' 
the city, now paying $50 a month rent. 
$1100 cash, assume mortgage $2500, thus 
netting 27 i)er cent m the cash invest- 
ed. D. W. Scott, 10 Mesaba block. 


1()0 acres of the choicest Farming T,ands 
in the world FREE. Land located in a 
good climate and near a good market; also 
cheap rates of transportation to bona fide 
settlers. For full particulars apply to or 
address J. H. M. Parker. Canadian Gov't 
Agt., 5(12 Palladio Bldg.. Duluth. Minn. 


In Gay's Divis)(jn. Only tlire-- more lots 
will be offered at present low i)rices. Ad- 
vance in prices will then be made. I have 
some good fractions at $200, $:^00. $4(X) and 
up. worth double that money. I have a 
liind warr.ant and a few good 6 per c-'Ut 
mortgages for sale. Will guarantee them. 
My property is free and clear from all 
incumbrance. Office and residence, for 
short time, 2.S01 West Third street. Duluth. 


FOlT'sALE— Ft ) I • 1 CT-l ■ I'tTeS.'^PART 
cocker and plain .spaniel. Apply at 17 
Eai?t Superior street. 

stoves and one cook stove. 512 West 
Tbtrd street. 

WyckofT. Seamens & Benedict, 323 West 
Superior street. 

perienced dialng room girls together. 
Address T 19. IPnild. 


hav-- Work as cuok or otlier woik. Ad- 
dress R. T.. Herald. 

petciil lady stetiographer with five 
yeai.s' experience. Best citv refereices. 
Address T I'', Herald. 

dres.sniaker. Plain or fine. Will go out 
by diiy or week. Address Mi"s. H., geii- 
tral delivery, postoflici'. 

sc'i'ubbing or offices and stores to clean. 
Mrs. Jackson. 23 First avenue east. 
AN'ork guaranteed. 

do washing and iro.ning, by the day. by 
Cerman woman. r>2o Superior 
stitet. Upstairs. 


choice btisiness lots in .Tamestow.n. N. 
D.. and It^) acres of land all ready for 
croi), to exchttiige for house and lot in 
Duloth AiMily Winston, care Herald. 


gages. George L. Roberts, 507 Board of 

and overcoat sale at B. .1. Cook's. 401 
West Superior street. A full line of fur- 
nishing goods at very low prices. 


Default having been made In the pay- 
ment of the sum of five hundred fifty- 
three and 33.100 dollars, which Is claimed 
to be duo and is due at the date of this 
notice upon a certain mortgage duly ex- 
ecuted and delivered by Edward N. Jolin. 
,son. widower, mortgagor, tli John S. 
Stewart mortgagee, bearing date May 5th. 
1S92. :ind with a power of sale therein con- 
tained, duly recorded in the office of the 
register of deeds in and for the county of 
St. Louis and state of Minnesota o.n Mav 
Tih. 1S92, af 4 o'clock p. m. in Book !tS of 
mmtgages, on page 311; and 

Whereas, the said power of sale has be- 
come operative, and no action or proceed- 
ing at law or otherwise, has heen Insli- 
tute<l to recover the debt secured by said 
mortgagp. or any )iart thereof. 

Now. therefore, notice is hereby given, 
thiit by virtue of the power of sale con- 
tained In said mortgage, and pursuant to 
the statute in such case made and provid- 
ed, the said mortgage will be foreclosed 
by a sale of the premises described in and 
conveyed by said mortgage, viz: Lot 
numbered eight (S). in bbx-k thirty-one 
(311. Oneota. according to the recorded 
plat thereof i:i St. Louis County and 
state of Minnesota, with the heredita- 
ments and appurtenances; -which sale will 
be made by the sheriff of said St. Louis 
County at the front door of the court 
house. In the city of Duluth. in said couti- 
ly and state on Aiiril Mth. ISi'S. at Ki 
o'clock a. m.. of that day. at public ven- 
due to the highest bidder for I'ash. to ptiy 
said debt and interest anil t.axes. if any. 
on said premises, and flft.v doll.irs attor- 
neys' fees as stipulated in and by said 
mortgage In case of fot^closure. ;ind the 
disbursements allowed by law; subject 
to redemi)'ion at a:iy time within one 
y« :ir from the date of sale as provided by 

Dated March 1st. 1S9S. 


Altornevs for Mortgagee 
Duluth Evening Herald, March-l-8-i;-22- 
29- April. 5, 

Will pay par for 
County Poor 
and Special Road 

A. R.riacfarlane, 

12 Exchange Bldg. 

AND LOAN OFFICE, 324 W. Sup. street. 



Cooley & Underbill, 104 Palladio. 


1>a1?EStTnE lodge no. 79, A. 
& A. M.— Regular msciings 
first and third Monday even- 
ings of every month at 7:30 
p. m. Next meeting March 7, 
lsf(S. Work. First degr(^e. W. A. McGon- 
agle. W. M.; James A. Crawford, secre- 


• IONIC LODGE NO. W<. A. F. & 
y\ A. M.— Regular meetings second 
^VGy '''"d fourth Monday evenings of 
/\y\ each month at 7:30 p. m. Next 
' ^ ^ meeting Feb. 2S. 1.S98. Work, 
Second degree. William C. White. W. M. ; 
R. O. Sweeny. Sr.. secretary. 

R. A. M.— Stated convocation 
second and fourth Wednesday 
evenings of each month at 7:30 
n. m. Next meeting March 9. 
1898. Work. M. M. degree. Lyonel 
Ayres, H. P.; George E. Long, secretary. 


jBk^ No. 18, K. T.— Stated conclave 

" rft rrffB^ '•'"''t Tuesday of each month, 

nP9Hr 7:30 p. m. Next conclave 

■p^ Tuesday. March 1. Is98. Work. 

for drill. M. M. Gasser. E. C; Alfred Le 

Ilicheux, recorder. 

Meets every Thursday in Hunter block, 
third floor. West Superior .street John 
Richter, M. W.; W. J. Stephens, re- 

Honor, A. O. U. W. Meets at Odd Fel- 
lows' hail. Lake avenue, every first and 
third Tuesday at 2 p. m.. and every 
second and fourth Tuesday at .S p. m. 
Lucy Purdy, C of II.; Minnie Wilbur, 

A. O. U. W.— DULUTH LODGE NO. 10. 
Meets every Tuesday evening at I. O. 
O. F. hall. Lake avenue north. M. H. 
Sceley. M. W. ; J. W. Shepherdson. re- 

"fUCS" meet every Thursday nljrlif at 7:)o. Kinp 
blo:lc. John L. Fuller. Secy. Geo. C. Gilbert, t. R 


Louisi' Braentigan to William 
Deary, timber in section 9-<W-21..$ 3W 

T. A. Robertson to William Deary, 
lands in section 30-(;4-2t» 200 

Lucv G. Harrison to Giles Gilbert, 
lots 15 and 16. block 20. Marine 
division 1.2j1 

Lucv G. Harrison, executrix, to 
Giles Gilbert. In Endion. Harrison 
and Marine divisions l.^o i 

Edgar C. Long to Bessie S. Clark, 
timber in sections IS and 2s-r..'!-l."> :>(< 

Charles Edwards to Martin Musolf. 
lot 1.5. Myers' rearrangement 
block 142. Duluth proper, Second 
division 3jO 

Ellen E. Brown to A. P. Lovejoy. 
lands in sections 34 and 35-60-20.... 25 

V. Stearns, master in chancery, to 
Stimuel Untermyer et al, in Du- 
luth proper, Third division, etc.. 70<),00j 

St. Paul & Duluth Railtoad com- 
pany to A. W. Peterson, lands in 

section 8-50-15 31.) 

Alfred Anderson to J. S. Pillsbury. 
section 8-50-15 320 

Total $707.S7u 

State of Minnesota. County of St. Louis 
— 9S. 

In Probate Court, Special Term. Feb- 
ruary 2Sth. 189S. 
In the matter of the estate of Hosmer 

Allen Johnson, deceased: 

Letters testamentiiry on the estate of 
sitid dectase<l being this day granted unto 
Margaret A. Johnson, of said county. 

It is ordered, that all claims and de- 
mands of all |>ersotis against said esttite 
be presented to this court, for examina- 
tion ;ind itllowance. at the probate oIHce 
in Duluth. in said cotmty. on Monday, 
the 26th day of September. A. D. 18?S. at 
ten o'<'lock a. m. 

It is further ordered, that six months 
from the da;e hereof bi' allowed to credit- 
ors to present their claims against said 
estate at the exjilration of which time 
iiU claims not presented to said court, or 
not proven to its .satisfacticui. shall In- 
forever Imrred. unless, for ciiuse shown, 
further time be allowi4l. 

Ordered further, that tiotlce of the time 
and place of the hearing and examination 
of said claims and demands shall be g.ven 
b\- pubiishing this ordt-r once in each 
Week for ihne successive weeks prior :o 
the dav appointed for such examination, 
in The Dulisth Evening Herald, a dally 
iiewsi)apt r printed :;nd published at Du- 
luth. In said count,\-. 

Dated at Duluth. the 28th day of Feb- 
ruarv. A. D. 1^98. 

Bv the Court. 

Judge of Probate. 

Duluth Evening Herald. Mch-l-S-15. 


St. Paul & Duluth R. R. 


Duluth. I *Daily. tH xe e pI Sunday. | Duluth. 


fy oo am «- o«„* I *<- t'j am 

»ii 15 pm minitmmpollm. i <, ;, |,ni 

Til'FlCE 332 West Superior street, corner 
Providence building. Tickets sold to jll 
points. Telephone 218. 


C.. St. p., M. & O. Rv. 

Office 405 W. Superior St. 'Phone N(.>. 20. 

Leave. | ♦Duluth. tExcept Sunday. 

t4 JO pm 

'7 oo am 
IO jo am 

t2o oo am I St. Paul, Minneapolis and west 
*ii oo pm I St.Paul.MinneapoiisanJ west 
J^ 1" pm !_. Chicago LimiteJ 

Parlor ears on day trains; Wagnej's 
Finfst Rle.-i,..r<; on nigl.i trains. 

Duluth, Missabe & 
Northern Ry. Co. 

Lv.... Duluth ... 

.\r Proctor .. 

Ar. Iron Junctior 


Mt. Iron 



y e 

xcept Sunday. J. 
General I't 



.30 p.m. 
O'J i).rn. 
23 a.pj. 
15 p.m. 
00 p.m. 
41 a.m. 
0:i p.m. 
40 p.m. 
40 p.m. 
40 p.m. 


Ag. til. 

Duluth, Superior & Western Ry. 

Daily except Sunday. EAST 

A. M. 

.... Duluth Ar » 11:40 

.... Clofjuet .^v 10:41 

.. Swan River Lv! 8:40 

— nibbing I>v' 7:15 

Grand Itapids Lv 7:50 

,. Deer River Lv 6:55 

Duluth & Iron Range R. R. 

3:15 p.m. Lv 

7:l.j p.m. Ar 

7:40 p.m. Ar 

7:5ij j).m. Ar 

.. Ely ... 

. ...Ar 12:<.'0 m. 

Lv 7:35 a.m. 

Lvi 7:35 a.m. 

. ...Lv 7:30a.m. 

Daily except Sunday. 

Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Ry. 

Trains for ail points East, 
leave Duluth |.,«m n mm 
nion depot aX D.dU rillli 

Dnllv I... ,.PT SAi Ij;- 
Sault Ste, Marie. 

AVesi bound train arrives 8:50 a. m. EX- 

Ticket offices: 426 Spalding Hotel build- 
ing and T'nion depot. 


^ PAGiriG 

Is t!ie only line offering 


For lowest rates, printei matter, et^.. apply im 


426 SpalJIng House Bik . G P. A., 

Duluth, .Minn. Minneapolis. Minn. 


City Tiektl Offiea: 432 Watt Suptrior SfrMt. 

Leave Dulutti. 


ive Dulutti. 

♦*i 10 pm 
*ii 15 po) 

St. Paul 

••a 10 pm 

•7 00 am 

♦Daily. ••Except Sunda;. 





Solid 'i'r.T inn, ^ Superb Equipment, 

Uiulug Card a la Ciirte. Sceuery 


Route ol tlie 


Ilaiidsomest Train iu the World. 

For AcU'iTtisiug Matter and Other 
Informal ioii write to 

.; .\. «. Ki:i:f». \. iv. i*. a. 

'JIM Suiirh rtnrb St., ChirnKu. IU. 
.1. A. lIK.*tl». \V. !•. v.. Itiiir.ilo. .V. 1. 
rH.*S. S. l.FK. «;pn. Paiii.i'i)(.-er .%urii(. 

Philndeliilila. V>\. 

Finest Trains on Eartli from 

St. Paul and 
to Ghicaeo. 

a special meeting of the members of the 
Northwestern Benevolent Society, of Du- 
luth. Minnesota, will Ik^ held at the ofhc^ 
of the society, in the Lonsdale builduiR. 
Duhith. Minnesota, on Saturday. March 
12th. 1S.M8. al two o'clock p. m.. for the 
purpose of taking suih tiction as may 
be deemed advisable upon the following 
proposed amendmetit to the articles of 
Incorporation, or declaration, of said 
socielv. to-wlt: 

Resolved, that Article I of the articl'^s 
of incoriHiration. or declaration, of the 
Northwestern Benevolent Society, be 
amended so n.s to read as follows: "Ar- 
ticle 1.— It is the intentioti of this oiB^ni- 
zation to transact a casualty insurance 
business upon the co-operative or as.* ss- 
ment plan pursuant to the provisions of 
Chapter 1S4. of the General Laws of Mia. 
nesota. for the year ISS,"). by uniting per- 
sons of sound bodily health and good 
moral character, and providing aid and 
indemnity for members and their families, 
for loss iif lime of members, and for ex- 
penses and loss. Incurred In the care aiid 
burial of members, as the result of phy- 
sical disability. ■• 

Ditbith Evenin Herald. Feb 28 to Mch 12 



To wiiom is mav rniic rn — Th-' partner, 
sliip herct..fore exis int between Geo. Has- 
siiiger ard Fet-r Durant. doing a ),'en- 
eral meat business at 217 I'ast Superior 
street is this dav dissolvnl by njutual 
eonsent. Peter will pav all lia- 
billtifs and Geo. HasTinpcr will collect 
all outstanding aecounts. 
Dated Duluth. Minn . Mnrch 1. 1S9S. 



Only Evening Paper in Duluth 


I'uMiihcJ at Het.iia KuilJinn- -•-■^' Wot Superior St. 

ouLUTN pmirnM ami nnusHiNt m. 

( ..Mintii'i^; k>>iir. 
' LJiti>rijl Rlx»IIl^ 

;-4. t«o rings. 
(.•4. three rings. 


rtLlVtRED OR BY .\W1L. 

Single copy, daily 
One month 
Three months 
Six months 
One year 


$1 per year. 50 cents for six months, 
15c for three months. 

I lUK-j jt Lhlluth t<ostottice as seconJ-cUss matter. 





7 J 48 

luiUii.U obstacles limit t«r absolutely 
ptwent the i»as.>»aR<' nf vessels. • • ♦ 

niiliith is. I>y \ittii< of its tjooKraphiciil 
posiiloii utnl tho vast unti »'Vi'I--ki-o\v1ii>; 
tiu.l.'. th.' ('hl«-a.t:o of the Northwest, 
an.i thf vast aiiiousit oi' Ua«lt' that seeks 
this city as lieiiis the most westerly 
shipiniin point on the lakes has eaused 
it to i^row in a few years to a leading 
potiiiioii un>o!ij? the great ports of the 
\\ orkl." 

The article also contains a laiRe 
am«»uiu of statistics with which the pe»t- 
ple »>f Duluth are familiar showing the 
extent and rai>id sjrowth of the lake 
iiatt'ic, and particularly of the portion 
of the traffic which passes through the 
port of Duluth. and It cannot fail to 
lie of much benetii In Impressing upon 
outsiders the certainty that here will 
lie tuiilt uji uni^ of the greatest cities of 


rniteti States Agricultural D p.^rnient 
1. ...,,. Bur>-:iu. Duluth. Synopsis oi 
r lomlitions for the tw.iity-four 
.. - cndins at 7 a. m. nVontral time). 
March 1.— A inoiierate barometric depres- 
sion that w;is ce.ntril north of Minn- .'^ola 
y.s«teriliv morning has moved southward, 
•iinl is now lentral La Vrosse. as a 
1 of eonsid.rable s:rmgih. :ittond«il 
tier-al snows in Wisconsin. Kastern 
•I aid sections of lowa. i'.liriois 
: M.ihigim. Duluth has had the 
;.m ipiiatit):! of the iiast iw^nty- 
rour hours — .11 inch of snow, meltod. 
L.ght sii.iw i.-j falling at Dr-iiver. mid light 
rain at Lander. Fair weather prevails In 
:he Northwe.-t. and the temi>eratuiv Is 
slightly lielow z ro ironi North Dakota 
northward, this being VI to ■_'•.' degrees 
c.-Uhr tha.T at the corresponding hour yrs- 

t |-il;i.\. 

Minimum temperanres last night: 

BatllefonI . 
Medicine Hat 
Calgary .... 
Port Arthur 
Mlnned(i>i:i ... 
Kapid «"ii 
Huron .. 
]^\ rros^ 
De'.roit . 
L);iV''iii'o! t 


Kansas «'ii.\ 
Dodge City . 

— denotes below zero. 

I'll Kdmonton 
. - ' I'rincf Alb.rt 
. V2 Swift Current 
. Ti yu' Appelle .. 
. 22 Winnipeg ... 

.— 2 Helena 

— 1' Hismarck ... 
r .Miles City . 
2- Moorhead ... 
12 St. Vinil 
21 Sault St< 
1»> .Milwaukte 
2^ < 'hieatfo .... 
. -s Norih Piatt. 

:;»; Omaha 

:{*. S;. Louis . . 
:',2 Memphis . .. 


. 21 

- li 
. l'> 
. — •' 
.— tl 
. t<t 

'. 21 

. is 
2" I 




.\t a mt-eting of llie Salter inetuori;'l 
cunwuittee yestenlay. the treasurer r« - 
poit.ll that he has i>ev i iv. d a ti>tal of 
.$.'ii;;!.7i> fr >Tn the suV)siril>eis to the 
in-moiial fund. < tf this amount th< 
sum of $4ri7.'.ta lias l>»>n turned over to 
him by The lieiaM. He h;u< re •esv".! 
.si.viral amounts diret from the sub- 
scribers, thus showin.g that ("he great 
.«ul!scriiition list of the News Tribune 
.»f which It loudly boasted, has resulted 
in mui>h than $100 being j'ald In. 

The total subscriptions ackn uvledged 
V, ,i; $l.">60.7t>. con.senuently there is 
n.aily ib'OO unpaid. Neatly all f.iis 
sum is du;' ftom subscriptions alleged 
•>> have bt'tn receivetJ by the News 
Trlbuni?. Ktfore the committee In 
charge of the fund proceeds further. It 
is desirable that this sum be collected, 
and If the News Tribune falls to col- 
Itct tht. subscrlptijns acknowledged by 
it. the committee might appoint a col- 
It ctor and pay him a commission on 
what he secures. Perhaps this notKe 
that the committee wishes to complete 
th" fund may c<ause some iif the .sub- 
scribers to send the amounts pledged ti 
the treasurer. Mr. Silbet^tein. Thi 
amount italized by the concert given at 
the Lyceum for the benefit of the fund 
has never l>etn made public, and noth- 
ing from this source has yet reach'd 
Mr. Silberstein. If a suitable memorial 
tl) Dr. Salter is to be reared, these mat- 
ters must be attended to without de- 

a bouse in Washington. One idace 
plfu.sed him very well an<l he was so 
Iniautlous as t» exruess his gratitude. 
When he askert what Hk- rental would 
be thi- agent said $4r.tM» a year. "That's 
prett.v good." unsvvei-(il the congri'Hs- 
imin. "but what on earth would 1 do 
'.■•iih the remaining $.'••«) of my salary".'" 

llM Roy«l it the highest grade b«kie« powder 

hiiowe. Acteel teste ekow it goes om- 

third further then mar other breed. 


DuUith t?mp?rHture et 7 a. m. today 
maximum yesterday. ."JS; minimum 
tt-rdav, 21. ... 

Local forecast for Duluth and vlciniry: 
I.iKht snow followed by clearing tonight 
and a moderate cold wavr: probably fair 
and lolder Wednesday: high northecist 
winds haekine to north and northwest 
EHi'l dimini.-ihintr toaight. 

Local Forecast Dftiiial. 

..:,..„.. March ].— Forecast U.ntil S p. m. 
tomorrow: For Wisconsin: Snow flurries 
this afternoon: a.-id coULr to- 
night: Wednesday fair and much colder: 
winds shifting to strong nor;herly. For 
Minnesota: Fair except snow Hurries 
o\er Lake Superior tonight and Wednes- 
day; much colder: cold wave in northeast 
duarter tonight; brisk northerly winds. 


The last number of the Scientific Am- 
erican contains a great advertisem-.-nt 
for Duluth. its front page being covered 
with half-tone engravings giving views 
of Duluth looking east upon Lake Su- 
perior, the Duluth. Missabe & Northern 
or" docks, the grain elevators, the 
steamers North Land, North West and 
Christopher Columbus, the Sault canal 
locks and a fleet of vessels waiting to 
r i.>is through the canal. The views are 
very clear and distinct and give a gool 
idta of Duluth and of the great com- 
merce centering at this point. It is sel- 
dom that the Scientific American de- 
votes so much space to "booming" any 
city and consequently Duluth may feel 
that she has fcten especially favored in 
this respect 

Accompanying the illustrations is an 
article on the com.nierce of the great 
lakes, which says: "The story of the 
development of trad-? on the great lakes 
Is one of the most remarkable in the 
wide domain of industrial and commer- 
cial activity. In the four-score years 

which have elapsed sinc-s the inaugura 
Hon of steam navigation on this great 
chain of inland seas, the growth of the 
shipping interests has at all times been 
constant, and in recent years the in- 
crease in the volume of tratflc has been 
truly marvelous. When the settlement 
of the Northwest had opened up 
its vast storehouses of agricultural and 
mineral wealth, the farmer and the 
miner found ready to hand In this noble 
waterway a cheap and easy route for 
the transportation of tlv:ir products to 
r:a=tf'rn markets. The gri>wth of the 
f vessels on the lak-s has kept 
j,;u e ,vith. if it has not anticipated, the 
growth of the flourishing cities which 
line their shores, until today we are 
confronted with the curious spectacle 
of a maritime nation with a seaboard 
that confronts two oceans for thousand's 
of miles possessing a larger tonnag-=- 
upon its rivers and lakes than it does 
upon the high seas. 

"While it i.s true that i...- .wiume of 
trade on the lakes Is largely due to the 
jMlvantageous location of this water- 
way in regard to the natural flow of 
traffic, much credit Is due to the energy 
with which the facilities of travel hav-. 
been enhanced by the efforts of the en- 
gineer and the capitalist, and by the 
fostering care of the governments of 
the T'nited States and Canada. The ef- 
forts of the capitalist are manifest In 
ih- .onstruction of special types of ves- 
sels suited to the requirements of traf- 
flr* on these inland seas and in the vast 
xcellently equipped docks and 
iuading facilities which abound at all 
prinoipal points. The hand of the gov- 
ernment is seen in the deepening of 
channels, the Improvement of harbonl 
and the construction of canals where 

THE Ml.SEKV IX cult A. 

If the rei)ort be true that President 
McKinley has plainly told Mark Hanna 
that he does not reflect popular senti- 
ment and that the atmosphere In which 
he moves does not permit him to come 
in contact with opinion of the general 
public, there is hope that he will rise to 
the occasion and tak,- some definite ac- 
tion In accordance with the wishes of 
the American people as soon as the na- 
val board of inquiry has co.npleted its 
Investigation of the Maine disaster. 
Mr. Hanna declared the other day that 
there will be no war, that the Maine 
disaster was due to an accident, and 
that he saw nothing in that "Incident 
or in our relation to Spain regarding 
Culm that will lead to war." As the 
New York Journal says, in this attltud- 
>Ir. .Hanna is fairly representative of 
the rest of the eminently respectable 
porcine citizens who wallow for dol- 
lars in the money-grubbing sty, sup- 
port "conservative" newspapers, and 
consider the starvation of half a million 
Inoffensive men. women and children, 
the murder of 250 American sailors and 
the dishonor of the American Hag of 
less importance than a fall of two points 
i-i the price of stocks. Nevertheless he 
has made a mistake. 

The Journal says: 'It has always 
been the policy of the advocates of 
peace with dishonor to treat each inci- 
dent in our rete.tions with Spain as an 
isolated affair, and to try to show that 
it afforded no reason for action on our 
part. They have proved in this way 
to their own satisfaction that we had no 
right to resent the murder of Ruiz, or 
the riots in Havana, or the destruction 
of American property, or the De Lome 
letter, or the loss of th-: Maine. They 
have always refused to look at the sit- 
uation as a whole or to see anything 
but 'sensational stories" in the accounl:^ 
of the miseries of the Cubans." Now 
an official report made by a board of 
officers of the United States cruiser 
Montgomery into the condition of the 
people of the province of .Mantanzas has 
been put-lished. The report shows that 
in the small city of Mantanzas alone 
there are "14.000 people absolutely with- 
out food and clothing." They are most- 
ly women and children, and are all 
"emaciated, sick and almost beyond re- 
lief, unless they can have the benefit 
of regular treatment in the hospitals." 
They are "dying in th-3 streets for want 
of food." Official statistics show that 
in the province of Mantanzas 50,000 peo- 
ple have died from starvation and 98,000 
more are dying, out of a total popula- 
tion of 2.53,616 in December. 1897. "and 
the number of star\'lng people is rapid- 
ly increasing." That is to say. one- 
half the inhabitants of the province are 
d'.ad or dying. Senator Hale, of Spain, 
recently ridiculed on the floor of th-:- 
senate a statement that a third of the 
population of Cuba had starved to 
death, on the ground that sucn a mor- 
tality was incredible. Here we have 
official statistics showing that in one 
province a full half of the population 
Is either already dead or about to die. 
It is a national dl.sgrace that these 
horrors should be iKrmitted by the 
United States to be enacted but a few- 
miles from our shores, and it should 
bring the blush of shame to the face 
of every American with a spark of hu- 
pianlty In his breast that his govern- 
ment ha.s not intervened long ago and 
put an end to this agony. Regardless 
of the verdict In the case of the Maine 
disaster, it is the duty of the Unit-jd 
States to notify the Spaniards to leave 
the island of Cuba and relieve the Cu- 
bans for their appalling state of 

Al'STUAM.\N l»KM«)(K.VCV. 

The only democracy In the world 
whiih can be compared with our own 
is that of the Australian colonies, and 
the comparison as drawn by 10. L. (bod- 
kin in the March Atlantic is both Inter- 
esting and Instructive. The main dif- 
ference in method is that the Ameri- 
can system Is what he calls the pivsl- 
dential, In which candidates are elected 
under a written constitution for flxe«5 
terms of office, before the expiration of 
which no changes can be made: while 
the .Vustrallan is the cabinet systetn. 
with no fixed constitution, and under 
it legislative majorities and executive 
officers may be chan.ged at any lime. 

The cabinet system has the advantage 
of making all government officers more 
directly ivsponsible to the |)eoi>le. who 
can call them to account sharply and 
promptly. If dissatisfied with their i>oli- 
cy. and replace them by others who will 
exet ute the popular will. It Is not so 
well fitted to maintain a fixed policy; 
for the officials ai\> always at the mercy 
of any sui'.den cr:ize or wave of popu- 
lar feeling, however ill-judged, which 
under our methods would ebb or expand 
Itself before the next prescribed elec- 

The con.sequence is. that while in the 
I'nited States changes of policy come 
very slowly, the history of Australian 
democracy is a long record of succes- 
sive changes and experiments in every 
possible subject of legislation; in suf- 
frage. In land and building schemes, in 
public works. In finance, but especially 
in laws for the protection of labor, 
which have been extended to the most 
extreme and minute paternal suiK-rvi- 

Mr. Codkin details at length the 
nature of these experiments, which .so 
far .seem to have been successful, and 
he looks for still further Interesting and 
valuable developments, fostered by the 
general prosperity of th-- cotiiinunity 
anil the wonderful resources of the 

A Chicago policy player died the other 
day; his funeral was a swell affair, at- 
tended by many well-known people. The 


Absolutely Pure 


I'.oral contributions were pPofuse. and 
among them was a broken wheel from a 
colored friend, the inscription on which 
uus. in .sweet-scented letters, "4-11-44." 

A druggist In Bangor, Me., invited a 
party of his friends to a quiet little 
celebration over the filling of his 100,- 
000th prescription. It is njt stated how- 
many of those who swallowed the pre- 
scriptions lived to attend the celebra- 
tion, but only that the party was small. 

Congressman Johnson of Indiana an- 
nounces that he will retire; that there 
is m money in l)eing a congressman. 
He might properly ajnend this by saying 
that there is no money In being a con- 
gressman unless you are willing to do 
business with the lobbyists. 

An exchange expresses the opinion 
that for downright meanness the Ohio 
IT. an who fed his chickens nitro glycer- 
ine and thus wrecked the co:>k stove of 
a colored divine who had a red-hot mid- 
winter revival on his hands breaks all 


<'hi(ago U.iuni: --Did yoii cure yoiir 
hnslMnd of swearing by swearing when- 
.vi r be did?" 

•Ves, but 1 mined my ji.irnit. 

Somerville Journal: Show a man a bot- 
tle of ■•extra dry" and h.' generally look.-t 
as though he fel: tbat way himseli. 

I'lick: Mr.s. I!r..wn-lt's a sham- the 
way the <arly s.i tiers killed off the ia- 

Mr. Hrown— Th. y couldn't gel close 
eiough. my dear, to chloroform ihrm. 

Cincinnati Enquirer: Reed— Working at 
aiivihlng these days'.' 

Wright— I have started a novel, to be 
c.ille<l "One Woman's Love." 

"That sounds promising." 

"It will be a peach. It has one heroine 
and five consecutive heroes. " 

Chicago Tribune: "sprockotts— What kind 
of machine are you .going to ri.le this 

Steen:erwon— To blazes with your ma- 
chines! I'm workiu;! on th-- second volume 
of mv book "Til. Coldluig's Nemesis, or—" 

Sprockett.s— 1 .st . . Vou are going to ride 
your hobby. 

Detroit Free Pnss: ■'How is it that your 
friend. Miss sheds no tears?" he 
iisked at the thater. where the pathetic 
portion of the play causetl even the 
hartleiied roumbis to weep. 

•Sh-h-h: " answ led his fair companion; 
"she paints." 

lndia:iapolis Journal: "t undeistand that 
whiskv. comts pr tiy high in the Klon- 
ilike." said the sociable old gentl.-man 
with the red nose. 

"Looks like it reaches the top ot the .iiound this town," said th- har- 
tender. and the old gentleman walked out 
full of wrath. 

Truth: Mamma (excitedly)— Never mind. 
Harold; God will punish 'I'oinniy ijor 
striking you 

I Ian. Id's br«ither— He has puni.'^iied 
Tnnini> alread.w mamma. 

Mamma — How <lo \ciu know".' 

Harolds broil). i-l'ause 1 just ;low 
bu!-ted his drum lor h!m. 


Ilalimiore .\m.ri. an. This crime euiiti.i; 
1 ill 111 ilo Siiutti r.iioliiia a vast amouni 
III haiin. It will lie lomin.'nled upon lai 

:Old wide, and Will leave the inipl'SSl. .11 

ihat in some |»aris of that stiite huina 1 
llle is not S.lle. It will relKler capital 
ilinlil. r.ii- theie can be no proieciioii tu 
piiip.fiv wli. IT is no proti-elion ii 
III'.-. To ping- heiseir. as as she can. 
>,; lur (lisliiiiior. Siinth Carolina should 
si-e that those eowarilly a.ssassins ar. 
brought to iiisti.-e ami punished as ninr- 
(.'.•rers of the lowest and most 
I \ pi . ^ , 

I'liiladelphla North American: Baker 
v.a.s guilty of a skin of the gloomy hue 
of the souls of bis murderers. He was 
not :■ eriininal. He was only postmaster. 
To be a posttuiister is no offense it only 
tlij shin is while. Hui when the postmas- 
ter has u black skin then to be a post- 
nn-.sltr is to give mortal offense, i'.aker 
could not rent a place in Lake City lor a 
pi'Stoflice, and had ti> take it to his 
own in the suburbs. That could 
have 1)1 ell home had his skin been ot the 
:iirbt color, but it was not. and so a 
(enipaa\ of the ve.y creme <le la creuie 
of l«ike'City society assemble<l at dead ol 
nikln. basted the Baker mansion with 
k ro:<ene and set It on lire. Haker. his 
wile and three ehildreii w.-re asleep in 
tl e In.iis > The company stioutfd anil 
.awoke the inmates and the inmates ii. at - 
ti-r.!| t'lig to eseup.- Wife met hy a shower 
of Imllets. which killed I'.aker anil a < hild 
ill till arm.s of the mother. Mrs. linker 
and two i.ldi r < hildreii wer<> resiiied. 
The fathei- and dea<l < hihl were cremate.l 
in the. burning house. 

I'.oston 'IVan.-^cripI : Th ■ murder ol the 
iie.irro posim.ister at Lake <"iiy, S. <'■. 
ind his f.iinil.N. by a mob of "proud Cau- 
cas'aiis," who were imlignanl at huMim 
to receive till ir m;iil from a eolond man. 
is an atroeitv whose chara< ter is ex- 
pressed l>y the mere statement. It i.-^ 
the most brutal expression of <-olor- 
phobia of which a long degrailed e<un- 
miinity Is capable. As the best citizens 
of the South never do anything more 
than ••deplore" Slteb outrages, we sup- 
pose i: is vain to hope th.ii any of the 
iniin'eiers will bi- broiiKbt to punishment. 

Indiaa.ipolis Journal: The murder of ;he 
(iiiored postmaster, liak. r. and his In- 
fant child at Lake City. S. C.. was not 
only a most horrible crime but entirely 
unprovoked. L differs from ordinary 
lynchlngs in that the man had not and 
was :iot even charged with having com- 
mitted anv crime. He was :i negro, and 
therefort off. nsive to the while people of 
the town as iiostmaster— that was all. 
nl'fortuiiately, the national government 
cannot reach and punish the peri>etiators 
of such crimes. It could discontinue the 
postolhce at the town, but that would he 
a.s much of a puiiishnitiit for many in- 
nocent persons as for the murderers. 

Minneapolis Times: Postmaster Maker's 
offe:ise was that he was a negro. The 
best testimony obtainalile is Iha: he was 
a man of considerable oducotlan. of good 
character and In every way litt d for th.' 
t)l:ice. The town in which he was post- 
master is inhabi;*sl mostl.v by negroes. 
Hut the l.ish-toned whites who leceixe 
some mail at the postollice could not 
liiar the "degradation" of a colored 
po..;tmasier. Sena. or Tillman has lieen es- 
1 eciallv active in presenting protests to 
the department, representing that the citi- 
zens of Lake City were "'a proud people 
;ind would not r. ceive their mail from a 
nigger. ' They do not sei m to have been 
too proud to commit muriU'r. 

The Rush to' the Klondike 


A Huiicired Tliou.sand Pro;,pcctors this Year — Is there Room 

'J^ln;,,, } How to C(j, What to Take, and tlic Mining 

Mciliods, with thirty illustration. . 
By .S. S. Bush, I'rcsidein ofthi: Railroad Building ov^r Chilkoot Pass 

The MARCH REVIEW OF REVIEWS contains .several other 
notable articles : " The Prevention of Lynching "; ihc " Zola 
Dreyfus Affair"; with Zola, Nordau, and Drumonl ; 
"The Blowing-up of the Maine," the Dc Lome incident, and tlic 
present situation <;f Spain and Ihe United States; "Silver in the 
Next CampaiKn '; " Election Schools in St. Louis"; and about htty 
other subjects ot i'niuediate imercsc. 

No American Should Miss This Number 
For Sale on all New,-,-stand>, 25 Cents, or address 
S The Review of Reviews Co., i 3 Astor Place, New York 


Appointment Which Will Be Popular 
With the Army- 

Whi-n the pi"Sident selected Col. 
Henry C. Corbin to be the head of the 
adjutant generals department, to suc- 
ceed Gen. Samuel Breek, retired by age, 
he made an excellent choice. Gen. Cor- 
bin was the senior colonel in the adju- 
tant g^cneral's cori>s. He was born in 
Hatavla, Ohio, Sept. 15, 1842, and 
entered the .service as second lieuten- 
ant. Eighty-third Ohio infantry, July 2^, 
lSt52. He was transferred to the 
Sev-enty-ninth Ohio infantry Aug. 20, 
1S62. Was engaged with the rebel forces 
under Forrest at the action at Pulaski, 
Tenn and v.romoled major Fourteenth 
Colored infantry Nov. 14, 1S6:;. Was en- 
gaged in ilv siege of Deoatui' and bat- 
tle of Xash\-ille. and promoted colonel 
of the Fourth Colored infantry SepL 
■K] iser.. Gen. Corbin received the bre- 


milii.irv taeiics. Ini: inusi nl in in .m 1.1- 
iniliar with arms and int.-lligeat enough 
to use ilii-m iiroperl.v ■ wilhoiit much 
ilrillin^. In Ihl.'-: eoniiei linn .1 is well ti 
remember that of the large numb. f oi 
foreigners imiuded in the report b.\ far 
thi greater part ie<-f.ived a thorouf<b 
milit.try drill at hmne hefore eoniiiK ;<► 
this eountiv. and ar.'. in ri dity. ti;iin<''l 
soldiers. Shonl.l th y tak. up arin^ in 
lief iisi- of th'-.r ailoitti-d Country i>\-y 
w.uild of tliemsi Ivis b- ;i. formbiabl.; 
tighti.ig force. 


Somerville Journal: No man who gets 
a dollar bill ever thinks or cares a rap 
who h;is bad It before it came to liim. 

'Tain't the thing to holler. 

Raisin' a distress 
When a situation 

Calls fur thoughtfulness. 
It's a waste n' power. 

An' it doesn t seem jes' right 
Isin" up yer valor 

When there isn't any fight. 

People as Is patient— 

Them's the 'nes as acts 
When they've >\fif\\ matters 

To the botli m facts. 
Dogs that doe much barkin' 

Ala't counteo on to bite — 
I'sin' up their valor 

When there isn t any tight. 

— Wa.shington 

The Old Kifl<!. 

Thar may .lot be a war at all— 

1\ r all the talk they m.ik. us; 
But that ol' rilli- on the wall 

Seins loiigin' fer a fracas: 
It ain't like these new-fansled on''-.'?— 

Ain't got no cartridge in it. 
But its a match fer all their guns, 

An' shoots a mile a minute! 

Thtv sav 'twuz made in them ol' day.« 

When "liullets thick wnz rainin'. 
An' hi'lped old Kr.M ilom's way uv bl.ize 

In Washin'ti.ns eampaignin': 
It fought ter sd the couiury frei.'— 

Betit btiek the British jM-oid.-. 
An' heard the bells o' Liberty 

Ring out from ever' sieepie. 

It's got the ul' time ilint an' stock— 

Its out o' date a trille; 
But not a gun they've got kin knock 

The shii.e i.i-iim that ol' riflel 
It's iloue yood work a-s they k.n d.»— 

'1 hesf ones o' late invendon; 
I.aul redioats out. an' others 

Blame numerous ter mention! 

Its" had its day from east to, 

f:ut— you jest sight it steady. 
It still kin tin' a .^ycun el's nest. 

An" sing out sharp. "I'm re;iily: ' 
It's s« ' II the set o' man.v suns— 

A in I s^ot no cartridg.- in it. 
iiBt it ki.i shine with all th.- guns. 

An' shoot a mile a minute: 

— Ailaata Constitution. 


Senator Sherman has been heard 
from. It is said he is about to resign 
because he does not agree with the ad- 
.rr.lnistration's passive policy. This may 
be the reason that he has been letting 
Day run the state department. 

The Aitkin Age has begun its six- 
teenth year ami Publisher Warner feels 
much gratined by the prospect for an- 
other prosperous twelve months. 

The Kansas City Star suggests that 
now Is the time for the patriotic people 
of Chicago to pull down that frightful 
statue of Christopher Columbus. 

>\ i.y'.' 
'Tls not because your eyes are blue 

1 love you so. 
For thev are big, lud deep, and brown. 
"As well you know. 

"Tls not because yon are so fair 

I can't forget 
Your face, no matter where I go— 

You are brunette 

'Tis not vour graceful sylphlike form 

That with a thump 
My heart s»ts beating. Not at all, 

For you ate plump. 

"Tls not vour tall <.>mmanding form 

That 1 a.lmire: 
Your head just r.-aches to my heart. 

And comes no higher. 

"Tls not. in shor'.. b cause of charms 

That others have; 
'Tis just because you are yourself. 

That I'm your slave. 

—Somerville Journal. 

The Kentucky legislature has ordered 
the purchase of school books of the 
lowest bidder, but it would never think 
of buying its whisky that way. 

The Cincinnati Enquirer thinks that 
some of the •■conaervatives" may be 
eating fire as voraciously in a few days 
as Senator Mason has already. 

The hatpin will have to be added to 
the list of deadly weapons. Another 
man has fallen a victim to one wielded 
by a woman. 

Dr. Mary Walker says she wears 
trousers because this is a free country, 
so that Liberty ha.s its drawbacks. 

The Next la'gl»*l"t«ire. 

Aitkin Age (Rep. 1: Th ■ danger is that 
too many Repuidieaiis may "rest in con- 
tent" while the Uemocra:s and Populists 
(apture the next legislature. The solidly 
K.publlcan districts of Southern Minne- 
sota lost repres.^nta;ion by the reappor- 
tii.iim. nt of a year ago while the strong 
Populist districts of tli- Red Riv r val- 
lev and manv donhtful distric:s gained 
re"presentatio:r. St. I'aul and Minneapob.s 
ar. likelv to send more D^-mocrats than 
Republicans to the next legislature; it is 
a: least certain that the Democi;ats w II 
make large gains on the legislative tick- 
ets in these cities. Uuluih is good light- 
ing gr.iund. There is no reason why we 
should lull ourselves to sleep in tanen-d 
securitv or close our eyes to the fart 
that we will hav.. to light for control ot 
the next legislature. 

Mr. Hanna says there will be no war 
v.ith Spain. In view of recent reports 
he will have to "guess again." 

They are taking up a collection in 
Minneapolis ti keep the schools open. 

March came in like a lion. 

They are telling a goo<l story about a 
eoD^essman who started out to hunt 

As to Lund Values. 
Bralnerd Journal: The St. Paul Pioneer of recent date .says that the value 
rt gfdd hJ.H not Increased, but that the 
low. r prices are due to cheaper methods 
of maiiifacture. AVill the Pioneer Press 
Plrase Inform us who has at the presen. 
time the cheapest method of manufactur- 
ing land. We want to engage the fellow to 
make .1 good piece of land not b^ss tnan 
1ii'» acres In size. W'e have been un<ler the 
Impression that the shrinkage in real es- 
tate values wa.s due to the closing of the 
mints to the coinage of silver, but we 
learn from the Pioneer Press ;hat .t is 
due to cheap<'r methods of manufacture. 

t^Hraped E:»»ily. 

Brainerd IHspatch: The two Itas-a 
countv commissioners who were Indic .tl 
recentlv guilty to auditing lalse 
ac<H)unts, and paid a fine of $1W and im- 
mediately resigned their office. They v/ere 
lucky to get off so asy. 

llaH .-Many Krbndi*. 
Kngus Falls Journal: Hon. Leon E. 
Lui'i. who was located at Brain-rii at 
one time, but who now lives at Duluth. 
iH a cindidate for the Republican nombia- 
tioii fot the supreme bench. Mr. Lum was 
once a m.mber of the Minn.'sola bgis- 
liiture, and has many friends who would 
like to sec him on the bench. 

Waited Too Long. 

"Jerry J" in Minneapolis Journal: It 
Ifoks as If Collins had sinneil away his 
day of grace-had waited too long. The 
campaign has develoncd more rapidly 
than usual mor^ rapidly than he thought 
would be the .-as.. Two nionths ago he 
had a sirimg following in Hennepm coun- 
tv, the anti-Kustis Republicans-, 
men who will have a good *!'':',/<> ■"''> 
as to what Hennepin lounty will do in 
the stale convention. When these men saw 
him ne talked to them as he lalke.l to 
the Pioneer Press rec«';Uly. and \.t\< ^ 
made ay) their minds he wasn t coming' 
into the race. Tiiey turned around atui 
tltd ui> to Van Sant. At one time oil ns 
.-oul.l have made a splendid tight in this 
countv: today he tan't carry a si:i.-;l.- 
on.- oir its precincts. And what is tiue ot 
IKnnepin Is no douht tru.- ot oth.r parts 
of the state. The men who wer.' ready to 
be for Collins two months ag.> have mau 
other arrangements. This, m part.^ is 
vbat is the matter in Crow \\ m.g I ass. 
M.>rrison and Aitkin coun.ties. C'.>lbus 
has waited t(xj long. 

Has the Oijalifiration*. 

Anoka Herald: L.on K. Lum. of Du- 
luth is a candidate for the supreme b.acn. 
and his friends say he has a good show 
to wia out. but we think it is a li:tl .-o 
earlv vet to make positive predictions on 
lb- stucess of anv Sixth district man ex- 
(ept Bob Dunn. But if Mr. Lum is net 
su.-ccssful it will not be because ot au- 
la. -k of qualification on his part. le_ is 
a srccessfnl l.iwver and a profound _-.a- 
deni possesss a judicial mind and is 
s. rui-a'ouslv honesi-ln fact he |,ossesses 
all the .lualtticatlons required of a supreme 

I\ansas City Star; Something new has 
appeared In the house of commons in the 
shai-e of a local government bill for Ire- 
land, introduced by what w.- would e ill 
ii the Inited States the idministration. 
v/hich. nevertheless, is admitted by all 
l)arties to be a good measure, or at le ist 
I'OSisssing good features. 

Boston Globe: The bes: thing about the 
measure and its rcci-plion is that it lugic- 
:dlv points the way to the adoption of 
greater victories for li-elaiid in the nt-ar 
rutur>.-. Those who have Mr. 
Balfour's bill because it was hoped to 
t heck the ihnand for home ru'.e are likely 
1.1 com-.- speedily to a realizing sense of 
tii.'ir error. 

Boston Transcript: The measure is a de- 
cided step in advance. It concedes at 
least to a limited extent the right of Irish 
I itize;is to a voice in the management of 
their local affairs, and it al)br. viates still 
further the power of the territorial mag- 
r.ates. It is a lame and halting conces- 
sion of justiie. tiut it will tlo for a first 

Ck-velainl Plain DeaKr: It has been the 
fate of Lil>eral governments in Kngland to 
introduce great reform mea.sures for 
which the country was not yet ready, to 
1 e overthrown because those i>ropositii.ns 
v/ere regarded as levolutionary, and then 
to seie their antaerotiists coolly take up the 
dffeated measures, put a conservative 
stamp on th.>m. ))ersuade the country 
they are mirelv reformaiory and not rev- 
< luiionarv and" then receive all th~ credit. 
I^israeli "taught the Con.servatives that 
trick and his successors have not forgot 
tne lesson. . 

Buffalo Express: It is not home rule in 
tlie broad, national se:ise. But it is local 
•^elf-goVernment umler the fiU'm of county 
I oiincils and iioarus of gnanlians. sui h a« 
..iiiains in Kiierland aiid Scotland. More of 
th • details of their administration are to 
be left to the Irish people. Power has 
l>een taken from Duldin and Westminster 
cistle. As John Dillon ixiinted out. the 
plan does not give Ireland as aul..n. a.s the districts of the sister isle 
ealov, but this is compeii.sated for by a 
nr'.eit from the imperial treasury for the 
M lief of land owners and tenants. 

Wa.shingfon Post: It seems that Ihey 
•ire at the end of all active animosity, 
and all iiarlijs to the iirolonged strife 
a-e in agreement to give the new measure 
an barest trial. If It succeeds it will make 
another home rule catest luin.^e. s.-ary ; 
if it fails it will pr.ive the lolly of home 
rule In this light all regard the light as 
ended. The Irish parliamentnry party says 
•be hill is an immense advance over that 
(.f Mt2 and fultills th.- jiromise of the gov- 
ernment. The Pirn.llites welcome it. th ■ 
('01 s.rvativps a.linit its necessity and the 
Irish Nationalists praise it. 

Philadelphia R.cord: The new mea-^ur'' 
.. t-s not go to the length of providing a 
s.i.iratL jiarliament for inland, and juris- 
diction over crimes an 1 the p.,la-e retirnn 
vilh the t-astle tioveinment iit Dulilin- 
The pressure of business in parlianT nt. 
however, will eventually comi)el a division 
of legislative power btawe.n the Imperial 
parliament at London and local assem- 
lilies in each of th, tht-ee kingdoms. In 
liiKC K!-.<rbshm.n will perceive ;hat home 
rule dofs iml imply si ii.iration. and that 
a federal union of continled states is lar 
stronger than a forced consolidation ot 
a;itagonis;ic nationalities. 

New York Sun: The general effect of th.^ 
measure will Ik- to transfer th.- control of 
local art'airs throughout the greater i>;irt 
of from the I'nionists to the .Na- 
tionalists. The rneniliers of the grand jur\ 
.are, with .-xtremely few- >x(vptions 
rnionists and landlords. Th.- mentbars of 
the county and rural district councils 
'.cept in a part of rister. will l>e almost 
i.iiversallv I'nionists and tenants. Having 
thus moreover, aciiuired th- pow.-r of 
K.ivernlng themsdves in th. ir respect. v- 
I, .-i;.ti..s !-,:.-bme:i will be all the more 
certiiin. as Mr. Dillon pointe.l out on Mon. 
lav. to dcman.l ti.-,t the ''^V'V'.nh 'iV " 
cn.wn.'d with a l-gisl.iture at Dul-bn. 


vet of brigadier g-.^neral for faithful anu 
meritorious services: that of brevet 
major. V . S. A., for gallant and meri- 
torious services at Decatur, Ala.: brevet 
colonel, I'. S. A., for the same s-ervices 
at the battle of Nashville. Tenn. For 
many years after the war (4en. Corbin 
served on th.- frontier all over tlx- West 
as lieutenant in the Seventeenth regular 
Infantry, captain Thirty-eighth infan- 
try, and was transferred as to 
the adjutant general's department in 
ISSO, since which time he has held many 
important positions all over the coun- 
try, having been in charge of the inau- 
guration ceremonies of President Gar- 
field. Gtn Corbin was promoted lieuten- 
ant colonel in his corps in 1S8T. colonel 
in 18%, and now being the senior colonel 
the jiresident has honored him by ap- 
pointing hini head of his dei>artmeni. 
The new brigadier general will have a 
number of years to serve before reach- 
ing the retiring age. which will be in 
September, 1906. G-cW. Corbin was with 
President Garfield when he was shot. 
and at his bedside when he died at E1-- 
beron He is a memb-n- of the Loyal 
Legion, Grand Army and Sons of the 
ReV(dutio;i .societies. 

Sam I'uz/le«l. 
Roseau County Tinies: ll is said that 
Sam l-'ullertoi. heard that som.- one wri.te 
a letter from Alaska that th-y b id been 
-rating meat, and Sam has heen 
Irvine 10 lind out what part of the «iatc 
ot" Minnesota Alaska is in. 


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genuine has L. b. Q. on eacfi tablet. 


When you want The Evening Herald 
wants, brin.g what you want. 

When yau want The Evening Herald 
wants, bring what you want. 

Tawiu>y or ^ an Sant'.' 
Re.l Wing Rppul>llcan: \yhatever 
strength or weakness there may be In the 
s;eelio"al arguineat. as applie<I to stale 
ncditics. it 1" absurd to suppose that a 
.single county of the state. Winona, and 
th.-it a i-ounty giving usually a Demo- 
cratic majoritv. should be allow.-d to 
nnme the governor, and a.ssociatv justi.-.- 
of the suiireme court, the repre.seiuaitv.- 
in congress of t!.:ii d'Strat, or the incum- 
b.-nt of any other ofliie to whi.-b Me. 
T.wnev. In view of his ability and s.-rv- 
ic s. nilght well aspire. It h.- Tav- 
ney or an Sant. It caunot be both. 


rimple.s. blotehos, blackheads, red. rouch, 
oily, niotliy skin, itchiu,^', sea y s.-alp. <lry. 
thin, and falling hair, and baby blemishes 
prev'e.ited by CuT.c.'K.V SoA.'. f'-^ " ost 
eCfeclive skin purifying and b.'aidif.\ing 
soap in the world, as well as purest and 
sweetest for toilet, bath, amd uursery. ■; 


R,.,r i« iM uehoiii th« worM. Toitik Dblh *m> 
Chem Cmii-.. S..!.- r'.>p».. Bonlun. f. S. A. 
C ,■ ll.iw i.> Pr.-vciii Fae.' Humors, ■ niiuled tri-c. 

■•tirnV UIIUnB From I'lmpliMi (o R.-rofiiln cured 

EVcRT HUMUK bj ci..ici«* k-«w»»-. 


Chicago ; Tlie general beli.'f 
seems t") i)e that th- Maine was not 1 - 
stnAcl by an .xplosbm of in.side or.g n. 
In that case Spain is r.sp.msible for its- 
n-onev valu.-. whether the loss occuir-o 
hv the explosion of submarine mine.; 
liianted for harbor protecti.jn or of a ;'"- 
pedo launched at the ve.ssel l'> /»''';'> '^'^ 
enemv under the jurisdiction of Spain. 

New York Worl.l: The theory is n -- 
fectlv simple. nation iS supposed 
t., contnil all the iKople within Us '<oi- 
ders II is r.-si)onsil)le to civilization 101 
order within its dominion. No nthei 
p.iwer can ex.rcise police amh.^rity .h-r. 
and when the citizens or suVi.iects .if otaer 
pov ors are wn.nge.l there i.s a W'^ll-'-;'/': 
liunized principle ot responsibdt> o. the 
part of the power which alon.- has .ui- 
tiiV.iitv to reoress .lisorder. Any other 
rule would mean chaos eome ag-um 

St. Paul Pioneir Press: Robert T. Lin- 
coln would appear to be ''ather off h.s 
base in his vi-ws of in eniational l-»^^ ■'; 
•u<nlie.l to the destru.-tion of th.- Ma.n<. 
!■' mav possibly be true that if that dis- 
ast'r ' was entirely the work ot some 
private fanatic Spain would not .he bur- 
lu-ned with any legal ''•■'^l^';"r;''>l''*/-,;'.V; 
if thre was a mine under the sh.p. 

pla.-.d th.-re by the '^'''■' r"'",^""ii„ ';;=T, 

hough explod.-d by some l)rivate Spanis 

fanitic. It is not easy to see how th.' 

Spanish governmtnt could escape legal 

•■^N'ew'Yilrk'- Commercial: International 
law is merely th.- cod;ficati.-.n ^^ ^'t''^^''- 
tional pra.-tice and Prcyedent. an.l hist.. > 
is full of cases wher.' indemnity has le. n 
.Oairn.d and .erant.d in such cases. 1 he 
m-in. iple is that a nation is bound to 
Lrant the citizens and subjcc;s .if a foi- 
. ign P.iwer in its jurisdiction the same 
or.)tection from prvate violn.-e it s cures 
,s own. Failing this duty it must indem- 
nify the Injured power. Th. I "' ;''\,f' ' » V^^' 
like most other nations, has both paid 
mid re -e ved damages In slmihir insiances^^ 

S prinmi.l.l R-;^i.nblican: The ^v.w ol 
li.lert l.ine.dn. that Spain cannot be held 
ai .■onntable for the Maine disaster, even 
if it «hall he proven to hav.- been caiisea 
bv a" mine In' the Havana bar! j.^', unless 
resp.msibility be traced <1'.Vi'' ''',., u.i,. 
giiveriiment. is one that will ^''/tc. >' '' 
taken by the ailministratiou. It vU be 
no defense f.>r Spain to say .hat an u- 
n'splnlsible tir,d the mine. The Ma.n.^ was 
In an ostensibly lrle;idly 't 't l.i> 
„,Hh..r.-.l ov.-r .leadly mines controlled l.,v 
the Spanish government, it was Spain s 

iislre.-^s to see that It was pro;.-cte, , .lUst 
as the harbor nolle- of New -^ ork ar. 
;,ow r.rotecting the Vis<aya. If there was 
n. clicence if was .-riminal n.-gllge .ce, 
and Spain must and will hf h.-ld rcspon- 

"■'N'rw York Sun: But when -t <;oTnes 
,iih.r to a harb.u- mine planted bv de 
g.Aernment .ir t.> a torpedo ^^U'^h as on x 
p.-vernments employ, the use of sueb ap- 
pliances to blow up the Mam.- Iv-om.s a 
liffi-rent matter. In that cas.- n.. mei e dls- 
av.iwal of .ontpli.ity by ?P»i'J-/','^'\'\« 'V, 
c.ivrse would be made, w.uild b,> IK. 1\ 
to reli.N.- it friim any .lemand which .>ur 
irovernment mifiht make for indemnity. 
Kven if all the details renin ined a mys- 
t -rv the selzur,- and suec.-ssful use of 
nppliances of which Spain alone shoiild 
h'tv.> had (-oiitr.)l. in a barlior s.ilely iin ier 
it-! ir.risdicli.m. would In- regani.-.l by 
oiir "government as contributory n.>i;li- 
".nce to sav the least, like that for which 
we held Chill responsible. 

the richest gold I'leids in the wor!d,lie 

in Canadian Territory; thes richest farm- 
ing lands in the wrorl-J are in the Canadi-n 
west. A farm of i6oacr£S free to heads 
of families and to any man ovcr 18 
years of age. 

OdO^ CtOpSei lailroad faciliti-es, 
excellent climate. Schools, churches, 
fuel in abundance a-.d c.-e-ything to 
make life happy and comfortable. 

Fer illustrated pamrhlets,n-.ars and 
low r-^ilroad rates tj bona fide settlers 
anply to the Di.-partment o. tlie 
Intcior, Ottawa, Canada, or to 


15'1 "cast Third St., 

St. Paul, 



Tuesday w.;,?e!a MARCH I and 2 


DEL COHTE ITflLiflH ,,7sts 

Tuesday, Mar. l...."La Boheme" 
Wednesday, Mar. 2, ' 

'Cavalliera Rusticana" anti "I'Pagliacci." 


Every Might This Week, Commenc- 
ing Monday, Saturday Matinee. 






Popular piices — loe and 20c. no hij^fher. 

If AVp Must, Wc Cum. 

Philadelphia l-*-d'r-r: "We don't 


if we 
Yoi it. 

to titiht.' liut the ligures of Ad.1l 
Lineks r.^port show that we can 
must. In the live states of -Vew 
New Jei'sev Fennsvlvanla. Maryland and 
Delaware, "forming a very small s.;c'ioii 
of the i'nlon. he a total of 2.-'.<.>..4. 
nan available for military duty, t om- 
paratively few of these are traltied In 




The Famous Chautauquan, 

MHJLi 1 



Tickets. 50c. Seats at Cfiamberlaln & Taylor's 
Saturday. Felv >i\atga. in. 


THE l>ULUTn EVEXINO nERALt": TrESF)A\-. M \RCH i. ls9S. 



Warehouse Men of Duluth 

and Superior Will Join 

National Association. 


Kdilroad Companies Doing 

Great Injury to Private 

Warehouse Men. 


1 t>f llu' 

'•hausCTiiti! "i" l>u- 
Thf liusiru'ss nf 

; ^■^ ill ii ()■!< iiT t ht' 

1 1 i^ iLuiiittL i<.> the fuvl 
i.Ki>!« ,uv iloitiff U free. 

ih.u ilic I'aili- 
The objet-t ot 

\\ iffliousfmen's assoi-iation whuh 

■riranized in all states of Uw 

lake steps to seiure neoes- 

iiii'ii the protection of its 

I'he claim is made that when 

iipany transacts a vvarc- 

- it is excee.lingr the au- 

-nven it by its charter. 

• laimed by Duluth wart house- 

ri4. a that their busint-ss has b«en prai - 

til ally ruined by the railroad i-ompanies. 

Tlie-y charge that consisnmcnts of 

f '•► tirht are aceeptetl l»y the railroads 

iiii.>n that they be permitted ti» 

I . ill thf railroad warehouses in 

I'Uluth until shippers can dispose of 

them to their patrons. In other words. 

ttii railriad companies aswist outsiib: 

.;ntMi~-i n mt-n to enter this fieM and 

ith loeal dealers, uho must 

(\>« and rent. This policy 

'ompanies. it is claimetl. 

,,.. - .. ;~.Urs an unfair advanta.£:e 

that is rf-sultins disa.^trously not only 

lo the warehousemen but to resident 

f immission men and lucal merchants. 

It I> ■■' 


\ that it is re.«ponsible for so 
lie warehouses remain! ni? 

. : >:Td u arihousts. it is assert- 
i iM..' l-c.ii built expressly to handle 
ti'-ss that was formerly done by 
'ndi\iduals. This condition ex- 
only in Duluth. but in all parts 
■untry, and consrress and the in- 
i.rstiiU" commerce commissi m have 
'•'>'n apr'"aU'd to for relief. Good re- 

t - 


-lid 111 have been obtained in 

■ Miiiif.s. and there is reason to 

that the railroads will make 

com essions in Diduth and t^u- 


Eastern Minnesota tar Shops at 
Superior Completed. 

Th 1! repairing shops whi. h the 
ivisr in Minnesota railway has btcn 
!■ • tiuK at Superior are nearly ready 
for business. F'ires w-ie started in 
the Ixdler furnaces yest rday and as 
- n as the balance of the machinery 
•iriVc-s the work of nverhaulintr cars 
w ill itegin at once. The building is -'.O'* 
bj HMj feet and will be used for repair- 
ins and nmstruction of railway ai)- 
paratus. Th- structure cost in the 
T ;;hlM)rhMud of $50,000, and is erected 
I i-t north uf the nev. roundhouse r»t 
the Western e.xtrem,ily of the railroa:! 
bridRe spanning the trucks at the fool 
of Belknap street. 

Work on th • roundhouse la *!omplet- 
« d. The big Iniilding is ;:o» feet in 
diam ter and swing lias a diameter 
of rifi f-et. The outside wall i« is fe-t 
in height and the roof is .of tar felt and 
jjravel. Th- huge turn tables are op^r- 
fited by electricity. A force of ::00 men 
was steadily employed on the con- 
struction ami the estimated cos: of the 
structure is $30,000. 

The erection of the big war-house of 
the Eastern road at Superior is also 
progr -ssing rapidly. The old merchan- 
dise sheds hav.' been entirely removed. 
Th dimensions of the building are very 
large. From the north end of the 
westerly elevator to tht dock line, a 
distance of l.">0 feet, marks the length 
.,f >h.. structure, and the width is to 
■'i distance hpf-^tofore covered 
..> .....ii th: other sheds--124 feet. 

For the more expeditious handling 
of freight the company \vill run a track 
into the second story i)f the building 
and thi;^ with the two t "acks to run at 
the side f.f the buildinpr. will gr atly 
facilitate the unloading "f merchandise 
In any part of the building. When 
completed the new warehouse will be 
<me of the largest m rchar.-dise deposit- 
<.ri'-s in the Northwest. 

Wat< h for what? The correct styles 
in bats— the Gordon. Out March 1. 

Johflson Nickel Company. 

The last issue of the Cook County 
Herald, publi.shed at Grand Marais, 
says: "Register Carhart informs us 
that he received this week for record 
eleven deeds of lands purcha.sed by the 
Johnson Nickel Mining company. About 
1400 acres are conveyed by these instru- 
ments. This is additional evidence that 
the company means business and will 
pu.* operations next sea.son as state.l 
in these columns a few weeks ago. The 
company took ojdions on several thou- 
sand acrts of land last season on which 
they kept a crew of men at work all 
summer. Having hud the lands all 
thoroughly explored, they are now com- 
pleting the of the choicest of 
it." This confirms part of the article 
recently published l-y The Herald and 
which was denied by the .secretary of 
the John.son company. 

The Russell Mill Sold. 

The plant of itie Ku.'^smH &: .Miller Mill- 
ing company on Hughitt slip tit Super- 
ior was sohl yesterday by Special Ma.s- 
ter J. R. Hile, who was appointed by 
tne court to make the sale. The prop- 
erty went to the only bidder, George D. 
\'an Dyke, of Milwaukee. The price 
I id was $91.2:i4. .Mr. Van Dyke repre- 

' r> a group of Superior. Duluth, L.a 
< :.,;^.se and .Milwaukee men who have 
puiehased very nearly all of the bands 
against the mill and in the neighbor- 
hood of $L'uo,f)00 of the claim.«. The E. P. 
Allis company, of Milwaukee, is among 
the heaviest stockholders in the old 
company and will eontrol the new 


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it May Lead to Serious Results. 

Whiii pciipi,- j^ftwraliy undcisland 
that all such fatal diseases as lisiula, 
ulivr nf the rectum, fissure, etc., almost 
invariably lifgin in a simpb- case of 
piles, they will learn th • wisdom of 
taking prompt treattncnt for the first 
appearance of trouble in this ijuart -r. 
Th - Pyramid Pile Cuiv will certainly 
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Physicians are using the Pyramiil 
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ations and with uniform suecess. Th:- 
remeily i.s prepared by the Pyramid 
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This tiitn receives hundreds of testi- 
monial letters from cured patients and 
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Week we take pleasure in presenting 
the following: From M. .\. Wilsori, 
Peabody. Kas. : Your Pyramid Pile 
Cure received and I have r^'ceived more 
benefit frt»m two applications than 
from all other medicines I have ever 
trii'd. I have been troubled with piles 
for thirty years. They would coin- 
down every day and have to be worked 
back, but have not been down since 
the first application of the Pyramid. I 
am a convert to the merits of the Pyra- 
mid Pile Cure. 

F'rom C. D. F'dgerton. attorney-at- 
law, Northfield, Vt.: Send me two paek- 
ages of your Pyramid Pile Cure. My 
father, who has "had piles for forty 
years, says y^mr remedy is the best he 
has found and he has tried every thin jr. 
From W. II. Goodman. Greenvilb-. 
Texas: Gentlemen: I have had won- 
derful relief from the Pyramid Pib- 
Cure. I would not be without it. Froni 
Ira Shockey. Long. W. V.: The Pyra- 
mid Pile Cure has cured ine. I hav' 
bec^n waiting to see the rtsult before 
writing and I can honestly say I am 
well of the piles and feel under many 
olvligations to you. 

Fresh letters will appear from all 
parts of the United States, all testi- 
fying to the wonderfid effects which in- 
variably result where this splendid 
remedy is used. It is the cheapest, 
safest and most effectual pile remedy 
ever placed before the people, and if 
you are subject to piles in any form 
this remedy will remove them. 

It is on sale at all drug stores at .'.0 
cents. Each package also <-ontains a 
treatise on "The Cause and Cure of 
piles." which will interest and benefit 
anvone so aiflictfd. 

The perfection of hat makirig— the Gor- 
don — out March 1. 


Morley Church Members Take Leave 
of Rev. Mr. Newell. 

Morley Congregational church was 
crowded last night at the reception to 
Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Newell, who are 
about to leave the charge they have 
1 elped to i>uiid up t) take another in 
St. Paul. Ilev. Newell has been pastor 
of .Morley church for three years, and 
during that time he has made many 
friends both within and without his 
(hurch, who -will regret his dejiarlure. 
The church was prettily decorated. 
The seats had been removed, and in the 
o-nter of the hall was a large banciuet 
table formed like a Greek cross, while 
on either side were smaller tables. 
Flowers, potted plants and palms 
brightened the scene. At the close of 
the banquet short speeches were made 
by C: E. Lovett, T. J. Davis, Rev. B. H. 
Patrick. Rev. C. H. Patton and Rev. 
Kimball. All expressed great regret at 
the departure of Rev. and Mrs. Newell. 
They wished them success in their new 
fitld. Rev. Newell responded feelingly. 
At the close of the speeches Mr. M( - 
Mullen presented the following resolp- 
tion, w-hich was unanimously /.doj»ted: 

"Whereas, after more than three years 
of -wo^^k in this church. Rev. W. W. 
Newell, having received a call t^* the 
pastorate of a much larger, cnurch, has 
tendered his resignation as pastor, and 
this church, yielding its preference to 
the duty of sending an earnest '.vorker 
to a field of larger usefulness, has ac- 
cepte<l that resignation. 

'Resolved, that, appreciating the high 
Ciiristian character, earnest work and 
faithful attention to duty of its former 
pastor. Rev. ^V. W. Newell, we, the 
members of Morley Congregational 
church and congregation, send greeting 
to him as one that will long lie remem- 
bered pleasantly, whose place, both in 
pulpit and Sunday school, it will be dlffl- 
cult to fill, whose advancement and 
success We shall watch with affeetionale 
i'ympathy and interest, and whom we 
t oramend to the love and fellowship of 
;ill churches of the C jngregationalist 
denomination wherever situated." 

.Ouring the evening .several musical 
nuinlierse wer plea.santly rendered, in- 
cluding a vocal solo by Smallwood 
and a. violin solo by .Miss Bagley. 


Their State Convention Will Be Held 

in July. 

St. Paul. March 1.— The Prohibition- 
ists will convene in state convention in 
one of the Twin Cities on July 26 and 
27 for the purpose of nominating a state 
ticket. The basis of representation is 
ine delegate for each twenty votes cast 
tor W. J. Dean for governor in 1896. 
The oflficial announcement will appear 
in a lew days. 


Aid. Simpson and P. McDon- 
nell Had a Lively Time 
Last Night. 


The Contractor Failed to Get 
His Allowance -Carroll- 
Porter Matter. 

The council last evening found an- 
other reas >n for delaying payment of 
till much-talked-of balance of $4r>90.14 
on the Xevember estimate of the Car- 
toll-l'orter company, and turned Paddy 
MiDoiuiell's application for an /nprox- 
imale estimate on his reservoir stone 
contract over to the new council. The 
pay rolls were allowed and quite an 
:'.nioimt of routine business transacte<l. 

The waterworks committee reported 
a resolution allowing Mr. McDonnell an 
ij-timate in the amount asked by him, 
$;;^48.1."., on the written consent of the 
sureties on Mr. McDonnell's bond and 
a bill of sale of the stone being file<l. 
It was moved for passage by Alderman 
Kale, who called on City -\ttorney 
Richards to give his opinion as to 
whether it would so alter the c>>ntract 
a« to give Mr. McDonnell an advantage 
over the <ity in the future. The city 
allorney replied that it was an act of 
li niency and that there -were no objec- 
tions in point of law. 

.\lderman Simpsim expressed surprise 
;it the attemjit by the council at the last 
moment of its existence to change the 
cimtract that had iieen fought over so 
luiril. He mo\ed that tht- resolution be 
tabled, which motion was lost. 

-\lderman Crassweller then moved a 
.'tibstitute. providing that an estimate 
i 1 the sum of $12r>2..'0 be made. He 
gave it as his t>pinion that the council 
wduld probably make a mistake should 
t allow .Mr. McDir>nell anything at all. 
but it would be less of a mistake to 
fix the estimate at the figures named in 
hi- substitute than at the sum in the 
oiiginal resolution. Only one-third of 
the stone on which an estimate was 
asked wlas at the reservoir, he saiil, and 
il^e rotmcil could not certainly give an 
estimate on that at the quarry. He 
was •willing that stone should be alliweil 
fir as delivered. 

Alderman .Stevens expressed the opin- 
ion that it was not a question of amount 
but one whether or not the cimtrai t 
siiould be violated, and for that reason 
he should vote no. 

Alderman CrasBweller's amendment 
was adopte<I, Aldermen Hurg. />ang and 
Stevens voting in the negative. 

Alderman Simpson then moved that 
the resolution be referred to the city 
attorney, inasmuch as l)y the amend- 
ment the resolution was virtually a new- 
one. This wa.s lost. 

Alderman Crassweller moved that the 
resolution be referred back for one 
week. He thought the new council 
ought to be given a chance to pass on 
the question, inasmuch as the contract 
would be c-ompleted under its direction. 

Alderman Richardson said that if it 
was right to allow Mr. .McDonnell any- 
thing at all it was right to all<>w it now, 
and he called on Alderman Ci-assweller 
to state why in right and ju.-tice the 
estimate siiould not be allowed. 

Alderman Crassweller said there was 
no question of right or wrong abrmt it. 
The council had Mr. McD(mnelJ in a 
Contract that was ha'i f.-v him, and it 
was right and equitable that ihe coun- 
cil should hold him to it. 

The motion to postpone for one week 
was carried after s tme further general 

The regular weekly letter from the 
Carroll-Porter company in regard to the 
i>alance withheld on its November esti- 
mate wa.s received and read, /t wountl 
\\\> with the usual of trouble, 
this time in the shape of a fuggestive 
reference to cr»sts. .\ re.«olution from 
the waterworks committee for the al- 
k)wance of the loalance was introduced. 
Alderman Harker wanted to know if the 
city attorney had rendered an opinion 
<.n the matter. .Mderman Hale leplied 
that he had and that it was read before 
the council last week. Alderman Har- 
ker said that as he had notHjeen present 
he wanted it read again, and his request 
wa.'* complied with. Alderman Hale 
said that the pipes had been examined 
and found to be all right. Alderman 
Jefferson wanted to know if the c >m- 
uMttee had crawled clear through 
them. Alderman Hale rej.lying that it 
had not gone all the way. The en- 
gineer had examined them, he .said, and 
given his opinion that they would do 
the work. 

.\ happy thought then struck Aldei-- 


Is Practiced Unconsciously By People 
Day By Day. 

In order to continue a habit, some 
people will put up with more misery 
day by day than they would stand for 
any other cause. 

For instance a man may have daily 
tw inges of neuralgia or stomacii troubl- 
or weakn ss of the heart, (all having 
their origin in a disarranged nervous 
system) and be told many times that 
he could be rid of his misery by leav- 
ing off the drugs, tobacco and coffee 
that tause the trouble. But he stout- 
ly assorts that they don't hurt him and 
are not the cause of his trouble. "Why," 
one man said, "I left off coffee and to- 
bacco cmce for two weeks and I felt 
like a fighting cock, but I couldn't 
stand the powerful desire and had to 
take th- m up again." 

Such experiences show the real hyp- 
notic character of habit and th-se hab- 
its are, to an extent, breaking down 
the race. When a man shakes off th' 
hypnotism he clearly sees that bound- 
ing health and the ability to hold ui) 
one's head like a man, to do one's duty 
and have the ability to carry out busi- 
ness projects succ ssfully is worth 
more than all the habits on the face if 
the earth when coupled with daily 
aches and ails and an ever-increasing 
inability to make things go. 

Man's great object in life is happi- 
ng ss and to i>ortray as nearly as pos- 
sible the perfect man designed by the 

Narcotic habits, like coffee and to- 
bacco, break him down by as sure a 
law as that by w hich the sun rises each 
morning. It is easy to break th- spell 
of coffee if Postum Food Coffee is used, 
for when it is properly boiled it has the 
color and fiavor of Java coffee and yet 
contains nothing but the most power- 
ful food elements selected with especial 
reference to their ability to restore the 
delicate tissue in brain and nerve cen- 
ters. The trad- mark. "It mikes red 
blood," covers a profound truth. 



There may be more 
expensive soaps but 
none better than 
Wool Soap. For the 
bath it is pie.isaiit, 
soolhin;; and de- 
lighttuito the skin. 
There's only one 
soaj> tliat Won't 
shrint< woolens. 
w,snM,NE YoumiLstchoosebe. 
MAO tween no soap and 


man Jefferson. He asked \\\^^ ,.ity tn- 
lorney if it would pi> judice the city's 
interests to have the e.^tiinales vei-i(ied, 
to which the latter replied that it 
Would not. The alderman then moved 
that the matter be refei led back to the 
boaid of public works for verification 
of the estimates and the motion was 

Thv sj»e«'ial comndttee appointed to 
confer with the owners of property on 
Pine and Arthur avenues, between 
(Jai'fiehl avenue and the bridge approach 
with the viv w of agreeing on the 
amount of an assessment for the im- 
I>rovement t)f those avenues in the lo- 
cality named reported its failure to 
rea<h a settlement and reciimmended 
rea.ssessment according to law. The re- 
port w as referred. 

The board of public works .reported 
that an additional ajiprcqjriation was 
nee<led for the completion of the neces- 
.sar> repairs to the Mission creek canal, 
making a total of $600. It was referred. 

The board also submitted the final 
estimate, amounting to $.')7."i.84, to C. J. 
Fredi-ickson for boiler settings, crane 
iind check valve, and an estimate to H. 
X. .McHarg. amounting to $127. r.O. for the 
boiler breeching and air \'alve for the 
engines, at Lakev^ood. Both were re 

The pay rolls were passed and thi 
following r 'solittion atiopted: .\llowing 
per diem of $2.". each to the three com- 
missioners in condeir-iiaiion for the 
.Swan lake road cut-ofi': allowinjf claims 
of C. N. John.son for $n, Italance tor re- 
pairs in Fourth alley: allowing petition 
of Maiie Heiam to move the frame 
buildiii:^ at 1907 West Superior stitei to 
the next lot west, subjeel to the fire 
regulations: substitute resolution diivct- 
ing payment itf State Trust company's 
claim for hydrant rentals with intere-^t 
from Ja:i. 1. 1N97, instead of Jan. 1. US9S. 

An adjournment to 7::!0 this evening 
was taken. 

"I'll smash your face, " were th-? words 
that rang through the i ouncil chambei 
shortly after adjournment and while 
the assemblage was filing out. The 
speaker was Paddy .VIcDonnell and the 
owmr of the face he proposed to smash 
was Alderman Simpson. In passing Miv 
McDonnell, the alderman had remarkerl 
t<» him th;it he would liave to wrestle 
with the new council awhile to get his 
estimate thrcjugh. Mr. .McDonnell wa^ 
not feeling very jolly over the matter 
.Alderman Simpson's \>ords and aii 
galled him, and he gave vent to the 
wonls (piuted. 

"Who owns this town, anyhow," said 
Alderman .Simpson. 

To this Mr. McDonnell replied that 
.\lderman Simiison didn't. 

"I don't have to take anything from 
a dirty stiff like you. ' yelled .Mr. .McDon- 
nell. "You dirty ciu-, you can't aljuse 
me. ■ 

"This is a public jilace and the place 
for discussing these things." return«»d 
AUKrman .Simjison. "Y.»u have no riglit 
to altuse an oHicer who is trying to do 
his duty," iie continued, "you'll be sorry 
for ihi.s." 

Then the two drifted apart and ih = 
incident closed without actual hostili- 

Tlif bvs; s.ilve i;i the world for Cuts. 
Bruises, Sores, riccrs. Salt Rheum, Ki'- 
ver Sores. Tetter, « 'happed Hands. Chil- 
blains, Corns and all .Skin Eruptions, and 
l)ositively eiu-es Piles, or no pay recpiired. 
It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac- 
tion or money refunded. Price L'."> eent.'- 
Per box. For sale by Duluth Drug loni- 


Young Jack Kennedy Has a Close 
Call Erom Drowning. 

Jack, tliu ;i-year-"ld son of W. \. 
Kennedy, had a narrow escape on ili ■ 
lake Sunday afternoon, and he was 
saved from drowning probably by t>ie 
prtsence of mind of himself and his 
older sister, a girl of 12. With a 

.vunger sister they were skatin.g on tie 
lake at Lester Park Sunday, and the 
boy attempted to h ip his little sister 
across a erack in the ice by placing a 
foot on '-ach side of the seam. H'^ 
helped the little <m • over all light, but 
he had no sooner done so than his f- t 
slipped, cjne after the other, and he 
btgan to sink into the lake. As he 
was slipping he called out to his oldrr 
sister, who was looking anotln-r u.iy, 
and ask d her if she could pull him 
out. She ran back .ind after a struggl'- 
managed to drag him out of the lake, 
though he had already ^c>ii^ tn quite a 
distiinee. It is said tha't the lake is 
covered with such seams as this one, 
especially out n ai' the north shore su- 


Considers What Is to Be Done — 

Small Amount Received. 

The Salter memorial committee met 
last 'vening with all the mm be is pres- 
ent. The treasurer. Bernard Silljer- 
stein, reported that of the money sub- 
scribed only $563.70 had been turned 
over to him. Th disposition of th ■ 
fund was thoroughly discussed. Some 
different I'ropositions were laid befon 
the committee. It ^vas voted as the 
sense of the committee that it 
niend: First, the erection of a suitable 
monument at the siave of Dr. Salter: 
sec ond, the election of a suitable monu- 
m nt in a public place in th'/ city, 
preferably on public land near th«' 
junction of Superior street and London 
rojid. In order to aid the carrying out 
of this plan it will be necessary for the 
fund to be materially increa.sed and 
the committee desires that the many 
citizens who have not yet contributed 
will do so at the earliest possible date. 
Of the $.')63.70 which the committee 
has received, Th-- Herald turned over 

Constantinople, Marcli 1.— The pr .^s 
censor suppressed the news of the at- 
temjit made on Saturday last to as- 
sassinate the king of Oreece. The news- 
papers wer^- jirohibited from oven men- 
tioning the thanksgiving service in 
c-ommemoration of his majesty's es- 
eape from death, celebrated at the 
Greek legation. 


Matt Isaacson Performed 

That Operation on John 

Mattison Last Night. 

Matt Isaacson carved John Matii- 
son's ey<' out last night in Cluul y 
Hill's salocui. .'US Lake axcnue soutli. 
The circumstances surrounding the al- 
fair are peculiar. Both men say th^y 
had known each othi r bm twu days 
and were- good friends. They had not 
been tcjgether last evening befcu'e the 
affray, so far as is known. According 
to the stoi-y of the witnesses, Isaacson 
walk'cl up behind Mattison. who was 
silting beliind tht> stove smoking, and 
stiuck him. The latter )iiekecl up thi- 
eoal shovel and jumped to his feel. 
Isaacson drew a long two-edged knife 
and cut .Mattison twice in the right 
shoulder and lb n drc>\-e the blade into 
ihr ball of Maitison's right eye. The 
i-ye ball fell to the fioor. The m- n 
parted and an ollleer was sent for, wbn 
placed Isaacson iimler arrest. 

The latt r c lainis that Mattison 
struck him with the shovel and 
Mattisim denies it. Matlison's wounds 
Were dresst^d by Dr. Murray, who says 
that ht> will recover speedily if no com- 
plications set in. Every vestige of tli- 
eye was removed l>y the thrust. 

Isaacsctn had been drinking before 
he Went to Hill's plac-e, but Mattison, it 
is saici, w as sobei'. 

\ charge of assault in the second de- 
gree was cmtered against Isaacson and 
his hearing was set for Monday morn- 
ing. Bail was fixed at $500, in default of 
wliich lie was committed to the county 
jail. Mattison appeared none the 
wi' this m >rning for his wounds. 


Narrow Escape of Mrs. Harry Mee 
and Eamily. 

Sunda>- .light .Mi". lia!i\ Mee and fam- 
ily came near bciing suffocated with coal 
gas at their residence, 21o Fifth avemn- 

I'lion retiring Sunday evening the 
caretaker closed the furnace so lightly 
that the- draft was shut off and the sur- 
plus coal gas, instead of passing up lb' 
ehimne>-. came out into the basement and 
then sjiread all over tlie whole house. 

.At 7 a. m. yesterday, when the wash- 
irwimjaii eame fro her re.ijular Monda.\" 
Work at the tub. she found that no one 
was up. When she op< iK-d the door sic 
scon saw what was the cause of thi- 
slothfulness. Throwing open the doois 
an 1 wiuilows she soo.i bad a safir and 
nii'Ve wholesome atiuospliere aiid aroused 
the drowsy inmates. 

I'pon bring awakened Mrs. Mee. li-r 
so;i, little daughter and the domestic 
wtre taken with fearful headaches and 
extreme nausea J^ iihysieian sum- 
moned and while he fc/Utid that none were 
da:igerously .iffected. all were ill enough 
to reciuire his most ear. ful atttn;ion. 
Ttiey were ccmfineil to their rooms during 
the day but now have practically leoov 

If the washerwoman had not arrived 
when she did. however, there might ha\-e 
been a terrible and fatal accident to 


Limits of the Lands Within 

Northern Pacific Grant 

Withdrawn From Entry. 

Washington. March 1.— (Special to The 
Herald.) — In response to a number of 
iiHiuiries from parties interested. Rep- 
resentative Morris today called at the 

interior department to ascertain thci 
lindts; of the lancls withdrawn from en- 
tj-.>' under tiie iirder )!' the secretary of 
the interior issued last week. 

He was inf>irinod that the order ap- 
plied cmiy to those lands within the 
limits of the .grant to the Xorihern 
Pac-ific east of Duluth and extending to 
-Vshland, Wis. He was also told by the 
intericu' department officials that the. 
lands lying west of Duluth are now- 
subject to disposal as heretofore. 


An Austrian Couple Who Have Agreed 
to Disagree. 

^■ienna, March 1.— Prince Phillip of 
.^axebur.g has taken the preliminary 
st^-ps to obtain a divorce from his wife. 

the Princess Louise of Belgium, eldest 
daughter of King LeopoUl. The case 
will he heard after the marriage of their 
daughter, who is afllanced to the 
younger i)r ither of the empress. 

Prince I'hilliji fought a duel on F'eb. 
IS with Lieut. .Matlahich-Keglevitelv 
iii^.der stri!igent conditions, first w ith pis- 
lol.s and then witli swords. The prince 
was severely wounded in the right arm. 
The cause of the duel dates from a year 
Ivack, when the love affairs of the iirin- 
cess, who eloped with the lieutenant, 
v.> re the talk of Vienna, 

Jamestown, N. Y., March 1. — Mayor 
Oscar F. Price has made a general as- 
signment for the benefit of his creditors. 
.Vn overload of real estate was the 

Washington, March 1. — (Special to 
The Herald.)— The hearing on the claim 
of the state of Minnesota for school 
lands in the Rtd Lake reservation was 
not held today, owing to the absence 
of .State .Auditor Dunn. He tele- 
graphed T. I.. B.vrnes, of .Minneapolis, 
last night, that he wants to take part 
in tht hiaring, atid a date will b? set 
when he arrive.-. 


Washington. March 1. — (Siiecial tn 
Tht Herald.) — A patent for a combined 
case and cigar lip cutter was today 
issued to William K. Holgale. of Du- 


Who can measure 
the influence of a 


It lasts through all 
ages and enters the 
conlines of eternity. 
With what care, 
therefore, should she 
be guarded and ho'W 
great the effort be to 
make her life happy. 


makes child-birth 
easy, assists nature 
in its sublime effort, leaves the Mother 
stronger after than before continement, 
and robs the trying hour of its terror. 
No Mother can afford to neglect its use. 

Of druggiBts .It SI. 00. or sent by mail on receipt 
of price. Writo for boufc containing valu- 
able Information for all Mothers, mailed free. 

Tke Brtdileld BeKu]«torCo.,AtlftaU,6l. 


'Terraline for Consumption.' 

Used With Better Success 
Than Cod Liver Oil 

August 28, iSc>7, 
i have had most e.xcellent success with Terr.-dine. Have 
used il in all c.ises where cod liver oil would be u^^ed witli 
belter siKcess., Anyone can take it. 

MRS. I:. W. S.\^I1H, .M. U.. 

Atlanta, Ga. 






TERRALINE; possesses none ot the disgusting features ot cod -'.: 
liver oil. The youngest child can take TERRALINE and digest it ',-. 
readily. It does not cause nausea. It wards off coughs and colds and •;■ 
cures the earlier stages of consumption. No claim is ever made for y 
it that is not endorsed by eminent phy.sicians. It is not a patent .|. 
medicine. T 

Write for "Physician's Testimony." Free. v 

Ot" Druggists in the U. S. and Europe. Tlie i'erraline Co., Washingtoti, D. C. 


Durang's Rheumatic Remedy. 

H.iii. Joliii Cessna, e.\-member of Congress from Pennsylvania, writes; "In tlie sparf "i 
twelve tioiirs my rln-umatism was KOfe. ha\ inj.: talven three Joses Duranj: -. Rlieuinaii. Rfini-J.. 
A\v brotlier m BedturJ, Pa., was cureJ by a similar amount. 1 m</sl lorJially rcoininunJ it. 

Sold By All Druggists— 75 Cts. 

•-_♦ *••..•'•• 



Cissy came, she winkt-d. and — well, 
now that oiic' ccmes to think it over, he 
woiuUrs what all the fuss the New- 
Yorkers made over that ocular exercisi- 
if Cissy's was all about. Cissy has 
large and luminous eyes, and wiien she 
roguishly obscures one of ihein and 
accompanies the operation with a 
mjraniu^ smile from her iiietty lips, it 
is very fetching, it is true, and prob- 
ibly does send the Johnnies inn 
'cstacies, but why it should call forth 
Klirious rhapsodies is difficult to dc- 
i( imine. But poi5b-iMy Cissy's wink 
•.nu?i have an opportunity to grow on 
me, and one onslaugh: 'may not be 
sutlicient to hypnotize. The Ne'.v 
Yorkers had a regular siegf of it, and 
possibly therein lies the reason for their 
VoirjpleLe <"apitula.tinn. But really 
Cissy's home is in a music hall, and 
her success in comedy will be vevy 
fltKting and, uncertain, if it comes to 
her at all. It must nit be supposed, 
however, that Cissy is without charm. 
She is a very i)retty giil, a charmint; 
danstuse, and it must b(> said that sh-' 
plays ht r i>art in "The Foundlin.q:" wi;li 
a discriiriination that is highlj- com- 
mendable. .Wei-e .Miss Fitzg<rald in- 
rlined to do po, she could make the 
part of "the tricky little ."VlaylMid" dis- 
tressingly vulgar, but thuugh it is dt-- 
eidedly Fivnilhy — ristiue is i)robably 
the L;:tter word — she never oversteos 
proper bounds. Miss Fitzgerald, in hfr 
diincing. is graceful, lithe and sinuous, 
tmd evidently believes a liberal dispaly 
of lingerie with a small amount of 
nether limb to be miiie effective than 
the reverse would be. 

"The Foundling" is a comedy of the 
French typ* . and is a fairly clever 
pie<;-e of work. The author has thrown 
most of his daring into the final a:;, 
and the sayings are rather broad. Th-> 
cast contained several very good pei>- 
ple. Thomas Hums, as Major Cotton, 
was the best. The character of a hen- 
ptcked hu.-;band is an old one. but he 
plays it with a quaint and dry hunur 
which gives it a new charm. Charles 
Lothian, as Dick Fennel, the man 
looking for a mother, was excellent, a- 
were also Miss La Verne as Mis^- 
I'sher and Miss Booth as Mrs. Cot- 
t m, Miss Mawson as Alice Mynall 
and Miss Haines as .*^ophie Cotton 
were rather weak. 

.\hvayr, skai'p t>/i'jd with the 



,5ss?j^ One trkil will contiucr yQ>i. 

(iK.V.XD OPi:il.\ TO-NICli'!'. 

Tonight Duluth will have the i>riv- 
ilege of hearing grand opera by a com- 
Ijany which has no in the 
:ountry. This is the Xi%.\ Conte Italian 
.irand t)pera company. Everywhere r 
has appeared it has capii\ated its audi- 
ences. In Si. Paul and Minneaiioli-^ 
'.he people went wild over it. .\s manv 
as ten recalls were given one SLXtel 
alone. The company is working East- 
ward, and will soon play a long season 
in Xew York. 

The company will oj^en its engagt - 
menl with a chorus of over thir;\ 
voices, its own comii3lt>te orchestra, 
under the l>aton of Conductor Vallini. 
and with .si>ecial scenic and costume 
unbellishiTients, which will be sijiiu- 
;hing of a mnelty to regular theater- 
t^oeis, for the Italian manner of stag- 
ing and costuming an opeia is entirely 
dicerent from the American iime.d- 
•J re. 

The leading artists of the company 
are Linda Mop'.anari, Cleopatra \'iLini. 
.\delina Fanion. iiuijeppe Agostiiii. 
Cesare Cioni. Francesconi, Hi >- 
vani Scolari, Vittorio Giidardi, and 

The company will sing "La Boliem*'" 
tjnight. and tomorrow night "Ca\'el- 
1 ria Uusticana" and "I'Pagliaci. " 

BI.-^^HOl' \'INCi:.\'TS LECTCKE. 

Hisln.)]) \'in(eiu will leeture at the 
Pirst Methodist churcli toniioirow eve- 
ning on "Tom and His Teachers. " 
liisliojj Vincent has le;tured in Du- 
luth iM'foie, and his ability as an 01- 
itor i swell kiiowii here. No lecturer on 
the platform has met witli greater suc- 
■ess than he, and he is in demand 
always. He was only secured for Du- 
luth after great effort, for he is a very 
iius;>- man. 


Mr. R. B. Greeve, merchant, ol <'hil- 
howle, Va., certifies that he had consump- 
tion, was {fiven up to die, sought till 
medical treatment that money could pr<i- 
ctire, tried all cough remedies he coiiUt 
hear of. but go tiio ri'lief; spent many 
nights sitting up in a chair: was induced 
to try Dr. King's New Discovery, ;inil was 
eured by the use nf two bottles. For j)asl 
tl'.ree vears has been attending to busi- 
ness and sa.vs Dr. Kine's Xew Discover.v 
is the grandest remedy ever made, as it 
has done so miieh fc- him and also for 
others in his community. Dr. Kin»?'s New- 
Discovery is guaranteed tor Coughs. Colds 
and Consumption. It don't fall. Trial bot- 
tles free at Duluth Drug company's drug 

\7'0rR ))or:-e being always shurji siio 1. i- 
ready for Jjork. His f.M-t are al .v.i'. ~ 
in good condition, an^lhe is not e<msfa:iii . 
at. the blacksmith's being sli«.''|>ene 1, wlii' :i 
ruins his feet, cri-tsing eXi.".*^-*'' •• = ' 
loss of time. K'!iieiiiber you can ^■I:.*.^'.^ 
put- in 11 -w cilks when m edi'l irtHio'it r - 
moring the .shoes. 

Thfse Calkx absolutely prftfnf 
nUppinj. J'i'i- thei/ c. ' .<,V./- 
rentere'l on'f alinrpm iri'Ji usf. 

Be sure your liorsi -:-liotM' i:".s 'Xe . -- 
.slip-'' on Jmn 1 : liave lii::i shoe willi e > 
other. Scuii your al-Vc'^s for deseripti'*' 
circular with full iiifoiiuatioa, iii-»iied . • •. 


New Brunswick. N. .!, 

NICOLS S OEAN, Agants, St. Paul, M.nn. 

Minnupolis Iron Store Co., Agents, Minnaapelis. Mir,.-i. r\\-i \Ts ir.\dil.n<.\!;i. 



««*Pattnt Lawyer*, Solicitors and Experts. C^ 

(Inventors' (iuidc B-'; 1 - r.-ill.idio B^i!-i; 


FITGER & 00;S 


(-"LLI.MiLL Bk^M),^ l'\: ■ i'i ' 

.WD L.' 




For mnv Ca»B of Nervous or Smxtitt 

WoaknoBm fn Man thoy Treat and 
Fail to Cure. 

No f;ike cure, but a scientilk treatmet'it 
adininislered by phvsic-i.ins in .cood stand- 
ing, and specialists in their line. Tiie State 
Medical Comp;inv cures i.-ist Vitality, 
Nervous .'ind We.ikness, and re- 
stores Life Force in old .iv.d young men. 
They will guarantee to cure vou or forfeit 
?ioo should tliey !;iii, where their medi- 
oine>^ are t.-tkcT, ;iL\-ord!nc; to directioris. 
No money required in advance. Deposit tiie 
money witli your b.iriker to be 'paid to 
them wlien you are cured— not before. The 
State Medical Company is an incorporated 
company willi a cipittii .stock of Szso^ooc, 
and tiicir guarantee is worth loo cents on 
the dollar. Their treatment is trulv a 
MAGICAL TREATMENT, and may be taken at 
home under their directions, or thev will 
pay railro.-id fare and hotel bills to all who 
prefer to go to iieadquarters, if they fail lo 
cure. This company does not supply any- 
thing free; they charge a reasonable price 
if they effect a cure, and nothing if they 
don't, and they will tell vou exactly what 
it will cost before you take it. 

Full information on re^^uest. Write to- 










hoes Almost 
Given Away 



2000 pnirs of Ladies'. Misses' and Children's 
Shoc>. w ;: >;.-' v ^;.;<\ ^4.00 and $^.ou, bought 
h\ us at uui .'w !i piicc 11 om the Bankrupt stock of 
White \ Howe, of Sioux City, lou^a, on sale 
Wednesday and Thursday at >9C per pair. 


I The Famous Shoe Store 

I III West Superior street. 

Frank Wade Reports Busi- 
ness Very Brisk in and 
Around Bayfield. 


I he Damage Caused by Fire 

Has Been Repaired— Miss 

SinoU's Funeral. 

Fiaiik H. Wade, of the Ilrni of Wie- 
laiiil & Wade, has rt'lunieil frun a 
visit ti> thi- flrni'-s new store at nay- 
fi> Id. which Is being managed by Mr. 
Wieland. wh.) Is now making his home 
tlkie. He .Kaid today that business 
was Very brisk in Baytteld this winter. 
Two lailroads are lieing l>uilt from 
there, the Sabin road and the Dal- 
rymple road, lx)th of which are opening 
up immense tracts of pine. An un- 
usually large amount of logging is Ix-- 
in done, and Bayfield seems in a fair 
way to experience a very healthy 
lijrowth during the coming year. 


Tlu free ivading room is tmce more 
niun 111 the public, the damage to the 
Silvey block from the recent ttre hav- 
ing been enliix'ly repaired. 


Meteoric Career of a Noted 

French Adventuress W ho 

Still Lives. 

Brought Again into Notice by 

Her Connection With the 

Dreyfus Case. 

'!iplKalioii.-i t>r the Capt. 

■ les being of enormous 

"lench temperament of 

J . arivi lii-iit.'ue. have served Inci- 

;iy to bring into strong puljlic view 

>onality notorious e<feugh to most 

f tho wjrld who know their Paris. 

It* whi'.h up I" now has been con- 

itnt with exploitation in the more or 

- 'iscreet Itghi of the half-world, says 

XfW York Suni Not that she has 

"HI a •-lisciire: the Paris woman uf her 

ilass seldom is that, especially if the 

moral disabilitits under which she labors 

are capital. She has. on the ontrary. 

anger. She sought lefuge at Lyons, ih" 
|i. aresi large city, and after the ordinary 
viiissitudes o:' the .airl placed in such 
a position, tkially went out to service as 
a maid. The life did not suit her. Sh? 
thought hirself too .goi^nl looking to si>erkl 
her days in drudgery, particularly as th.^ 
otherand tasiei' load was nt)t unfamiliar 
to her. In a short time she became one 
of tht most noted of provincial gaslight 

In Lyons she was mixed up in a num- 
ber of notorious affairs, the male par- 
ticipants in which were usually army 
othcers, and offer* the sons of wealthy 
manufacturers. She is credited with 
havmg bet?n the cause of several 
shameful suicides and family estrange- 
ments, and altogether seems to have been 
a very disquieting person in the bour- 
geoise circles of that part of the c-ouu 
try. Finally siie determined to extend 
her sphere of action by coming to Paris 
According to one report she was intlu- 
enccd in this decision by the payment of 
a large sum of money; according to an- 
other, political influence brought t") bear 
upon the government was the Instru- 
tnint of her departure. In any event, 
she transferred htr household to th? 
cai'ital. where she seems t'> have been 
warmly welcomed from the very start. 

It required but a short time for her to 
^nake intlutntial acquairuiances — amcnfe" 
men, of course: she had beauty, :-.nd 
wit, and somt- money, and her launch- 
ing made quAte a splash. In some way 
or «»ther — '.he opportiftiitirs are many Ipj 
Paris — she made the acquaintance of th.> 

I Vicomte Jouffrov d'Abbans. an old mar. 
hr*n conspicuous tor a nunUK-r ot years ^^^ v.Hom not much is known except that 
in the dress parade, whether at the ^,. ^^as very rich, had a genuine title and 
-ipera. at L<jngchamps or m the Ave<iue ^ fi;j^.^yigp ^ fondness for the -little wo- 
les .\cacias and she has even been l^.^• n^pn- ^f the all-night cafes and the 
, of a ••.sul.m.- This won.'.an :s j^ parade of the Bols. It sur- 

iitesse Jouffroy d'Abbans, \\ ho bc- 

iiriie famous overnight as tfee 'velU-d 

lady" concerned in the case j,f Dreyfus 

1 of Esterhazy. accordir.g to or»e's sen- 


The vicomtesse is Called in Paris not 
an adventuress^. Uut a "woman of the 
world." which; is euphemistic for a 
variety of attributes, most: of them sub- 
ject to i^crutiny in Christian communities. 
- ■ '.-longs properly to the division ot 
-an society of which Mme. Cora 
I .ail was :he best known example ot 
iiicr days— membership in which it is of 
nurse unnecessary to explain, is not 
always, according to the Paris code, 
onsidered disadvantageous. The purely 
soiial existence of these women is con- 
ttned, as far as feminine intercourse is 
. oncetned, to their owr» drawing rooms; 
i.ut they are usually considered the true 
i-aders of fashion. As such they are 
lUvays dealt with first by the news- 
papers: the desci-iption of their gowns 
i.':d j-- welry. in reports of a public func- 
tion, at the opera, or at the race track, 
tnvaiiably precedes that of the wife and 
the daughter of the president himself. 
not to speak of the ladies of the Fa'i- 
bourg St. Germain. They enjoy the in- 
itna' V of the great nun of Europe, 
md. at somebody's expense, outshine the 
vives of thone great men in dresses, m 
j^-weis and in equipages. 

Th'' vicomtesse is not exactly a leader 
in this peculiar world, although she has 
.lone her share in adding to its gayety. 
.-:he is no longer young, and she has seen 
;hat if she wished to gain a lasting 
i..isition she must do something besides 
:he mere showing of herself in hand- 
some gowns. Her ".^alon" has been in 
. xistf nee now about fifteen years, but it 
i.j (rfily latterly that she has become ex- 
. luslve. Her drawing rooms are fre- 
quented by statesmen, literary men, ar- 
fists, and, above all, by officers of the 
irmy, and the military attaches of the 
various foreign embassies and legations: 
. msequtntly she Is pppularly supposed 
lo r>e the receptacle of enough state 
.secrets to set all the governments of 
Kurope by the ears. 
Th*' history of this woman and of her 
ice to be the friend, a^id perhaps thr- 
. onfidant, of men high In the councils of 
.lations, is a singular one. but in no wise 
rriore singular than the histories of her 
-isters of like class; all are tinged with 
• n unreality that is almost ridiculous, 
-he was born in a little village of the 
lura. the daughter of a tavern keeper, 
-.rae Chabout, a drunkard and wife- 
boater. At the age of 8 she was already 
:-ndirg bar. .serving drinks to the rough 
teamsters and laborers who frequented 
ihf» place, working early and lat^-, and 
iretting hard knocks as recompense. She 
~vas precocious, of course, and pretty. 
<h.^ learned something of the ways of the 
'id— at least the uncouth world in 
,i h she lived— before she got all hor 
r>l teeth. Many of these ways were 
,ink'i;d and she suffered in consequence: 
«ne was hardly 15 when she was obliged 
t,, fly from hom>^ to escar'" her fathers 

A irjfin r,f Jp-iMtiij i» n .Tr,y Fdri'er. 

MuUi I'aUhe". Kiu.Ij unu Skiu 

l.bin-t? and «vtiy blimi>ti on 

b«atny -ind deflM 

ill t«tlon. It Uttii 

r-U'lld tbf tf<l of 4K 

--/years, »nd l« »>i 

JJ harmlp«« «e tfls.e 

it to \k 'lire it ih 

properly made. 

f, It of flniiliir 

nanic. IT l- '* 
Sayr' -^aidtoalady 
of Itio liKUt ton(.a 
iiatient) : '■.)? jou 
iBdies wUl "« 
them, 1 re com 
, Cream 

f *>w a» tt»e VUA harnif 111 ot a.l 
^tho Skin ,.r«i>arat or» 
For mle by all Dnicfflrt* and Fancy Goods. I.).-»ieT» lu tb. 
FtRb^T.^EWFlcLNfrSrprietor.ST Great Jon« S....V. V. 

prised no one when she induced this 
gay old gentleman to endow her legally 
with his name and fortune. 

Those were the palmy days of the for- 
mer barmaid. In the vicomte's hotel on 
the Hue Montaigr»e she established a 
i-ourt as untrammeled in its way as that 
of the Merry Monarch. It was a fast 
pace, and under it the weak vicomte 
succumbed. There are various stories 
I urrent as to the circumstances of his 
taking off. and it is known that he never 
drew a sobt r breath after the marriage; 
but an incident in which figured a re- 
volver in the hands of his wife is noth- 
ing to the purpose. The vicomte was 
out of the way, and his sorrowing widow \ of the state, 

Tht funeral of Miss Mamie Sinolt. 
who ilitd so suddenly at her home in 
the Tremont house early yesterday 
morning, will f>e h>'ld from the St. 
James" Catholic church, at 9 o'clock 
Itomoarow morning. Rev. .Father 
Mackey will conduct the services. There 
will be twelve pall bearers to accom- 
pany the body to the grave in Calvary 
cciiietrry. six young ladies, friends of 
the dead girl, and six gentlemen. The 
ca.-kit will be carried by the .gentle- 
men, and the young ladies will march 
in advance, as a loving escoit to all 
the earthly remains of their departed 

The ex-policemen v>f West Duiuth 
apptar to be all taking to the fniit and 
confectionery business. Gus Schroeder 
lecently bought Anders.ns stand, and 
yesftrday Hans Petvrson purchased 
the establishmen'. at the corner of 
Fifty-fifth avenue west and Gosnold 

o. H. U'Neil, of St. Paul, high chipf 
ranger of the Independent Order of 
Forester.'*, attended a meeting of Wes: 
Duiuth court last night. He was ac- 
c.inipanied by a number of mem(bers 
from the Duiuth court. He expressed 
himself as highly pleased with the con- 
dition of the order in West Duiuth. 

The funeral of Mrs. Otorge Hoyt was 
held from the residence at 222 South 
Fifty-seventh avenue west, at 2 o'clock, 
this afternoon. The remains were in- 
terred in Oneota cemetery. 

Miss Fannie Mark returned to St. 
laul yesterday after a two we-eks' visit 
wiih hi r cousin. Miss Mamie Mark, of 
50'J Fifty-.-^eventh avenu ■ west. 

The Ladies' Loyal Orange lodge will 
give a dime tea in Odd Fellows hall. 
Fiiday afternoon. 

Th> West L>u!uth Literary club de- 
bated the tiue.'Jtion of the annexation of 
Cuba and Hawaii by the United States 
last night. The meeting was held at 
the home of Miss Judith Stewart. 

The junior medal contest to be given 
by the W. C. T. U. at the Westminster 
Piesbyterian church tonight will be 
well attended, many tickets having 
already been sold. 

A St. Patrick's eve entertainment 
will be given by the ladies of St. James' 
Catholic church, in Great Eastern hall. 
Wednesday evening. March 10. Rev. 
James Greene, of Aitkin, will deliver 
the principal address of the evening. 

W. B. Hartley left today for a two 
weeks' vacation in the southern part 


fhey Are the Great Disbursing 
Agemics of the Country. 

The railroads of the I'tiiled States 
expend in a year a sum more than $100.- 
DOO.oitO ill excess of the total expendi- 
tures of the I'liited States goveinmeni, 
and this i oniputatioii di>es not induiie 
nearly $2ri(i,iM)(l,U(iii paid in the form of 
interest upon railri>a<l bonds or guar- 
anty. •(! stoili and from $k(mio(I,()0() to 
;JlOO.lHiO.(MMi paid in form of dividends 
to stockholders, says the New York 
Sun. The railroads, indeed, an* th.' 
great disbursing agencies of the coun- 
try, handling never less than,- 
iMMi in a year and disbursing it all. for 
lailroads, as a rule, do not k>'ep laj-ge 
l>aiik aecounts. and do practbally a 
I ash business, turning money rapidly. 
An estiniali- made by one of the 
seientilic pap-rs a short time ago gave 
as the avtrage annual expense of 
.\nieiiean rallroails in maintaining th- 
condition of their roadbeds $7r>,0(Hi,oOO. 
besides $:;rp,0()( for the purchase i-f 
rails, ties and sleepers, and $l,".,OOO.t.Mm 
for the construction of new bridges. 
The railroads of the country spent last 
year for fences, signboards, signals 
and watch lowers $;'...100.000 and for 
printing and advertising $s,riOO,CiOO. 
\'ery few p< i-sons have an accurate idea 
of the extent to which railroad ex- 
l>»'nse« are to be sub-divided, suppos- 
ing, probably, that the largest items 
of expenditure are for cars and en- 
gines, fuel, employes and terminals.. 
Such is the fact, but there are other 
large items, and one of the largest of 
them is the item of taxes. Railroad 
corpor.itions in the I'nited States are 
heavily taxed, and they pay collect- 
ively in a year, it has l>een estimated, 
$40.(100. iiOO. There is then another item 
which figures largely in all railroad ac- 
counts, the item of legal expenses, rail- 
roads being drawn into almost con- 
stant litigation and requiring at times 
the services of counsel. It is esti-- 
mated that expenses of American rail- 
roads for professional legal services 
amount in a year to about $10,000,000. 
and this is. of course, exilusive of the 
sums requisite to meet claim.s for per- 
sonal injuries or damages to property. 
Some of the large railroad companies 
expend as mu<h as $250,000 in a year for 
the settlement of such cases or th-j. 
payment of judgments recovered. This 
item of expense on all American rail- 
roads is ordinarily put at about $5,000,- 
iiiMi. A bad accident may entail on a 
railroad company damages so large as 
to offset many months u'f protU. and 
some railroads have lieen crippled for 
long periods by such cases. 

There are in the I'nited Slates 800.- 
000 arilroad employes, 100.000 station 
men, :?5,000 engineers, 40,000 firemen 
and helpers, 2">.(KtO conductors and dis- 
patchers. 65.000 trainmen, 30,000 ma- 
ch.oists. 10,0(10 shopmen other than 
machinists, :0.000 telegraph operators 
and their h.lpers, 45.000 switchmen, 
flagmen and watchmen and 175,000 
trackmen. The daily payroll on all 
.Vmerican railroads combined, officers 
and clerical staff included, amounts to 
about $2.0oo.('(iO a day. 


War Department Will Not 

Send a Klondike Relief 

Expedition Out. 


Die Bal<1 KaKle Kh"!^' '^ <l.'a<i. <;it. 1 s;.y. 
for wi-'re goin' to shoot after we couiii 

Hut before Patos firiishfd ilu- '.ramii'^ 
had disapeartd. and tli,- Bald Kasl' sbo^i 
liusn't walk>-<l .sl.-in.. 


Reindeer and Other Supplies 

Just Purchased Are to 

Be Sold— Reasons. 

Washington. March 1.— The war de- 
partment has decided to abandon its 
exi)edition for the relief of the miners 
in the Klondike country, because the 
conclusion has been reached that no 
necessity exists for it. Secretary Alger 
has written a letter to Senator Hawley, 
chairman of the senate committee on 
military affairs, explaining the depart- 
ment's position and asking that congress 
take action by joint resolution author- 
iKing the department t(j dispose of the 
supplies purchased for the expedition, 
including the reindeer which have just 
arrived from Norway, and to abandon 
the project entirely. 

In his letter Secretary Alger says the 
conditions on the Yukon have changed 
SJ as to render the expedition imneces- 
sary, and that Gen. Miles and Gen. Mer- 
rill both agree with him. He is also 
advise<l to this effect by the Canadian 
minister of the interior. Later advices 
than those received last Deceml)er, when 
the expedition was decided upon. Indi- 
cate, he says, that the miners are in no 
danger ruf suffering, and he thinks that 
the great crowds of prospectors now- 
going in over Dyea will carry sufficient 
to provide the miners in case the need 

It is said the reindeer can be sold at 
a price sufficient t<i reimburse the gov- 
ernment fo their cost. He says he has 
been offereel $100 each for 100 of them. 
This is above the cost price. He also 
states that the interior department is 
anxious to take charge of the animals. 
Hi' also asks for authirity to sell the 
supplies purchased for the expedition. 
The military committee met today, but 
did not act upon the request. 


was left to follow her own devices with 
a retinue of lovers and a large for- 

Presently the staid, old-fashioned in- 
habitants of the Rue Montaigne, scan- 
dalized at the orgies taking place at 
thtir elbows, rose up in protest, and the 
vicomtesse had to move. She went to 
the Rue Royale. and .was llkev. is-v 
driven from there. Another house in tht 
Avenue de I'Alma afforded her but a 
temporary refuge, and finally she went 
to the Rue d'Anjou. where she quieted 
diown somewhat and established, instca 1 
of a bear garden, a "salon." She also 
had a country house near Lyons, the 
scene of her first triumphs, and a cha- 
ttau in the mountains. 

The vicomtesse was at this time hardly 
more than 20 years of age. She had 
educated herself superficially in odd 
moments, particularly In language, and 
she assumed pretensions of Intellect. She 
affected the friendship of men of science 
and art and literature, but she also re- 
ceived bankers and merchants, and a 
host of young men of leisure, or of 
minds not yet made up to a career. 
Above all. however, her boon Intimates, 
as at Lyons, were military men. She 
was cosmopolitan, so she drew recruits 
in this field from all countries. For this 
reason, and long before the Dreyfu.-* 
affair, her "salons" were looked upon 
with suspiciou'liy the government, whi h. 
however, never could gather sufflcient 
evidence upon which to act, even if it 
had wanted to. 

Among the many persons with whom 
she was upon intimate terms at this 
time were Capt. Borup of the United 
States army; the Baroness von Krause. 
whose husband, suspected of being a 
spy. was forced to leave the country; 
Marie Valant. the mistress of an Italian 
military attache, and Anna Bordsonn, 
for five years the mistress of Capt. 
Drevfus. Ex-King Milan was after- 
wards the master of the house until his 
money gave out, and was succeeded by 
M de Fralssinet. a well-known young 
man. who declares that his fortune of 
several millions was entirely dissipated 
bv the vicomtesse. 

For the last six or eight ye-ars the vi- 
comtesse has been comparatively out of 
the movement. It is known that at one 
time she experienced a change of heart 
and got exceedingly virtuous, insisting 
upon making the acquaintance of the 
families of the great men she knew. 
Provided with an authentic title and 
having a certain distinction of manner, 
this demand was not refused, and she 
made some headway in fashionable life 
for a while. But she doulitbss thought 
the respectable society of Paris a dreary 
waste, for she soon gave up all her new 
made connections and returned to what 
she liked bett«>r. And it is precisely this 
relation of women of her class to the 
respectable elements of Paris society that 
makes her career more interesting, if 
W)t more noteworthy, than the careers 
of her sisters. 

When you want The Evening neral(S 
■wanta. bring what you waot. 

S. J. Nygren has a complete 
of wall paiH r and kalsomiii'-s. 


Sydney. N. S. W., March 1.— A terrific- 
hurricane has devastated New Cale- 
donia, doing much damage to ships. 
The hurricane also swept over the 
Loyalty islands and sank a French 


President Grant appointed Philom P. 
Bliss, of Michigan, chief justice of the 
territorial supreme court of South I)a- 
kota. who. since thon. ha>i held many re- 
sponsible positions, but who. up to that 
time, enjoyed no legal e<lucation, says 
the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He was a 
<-abln.t maker by trade, and just before 
going to Dakota he manufactured for 
himself a very :iice office dtsk, which he 
look with him. 

Shortly after his arrival someone dis- 
covtred his priva'.e memoranda, and they 
were passed around among the members 
.>f the bar. He had noted thus: I'll, 
means last month; inst. means this 
month; prox. means next month: etc. On 
various occasions when the attorneys 
would object to his rulings as not being 
law or good sense, he would reply: Gen- 
tlemen, this is the law as laid dow.i by 
the chief justice of the supreme court of 
Dakota territory, and ii goes." He was 
nicknamed "Old Necessity." because ne- 
cessity knows no law. 

Amusing Way to Spend d Winter's 

Memory games an excellent tests for 
both old and young. They not only give 
a great deal uf amusement, but they 
streaigthen the memory and afford a 
mental tonic to the forgetful mind. In- 
vite the ass< mbled .company to form a 
semi-circle about the leader, who shoukl 
be selected for the reason that he has 
a clear voice and a distinct enunciation; 
at his left should be the person having 
the best menvry, says the Philadelphia 

The leader b. gins by repeating theflrst 
one of the selertcd sentences loudly and 
distinctly; the p' rson on his left rer>eats 
it after him, antl so on around the semi- 
circle. When all have repeated it the 
leader enunciat>'S with equal care, the 
second sentence, joining the first to it; 
iht next person repeats both sente^nces. 
and the rest of the company follow in 
turn. The leader then repeats the third 
sentence, preceded Immediately by th<> 
first, .second and .^^o on until all have been 
: Lpeated in regular order. The sentences 
used may be from either of the following 

1. One old ox opening oysters. 

2. Two old toads trying to trot to 

Three thick thumping tigers tick- 
ling trout. 

Four fat fryers fanning flames. 
Five frivol lus foreigners fleeing 
from fashions from France. 
Six Scotti.^h soldiers successively 
shooting snipe. 

Seven Sevi i r. salmon setting sail 
from Southampton. 
Eight eagt r emigrants earnestly 
examining elements. 
Nine niiibling inoblemen nibbling 
Ten tremjendous tomtits twit'terirg 

on the tops of three tall trees. 

11. Eleven enormous elephants elegant- 
ly eating Easier eggs. 

12. Twelve tir^'d tailors thirstily twisv- 
ing twine. 










A good fat hen. 
Two du -ks. 

Three plump partridges. 
Four squawking wild geese. 
FSve huftdered Limeric-k oysters, 
six pairs of Don Alphonso's 

Seven hundred Macedonian horse- 
men, rank and file, drawn up in or- 
der of battle. 

Eight cages of He, Hi, Ho, bibu- 
lous sparrow kites. 
Nine floating fly-boats floating 
from Fort Manilus to Damascus 
laden with flowers and fruit. 
Ten diacaustic, dfjgmatic, diathetic, 
parallel propositions proposed to 
be received by all mankind. 
The player who makes no mistake '.n 
repeating the entire list of sentences wins 
the game: all who fail drop out as soon 
as their first lapse of memory occurs. 



A novel way of building a railroad 
has been undertaken by the citizens of 
Texas, Southern Kansas, Northeastern 
Oklahcma and the Indian Territory. 
They want a shorter line to St. I.>3uis. 
and some time ago the farmers in the 
country districts and the meichants 
in t^he towns began to work on the 
roadbed. They have laid twelve miles 
of track from Henrietta. Texas, with- 
out a dollar (yi capital being sub- 
scribed. The farmt/rs acted as rall- 
rcrad laborers, and the merchants hired 

When a girl is born in Corea she is not 
pven dlgnitied bv a name. Several names 
are written on slips of paper and pl;iced 
In an urn before some favorite deity, 
a-id when It Is necessary b r podfather 
selects one without seeing it and she is 
known bv it until shp reaches womanhood 
an:ong the members of her own family. 
Strangers designate lur as the wife, 
mother, sister or daughter of such or 
such a man. This Is not merely the result 
of custom. The laws are strict in this 
matter and hold a woman of little moro 
consequence that a domestic animal. In 
the higher clas.scs of society the girls arc 
separated from the boys of the family 
at the age of 7 years. They occupy th<^ 
apartments of women and are forbidden 
to ccmmu.nlcate with anyone outside. 

According to an account in the Journal 
d' Hygiene, rats have become so abundant 
in Brazil that a domestic snake, the gi- 
I'ova, which has about the cireumferi;ni-e 
of the arm. is sold in the market place in 
Rio Janeiro, to be kept in the house cs :<. 
protection against rodents. It would seem 
that the srrix^nt put-sues its prey mon- 
for the pleasure that there is in it than 
from a i^ense of luniKer. sine-- it is said it 
rarelv i-ats the rats caught. Similar in is 
habit.s and atta< hmenis to the ilomestii 
cat of our more northern lallmdes. the 
>jlbova will, it is said, find Its way ;>ack 
to the house of its master even it trins- 
ported to a considerable dis.ance. 

The sun around which the '^arth moves 
at a distance of about M.OfiO.tXK) of miles is 
one of the great multitude of fixod stars, 
savs the Philadelphia Inquirer. It is an 
intenselv hot botlv. shining by its own 
light, while most of the planets are cold 
bodies and do not. therefore, give out 
light of their own. Compared with tiie 
earth, the sun is a globe of enormous di- 
mensions. To make up its bulk about 
1.300.00a bodies a.= large as tho par:.h 
would be reciuired. When vi.-wed through 
a telescope dark spots may often bf seen 
upon ihe surface of the sun. If one of 
these spots be carefully noticed, and ob- 
served again after a few days, it will be 
found to have moved further toward th? 
western side of tho sun's disk, where it 
flnallv disappears. After an Inlei-eal it 
reapt>ears on the eastern side and arrives 
at the po.'?ition where It was firs: noticed 
in about twontv-flve days, furnishing us 
with a proof that the sun rotates on its 
axlf in that time- 


Spookish Red Light That Disturbed 
the Railroad Men. 

It is not often that a nineteenth cen 
tury ghost can. live for years on its repu- 
tation as did the Bald Eagle ghost ol 
the Beech Creek railroad. Almost every- 
l ody in this section has heard of thi 
Bald Eagle ghost, says the Altooaa cor- 
respondent of the New York Sun. 1: wa. 
none of your sheeted night prowlers in 
habiting a tumble-down country house 
The Bald Eiigle ghost was an up-to-dat. 
spirit. It was simply a red ligiit. 

Ordinarily, tlieie is nothing extraordi- 
nary about a red light: but when the r<;i. 
l;;,'ht appears on a railroad, that is ;. 
diflerent matter. Had the Bald Eagl. 
phost Ijeen content to exercise its liiiu 
lions in lb- fastness of the mountain!= 
in all jirubability it would have cuntinuei 
to enjoy its inc-orporeal existence indeh 
niteiy. But the Bald Kaglc spirit was un- 
reasonable, it in.sisied on making a spec 
tacle of itself .iust wlure it was most out 
of place and unwiicome. 

Some ten years ago. old railroad men 
sav, the Baid Eagle ghost was born. Th 
midniKtht express was bowling aloni 
through a gap in the mountains wlieii 
suddenly, dead ahead, a red light Htir.- 
out on 'the track. The engineer, sceniin, 
danger, reversed the engi;ie and sloppe> 
tile train; but a search failed to show 
why the train had been tlasged. The iraii 
steami-d off tinally. A month or so latei 
the express was again flagged by th 
light but. as before, no cause could be 
assigned for the proceeding. After ihih 
the signal was seen at irrc-gular intervals 
always in the lonely giip. Trainmen at 
length began to entertain a sui>erstitiout 
fpar for the re<l light and in time it be 
came generally known a.s "the ghost. Ou 
hands at the brake wheel believed it to In 
the spirit of a track walker who had beei 
killed at the spot where it generally ap 

Skeptical superintendents lay in wa.i 
for the ghost. Kxtra watchmen were em 
ployed to patrol the district, but to m 
avail It was no fool ghost. It knew it^ 
business. However, it reckoned wilhou 
Jesse Pates. 

Pates had long meditated an attack oi 
the Bald Eagle ghost, and one night afte 
his train had been delayed an hour b.\ 
the light his resolution reached the pom 
of action. GoiiiK down to the villa;^ 
store he broached his scheme to the gang 
•'Any of you fellows like to go ghos, 
hnntin' some night?' 

Everybody looked interpsted. and :i' 
last one vciung fellow demanded: 
"Well. Where's your ghost'/" 
"What's the matter with the Bald Eagl 
ghost?" he asked. Some of the crowi 
shivered and Pates went on: "There's n 
shining mark for a good ^host hunter. 1 
don't believe in this fool talk of dea( 
watchmen comin' back. That Bald Eagl 
ghost is a pure fake, and I'm goir 
after him. Ineeed about three gocjd men 
AVe'll go to the Narrows to lay for Mr 
Ghost. We'd better each have a gun. too 
in case of accidents. Any of you fellow^ 
go along?" . , ,. , 

There was silence for a time but at 
last three young fellows volunteered t< 
accompany him. It was arranged to star 
on the following evening, and at the ap 
pointed time the ghost hunters met. A 
the Narrows Pates distributed his mei 
along the accustomed scene of the ghost i 
perambulations and a wiled result !^ 
Crouched in a clump of bushes he h;m 
self lav for hours undisturbed except b> 
the s(iund of passing freight trains 
Shortly before the time for the midnigh 
expresV^ he heard a whispered conversa 
lion off to his left. 

"Have you got the lantern, Pete, som< 
one asked. ,, ^ ,.,. 

"Yep." a second voice replied. I ve go 
h(r lit. but I'll keep her hid until 1 se 
the headlight." 

"It'.4 a dead easy thing." the first voic 
went on. "Blow the light out and ihrov 
it in that clump of bushes before yoi 
jump on." , , . 

Pales saw through the whole schem 
in a second. Circ-ling around, he sig- 
nalled to his companions to close in 
and in a short time they had the men 
with the lantern surrounded. 

"Throw uj) your hicnds and show youi 
light." the ghost hunter ordered. 

In an instant out came the liKht and u' 
Weill three pairs of hands. The hunter- 
found thems.-lves gazing at a trio of dirty 
tjrinning tramps. ,^ » , , „ 

"So you're the ghost that has be, :- 
walking here all these years?" Pale? 
askeil in disgust. 

"We never said we was no ghost, one 
answered. , , 

••WeH. -what in blazes have you l>eer 
flaggin' trains here for ten years, then'? 
Pates continued angrily. 

"1 guess since we're caught, we mlgn 
as well give the snap away." one of tlu 
tramps said, with a grin. "You sec wc 
come over the hill from the Pennsy, an 
not carin' to walk niore'n is necessar> 
we got on to the gntfl of flaggin the 
trains and baggapin' to the end of th' 
division. It was a great snap but we spoilt 
it : ow. Every hobo on the road knev 
about this easy mark. We kep' a lami 
there in the bushes especial for the occ;. 

^ "Well. I'm jiggered," Pates remarked 
"if that nln't the coolest piece of nerve ' 
ever hpnrd. Now look here. Prop thn 
lamp an' git. and if I ever hear of thi.= 
here ghost walkin' agin, there 11 be n 
hobo wfllkln' in his future home b-^'forf 
his time. Git, and spread tho news that 

Vasy Small Villages Ise Electric 
Lights Nowadays. 

Caesier's Magazine: The far Western 
part of the United States— tfiat is, the 
part west of the Missouri river— is a 
country full of enterprise. Fancy a 
Russian, or even a German or British 
town of 1.'.00 inhabitants ord'-ring an 
-Kctric- light plant whl<'h would have to 
i»e hauled over mountainous bridle paths 
of V^Vi miles from the nearest railway 
station before it reached its destination! 
V.-t this is what the i iwn of Ijander, 
in Wyoming, had the courage to do, 
each mule employed taking twelve 
day.---, lo make the round trip between 
Bitter Creek, on the Union Pacific rail- 
way, and the town whose progress was 
apparently impeded for want of the 
latest and most expensive means of 
artificial illumination. The town of 
Sheridan, also in Wyoming, had only 600 
inhabitants ami was 200 miles from the 
neare^st railroad station when it dis- 
covered that an electric light plant was 
essential to a continuance of its self- 
respect. Accordingly the plant, packed 
in very small pieces, was hauled 20 
milt-s and Sheridan was happy. Since 
then this town has had a streak of luck, 
for the Burlington railway, pushing its 
way toward the Yelbv.vstone river, has 
gone right through it, thereby increas- 
ing the population at a single bound 
from 600 to 1000. Buffalo, another town 
in the same state, having 600 inhabit- 
ants, thought forty-four miles a com- 
paratively short distance to haul its 
electric light plant. 

In the adjoining state of Idaho the 
important town of Lewiston. with 2000 
inhabitants, had its electric light plant 
hauled on boats for eighty miles up the 
Snake river. Murray, with "Oo popula- 
tion, had a 60-mile overland passage to 
accomiplish. or al>out the same length 
that Silver City, with 100 less popula- 
tion, hauled its electric light plant. 
Turning now to places situated on the 
railways, it is f>und that Newc-astle, 
Cambria, Rawlins. Rock Spring. Green 
lti\-er and Evanston, in Wyoming, and 
Pocatello and Idaho Fall^. in Idaho, 
have each lan elee-tric light plant, though 
the population of not a single one of 
these towns exceeds .'lOO. Boise City. 
Idaho, as befits a town puffed up with 
8000 inhabitants, "has not only an elec- 
tric li.ght plant, but a system of trolley 
cars. Moreover, as some natural hot 
springs happen to be near Boise City, 
the citizens heat iheir houses with the 
he)t water fi-oin them, and even raise 
early spring vegetables by u.sing the 
hot springs for irrigation purposes. The 
three mining camps of Coeur D'Alene, 
Wallace and Wardner use electricity for 
lightingr purpDses all the year around, 
while their available water power i.s 
used to run the mills for stampin.g ore. 
Hut in winter, when the main water 
supply is frozen, the elee-tric current is 
cotmected w-ith the stiamping itills and 
lighting and power is furnished by a 
lavish expenditure of coal at $10 a ton. 


Report of the 
Condition of the 


Duluih. Minn., at close of 
February 24th. 1S9S. 

Loans and discounts $86,197 2*? 

Overdrafts 7S 32 

Furniture and fixtures 2,332 75 

Stocks and bonds ,»0 00 

Cash o.) hand and in 

other banks $2."..142 1!/ 

Exchanges for clearing 

house and cash items.. 7.H19 2.S 

Demand loans H,«tW <«» 

41.t«',l 47 

51 3.'.. nil K2 

Capital stock J 2S,W» 00 

i:ndivided profits less expenses 

and tax.-s paid 2,133 !M 

Individual deposits sub. > 

led to chec-k $73,021 «! 

Certifieates of deiM>»H .■tl,.'>K2 Ofi 

Deposits of other banks 1.26s i«> 

Cashier's checks 27'. 96 

Certified checks I.'^KIS 04 

107,9s.i RS 

«13.'.n!« S2 
I, Donald Macle.od. ca.shler of the Com- 
mercial Banking Co., of Duiuth, do sol- 
emnly swear that the above statement is 
true to tho best of my knowledge and be- 


CHAS. F. LELAND, President. 

Sworn to and subscribed before me 
this 1st day of March. IS^S. 

Notary Public, St. Louis Co., Mliin. 


■ r lb.- 

Duiuth. Minnesota, at the close of business 

Friday eveninK-. Februar\- Ibth, isas. 


Loans and discounts $ r<98.757 33 

Overdrafts, .secured 1,171 97 

Overdarfis. unsecured 471 45 

Real estate ISl.WfH 1.". 

Bonds and stocks 72,<1'i(i 00 

Tax and assessment certificates 1,9-16 31 
Ci.1! loans on graii! 

collateral $1.114.(XKJ tW 

Reserve — 

Due from banks 213.9r.5 Oi> 

Cash on hand 1,S0,.')S1 04 

l..'rfl8.5.36 (M 

ns.i:{4 52 
3S Oo 


Saturday lieview-: While there arc- 
camels in the desert, llamas in Peru, 
reinde':r in Lapland, dogs in Greenland 
and caifiues anion.g the Eskimos, Iceland 
.vill have its ponies, who on those 
"Pampas of the North" will still per- 
I'orni the services done by the mustangs 
of the plains of Mexico, the horses of 
tho Tartar.s. Gauchos. and even more 
•ban is iM:-rformed by any animal 
throughout the world. "Without the 
ponies Iceland would be impossible to 
live in, and when the last expires, the 
IcelandeVs have two alternatives — cither 
.0 emi.grate en masse or to construct a 
system of tiigliways for bicycles, an un- 
dertaking compared to which all under- 
takings by the Ptomans and the Incas of 
f'eru in the same sphere would be as 

No Icelander will walk a step if he 
can help it: when he dismounts ho 
.vaddlts like an alligator on land, a 
Texan cowl.oy as a Gaucho left "afoot," 
01- like the Medes whom Plutarch repre- 
sents as tottering on their toes when 
they dismounted from their saddles and 
assayed to walk. Ponies are carts, arc 
■sledges, carriage;?,, train?., in short, are 
locomotion, and the only means of tran- 
sport: bales of sa'.t fish, packages of 
g.jods. timber projecting yards above 
their heads and trailing on the ground 

c hind, like Indian lodge poles, they con- 
Vty across the rocky lavtt tracks. Tiie 
farmer and his wife, and his childern, 
servants, the ijiriest, the doctor. "Sysel- 
mtm," all ride, cross rivers on the p iny's 
iiaek. plunge through the snow, slide on 
■kuU" paths, and when the lonely 
dweller of some upland dale expires, his 
pony bears his body in its coffin tied to 
its back to the next consecrated 

$2.:!7:i.H92 2.-. 

Capital stock paid in $ 5*30.000 00 

Surplus and undivided profits 

Ic'ss expenses and taxes paid.. 

Dividends unpaid 

Individual deposits 

subject to check ..$ 904.. ".90 61 
Demand certificates of 


Time certificates ^f 


Certified checks 

Cashiers checks 

Deposits of other 


Bills payable 


45.269 64 

.jTO.454 23 

11.553 22 

13.554 62 

271.297 41 


-V, 719 7? 



373,S92 2.1 


1. James C. Hunter, cashier of the 
American Exchange bank, do solemnly 
swear that the above statement is true 
to the best of mv knowledge and belief. 
JAMi^JS C. ]Il:sti:;k, 

H. M. PEYTON. Directors. 
Sworn aud subscribed to berfore me this 
1st day of March. 1N9S. 

g. f. Mackenzie:. 
Notary Public, St. Louis Co., Minn. 

The most you 'v.iot is the 
et in The SatuiUcj llerald. 

least you 

MoirroAGH fore:closurk sali:.— 

Whereas, default has been made in th- 
conditions of a certain mortgage, execut- 
ed and deliveretl by Michael J. Pierce (un. 
married), mortgagor. :o Theodore B- 
Lawrence, mortjjagee, dated the isth day 
of June. 1K96. and with a i)ower of sale 
therein contained recorded in the office of 
the register of dc-eds in and for the 
eountv of St. Louis, state of Minnesota. 
on the 2tth day of June, 189el. at 2 o'clock 
p m.. in Hook 9:5 of mortgages, on pasc 
i;ir»: said meirigage was given to secur. 
the payment of one princijial note for 
seven "hundred fifty dollars ($..50) and 
three interest notes representing the sev- 
eral installments of interest on said 
Drincipal note as they became due, on 
the ISth day of June in each year, said 
interest notes bearing interest at th. 
rate of 7 i)er cent per annum after they 
became due: and 

Whereas, default has been made in the 
payment of the interest note for fifty- 
tw-'o and 50-100 dollars ($52.50) which be- 
came due on the ISth day of June, 18P7. 
and said default has continued to the 
date of this notice, atni doe.s now con- 
tinue, and the amount of interest now 
claimed lo be due and is actually due is 
lifty-four and 9.5-HX) dollars: and the said 
nower of sale has become operative, and 
no action or proceeding has been Insti- 
tuted, at law or otherwise, lo recover the 
debi secured by said mortgage, or any 
part thereof. 

Now. therefore, notice is hereby given, 
that by \-irlue of the i>ower of sale co;.- 
tained"in said mortgage, and pursuant Ic. 
the statute in such case .made and pro- 
vided, the said mortgaRe will be fore, 
closed by a sale of the premises de- 
scribed In and c-onveyed by said morlKaste. 
viz: Lots numbered Iwo (2). three (,.). 
four et». five (5). six (6>. seven (7), ei(.:lll 
(S). nini' (9). ten (ho. eleven (11). twe'ive 
il2l. tliirtecn (13) and four:ee.i (14). in 
ijlock numbered live i5). Third (Jlen A-von 
Division of Duiuth. incbidiiiK that i>art of 
lot seven (7) IviiiK and being in Seemnd 
Cilen Avon Division of Duiuth, in St. 
Louis County and state of Minnesota, 
with the hereditaments and appur- 
tenances: which sale will be made l»y thr 
sheriff of said St. Louis County, ai the 
front door of the c^ourt house, in the 
city of Duiuth. In said county state, 
on "the 13lh day of April. 189s. at jO o'clock 
a. m. of that day. at i>ublic vendue, to 
the highest bidder for cash, to \y.\\ said 
mortgage debt and the intero5;t, and fifty 
(,5U) dollars atloriuys' fees, as stipulated 
in and by said mort);age in <-as>' of fore- 
flosurc, and the disbursements allowed 
l>y law: subject to redemption ;it any 
time within one year from the day r.f 
sale, as jirovided In- law. 
Dated February 2Sth. A. D. 1S9S. 

MortgafVi e. 

Attorneys for Mortgagee. 
Duiuth Evening Herald, Mch-l-8-J:».22-29- 
, April-3. J. 

Report of the Condition of the 

of Duiuth. 

At Duiuth, in the Stale of Minnesota, at 
the close of liusiness February lSth.lS9S. 

Loans and discounts $1,661.326 20 

Overdrafts, secured and unse- 
cured 712 61 

U. S. bonds to secure circula- 
tion 50.0IJ0 00 

U. S. bonds to secure U. S. de- 
posits 50.000 00 

Premiums 'jn U. S. bonds 10,000 00 

Stocks, securities, etc 15.215 4!{ 

Banking house, furniture and 
fixtures 175.000 00 

Due from national banks (not 

reserve agentst 33,->Sl 87 

Due from state banks and 
bankers 54.300 92 

Due from approved reserve 
agents 544.3.39 13 

Checks and other cash items.. 2.301 01 

Exchanses for clearing house.. 13.256 (S 

Notes of oth;-r national banks.. 13.9ft) 00 

Fractional paper currency, 

nick<-ls an:l cents 1.438 97 

Lawful monc^y reserve in bank, 

Specie S16S.70S 40 

Legal tender not s ... 14.,52o tW 

1JS3.22S 40 

Redemption funa with L'. S. 
treasurer (S per <. .nt of circu- 
lation) 2.250 00 

Total S2.Sl'e:^ll> 65 


Capital sttH:k paid in $ 50^,000 00 

Surplus f 25. ,000 00 

Undivided profits, less expenses 
and ta.^;cs i)aid 29.122 52 

National tiank notes outstand- 
ing 45,000 00 

Reserved for taxes 11,785 S4 

Due to other national 

banV.s $ 221. 6S8 66 

Due 'lo state banks 
ant? bankers 1S2..577 65 

Dividends unpaid 12 00 

Indiyidual deposits 

s-jbjecl lo check.. 1,081,512 98 

Demand certificates 

of dep.«;it 10,447 93 

I'ime certificates of 

deposit 407..3S0 90 

Certified checks 7,646 93 

Cashier's checks out- 
standing 13,635 24 

United States de- 
posits 37.912 20 

Deposits of U. S. dis- 
bursing officers .... 12.0S7 SO 


1.974.902 '29 
. .$2,810.>10 65 


1. John H. Dighl. cashier of the above- 
named bank, do solemnly swear that the 
above statement is true to the best of 
my knowledge and belief. 

Subscribed and s-worn to before me 
this 1st day of March. 1S9S. 

Notary Public, St. Louis Co., Minn. 
Correct— Attest : 
A. L. < "RDKAN. 
A 1). THt^MSOX. 
THOS. J. DAVIS. Directors. 


Primap,-. SeconJarv- or Ter- 

tiaiy BLOOD POISON r«rma- 

ne'itiy cure J in is to ?«; days. You can be treated at 
hi me for same price under same guaranty. It you pre- 
fvr to com^. here we will contract to pay railroad fare 
and hotel Mils, and tm) charge, if we (.ill to cure, if 
vou ha\e t.iken merowy, MM*, petnll and still have 
a.'hps ar..! pains, miiewt paIMM In mouth. Mr* 
throat, pimplM, c o paa r ealora^ spelt, aiMra on any 
part of the bodv. Hair or ayakraw* MHiii aat, it Is 
ttus Saeonriary llaod Paiaan we guarantee to cure. We 
solicit the most abttlnata aaaat and ahailaiiia tko warM 
for a eata wo aannal aura. This disease has a »avs 
bafflad ma tklll of tka maal aminairt piqrtiaiam. SBOD,- 
000 capita! t«hlnd our unconditional guarant>-. Aka*> 
lata praaft sent sealed on application. Address COOK 
MMEDY CO., IMS Maaania Tampta, CMaafa, HI. 





Story That the Secretary of 

State May Soon Leave 

the Cabinet. 


M. J'""^! l'ir> I luili ll will lif {;i\rti 1)11 Si 

I'.ilricks ilay :il th' villaKo hull. 

Th.' Chilili-.'ns Hoiiif siuii'tN" of Min- 
iit^soia Ji:«Vf toimol an {nlvismy Ixiaiil 
for Itasfii ciuinty. Il liiiscd I'm 
till- tiiiist' at Din'f aiitl is pn>fi't'iliiifj 
otiHij?>'ti<ally with th<' vrciiiMal work. Its 
iiifnili IS art': Mrs. Wadi- IMak.T ami 
A. .A. Kit'intT. I''|iisr<)|)al: .Mrs. »Jt'i)ii;,> 
I'lix anil li. S. (.'raiuiall. Miih.xlist : 
Mrs. J J. I).'<k«'r antl «>. K. Math-r. 
I'li'sliyu rian. Thi-y havi- si-L-ctiil th-- 
toldwiim iifHiffs: Mis. J. J. I)i'»k.i. 
\>v sUKmU; <>. L. Matht-r. vU«> piesidt-nl . 
.Mrs Wade lilak.r, scii»'tary-trrasur>i . 


The Present Passive Policy 

Not In llariron> With Mr. 

Sherman's Views. 

Washinirion, Marcli 1. > ;i;in.'iu in 
Wa.shinjrton rather it-nds toward the U - 
lit'f tha.1 there i.s a disuKveeinent in the 
« jiUinft «W€»r the question of the pres- 
latiitns with Spain. It is of ooiirse 
\ Ifllcate matter to talk about. 
! not he surprising if Secretary 
ii.> John Sherman should >i p 
;. .Hid out. 
It inta s.iid Uiai Sherman i.-; noi 
I'Ut his piiysiial weakmsa will 
' the cause of his resignation if 
u i..<mes. Sherman is opposed to the 
poliiy of the peace-at-any-price ele- 
ment here seeking to control the ad- 
ministration. He has always been op- 
IKtsed i»> Spain's mvthods in t^uba. Dui - 
ins (Grant's administration in INTO he 
tnuoduied a resolution recosnizini; a 
state of war between Spain and Oul)a. 
and two years ago today. Feb. liS. ISiiti. 
Hherman. speaking in favor of Cuban 
r.-toiinition in the s<-nate. made tins 
statement: "l wish to say on my ovmi 
lesponsibility, that, if this line of con- 
dint is pursued by Spain in Cuba, and 
If th»' i>eople of the I'nited States are 
informed of tts condition, as narratvd 
■ laily in the publir press, there is no 
fiithly power that will prevent the 
jieupb- of the I'nited States from go- 
mg ov« r to that island, running all 
over its length and breadth and driv- 
ing from Cuba these barbarous roli- 
Ijers. and imitators of the worst man 
who ever lived in the world.' 

Sherman has never changed hia po- 
.•<iiiori on thf- Cuban question. He 
t.tvi>red intervention during Cleve- 
land's administration. He has favored 
it during this. He wanted to give I)e 
LiOme his pa-ssports. instead of letting 
him leavt Washington, attended to the 
depot by half of the iliplomatlc corp.'^. 
Hut Sherman is a side-tracked secre- 
tary of state. The public and the press 
have often inquired during the present 
exciting period: "What has become of 
Sherman?" The real truth of the mat- 
ter is that Secretary Gage and John 
Sherman do not agree. Sherman knows 
the Cuban question from the time of 
the ten-year war to date. Gage is 
not posted as to detail, but he insists 
on a plan of procedure that Sherman 
cannot and will not sa.ictlr.n. If Sh.r- 
man is not going to run the state de- 
partment, he is going to get out. The 
old man. while physically weak. Is not 
so mentally daft l>ut what he can see 
Ihe anomalous i)osition in whiih he i-= 

Should Sherman stf-p down, who will 
.succeed him'.' Senator Davis, of Min- 
nesota, would i>e m direct line for pro- 
motion from the head of the foreign 
relations committ>rt to secretary. He 
is in line with the administration, and 
voiced its sentiments in his recent 
great speech in Detroit. Some of the 
.Minnesota visitors in Washington, in 
«liscussing the siiuatfon. give it as their 
opinion that Davis will be a strong 
proliability for secretary of state if 
Sherman retires, but others said that 
Davis would not give up the senate for 
a cabin-'l position. The fact that he 
will have no opposition for re-election 
to another 6-year term would cause the 
senator to hesitate before accepting th>^ 
portfolio of state at a time when events 
of momentous import are pending. Ah- 
Bistant Secretary of State Day is now 
doing all of the work in the depart- 
ment, and he is nearly at the point 
where stronger men than he. both physi- 
cally and intellectually, have broken 
<\'>\\ n. 


Nominations Made For To>\nship and 
Villat|e Elections. 

Grand Rapids. Minn., March 1.— (Spe- 
cial to The Herald.)— At a caucus held 
here lai:t night to nominate candidates 
].<>'■ til.- mnual election on March 8 the 
following tickets were selected: 

(hvind Rapids town^ship — President. 

A. N. Phillips: supervisors. Anthony 
AU Alpine and C. K. Leeman; treasurer. 
C. T. Glover; clerk. Felix Malette: as- 
iSf-asor. Charles Mllaney: justice, \V. 1^. 
Holman: constables, George T. Robin- 
M)n and M. Perrault. 

Village of (Jrand Rapids — President. 
Thomas Tralnor; trustees. John F. 
OConnell. George Vient and George D. 
Smith; recorder. Fred A. King: treas- 
urer. Thomas H. Hennessy; justices, 
Charles Kearney and W. B. Holman: 
constables, (Jeorge T. R>binson and M. 

On motion of F. F. Price a committee 
of three to act as village committee was 
appointed by Chairman K. C. Kiley as 
follows: D. M. Gunn. Fred J. Stevens 
and F. F. Price. Most of the nomina- 
tions were unanimous on the first vite, 
.•\nd a genial and decorous spirit pre- 
vailed during the entire proceedings. 
Fred A. King was chairman of the 
township meeting and E. J. Farrell 
orticiated as secretary. 

The weather has continued very fair 
for extensive logging ami some of the 
camps have their operations well cleared 
up. Price Bros., being well on with their 
work at Balsam l>rook. are shipidng a 
carload of hired horses eastward today. 
They finished at Long lake last week 
r.nd have sent that crew to Lake Wau- 

The ladies of the Mac;abeps, whose 
lodge is named Itasca hive, have re- 
ceiv€Hl their charter and will celebrate 
the event by giving a reception in their 
hall on Friday evening. March 11. 

Frank Smith, an activ- young log- 
g« r. who has be*=-n well known hf-re as 
an . mployer an«l foreman for several 
years, started yesterday for a two 
years' sojourn in the Klondike region. 

Duncan Harris and Robert McCabc. 
who lost thfir homes at Pokegama Lakf 
>>y fire last week, have decid-d to i;#- 

An early start for the celebration of 
the Fourth of July has been made by 

B. F. Huson post (J. A. R. of this 
place. Thf'ir <i>mmilt.'e on the same 
consists of Comrades Bail-y. I^eahy. 
B(<rilen. Cramer. T.,eeman. Malletle, 
WHson and Kf;nison. together with 
Henry Logan, A. McAlpine. Fred J. 
Ste'^'ens and Edwin C. Kiley. 

The ladies of th • Episcopal guild will 
me-t with Mrs. Arthur A. Kremcr 
Thursday afternoon at 2:. 30 o'clock. 

The I.,adies' Catholic union will meet 
at the parochial rpsidencf on Thursday 
afternoon at .''. o'clock. 

An ►-nt-rtainment for thi^ b-nffit of 

The >(»unq Man Now Ranks With the 
Great Players. 

New Yi«rk. Mar. h 1.— J,.sef Hofmaiin 
will niak ■ his tirst ap.arance in Ainei- 
ii a with the Thomas orchestra toil.iy 
in ih Metriqiolitan Op.ra house. Dui - 
ing .March and April young Hofmann 
will be heard in a series of piano recit- 
als in many cities of the country. Th.- 
furore whiih Hofmann made as a w.m- 
der child ten years ago makes his re- 
turn as an adult j)ianist an event of 
more than usual interest. When Hof- 
mann was h; n- before he was u lad of 
10. and attracted great attention by i\\,- 
intellig nee and mastery of his playing, 
and by his ehaiming tiersonalitv hi' 
mad?' a multitude of fri nds and be- 
i anif a pet in soeiety. In this respect 
he duplicateii the success of Mozart 
and Chopin, both of whom were "woii- 
dir childnn." because they were es- 
s ntially artists by birth. In the v^-ry 
height of his .-\merican success, the So- 
liety for the Prevuition of Cruelty to 


Children interfered and put an end to 
the tournee. As the tour had not yet 
pn>gi\'3sed to a fK>int wher.' a sufficient 
amount of ni'iney had 1> i-n raise«l to 
carry on the boy's eduealion, some 
Wealthy men of New York made up a 
purse for this purjiose and. during the 
ten years which have elapsed, young 
Hofmann has pursu-d his studies un- 
der excellent masters, part of the tim ■ 
under Moskowski and at times under 
other masters. Within the last year 
Mr. Hofmann has made his appearance 
as an artist. 

As he was Viorn in CracorlV in the 
month of Jun '. 1S77, he is now a little 
ir.ore than twenty years of nge. Hi-s 
European appearances have been be- 
fore distinguish' d audiences and with 
vi ry gr-at success. It will be rem m- 
bered that I'aderewski only made his 
real success when pai^t the age of "JO. 
Leopold (Jodowsky has been upon th 
slag' ever since the age of 7 or S, and 
by the age of 1.". he was playing prae- 
tically almost everything that the li- 
t'-rature of the piano had for th- vir- 
tuoso. Yet the solidity of his playini; 
did not fully appear until several years 


A Big Event Held By the Commercial 

New York, March 1.— The big Com- 
mercial Travelers' fair, which opened 
yst rda y at the Madison Square Gar- 
uen. is one of the grandest affairs this 
a.'-?oi iaiion has held in years. Its 
beneficiary is the fund for the comple- 
tion of the National Travelers' home 
at Binghamton. N. Y. This home is 
to be for disabl d or aged members and 


their families. It is nearing comple- 
tion, and this year's fair will undoubt- 
edly add a large sum to the fund, S'> 
that within a year it is hoped they will 
be able to t»pen its tloors to receivt.' 
lie mbers. Many novel and interesting 
ft-atures have l»t;en added to the general 
display. George E. Green, of Bing- 
hamton, is president of the a-:sociation. 
He is the mayor of Binghamton and is 
one of the most pfipular nun with "tra- 
velers" in th" country. 

A feature of the fair is a booth cov- 
ered with American beauty loses, 
where books bearing the title "Fiftv 
American Beauti s." cimtaining pnr- 



traits of stage favorites, are sf)ld by 
ai'tr'SSHS. A greater New York booth, 
(•ontaining valuable contributions frcm 
New York inerclianrs and manufactur- 
ers, and a Mower booth of original di-- 
sinn are othfr <■ nt<rs of attraction. 
Chauncey il. Depew, the pr^-sident of 
the fair, was present on the opening 
nieht ;nid d^^n\.rt'd •,\r\ nildrt"S«. 

PIII-AgOm— Dr. Affncws Liver Pills. lo cent* a 
vial, are after the most moJern in medical 
science. They are as (jreat an improvement over the 
";o years old strong dose pill formulas as a blcvde is 
over an ox-cart in travel. They never Rrlpe and they 
never fail — 40 doses 10 cents. Sol J by Smith & Smith, 
.Max Wirth, 13 West Superior street.— 4S. 


Prince Albert, Heir Apparent 

to Belgian Ihrone, Sails 

For America. 


Will Visit Every State and 

lerritory While on His 


Br.mcn. March 1.— The North tier- 
man Ll^yd steamer Kaiser VV^ilh-'lm 
I>er Giosse. sailing from this port for 
New York via Soutiuimplon. takes 
among her passengers Prince Albert of 
I'.elgium. nephew of King Leopold. an<l 
heir apparent to the throne, who is to 
make an extensive tour of the I'nit.d 


New York. Mari h 1.— Ambitious 
mothers and society in general in this 
(ity ami other fashionable iilaces are 
anxiously awaiting the arrival of Prince 
.Mbert of Belgium. I'pon his arrival 
here he will go direct ti Washington, 
where he will spend several weeks. The 
prince has been a dose f^tudent of 
political economy for a number of years, 
and his coming visit Is In the interest 
of augmenting his knowledge of the 
«luestions involve*!. He will visit every 
.state and territory and will .siiend C(m- 
siilerable time in the larger cities, par- 
ii< ularly New York. 

Prince Albert of Flanders is the 
nephew of King Leopold of Belgium 
and the heir |)resumptive to his throne, 
lit- is over six feet in heisht. wears 
g!as4*es and bears an extraordinary like- 
ness to the king, who si)entls two or 
three hours every day in Initiating him 
into the office work of his future posi- 
tli>n. The prince is the only son of the 


f ni'i vr/ ' 


d( af c )unt of Flander.s. whose eldest 
boy. Prince Baldwin, died some time ago 
under circumstances which are still 
shrouded in niy.-tery. Prince Albert is 
a tall, soldierly man, well built and with 
a face Inclined to be chubby. He is said 
lo be unusually studious, but at the 
same lime he is neither a reiluse nor a 
bookworm. Like his uncle. King Leo- 
pold, he is passionately fcmd f>f the 
bicycle, so mui h s> that the colonel of 
the cavalry regiment in which he served 
for a coui)le of years at one time began 
tr entertain serious fears for the horse- 
manship of his royal charge. He is also 
an extensive traveler, having visited 
not only every court in Europe, but 
most of the great centers of Industry 
in the old world. 

Prince Albert's mother was Princess 
.Marie Von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, 
who was born in 1S,">4, being the youngest 
sister of Prince Leopold of Hohenzol- 
li-rn. It was reported some time ag » 
that Prinre Albert was engaged to 
Princess Clementine, the third daughter 
of King Leopold. Half a dozen ladies 
havi- been mentioned as likely consorts 
for Prince Albert, among them being 
Princess Isabel, third sister of the Due 
d'Orleans. but the general belief is that 
tht prince has not yet pledged his heart 
and hand to anyone. 


Rev. J. Pinkham, Once Candidate 
Tor Governor, Dead. 

Minneapolis. March 1.— R-v. J. Pink- 
ham, one of the old-time temperance 
workers and very prominent in the 
Prohibition movement, died yesterday 
at his home at Deephaven, Mlnnetonka. 
Mr. Pinkham has lived here for the past 
sixteen years, and durin.g that time has 
participated actively In nearly every 
Prohibition campaign. He was succes- 
sively lanuidate for congress and for 
governor on the cold-water ticket. Be- 
fore coming to this state he lived in 
Iowa, and was one of the chief promot- 
ers of Prohiljition in that state during 
his twenty years' residence there. 

Mr. Pinkham leaves no family. His 
wife died about three years ago, and 
his daughter about a year since. He 
was al>out 6:i years of age. 

Singapore. March 1.— The German 
warships Deutschland and Gofion, un- 
der command of Prince Henry of Prus- 
sia, sailed for Hong Kong today. 

London. March 1.— The money market 
initinues to l)e very tight and there is 
little prosput of early relief. The com- 
mercial demand for i^oUl to the T'nir.<i 
Stau." continu'S to be very pre.ssing and 
:i.<ordi:ig to report is eausing exporters 
Id sound the governors of the Bank of 
Kranei' as to whether they will allow 
some of that banks to be withdrawn for 
fXport to New York. 

Wilhi Imshaven. March I.— Emperor 
William arrived here today to attend 
the ceremony of swtraring In th • naval 
re -ruits. 

B.v local applii-ations, as they cannot 
reach the dtseused j>ortlon of the ear. 
There is only one way ;o cure deafness 
ami that is by constltiitlon:il renrdis. 
T)eafness Is caiip'-d by an iiiMamod eondi- 
lio:. of thf niiicous lining of Ihf Kn; ta- 
< h'aii Tube. When this tube «eis iii- 
(lame<l yoii h.'ive a rumbling sound i.r 
imperfect h -arinK. and wlun il is entirely 
clrsed deafn^-ss is the re.snlt, imd unless 
the inflammation cstn be taken out i.nd 
this tut>»* restoi«'<l to Its normal entnll- 
tlon. ht?arinK' will be dpstroyed forevir; 
nine easff- out '>f ten :ir<- caiisi-tl tiy cii- 
tj.irh. which is nothini; but :in inf1am«'d 
conrlltion of the mucous snrfnces. 

We will give One Hundr-'d Dollars for 
anv of deafni^ss icaused by cai-irrlii 
that cannot be furrd by Hall'.i Cat.irrh 
f'urr. S'>nd for circulars, free. 

F. J. t-HENEY A CO., Toledo. Ohio. 

Sold hv drufrKi?!;?. 7.oc. 

Hall's Family Pills are the best. 


Comparison With the I ones of Costa 

Washington. Maieii l — in thr .'Veiii 
•r war betweiU Nicaragua and Costa 
liica. It is said that the alliance known 
as the greater reput)li.' woul<l Kivc oi 
Nitaragua th" ai in. d strength (d' Sal- 
vador anil Honduras. Th,- Nicaragua 
army is esllinated al about SOdO mm. 
."Salvador has not morr than ISOOO ^-ol- 
<liers, but Honduras has the l»st 
drilled and eipiipped fore.- In Central 
America numbering nun. Against 
these the Costa Bican army of about 
.'.Olio s ems Insigniticant, But in th ■ 
piisi'Ut calculalioiis it is thought that 
Guatemala would cast hi r intluen* e 
with Costa Ri< a. <iuatemala has an 
army of about riO.ooii. 

In this <\ent the forees would be 
aliout ivenly matched, with Nicar- 
agua, Honduras and Salvador arrayed 
tigainst Guatemala and Costa Ri<'a. 
The basis for thf vi. w that Guatrmala 
may be drawn into th" controversy lies 
in the fait that the ni'W president of 
Guatemala, Senor lOstrada Cabrera, 
was in a former conlliil with other 
Centra! American stat> s. At that 
time Guatmala was looked ujion ns the 
ready ally of Costa Rica, and it is 
tliought that Calirnra would again In- 
cline to the same alliancf. 



Sarcastic Comment o! Indiana's 
Attorney General. 

Indianapolis. Ind., March 1, — A special 
to the News from Dillsboro, Ind., says: 
.Justice Craig at Cross Plains this morn- 
ing rendered a verdict acquitting Hez 
Hughes, who was charged in an alii- 
davit tiled l)y Governor Mount with com- 
I licity in the Versailles lynching. At- 
torney (General Ketcham Is en route for 
Indianapolis. In an interview he stated 
that "it is evident from all the evidence 
obtainable that the five men broke jail 
and hanged themselves." 


Coast and Gcodeti* Survey Maps. 
Out Some Work. 

Washinglon. Man h 1.— Government 
work in the way of reducing to recon 
the channels, anchm-ages. harbors., 
navigable water bodi"s and other Im- 
portant features of geography in 
Alaska will be carried on this summ 1 
and expedited as rapidly as possible. 
Superintin<lent Pritiehelt of the ctias 
and geodetic survey has completed tin 
plans for the season in Ala.«ka. \Vh' n 
the season opens Lieut. H» Im. with thi 
eoast survey stt-amer Gedney and a 
steam lauiiih, will l>".t;in work it: 
Cook's inlet. 

As the ic^ leaves the vicinity of the 
mouth of the Yukon river a search wll 
be made for anchorai; s and harbors 
south of the delta and for a ihanni'! 
into the Kusilvak slough. This fea- 
ture of the- field is of the great-st im- 
ptirtance to vessels entering the Yu- 
kon. The two parties will make a 
comprehensive survey of th ■ shoals ly- 
ing off th mouth of Copp.r river, now 
ln'coming prominent thnuigh ext.'usiv^ 
gold discoveries. Th<- river will bt^ mi 
\estigatd and thi practicability of its 
navigation finally ditermined. othei 
l>arties will make d -tailetl examiiiationf 
of the Chilkoot, Skaguay and. Dy-M 

I)ubu(|ue, Iowa, March 1. — A party 
of 41' leave tonight '.cr th- Chicago 
Gieat Wvstein railway for the gol i 
fi.Lls of Alaska.. Of this party three are 
from Riukford. III.: nine from Frce- 
oort: five from Galena, and others from 
Dubuque. This i.^ the fifth expeditior 
to leave here this we^-k. The first 
three were c OTipos' d of Dubuque men 
and nsldents of surrountiing towns. 
and the fnurth was a party of five from 
Bangor. Me. Th" one that leaves to- 
ni.:;ht is probably the largest that has 
gone from Iowa In one body. 

San Francisco. March 1.— It now 
seems certain that the Pacific coas' 
pt> amer Cfirona, whi 'h wont ashore 
while on her way to Skasruay. will br 
saved. It is Cap:. Goodals' Intention 
to bring the vessel out by easy stages, 
stopping at Victoria to comply with 
the customs regulations from that 
j>ort, as the vessel was wrecked in 
British waters, and then proci^ed to 
Port Townsend, where her car;?o will 
be discharged ami the vessel i>ut in 
a sraworthy condition for the trii) to 
San Francisco. 

Adelaide, South .\ustralia. March 1. — 
The French bark President Felix Faure, 
('apt. Foss, from Barry on Nov. T.'J for 
F^>rt I'lerde, has arrived here and. re- 
ports that during a gale on Feb. 2 her 
second mate and fifteen sailors were 
swept overboard. 


Pun;h: The unknown Inovelist \vas- 
'.(ranted an interview with the eminent 

"I have here," he ,said, "my latest 
novel. It is entitled, 'I and My God.' 
K is a society n >\el, with thecdogical 
tendencies. Will you accept this 

"With pleasure." said the eminent 
divint; "and shall read it wit'n inter- 

"Please to read it very cart«fully, 
.\nd should you feel justified in brin.g- it befure the i>ul)liic — " 

"A difficult maiti r. sir. believe me." 

The novtlist ^•lniled. "Y )ur inlluenee 
in the pulpit is uni'iue. .Ml London is 
guided by your choice." 

The (.mini.nt divine bowed. 

"You will wiite to me li».ter," s.T,id 
the novelist, "and give me your opin- 
ion on my work. " 

He departed. 

The divine skimmed rapidly through 
the pages. At the • nd of the book he 
found an envelop". "Ah:" he ex- 
•laimed. as he extracted two £.")0 notes, 
"I thought he had forgotten." 

"On the whole," he saiid, "the book 
is an excellent one. I feel convinced 
that it will do mu di g()oJ to publi' 
n^orals. My conscience will allow nit, 
to it thorcus^ly." 

H'- sat (;.)wn and wrote his sermon. 

Awful Sufferings of Henry 

Savage Landor in His 

Thibetan Travels. 

What He Did for Science and 

How He Imperilled His 



Senator Dnboe, although a Kemnckian. 
is not to the manor born, bcans" he has 
an antipathv to horse rae^'S. His prctie- 
ci's.-^or." Joe" Bl.-iikbiirn. thinks that i 
horse raet- is tin- (in -^t simrt in the W'irl<l, 
sa.vs Ihi- Washim,'tfin Post. Wlit-c Dcbo" 
(•am*- to Wiishlnvrtoo Hl.iekbni.i ibootrht 
hf Would niakf everything as jibasant as 
possible for his snecessor, and. as the 
races wore in prosr'ss, hn suggested that 
D. boe po \vi:h him out to the BeiuiinKS 

"I really do no; (ar.' to ro." said ili ■ 
inwly cltcted senator. 

"Not fro!" exclaini'd Mr. BIa"l:l>iiM!. ii: 
uiicli.- 1,'insed amazi'ini nt. "Don't you liki 
a horse raee?" 

"Vv'.'ll. Ill" fact is." <lrawl'd Deboe. lan- 
iriiidl.\-. "I ["eallv <Io not eare miuh for kind of sptirt. Vou s^-. I never saw 
a h'lrsp yet that eoiiM not. if he were juit 
to it. another horse." 

ni.ukliurn loi.keil a: his rnlleaTue la 
blank surprise. Th a lie m.ade an exclama- 
tion Hint \v"uM not look well In jirlnt. 

"No." s.iid D. bo.'. eonelusl\ily. "ther;- 
isn'; anything i.i a horse race. Sometimes 
the hcrsos mav enme In oven, but pen- 
erally speaklnp. wh-^n :i. horse is [Uit to 
it. he ran beat nnoth-^r hors"." 

The dr-gusted Blackburn w. :it bv him- 

Henry Savage f.,andor, grandson of 
Walter Savage Landor, has just ret- 
urned to his home in Florence from Thi- 
bet, says the London Chronicle, Of that 
mysterious country we know almost 
Jiothing, and if tiie mention of il has 
heretofore brought up old legends of a 
sacred petijile, of a capital shelterin.i; 
an order of monks given to contemiila- 
tlve lives, ami to the memory of half- 
forgotten tales of strange nomad races, 
some of the mystery will soon be cleared 
up, for Mr. Landor has brought l>aek 
with him maps and surve-ys of all the 
country jiassed over, an exhaustive 
diary, kept iij> to the time he was takei 
cajiiive by the natives, a mass of ma- 
terial for the British museum, besides 
a collection of twcnty-t\\a> wounds, each 
one unique in its original cruelty, its 
hideous suggestlveness and its enduring 

There are brave- men, whe) because 
they are men feel that they must be 
brave-, and there are men born brave-; 
but there are few men so i)hysically 
brave that they treat the exercise of 
extreme courage as the action of us 
natural a fune-tion as the i)rocess e>f res- 
l»iration, who feel bra'.;i;ry to be sim- 
|ily the natural healthful condition of 
body and mind, who do not know what 
fear implies. Mr. Landor regartls fear 
and disease' as identical. N»-ver in the 
course of his life has he bee-n physieally 
unwell. He declai«'s himself to be or- 
-;;uiically perfect. Therefore, Mr. Lan- 
>lor <almi>' prepare-d for a lwe> years' 
journey through a country of w hich the 
ehief rep(»rtS were those of lortlU'eS 
and murders, perpe'tral<'<l upon te>o ad- 
.eiiturous pione-ers within the liorders. 
He hael food prei>ared in loiu'entrated 
form by the l.,ii'big r"''(»od company, ami 
ae earefully chose his outfit, consislin.i; 
largely of geMjgraphical instruments, ar- 
tists' mate'fials, map-making par.aplier- 
nalla and jdiotograpliii- apparatus. He 
tarted over the ThibeLitn frontier with 
a company e)f thirty Hindus, hin'St-ii" 
.he only white man. Mr. l^andor always 
travels alone, dee-Iaring it impossible 
for twe) intelligent men le> go through 
such a journey together. At Almor.i 
the party bid adieu to the last Eu- 
rojjean, and set out to cross the prov- 
ince of Thibet, to visit the capital, 
.vhich has never sheltered a white man 
ji- at least no white man has ever re- 
turned to tell the tale, and to explore 
its Interleir. 

One after another the company dwin- 
dled, they ran liack from fear, drojiped 
>ff from illness, or mutinied, until only 
two native Hindus remiiine-d to accom- 
l>any Mr. Landor. These two stayed 
by their nuister tiwough all his vicissi- 
tudes, followed him with canine fideli- 
ty, and are now his cons-'tant compan- 

Of the experiences g<me through while 
within the fatal liorders of Thibet I 
■.•ould not hear, for of courst', they are 
lor Mr. Landor himself to tell. But the 
•oll<^ciion of photographs and water- 
"olor sketches, ofthe latii'r if which lu' 
has 200, exepiisitely luiished and con- 
-^elved with a perfect understanding in 
bringing out the prominent character 
>f that unieiue mountain structure of 
the Himalayas, anel its i>eculiar atmos- 
pheric effee-t, furnish a graphic history 
of one side of the journey, while the 
photographs, taken at all ijoinls with 
lavish profusion, furnish the realistic 

The tale is be.crun with the jihoto- 
ijraph of Mr. Landor and his two confi- 
dential servants, in their traveling out- 
fit, as they entered the boundaries; then 
cotne photographs of the bivouac, the 
.-(unpany of thirty-one .souls tenting 
and resting after long inarches. Th" 
Kiadual asct'nt Is learned by the slow 
•iI)proach to the, at first, far-distant icy 
peaks. There is <me photograph espe- 
cially of a novel bath taken l.a.oon feel 
above the sea. A tiny stream of water 
is poureii ujiem the shivering liack of 
the courageous bather, the drops turn- 
ing into iiellets of ice as they fall. -An- 
other is the picture of the first aj)- 
t>roach of the natives, showing the un- 
certain surprise of the slow-approach- 
ing band. tiradually the line draws 
nearer, the numlier and the accompani- 
ments become distinguishable. Envoys 
are sent out to consult, and receive a 
rebuff. Then the last night in camp. 
The ominous quiet that jirecede'S a 
storm broods over the little party, 
whicli has now diminished to a hand- 
ful. Then there are portraits of each 
of the expeilition. of the barricades, 
pitifullv weak and useless, seen from 
the inside. The distant landscai)e is 
taken in tnass and in detail, eaidi char- 
acteristic brought out with dictinctm^ss. 
'There follows a hurried pieture of the 
little cavalcade dodging here and there 
HiDong the low hills, fif intense fa-es 
and a visible in the impedi- 
ments. Evidently all possibl.- b;igsiag.- 
has been dispensed with. Tlien there 
is a lapse. The magic eye Is closed and 
\ve see' no me)re. 

The next pieture is of a naked figure 
bound to a tre^e. Around it dance a 
(ircle of the most hide-ous beings that 
ever w-alked on two feet. It is impossi- 
ble to call thetn human. With llat- 
tened heads, distorted bodies and small, 
eunnin.g eyes, the lower part of the face 
more resembling an animals than a 
man's, uhese creatures jeer and taunt 
the victim of their cruelty. Slashed and 
bruised, with the cords cutting de-ep 
into the filesh of wrists and ankles. th<' 
br.ive servant gravely conceals every 
trace of pa.'n. The bronze face might 
be a relief evn some old coin. We have 
no photograph of ihe scene which f'd- 
l(»wed, where the master was treated 
to the same experience. The eamera 
-vas captured, and to its dark inlenor 
t be savages dared not penetrate, ihmk- 
ia g it was sonn* itistrument of the de\ il. 
H ere we must turn to the two surviv- 
in sf men. Mr. Landor's eyes were 
bu me-d and withered liy white-hot irons. 
He was bound for hours to the raek. 
and twisted and wrenched out of all 
semblance to a man. He was made to 
f,,r eighty miles in a saddle stuck 
with spikes. One of these eii- 
the nerve centers, redueing the 
tendons an<l bone 10 a lacerat.'d 
Trial after trial was made to 
f -0111 .Tiaster ami man some e\- 
f i>ain. but all in \ain. 
rhroucti starvation, burning. .'xcru- 
tiatinu suffering and mental strain, the 
savace^ were d'-nied the pleasure ot dis- 
eovering thai any or all of then- -.w- 
teniptS lliol l.rodticeri Ih.' sliehte-st ef- 

Mr Lamlor ha.« quite lost one (>e. 
though the doct.'rs say that in time liie 
may leturn to it 






I i r.t v.- 


Whiteheit irons were 

heTii iusr" close enotigh t<^ the eyes not 

t) touch the skin. shrtvelinK and 

withering them, the Thibetans deeming 

that this was more painful than the 

» instant burning out of the eyebadv Day 

! after dav this was practiced, and ^Jay 

j after daV no sign or feeling were uiey 


) $150.00 pfr aoutu •n.tni.fn'.mnitori.j ULg want ftipn in t-wtrv rnunfw ■• '" 

'Bi.if.- i! }• 'HI II 1. I cif »utii;!a.rt'.ry »Th ITIi.t, •!'lsi',i YdtAI O.M K. >u < i|H:.-if r, ' . .- 

€«••.■';. .Nvr.pkUl rc^uirr'J. ^Ve f urill. II A f Uii ..I.i 'il .-.lil..|.,e^, ^tllti■.J,^;ry. etr. _■. Ifc. ."• 

fui-thc-lra'U- i-ofjipi* Ic t.utitt for t isllic^^. No I l.ijijU.Iuii Pl.n.j.ue.a r.ftalll. lour pruf- 

11. lu.uil juurscir. .%o '..>im! lu H .an.e.nia^a. T his ih n.t one (.f Uie iimny < ••..liy ii.lvnl, •«- 

iiiL'iils fDiai'.iita, liutoiiO '.f "hi >i i/lifvi ii<li.rtl>.'mrnt. o.T.rlBi;. r.rr o|.|iorliiulO lu.ffur* 

pl«,'■'u''l'^^•!';"?>V^"'; we are Iho Largest Tailors-for-Uie - lratle in America . 

\\ > iiiiilvC tu iiiettsure ^r. w :iw wj r auo ui.j.Uiiily. \\ « ^>'-K\^\y f.iuie </iit' .-f litt- ia;y.'bt 

|j(i~tii. ^ <l<i"i'kf<i>i cliii sj. I.. \\ e I'L'fer y.ui t(.i lb. O.nk «rtoBBi< IhlHgo, aajKiiir... 

urKBllni.d' ... In t hir.Ku,;.«)r rri.ldrnt»rt'hi;iiico. Jlifm" fiii-'aifli.K wuli uf. write l^. li'-'f 

, f! iHii'l 111 ' liii-anii mill »-k titiii I'l c .jjiioaiift fee i;y. then wriic vmj it it 1« a k.r.Uppur- 

HuuH) t«»i;tur.'l5Uta.!<,HlftiiluMi, Hi« l'»»lns'nt. BETTER STI LL- f'Jllii- IJ 

/) I lii-'UK" > "le^elf ami '.-i' u? l) eT)v'«»'fiiK u.'i'i b<- aatiallt 1 <v» : jr 

//^— — — ~v W'.ri v.e.ay i« tnM-and.Tooc.niTft i.if.ilj' •'•rk .i.u fclg |.»|. tN^OKK 

/^^_^ \1<F (II II N*l i> IKS in your tprritory Ik.w < 111 wirk |.av». We r. ft-i ; > 

>r^J*'*^^ouriiiaiiy siiirbmcnttirouKliout *.ho Unioi.-'lllOf iu. TiLh Al.lii:. 

*■ AJjy i.'..c ul Ihciu will Itll juu liOw i.i'<fl'aL.i.-. li .w I'leK.-aiit, b'/W 

m-v till! K..I k is. ^iir%ip yuur 

»«■ cuanly SiiU <;av3 In th.- yenr. 

UA<i;uur>u'i Binkr IrM tkax ■^^ 

«.»<-r)d.> ftlt.MtijilOil.rii.ri 

We want to engage job 

tuiakc o:»l*--i.^ \'j I t.r 
laadt'tu-order Lua uii «t- 
urr (t.ftloid l.tlurtny 

(.^;fI>'t Suns, I'aiit.-. »<.%i 

o tiiotttt, Wei/Utj uu 

i.'i tLu way tu UiXv ^r 

C 'i fromaJiu .tl evi ly 

iiiyji.r •'•/Uiitj, ». 

I ss t •fttT tjia'i i. 


.- Us yoii tiave no 

•K cosnpetitloa. 

Wj are the Laro ^^t 

Makers in Amer tc .t 

c/ iitit; ( ubtom • Aadtf 

<iiiihti.r- \\ e buy 

(•".■•.1: dire.-t fri.m tin} 

lart.'cst Koropi >d aad 

■;ruiH!Uk W«c('ii- 

tlic proiiuct or i-tr- 

eral ■»i".;eii iiiiJl.s. Ve 

rate ■ 'it iij'.s.t cxXf-x.- 

:;aiui e.-riiii.iiiic tu.- 

i..m T.ilurinr rial ts in 

«'xi>t«-ut.',tii'isV<-<lij' . If 

t he |.n''e of m»<l.-».o-<>r.i<r 

i<ott3 tu r:i.ou ^ni t.j- 

ward; raai. from fl.r.l* 
lo igj.f'O, |#rle«-. »r» l„w 
trtai nrhrlj rtrrTb&r !■ 
><.ur ei.'jii'.; i!ll i.e K^Ai 
(u urdrr abd m.ll^u^«. 


« la; I.' 

* tr.l 
\ eral 
C ' pi-r 

a ThouNtvnphotoifrapii T/as»OTit«'nnllt!t 
5 »<t br .'lie <>l 11 irsa!esinen..\Ir. C. M.Talbo't. 
^ of Yicka. C'al. Jt hltows hiin at work lak- 
■ f T "'ircustom mR.1o taCnritvr. 

C 'tr. Taltioit'L'FaliutiavLTi'.n .v. rf-i,»oiii)prTnoiith;hl!'eam1np-.ioTrr gSOOair.rmt 
;' lianircilsini.r.jart! .1 .Insr jiistas vcl:. v,o r.i'Ti-ly Fh.w tms ei' tiir > 0"1 btaten.-'it 
• of his l.ll■-i■l<>•<^i \» he cl'-ui.-.-t t.) i-ra u- '.,.!.< phiurc. YOU CAN DO THE 


a luni* , 1 M(. i»i>ii.r ai ■■ > "- - 
{iraafit c!('lb l.uur.J 1 <r . 
coDtalbiut; l.r|t<* r.' -t 
ftan^'lra of our fotlr* ii i> 
(.r.^ullinirt, FDClt, rid r. 

. _ _ ViMli Oi.all) Hi 

BBVi'ia; dollttl^ tOfritU!). alsot'iiaWonl ;»tH, lB:jlrufrtuD Bouk, 1 ni>c ■« i.ur. , auMiicfcs tiitd., Btal'.antr). fXf-rlitluit Mai- 
l*r, Tonroameoo rubliir alaa.^, etc. V.'e al.-i.fui-iu.-li roi. a KtlMnun's ^nllIEllll«ltil»i J'rlt Llal. i !ic | rl jeB*!-e Icrs 
■jlaiilti'..;dtreach d'.-("'rl'iti.;aejyou canilli S.t .bUinsr iTiccj, oiittniriiij^ youriiruflt t. Mitt yourt-er. 
\-. iijouuj V..U havory.vlveJy'iur Hj i,ampl« l>'?uk erd ginrral vulflt aii't tiivori.itdojr l.>jOt <f lnttru.aioa« cai -- 
'iilly a iJ iiiiirkcil ir. your Bt'Uinif pn-o you aro ready for b'.i ••iiirs<&:id tun bfv''in taking oiil.raf ■• . ie««?r>ori*- m 
,■ .ur t' At y.urlow priotjs business iu(n,fur!nfi», la')oroi-». aoJiii fa. tevtry one will opli rtl't-lrMjIt* iiiaii-. 
loiica:i orJo: Jcvciy dnyatii^io fi iirofltoataoliOidiT.rurm-rjiiiie will bi> »«tu»lah»«ia« joar lo«|irlc. .. 
Villi Dn/iiiira Mn Mnnpv Just take aml^tnU themio l,^.v.o iviiljua-.i; thetjurnifiiii-withlr.Liloysai .1 

lOU neqUIIBim mVIHVir- coi..ltllr,^f»i..v,.nrpnvl,.ni^i-«,.r.-.)M|- I ■■ 1 1. .ublM-1 lo tl«r..ll..l!'.0 au.l »I.|irO>i.l : 

vmr s'-I'iii'.fjjri' •■, auilc. il<"-'t yojrfull sefltuk'prlce.atid eviry wofi; ve will r-tr.d you a dn-. ;. l.rol. y.,L.i pi 
ij,.i!i f tiio chlfer.n -e butwii'iionr-iict conliJt iitial D.'k-e toy..aa)id the prl' c y..:i Bold at. loa uffrdfolicri uo la. •: 
i!rll<. r:u>i:oi..U. r-lniply (fO on Idkl.ig «;ri)iT»,»i;u.oif i. lihr .1 profit, and *0 d.lix-r <!>.• (•.••"'•. n>l'«-?t a" «•"■ tti/arj ... J 
rvcry «.rk iir..m|iil/ .riiilyuo moiit' ruumJclii'i-k junrru.'iii, ..lilforllii; »itti. IJt ally (lU our eooii men EPt & cnei K 
'rrjrr.i::! otBtl^■^-! ':-^40.G'.iCvTry weoliin the year. _, . • 

•VUC (fiJ fiTli'i;''!* its. tiTOC^C W<- Mal;enjchart'eforti..> bis l>'' t ti;J ti'ir.; itlu tuttif, bit Bota .1 

I fn 1^ V'^' ' IT 8 I JQi r rtCC . ,H;:ia costs js .r*!!-*! •tullnrv t.> i-'et. ir.iO-'-t fiirsilvtx axalli t 
iT" IV wiio v.- IT l vri'i ■ ■ Oil us bvM-.-.'liii^j f'.r tiie ouUl. with no j:iti.::ti'in of v.orSiiiU'. t-.ii tuiitlyout of i<l ■: 

•'•i!io!'itv. A3 A CJAi^ANTEE "fguud fultlicu tliuptrtofcvi rvapplii-ant.wt- nnnilro :■ ''u t ■ fill out theblai. 
lines b.r!V)«r, (.-ivintft'io imnie^H of t«-o partiesa.s i^firt'iice.ana lurtlit-r agrwint; to jiay ti.NE 1<«1J.1K and expi. ■- 
c'hari-C8 f .rthe outfit wlieii r.'ipivod, it f juu.las itpresfntfd and ri:u.!ly a .-u!v >.aioi' luiikiji.i; Uk . i: t 
ei 00 \-ouai.'V.Htopav wht'n outilt is reoeivod (loi'si i...t t..M.'in t . pay tht-c . • ti. ti-i liut .iiMin^ ^l;"^"'? ""^■" '>'•,* 
i lews'. We wUlrrfaiidjnur*! «i«oi:p a.yur' order" hate Bnioiii.lrd In £.'&,n Inch ara<.unt ji.urnit tn^.r ti,.|:r»i d.r yoa wotk 
iVTTiil out Iho foUu.-ing llnri rur.' hIIt, j.!/n j.ii.r njii.i . ci.l mil an. I n-.nd I" Uk, cml !••'■ "Ulllt witi !•» ( . lOii .1 onti 
AMERICAN WOOLEN IIILT.3 CO.. Ealerprlipr l^ulldla.;, CETCAOO, ILL- 

GENTLEMlX: Piaase send ~,o by expresc, C. 0. D.. subject to examination, jour 8ig Cloth Sairpli! 
Boot and Cotnoiete's Outfit. I aqreu to exa.Tiine it at the express otfice anti tttourn! <-xacil>sjs 
rrpr.sertad and ! toe! I can make qcoi big ivp.ces talc ngortlers tor you. i agree to t.iy the express agent, a. 
;i c'iarantee ot good iaith. and to show I mean bi;5ln";s, 0\i'c. DOLLAR anti express charc^"^. v'th the under- 
<»tanding the Dollar is to be refunded to me as scon as my sales have amounted lo i25.0C. !l rut 
(tiund as represer.'itjd and I am not perfectly satisfied I shait not take the outfit or pey omj cent. 

yi(^ your name oa above line. 

ilama ctit Poatoffice, County and btaito on above line. 
Tour ate Nationality 

On at-»'e two lines tlVe as rofervn.e tti^ tiamM of tw.'' 
men o^tr ~i years of who know ;-oa oue year or 

Itarrlod orSlns'.e 

Address your I'jtter plainly to „ . r, ■. . f ■^t^^ it ■ 


■*«» aewl.rn ItU Lr :-. :; ihoi-<in,bW .-dlahlr, Ihl. .IT..r i.,, o,.,..ri,bln na,! ilbrr.l aad • ffraad cpy.rtaaJly ft 
i.>Jo^l l-i.» .. ^ lo t'O- '<«»-> ^""1 rr-Eublo «n.;.lo.viaial.— tailor. ( 


able to extiact from ihtir victini. Mr. 
Landott's ankles and v\ rists arr ^^lil! 
li\icl fioiii tlif^ cfut'l fuid:? wliii-li Itound 
hirii to the rack, and, as Iv hitn.self says, 
an 2,niinal in lii.^ fonditioii would ho in- 
stantly .shot. With indoniinilalilc .vill 
he fuff-es himself to stand and walk 
and sit, iisinj; his extremities 
wooden ma»Miines, declaring that 
are made to, and u.-^" them hi 

Then tin- Ions gap is ended, and we 
see a photograph of two creature.^ not 
rf cognizaiile as tiie same we saw in 
the first days of the exi>edition. Years 
seemed to have passed over the cmrn- 
tenance. The .skin is cut and lacerated 
and seamed with ))urns and slashes. 
The hair is burnt to the scalp, the 
beard is sinfjed to a powder. eyel>n»ws 
and lashes Imrnt to the quick, and the 
eyes two ghastly slits. <lf the rescue 
.iiist a few hours ere life must have 
been extinct, when no food or water 
had lieen had for three days, we can 
l)Ut read with adiniration for the men 
who. hearing from some trading Tli:- 
betans that far in the interior a white 
man was to lie b<'headed. organized a 
relief party, thinking to iirocure at least 
the mutilated l»ody and any of the pre- 
cious outfit that could be extracted 
from the murdereis. To this party l>e- 
longed Dr. Wilson. Mr. Larkin and the 
Political Teshkar. Karak Singh Pal, the 
nephew of liajiwar of Askote. l?y 
forced marches, and after many thril- 
ling escapes from treacherous guides 
and adventures, which well-nigh cost 
them their lives, these three men at 
last reached the two sufferers. .Vs has 
iieen said. Mr. Landor was within a few 
hours of death. His reason was already 
gone, and only liy the most protnpi ac- 
tion was he kept alive, .\fter three 
hours of attention he had so far re- 
gained consciousness that he was abl-^ 
to tell where he had concealed one of 
the cameras, and on its lieing recov- 
ered he cau.sed to be taken, for he euuld 
not take it himself, a photograph of the 
savages cowering in their terror of the 
avenging white men. Never for a mo- 
ment iluriim all the horrible timt 
Mr. Landor forget that all that h^' 
alile to jirocure of photogiaiihs 
sketches were of immense interest, 
to the moment of capture he had kei>t 
his diary complete, and after that time 
each hour wa.s impressed with Inr-'oiis 
vividness upon his mind. P-y slow sta-^'"-- 
he was (ariied to .Mniora. and there 
after thiee days h'- had so far recov- 
ered that he was alile to dispatch run- 
ners to the nearest station with n. ws 
and letters home. The outfit w hi( h 
been conliscated was given up. and the 
Virecious diarv and majis and surveys 
^vere secured. Many of the instrument'^ 
which had been provided liy the Itoyal 
(;eograi)hical society he had lieeii 
oljliged to bury in the Himalaya^, and 
there they still await the time u h-n 
some brave man will recover them. Mr 
Landor hi.mself will probably never in- 
able to return. 




Personal Record Keepinq Whose In- 
terest Ixcuses Its Vanity. 

In th li.uiiinuig niies pareius must 
lie the authors. If pareiit.s will not. 
then some devoted aunt may win for 
herself the warmest thanks in years to 
come, says the Ni w '\"ork Sun. When 
Hearts Delight came to earth, Koine 
fifteen y>Mrs ago. a substantial volume 
was lioiiglit to lie her bonk. Into this 
went lirst the genealogy <>f the family 
1 n fathi'f's aii<l m<ith' r's sides a-s far 
.IS there was knowledge of it. Phof.i- 
grajdis of ureal -grandparents, grand- 
par, nts and parents w.^ix' inseiteil. 'I'ii' 
wediiing dress of the paternal gran 1- 
nidtht r w.a.s shown by a |>ieco and 
tile matirnal side wa.s rich with l»it,s of 
wedding drespi'S of mother. gran 1- 
mother and gieat-gi andmother. I'ho- 
tographs of fatherand mother, al the 
time "f their, and when 
Heart's Delight was born, w.-r.' also 
aded. To these were added one of the 
house :ind the room which the litt!.- 
maid made blessed by her coming. 
Th<' announcement card went in. and 
letters written for her welcome. Mam- 
ma wrote n deseriiUion of the wonder, 
and p.UKi took h.'-r phol<. graph 

All this was for the beginning, but as 
months went on there more to 
chronicle. Baby's ways, tlie coming of 
h-^r first to.'th. her first word, and 
when it was spoken, whe. she began to 

creep, ami tln-n lo walk, all ihese w: 
recorded. Into the bo<>k ■went, ti."', 
such tiva.sLirt^s as the first sock, th- li-itlo shot, u piece of her liist < ...- 
ored dr ss. Everytlnng <>f what > ■• 
kind lliat maik^d a lieginning found .i 
periii.itient piai-e iti th.e vtmii.v book, 
and the story of the chilils life may ita 
read ! herein. 

As the child deveiopt-d the .-hHi cter 
of th- items naturally chrtnged. "W'l o 
she went l>> school her ari> < lY> . - 
suiipliod more nialerial. sometiiii > a 
the shape <>f scbool .vork. and ^ 'ii.' - 
tiinis as stories of lonipi- 
aiions or griefs and joys. Heart's D.— 
Ii.ghi's first letter is enir r<'(i in the iiooK, 

There are so many tokens here that 
are treasures, more valuable cs th '•' 
srow older. Thi Hrst invitation i-> .t 
Iiarty. the first theater progr.mi, ar ' 
with tliis at" o'her p.-otrrams of tho> ■ 
things which have impit sped the child. 
Her tirst party dnss. of cour.•^<^ w:t> 
sho.wn in the book. Throughout the 
book are photographs of Heart's '^ - 
light hirs'lf as she grew toward g'-i- 
hood, and of the girls and lioys wh > 
were her friends. 

Long ago the book-making fell ■: 
the hands of the girl her.self, and - 
adds to it all that points to the s^oiy 
she Ls making. Everything if pl'.i- 
sure, of special ben-fit in her life i.s t» 
be recalled from this book, and evt-rj 
now she prizes it above all her possr^-- 
sions What will it be worth lo h. r 
when sh" is .".0? What will it be w.»rt;i 
to her son or ilaughtf. when some or - 
writes "F^inis" to it for her'.' Whxt 
would you not give for such a book 
left vou liy your mother or fath i'.' i" 
would be worth more than money, 

Tb< re is a great dral of jileasare to 
be found in making such a book for 
one's slf, though if one begins it afti r 
childhood he |os. s iiiui h that went in- 
to the little one's book. It will I.ecor. 
lilbd however, with the )m|>orta' i 
things of life, .a.h making these f'-r 
himself. A vanity book is one of lli- 
best things in th ' world to show; h..»v 
one's idea.s of values chang-. ai.d hov.- 
Hf.'s horiz.-n expands. U records a 
life with some of ih<«se whiih pr-cede.l 
it. and gavo it its bent. and those 
whiih tiecompanied and deveiop.-.i i. 
Though i: may be vanity, it is as ^ 
a vanity with a l.-ssom 

The Evening Herald is on sale at the 
news stands in the Great Northern, Chicago. Windsor hot. I, Pt. Pntil. 
We<»t* hotel. Minn.^apolhi. ^ 

sin':rvii'i"s sali: <'i" im'.ai. i 

V'NDIMt ,)l-D(^Ml-.N'T ol' KliH 



Plate of Minnesota. < oiiiity 

.f St. I.' 


District Point. IJleVenih Judii ial 

""•et- . r .1 1 .1 

C.ortie I!, nrr. . m cutor of tiie i.t,--i 
vill ■Mi.i testament an<l tsalo ol 
Marv Orr, deceased: . 


John D. Stryker: Susan M. Sti>k- 
er: Joha K. Pox: Ehzabvth U. 
Pox John K. NeW'Ml: Adelaide 
N.wel!: Kdwin A. Kond: P.eorge 
i. ("rosbv: Sarah M. rollin.-*. 
Chiirles S." Grr.n: The Pirst Na- 
tional P.ank of Owatoan:i. Miini' - 
sot.i: Solomon S. t'urr\. Aiibr.y 
I>. Ciiriier. John D. :MeL.<>d. \\ il- 
li.iin Trebilcock. and Duiuan Mc- 
Vidiic. « i-.i-purtn. iship iloing 
biisiiii'ss tiiider the nam ' ol the 
j'.MipIe's Hanking Co.. Iroiiwood. 

Michigan. ,. , , , 


Notic<> is hereby piv.ti. that, iinde'' 
jslid bv virtue of .a jiidginrnt aad dcer«-i- 
.nl.-r.d ill the above eiititl.d action oii 
the 2>\h dav of P l.ruary. IV.*-";. a certill.-l 
ir.inseript ><( wbicli has Ix-eii delivered I . 
me. I. the undersigned, sheriff of sail 
:;t Louis poiintv. will ^ II at pubde aae- 
tioii lo the hittbesi bidder . for c:isl>, 
.ei Wedn-sdav, the i:',lii <lay of April. 
iv'.iv at M o'cloi'k in tlie f.ireiioo.i. at lb" 
front door ot l!ie i-ourt house, in the i-it\ 
ot' Dtiiiith in said coun'.y, in one pm>fi. 
the premises and real estate discrii)«>«l in 
^.li.■l jiidimient and de<r'e. to-wit: Ail 
iliat 'tract or parcel of bind lyaig .ind 
bolng in the loii.ity '>f Sr. Louis a. id st.iO' 
of Miimesola. describeil as follows, to-wii. 
All tlKil i.:irl of lot lift."'!! iPo. in ilie 
Trati'iler Divis.on of Dubitb. .leeording to 
;he recorded plat thereof, that lies within 
lifiy (.".Ol f ei of the luiriliwesteily line ot 
::ii."! lot. inlendins 'thenby to convey tl: 
•iiirthwT'.erlv o.te-half of said lot. 

Liated Pebfuarv 2sth. I'^!"'. 

Sheriff of St. Louis Couatv. Mlini. 
Pv V. A. DASH. 
-A-. C. JOERNS. 

Plaintiff's Attorney. 
Duluth Evening Herald. Mch-l-8-i:-2:-2'- 













Civic Co-operation Would Like 

to Do Starkweather Act 

to Truelsen. 

classes of business and proles- 

: tor 

^V»>«-"" ^:""' wcaj them with economy, and 
ress their leet as genteelly as the mer- 
hant or banker, as one pair ot \V. L. Doug- 
las Shoes will wear as long as two of 
cheaper >^oods. 

We could not make over I,OtK>,000 
permanent wearers unless our Shoes 
>\ ere as good as we claim. 


shown in our cut is made on our New 

Cadet Toe. and Is as soil and pliable 

as cloth, and very suitable lor winter 

wear. It takes and keeps an elegant 

polish, and holds its shape as long aa 

worn. We have 155 styles, and 

V idths from A to EE, made in Pat- 

t Calf, Calf, French Enamel, Box 

Russia Storm Calf, etc. 



Necessary to Have the Alder- 
men With It to Accomp- 
lish This. 

Many pt'i>plt^ have wcnderwl what tho 
( i\ii' Tt'mptManie tti-oporation miuht l>i* 
VifltintT ai with its mass mpt>tlnRs at 
this time for the purpose <>f aimins ln»t 
sh>>ls at the mayor, when elettion is 
two years off and itn far away to liesin 
working: up sentiment asainst his 
honors cihances for re-election. Rumor 
has supplit.l a motive, and while the 
ofUcers of the <o-operation will not 
.itllrm its truth, thoy have up to dale 

t-niereil no denial there >f. 

T\i<- rumor boi-.s that the object of the 
with a 


Oullum. dentist, Palladlo. 'Phone No. 9. 
Smoke lOndlori rdgar. W. A. Foote. 

The infant .huinliler of Mr. ami Mri^ 
l.fWi.s I'ettMson. of ."lOj \Vo«t Siirn-rior 
si!-eet. <lled ytstt-nlay afternoon of con- 
vulsion.'*. The luneral is to he held at 
U o'eloek loni.irrow afternoon. Itiler- 
inent at mil. 

Kric Johnson, a i«>amster employed in 
haulin^r loss for H<»ward's oiill, was ar- 
les^teil yesitM'day afternoon on the 
rharpe of hastardy. Annie Skogland 
I'einB the complainant. His hearing; 
was set liy Jml^e Kdson for Mar>h .'. 
bail was Hxed at $300. and in default 
l']ri»' .spt-nt lasi nj^ht at the county jail, 
t'ash ball was (iei>oslte<\ this inoining 
and the accused was released. 

<V)rieci Dunlap hats at Kelly's. 

A. H. Smith captured the Towne but- 
ton."^ lai<i evcninjj at the cnrlinp rink. 
winnin;jr lluni from A. S» Wilsons 
riiil; l>.\ a score of 19 to 12. 

Ucciiver l.iMas has be. n prratited aii- 
thorliy by .ludge Kochron to si II lot 
•Ji>4. in block L'S. Duluth Proper, .Second 
division, to l.ron K. Lum. for $47r> less 
a comndssion of $2."i to be paid (5. 11. 
t'rosby & ('... 

Maich Munsey's and MeClure's are 
.'lie at LundixMs; & Stone's. 


Important Ruling By Judge 

Ensign in School District 

31 Case. 




:oW on 


Had No Right to Build School 

House Without Providing 

For Funds. 



laundry Workers' Union J las 
Instituted o War on Arm- 
stead's Acme Laundry. 


iUiioM ha J a 

a i-onimittee 


Johnson Nickel Company Seems to 
Be Still in the i ield. 

' I !;-:■. nditiK the denial ! 

rli .lohnson NIcU I 
ii;: ... > , .; ■ • -I ii .>f the article iii 

i.\ V ^ Herald eoneern- 

. i:tUciii.-< 111 ('"ok county .jml 
, inteiuion oL' building a lail- 
11 Grand Marais to "Juntiini 
company s asi-nts are still iu 
iiiirins t'tle Tod optionr i>n 
: i>'i.< 1 ty V. hi« h couit only '"' 
tvailubi. i.y (irovidinK it with u 
id outl'i. V- staled Friday, tlu 
• any 'nn~ -\-niLil tht'usands ol 
llais :?i liuyinK land which 

ithoiri ;; Mulil hav ' no value 

':;■' '.'er. 


at this time is to picture the 
in as black terms as oossible, 
view to arousins public senti- 
ment to sueh a oitch that a t>roje(led 
movement for his impeachment will K" 
i.uough when the pr^iper lime cinies. 
That is what rumor says the Civic eo- 
..peratiia Is going: to do— impeach the 
mavor f.n- his refu.'al to enforce the 
laws of the community. The Civic en- 
operation wnild thrust .Mayor Truelsen 
bodllv out of his ofliee a la Stark- 
vealher. It is just a little diffli ult to 
t;e* how this consummation of the hoix's 
of the orcranizati )n is to be arrived at. 
but if the rumor is true, doubtless those 
who are back of the moveiuent have it 
all ti«ured out, even if ihey have not 
taken the public into their confidence. 

The only charge on which the rumored 
impeachment is to be based is that the 
piayor has refusetl lo enforce certain 
laws, such as that regulating the busi- 
i;e.-s hours of saloons. No charges of 
corruption have been whist>ered. so far 
;<< can be learned, simply that the 
mayor will not close the saloons and 
reculate their hours properly. An im- 
peachment has ti be made through the 
city council, and the rumor calls to mind 
.' merrv picture of the council of the 
city o! buluth listenin.g to a pmposition 
that it impeach Mayor Truelsen because 
he d.)es not make th.^ saloons close at 11 
o'cl »ek at night, aceni-ding to the letter 
of the law. The rumor comes from 
sources close to the inner circles of the 
Civic co-operati'in and it bears the hall 
mark of that organization. It is only 
a rumor and it may not be true. Rumors 
(fien are not true. 




I ■ --n 

Votes Claimed as Promised 

Would Indicate a Great 

Number of Aldermen. 

;.ll''\-cr- I 

1 n .i;' 

I ' 

I ' 

. Mi-. 


L ' ,1 
1 M'T- 

w . 

' >Uill- 

'ff :1 


" t!i. 

!■ lav 



• LItlUlg 

■111 . - 

, ., t.ii- i,:\:, . -- w -I .• biu-y 
the finishing touches i'> 
TItov ail spui'red to 
•1 niMi'"/ that the 
.^iii. I"'.- -;l>l> . ;i.. M :'■ i;d elect 

rlicers lonishi. 

Joerns is a new candiilate for 
k. it was claimed for him y -s- 
tt^rnoon that he had fiv 
l.lfdged. AtCfpting ihis 

I rU' 


and also ih statements of iho 
y (viuuidates for t'ne orth... iherd 
n, at Irast tweniy-flve me!nb:rs m 
i,,\\ council. Tho advent of Mr. 
s has set liie oth . candidates 
: ^ pa Very hard. it is possibl? 
liiui-rness friay lUvel'ip over 
;:... usi. It has already been in- 
timated pretty openly thai some aid r- 
,,,. n H^v T'ledged themselves to more 
ididate and an air of sus- 

o , .., u uneasiness is noticeable. 

ThtiL- \\a.< a rumor this afiernooii 

' mad i^» pos;- 

ihfc ciiy ofli^- ■< 

disposition was 

articulariy by the candi- 

crk, late changes and 

: rumors thereof, creac- 

n.ilutiiTent, No. I. ATTCAITBAll V 
Knights of the Mac- II I I ^11 I lUH ■ 

cabees. mc-its :>: ^^ .. „ _. 


for regular review. Busine>s of import.iiice wijl 
v.)ii;t before the meeting. J- J. HAUTLEY. K. k. 

I.>r. J. II. ('aison, accompanied by his 
.-'istLr. II turned yestenlay from a 
•nonih's vacation, ha\ ing visited Mex- 
ico. Calil irnia. lUah and other South- 
i in and Western points. 

Dr. .A. W. Kingland, for many years 
Fiastor of the First church 
of this city, but now of Kvanston, 'II., 
arrived in the city this morning ami 
will visit here for a few days. Tonignt 
he will bn> the guest of Re^'. .John Mason 
Duncan of Craggeneroft. and he will in- 
present at the meeting of the Clen 
Avon Literaiy siH-iety. 

.Miss Margaret Murray and Miss 
Mary Spr n^er left yesterday for Ore- 
gon, where they will remain for soiue 

J. K. S^ims is down from Grand Rap- 
ids today, a gutst at the St. Louis. 

J. T. Stimniel. of Minneapolis, is 
among todays arrivals at the St. Louis. 
James Davidson, a prominent Ash- 
land lumbeniKMi. registered at the St. 
Louis today. 

Frank Boutin. Jr.. of Bayfild. is in 
the city, a guest at the St. Louis. 

O. K. Went Worth arrived in the city 
from Chicago this morning and regis- 
tered at the St. Louis. 

C. H. Southworth, of Bay City. 
Mich., is a late arrival at the St. Louis. 
Chas. Muzzleton. of Janesville, Wis,. 
is a guest at the St. Louis. 

H. J. Payne, of Maniuette, Mich., i^ 
in the city, a guest at ihe Spalding. 

W. H. Yaus. of Hhinelander. Wis., 
ip among todays arrivals at the Spald- 

W. K. Field came up from St. 
this morning and registered at 

U i.rgo O. Lennan. of St. Paul. 
aa:er of Ihe IMymouth Clothing 
pany. is in tiv city, a guest at 

M. J. Peppard, the railroad contract- 
or, is in the city from Minneapolis, a 
guest at the .-Spalding. 

H. W. Hod.tfson. of St. Paul, is regis- 
tered at the Sjialding. 

John S. Snai.f>. the Great Northern 
radroad attomey. is up from St. 
Paul, a gu. .t^t at the Spalding. 

tJeorge O. Williams, a ilinneapolis 
insurance man. is among today's arri- 
vals at the SiiHlding. 

W. H. Ncrthmore of the Goodrich 
Steamboat <niroany of Milwaukee, ar- 
rived in Duiiuh today and took the 
afternoon aain for Ely. 








1 e 

:Ut cfl'..": .-- 
Vae electi' 




* rn n : 




Younij Goes to Klondike. 

l)ur('-t aiei 
Ue bullying 
I stamped ■ 
supporters i' > i • 
viu!r< y*s friends, h rw ;hiy wti-e not at 
1 aiist' of ihese efforts 
' Ksii iJt the runi'-rs 
; I l.e delayed, if 
I [hat all liiv ■ 
; -nLght. 

';;;tf"H W,Te 

ti'.etnsi. Ives tills 

some of Mu!- 

tlilbert. Dr. 

evcjr. professed 

all alarmed b-- 

:o incite revolt. 

that the i^illotiii-! 

was .generally bi - 

fTicers might b> 

Treasurer Took in 
S75,000 Yesterday. 

Yesterday was a big day in the office 
rf the county treasurer, as had been 
expected, and from early morning until 
late at night the force was kept busy 
i-ielving money and checks and mak- 
ing out receipts. There was no possi- 
bUity of keeping books posttd up. and 
even today it was impDssible tr> .^et at 
the exact amount of receipts, f^otigh it 
was believed that they woul ! e, i $?..- 
iiOO. The collections for the -auje day 
last year v.ere a little over $60,000, .so 
the gain this year amounts to nearly 
Sl.'.OOO. The biggest gain was during the 
evenii:g. which was due, of course, to 
th-^ advertisement that the office would 
be opeil until 11 o'clock. Csually there 
ir little business in the evening, for the 
public <loes not know that on the last 
day 'for receiving taxes the oftice is 
u.suallv kept open. But the publicity 
given to this fact drew a great many 
people out last night, and it was after 
10 o'clock before the stream of taxpayers 

The receipts for the year up to the 
last day jf receipts for personal prop- 
erty taxes last year were about $121,000. 
This year for flie .same period they will 
amount to $150,000. 


Del Conte Company Manage- 
ment Has a Big Row 
In St. Paul. 

The Del Conte Italian Grand Opera 
company will noi be at the Lyceum lo- 
nighi and will not visit Duluth, at aU. 
For several days a big row has been 
on in the manag rnent of the company. 
l^cfi^v M. Crawford, who has been 
manager, and the balance of 

the corn- 
had a falling <>ut. Managet 
Williams was wired to know if 
would play the company undrr 
pendent management, 
'hat the manai,e:uent 
and to come on. He 
that there -was a big 



He responded 

was immateria' 

also wired them 

advance sale and 



. nis 


who r 

•n f'ilv. 





Police Records lor Year. 

I a 

y < sill A. 

.,,: e-t'MCti'ei 

': " i 

.■A da .> .-^ 'LI' 
.-'•tne places 



: lie 

iring I 


:i r- 

• any 

■UK Ip 



The S* low Storm Brings Joy to 

!ii IS welcomed 

;i;nii>ermen. espe- 

1 !..n.g haul for 

iM aihr of the 

' '. '.lis very liad- 

.1 i.i.i'ight a return 

!■» I'iftlcuities . ncountered earlier in 

season. With .good roads during 

iionth of March an immense <iuan- 

..r lo*:s will be got out this nionih. 

11,1 3 I '.eady. who has a logging 

■ tact f-er Richardson & Aveiy <n 

«lewari river, has already banked 

S.ooO.OttO fee. and will undoubtedly in- .his .«> lO.'WO.OfK) b-fore the 

of the Logs are comnig down 

nnm both ."f the range roads at a 

meat rate e'7ery 'lay and Iminens. 

stocks are Udng accumulated at tnc 

• :' ad ing dof-.ks in the upi> r i>ay. 


Laxative Brorr.o ."Pulr.iiie Tablets. AM dru^» 

Dr. Burton's Lecture. 

i>r. Burton will lecture at ihf High 
School tonight for the l>^nefit of die 
Free Tiavrling Librarf association. 
He will lecture on "Kipling— Modern 
Kvalism." In an interview a few days 
ago at Minneapolis Dr. Burton said 
that his specialty was poetry. It is 
probabl ■ that he meant that from .n 
authoi's standpoint his specialty was 
pottry. that he likes to v. rice it. But 
twenty years of work as u journalist 
and the last eight years of that time as 
literary editor of the Hartford Courant. 
have familiarized him wich the novel 
of the dav. Study has opened to him 
the novel of the past. It has resulted 
that he is pre-emiiicntl.v an authority 
on the novel. 

Single tickets for tho lecture will be 
on sale at 2."> cents apiece. 


aft I Take 

gists 'efund the money if » *«''« to cure, has L. B. O- on t ach tablet. 


Came In like « Lion. 

. Miti- 

. ' i--sult- 

i. < lion in- 

< 'oi dderaldf 

his morning 

th'irtv- ••5^1 

: !n 'VMS "^ef 1 

i, and 'died otil 

old wa' \-f is ex- 

:;orrow is to be 

St.- ,nd-by, Dr. 
"> w reiognizfd 
It V. Keep it 

Asks for Jut^icial Deed. 

I i I's E Hendeison this mornim; 
(ikd in district court an application for 
.a. judicial deed to lots :'. 4 a„d !/• l';;'-' 
.MrAdam street, and 1 '>l ll-/^\«^f,''»,7 
H n street, in the tow it "f P'-rtlan I. 
whi«h is now in ludel in I'otiland 
vision of Duluth. He claims 
t.e.iv«d the lot.« by fu tans' 
an. e the town of 
the t.nvn holding t'L'e ^/i trust 
1 eiipantt, under a 1 nitea 
,, .. i-.'vcr! In 1844 for tile 
7.1 lis r.f towns upon T 
kinds. There are several 
in the transfer from 'tl*e „ „„ i 

wants the judges. ^''^^^\;''Z.- '^ 
one. I. K. W.'st Is his attorne>. 


that he 


In ix.^8. 
fc- the 
States law- 
relief of citi- 
nited Stated 
town, and he 

An Open Letter 

T. J. Monahan. Duluth. Minn.. IMstrut 
Manager of the Mutual Menehi Lite 
Insurance Comi»any. of Newark. 
X. J.: 

Dear .Sir: I desii-e to acknowledge re- 
ceipt of the company's check in full 
setllement of Policy No. 13.276 on the 
lif- of \V. H. Hubbard. The poll y 
was written on the continuou.s life plan 
and when 1 consider thav fifteen yeara 
has lapsed since the last, premium 
paid and that the policy was in 
toicr' and that no back premiums were 
de<lucled from the face of the policy, it 
is gratifving to know that Mr. Hub- 
bard was insured in this grand and 
honest old life insurance company. 

chahle:s e. de witt. 

Trust- e. 
Duluth, M'nn.. March 1. 1898. 
All polici. s written by the Mutual 
r.enefit Life Insurance company 
non-forfeitable and incontestable 
two years. 

T. J. M«)N.\HAN, Agent. 
30.'. Providence Building 



Waffles and Chicken Pie. 

A walll.' and chick n pie supp'-r will 
be given at the A. M. E. church, corner 
of Fourth avenue and Fourth stT-et 
west next Thuisday evening. Mrs. 
Taylor and Mrs. Roach will prepare 
the waffles. 

that they could get money if they 

iteeded it. 

The row. how.ver. has not been 
V,alched uj) and word was received this 
.ifternoon that the company had nut 
left S.. Paul this afternoon. 

Manager Williams is disheartened ;n 
cons^^quence. The company would un- 
doubtedly have i-een the greatest at- 
traction of the season. Duluth people 
who .saw the company in the Twin Cit- 
ies say that it is superb in every way. 
There was a $12i»0 advance sal- in Du- 
idth and Superir>r for the company. All 
miuuv will be refunded on presentation 
of tickets. l)Ut .Manager Williams is 
wondering how to get his money for 
advertising and hid posting re funded. 


Long Distance Telephone Cnmpany 
Has Not Given Up. 

C. D. M. Cole, of New York, who is 
Pi the head of the l^sng- Distance Tele- 
phone company that recently asked a 
franchise from the Duluth city council, 
arrived in the city Saturday night and 
left Sunday night. He was a guest at 
the Spalding during his brief stay, but 
did n )t register, as he did not wish the 
l.ublic to know of his presence in the 
city. He saw several Duluth gentlemen 

Mr. Cole's recent vist to Duluth un- 
doubtedly means that an effort will be 
nifde to Induce tiie new city council to 
grant the franchise which the old coun- 
( il refused a few months ago. There has 
been no objection ofl'c"'>d t j grant per- 
mission to the company to enter the 
city with its wires for the transaction of 
a purely long-distance telephone busi- 
ness!, but it insists that it also be per- 
initted to have a local exchange as well. 
The officers of the campany claim that 
while they have no intention of doing 
a local business, they want the privi- 
lege, to prevent the local company from 
taking advantage of them. The council 
has thus far declined to give the com- 
pany a local franchise. 

Denies the Application. 

Judge Mo r filed finding this morning 
in the matter of the application of the 
city of Duluth for the approval of a 
reassessment for the Improvement of 
Short Line Park. .ludge Moor denies 
the application and orders that th- re- 
assessment be not confirmed. 

Delia Campbell this m(U-ning began 
suit against Louis Anians to recover 
$110 alleged to be due for merchandise 
and wood furnished the d fendant and 
for an assigned aci-ount of a West Su- 

rlor physician for medical 

Judge Ensign liled hi.s Ilnding.- this 
niornin.i? in three cases against .schiol 
district No. 31, in which recovery 
siHight for materials and labor in put- 
ting up a nesv school liouse for ihe dis- 
:rict. The plaintitTs losr their case, 
.md in the findings and the mem »■•- 
andum that accomitanies them there 
are some important points that will be 
■>i intei^est to the public and to school 

illicial.s all over thf state. 

Judge Ensign finds that at the an- 
nual meeting of the district, held July 
IS. 1S96, the following officers were 
duly tlectfd: W. F. Siieldnn, directur. 
Andrtw Quaal. elerk; titorge Neslntt. 
treasurer. All of these offit'ers excci>t 
Nesbitt qualified, and he failed to do 
so. Quaal never had actual possession 
-f his office and its records, and he 
never actually transacted the duties of 
•lerk. He demanded possession of his 
>ffice from William Byrne, his prede- 
■tssor, but ht toiled to turn it over to 
him. Byrne continued to act as clerk 
antil March 10, 1S97. without any ob- 
jectii^n ficm the district or legal steps 
:o oust him by Quaal or the district. 
During this period there was no trea- 
-uitvr of the district. Nesbitt having 
"ailed to qualify, though an attemiu 
.vas made by the trustees in the fall of 
IS96 to appoint John Byrne, and h?> 
we tended to act as ireasurer for some 
.itne. The court finds that his ap- 
oointment was without authority of 
aw, and void, and that he never was 
ri asuier of the district. 

Sheldon and William Byrne, theie- 

ore, acted as the board of trustees, and 

mteitd into the agreements on which 

he suits wfre brought. The agrtemnLs 

vire to pay for erecting, furnishing and 

supplying a new school hi)use. The 

u-jvjol district at no lime designated 

.r puichased a site for the house, but 

his did not trouble the directors. It 

itver provided for a fund to build a 

ichool house either, and when th(^ or- 

lers wcie issuecl on which the suits 

vote brought there was in existence no 

unci for ilieir payment. 

It is found that none of the orders 
ssued to the plaintiffs by Sheldon and 
Byrnes are binding on the district, for 
his reason, and the district should 
iav£ jud.gment in its favor, whieh is 
irdeied entered. 

In a memorandum accompanying the 

indings. Judge Ensign gives .some of 

i:s reasons for the finding. He says 

hat a school district has no power in 

■xcess cf those expressly granted or 

mplied by the .cLalf.ies. Th? trustres 

f a disti'.et may go no farther in their 

xpenses than provided by the levy for 

■jxts that nas been regularly made, or 

iian what is authorized by the voters 

!i- by the money on hand. In other 

Mird.s, aside from the isr^^suance of b.-inds 

:i th? regular manntr. a school district 

.mno: go into debt through any con- 

racls by its directors. The tiustees 

•annot permit the expenses for any 

,ear ;o exceed the amount authorized 

jy the levy, the amount authoriied by 

.-ote, or the amount on hand. At a 

neeting of the district it was voted ;•• 

.ulld a school house, but no provision 

vas made for funds. The board had no 

lower to contract a debt in the name 

if the district. 

In conclusion Judge Ensign says: 

Tht trustees of a district cannot b^ 

.Permitted to exceed their powers, and 

.vhile it is hard that the men should 

lot be paid for their labor and material. 

1k-v are presumed to know the law." 

The plaintiffs were the Moon & K 

Lumber company. John Senet 

.\. Olmsted. 

Shoes Almost 
Given Away ! 

20OO pairs of Ladies', Misses' and Children's 
Shoes, worth $5.00, $^.^0, #4-00 and ,^5.00, bought 
by us at our own price from the Bankrupt stock of 
Wliite & Howe, of Sioux City, Iowa, on sale 
Wednesday and Thursday at 59c per pair. 


The Famous Shoe Store 

III West Superior Street. 


House Resumes Consideration of 
Loud's Postal Bill. 

Washington. March 1.— Kev. J. S. Dol- 
liver, the lather of Representative Dol- 
liver, of Iowa, delivered the invocation 
in the house today. The house then en- 
tered upon the special order which set 
apart today, tomorrow and Thursday 
for the consideration of the Loud blM 
relating to second class mail matter. 
The bill is identical with that which 
passed th-- house abgut a year ago 
excud^s from classification as 
class mail matter, which pays postage 
at the rate of 1 cent per pound, books 
and reprints of books printed in serial 
form -sample copies" of newspapers 
or periodicals, unsold copies returned 
from agents and all puldications de- 
signed primarily for advertising pur- 
poses. All- such publications, by its 
terms, wouM go into the third class, 
which pays S cents per pound. 



At Marseilles in France recently a clever 
bank robberv took place, in which the im- 
l.roved burglar drill was used. The crack-s- 
men drilled a hole one or two inches m 
diamtler bv means of a hand brace at 
the level of the lock and afterward tapped 
the hole .so that there might be scr v. ed 
into it a threadc-d rod provided wi:h a 
handle at its extremity. The drill. i)ri.p- 
erlv so calle«i. consisted of a steel plate 
ring provided with saw teeth ai one of its 
ed.ges. This was tixed to a vertical Icver 
anVl a bridge. The threaded rod. which 
was lirst screwed into the door, s-rved as 
:in axis of rotation. Cpon this axis wuj^ 
ti.ved the drill, and it only sufficed lo 
maneuver the lever in order to cause thte 
saw teeth to bite the plate of the :;ale. 
After a short period of sileni work a disk 
was detached and came .>ut with th- tool. 
The safe thou :io longer olTered any re- 
sistance to burglars. 

and W. 




Washington. March 1.— The senat' 
passed the Bacon lesolution for the i 
erection, in some suitable place in the 
capitol. ot a bronze memorial tablet. | 
eomm-morative of the officers and ' 
sailors who lost their lives in the Maine : 
dis.istcr. Before the resolution was i 
passed. Senator Perkins of California i 
made an eloquent speech In its sup- | 
port and in eulogy of the American . 
navy. -Senator Hear endeavorec to 
have a conference report on the bank- 
ruptcy but J>enator Stewart talkea 
the time out until 2 o'clock, when the 
Alaskan right-of-way and homestead 
oill came up under the regular order. 
.\l:. liawlins lesumcd his speech op- 
posing the lull. 



I Coffee at night. It spoils their sleep. You 
i can drink Grain-O when you please and 
I sleep like a top. For Grain-O does not 
' stimulate: it nourishes, cheers and leeds. 
Yet it looks and tastes like the best 
coffee. For nervous persons, younjf people 
and children Grain-O is ine perfect drink. 
Made from pure grains. Get a package 
from your grocer today. Try it in place of 
coffee. 1.5 and 25c. 

lirand Commander to Be Here 
morrow Evening. 

Grand Commander B. F. Farmer will 
tomorrow make his annual official visit 
lo Duluth commandery, Knights Tem- 
plar. He will be acconvpanied by an es- 
ort of sixty knights. The party will 
come In special sleepers and will have 
tlieir own dining car. They will arr 
at 7:30 o'clock tomorrow morning 
the St. Paul & Duluth road. They 
be met at the depot by ac escort 
the City band and will march to 
Ma. sonic Temple 

The annual inspection 
w ill be followed by the conferring on Dr. 
Magie of the Order of the Red pross. 
and after the ceremonies a banquet will 
be held. The visit of the grand com- 
mander was timed so that he might be 
rresent at the conferring of the order 
on Dr. Magie. 


Large Parties Continue to Leave For 
Klondike Daily. 

The rush to the kTondikc from Du- 
luth and vicinity seems to be increas- 
ing steadily. One line took out twen- 
ty-five passengers for the gold country 
yesterday, twenty-two today and 

iwentv mere booked for 
Among today's passengers 
dolph Kruschke and party 
<r. Lutes will also leave 
j.>in her husband, who 
in business at Dyea. 
tion of Mr. Kruschke 



will be Ru- 

Mrs. Roy 

tomorrow to 

is now engaged 

It is the inten- 

and his party to 

Buried Maine Victims at Havana 
Cannot Be Removed Now. 

Washington. March 1.— Consul G-;-n- 
eral Lee has made a further explana- 
tion of the difficulties in the way of rela- 
tives who seek to secure the removal to 
the rnited States of the remains of 
such of the victims of the Maine explo- 
sion as have already been interred. 

Senator Fairbanks, of Indiana, re- 
quested the state department to obtain 
Iiermission fo- the exhumation and re- 
moval of the liody of young Keyes, and 
ih- request being submitted to Gen. 
Lee, called forth the following response: 

Most boc:ies buried some weeks ago 
are unrecognizable. Against Spanish 
Jaw to exhume until expiration of five 
•.ears. Neither steamers nor authori- 
ties permit shipment of bodies unless 
at once embalmed and in metallic 
cas-:s. Cost of embalming and encasing 
from $600 to SSOO each. 


Brutal Killing Reported From a Penn- 
sylvania Town. 

Doylestown, Pa.. March 1.— Mrs. An- 
nie L Edwards, who resided at Jami- 
son, this countv. a short distance fr.Jiii 
Doylestown. was found murdered in 
her bedroom last night. The vi«^tims 
head was beaten almost to a jelly ana 
the room bore evld nee of a terrible 
struggle'. There is no clue to the mur- 
derer nor is there any evideme as to 
the time when the murder actupjly oc- 
curred. The last time Mrs. Eawai^ls 
was seen alive was on Friday night. 
The county commissioners have ol- 
fered a reward of $1000 for the arrest of 
the murderer. 


New Yoik. March L— FMward J. 

Ilatclifte. the actor, was taken today 

Blackwells Island penitentiary. 

will strve a sentence of six 

months' im.i-rlsonment foi an assault 

upon his wife. Alice Delacy Ratcliffe. 




Ana all next week you can buy our best ;c 
Cigars for — 

6 FOR 25c 

And with every purchase secure a chance on 
the $ioo bicycle we are to give away on June ^. 


KNOWN MAN w duluth 

Has a pood thing and will show it to the right 
man. 1 want one or two good men with mone> 
to aid me in a small undertaking that will grow 
into a large business which will return a very 
brge profit. In a short time we will have the 
whole world as a market. Don t think this is 
a take tor 1 can show you proof of my asser- 
tions. I don't ask you to let me handle your 
monev: vou will have control of that y.mrseii. 




We are at Superior-Duluth with a first- 
class dredging plant, and are prepared to 
do work promptly and at reasonablo ratts. 
For estimates a:id prices address 



where he has 



ance. 'Campbell & Stilson 

tot luys. 

are the at- 

go direct to Skaguay. 
jewel rv store. He will leave his busi- 
n the hands of his employes and 
ed across th- Chilkoot pass 
his companions and then go dow-n 
Yuk<.n on a prospecting expedition. 
Mrs. Lut.-s will be the first Duluth vo- 
man to start for Alaska. l)ut 't '« n'^,«: 
h.r present Intention to go farlhei 
than Dyea. 

To keep 
V ater. , 

well drink Solon Spring 

Bert Costello Goes to Chicago. 

Bert Costello. who was injured two 
and a half years ago while playing 
football, wa.s today taken to <-hK-ag". 
wheie he will be placed in care of Di. 
Murphy, the famous Chicago physician. 
Dr. MuHTlty has had the case ai-- 
curaielv described to him. and says he 
thinks he can effect a cure. He will 
opt rate on him the last of this Nverk. 
and will keep him In Chicago about 
thie." months. 

Washington, Mar.h 1 -Todays 

.statement of the condition of the trca- 
sui-y shows: Available ^^^h J^alanc. 
$:J2D.564.20a: gold reservt . $Ib(,b_.i,ih-. 

fjTlvcston Trx.. March l.-Judg^ Bc>- 
atit of the federal court, today perpnu- 

;r,ed a temporary i"-'"";'':^'' ^':^."»'^^'/'\'^ i 
time ago restraining tho Sa.ila be. tne 
Missouri & Texas and the Internationa & 
Great Northern roads from demanding 
nre-pavment of charges from the Lone 
Star S:camshi.. line. The judge holdn 
that the debt for pie-payment is 
ton of the interstat;^ commerce 




Business Property 5 per ceot. 
Residences, 6 per cent 

Partial Paymtnt Privitega. Saa us bafara 
Making a Laan. 


Anything you 
want, read The 
ads and get. 

hav«n''t got that you 
Evening Herald want 

Lima. Ohio, March l.-The price of 
crude oil advanced 4 cents ner barrel 
todav. making North Lima oil 60 cents. 
Snuth Lima and Indiana oil .^o cents. 
Pennsvlvanla oil also went up 4 cents 
and i.s quoted at S4 cents. Many pro- 
ducers predict that the price will reach 
the dollar mark within the next month. 


Washington, March 1.— The monthly 

treasurv statement issued today shows 

an excess of receipts over expenditures 

for the month of February of $1.9T3.102. 

Security Bank Depostts 
for Sale Cheap. 

N. J. UPHAM i CO., 400 Burrawt BalMing. 


Heartburn, Gastritis 
and all stomach dis- 
orders positively cured. 
Grover Graham Dyspepsia Remedy is a specific. One 
dose removes all distress, and a permanent cure of 
the most chronic and severe cases s guaranteed. D» 
not suffer I A 50-cent bottle nili convince the most 


I I 








W i;hM:shAV, MAKril l'. Ih!»s. 



Spring Hat Openinjj: This Week. 

Stetson Hats for Spring 
' '^ are Served, Sir I 



'T*he new shapes in 
■'■ Stiff and Soft 
Hats are here 
your inspection. 

Mighty graceful 
and becoming bits of 
hat -architecture they 

As for quality — 
you've ever worn ^■ 
•■Stetson. ■ you c:~ 
vouch for that. 7^ 

Don't like the Stetsc".^ 
AH ri,v:ht, then look/^t 

The New Spring ^iordon Hat! 
The New Spring Guyer Hat! 

One of these three Popular HatN .» sure to please you and will com- 
plete your outfitting to shine In the be.nt societ> . 

Still too many Ulstors For this wock, on all that are 
left 30 nor cent discount. Buy now for future noodu. 

rien's and Boys' 


125 127 
\V. Superior St. 



Tension Over the Maine Affair Said to 

Have Been Relieved By Secretary 

Long's Latest Utterances, 


Members of English Parliament Say Euro- 
pean Powers Would Not Help Her 
In Case of War, 

s.-nt'd i> tlip t'ourt has Ix-f-n discN^S'fl. 
Tin- rtstriciloiis uiv so sf-veif that tin, 
v'Miiinuiiicatlijtis b-lwei-ii ihi* naval nifii 
u ho luivf b<'fn b- fort' tin- (■<iuii hav'- 
t>« oil inoHt KiiarJid. 

Naval ofTufrs ut this station who ar»^* 
n..t t «>iiii»'cl.-,| uiih thf i.'oiirt exprfjss 
thi^ guariifd vitu that v- ly litLh- ics'I- 
iriony has yot hf-e-n h'-aid I'-tKlinj;' l>> 
show that lh<* expl.-sioii was tli.- iisuli 
of a (.-onsidiaoy as to th<- <-x;nt i-aiisf 
of Ihv disuMfi-. 




I'urnish Blectric Current lor 

Light and Power 


Rooms 4=5-6, 216 West Superior Street. 

U ashliiKtop.. Mar.h 2.-Th.- i.-nsi.-.i I th- ir . yes fixed on a .'Ool. deliboi-.te 

and wi^if statesman, who is «uidinK our 
niK'<jiiln-.Mit ship of siaf an.1 all Ainf-r- 
uaii hearts aiv loyal and lo\in{f in )»ls 
supi'on. They hop,- tliat Mr. MoKin- 
l.y will d.'ckl. wh.-n th- tim.- lor d-ii- 
sion aniv.s. and that vs h> n h«' dot-s d- 
iafnt«i Iwarini? on ih.- suhjoci, and also j ^.^j^. j^^. ^^.j,j ^),.,.i,|.. rightly and hav.- hi- 

■ ■ ' " hind hiir. to a man ih- f-nilrr- popula- 
tion of this Kjvat couriir,y. This is a 

ov r th'- Maine affair is noll< .-ahly r.-- 
!;• v.-d in all ottiiial quart>'rs u»day, 
[..irilv lit i-ansr of th-' ahstnr<! of dl:- 
pau'h'-s lo iru- -natf -t navy dt-part- 

Navy Department Will Send Relief 
Ship to Cuba. 

Washinsrlon. March :;.— S-rn tary 
I.on;^ has d«<-idf-d to .si-nd a na\aJ v«'s- 
Sil to f'uba at once with forty or fifty 
tons of provisions for th.- r •llif of iht> 
sufl'i-rini; r.-i-onc'-ntrados. Th ■ v^s^f-l 
will Ko to Malanzas or SantiaKo. 1' i« 
said that an t.-mt.'rgeni y i-xists that 
niakt's it iit-ccssary to dispatch provi- 
slon.s at onve in oni.r to succor th-? 
starvinK- Th<^ vr-ssd to ht- sf-nt will 
lie S.-1 cicd this afitinooti. 

ll wa-s suli.s.iiiicntiy dc<i"l il to s- nd 
two \(_-ss-l.s with ihc rdi. f siipjdics. 
Thr Montjjonicry will tak'- suppli'-s to 
Matanzas and tlic N'ash\ illc ^^llppli^•s to 
Sa^ua I.a Orand*. The v.»s.< Is will 
not stop in (."iiban waters, 1)ni wdl if- 
lurn im»^diat»^ly on <l.ll\erinj; th-' sup- 
jjli'-s, which werf f\irnish-d iiy tin- Nt'W 
Vork Cuban r-.-li^f i ommitife. 


liint- wh.-n ctdl-K** "'• " '*'** lf">k'd to." 


1^ cau.-ic of the inspinti by 
.•Secretary Long's lUicrancc ycHi<»rday 
!!iai iht- cl-m«-nt, of Spanish partivipa- 
tJMn it: ihc dlsasi»T ha.'- ht-t-n ••llnunatfj 

"\vi'thou*;h th- navy '"lartmcnt had! ^ ^TWany of the III 

no roiMiti"' lioiu Mavaaa or Key Wt-st. •■""""■»- • •• ... 

a dis{ atili annoimcin^; tlic departure 
of the (.rul.scr Buioklyn tiom Santa 
l.ucia for La «3ua\ra, had .xomc indirct 

siKniticam <• in further rcuiovini; oU'^ ot 
the larger vi-Hsels ot tlic nav\ from wliat 
has tlius far bt-cn the ri.inmon imUli oi 
naval activity at Key West. The Hrook- 
Ivn v\ill mak- a .^hort stop ai La tJuay- 
ra and will ih'ii j.rocectl turtli^-r .soum- 

Ealed Maine's Crew. 

Havana. March L'.--Th.- city is quiet 
today, but the ptiblic and luivate Ki-ect- 
iiiK--* to th»* Spanish cruiser Vizcaya. 
whioli arrives! her*' night have not 
lessened in fftrvo]-. 

Tiii- dlveis are workin;; hard upon the 
wreck o: the Maine It is feared that 

1 ■ 1 ,;..t T VV lluOt'LS. 


Manev to Loan on First National 

Improved Property- Bank Buildinj*:. 

Hoih the .-I ae .leparinunt and the dc- _ many of the dead w. re blov.n to pieces 
larimitu of ju-stlce have received con-;whicli would account for the failure to 
sid-rab;e detailed information relative ■ tind thdr bodie.-* where exp.Hted. 
to the all..'K«-d rilibu.sterin>c sK-Hiner , Setiator Proctor ha^^ sor.e to Man- 
l.auntles.s. This is accompanied by the j anzas where be will spend ttu- day Jle 
soK^'esiion that the ve.-scl mlnhi b- j was acoonipanij-d by Ml.'.s Clara iiar- 
Ui..e||ed uiid- r th;- navigation laws for i ton and Mr.<. NN ard. . 
L(.n<ealin« her name, and under the; ■ 
neutrality laws for carryiuK war ma-. fR^m IMERNAL CAUSES. 
terial to tie- Cuban.s. The correspon- 1 

^Zi llaia '.::!' ;h:"p;:^t'^r:;::n' :>ru"! Spanish Claim as to Source of Maine 

Itiun.iles.-. It state.s that in the no Jdle j Disastcr. 

..' fanuarv last the lJauuiles.-< wa.s . , 

hi.verl,^ iM'tieen Florida and « :eor-.Ma '; Madrid. Mar I. •'.-The govern- 
the evident of elud 



Once Gay City Now Presents 
an Appearance of Pro- 
nounced Inactivity. 

State'*» ( Idini to School Lands at 
Red Lake. 

\Va.-idiiKt'>ii Mai < h l'.-( Special to Th" 

I i. raid, t All "iiiev C-u-ial t'niuis. 

;. liter- h;iV'i',L: iii;ci.- :i -h>!l .irsili-li -ii' 

, ..■: .!•■ .lu'lL- \'andevanter of iIt- i-si.-ri- 

■ • t.'p;! , t !i!>-:T oil tlu- slate'- ■laiiil for 

t,. -; i:;'l- :n :ie- \\--.\ l.ak.- reserva- 

t ;..! h..,ii' lo.l.iy. i I.' V ill tile 

• i:: tti- I ase v iiiiin a \vet>k and 

inie>uiiei-M thai l!' is liopinic for a favor- 

...1.. .!.., i^i,,n. Stat" Audifiir 1»unn is 

I il le the laUel- ].:xV\ of t lie 

; :^. 11- aiid T. i:. Hyiii.s. oi' Mlnne- 

j Hpoli.-i, will |>robab;y have a ht arins b-- 
' :or.- .Indue V.iiul»vant"r then. 

ports fi'r 

ins dtlection, >o as lo y^t-i away witn 
a tlllbusterinj; r>arty for t'uba. The iw- 
liiiialion was c<»nv.-y.-d lo the depait- 
meiii of Jiij*ti<-i' that ihis j.urpose wa.s do 
» lear that it would be a v, ise precau- 
tion lo j)laee a deputy marshal or dep- 
1)1 V c«dlveior of custom.s on board the 
ship. A memorandum recites liie lia.-is 
of su«'pieion of th • Daunile-^s. 






flour Mill, Grain, flour and Wheat 
Destroyed at Houston. 

Congress to Examine Into Murder of 
a Postmaster. 

U ashi.'iKron. March : 'Ihe s.-nnfe 

' ".iirnltte.' on poui..J1i. • > an'l post roads 
V'.|,i> authoiiZ'-il :( f.i v. ■( a M>- !'-i.<.ir on 
.-■^ ii.'Uor Mas<'ri's joint i>-.-ointioii lur an 

I MU'-siiKatioii .if the recr'ut killin:r of 
ili. color>d postniasier a: L.ike Ciis-. 
S. I", '("h 1 ^' duti<.ii v..)^ amended 
.. \ r pof. d > :i - ; ■ p||o\vs . 

\'•.'ll•■^••il^■. i: I- ;i it-'l liiat i ii- 

i nit-o Stat 'S posWuasl'i at Lake City, 
S. (".. has b •••n iniirdeT. d aiid his wife 
,iti<; > uildr- II sliot. li; .uriv ll and 

:ti- S'li't .1 Stal-S ll .■ J.ropertx 

~iroy.'d. I ll- !••!-■!-• . 
;. llial a .join- i . inimitt .-e on- 
iMi;4 i>I >i>, !0>Mnb IS of c,in;.'l ^>, 

;■■ fmiu 111- Si oat" :!!'d thfe'- froni 
; ll jp'tisc )<•■ aplioint -d !•• iii-.'-st!uate 
::, atl"«. d ■rune and r p'H ; tie- facts 
eonnress. together uitli th'lr re. 
Mill- ixiation.s and that tliey have uu- 
;li. rii\ ti adminlsiei oaths, to send for 
■ r-.o;.'- :ind pap-l-- and lo employ .i 

ii''i,raph- r to 1m- paid out "f t h* con- 
. .;.«t-iu fniids .i- !). 1 . •• ll •u- ^ ••(■ eon- 
.:;i ss and i !.' .i ■ tmh a 

i 11 !■-! onioi I ' ■ ■ 

'•■ Its Sunday Inception Does Not Im- 

European Pov^ers Would Not Help 
Her In War. 

.N'.-u VoiU. .dardi ^ A 
from London to the World says: The 
suffK-.-lion in a N\w Vork dispatch 
thai in the e\ eiit of war belWe.n the 
Itiiied Stales and Spain, the latter may 
receive ueiiv- lo-operalion from some 
unnam-d I'.uroi.tan power l.s ireai-d 
^\ith iiiir- increduMiy in p >llilcal 
circles of London. A Woilds reporter 
discussed the iiu stb-n in the h-> of 
commons lobby with s veral members. 
v\h.> are .-tcknowledped authorities on 
for. inn atVairs. All concuned In .x- 
piessinp the opinion that should war 
break out l.etwe-n the I'niied Siaus 
and Si-ain in relation lo Cuba, both 
pov.-rs would hav- a fr-e tield and no 
Lixoi, as far a.s l-:>iroi.-un coumn s are 
cone rneil. . „. 

Sir rharles Dilke. the h.srhest unoih- 
clal aulliorlty on su<-h qu-siions in 
Hnulish politics, has already at an 
.-.Illy stdKe of the dillieuUy beiw 
Spai'i and th- liiiieil Slates, stal d his 
1. lief that no i:uro)iean iiower would 
intervene. He reiterated that view. 
saylnB: '•NothiJi;; ha.s occurred lo al- 
!.-r luv opinii'ii in that regard, al- 
llKHifih 1 cannot belb-ve that war is 
lik Iv to take place. No Kuropean 
power has any inurest iii helpm? 


peril Its Validity. 


four Bei<{ians Accompany Him on 
His Four. 

I«i-i va !• I»a.. • 

t'ol. .luiiK- 

\;.. - I.. 3lUd.v 

; ■, . ::■ n.-lhoi.';' 

,. Ill' 

Allanta, ' ia.. .M.ti ■ ' • tnillion 

dollars Uoitli I't r a! alTeeie I 

' a decision of th- -iat' >upivm'- 

in. holdins valid a inarria>?- eon- 

;nade on Sunday. Tb. yontiK 

•iiniiii; into posse.H.'ii.oi of this 

|.ii.|.-it.v is U.ul>en Ha>d n, bith-Tto 

imknouti as a social leader. 

I - tns that in IS'-" Mis. f'one Hay- 
r ^ratidmoib' I iiiariie.l \V. H. fn- 
■ : rwood hikI res rved h"! ■ state fm 
lieiM.-lf, Hiid at h r dealh ibe propeiiy 
v\av t.. K>< i" b>-r children. Mr. Hay- 
<|. II. in tb- trial in the suiwrior eour. 

\-aiitd (ll iMlroda<- as ••\idi-nee tl;,-- 

i'iaiii.ii:e loiicrait '.I .\i i . ami Mrs. \'n- 
.1.-! ;•. i.iid. 'I'll- (!■ f'-iise ol.j . .'■■d a.-i it 
- a i-iiteicd iiii'i on Sunday and ther. - 
: .; • v,as not Iet:al. Tb fif siding 

jinlire uph'-ld lie- olij ;u.i,, 

III the decision of th supreme < onri 

'!i oiaiiia»;e <ontia(i wa.-« declared 

the leKislatur<- lonld only 

• idinaiy ernployirieni an<l t>i 

lOiierinii ill!" a inariiaK' ••■iiiraet \v ,^ 

not ordinai.v etnplov ni. n! 

Ha%\ley and Dal/ell Address Yale 
Alumni at Was^hington. 

Washinuton. March :;. S natoi Ilaw- 
ley, chairman of the ^enau- eommitiei- 
..II military affairs, and Jleprtsentati. e 
Iialz'W id' I'enusylvania. leftrr d lo tiie situation in their Sf hes W- 

f.ov the Vale alumni of Wash- 
inuton last iiiKht. Senator 

Haw ley aroused much enthusiasm by 
r ferrinc: to the tondiiions i;<\\ 
ini; in this c.mniry. suyin« ihat >bould 
a just cause demand, ndllions of men 
\.ovild rcS).ond to a «aU of **"^>;; 

Th -r-' has been a lot of talk of war, 
sal<l Siiat'.r Haw Ivy. •'and ib- c>ol 
lialf uns|»oken words of jiatrioMsnt that 
ha\e aiisen all over th- counuy are 
indeeil a pri<l.' to Am rlca. Ii >•-;"'''-'- 
niticent. At any just demand million.^ 
will jump to the call of duty and do 
tl.eir dutv as Amerleans. No just 
cause V ill" fail to tind a r-ady i esponse 
amouK all Am-rieans." . , ,, 

i:e|.r.-senlative Dalzell sai.l all e.d- 
I -ffe m n should stand tojrether in the 
inter St of the country. "We are living- 
in a p-euliar tim.," said Mr. J talzell, 
■ and are just now underK'oinK such a 
^is as this ^Ten-ration has never 

fci'-u: on Monday nvelvi 1 a rei>or; fro:i\ 
ll). .Sjjaiiish authorities at Havana itay- 
inK :hat the explosi »n whl. h wievkd 
Ui,: Main- was due to mternal eattf'es, 
addiiiK ;ha.: ii \ras bebev.-d thai •Jl^ 
l.'uil'J Siai.'.s ».-.\|Krij4 •aII axlmit als 
'.\ iihout. reben'atlon r.f »ny kinci^' ^. 


I Belief That President Mckinley Will 
Not Declare War. 

Madrid. March L'.— Th ■ <'orrespon.l. n- 
i-la says: "SupposinK th-' Ameiicaii 
e.dritnisslon «on.>»ldc-rs ihe Maine dis- 
aster erlir.inal, we shall have t,» hear the 
.-»l»inion of iho Spanisli cotnmis.sion. In oi a f.iiluie : > aKfe i; woubl le 
ne, to iiomina...- anoilvr oonvni''- 

••\\- i-main fimn in ih.* belief thai tlr^ 
Vank' e I'liinmissi.ti! \sill nor tind the ex- 
plosjcm dut- to exttri>>r cau.-e, and in 
i-juse of a d aubli'ul ve:'vlic , we feel sur- 
I-"resi<l"n. M'Kinl ->• would no: \sa.i,'e w:i'- 
at; Spain in tlie fate of a lairop. an 
veidi.'i lo the eonti-aiy and that of tie- 
.-■. nslMr portion of the American peo- 


Elicits a Kind Response I rom Secre- 
tary Long. 

II..1 .t-iap.dis, March 2.— Ten days a^o 
little l»an WallinKfoid, a^ed 7 years, 
pur. based 4S cents worth of stamps 
and forwarded ihein to Seerotary Lons 
uiih tin- request that the money \yr used 
for building a new biiitleship lo replace 
the Maine. Since the publication of 
young Wallin«rford's patriotic exjtres- 
sioM. luirii' lous eoiifiratulati'iry l<-tlers 
froTu 'iiiTerent parts of the country hiiv. 
been i-'ceived at the WaHiii^ford hmn.-. 
The la.-^t letter to lonie is a n ply from 
Secretary Loiik and is as follows: 

My Dear Lilt!.- I'titriotlc l^id: I 
hav.- .\.iur letter and tweniy-f.)ur U-ceni 
postaKe .stamps inclosed with it, which 
you havi so generously taken from your 
spell. liiiK nionej and Kiv.-n to your 
;ifr'.. There is not so mu<h need 

Desires to Be Governor and 
Will Soon Formally An- 
nounce His Candidacy. 

Wnshineton, Maich L'. — (.Sjjt cial to 
The Herald.)— The informaiioti « omes 
to Washington from Minnes.da Unlay 
that ConKressman Healwole has deli- 
nilely decid. d to become a candidate 
for Kovernor. It is said that his Can- 
dida. -y will he formally announced in 
a few days. It is also well known 
among the irolitidana here that ther.- 
i.-j a disagreement Iieiween Senator N l- 
son and Tanis Hixby as to the j,'ubei - 
nalorial eandidates and that liixb\ 
dot.s not desiiv to support \'aii Saiil. 
but prefers to aid H-'atwob-. jf N.i- 
son Insist.s upon sui'ptitinj; Van Saia 
In- will probaly ali.nnte his folPiuint; 
in Minnesota to a large extent and tind 
serituis opposition to his r.- lection. 

The presence iu Washinsrton of s.. 
iiKiny promin. nt politicians from Mii^- 
nesoia diiriiif; the past ft-w da>s is r.-- 
gani.'d as a c riain indication tin-.; 
seri.>us complications ovr the state 
ticket have aris>-n. 'Hm P.yrnes, \\\-\<' 
has le -n her.' off and on for 
months,, is report. -d lo b- la.vinp i>lans 
to lief' at the r"-iiomiiiati<in of «'mi- 
Kressman Kletclu-i-, of Minnea|>olis, and 
is tryiuK his best to assist tin- t'loii.^h- 
Van Sant <ombin.-. 

MAKKKS oK (».^KS. 
Tidedo. t)hto, Maich 1.'.- Tin .\s.-oc.- 
ation of Hoat *»ar Manufactuieis it 
the I'liited States is the name of ap 
organization perfecte<l at a nieetim; 
held he!.- of i.pteseniativ.^s <if lirms 
contndlinn that inrtust.y. The- olllcers 
ail : J. K. Aloorman, Tolcilo. inesideiu: 
William Fitzjfibons. SaraiuK-, Mi>b., 
vi.-e iir.sident. and tieortre H. Foi.I., Ohio, secretary and tr asurer. 
The object of lb.- association is lo do 
away with ruinous <ompetition ami es- 
tablish uniform prices. A siiKhl a-i- 
vani-e was madt- in prices oumj;" t" 
a scarcity of ash timber and incr.-as- I 
cost of manufaciuriiifT. 


PhicaKO. March ::.— A ni-etin.s? of ;h 
fetitral i*assen;r.r association uas 
held h. re today to eonsid.-r the trans- 
coiitinental rate war. Many of tie 
roads in the Central Pass n •<• .-issoi i- 
aiion ar«-, it is said, anxious to I11I.5 
aloof and talc- no part in the ondict. 
II is said, hou.v.-r. that the action ot 
the iliand Trunk road in meetiufi the 
<"anadian Paciiic rates will force tb.e 
competitors id" the Cr.uid Trunk 
met any r--duc d rates that may b 
Into elYect. 


for helj. in buildin;,' a bjittle.ship as 
there is for the relief of the poor sutY r- 
ers of the Maine. 1 have, therefore, 
sjlven the stami>s to Mrs. Kdwin St- w- 
art, of No. Ubj New Hamjjshire ave- 
nut, Washinf,'ton, I>. •'•■ Nvho Is treas- 
urer of the societ> of ladi-^s who ate 
collectinif money for the !►■ nellt of those 
sulTerers. and I'hav.- asked her to send 
you a letter of acknowlednnieiii. I am 
Mile a little boy 7 years old. who Iv - 
gins b.\ showing so much interest in 
his country, will .upon up to be an hon- 
orable an. I u.seful ciiizen. With kind 
regards, verv truly yours, 

-JOHN n. LON'l." 

Po rt .Mill u til. March 1'.— Tin- Hritisij 
first-class armored cruisei- Australia, 
twelve guns, r.f.oa tons, coast -KUard siiip 
In Southampton waters, liad a narr.iw 
e.'eape to.lay. Two seamen were playinjr 
with a fuse in the shell room, wh-n 
they set lire to some stores. Th.- tlam.-s 
were exiiuKuished by the prompt iJ.iod- 
in^' of the apartment. 

WashiiiKl.'n. March 1!. The j.iesi- 
d.-nt today sent th- followim; nomin- 
ations lo the senate: Marshal L. 
KiiiK. to be collector of customs, dis- 
trict of .Vlexandria, Va.: William L. 
,\v ry. of Montana, consul at It-Iize. 
l!riii.-^h Honduras. 


Washinsrton, Man b H. - Hontc Sin l':iU. 
IM-'I secr.-iary of the ('oieaii leRation. 
ha.s r.-sisned an.l his resifrnation has 
hetii accepted by his uovernmeut. 

A LOnSVILLK sricii>K. 
Lexiiifiion, Ky.. March 2. — Kdward L. 
Price. uKed 47 years, a piominent ;itid 
weaJthy busine.«s man. committed sui- 
cide today by shootins himself in the 
forehead. He was despondent ov. 1 ill 


Commander lorsythe TestiTies About 

the Maine's Coal. 

crisis as this ^ren-ration nas neve. Key West, Kla., M..rch 2.-The Maine 
known. For many months our sym- board of inquiry was resumed liere at 
pitihi-s hav.- none out t.> a p.opl- on aj ^(^ i.viuek this mornintf. Ten m<tre en- 

neiu'hborin« island ^''^»';' .\Virt*',\o".nav-' ' I'^l'"'" '"'^n were examine.! |,y the full 

f.-rinsi fi'oni a cruel jind unjust t\i,inov., 

(Ill top of all this com-s th ■ n-v.s of an ' ' 

iii.pallim: disast-r. one of the nobb 

I.V.M N<'TIoN I>|;MKI). 

en; I'-'o. .March I'.-Tli.- ap|.lieation - •. 

;i,. ll • :-(>i-i,in ; >r an injiiie (ion to re- 

»\m\n th. -Vs.-- ■ 1 1 fi .-s from lilting; 

• iT \.< 111 AS - liat i>aper wa« 

' t..\ .lii'i^- .'. i riuun :oday. 

ships of oui- iiii\y has trone down in 
Ha\an.i harbor and hundi.ds ..f our 
lack tars, tlieir sins not eonf- ssed, hav-- 
jiKt '.siih a terrible fate." 

After con.l. nitdn«- s iisa- 
tio'nal reports. Mr. l>il-/..ll said: ■An- 
..Ih.r conspicuous ooint of which w ■ 
are proud is the s. if-i'os.s.-ssi>oi and 
dltri.ily the Am- riciiu p.opb- as a whol.- 
hav.» ex<rcls.d throunhout the entir- 
Incident. It shows that we are cap- 
able of exercising calm justlc- in all 
things. The American people have 

boar.J, and t'ommainler Porsythe. the 
llrst .if the witness, s not on the list of 
eh« crew of the Maine, wtis eaile.l. ll 
i.-i understofHl that he pave testimony 
reeardiuK: the e<ml of the battleship at 
the nav\ yard h-re. The torpedo boat 
Kibssoii left here this moriilii^' with 
mail for tin .Vnieiican I'eet at r<'rtu;;as. 
The fact Is beeoiiiinp more e\-ident as 
the d:i.\s pass tliat :oiy di 
reel from mend.t-r- .^f the t'nlted States 
eiiurt of imiuiry into the loss of ih«> bat- 
tleship Maine. :ind I rom .ippearinpr 
l«fore it, is Kuarded with unusual 
he^s. I'laciivally uo info imu lion pre. 


L.i i' Wis.. March -.'.-Edwaid 
fUienther, one of the first resident.- of 
I.<i <'ro.><se, aped fil' .vears. suicid. d late 
last nijiht. Despondency was the cau->- 

Svlney. .N. S. W.. March 2.— The 
.\u,s!iralians won the final lest match 
wi;h Cai-:. Stoddard's Lnv'lish team by 
six Wi'''ketS. 


N. '.v York— -\rrived: T.-uioni.-. Liv. v- 

1 1. 

Qu«--^n.«— .Arrived: Majestic. New 

York for Livi^jw^'ol- 
N. w York— Arrived: W< ria. from 



Going to the Coast. 

I)avi.l Rdprar. William Humelt. Fred j 
tJilberl and Alex Quivle have com- j 
[lilted all arranpem'-nts for a trip to | 
til.- Klondike. They have purchased 
their outfit, w Ili. -It includes a number of, 
pack <logs. and will start tomorrow f.irl 
the coast. They will «<> direct to Dyea j 
;.nd thence to I)avvs->n I'lty. All are, 
.-xperleiHi^l exoloivrs and woo.ismen. | 
L. F. fJerrish. of Suj^wrior, who returned 
from .Ma.=ka only a few months apo. 
will start Friday for another trip to the 
Klondike, wh-re he ha< sonie valuable 
ilulms, ^.^__^ _ . - -.- .» . 

Thursday Bargains the Big Store 

We do not think you can get their 
equals anywhere at anything like the 
prices we name. Look out for daily 
shipments of spring stuffs. Some- 
thing new coming in every day. 


Ladies' Cloth Capes, suitable fur 
spring wear. .<6 kind, clos- ffO QQ 
iiig out price . $1.98 and ip£. v70 

Ladies' Cloth Jackets, just the thin;; 
tor this l-;itid of weather, good \ .tlue 
at .<f3; closing out price tf^ i Q 

Ladies' Musiir. Night ' jOwiis. iiigh 
neck, 18 tiicks in yoke, trimmed w ith 
cambric iiitile around yoke iil^/^ 

and sleeves: sale price avv 

liilaiifs White Cashmere long Clo:i!;s, 
lined and embroidered with sili<: price 


L.idies' Black wool seamless Hose. 
it«;\ial price 2sc per pair-- For 1 Cp 
Thursday per pair . .^... 1 \3\J 

Ladies' stainless black lleece-iined cot- 
ton Hose, wilii high-spliced heels ;t!:d 
double soles; regular price soc 0Q|\ 
a pair: Thursday's price a pair UnFw 

Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose, in.KJe 
in Hiigland, w itii spliced ankles ;ind 
soles :ind French feet, worth 7tC 
a pair-Thur-dav's price RHp 

per pair vUv 


Ladies" good .-luality muslin gowns. 
14 tucks in voke and two rows of 
insertion: made very full; AQa 

^a!e price _ .. U*/v 

l,adies' Cambric Drawers, edged with 
riiich and j-inch ruille, yoke 
b;ind. worth 7SC: sale 


L;idies" Corset Co\'ers in ;ill >Nlvles, 
liigh or low-neck, trimmed wiUt eni- 
broiderv and lace. OR A ^'>^ 

price 12c, 19c, I& JU cpv.ards 


Ladlles* Underwear, 

A case of Ladies' Egyptian Cotton 
tleeced ribbed vests and pants (ecn. 
our regular 3Si: quality: ORol 

Thursday's price per garment ut9l/| 

Ladies' ribbed v.orsted Vests and 
Pants in natural and ecru; ft Qf* '' 

superb \'alue: Thursday e:icii v J v 

Ladies' line .Australian wool Ve^is 
and pants, camel hair and natunil 
colors: our regular ?i.oo gar- n(\c^ \ 
iiicnts -for Tluirsuav each. iuKj' 



Ladies' Kid Button and Lace Shoe>. \\\ 
all si/.es and widths, good ffO AH 
value at S^.oo, our price ipOaVv 

Ladies' Strap Sand;ils in black 
and cluvolate. coin toe 


Ladies' Kid 3-point Common l>Qp 
Sense Slipper . - . _. Ji7\-' 

Ladies' Storm Rubbers, coin, pi: 

and needle toe — J Ro 


2500 vds Colored Dimities in dress lengths, 
always worth 12MC, Thursday 

6 c per yd 


In order to clear the ^^heives pre\'ious to the anivai 
of the remaining part of our spring stoJ<. we will 
place on sale for one day (.'I hursday^ all broken lines, 
odd pieces and shott ends, consisting of plain and 
prints Chinas, Changeable Talletas, Plaid T;»lletas. 
Flor;tl Taffetas, \3\elty Brocades, Armures, 
\'elours, Povai Saline ;tnd others 

89c 75c 68c 
59c 49c 35c 


We will place on sale Thursday morning 7$ pieces of New Spring LJress ( iooJs, 

consisting of Silk and Wool Plaids, High GiMde Novelties. Pin Check-^ 
French and Cl:iv Serges, Ottoman Plaids and Henriettas at 

" JI5c 5^^^ 29c 


Another arriv;il ol new Black (joud-^. New ireiich Cruris. Crepon^. Lrei 
Corded Poplins. Serges. .Vloscn iettas. Black Novrhies and Silk War^i 

""'""$L50 $1.25 $1.15 98c 75c 50c 




^o piece> 36-inch Black 
Percaline: iSc ^(ualitv 


C^o pieces ;6-incii e.\tr:i qu;ilitv, ;ill colors, woiih i.\- 

For Thursday Only 

4-button (ienuine Lreiicii Kid (iio\es in Browns, Tans and Blacks 
best V (jl*'>ve in the market liiursday per pair . 

We v.ill sell a fine 2-clasp Glove in all new and f.ishionable colors: 
Navy, f ireen. Red, Tan. Primrose. Browns and Black Gloves that 
voii ha\'e paid Si.-S for -:it per pair 

l^imsrinEILS. VEILS. VEILS. 

500 Veils one yard long in Black and Colors: you usualK pay :-'C for 
them: Thursday you can ha\e them at- each.. --. 

200 do/ L.'idieN" L;ice Trimmed ;ind re\ered Handkerchief->: 
a good i=;c article: Thursdav each._ 


Final closing sale of our stock of Paper covered Bvmks that we usuallv 
sell .it s^* each- closing price j for - - -^ - - - ------ -__--' 


Organdies. 7-.S, light colors and black and while: this season's 
goods, at per yard 

iJimitiev in the new colors and patterns, big assortment to select fr.iii; 
15c would not be too much for them; our price ;>er vard. 

Do not forget to look at our line of Corded (jinghanis— 

large plaids and checks at- per yard 

Satin Stripe ( linghams, stripes. Lirtan plaids; as eff'ective and almost 
as handsome as -ilk per y:iid 








■ I 




Nvw (ouiuil Orgdni/es tind 

Choo*»cs d Number of 



II. W. (IhnuIU Wins Out for 

llcrk tintl Dr. Murrav 

llcdllli Ollitor. 

. 1 ! \N 

;■■•]. c r. 


1 111*1* tl 

;t■l•tlOll^. 111 
\ I, I. ..■.,! , -, . 

1 a ' 

■ fA- 

:i.,iiU'- tviir 

"■fihililc to 

■ 1 tlifin 

■ \\ - 


. it 

• j'ly 


■ >ial 
. r ;i 

'iT .inl tin- 


.- ulii otVuT 

■ ;:i:i ;: \ ..!••-. « Hi- 

... .1. A. K.M>. W. 

\\ . t:jl.l\\;:i .mt J, FI. 

.:i 111.; 

, .!:■-:■ t . . 
. \'' 

. ;. .!.. ;- W . V !lii: ! 

\\^ \: 


n I'aby li>- tinallv tcali-^r* thul lu- i-< a -icU 
man. \'«TT frr<pi'iilly \n- ba'- brrn a r<ick 
man fin y< ii«. hnt has ncklp-^lv rpfii-f<l 
to ttcoj;iii':r natiivr's waruinif-. Sovnc 
i!lne^> i^ soinfthinit Ihit iloi-s not >lrilj( a 
man likr .i n»>h of lighlnins. It crccjis 
upon Inni l>v degree*, and al » very >lt )> 
nani- liim with .1 i;rn- <langrr .-tjnal. 

W'htn a man ff«fls " otit of sort-'" or 
■ WiKwUcil out ■' or nhalfvr? hi- maycall H, 
hr i^ a --u-k man. It i•^ ttm»" to lake- «avti- 
ing Ilc.ulachps, (ltow^ine<-. lo«.s of >'ti-j> 
at night, los-i of appetite. neniMi^ne-i^. bail 
ta«te in the tnoulh in the tnorninj;. anil 
fril«h1fiil lUram — all tlu-^e are waininjt-; ol" 
cneroachinp iMne-*^. Dr. I'ieree's (.ioldt n DiNCov t ly create- appeliie. cure-* 
ilv<pep;-ia. stjmnl.ilc* the livt;. pnrille-- the 
hloiid. <inicken< the circiilatii>n and lone-* 
lh<- nerve- It make* lieh. rr<l. ti--jif- 
bnilding blood It biiil(K tirm He-h. hr.l 
doe*, not make cotptilrnl peoph- more cor- 
pttlcnl T'nlike co<l lurr oil. it doe« not 
make flabby flcsb. On the ( ontrary. it 
tears do'^ n anti excretes the mihcalthv ti- 
.-nc< that consiitnte eorpulenev. a«id n- 
pUce-< Ihcm t< ith tl«t lirai. mu>cn!a» ti — ne"* 
of Rood health It eiiren uJ< per cent of 
all ease- of eon«uraption .\]1 bronchial 
thioat and kindred ailment*, a*, linprerinsf 
coujfh*. -nitlinR of blood and weak liinj;* 
are cnretl b? it. Thon-and« have tc-tilitil 
to i!^ raetit'. \\ all mcdioinr stores 

It i- a dealer's btisjnc-s to gne von 
what yon n^k for ; not to tell yon what 
you want. 

I)r rieioc's Pleasant Pellets cnr.' con- 
stipation. Con-tipaliou is the canse of 
manv disease*. Cure the can>-r anti you 
cure the disease Owr. " Pellet " i- a 
fjenik- lanattve. and two a mild cathar- 
tic Dnijjri-^ts sell them, aud notbins is 
"ju.-t a> good." 

luoiis oil motion of Ahloriiuiu JrffiT.suu. 

.V motion to bullot lor a.ssi:<tant < ily 
atturncj was iiuido by .Vld* rnuin lli«:b- 
iirdson. .VUlvnuau riassuollor iiiovod 
that th- .-leotioti bo iio.«tporu.'d for one 
week aii.l that Ih'- ' ity altorUfV !► lo- 
nuest'il to K'<"nii)''iil b'> assistant. 
A'.J. tuiaii JtlTersMi! .ilijotteil to 

txiviiiii 111- city attorney rsay 

vvb> thoy sliould Vote for 

jilii'inov M\y who they should viilc for 
and remark- d tliat .Vldoniiau t'ra.sswell- 
i-r la-Ht year favor.-d voting for an as- 
sista-t without r< r."ri:r.j tli'- lualler lo 
llf I ity atto!!i.\ .VM-ruiaii Cuiss- 

wrlbr ileiiied (hi^. 

■Wfll I don't know atiytliin!; aUouf 
it. Iiut I hav' th>- imprecision you d:d," 
n-Jolm-d Aldornian Jefforsoii. in t!u- 
most amiable way imaginabl.-. 

Tluifs fa Is..." said .Vldermaii "'lass- 
woKor. J. I'fe.'s.iu pto. .■• .!• .1 with 
his romnikb witiiout appearins '" inar 
AM.rmaii Criu^.sw el lei's asst-nion. 

.Vi I- rman Sang uff'M-.' l 



■Itv atloiti- 

.ill .im<Midment 
-ijiimil four 

t.-.l . 


1 r 

i t.. ..r.l.T 
l.isi 1 ini.,-. 


. rnifri wore 

• ifik.* III. 

■ -. an i t:i ■ :;.--.v 


1 ': • v\ ley. .\i.'i-;oli. 

1 "r. .:i> ". 

.1 1 . 

' ir'tFni and Joim- 

. , ,,...) I.v ri,..;,. 

.1 i,- .\ .1 ■ 'II 1 ;■ i • 1 ' , 

! nil .( i "' \ 1 !■ :' ,:ri :i 

r..|l ua- tli.;ii • :^'l. ■!. 

„ ii,^- !.r..-."it. 

•.iv-iiteiu wa" 

:notioti oT \\- 

• ballot ro-ii!t"ii 

. ■- ; Simps mi, .'.; 

i ■ ..;k1 

■ ., 

. ,. , • , - I . ,- : 'i.. . ■;,..-- 


: ■ mad'.. 

■••,l.-.i ti» i..illol 

.... ;, ■.'■ yi.i.-f- 

\! I..|-ma;i - - - i .■! 
' ' '■ 1 • ii. \ . . i • ■ i ih'- 

i'.' i;ti.l I..- .'il'"- ill 

' • , . Join ill tli.iiik- 


.:■ .■ - . !i"; •• a!id in 

.- til 

<• otliv :' \ i' «■ pr'-si- 

■: t "1 

j.-sw.dN'f "t" I'l- Kast 

interpo-.d his pro- 



\\ I ■ 

r I-.- riVfd II 

ui.i on moti<.»n 

1 flection was 

111 ■ ballot was a^ 

: • . II: Krumsio'.;, .'; 
■-'!■>. ; Tl !■■• W lioii. 1. 

I ' - .■; 'i; ! tiiat I If 

. ..•:!;_ i;.-- 

!•, - •I'tU < "o.-ti- 

•- Uiki- tho op- 

, . i; ■ .-.lun. il !'o:' 

■ u bini. Till 

! i.i. u.iV'- mad*- ■! 

. oiiid have < hos'H 

i-iformin:j lii.s 

V. .X^reenielit 

a-, a ureal fuetor 

irouy. jiud he trust- 

i'.in h.irids in working 

tit of the « tty's intfT- 

••..V . ■; '■. .-.l hi, 

; .. : • AM--;-- 

•: hi ar.l 

'.:■■■. i:T\V h'-s 

\ <h rman 

. 111. ;t'-.l !■>■ 

; ! j-M ■ ! Il> i-oUll - 

■ '.-.111 tOH ll|.-^.-.:l-.-. 

. \< lib elos.' atten- 

. ;..i^. .i.-.^omldaKv and ua?-; 

lOI'laU If"! at thr elose. Il is 

■.,■■ 'Il jij.thn'- .-o!umn. 

■ iiii- ..I" 1 '!• tiic'S.saue. 

.11. r rai-^.'d th- point 

.iLild not l<-;:H'.ly el.- I 

■ lb. er- until the n-.-xt ryRula. 

,1,,. ,.h,,.t.r j,r.,v!dins; that tb* 

' 1.. •• -■ royrular 

M '.■.,.■ ■ ' . und'T 

..|.-,lIoi. • ■■II !'l not 


, id by tin; <it> 

; I • su;;i,'tati'l til it 

I I..- held at one... if it 

-. and riitirnd at tlf 

.Mfinday. and the el.eLion 

1, . .>,." ..p. |..r>it.Tidinii that 

...;.ia I ;u-lia:'.l.soii. 
I lo ballot for elty 
;i; oatloi b'-tm; takt-n. 

Ki^'li.iKi,- ' ' ■ 1" ^^' •■ie-adl.. 
J -11-^ ■ <'■■:■ : 1 If 


Ki. liai li.-on '■'' 

, ,( \V. r. Ilurlbut :. 

.,,,,,' , ui:i-i Saii.u'. ibe ol<-';- 

\1 ■ ( 'i!' ;i' I •• ' :i - niai.l.' unani - 

in .|.-lT..|-on iiha.mJ t hiit a bal- 

at locM'-v !).■ i.ik'ti, .Mdormaii 

_. ir.ov .. 1 thai :. oall'd for ax- 

. . , ,..■]. o.. I :.K- r .\ l.l.-rniaii 

, .. ; . , ,■ .. ..i-.l.- tint 

■.illi I .liid tin- '.liair 
■ i-rmaii JofTer-on'.^ 


"Why ilon'l you make it eleven ..r 
tbirtoi tl." iaciuired AldeinKiii JolTers<»n. 

"i;.'< aus.- tlv n yoii mii.,'ht s.t in Ib'^ 
man \ i-u w.v.W an.l 1 want t.i k.-.-p him 

,jut i iloii'l want to tak" ihirte.-n 

chances on that." r.toit.d .\lderman 

.Mr. Kieliards I.- re 
lest aijaiiisl being iVMuired to nam-.- ihc 

• at'.dic'at.' aa.l th.- motion to r'ostpono 
W .1- l«.>sl. 

Th.- informal l.all«»l for a*^s;~i .ni ■ if 

iliorti.y resukcd as follows: W . K. 

Sp.-neer. '1: John iCustjjard. •"■: A. L. 

.Vsiatin. I: W. N. Kdaon. 1: .1. H. Ijri-- 

bam. 1: W. -N. Winj. . 1: .). K. Davies. 1. 

The fornial ballots were a.s follows: 

First bal'.ol -Spcii'-er. i: Rustijard. .' : 
A;;atiii. I: Brighain. 6; L>a\ ios. 1. 

^■■1 onJ ballot- Sp.neer. 'i: irustjjard. 
4: Hriijbam. t>. 

Thiid ballot -Sp- ti. .r 
f.ri'^liam. ''.. 

Fourth i-alloi. liUi-m 
Sp.--n'- r. N: Kuslgard. :: 

Fifth l-a'U.t - Sp": v. 

IJriKham. o. 

.M thi.s point. City i'l 
;>•■•>-• and eon.?ralulat'.-d tii-- - mmeil on 
the ehou«- of Mr. t-'headl-- a.-^ h s .su.- 

• ■•s.sor. e.vpre5:sini; hi:* sen.- •!' Mr. 
Ch'-adb'.s al-iHtie.s and worth. 

.Vld-rman Crasswell.-r. wb.. had i"-en 
porins ov.r lh» .hart'-i. now mov d 
that th" .ouneil balbd f.-r an aasi<^t- 
ant .ity clerk, which h" said In- hal 
f..un.l lb., council liad power lo do. \v*iani olfctcd by the eoun.-i: w..uld 
ha v.- powf-r to a<l i i th- alisem-,- of tin 
, itv clerk, and it would, t hei etor..-. i»e 
(.'..'sirabl.- lo oleet th" assistant. M» 
withdrtw- his motion .m reitu'.-'i "' 
Mderman Sane. how>-ver. and the couu- 
. il ceded to l.aliot fur hoalth ofli- 
, .•■ Tb'- ballots w.-ro us followrf: 

Fii-t ballot— Dr. Murray. 1: Ur. Sal- 
t.-r T Dr. I'.illj-rt. »: i:»r. Wcbst.r. 1. 

li. Kust.:.;uid. 1: 

Cjti.-S I'JSt 

llriffbam. 4. 

II; I insttra I'd. :': 

•rU Ui. I.a; «l.-o' 

.Mni!a>, '■.: 




Ii. Salt. 

.<all'-i\ 5 

.", Sall.-i 





w .1.- 


.-.1 ! t'T. 

Sa.l'i . 



Liberal Party Virlually De- 
feated After Iwenty-f ivc 
Years of Power. 


timber Policy of tfie Adminis- 
tration Said to Be Re- 
sponsible For Defeat. t, .Maieh -. t;<in:al . !• eii.^njj 

fo: :b:' »)iiiario le5;islaluro took pbii - 

:hr.>ujrht»u; tli- pnivince ji-st .ida.w aii'.l 

lesuUid in a viitual. if no: a.-tual, •!■ - 

.'a: for ili- l.ibvral jiovi rnm.-ni. whleh 

has h'ld po\. r II m<n ■ ;han twenty 

Ih" y ar.". The cjmesi has b^en \ .y 

•xritlim. I be t'onsirvatix •• l.-adi r. J. I'. 

Whit n .V. b- in;; a yiuns man and a ni'\\ 

lea.!', r. w htb .\. S. Hardy, tin- piemivi. 

uas the succePSo! of Sii uHn r Mowatl. 
now Ii ut .nan: .sjoviinor .tf uiitui lo. 

The eomplexion i.'f tin- la^: h.jusi' w:!s; 
Lib rals. ."•.;; fonsirvativ. s. Z\: \nxayv.i 
of indusliy. 11; ind -iKnd. «ts. .'.. Th • 
lations ha\ been piai.ilcall.v a bran, h 
ot ih Liberal part.v. so that lb- gox'-rn- 
iiu 111 has hail a majority .>r thirty m 
iiiore. Tne iituiiis ree.i\ed iiuiicali a 
•ir at nvulslon of f"<Vinv;. in the iiin-ty- 
four coiistitui nei -s. election"* taking 
pla • ill iiiiK ;y-:hrce. th. other bt Ing 
posipotnd. Ill aJl but two or thrii.- 
t^let • !.;uins an- in. with th. following 
e.suKs: ( ".inserxativi s eb cicil, hi: Li'.- 
orals. 41; in doubi. :i. 

The piobab!li;ii-s fa\..r a slijiht t'oti- 
s..rvaiivt majority. Tsvo cabiin-l miii- 
isti IS have bun d« feati-d. John Di.vdin. 
minist.-r if asiiculture. aiiJ J. .M. t;ib- 
tioii, eimnnission.r of er.iw ii land:*. Tii 
result i.' a sui prijie to th-- supporters «>( 
the >io\ unni'-nt. 

Th<- iiinbir polic\ ii . li ailniinis;:K- 
tioii. vv!ii.h is ulby.'d ;•> ha\c favorci: 
.Miihisan lum.U-:iiK-u a: the cxplPs*- \ji 
CanaJians. had iniii-h t» do with I*n - 
mier Hardy's defeat. Toronto rt-lunicd 
fouf (Jons.-rvalivt.s. Tin llnal result of 
thi II3I1! piobabl\ will Lo Ji eiJed at t!i 
bye e|..'-;ions. as ih.- house does not m.:et 
auiiin until next wint.r. and there ar- 
suio to bi n>4(n.v coiilt-sis in the courts. 


Will Be 

Chiciigo Temple Matter 
Carried Out. 

C';.. .MiiK-h •.'.- Th.- i;'--neral olli- 
ccrs of tlio National Woman's Christitm 
Temperan«-i- imi.jii ann.>uiice'd loda.v 
that it is thtdr inirpos" to earry out the 
jdan of their latt- lead- r. Fran«-<-s I-:. Wil 
lard, with rt-fon-ii'-" to th" retirement 
of the Tenmb- trust bonds. Miss t'or- 
n- lia M. Dow. th.- daushh-r of <Jcn. 
>,'oal Dow. of rortlaiiil. M<'.. who was 
appointed l>y Miss Willard as rusiodian 
of tin- temple fund will ■ ontinue to re- 
ceive all money contributed and place 
the same upon 


Government Will Send Out a Route 
Hunting Party. 

Portland. Ore.. -March J. -Tin- yo\ern- 
nu-nt is about to send an expedition 
irom N'ani >>u\"i' barra< k.s to find a |>ra..-- 
tlcabl.- roul" up Copper 1 i\ .■r..\laska. fo 
the Vukon hasin. Whib- olli. i;il infor- 
mation is not yet a\ailabl.,- it is undtr- 
stood that this expedition will consist 
of Ilfty meti and three .iflicers of th.- 
Fourtoenth infantry and that It w HI 
b-av. Vaiii-ouvcr barrai-ks for tht- North 
about .March I."*. Tb»- reindeer that were 
s.^euied for aiding the relief expedition 
to 111" Klondik... now abandon- d. will 
pr-jhabl'- b.- utillz'-d in ionne< tion ui'h 
th.- . xplorins: trip ui> Copper river. 



! 1: i;.'. U.T.I, 

iir.i c- uuaiii- 

S. I ond ballen 
• iill.ert. 1. 

Third haKot- Mutiax , 
(Ji inert. 1 

Fou-lh lull"? Muira> 
Cilbert. .". 

Fifth ballot- .Mm : j\ I 
b>--rt. :. 

Sixth ballot -Mur;.i> 
Cilbfit. T. 

S.^velltb ballot .^l'l' -i.v 
illbert. ♦>: Webst.-r. :. 

Kishth ballot- .Mun 1.^ 
laibi-il. 'i: Wel-ster. J. 

Ninth I.a'Jot — .Mu:rav 
i;ill)"ri. :.: W-bster. 1. 

reritli l>.i!lot-Murra\. 
Cillii-rt. ■'.. 

\>y. .Murtav s .■l.cti.>U 
aaimous on motion of Alderman Sans. 

Til" ballot for assistant eity cb-rk 
thn tak.n. aft.-r which Alderman 
Crassw ..11. r offered a resolution provid- 
1ns that the asslsiart city clerk should 
Cnniisli a $:.«00 bon.I. th»- same as rr- 
i|u:red of the eity cb-rk. b.-for.- entering 
.,11 th.- dis. barse of his duli'-s-. 

.Vlibrman Sang offered an amendment 
tixins i't $JO<Xt the amount of tin- bonds 
of b.7tb the clerk and tb.- assistant. To 
this Ald'-rmaii tjrasswellev a«:iv.-d. 
Mdt-rman Cromwell, ^cho ha. I Si-.-ond-d 
.\lderman Cra.=sw..ller"s resolution, n-- 
fused to aari'e to the am-.-ndment. H. 
stat"d il as his opinion that $:ii«ia was 
lb.' proper Hgure. A second to the reso- 
lution as amended was i.roeured how- 
ever, and it was earri- d. 

.Mdernian Simpson moved that a l-a.- 
|.»t for tho two memb.-rs of th». h.-altb 
board to be elect' d by th.- . ..uncll l-i 
tak.n. bul on tho suj:«esiion of Abler- 
man Sanu th.; election was j.ostpon -d 
until nfter the mayor shall liav<- nia-b- 
h*s iw.. appointments to the boanl. 
nn- ballot lor city sealer wm-' ilen 
t:ikrn and Hie council adjoui n- 1 

Bishop Vincent's Lecture. 

I'lnishi Uisdiop \incent of Chau- 
tau'iua fam>'. will l.jjture u; th- Firet 
Ml Jmdlst chureli in th-.- Star Leciui • 
niuist- on 'Tom and Hiss T. aehers.' 
llishop \'ini<nt is oiu of the tliieat b"-- 
tuj-rs on llu- plal.ri.:in t.xJay. and i- 
ki'o'vu fr'»m on; end of ihc <- luiitry to 
Av ilher. He ha.s rfpok.n in Duluth b<-- 
foiv. and Ida adniirer.-i iinlude ev«,-r> n 
n ho was til ti)v HUdJenci? th.-n. Tli- k:- 

iv- ■> ill deliver hcn Is hcI.I to b.- n- 

- ii -■■ . a o'l bfi" bi-fii r. f 

• a 1 ; ill rra' ^atialactiuu 

Meet In Minneapolis and Elect Their 

Minneapolis. March 1'. - I'b.- .Mi.s.sltislp- 
pi N'alley hunix-rmen's associail..>n held 
its s,.v..nth amiual meeiinK hen: yes- 
terday wUh a lar^e attendance of the 
big Uinilier makers. The lumber trade 
was reported to be si.-adiiy and rapidly 
iniprovins. The followins otlie- rs wore 
ele( ted: F'r.-sident William Irwin. Chip- 
p.-wa Falls: \ i. e president. S. T. Me- 
Knij:ht. Minneapolis: K. McCormick. 
Hay ward. Wi". : tr-asurer. H. C. .Xkb-y 
.Miiin.-aptdis: s.-er.-tary. J. N. Nind. Min- 
11-. apolis. Diie.tors. F. V\'eycrhansei . 
St. Maul: .\. Lamb. Clinton .low a: W. 
H. Laird. Winona. Minn.: C. .V. Smith. 
.Minn. -apolis: F. P. Hix-m and L. C. 
Colman. La Crosse. Wis.: IJ. F. .Nelson. 
Minieapolis: I'Ju.sen.- Shaw. Kan c:air<- 
WIs. : »;. II. Atwood. Stillwater. .Minn. 

Some I'tvuLrli mixtures 
smt»thcr tlic ct»u'rh. But the 


iic.xt brcc/:c fans il into life 

Better }>m tlie euugli out. 

That i-, hettcr gt) lieeper 
aiul .^mutlur the lircs «)f in- 
tiammativMi. 'ri\>e'hcs can- 
not ilo tlii.s. Neither can 
phiin ttul-llNcr oW. 

Bui Scott's |'jiuil.sit>n can. 
The i»:l\terine .soothes and 
makes comfortable; the hy- 
pophosphites give ptnverand 
stabiiitv to the nerves; and 
the oil leeiis and strengthenti 
the we.ikened tissues. 

5 »■. j:i.l »:.o<., j'lilnlftsi'.t-. 

s.oi r .'. it>>v\-' ,:■.,.;- s,-. ^ o,; 


Auditor Dunn Goes to Washington to 
See About Them. 

St. Paul. Mar. h J. —Stat.: Auditor 
Dunn ha- r.qu.stcd th.- oflltlals of th>- 
iiiteiior departni-.iit to withhold iheir 
deeisiuii as to tin- rislii of tin- slat.- to 
sections It; and :l(j on tin- Ked Lake n - 
.set vutioii for lb" s. hool fund till he can 
go to Washinijt.e' and lay th.- matter 
Irfore th-m. lb- w ill not be- able to .!;et 
awiiy f.Ji a f.-w .|a>s. l»ut expe.-ts t... 
leave at the possible m.Mneiit. 

In case the d.-pai tnient liiially decides 
asainsi tlv state, ii Is probable that an 
appi-al wil l>e tak'-n to Hie courts. 

.Mthouyrh many remedies ar.- pushed 
Into the market by spicy advertise- 
tnents. Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup still 
lakes the lead. 


Portland. Ore.. .March :.'. -Mr.s. Ja-k 
Dempsey. a'.;ed :i'.' years. wi.hiW of tin- 
deceased pli/.e ti^lit.-r. di.d at h- r houie 
here of 1-on.suinption. Her physb-ians 
state tiiat she cnntra<t.-d thi- disease 
from lier hnslinnd whil- nur.-^in^ him in 
his late illnss. 


No I til I 1>.\KUI'A. 

.\ I. tl.-r reeiiv.d a I iji-niar.k froin <i.>v. 
riiior Ihiy^s tii Calif..>rnia. tint h' 
is jO p.-r e.'iit Itettir !.i h'-allh than wl; n 
Il Lit tin- slap, and Ids lompl.t" le. ov. 
vi\' is l.foked for. 

y.'>A. C. Ctarx-. ..f I'aruo. li.ts be.-ii <;..>in- 
missioii' d a in nil" r .• tli.' slut.' sol.-ll rs' 
h..tin hoard tor tlir.'. .\ears to succmI 
bims.-Ii. Tli.-r.. an- linn, appllea.'ts for tb'' 
position of sale Kaiii. ward. :i who^ • t.-rni 
will expire In a Iw wet Ud. C. 1-^ Howcrs. 
ol l''aiKu. ask.s lu sac. e. d hbns.lf. l-;ditot 
C. K. f:asse;t. of Valley City. whpIs Ih. 
job. a;iu Clarviii.i' \. iiale. of iJiaiid 
I'orks. is also an .ipplicant. 

f; orije K. Loscy and Civorfe'.- Asltll. 
w I'.i wee.. arr..bliU for lar.-i ny al Lls'ouii. 
have b'tn h. Id to tlx district ...uit for 
trial, the lot nier niM.-r .>70') bonds and th- 
lal:.-r in the sum of ?Kv by JumIkc 
(iroxei-. I.UMV i.s a h:ilf broilur of .Mo- 
slKT. who bloke Jail a f"W years ag^.i at 
Pierre, S. v., aiel r-.c ntly tocaptur.(J 
a. Huron. 

sol TII DAKU'i'A. 

• ■hurl..s Ltwisaii.l ,Ie>liii erruce lia\e been 
aritst.;..! In Ho; S.iiinu.s and bioughl l.j 
Tl ad Wood ami pl.nid in th.' .uii.i'.v jai!. 
wh'-re Ilie.v awiil a !i.->ari:iK lor 'ar- 
cviiy. l'"or s.veral months pa.~t a s4 nf 
ihi.vis have been ...pLratins in Lead ainI and oth. r hill.s cities .pnrloin- 
Injf dr.v moods and 1 '.jtbintr from .he dit- 
reiLiil stores. Sum. ilrnis hav.- losi a.s 
niasiy as iwciiiy p.iirs of punts. Th- two 
ni?ii arrested an tho.i^ht t<.> b.; prof. s. 
.sionals at :ln- work. Tlv.>- .-' r..ady 
salt- for their stol'M ?oods anioni; the 
inliniL^ of the hills. They will make a plea 
of KUilty ol petit l.ire n.v. 

The last effort to raise nion -x for an 
eJkhiliii at :h.j cnna.ha cxyosil.on fi-oin 
l.awroiue connt.v will be made v. ry '■•oon 
P.v th.- expo-iillon . .numitte • of the counlv 
at D'-a.Iwood .Tb. ij'.uii is t... c'roulat.. 
an iu.l^!n;iif>iti>i Ijoi;.J .11110:1;.; Hie .•lliy.,n.s 
i>t the eonntv wb.. will sikii for such 
aniouiit.s as Ih.y d. - fe. proini.--inK to in- 
d/nii'ify tic- coniil\> u^^tlnsi any to:-t. 
:l)- .•.)Hln)i^sioIl••rs to appr.ipria i.- a snni 
lor inakiti;; the exhibit, which amount 
will b"- reimbiirseO 1>\ lb" tiext If'sisla- 
Vavt . It is UKi'.rbtood that Ih (-oont.v 
eomniiss. oilers art favorable to ;hc plan 
and tli. r.. ar-' enough peopi • in lii- 
county«'d in tb. niatt'-r lo prop- 
<;!\' till ..lit .-111 :nd. iniiil.i'hiy botid. 


Over the Name of a Street In New 
York City. 

.N. w Yolk. March Z. - \ pculbu t -so- 
lu'ioii p iLlins in llv. niuniLiiml assotrdjly 
is lb • .'Utcoinc of a 1 aiarkabl-.' ri\ali>" 
b':l>xc- n J'.bii .lu" .■ .\.s;.jr and his 
■ousin. William Waldir: Asl.r. t.iv r on 
rile cas: sjj.- of th.- Tw. nly-thlrd ward .fa'-oh .Vsj'or owns a. larg: pi "-e >•'. 
Ian.\ and ^h■.■ land Iving iminedia'.ely 
IK"! Ml is ijwii 1 b.v William ■Wald.">rt 
.VsTcr. A s;-;.-. 1 ktiown as Waldjil pnie ■ 
inns thr.jiish thr Ian. I jf John .la.-ob 
.\stor. fiom Kxl'rior stnet to Cvomw. tl 
avenu'-. at l'a>; Om Hiiiidred and Fifly- 
Fiisi stie.'t. 

H.nry \i. Kly. ^ti - -f tin trtistec-.s of 
'.h • prop<.r:y of J.jhu Jacob Astor, ha • 
i'rWi a petition fj th.' local board of 
public in.prov..!iien;s asking that the 
nani!- of Waldoif pla<-" 'jc cliang. d to 
J'VrncIiff plai.-;. In his pe:i:ion Mi. 
I'-ly says: "The strt. i in qn. sti.jii is lo- 
i-alej tniitily on land ..»vned by ib:- rin«- 
t -es of Jchn Jacob .Vsior. The land :y 
th" nor;h of this is owned by Willi:^ni 
Wakijif .Nsto). I; is. ;h refore. som.- 
IV iial confusin!< to hav. 111. nani" "Wa!- 
dijif" given to the slr-.-^t (which is no: 
.vet ot'jn.'d) on prv.per;y ow by .lolin 
Jacob .Nstjr. and .cries the impr-ssion 
:iia: the own'.rship is other than it is. 
•'F.-rncliil" is ;}i.- nam.- of J. J. .Vstor's 
I' iiintiy sea: and is i.bnilli'.-d wirh him 
and would p;oVi^ an a- " pt.ibl'- ehanire 
ft. -in "Waldorf." 

The lo<'al b.'Jird ai)p;oVnl the pesitioii. 
but io make I ho chamre the le.'arisUitivi 
branch of th" ut.jvcrnmi nr must approve 
it. and tjveii then tlu- I. aid of public im- 
iroviunnts caiiiiot mak" tli-^ <liaiisi. 
pi.A idcd the cor|K>ia;ioii coUtis 1 linls 
1 .. al e-bj. i-tion. 


At Wttinor.', Mieh.. I In in l 'l.irk 
.\i ki r's shinKle mill exploded ye..-lerila.\ 
klllin:; two Tn":i and severely injuriii-rr 
■-. v.ral otlii t>i. 

Tb" I'anadlan I'.i. itle roatl Is eoiteni- 
nlalini;' an.ithir s.-n^.-it ional in in N'»rtb 
I'Helllc coast lati.s. Wlii-n liM It applies 
III" knif. II will if leijorls hi.- tni. lak.- 
an .iillillt....' 1 11'. ..f ill) <i|T Itie rale. 

.XiiordiiiK to il Hp.-clal ili.-^ fr.«ni 
Liii no .\ th ohilijin ijov.riiineni 
lins oiY. r.-d *T.'i.O<.i.) for the \rvi ntiiie steani- 
• r. Mrltannia. How lyinii; al Hir nos 
.\yi'is. Willi a \i.'W ..t" nsim,' lu-r as an 
.iiinid ti'.iii.sporl 111 .h.- . v nt of li.tiihl.' 
w iih .'Xrncil ':>.-. 

.\t I iiibiii|n.'. Ii.wu. whil.- .'ilt.-.Kloor ;i\al 111 .liiiiL'. lolidnit.d l.y all old ne- 
KTiss. .Mi. Iia. I" .Nopal's ilratiiatii-.illy ei>n- 
fessed a niiir.l.r .'oiimiitt -il six years a;:<>. 
.\c. ofdiiiK lo .Vogjiles' s ory be Willi Iw.. 
other in'ii 111" I a ixil.ller <jii a coiinfry 
Toail I'", iinini.iie. (Iran' cunnlr . 
Wis. Th y iiii'inpl..! lo loh tlu' p il.ll. r. 
wli.i I. sisted an.l vviis iiinnl.ied. 

T. J. Trlmriii. r. a weiukimw 1 nier'liaiii 
I III [■.•>p. c;i-.i . -ill/. 11 111' St>aii ansPiiif:. S. 
< '.. was ^hot anil kill.-d by Dr. S. J. Ilir- 
iiijis. a proiniiieiit .b-iUiiM vest rda.v. I-Jir- 
Itii;s mteied 111.- d..- :..•.. .I's store w-ilh a 
l.ii.-'tol In each ami withoni warning: 
slio; Trinmii. r tliie.. tiin.'S. on. hall >ii- 
1. ri:it; lb. learl .'ind ran.-bt'.; 
.leath. Triimiiier's son was also p.ilnfiiily 
woun.lil in Ihe I- ft liand. Tic .-.iiis of 
the sb.iotlii.i; is mil kn..iwii. 

The I'lill.-il Stales siiiiailrmi ;s . one. n- 
trated at lloii.i; Ko ii; Willi a \ i. w of 
active operations against Manila. I'jdiip- 
niiii- islaiiils, ill <vent ..f an oiitlneaU ot 
war b.lw.'ii 'lie Cnilei] s a'l.l .Spain. 
Th" sipiailroii. is very |iow. rfnl. 
in. bid's tin- 1 rnis.rp <»Iyin|'ia. ILj-^oiii. 
LaPipn I 'on. Old ai.l ti'tr.). 

At Itois. . Mall... tb.. Silv r It.unb'.i.-a is 
~tale . I. I •• mil todax and passed 
r :'oliitions i.-coiniu. ijoliii; fii.slon dii<jU!¥l!- 
oiit the slat.' with iln' l>'niocrat.- .iiul 
I'.iouP.'-ts. .\ letl-r wa.s read li.jiii . x- 
Senal.jr Dubois, low in Wa.-^biiinlon. in 
which 111- d.'.Lires '.hat any in.-nibets of 
lb.- party opposing; fusion .ir ;iot fr.. lal.-^ 
of liini.'iallisin ami 11. .t .'ii:nii£s .if ib.- 
K. inibbian parly. 

The altorii>> t;--n..ral .jf Wiscinsin is 
inv.'^llgatliiji tb.- Wliob'sale Urocers' as- 
soe'atioii. which li.' 1. licv s i.~ ofl'.'iidi.iK 
a;raii!s: tie W'i.S'onsiii stalut foilildcli is: 
tin foinialioii ..if liu.^ts ini.-ndintr l.i r. - 
strain tiiole 111- r-T^nlai. uricts. 

Th" .Ml.inti.' Tiansiioria tioii enaipan.v 
f.-ceirly forinrd witli a . anitui I'f >.-!.OlMMR>'J. 
has a.Iread.\' -j. . nr- il tw nlv-lwo larice s.-a- 
^'oilig' ba r.;'S .1 iJ ha-i sis ..lle-rs nearlv 
I omplednJ al llalli. M . It will «lo a <b'01- 
eral .'oast tiiwi:it; 




r.xebusivE usL or thi; word "castoria" and 
"PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as olr 1 RAUL 'mark. 

/, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hj/mnns. Massachicscifs. 
was ihc uriglnutor of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same, 
ihdt has borne and docs uoiv ^0|K y/^ /7 ■■ " ^^^ cvcnj 
hear Urn fac-slTnilc signature of ^-^i^t-^^^^^C^cA^/U wrapper. 
This l.Uhe original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," ivhich has been 
ivsed in tlie Jionves of the mothers of America, for over tluj-iy 
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is 
fJie khn.d yaw httye always boiL^ht y'^r y/S /'-it-^^ ^ ^^^ ^^'^^ 
and has t h c * / <;; natu r e a f ^-^^^X-i^/^y^^^y^^^ wraj)- 
per. Xo one has authority from, inc to icse luy name except. 
The Centaur Company of which Chas. JI. Fletcher is 
President. ^ 

March S, 1897] (2^"-.-«>oc^ <:;>f>i>.^d*-— ^/..;y. 

Do Not Be Deceived. 

Do not endanger the life of your cliild by accepting a cheap substitute 
which some druggist may olTer you (liccatisc Ijc makes a few more pennies 
on it), the ingredients of which vnn he docs not know. 

"The Kind You Have Always Bought 


Insist on Having 
The Kind That Never Failed You; 


THC CCNTAun COMPuny. 77 

MUBR»» bTBtCT. r. t V TOR« ClIY. 


Mrs. McKenney Justifies Mrs. 

Morris In the Position 

She Took. 

.\ dispaich from Washiusion sa\.s lie 
lixlit a.iiijn;; tlii- Minnesota mijiilK.'rs of 
the I>. .\. i:. has n 'I y-ji end-.Hl and ;ii .le 
is fall< anions those lemainlnj; liei tlia; 
.%'"s. Torrance may bo dep.jsc I fum \\\- 
p.isi;ion -if Stat- regcn". .Mrs. MeK.nii.y 
iuis mad.- ."h- follov iim stat-menl.: 

"Ill .iu^-tiee to .Mrs. .Morris it oughi ti 
li_ s;at. I that M;s .Minis hud no idea of 
slandiny for any oiricial position in tie- 
Daiiphb IS of lb ' .\iiui ieaii Ibvolutiotj 
until sh'- ree...iv.'d a petition irom ii f 
c-l;i;;c-r. the LibiMy chapivr. of Lmiuili. 
a.-^kinj? her io ptTini: her nam.- to bi 
'.isrd. since It would briiiK barmoii.v with- 
in the ranks in th- stale. This sh.- can- 
sciiti d to do. "Wh.n rh delsal s: aniv-d 
fr..m bc,lh Mi th.- Si. r.-inl (haidei.s wi'J. 
tile est-eption .."f Mis. .Wwpoi t UlliI Mis.» 
.v." w port all Join-.d in i!k- sam- r 4irsi 
and sill- was support- J by ilum l.eing. 
Mrs. Itials. 31rs. Rrill. Mrs. iMItillan. 
Mis. Fdirar. Mrs. .Me Williams. Mr.-;. Me- 
Kiniuy and Mrs. Polk. She was also 
supported b.v .Mis. Van .Sant. of the 
W'iiioiur chapter. -Mrs. Davcy. of the 
GiLytJIoii Dn Luht ciiaptcr. of Uululh. 
-:ii I that \v.v chapter did n»i know thai 
Mrs. Morris nani'.- xM>uld 'o'- . iff. red. an'l 
h ul insuuctid her for -Mrs ."Newport, ami 
f-iie f-.ll that she ought to o'oey lu-r in 
S.I i.e.i.ois. .Mrs. Morris !>- in'.;' thus siip- 
pijiii^d iiy b).h from S. f'uul. th- 
bjiiie of .M:s. Xiwpuit. st vuti .nK <•! nin • 
ol' the dek^.Tic.s. all exc.-i>t Mrs. X. n - 
poi! and h-.r dati^ho i. oit^ of the DukUb 
."hapUis and the Winona chapl-.r. bin;: 
four out of s;'V.n chapters and nine ou. 
y. si\;opn d- lega;. s. and having agre ! 
to stand for election, fell thai she oubl 
n it wiiltdraw. Tim." li'.r tiam- was pi. - 
s- nted to the e...n, If she had ba.i 
an.v idea that such a seen, would be 
made in the (-jnveini.m she would nev.-; 
h.'Av.> .-onsenb^d for a mom nt lo luiv 
any par; In il." 


.\N i-:.\.<v ••.\i,. 

.V UyHi.-iii if fashion in a i-li. -k ■ ! 
dress and a ;;ri at .lalilia-eolor d v.-lv--; 
Iia!. ai'Lomianii.'d b.v a man in mod- 
ish q:armeii:s. was tiippinv; .-ilonr? 
e'ifth avcniie. says rin .N'ev. York 
I'liss. She was ehaiiiiiiir with tnaikeJ 
animuiion.and In was laushin^ '^ak- 
teiinsly. Th- of th.- pass- 
is-li.\ was attract'.-d by the bapj.y 
coniile. I 

Hebind th" )iair ihaiieed to walk a 
lassi''- the mie yet living al linmr- 
with mainiva -and an old'-r w iman. w 
friend of mamma. The lassie spb S 
th.' moiidaiiie in di cks and dahlia 
\t.l\et on aliead and p-jcker-.d lier i 
brow, sa.vinj;: "«JIi. 1 know thai wo- ' 
•nan— have ^. .n hei oft'ii at NewTjort 

she i.s dreadfully lich- now I re- 
tr -mb r. sli ' is Mrs. .M.itiis Hlankly." 

Th' tri'Mid of mamma was iiuer.^a!- 
ed. She askej: ' 

".\nd is tlf aituntive man with Mis. \ 
rjlankl>' h. 1 bnshun.r.'" 

Tin bissi • slinr^ffed h-r sleiuldir.- 
and si-iiriii e' 111.' very idea. 

"Ilidi'-ulous." she ,'.'pli..d. "Y lu 
dear, old-fashiiim I thiicji. don't .von . 
know ihat women's husbands nevi t 1 
lau^h in tba: .aood-natur d wa\ wb ii 
they aio with their wives." 


I'meh: H>' was a su.cessfnl yuuiiu 
auth ir of ps.veholojricalj novels and 
ehara.'iir stui'ies. and he was ;ryiii^ ■ 
to eiK'juras'i the . Id.-r ii\cii with a f .. v. 
hints of Ibe manner of his s' uius. 

•I urn sinjfularly talented that way." ^ 
he tobl them. "1 have a vast j>ene I can tell at a ylanee. fm in- 
stance, what p ('ide are thinkin'-' nf i 
mr " I 

"Vij.v I lc\ ■ r. ii'i l.iulit." comment, d ; 
one of the v..terans. "Itut— .vou must I 
pass a very mis-.rabi .xisienc. ." ] 

\u\\ the .cninK: n iin went mi; ai.,1 , 

kaned his hea-l 
tnarbl man.eipi' 
it cu;. 

ay:ainst the -'lol. 
, to help liim iliink 

Dr. L'.uH's ("ouyh Syrup is the best in 
li-.e market. .\ sinsb' iHittb- %vill con- 
vince .vou of ils .'Xcellenee. Try it. 

The mn?t you want is the loa5t you j 
CPt in Th.' Saturday Herald. i 

rhfliftc .n.k*d 

fri.R) Life. 

Is Again lo Be fitted to tarry 

In til of a st'.ain.r of suit- 
a.ble siz.' and aci-oinniodati jus op^ii to 
purehas '. to replace the wr-'cki d sieamei 
e'ily of Duluth. th • Lake .Miehisan and 
Lak' Su|'..ri"r Ti ansp c-tati on cimpany 
will in all oiobHidlity a.ijain li; out ih" 
.st'a.m-r City iif Tiavi-rsf for passenj^e! 
vanyins. Tbis may n qnii. an exptiidi- 
tute'of from $I2.0uy to Sl.'i.OOU alusc-ihi^r. 
a.s an 'decrrie liga; plant is ..sseiilial in 
order to lie up-;o-dale. The ehari.r ■>! 
:h. t'ity ^^'i Trav, rse to th - Graham and 
.Marlon Transpoi Nation cuii.pany ruu.- 
until .\pii] l.'i. and it will Iheivfoie be a 
month iater bLfore she can again ..nte; 
;li'. Lake seiviL-e. 



Made a 

Well Man 

of Me. 

.Ml ii:'i(;.\<;i: i < >i;i:''i.usi. iti: li.M.i; 

li.ta'ilt havMig be. n Uei.l • in tb.- ni-.v- 
ni.tiii < \ the sum nf two liii idred forty- 
tW'. and .".<^I''i ^■<:'l2..>ii .lollurs. which 5s 
. lainii'l I'l 1" ,jn< and is iJui at th^ da •• 
Ol' \,<,\'\^" no'iiJ a ..-eriain mortga;?- , 
tlule .s-.-iierl di''i>'.:" .1 tiv fari \V. 

II. bask'- and H.-rta l«ifck.-. bis wif.-, 
rnorlujgors. to H-.nnan !?ries«»ni.i'tii 
ni..rt>;apee. b.arinu dale lie- <a h day of 
May. l^:•.■. ao.' wlin :. power of sale th-rv- 
in i;o;u.iii .'.l .July i. ■•'•iko in th.- oflite of 
lie r-.!ii^i. r I I .1: ■ -Is in ami ii.r the .ouii- 
iv r,| Si. I. "la's .; slal of MilliK'-sota. on 
•,i-- litli '':.\' "I" -M;:.' . !'>;<'. at Z o'cl.)ck p. 

III. in iJook X' of mortiraKes. on jiage ',*'C. 
Whi'-h -.lid nii>iteafr.\ togrethor v.ith tin 

dePl s.-.-nre.l lb. reliy. wds dul.v assigin-il 
b.\ said M<-rnian Bri 'scnieisf r. mor^fragc;. 
lo H( in-\' I'". Mill. r. liy wrttten asisis-nmen- 
daietl the I'-'^.tb day of .\pril. ISf'ii. a i<I n - 
eordc.l in the .iftic- .if sa:0 r irisler "f 
dOe-ds .III th- I'm!) day of Sept.mber. l»t'7. 
ai 1:4.J oeloi k p. ni.. in n.»ok IOS .if mori- 
Kages .jii lias-' •'•"''.*: and no action or nre- 
eeediiiar baviiifr br;n instituted, at law or 
otieiwisi. to r.-'.-ovir tin- d. Ut secured 
b.v s.'iiii mortcui;e. or any part thereof. 

Ni w. thT^refore. untie is hereh.v sixin, 
tba' by vir-.iii ..if \\\o ijowei- nf >ial. eon- 
tajii'd in saiil iD.iriiragi . and in 
tl.e siatute in sn.h .-as. inaib- and jire.- 
vi.b -I. the said mori^ay: will he fore- 
closed by a sji • .if tb.' prcmis s d-- 
.s. ribe.i ill .-md convened by said niort- 
tjai:--. viz: Tin- west Inilf (wu.! of be 
southwest .luari.-r fsw',* .if section Icii 
iPii. Ill townvhip lift.v i.>o north, .jf raape 
sixt.'.n ih".> west iif ill fiiurtb ittlu prin- 
cipal m..ridiun oi Minnesota. eiwta:nin!r 
cijrht.v iMii \\>v<--- in.ire or |.ss aecnrdhiK 
t.. Ih" r:iii -fl .«i;ii.'; j;o\ ernnient survej 
'hereof, in St. l.ouis e.iiini.v an.l stai' f^' 
Minn.'S.iia. wf.h tin- and 
: l.l'iirl-.nances: wb.ieli sale '^'ill l> ■ mado 
liy llu .sherifi" of sai.i .St. Louis Count.v. at 
the front deor "i" th.- luunls- court house, 
in Uh' ciiv of Iiolnth. in sai.l counl>- ami<\ on Ihe :;nd day .if .\pril. 1«">. at l" 
o'l lot 1'. a. in., of thai day. at public vo.i- 
du.'. !■ tl." Iiiphcst bidd.r for .-ash. to 
nay sai.l il' I't of Iwi. Iinii<lr<-<1 fort> -two 
and jy-hMj dollars, and int. rest, ai.l the 
tuxes, if an.v. on sail! nrf-jiiis.-s. and lw<-n- 
ty-iive «2:.i ilollars ationnys f.-.s. as stlp- 
i dated ill aid •>> sai"! niortira^re in case of 
foieelosni". and the disbars innvits al- 
low.-d l>.\ law: suliject to r-tl. ni;»iion at 
a TV '.itm- within ..ii.- yi ar from lie ita>' of 
s.'i|.\ as i.riividil hv jaw. 

Dat'd F.-hruai'v lOih. \. D. l-^t'^. 

MiiNUY 1'. .mii.i.i;k 

-Vssiffne. of Mortgajf-.e. 

V. w. n.\r.<;itK.\'."KS. 

Ali.iriie\ U\v sai.l .\ssi>rn';e. 
C'll'. . IT Mesaba Block. 
JDululli. -Mi).... 
Dulul.i Kvenin^ I1-raid. F.-'b-PM':; .M.di J- 

i.iKUi'.i: I'l i:.\.\.Mi.Ni; .\«'<ui'.ni .-^ 

• tate 

Minia'sola. i.'.i!nit.\ ef St. Louis 

Th.- Nt'.di.-; of ihe pe.'ple: The Gor- 
don .Hal is pipnbii li -. aus. it deseivts 
:o b". 

■%pf>f^7)5* lonff mv tliroaf ^as 

IJQriJIII. Itimp'i formed on :ny 
neck, and « horrible 
iilciT brokH out ofi m.v,— s»j» 
Mr.U. U.Klbcrt.whoresjdPsatcor. 
'i-ly\ St. ami Avemtp N., f'slveston, 
Texaa. H«^ wn-^ (hree tiiut'S pro- 
noiiiH (Ml cnrpd b.v prominpnt ph.v- 
81118119, but lb" dreadful diofa^pal- 
way rot urned ; be wa? t hen 1 ol<l tliat 

w :i « 1 be 
only euro 
Hi;*' hair 
ba'l .-ill 
f .; 1 I *• n 
out, anil b*' wa? in a «»'• plijfbl, 
AltT taking one bnltlr of S. S. S. 
I>pb.«gaii to iniprovand twodorcn 
boUle? Jiirrd 
liim cofiijipdidy. 
polhtil for ni'Tc 
I ban ^ixyar-jbe 
ban ba<I no f iRM 
of (he iltfoa?*-. 

r.i.nh "M ''«• 'i '»«»•(• an.l H« ii<i<im«ini' fw|U«t> 

f!M by 5tUI t^eclllc cc, AlJ«Bt», U*. 




from Houghton Along the New South 

Il v\ill l-^- j.p a.-iiis in;oriiuitioii to learn 
Lhai tilt South Shore j." opie are aenyuti- 
ly conslderiii!; th-.* iiuslimi of c-xtcndin;*. 
their Iin.- from IIou;di: jh ulons ihe n-v- 
South range with the liki lib I Iha; lo- 
cal r..'riidenls v\ ill noi Ij. ."om.- gray-hair.. i 
\ .'U-ran.s in a\vaitiiig the d>-velopmt nt o! 
:his nosi \ alua'.jlo i. :t Icry which i« no.\ 
teeei\in-j; niu-li attcniion ^say8 the Mar 
giiette Mining Journal. 

This Idia of the riou;li Shore road i- 
not of recent date as the project has bee:i 
under advisement evor j»inoc the Dalli. 
Il 'Kan to aUraJt ail. iiti.jn sonn' .six 
nii.nih.s as:.!. Should the lim. to tb-.- licit 
iioup of mines lie bull' it ^vimid no 
d nibt in rime b. tx;..»ndrd and cMinA'ted 
with ill" main Iin • a; L.ike Closflik- llm.* 
:uriiishlntt a ilirect iiin to L»uUuli o" 
nbjul .'tJii niil'.s over which a trip woul I 
Ol eupy hii.s than oish; hours. The ques- 
lii'ii is bccomijijr .»f d.vp interest lu -all: . 
and to .1 ijreul niHn>- il would be a pb'ii- 
'■•ui'i t'» see the South Shoi<.- Steal tif' 
nil Ion lliul ha.s bet ii uazcd a; o\ er tie 
fi nee liy the lonyiiiy eyes of tb'- I'hicag i 
lines til" puiit few Niars. 

Whist Club Scores. 



s w 

l^ast e^ ^iiiiiy: ihc si vi 
Ihe prtseiit Wiiisr club serit 
and t-tul;isl as foil ovs: 

.N'UKTM .\.SU SUlTll 

K. n aly and Ltu hanan 

.McCreary and \Vym:i n 

Hopkins and Wilson 

Ilil'on and Wiay 

Maibii- and I'owi 11 

(JovLiitiy and Oveinian 

While and ^•|a^^fo:d 


\\e'a-.;.-. .X.irth and South, li 
K.\ST .\.\D WKST. 

.Mo. r and Tinkham 

Cullom and Lardnei 

lUtuth and Pot.-et 

lloultJtJ and -M-'ord 

Ilirsch and Simonds 

Smith and Lloyd .. 

Furs> ill and ^^'ilslln 





\C' 1 

. 17: 

. 171 

. 107 

. Ib7 

. 17S 

. 171 

. 177 

, l.-'Ml 

1 1-7. 




prodareK t h«« aboTo reituUfi lii'.30 day*. It icti 
powerfully and quickly. Curcn when all others fkll. 
louaKniin'wiU r«Bain iheir lost manhood, and old 
men will recover th.-ir youthful vipor by using 
BEVIVO. It quickly and surely restores Nerroua- 
neB8. Lort Vitality. Impolenc.v. Nightly EmiFsions 
Lost Power. Failinir Memory, 'WaKtinc DieeaseB. and 
all effects ot pelf-abuBe or eicensand Indiscretion 
which unfits one for sMidy. bacinrPR or inarriaKe. It 
not only cures by FlartiHR at the Ff-st ot disease, but 
isagreat n»'rT««ton'c and blood Imilder. bring 
ing back the pink ploir to pale cheeks and re 
storing the flre of yonth. It T-ariis off JuBanitj 
and Conscription. Insist on having RFVITO. re 
other. It can b« carried In rest rockft. B.r mail 
•1.00 per packape. or six for *5.O0. trlth » poal 
tlve nrltten jniarantee to rnro or rcfosd 
the money. Circular Iree. AddT<?»8 

Royal Medicine Co., 'c?ik-aoo.Tu!!: 

For «altt In Duluth, Minn., by B. V 
ROTCIi. Anisslat. 

toi-vi-.n.ii Ir 


III I'ro'oati fuurt. Sp.-eial T-rni. i'\-b- 
ruary i":;d. IVJS. 
Ill fhi- niat..-r uf th.- .-state of Mariin 

«>roiIiowski. d.-.-, ased: 

eta r. a.linK and lillnyr the vn'^tition of 
rnnline Grochnwskl. .jxccntrix of tb will 
\.>^ Martin < ti'.j.-howski. deetas.'d. r. pre- 
s.-iPlilK :inionf; .ith.r thi:iss. tha: -h"- has 
fully ailminisler.-d'i-aid es'at,, and pray- 
inn; lliai a tinn and pla>'< be lixi d for 
■•xanuniin;. settlinji and .illowin;! ih^ tinal 
a.'.oiint of her ami for 
the ;;:rsls^;ini.-ni i.»r tht- residue of sird 
'Stale to tbf parties entitl.-d thereto by 
Ul w. 

II is ordcr.'d. that said ai.-ount b.> .-.x- 
aniin-d and netili.iii h-ard by this ceurt 
.11 Kriday. th.- t-isrhteenth day of March. 
A. I». IVJS. at ten o'clock a. m. a Ib.- 
proli.'ite otb.'e. !n Uubith. in said lounty. 

.\nd il is furtb. r ordered, that notb-P 
llno'cof b. nivi'ii to al! persons interrsicd 
tiy iniblisbintj' a eopv" >.f this order onct- 
in" tath wck for three fsueccssive weeks 
).riiir to sa>l da.\' of Inaringr in The t)u- 
Inlli Kvcnins Herald, a daily newspaper 
p:-int>.-d and published at Duluth. in said 

iJated .-It IJnliilb. tin I'or.l dav y,t V:\<- 
riiary. A. L». R**".. 

Ity tb eV.iiit, 

jnnxi7.\.s .\vi;i: 

JudS'.- of J'robat.j. 


iSi'-al. I 

LMiiuii i:-. . 


r.jld, l'M»-:::-M'-h-i'-i'. 


49-Mnl Lawytri, ScUeitort aad Cxyarts. k» 

r-t..l.;i.!i. .1 W .i^ti:-.'.;-..'!'.. U. C. rue 
I-i . n-,..r.' .....t.l It.. .k Pre . • - IV.^t.-.'Ji. lii.ilui:;; 



Mrs. E. H, 

Fish A C 

207 Wemt Superior Street. 

• • • 



A^aple Syrup Time 
Has Come 

alotis ivitli thf tim.- for lu.t cak.'>. (Jraldv 
your l:istc with Ihcclioiccsl br.iail- 

Towie's- LOG CABIN 
Maple Syrup. 

>} Al.solntclv pure and lull iiii-iisiire. Mri'.Iiajit 
i> til color, delicious in flavor. .\t all eroeern. 

'^ Souvenir Spoon 


We liaN e ail the new iiidis'iJiial 
molds -l-rnil shapes. carJs. eto. 
C.ill anJ sec llicin. 

.......Telephone 310. 




■■(•11. I have passed a miserabl.- nl^bi. ' 
Ulch.irtl III. Act I. Seen.- I. 
^ on should have used I'ond s I'A;i!iet 
111 jour bath heroic rctlrl.ig. 

\Vben J Ml w.Tul Thr Ilvrnlns Herald 
naub, brlug whU. yuu waoi. 

For Customers. 

Tlijv liraiililiil soiivniir.^poon. ■■■.!• er iibt.-i] 
(.xt(I;/..mI Iminllc. ami K"Ul i.!air.n>o«l y i!l 
J, i«- CM CM in cxclianirr for liiss t'llaii 
"^ fr.>in . ur ciins, :n'd 10c in Sr sUiups. 
biKHii' <';inn.'t l>cliinl in "iiy .'tlicr wiy. 
The Towie <1itplc Syrup Co.. 
!'nlrf.-«\, Vt.. und .St. Pmtl. .Minn. 


McMartin & Co., 

2123 Fifth Avtnut Witt. 

Hol Air rurnaccs. 

Pilch and liravcl Roofing. 
Cornices and Skylighls, 
Sheet Iron and Iin Work. 

Smokaiticks «nd Chimn*y Tops. 

. Furnac* flcpairinp n SptciaHy. 

Cili .•; Iclcpli'i.e .1^. ^'^"- 'M ' 

•ri>iH.:i: i..\X!> a-'T .irNi: .;. -^.j. 

NUTICK l-XTt ITItldi.V rill.V.- 

I'ld: d Stai.s Land Olb-' . I.uilutb. M;nu., 

I'el.riiary ::. Isf'}.. 

Ni>tice is h.-rel.i\' jjiv.ii th.ii i.i i einpll- 
.■ine with tb." orovisflons of the a.-t of 
congress of June 3. ISTv. ..ntijl'd '".V i act 
fir tb<- sal' ..if tinilier in lie sia -s 
of I 'alifornla. tJr..-i;on. Nesaila an.l Wasb- 
Inciiiii Territor\'.'^ as cxieiided in all tin 
nnblic land states by act of .Vngust I. 
IM'l.'. .\l.'\anil."'r <'. Wills, eif Uulutll. ciun- 
ly of St. bonis, stale >if .Minn.-^ola. ba> 
this iia.\- liPxl ill this office bin swori 
stat.nieni N.i. U)U. for thr* nurchase of 
the ii'- .if sw'4 .-e' 1 of MW'j of 
Ni>. "j. in township No. .".■; N. ranyre N". 
1:; W. and will offer pro.if lo shew that 
the land soiifiht is more \aUialil.- for it.- 
linib.r or stone than for .xjjrl.ultural pur- 
poses, aid lo .stahlisb his claim l<i .sabl 
land before the rrpister and receiver of 
this oflice at Duluth. Minn.. ..ii Wednes- 
day, the I'Ttli da\ of .\|nil. ls!*v 

lb- natncs as viin.sses; I>an;-I Maber. 
of l.niintb. Minn.: Thomas Mabrr. of Du- 
Uilli. Minn.: .Tain s M. l.U rniott. »f Pu- 
Inili. .Minn.; .\llcii .MeDonell. of Onlutb. 
Mi 111.; fail Xiwman. of l>uliitb. Minn. 

.V.:i.v ami all persons cl'timlnu tnlversely 
the .'.hove descrihc.l lainl.^ ari^ re<4upst--'il 
to (lie their I'laiins pi ;iiis iifli.e mi 01 bi - 
feie said JTlh tl.(.\ .if April, isgs. 

A\ .M. K. (.1 I, KIN. 

W II .<.M.\1.U\\OOL». 

.\t t.irne\ . 
Imlutb i;\.Tiinu^ ll.-rabl. 


Itoslst r. 



l;i 1.1 Mm lll,'\Ml-- CM J l-..i.MMv\ ^\|, H^\ ^ui^^i 




1 1 



•. ;■.. ta a S B fefcr 







lone of the Wheat Mdrket 

Coatinues to Be Quite 




. •;« ir J t.--r^lal>^^ .iiil.k.i. Look in'." I'lls ntu] simi.1 t..r ..ur Inr Innik will, li • x|.I itn- 
iruVuiT ill w»- I "'I'M. na«< .T pork. < " uiiiiinKli:<"ii ic ^u.c. s.s..l> to l-»f- 
.;■ rr'a.v .V Cx. liii lU . Mi lUu.unH.lU. 




I uf ther Shipments of leiter 

Wlieat Ui the Atlantic 

Were Reported. 

THi: M(.\NK.\i't' MAi.ruirr. 

\>. MaiMi :. Wli.-ft : j'tri.n;-': 
Vliuvli. II: Mav. ••$>•; Jub. !•♦>*<«»« -^f. N". 
l iKitil. .tl.o.:-\: N.i. 1 luifihiTli. ,<l.Ui>S 


Mimh-- N.^w 

,> .i:M ::i.- 

, >. I. I'. 1- Mil 

i.tsiipilUi- ( ij,. ,1 
It il.x.'.l ,"'>^'' 

M .^ 
I . w 

I ' i ■ ' - 

I .<>« 


' ,...' , r. 

flH> .\.;.i 

. »|:N" AM' I'i'KK. 

■..,,,^ I''"'-. 

M.i>. M:i>. 

;,.., |.».,V. 

'..-., iH.V'-ji'.r." 


•■k'-l \\ 

1 'Ullltll. 
,(.iU .>; iMlIiltti 

.■....,. -I .. -a.T at 

:ii.-.l ami >-<»M 

th'- ilr5t ll.'Ui. 

I . 51.O0' I ai»d at 


It cL.-tMl ;it 

I'll.- rlfVil- 

tutT arul 

■ ' . • . ,1.1- 

\i:\\ v>>KK m.>m;v 

\ A V..rk. Mar. U J. -M-jnt-.v .mi i-all. 

. _■! . i.^-i- .,ril: prim.- iii'-ti antil.- 

; r.";i„(5^4 |H-i- . .Ill ; -t'Tlimr '•xfliaiiK" 

,,,1,1. i ijull ami'a.tiial Lu^in.;^.'^ in b;u.k.«r-.- at 

JSI.SP ■ for tl.-iuan.l aii.l at Sl.s: for sixty 

" ■ .lav-.* f» .1 ra(.-s. Jl.v."i''</ O.'.'i Hii'I 

sis:. '.jIJsH; i ..iiim.i-.ial l'll!^^. H.St«4li 

'.; -iUff .frlillrati s, r..".\«i:.6-\f: I'ar 

-jiv.i-. r.lK.,.; M.-xiian iloHars. »:.<■. «i<n-- 

i-rnm. lit h . 1^ -iroii-. N.u «< -rctfii- 

t;ir- 12.'.. 1^ .•<ui-.'ii. )-■'■: 1> t.'HUlar. 

til'.: I-. r..iip..ii II-".-: -■< f<-KUI.ti-. W: < 

l'iv«.|i t •killforiiia slrawl" rrii- In mall 
"iiiritilitli s af' f.'im.l <'" .Ml.'liluaii :-I.»'i 
imw . i.ilis.s. 'Ill > al.' w.irlli iil>.all I". 
..tus lull ar. t \»'."|>lli>iially Hu.-. Itiillr 
ill .fi.iUi- Kra.I .^ Is a hlunU lili:l».i .iixl 
. r.iiil). rrl.s ti.iv.- iak« ii a I. in ituitp. «»llt.t 
ptiifs arc linn. 


Mnio— Til.- tniiitat!..ii?< bflow ari' f.n 
puixis wlihll oliaiK" ham):- In L.ts v\ tti. 
i.|.t)i mnik-f ill lilliiiK- ..r.lis. in i.r.I r 
(.1 s.'iiin- li»'!-t ;r.(.vls f.»r >hipptiiK and :.. 
. iiv< r ii.-it lii.' an a.lvaii.'.- .iv.-r .i..l>- 
i.fnK prircs has t.i bo charKoil. The li^uri-^ 
jr.- ilianRtil ilaily. 


i*|.t\.|- I'V 111 -'■ 

• T.Mni.. v.paral.irs. Taiiiv.. 
I>aiii.s. I'.in.'x. sp«clal niak.' 

F'arkliij;- .-^l.Kk 

I>alr\. fail- 

rl.jvii- < li.M-so. jMT III.. 
T»viti.«. Hals, full irni. m-w 
I'liH » r'ni. V.>iiMir .Atririra.. 

Swi-s «'li Nil. 1 

!lti. k. .\i». 1 

I anilmrm-r. full ff'tu. ili"ii" 

• ■iiiiilloil. viri.ll.v frrsh 

»>tiira.Wi'. '«aiiillf«l 


I-a'MV vliiti- clnv^r 

I'an. y 'wlill.- (I..\<r. in i.ii- 

.-Iraijii-.l. ptr Il> 

< i«'!<l. *i n'll 

I larl .* 111. i.y 

l!u> ftwliiat, .lark 

mapm; si <jai; 

\'',niuMl. i''T iifuiul 

• »nl... i>.r |Hiiiti.| ".... 

."^Aaplo svrup, i>.r tral 




1|.' V.if W.VNl' A TIIAIM-.H .M It.Si;. 


U^TnTKO - <il»l. '"<»'♦- ''.KNI^IiM- 
lious. w.irk. ••all iM-twti-n . an.l ;• |.. in., 
11.-. \Vi>.t I'-lflli str<-<;- 

\\ \ NTi m7 -"^KX I'lntiKN* "i:i • t -OOK . 

.Mi.Jlaii.l li.«l.-l. at on<:- ■ ^ 

WNNIlTT^iiKTlT NC»K\\ raWAN "lU 
('s.rma'i Kill ft.r jrfniTal li.jiis wurk. .; 
■\V«.Ht Suciid str ial. ^ 

^.\TlT~.\r"Tll|.: OM.KST AM. MdST 

r.-liiil.K' I mplo.vnuit ..III. •• f.'r s,-..,..! uirls 
•IS I liav*' soni.- K'hh) Im'.-^ wimhhk 
plai-i!*. TZZ Sup.-iior .-tre.i. 



TTor^^Ks''^<Tl'M?KS .\.M> ri.AI'S. i'. i:<>. 
II, ( r.i'-b\ .St *■<>., l'«i I'r.i^ lil'-ii" c buil.l- 
Inif. Tel. '2i. 

i;i(;n'r-itntiM norsK. am. fsiiMtovK- 

1111 ills: .-. iili.Uly K. I'. I'.iim'. 
r.'.iiii I. :% Wcsi HuiH'ri.pi- yir.'.'i. 

TO RENT RCOMS^ ^^.^^^^^^ 

i'i.i:AS.\.\T^"[-^i iiNisiir.i' uikims .\aii 1....II.I a Hpicialiy. Apjily :.'1N \Vf-.-' 
Tliinl Hlr.i't. 

.Niri'^i.Y rrn.viSHKij houm kok 

r.-nl siilialilf «>ii.( ur tw<» lulled. ..'■ 

Kfiiil.'tni'ii: bir.inl If i|...sir.'.I; fli -ap: in 

Idivai.' family, <cn;rall.\ .1. A. 1... 
II. raid. 


All advertisements of "Situa- 
tions Wanted" inserted free. Wc 
invite as many repetitions as are 
necessary to secure \Nliat you ad 
vertisc for. The Herald's 50,(H)0 
dally readers » ill be sure to fill 
your wants. 

IS .; 

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in 'ir 

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V ■» 




II' . 





I") .( 1 I'll 


^"'IkiIlt. pop 111., 

ViiUpMll. ll-'j,! Clr^stnufs. pip ll» 

, ,, -.^ I Soft sli. II jilinoiiilr. jK'r III.. 

I .*^.ilt sin II walnnl.". p.r Hi 

, -,..,. I- 1"|. Hai.l '^li. II walnuts, p< r lb.. 

•llli: M\ KUrtMil. MAKKKI. . |.r,.,zils. p, r Jb 

I.i\ .•rp.'"'. .M.'in li -.--l'l^)^^i^K: ^^ l>'^a'- 1 f.-, ms. pi-r 11 'bJ t.. \^\ liiffhor: Man-ii. 7s I riii„rls. por lb 

,1 \l,i\- T^ .'.'.'1: .lulv. 7?i LM: Sfpt.-m- r.amii.s. n>.isiir.|. imp Hj — 

ON im tint AGO BOARD. VNtislirm .ind ( losod «! an 

^ t . ,' ii \ \\ a- 

r,-i i;'...i. Dotinlifr. »is .'.^t'l: Si-ih- 
i„ r Is :■' .1. stt'ii.l.v. '*•' '>'"'>i"'' 
■,.l'|..\v.r M ir.-h, ;i^ «S'I: M.ay, :;.> 

riu; fiiirtt.N m.vkkkt 

.\,.u Y-.rk. .Mar.h _■. — r.»iniii..ii ■ .-iini. 
.spot. iliiU: ini'MliiiK upli'SHls. .'> '.-K!; 
mi.Mlin:.' culf. >> '.t-Hi: "'i^'^- -'^'■^*'' ^'■•^^"''■ 
< riitups cl.isi-d .^toailv : sa.les. l,:y.- 
liKt l.als: Mar.h. $«.14: Ainil. SUA.. 
^^av $«:.-"•: .lun.-. »0.-J. .llll^. 10.-'..: Au- 
(•^l^"t $•;.>: S.-pt«nil). r. Stt.L'L'; O.-tuli.r. 
*i;.U': NiivtmlKT. «''. iv P •, $G.Ul; 
January. $C.-J. 

11" -li 

Ii ■ 



S ■.( 
M '.( 






« u, Continued Gains In Many Securities 
at the Opening. 

• \, A Y.' 1; M.i; ii -■ ^I'J;^' ■'' ' ■ •" 

,, I .4,1,: - I- ,'1 . ■ nii!K. saiiiriiiK up 

•••,. .M.. !..p'li;an > ' Ilaibvc;. 

. ^ 1 :, p, ;n.s in ;li • .• i.:'- ' -an-a - 

.- -., ■ j: y -.. ^^i ' J 11!;. II- li.i; 1> . Til- ' 

. ., . . ,.-,,; :i .',1- ■ \ i...i..ii? •«! ; ■' 
■;,.-., ,:. ,-■ ' .• -s ■■ Vi.-l. <■ M- 

, , '; I ti:m 1. I- !-■' 

I ^ : ,1 1 , ,, 1 1 'I ■ ai Mk'C ■ I 
, ,. h ,:.■ : .\.-: •■'■■ vl--linc . : . . 

rracUiiK \^as i-A.-rbh ;ui»l uitiv.- l-ir 

, rniH but 111' mark. -l s.iurt .unitii.n.'tl 

iM run .ilT at a liv.-l.v rat- «iii r.-ali/-in;r 

^al'-s Th-'v it! M.-irop.)«litatv Str.'ct 

- i:ailvva\ " i-^ pr.ictiially "ii^d "Ul an.l 

'' -mar ..lipp- 1 If'-.w 1-S ""- largi- «»l- 

"•ics. (■-■'s <*-as. <;«-n- 

,,■ r:i- . tii..- aii.i K'-K IslanJ w.-r.- un- 

1! '11 1 

I ;.-i '.. I !»■• 
2'. 'i( :ia 

Irt It I." 

.'.,'. 'if Ml 

'M\ ;i I IT. 

%i '(/ I ffi 

(W '11 71 1 

L' .■.11 '.I Z V> 

:a 'u :.■< 

2:. '(I ,.'• 

1 'M It 2 III 

.'m '■« i»u 

lut 'o :;.', 

! iH» 1; I 1. 1 

.■.0 (I !'■» 

:, 0.1 (u .-. ,'.ii 

1 i.j oi 1 ::, 


Haw p-anulK pop lb 


l|.>rso raill'^li. p'-r Hi liyiisr .•ni-tMiib.-Pf. iloz.. 

ralj^li-.i. p.r O'-z 

,li.r.v(«'v ^ncct p.'lal'i.'v. bbl . :;;,.) y \ it\ 
lliibli;iril squasli. p.r d-.z . I .'.0 li" 1 7% 

Hi.s " ' 


l.otliK- . p.p box 

Spii.n.'b bus 

• alifornia i-f-l^rj, il.>z 

\Va\ bfan!=. liD.x 

r.>l:il.i s. por bus 

Miai. p.r il.'ir. 

• ■aullflowf-rs. prr .lox 

» 'arrets, per bus .... 

Turnips, pop bus 

Cabb.ico. p.p I'Hl lbs 

U««l tfibbiicc. p.r iIoz 

llors.' i-aiilsh r.mts. ps-r bOI 
Union?, per bup 

vi:a.<* anu ni:AN8. 

r-"an<v navv. prp bus 1 [)'< 'i» 1 >i 

M.-liuni. bind pi. k.<l. bus.. W 

IJr.iwn bi-aii.s. f.Tinv-. bus... I i.". 'n I 70 

*;!Oiii .iiifl y. II w pfilH i 10 'u I 2.-| 

<;rei'M peas. bii>^ 1 lo 'k 1 25 


^lala•.ra crap.-s. pop 1.*.' •; mKu 7 iv> 

• 'rauln-ri i'.s.>s . ' .'." i/ 'J 7j 

• "r.inbfrrK-!-". luurilr.v. t.-i.--.. - W 'i> 2 2'. 

•'atawl.a i;rav>"S. lifisk. t T. 'a *.''• 

'.VasiiitiBloti r.rai>. inr X>v\.. 1 1*0 »» 2 2'i 

l.ini.s. P'T .aft.' I 2j "V* I Till 

• 'alifi.rniii =<-.-.lliiics . '' '2'> '" 2 I'l 

} M*«xl«-un tira.ic -■ 

i Navi.t uranp. s ... 

' l.-'iiLiiis. |ifr ii.-.x . 2 7.0 'u ;! tJ'J 

t" ijiiul^. u.'P i'.jz . !Vi li r.-j 

|.-iKs. p. r n. 1:' ''I I'. 

natis. 1.. r 111 ■' -I I'l 

V..1V V.irU s|i.».'s. pf-r bbl. .. I 'Rl 

N'.-w ^ (irk kiiig.s. |ifcr bbl Mm 

Willuw twisix i! "•• ■/::-■". 

X. Y. :\Tn.(Us Mrbaiis. bhl 3 7-> 
Uboilf l-lai!<l jrrfonln;;- 1.' I : ■■!> 

Willi. >.jips. per bb' t '"' '1 •' 

Snow ,ippb3 ' ".' 

.Iri lii tliaii.s ■• "" 

1 7'> 

2 7.'. V M i«» 
'. 'S'> rtt .-J :.'• 

pf>r bbl 2 Ot) ll " •«• 


^rr\7iaT""v^TiTK. i;ni:i:.:kti.: mi7.n 

1., push .iiir ttO.Kl-. liisi .las- an.l« Lib.-ral .■..rTilssl..ns pabl. A.l- 
riK-J's «: tn nil an.l tJrt-u.s. lOinpai-.v. 
flfvilaiiil. Ohio. 

\V\\Ti:i> TIIIlKi: •!<»<'l« MK.V IN 
ImUllli an.l a f.-w in ..Hi i i.arls ..I Ih. 
siiui, t.. Ink. lor ..iir ina. ■■ L. 
.>r.l.r in.iis sul;s at $l,..o P. *1 ■. <..i...l pay 
;,inl work Ivi 111'- "«'" iH'ii , '^'i 
.Np.ri. u-.- n .■■•ssarv. A.I.iivs« Am-^riran 
W.iiil.-u Mills lompaiiy. ^ l^iKviK 

W \NTKir»~7;7MTlT~l N I »1 STI{ lors M K.N 
t*o'..i..:at<- thl.- (ipliKraph Moyini,' I'l. - 
liirr- ina.bia.s. lb Kloi'-iiU.- Illiisli a . .1 
Kn.. rlainni. lit ..units an.l tli. i.rapli..- 
phoiu- Talkiiifr i.s. SI1..W i.. 
Ill,, piibll. ami l.ioK all.^v H'" 
.No .«.>li..;llii;r ami n.. pr.-vioii-. . xp.-i •■ii.-.- 
n.'.rssar.v . Kaj-v W..IU. si a. .V .■inpl..Y 
in.iit. U.I...I I'ay. K.-r mil pariU-nlars ;i. ■ 
,lr.--.s S.ars. It.. bu..U .V: < "■• 'l:at • ''1- 
caf.'.', HI. 

\rTvri:i'-A«"rmrKN ' -"i';':'';" " ^V"' ^ 

..r tr I .-iililP ss an.l ability I-, s.'ii'i' 

r.,1- lif • inpiiraiiii-. Salar.v or .•..nimiss -.n 
pal.l. Appiv al ofll..- "f MMn.tM.lilan liisnran.-.' .•.onpany ..1 N. -.v ^ orK. 
I, ,.,1 :1 i'.ii.'i riilir.'ws' blo.'.< 

WANTED- - -ACEtirS. 

vTANM-KTr'-AnilNTS IM Sf.j.i. >JIV^'" 
|bi|vt,;i.i,s «:nal «iib.i ISook: all aUoi.l 
mba. Spain an.l war: t'l'at . \.1P ni.-.' . 
r\. VV..11.- buvs 11: «.ll. a--'"' ■■"I'l I'li:!".^'- 
.. vrii in .Ml' 'la- ; a no li-r nia.l. *l.. 1 1 
on. li.iur: '■,'10 par:«'s: ni.imilli. .nl IM'i-'- 
tratlon.-: p;i..i.i» ii<;. I.";v p.u.': 
w. ^ru.irant >• tin- ni.isl lib. rul trrni,-. 
IL-iL-ln phIiI- ivv-nlv days' .p.. Ill: 011.- 
Iil frir: ;*.lid six 2-i- .d stamps to PV 
p.,sta.i:... Tb.- Illbl,! M.iusc. :;2I Diarbo'.a. 
-ircLt'. tliiian.1. 


r. <.m^. 2,-, \V St Snp rior ^-n■^•■I. 

l'rK.\ISIIi:ii lUMlMH Ti> IJIONT. 7.111 
\\ , -;| S' 1 'iiii.l sUC'l. Two bio, Us fi.iin 



rcK KKNT STKAM 1 1 1 .A'!! M ) I'KATS 
.■.iiiral l.iialioi; all m.i.lirii .onvciil- 
1 iii..-s. Silv.y Al: t;t.'pbfn.soii. I'l-oviil.-iico 

\<:|:NTS \VANTi;i»-IN <■|T^ _ AM> 
<.Minlrv towns lo sc-ll spocialli. s 1:1 
iMiisi-biild ; on ra-^.v jjaynicnts. 
\Ypi.' or applv l.» Supplv <-.mii- 
p.iiu. ;..',". West Supc-rior strc-i i. Uululb, 
Minn. ^_ 


T^^^^fTrKS^TrTi TO .Mus. A. .M.i<ii:i.s. in 

W'.si Sii|i.-i i'.r sill' I. r.i'iiii -'■ 


"mTss '1:7 ' a!^ tn ix. .nTusk. kas 

" inovi.l t.i "-.'5 ICasl Sup nor sin. I 

iH.t '(» 2 2-, 

.' 7.". m :; 2.. 

ll. I .SIi... ban, .'orn in lli.- i)arlsli .-i 
ib.viio. vouaty i'ork. If lauO. wb.i laa-l- 
.-U 11. Auurlia in IM.". or l^lii. will <;..r.'- 
miit.a'. with »•. <•. Itrowii. Ibral.i .. 1 - 
liff. i;iiliiib. Il will l. aril sonv thiiiK. l" 
bis a.lva.ilUKf. 

WANT^r^ JOJBUY'^^ . ^^^^ 

\V.\NTKr»-TU lU'V. .oNSiiMliATKl. 
St. Ilk and ImpLiial mill siooli. II. AN. 

s)'o r"c.rHn'i'ATn'F()K iioi'sioi ium • 

j;o..(l«. Call ..r s.nd poslal 10 PUlUlll 
auction bou^ . J7 l*;r..-t riv.iiiiowost^^ 


:■ li'.iv\ i.»re.*i=ur.- by ttn )..:i.> — , . 

i>,.- -.Illnc mov.:m.-ul ran ..ut .^h..rily .•alif..rni:< b-l ilow-rs. b.-x.. 
,; „ .,,.„.,.k and u P.r;uO or dullni-ss t..m..n ;,..u 

i U.llovvf.J. uilli a sli;:ht '•■^•^/•'.\." r.oTiito.r-. pfV bbl 

1 priins. M ■tr.ipolllan str-,l .Kail"a> | '^ cmKK. 

ralli.d 1,1 t:.'. an.l Third .\v«-ivui- !•> \Hii\. x y <wppi ,|,|,.i-. p r kop., 2 V. 'u '\ >i< 

1 -'. . . . .1 ,. ..^. t,A .rrx.a ili>niiinil. I'riiit ii:i.. s in-r k. c 4 na '(i I 7'i' 

' l»Ri:.^SKT> JM.Il.TnY. 

Turk. . .-. p r lb II ■'f 12 

< 'h'. U'.|i -'. Iifti.s '.> 

> 'hi. U i"--. spriHtrv I'l 

i.i\i: i-Mi i.ri:\ 

t n.-ns .'. •' Il 

.„ , . ' Spriiif: .!il.k.-n«. p- r 11... . . v 

Prinnpal Points In the Life of Ih^l i.i:i:sski. mi;a is 

• I .Mm Ion , . ■ .■'! ^ 

I I, a tub .... '•! '■' 

\'i>al. fuu-x ^'/'</ '•' 

\-'.ll. K'Hid ^ '.1 V 

I'oik " v: 

W.I adl.'iiiin*; room.'", \miIi. 1 t'" "'i i- 
nl.< w.tik .>! LJoard o( Ti;..!-'. I' '•. Ibr- 

1 National l.L-ad was in k"Mid *k-mand. 
_ . n> .11. 20:'.,'t'MJ shHi-f^. Uonil-^ prir.-s w.-r.- W..-II li.'ld. 


; i^ ' ' 

■ - ami iujr.- 

tbnir. TlV 



1,11 V \v. -•- rn uiar- 

- . i.inparrd with 

uo .1 k'Sst a lilth- 

'- ''" ' '■ "■al II. has li;;lU jcray w 
, 4.' j 


1 ■ • ■■'.■11- 

y\.r [• II oliliif- 

\u-ii.M, 'I'..- principal 

i.i\ lip I'l noon won- froin 

;■• :*l."',"t. up from t-. 

■' $l.l'.'.'i'. 'I"'' "'•'" il''''"8- 

.;::,iiri to $!.'•:. ^\h>.rc it 

,,I ucfafionally 'z^' 

lion and Ihf nrxt. 

. till,,- n-l'TT'-'l t". !''-.s.' 

i'lt. [•!ii.-ai.ii" r-.i' ti'.n.- 

, it tUf op.Mnt '-; ».. 

. ,| til.- his':ii"-l "'' 

A a- .-■ I'-' 
]■■ , t A a 


Printc of Wales. 

N.v\ Y"i-u .r.uMi.ii. !'■■ ■■ '' 

i„rh,..- . .■j;U .ui'l "' -^ii-- '^" l-'Un'Is. 

,1 Ljr.t.v .' -ar.l. 

a oDwn loinpli-xi.jii an, I i ViaM lu».i'!. 

His hanis and r--i ■•'■ ^^ni^:. aii'l 


H.- is 7.7 y.-ar,^ .1.1 au'l l..ur 


His fav.jril • win ■ is . hainpaKi"' "• 
isslt. ami his fav.irito liiutiir. .t .-.ifrna.' 
fori V vrjirs old. 

If.-, 'is f'ind of lr:sluii.-n. l"r inliiu^n. 
C.-iinans atid llusyiaiis. 

II,. i.s r.iii'i '^r all kinds of i» ipl>-, ■ s- 
I,..,ia!lv if ih.y havo inon--y. 

Wh'Mi Ji" was ytmncT h.- w a.s v r,\ t n- 
,|.-r-li.-art.-<l aiwl crivd f.T days \\ a ;i a 
lutor b'ft him. 

H.. i-' a fifi^l- la-- judu' • ^1 lior.scs and 
.p.cs. and h<- thinlcs h- kn-'" s s..n!"- 
lliiiifr about a. In-ssrs 

H»- is s>ai.l t ' I' "".■ "> 
in l-:it(srland. 

II.. S'-t^ t 

IIA^. '-Alt 1 I ' !<. 

• 'boa-.- s'.a b .Minn « ','!•> V 7 .» 

.North- rii Mini :. [ut >:i :, :a 

M'lli'im •■ .'.w f'f 7 70 

Tantf, I. .11. rluii.i' liin.iilo.. '■>>*< 


Hran. •Jim lb«. sa. ks im- 12 .'.'i 

S^'b.Mts. 1(»I lbs. sflfks ill-.... 1:11)0 

Sln.ris. 2iKi lbs. •■^a.k'- !!!•• 12 -V. 

(Iroiind f.i.l \.i. 1 l:! i« ''*t:;.".il 

r.i.iiiiid f.'-d Xo. 2 1;: ■" ■,'U"l 

Oals. cap lobs ■■ ' 

t "..irn UJ 

i.x cHiiw;", 

riiiiai;... Mar.-h 2.- P.utlr tirm, 

• i.^an'ori.'S, i:;'ii20c': dairlf-s. 11'i»12<.' 
\'.^'^H Steady: frci^h. IJc. 

din.- o!' ("ifv i-oinplr'.'ll'r. Uululli. .Minn.. 
Mar. li 2.1, K'l*. ,, ., 

\,. i-^ h.r.'by piv. n to all '.iarll.:s 
i .1.'d ihal an a»H.'>-nii nt litis b( .'it 
111 lib- bv lb b.iai.l ..f piil.r... works ot tb,- 
.iiv orlMiliitii. .Ml 111. M. la, an.l loiilirni.'l 
bv" tb Il.'ii NVin. A. «'aut. ju.Ik.^" 
of lb. ..iistra-; .ourt of ;';•" 

ni.\.nlli iudi. iai dlslr'.i. i.> .1. fray oi 
full IIh- ixp.-n.s of .sprinkling Superior 
ni' I TwiMlv-fonrth av. nu- west 
I.J r.iiirtf.nih avtiiu. wsi. a:al l'i»..iin.>iii 
.ivnu.-^ fn.m lourto nth av.-inn lo 
I'litrh'h .iv.-iiu w.-st. dnrini.' Ilio s'ason ol 
lstt7 in sui.l . ity of fniliiih. and that a 
.iiiplnat.- .-is.s.'^smi'nl r-jll lia.s b < n d tiv- 
.r, ,1 t.i llic «-ity ina.^'-i.r, tmd lli.ti 'I. a-.s. ^'.s.•d a>fa.!i.-! mh lot or pai- 
, , I of la 1.1 lail bi- a.s.-.rl "illfd 'it tb,^ oil;.-,. 
of ibi iltv iroKsurcr. ai'd thai tin- as. 
> ssn.(.iil is Ou. and jiayablc. and H pu'i 
«illilii Ihiriv i.:iii day.s 'licri will b al- 
l.iWf.l a .|.du,il..ii of in i|0» iH-r c<nt 
cbaiK'.l I.' Ilif ain..iini "i" Hi'' assissin.i'i 
for surv y. plans, .-p . li' and sa- 
il riiil..:id.'ii«e. . , 

c. I-:. i.uvi:tt. 

< 'ii.\ Coinpt r.illi r. 
Ln.'.nlli i;i.n;iiK H. ral'i. Sleh-2-!'-lii.2::. 

Every Evening 


of Shrewd People 


The Herald 
Want Ads 

A Well Worded 

Standing Gard 

Will Attract Their 

Attention and Bring 

You Business. 



and Willi itf. wanis \\..rk ..f a.i.\ kiinl. 
Addl-.-ss T. I.. 11. 'aid. 



MitsTTiiddA I.. m'<;Mi:s— ori'KiM-M - 

.111-' llair. in.jl. s. .■!.•.. p. rjiiaii.-:d ly di'- 
slioynl b.v .b i-l .v. wiih..ul lii.inr.'. . 
Als.i Slit r.tlll.- fa..- »;>:<>- itn- an.l ••.nn- 
pl. xl'. I inaiii. Ml, Mani. urinu. •'b.-i... 
i..i!' t prtpa rations. ''f*'t Maisonic tt-nip!'*. 

I nilulll. 


St.~Paul & Duluth R. R. 


'•> »j iiiii 

•1 .;? pill 

'11 I"; pm 

*I>ai'^•. ^r.Nt^ r' Slln.^■l ^ 

St. Pmul 

I ArTiv<> 
' Diilulli. 

. .1111 


\VAXTi:ii-riiSITK»X IX SOMK (*\'- 
li.c bv \.>ini;T mall. 17 j- ais of afi.'. 
liavi- il fair ...lin-a::..!!. a lair p, imiali 
and Mot afrai.l of work; ba \ »• W'.rk'Nl 
in siv.-ral i.tlii-'S in .My. «'an givi r-1- 
i-rf.i.ois. .Vddi.s.s K. 1., Hci-iild. 

A Y<ll'X«'. CIIH. Wnrid* i....l-: A 
pliuo in a privaif famil.v lo work for 
b..ard and .•l..lli.s. 'I' IT, 1 1, raid. 


|.rrliiir...l .1: linn r.i.iin ^irls toKclh'.-r. 
.\ T U'. I Ural. 1. 

.\ MAX AXD WTKK ^YOl ld» IdKlO TO 
ha\ ' Work as ..liU or otlnr work. A.l- 
.Iriss I J. T.. II raid. 

\v.Vnti:i» TTsnTATiox ijy cdM- 

pel,nl lailv sl.iiocrapb r with llv. 
\.,ir.s' < xiwiiiii'-.'. l-'si ciiy rcfcreic •.>s T tv. ll.ralil. 

Ki:\viX(t \\AXTi:i> i;y i-(iMn:ii:xi 

ilii-s.sni.ik(r. I'bii.i or tin.-. \MII jro ".a 
by day or w- k. A.ldn-ss Mrs. 11.. «^n- 
, ial .l.ii\a ly. • . 

\VAXTi:i' imrsi: rM:AXix«: nii 

yc' ilbblli!; .11- ..nir.s aiiil slor.-s to cli-ali. 
Mis. Jaiks..ii. 2:; l-'ir-^t av.nno ra.-l. 
">\Hrk Kuarantn-'l. 

wTntkh^ iM:\f M«iui: im,a<ks t<» 

(i,, v.isliin^: an.l iroiin;;. by :h.- .lay. by 
I ;. •Milan woman. J20 lOast Sup'-rl.T 
sir.rt. rpsla'rs. 

l*rom I.NIiiN lil.l'iil". 'ITY TbKKr 
ii|'l''|i'l7 Z'-Vl W. st Sup. sir.- t. ••..rn. r 
I'rovi.l. I.-.- I'liiLliinr. Tb k't- s..M I-. .11 
points. Ti l'pb.,ii.. 21^. 


(• . SI. v.. M. X ») n.\. 

Olli. , t"-' \V. Sup I lor Si. Phone X... :>'■ 
[...•avc. I ♦Dululti. 'I:v>-«>pt Stindav. \ .Vrivi-. 
r-jo CO am I St.Paul. MiiiiK-.ipolis anJ vest | ♦* i... pin 
•fi 00 pm I St. Paul, .MiniicMjviUs.iiiJ west 1 *? .ju am 
''r, 10 pm ' ... .CliiiaC"! LiiiiiluJ . 1 *io lo am 

Parlor cars ..n 'lay tiaiM-: \Va};ii<?r s 
I-ih, -I Sl.'p'i- .'M ni^bt iraiiis. 

Duluth, Missabe & 
Northern Ry. Go. 



















,»n. Aw 
III. Ar.. 

. Dsilulh . .. 
. . I'l 01 tor 
lion .Iiin.-'iifi 
... \ . . 

, .. i:\-l lb . . 
... Sp.itt:. .. 
. . I'.iwabik .. 
. Ml. Ii.>n .. 
... Ilibbliu: ... 

' .1 . 1 

f >.t iiil Sun. lay. 
<: i,iV,i 












• 12 



p. III. 

a. "I. 


p. III. 

a. in 







•iiiKKK ni;sii>i7Xri: axh tnvd 

<li..i.<' bu-^ !o:s In .laii!'-l..w.i. N. 
11.. ami IMI a.ifs of lin.l all r. 
,i-.',Ii. to .-Mbaiiu.' l'..r lioiis'.' an.l bit in 
liuliiih. .\Pi>lv Winston. ' .-iri' Il.-ral.l. 


J^^^TjT^^"!^-^ •' ^'^o^^^^ ' S AX l-> 8.\\ K 
1.1. .my. «'. Pirikor. 721 \\<si Superior 


M^|'NK^^•n^■T(X\X nx l-fuST M'oriT 
' u-aK'-. U.urKc 1.. Hob ris. -".'7 IJ.iard ol 

Duluth, Superior & West ern Ry . 

•Daily ixi-rpt ,- ii;.':i; 

I'. M, 

':;:iK. " 1.-. 
1: C. 2:' .\' 
0:i:! 7': Ar 
7:10 ,\r 


A. .\1. 

Il.ili.:l: \r - il :l" 

. i-|.,.pi ■ J.\ li':ll 

Swan l: > : I.v >:1i. 

. Illbbiii:; I.v 7:i:. 

7:' '2 

'.M'Ar.. llraii.l Itapiil. 
I'l;. \r I>''.r ni\. ! 



^sV^^^V^nK^\^V^VS^ 'IN 

111.- city, now pa.viasr S.-.ii a iiinnlh r.-iit. 
^llofi ci'sli, asHum.- morlKaj;.- .<2,-.iJ". thus 
latliiiR 2? 1>''P i-'iit .111 lln- ctisb i,)Vi'Sl- 
■ d. I). \V. Siott, 10 Mpsalia bbi-k. 

Will pay par for 
County Poor 
and Special Road 

A. R.Hacfarlane, 

12 l£xchaiij^c BIdg. 

Duluth & Iron Range R. R. 

:!:1.'. p.m. I.v.., 
7:17. p.m. .\r. . . 
7:1.1 p.m. Ar. . . 
7:7''! II. III. .\r, , . 




,. Kly .. 

. ...\r 12;i;ti la. 
. , . I.\- 7::~. a.m. 

Lv T;:!J a.m, 

,.l.v T::;o ,-i rn. 

I ailN- , .N. < pi SniKl.i.v 

Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Ry. 

Traias for a'l p.iin'.- l'.,i-i. 
|. .iv.- Unlnih C.^A D II 
I iiion depot at O.OU rtlfl. 

Inilv i-,.M i.P'f SAIli: 
|i\Y with \\A<;.Ni;i: pai.- 
.\i|.; sm;i:p!Xi; i'ak r-n 

S,.'i!t Si'-. M iri.-. . 

\\ , >:l 1.. ,1111, 1 train arnv.-s S;.,<1 .1. m. ) .-^ - 
(•!-,PT SrXDAV. ,. . , , , 
Ti.-k< I .idir.s: I'jr. Spaldin;; llot-1 l.iiil.b 
ing at'd rni,.n .b-p.,-. 


^0^. MOXKV TO 1.0 AX ON P»'A- 

£w\ Ml IN I IS. ji:\vi-:i.itY. i-;t<'. 

ANO l.OAX Ot-TTCK. U21 W. Sup. Mir." t. 


Srorii'MCLOHDIKE. l.iwcst litcs. i-riiil.J ni.itlcr. tl. ., ..ipl;-' '•• 


i.>,. SpaUinc ll'.i:si-;,, < •• l'-„\- 

I.iuliitli. Miiin. Miiincar"!"., ,Mlim. 

M<tNi;Y TO l.OAX. ANY AMol 

( •.,.,!, v H- rmbrbill. I'd,li.>. 



IX .xnu- y<u:k. 

X',-i\ Y.>rk. Mar.-h 2. — nult.-r. r.-.-oipta. 

7472 paikac.-s: i|ui'-l: Wcstora .r.-am- 

l 111 , ,.j i5ry20b-c; KlsiiH, 20': fa.tory, 1 P./. 


I I 111 . w !i.»..' n.iPlil. 

fa-sliion.-s in .l..!!! s foi 
I , i:,:...i- 111- 'v-.rkiuk'- 


11. • 

ii 1 1 an. 
H'» p .pui.iriz.d lin hat. 
H.- is a l>. C. Ii. t»r Oxford, an LL.D 
f rHinhridR.' anil a barrisPM-. 
H.- has Ihirl- n uniM-rsity d -icr - -. 
1|.- has labl !«.'V.-iily-tlirrf>;;. an] 
, . .mp'irfaiit f.inndali'm sloii.'s. 
.. ■ i H,. ,,p.iiod part of Iht- Su"-/- .anal. 

■ llo has ma.l.' nmr: sp ■ni-Ii.«< than any 

■'"" „,;in in t.i vv.irl.l. but m.'Stly sli.irt 


H.' O-A t\^ 111'- 'I ■' I" -' "'"" '" '•!';- 


Ho Mil.- Ill- lii-l riiiisnaii 1.1 dill' 
\\ iih (In- suit. Ill .-(■ Tiirk.-y 

■ 1 ; ■. wj. a .! , Hj "'■^'■'- """^^" ■' '^■'"' 

•■' :•!■'"'•;'■- '.."!'' I ''",','" .,„.;,. I.- %: a .V.-., ' i.-grinis. 

^'■'' ' -' ■ II . ^,,i;,y atlo^vs n^'i lvll.^ - an.l f'.rks 

irli su<-st at hi.s tabl.'. 
Tic in a luluP"' ' i«;!it lim.-s ..^ > r 
![.. Via«< one prival'- sp.ivtaiy. t \\ ■ .1 

.1 11 

.■;|".|. ,iii'l 

lai'l "!" 11- 1 

, a-' .1 ..ff t.. 

1 _.''(.'.•■ 


< 10. I'l: 

" ; , 1 '.' .1 -Ml '.M 

I-ar I ] 


t.-.. 1 7 : 

\ 1. J 

■.'i!'^ •: 

, r ■ 1 ■■'»•.' 

•; : X'.. 

.. .-..ii:. N,. 

". ./ ■■, "■■• 

V" ■' 

< -a s ' '. 

ti.2n-- ^ 

- t. 
.... 1 

. . ■•Jiy s'- 

' I'.I 

V .%■ 1 > 1 ! ' " - 



riiiladi'lphla Times: Tlu-y wm-i- .sip- 
ping ih.Kolat.^ at a down-t.iwn fa.-'hiua- 
abb- c.ifo and talkinc: of x\at(h('s. .Vnd 
tills is what was said: 

"[ hav.- rarriod in.v watch r.>r Ln 
ji-ars.^' ..<aic1 the i^cnior nioiuhcr .if iln- 
parly, ••and it has never cost in- a 
[icnny for pcpaips." 

".Mercy I" rxclaiinc-d another on-, 
"How did you manage if.'" 

"I t.i.Jk carf of it. V.'U kii.i\\. iii.-u 
an- alway:^ niakiiiK' disaRi-.-i-abl-- re- 
marks ab.iut wonun'« walch.-s. and 
\> hen my huxband save me inine he naid 
it " oubi probably be out of rtpder most 
.r the tim'". .\nd I Just made up my 
mind t.i «h<iw him th n- ^>a.s one wo- 
man in the world wh.i knew \mi\\ to 
tak'- care of a watfii." 

•'P.ut havi- you n \ r 1 •-: it .ir had P 

•.Xover: I ilr.»pp'-'l il s. viral Uiik - al 

0111, -I ,.f i-ilv ••omplroll'-r, Ijnliiib. Minn.. 

.Mar. b 2d, 1'>'.'N. 

.N.itiie is II" r. bv uiv. n b. all parl|.-s'sie.l lhai ail as- -smcnt bus ben 
m.ide bv 1)1 • li..iartl of public Works of tin' 
city of Iniluth. .Mini -s'.iia, and eonlirni.'.l 
b.- tb- 11.111 \Vm. A. Pant. .anlc- 
oi" tlir distri.-. «<niri of Hi" 

••;b V tub judicial dislri'l. t<' dcfra> in 
full 111'- cxp lis,, of pprinkliiiB First .sir..". 
from S. Vinili aveau-- west lo Third av- 
ail. .-a,-l: S .0:0! aveliii. east. First ave- 
nue ea.«t I.ak.. avinie, I'i'st av.'iiu.- wc-*i. 
S eoii.l aveiiu A west, iliird aviiue we>!t. 
Fourth avenue wesl an.l Filh a\.iin. 
west fr..m Sup. rIor str<- t to First street. 
.lurliiK ihi of l'^i'7. in said ciiy .11 
Imliitli. ami thai a dnplical.; assi^ssmeiit 
r..ll lias b I'll d livcii.l 1.) the city 
iir« r. aid that the .iniount 
aKain.-i lot or par. . 1 .if land lOn b.- 
asc.riaiiicd a. Ibe uHi. .'f the <-ily 
un r and that Ihc a.-^^-cssm it is due ami 
payabl. and if pai.l v, illiiii lliirty <;;i'i 
.lavs till r.- will b.- all..'*''! a,n ..I 
ti/. ilOi p. r .lilt .■!i,in;..,l t.» .h - amouni ..I 
lb- as.s.ssm. lit for surv. y. plans, .sp -clll- 
. -alio. lb ali'l siipci iiileiid.-i.e^. 

C. K. I.OVKI'T. 
1,'iiv « "oinpti-oil .'"• 
iMiliitb Pv.iilin,' II. raid. .Mch-2-'.'-H;.2:;. 


liJO acrt..< >>( t!ie ch.iii tst l"armiii;r I..'inds 
In the w.irl.l l"IXI717. l-and Io.mI'.I in a 
;i.(i..l climate and mar a ;;o.i.l maik-'t; alH.. 
. li.>ap ^at^^ of transpoi:al to I.ouh fide 
s. lib rs. l-"..r full pa! li.-nlar.s a|.pl.\ to or 
ad.Ircss .1. II. M. Parkr. C.inadian Covi 
.\Xl.. ,Vi2 P,illadi.. P.ldi;.. Huhith. Minn. 

Tots are selling. 

Ill i;a.\': 1 >i-,:>i.. .. ' irl\- tlir 111. 'i-,. 
will b.- offrped at pn s.iit low price's. Ad- 
vance in pri.-es will lli.-n b.- ma.b-. I lia\.' 
some fractio:is -it *2ao. .«:)0t». »IOO ami 
up. w.irlli il.iuble lliat moii,->. I have a 
l;,inl warrant an.l a f. w f:ofid li p.M' .•I'lr 
im.rlt'aKis l'..r sab. WSW iruarant e lb._-in. 
.\1\' pri>perl\ is f ri I- and cl.^ar from all 
Iin-Miibpaiic"-. offi" .. and resl.l.ii..-. f'.r 
-li.irt litn.-. 2^<il V.'-sl 1'liird stre.M. iMiliiib. 

i:. «;. <;ay. 



pri?P''^?A L i?'^" ^iTTii Vr»^ 1 " I ; 1 :.-; 1 1 .\ 1 1 1 .7 'T r 

full bl...>'l Unrham cow. S. Kan r, Sl» Si 
1 roix av. iiiH'. 


tmf-, cb.ap. ::2I S'.-on.l a\.'!iu. .-ast. 


"r\id>^Ni: I.. )i)i:i; .no. 7:'. .\. 

K & .\. .M. U' b'ldar 111 clinK^ 
lirst aid ibird M.>\ i-v_-'n- 
ji,.;j ,.f evcr.\' im.nili at . :.l|i 
p in. .V XI in..iinu .Mar.h 7. 
1>.'.<s.'\V..rk. I'iis- d.-sr •■- \V. A. Mcib.ii- 
■A}:h. \\. M.. James A. ( rawlord. secre- 

m lOXlC I.UOttF. XO. I*"!. .V. V. A 

JV ^ .M — p.-Kular in. eliiigs sicoinl 

^ftiV -iii'l f.'urili .Moi.lay . Milium;.-- • I 
nSjfx . in.. ,ili at 7;:;o p. m. .Next 
'^ ^ ni'.iirii; F.'b. 2^. 1W \\..rK 
S'.'.id .icKn-.'. William C. Wliit.\ W. M.: 
l:. O. .Swe iiy. Sr.. yrcrctary. 

iTirYS-loNi: i-IIAPTFlt XO. 2ii. 
U \ M -.'^lal.-.: ,on\ inali-.n 
s. .'.Mind "an.l fourth Wed lesday 
. V( ninf:s nf ..a'li iimnlh al . ::".o 
n m. N'-xl ni.-'.-lin!; Mareli !'. 
istis. \\ fi'-k. M. M. .1. trre.-. I.V..11.I 
11. P.: <;.--ortr.- 1-7. l..iiifr sicr<-tar.\. 



City Ticket Oltice: 432 Weit Siiptrior Slrt»t. 

U'dM> Pululll. \ •■. .• 111.;..: 

'•i 10 pill I 
* 1 1 I =; pm 1 

»D.iiK- '"L.vcor- ^^I'l-i 

£f. Paul 

'- 10 1 in 


cicker and plain spaiii.-l. Apply at 17 
l-:asi ."-'up.-rior sln-t-t. 

W\,koiT. Seamens &. P.cii'dict, \iSu West street. 

endai!'- -ml .. staff ol .l- iksl llr«t. but it did md show any mark'. 

; I ihcni. 

H, r, ceive.< 200 letter- a .l.iv ami .111- 
.sw '.-r-. most of Ih'-m. 

Kv. ry ni,inut" .if hi.* tiin<: m P.-u'l'-n 
j, s.ptnt a.i'or'Hncr t-. H.-h'^dub-. 

li- ha-- ••"■■ry "i-'l :" "'" kniclit .1 ""i 'H 

Hi.s iiiii:'..! ar- worth ».>...Oi)i). 
lie 1.-5 a ti Id marshal ami an a,lm,- 

ni t. 

H.- '-■ 111. cba^f h'.i - ■ '1" 1" '■• ''"- "" "- 
, f , lityman in Kiisiiiii.l. 

||, - t > ihunh .-V'-ry Suii<la> 


He ne\. r ;;•■ • I" ■ " "" Sunday 

Hr- started lif "ill au 111'. 'Ill- of 

$a7,0.iiO« a year. 
He .savR he has! no doblsi. 

•Hut do the works ii"ver K»n out of 

•Th.' what?" 

The w.irks inside. Hm\" >.'n in \ . 1 
broken the inaiiisprinK?" 

"I never li>oked inside. • 
rtut how do you «ind it " 

•| don't wind il. That's Ipun I tak'- 
care of It and k.^ep it nice." 

They Jill stared for a niom.nt Th'-n 
they said: "Oh. you eb-ver thiiiK"" .md 
adJouriK'd sine die. 

■al|l« . 

.Ill _•,■'■, 



'. Vf'S- 

21 »*i.'.: 


f.llJSO.N'H vol .Nii AMKKH'A. 

S.,111. tini" aji" t'lmiles fJana (Jibs. ,11, 

111- Illustrator, was iicadc happy b\ ih" 

arrUal of a son in his a.Jim . Sfion aftei 

be expressed a determliia Poll lo pi. lur.- n 

11.- .savH ne nas n'» nouift. lypi.-al Aimrlc^n baby, and al one- set 

. 7;:,- ♦, friivel ineo-'iiito In P. - '" "^"r-i in thi.-^ newliii.. If Is uuiiccessar> 

if lii.^at'^i- t,k'k^-tdj 




.\ I , \\ \ ' > I : K ' ; u,\ 1 N 

\ ■ . M . ■ : 1 'I •- 


He buys hundr' o 
\Olhout uaiaK tlimi. 

His favorite vehii^b 
han.-i.»ni . ab. > '•' 1 " ' , ' 

u y ar. 

H.^ thiiiU.-^ Ids n pin"'. . 
.•mperir. is bin H.-nsatioiui. 

Hr> has fri nd!i '.if e\«.ry naii..ii. ami 
spfaKs •;-riiiaii. Fpneh, Italian and 

Hi- I'f" *" 'i- " ' ' ■■'"'"'' ''■ •'" 

its^'a -s.!i 

II ' a - 
'■ at', u. 

:o sav that h-. made .1 ei-mt -uceiss .if tho 

uiulcPtakiin;. and th ; pictup. appiars o-i 

1 the covep of the F.bPUalT l.adii>-' Ibiin' 

11 l„.nd'iSi is ;• , jDurnal. fop whi. h maura/.ln. H was ib- 

"■ slan d. .Mr. Ulbson's ideal AmLriean iriri 

PaiFed 111"-'d of natlvr- f m'liin'' 
|..\. liii'ss to tin- hipbr-st niche, and hK 
tvjiieiil Aineriefiii bab.\ will 1»l" ucc'ird.-.l 
a" place beside ii-i sisloi. Th.^ drawlnc 
.^1l. I'llbson r-}?aids wPb su. h favor 
llnr^ is a suspi'.ion thai be jjietured lb 
iii^tiiit of his own housdiold. 

ol!lii:it liiU lIi:AltiNt". O.V I'l. ALMS. - 
Stat, of Mill, I •sola. I'oiiBty of 81. Konis 

ill Pr.d.iili <'ourt, Sii.rial T rni. Feb- 
rnarv 2dli. I'v^. 
In 111. mntbr of tin • ;:al..- .if H..sim r 

.Ml' u .l.iiiiisoii. dei'oascd: 

l-.> lesiiinieiitary ."H »h • csiab' .-f 
said «U-.cas«.I beiiuf Ihi-' "lay ^rant'.l im: • 
Margaret A. Johns.. 11 -nai Frank S -ward 


II Is ord. red. thai all cbiiins .ind o.-- 
man.l.-- ..f all p.r.-o as a«aiiist said .•: tab- 
b. pi.s..,n d to this c.iurl. for examina- 
i.oi and allowaii... at ih- pr.ibit.' olli,-.; 
ill Uuluth. in .-ai.l .•.iiiiity. on Mon.iay. 
lb. 2'iiii d»i.\ of Sept'-mi.r. .V. I>. i^'.'s. ai 
leii ii'r) a. ni. 

It I- fiiribcr ordei'd that six immllis 
fr.iiii Ibe date bepef.f b allow.. I t.i iie.Iil- 
ols .1 prcsMil their el.iim-' a>;aiiisl s (i.l 
csiate .it th.^ .xpli.ilion of wlibli tiim 
all rliiins not prc.sent.-.l l" said ouri. or 
lot irov.ii ■,.( lis f-atisfaeli.m. shall !•.• 
f..r.\.r barr'd. causr^ shown, 
fijplln r lini'^ b.- all..v\' .1- 

ord'r.d fiiriher. thai ii.>ll." of tl" linv 
,iiid pla<-. tif Ibe Inarin-i and examina limi 
of sai.l .•lalms and demands shall b.- Rivi 11 
b\ publlshiii',' this ..nPr ..n,-.- In '•ach 
wek loi ilii-,.. sii.-' s-iv. w .'ks :•> 
th-- duv appointed for sU" h . xaniiiiai i..ii. 
Ill The iMiliilb K\ liin-.; Hei-ald. a .lally 
•'. w.-,pap.r prlnte.l and pubMsln-.l a I I Mi- 
iiilli. in --al'l ciiiinlN. 

liiil«<l ,il l.'iilulb. :l. Xh 'ia.v "f P'l.- 
pua'-^ . A, U 1 j'.iv. 

P.\ 111 ••..irt, 

fii!Ni:.\s .\yi:k 

.liidgc ot Ppobal 

Iiulull I'^.iii;,- IP, ,1,1. M.-b-2.;t-t':. 

a III .ivop. .>a' sale a I H. J. P.iok s. I'M 
W'c'-l Superbip stre't. .\ full lim- of fiir- 

iii.-lilni; ^'>".)s at ver y \nw |.:ic.s. 

ntTli.- ..f «'ltv Ciimptroller, Uuluth. Minn., 

.Mar.-h 2d. IKtS. 

Xotiie is 1.. reliy p:l\.ii t.i all iiartbs 
I ilcr.'si<-(.l Ihal an ass ssnuiit has b. t-n 
mole b\ th boanl ..f public w.irk.-> of 111- 
.(l\ of "iMilulh, .Mi:iniS(i1a. ami «-otilirm'.I 
bv' ih Hon Wm. A.' <"anl. .iudi,"- 
<,'r the illstri.- < ourt of lb' 
Ki.viilb ial distri. 1. to defray in 
full tin .xp.iis.- .if spriiikli:i« Tliinl ave- 
nue Wist from First street :o S -i o,i'l 
.slr.l; S.-.'.'ti.l slr-.-t from Sixth av.nin- 
wi-st 1.1 Sixth av.iiii.- .lu-f: Sixth a v. nil 
east from S. < str.-cl to Third street 
and Third slml from Sixth av.iiu.- easl 
t<» I'iisl avvaiK- . ist. .Iiiriim tin- s, asmi 
of 1M'7, in said cit.\ of Diilutlb. and that 
;. duiili'cale roll has b. iii ii<-li\-- 
eri d I.l 111.- city tnasiirr. and that lin 
;iiii.iimt iississ.d auainsl l.d ..r pai- 
. el .if land .an b asi.i-i-laiii...l al tin- olli.'.- 
<if Ibe city Ir.-asur.-r. a. id thai lb - isscs.--- i'^ dm >i,k1 tiayable and if paid 
within iliiriy t.'an ilays llier.- will be jil. 
l.iw.d a of ti-ii ili'i II r .-cut 
I'li.-irt;. .1 I.l ihe amount of th.. ass.'S.-sm. iit 
for survey, plans, sp.-clli.-ations ami sup.-r- 
i.itelld" 11... 

t'. 17. i.o\ I'm. 

Ciiv I '..mill mil. 1. 
liulilili Kveliiiii; Herald. .Mcli-2-:»-l»; " '. 

«.^ 1» P I. r T H COMMAXHKUY 

Jmi Xo. IS. K. T.-Slal.-d .oi.lavi" 

V&/M9 'ii-'^' Tuesday of .a.h nmntli. 

oMHr 7 :■•" P- ni. .N. .xl .-oiielax-.' 

.7^*^ Tu.-sday. Mar.h 1. IM's. W.irk. 

l,",r iriU. M. M. 1 lasscr. K. C; -Vlfrcd I.c 

Iliehoux. recorder. 

I'llll. Mtlil.l'lilA 

I i:.\ \ I I. \ I A III 1: 

»«olid I rain>. , Miperb i:<|iii pinrnl, 

Uiuiugr t'nry a la < arte. ■»ceiiiTy 


Itoiili' ol the 


Ha"d"*«M»est Traill in Ibe \\ orlil. 

For .Vdverli-«iiiK 'Mall.-r ami Other 
liiroriiiHlioii write to 

J I. ^. iirrir \. »»• ••■ »■ 

•i I H ••itiilli i larU "1.. « hi. am... III. 
X. \. III--AIII*. «. I'- *•• t'l"'!!!!).. \. \. 
; 11 %«i. s. l,r:i:. t-.-n. ra— .<-iii:.-r «u-<-iit. 

I>hiln(n-I|>bta. t*a. 

.\. O. P. W.-FII-)KI.ITY l,o|M-.l-: Xo. 111.",. 
Mi.«ls ev. rv Tliiirsda.' in llmiler bbi-k. 
third fbior." \\'.-sl S' sIr.-<-t John 
Ki.-hter. -M. W.; W. J. Stephens, rc- 

DII.PTII I.ODP.F. XU. 110. hf<;kf.k of 
H.,-,.ir. A. O. P. W. M.";s :il odd Fel- 
lows' hall. I.ak" .•iv.nue. .very fast and 
Ibird Tusdav ai 2 p- ni., ami e% •p^ 
sicoinl an.l foiirih Tu.s.b.y al S ji. in, 
I.u. y Punly. C of H.: Mir.niL- Wilbur, 

A, o. P. \\'.~I>1 I.l TH l.oiaiP. Xo. v. 
MeiM>i evepv Tuesday evlliiK it I. o. 
o. F. hall.'l-ak.' axeiun- n.>rth. M. H. 
Seeley. M. W.: J. W. Sh 'P'.ierdsou. r - 

"f£|f5" rifot pvcrv ■rinirsd.i\ niclil at r i^i. King 
block, J'll.n 1. I iillpr. S«-f 'v. tieo.C tiilbrri. 1.. U. 


.11 e.ists but 10 eeiits a week lo lia , . 

I'll.- Il'eidiiy He.iiiii ivry 
hisht at your UoiU". 


May be aehioveil ihi-onsli the mlvcr- 

ilsjiiK <^'.iluinns of Thi^I'^vejiins lloral'l, 

t''vrrybody reads Th-- llepaM be.-nn^e 

" u'v-'s til.. iiewH and i" th" populir 
[aiuily uewspupcr. 

( nib I- ..f I'ilv I'.jiiiptioiler. iJiilutli. Minn, 
March '2.1. l^tx. 

.Noli..- is hepi li.\ niv. 11 to all liarll.s 
1 n.-r.^sted Ill-It nil ass ssincnt has bei-11 
mole bv tb board of public works of th.- 
i-ilv of 'liiilutb. Ml iii.'Sota. an.l coiiliiui-.l 
bv' th Hon. Win. A. Cant. .iuduu 
,,f lb.- distri.- .-ourt of th'- 

I'ilrv- nth Judi.ial district, to dcfra> in 
full the t.xp.'iis.- <if sprhikli;i}r I.ak av.'- 
iiu. from Superior street to ih.- shin 

canal .Mi. bi«an sti I from S.'.'.'ii.l a\.'- 

iiue ratit lo Sixth a\enii • ami I;'il11i 
;i\. nu- wi.-l. I.'.iurlb avenue west. Tbinl 
aV.'llUi west'. S.'.'.illd nveiiUe West, l-'irst 
j(\ an.- w,'Sl a:nJ Se.-oiid a\ (-iiue .-asl from 
.Michigan sire I to Supi rior sir", I. dinini; 
ih.' s.'HSoii of 1»<tt7. ill s:ibl .'Ity of Iiuhilb. 
a lid lli.Tl a dutilloaic ash- s> roll has 
b< " II d.'ih.r-d '.• th'- <-ity Ir .isiircr ami 
that Ih.- am. Hint iss,. s.s d .nsalnsl .-a. h lot 
..!■ pan-. I of land .-an t»' as.-, rtain d al 

.1 fTii-e .if tb.' city ti'.'abUi---r and ihat 

lb,- a.-sesbme It i- du.- a. id pa.vabb' ami if 
|i,i,ld wilbiii tblrix CJOi il-i.v.s tb-re will be 
allowrd a d.ilu.'ti..ii of t.n i 101 per .-cut 
.-luUT-'d lo til aiii.iuiit .if III" iis.scssin' III 
fop v,upvcy. ■ plans, speeilicalions and su- 


• '. I-.. i,o\l-;i I. 
( "it \ < 'olli'.' ' .'I' 1 
I'uluth L' L-iiiuK Htruld. Mvh.2-'J-iti-23. 

lillii. ..ri'ilv > •.,iii|'!r"ll' r. iMdiiUi. .Minn.. 
.March 2.1. IV'N. 

Notice is li.-r.'bv civ n bi all nartn-s,.r.-.«t.-d an ass .ssim nl has b.-.n 
ni nil- b\- th li.iar.l of piibl'.i- w.iiks ol Hi'- 
eitv ..r'lJuluih. .Mi in-s.ila. and eonlira,.'! 
bv' Ih' Hon. Win. A. I'ani. .Im ^'f' 
,,f tla- .li.-'.ri.- court ..f lb' 

Flevntli .ill. li. ial distri. 1. t.. ilefrav in 
full :h.' expi isi- of ;>iiriiiklintr Third str<- 1 
from First av.-.iii.' east to FifUi av 
W.St and Fourth si net from Fifth av.-nm 
wesl 'o .Sixth av. line . asl .duriid lb. sea - 
.soil of IM'7. In said cily of Ibilnlb. and 
tli'^l a duidbat.' ass. sMii lit I'.ill has b. 11 
.l-livi-rcl lo tin- .'iiy ti.asur. r. an.l Ihal 
:li.. .-imoiint as.s.-ss.-.l aff.ii isi each lot or 
pare. 1 ..f land < an b.' ascel I aim-.l at I h 
of!ii e of th.- .'ity triasiirc:-. a i.l that llr; 
,.,<,.;,,....,ini.'iil is .bn- and pajabb- and if 
iiaid willdii lliiri\ i:',oi .la\s h r. will le- 
allow.'d .'I d.dii, lion of t 11 ilOi per c-nt 
(bailed III tin simoiint of tin- assf.-i<mi-iil 
for surv.y. plans, sp.-clii. ami su. 

i.<-rint.-mlcm e. 

' I I".. '.o\l-,TI. 

I'liy I 'i.mptroll. r 
luduth F-venin^ Il.ral.l. Mcll-2-S'-lil-2;'.. 

Finesi Trains on Earth from 

St. Paul and 


OiUcr of Pliv roinptrolbr. Inilulh. Mimi.. 

Mar.h 2d. 'isi'S. 

.Notl.-e Is Inrelt.''- trie 11 lo all -lartles 
i ilei'i'stofi ib,il an :iss ssmeiit has b. en 
111 ul.- bv lb b.iai'.l <)( piili!-e works ..f th.' 
.il\ . if 'Uuluth. Mi.iii..-sot.». an.l ..nilirm.'.l 
bv" th- Hon Win. \. <'anl. jmlK'- 
,.f the distri,' court of Ih'' 

i;i,'V'iitb imli.ial dlsM-iel. I>. .l.-Hay in 
lull th.' .-xp-.-ns.- .if spiinkllns Sup. rior 
sU-'ct Ki>;liih .ivi-iui w.-st !.• XJiith 
i.\.iiue .'list .lurl'i« til. of l.S'.<7. in 
sal. I cit.v of IniluIh. .-iimI thai a duplba'.c 
;,^< 111 roll has b.-, 11 diMix.-r.-.l to lie- 
>-il\ iri'Ksur.r. ami thai Ih,' unioiiiit ,u— 
scss. d a.ualiis:' .-a. h bii "r'l of brid 
.■all b.' aseei'lain..d al ill'..- ofh'.. of llic I'it.x' 
trcasuHr and Ihal Hi' asst-.-sim. lit is <lui- 
ait.l navable a '.1 If ual.l wilhlli tliirtv 
i.ll'i da>s :li -I'.- will b allow«-d a .kduc- 
Ib.a ff ten ib'i iM-r .haru^.-d t.» liie 
aiii.iunl of tli.- a-s.-sniiunt for sur\cy. 
plaits, specilkailoiis a id sup'-iiiitemlcnc". 
I 'll >• ' 'omid ro'i r 

. '..'iiipit i,:'t -1 . 
L'uluth L\ciiiUo llviald: McU-:-'.«-W.2i:. 

to Ghicaeo. 

;, m'tiOK of ihi- m.-inb.-is .'f i n 
"-:. ■liiw.'.-i.rn P.. n.'vobrr S.ickij. of P'l- 
iutii .Minii'sota. vill b h. Li at ihe oHie - 
.if th • so.i.-iv. Ill Ul.' l..ins.Iab bud-bn;-' 
imiiiib. .Mi.ili'-s.ila. <'ii Salnrdtiy. .Maiel 
i-t"p IW. a: two o'.lo.-k p m.. for il," 
["■■rpo- of lakhm st,, b h.iioi as ma.' 
be .1.-. 1n.1l a.lvisable lip.. 11 the fohowllis 
l.".ipo,-ed ani' iidtn. nl to llie arllolcs of 
inc. rpo-.ttbiii. ..r .k-.'la ratten, of •"■O'l 
.'•i>:-ietr . I.j-wit : 

1V--,">l\ed. :hat .\rii.l.' I of tlv- arll>'|.« 
. '' ia-'oiporatioii or d-eUrat ion. of IBf 
Xorthwestern P.eiu'\olcnt Socb''' '• 
mniHled so lis 1.. P'^ad as .v 1 - 
lieb- I It is the iiil.>ntioi of ilus 01-^1 i-- 
>..i.tion to IPansael a casiialt.x lii::tnar.. •■ 
i;i!Siii-ss ii|i..n the .'o-.'periili' e o- as.-J'^.o- 
rip-ii oiui; p-nsnaii to ibe pi-..visioiis oi 
I'hanleP 1>1. of tin- ib'i'Pal Laws ..f .Mlii. 
i-.-«ol:i for the vc-.r ISS.".. by iMiiiine ,.• r- 
-o'lK of S.01 id b«Hill> p.-alib aii'l :;oo<l 
moral .lia-acti'.- and pt-«.v .liii;^' aid alKl 
leilcninltv for m. inber.< n ul Heir lain.:.--, 
for l.iss of tiim- ..f 111. -nib -is, am! lor :«. 
I iiMS ami 1..S-. iiicurrol In lb" ••ar- an* .if imnib-rs. as the rt-sul'. wf pny« 
si,.al dbabpitv " 

A l.Vi;!7.Nr L' I'ldFI 
Si. re' '.' 

11'. I 

M-h n 


\ :> 







Only Evening Paper in Duluth 



T•li•p^«l1t CjII*. 


II : ■[■> ;'n-. .u, I Jierefore, t!»v svitlemcii; 

T ih.- «'iil»an .i*"'^''>^n N itiovUable. Thi;' 

only riaal >i*;ilfiii. ut I< Lh- i'iv.>loin o\' 


\ ■■ .,' \ ► 

. : \ \ 


w i:\ 


pv. U;jiJy 

$ .01 







\\i:i.kL\ HHRALl). 

^it n-nts !\ir si\ mouths, 
. -^ icr ihrec iiiuritti.s. 


. . -fE« or THC CITY OF OULWTM. 

X. '^ -^ -X -V -V "%- "N. "%. ■"N^-V. 



17, 148 


I.. I. 

111 K '<»l «n> f.ii- )r- 

' f h..r nn-n I - 

•11 :h:i.ii tht- vvsi - 


-» nKt.ltl'.'TAlll.t: INt HUNT. 

Th>' Ht,!!! \\.i-< ^urpri.s<-il t.Mla.v i<> 
I !irn ill.' ' \ \. ■ Ttiliuii.- huM ii«\ r 

f. . . If. t;i /■ . .|.'. -i r!..t ii,i\\ r<M-ofj- 

i)i2>" III! Sii'i 1' tiK luiiriiil tommittv. 

'i>M-iiiis- III' I I'luniit U ■■ '■.--. Iirl.'tl" 
'.\ !":.■• n. 1 .1 .' .1 ; ■ , ! -.n..!. ,1 ilf 
.\.-\\ - ' W li. 11 I li ■ ni: iijiirial 

I unil '..M '. ■! 'I'h.- [1.-i\l1.1 suj;- 

:4. --I. (I UUU ih (.r.'niMi-'Jit 'Mtr/ lis uli.i 
]\<\\ .■.Ml.l .!> llll> .iHMmi! t- •• .-hnUllI JU- 

ih I : II:.;. f.T ih.- r ;i'-."ii ilint il 

■ ■■i 1 !!•■ : ■iii'i <!:.Mi;.i li ■ |m;1' .| l. 

• •r a |"-i-int i;. lit > I'tii- 

-•ui'l lafi'V' out til-' 

\\- ■ \< ■■ . ■ \. ih' !i:t V .■ siui- 

. ; ■-■ ■ !i I ' •[[',■• h' 1 11-- V\ .'• lh> 'i'-'- 

hi>:in;;- ui ■innfial l-i 

t. K.\.-.l ■ ..r th.- r. lli-l II 

.i.'i''; lilt uti-iii ii) ar- 

i\ > .itniiii'. I •■ ill il.'li- 

a iiil it suK- 

. - . . VV ■ '! I. I1''U !l 

.|ii. ■ .■:' \ Mil > i.^ • 

ier\ k-t'« In tiase of trouble with any | 
ration. »!«• N about ti.S yr-ars of ajr-* 
ami w.'lcrhs s.>arc.-ly U><i pounils. I'.ui ho 
Is n flj:ht»*r. 

Th«' I'bfiiun in ontuiio yt-stoniay uill 
pcovc a STi^Jit '<nriiii.»o till over f'aii:ula. 
Al'tt-r l\Vfiii>-nv<' yi-ar." iff i'i>ntitiu<Mi-i 
Ii.ivvtT. tho I.ihoral party has bot-n it<-- 
ftatfti. anil tlV' c'<His<rvati\.'!< havo so- 
i nr.-il a niaj irUy in ilit- »>iitario Ifpi.-;- 
la : nfi-. 

.\ Washington L-»rr«'spondont sayei 

that th'- luii i>li1 iiii-n of thi- h uis.-. J:.-p- 
r<'.««'iii:iilvfs John UakfC of llliiioi.s aii<l 
Saniu* I Mawvt'U of Ni-hraska. havf* <lo- 
v»'Ioj>«mI a sifouR- frii-iuUlilp 'liiriii^r tli>' 
],--.—. -lit ^«-.'<-:ln!i. 

livrellfiil \\..rl^ >..i-~ ii'ij.- !'>• ih.^ Ih'i' 
ti"-pai'ln)'-iit a' It:- lii-* ill 'I'll-' ll.iai<l 
>-iii!ilir»K Ja-it iiiKhf. <"'hii-f Ulack an<l 
i i- iiii-n art' ilfSiTvink': of mui-h rr»'ilit 
!..r . MnlliiiiifC lh<^ llr»^ lo ihr- basoinent. 

lbs Nor*' '• tko iii«ii«*- ^f»^ b«iiiiifl powtf«r 

kM»wn. A< iMMl t*>kl« •kuw il v<»«s ona- 
tklrd furtkcr ikau auy «»ik«r Iir«a4. 


I -, a f 
-t Th 

!>' tiai.'-- : 

il I- .•!■ 


,ii l5i ■ I 


It i«* .«inKl that Sfoti Hayt-s, a !»o:i <if 
i' . f.trnoT pr«'.-<ulenl. Is about to laumh 
v'lii iiuo iht-atrii-al life as th- tinaniMal 
l>jc'k*»r of \Valt'M- Jonos. He nui-<i. luivi; 

i;'vti.-y t.i ••i!ir.i'.\ i'> ihf birJv."' 


I i! f ■ 
< 11. 


>1 I 



rti- .. 

iiia.!^ 1 , 

Mill l>Ui-lif 

111 atl.'r voiisuli- 

; li,- p. r-oniK-! >>i" 

.uUialiil y'>l--;> 

'■ M;l'-Jilipti«>iM 

Tin-ro is iniii'h ai>.siird talk about 
"suatatiiinir AbKinU-y." Tl)<'i«> is not 
ati AiU'-rii-an < iliz»-!i who vvouM not 
>t iial l>v Ihi' [It '--i-l- i: : ■:' I '\.ii- v.ilh .i 
I'-tci^n iiatiuii. 

'I'lio itiayor- atiiiiial n !•».-!>. !.:;«• to the 
i-.'iinil is pnltli.shod in full by t:i<' \lci- 
alil t.»il.i\. It should be oarefuily it-ial. 

: iii.r j 
till-- I 



■'• .1 'I':. ■ N - - TribuM 

- ' ■'iiitnit t 

.) iiia^ it -A .is ■ ; .sa.l- 

..;.! rii ll.-ral.l V, as in- 

V ;:i t !'••■! .■- "f ill ■ ' imtnltt*'.. 

■ t IM-. in ■• ! I'-r .i; ;;aiiizaii.'ii 

I ! >. th .\i \. ■ 'riilmii- tlia; 

. ,!■,.> >li'>'.iM taU.' lixltl 

itlti. Whiii ih'-y iaf,'aniz.^"t. 

:lsi-...i '^u 111'- N:-\\s 'rril.iiii'- ;-.ii 

, , ,' tl; V ha.t •l"ii-' anil il 

l•^h^«i ill pap.-i" lui lh<.\ L'ri. 

ti.itay. n.-Ith 1 Tbi- 11 raid nor th-;; ;. • !i:i-i i ^'- s!-l: , !• .i that 

mi I. . •.: ■ 

x.'w.- ■: 

.■■'liil'i;! 1- 

I'a;^ I- : 
ill-- lillii 

1.1 IT i \ I i;«.l'>l V I H»N. 

•['il li m-v.^r ■ ail-nipt**'! t'> i--. 
:..■.! ' 'iii-- ta-- .\" .-. - 'ri-ll»un'--'s 

'1' : ,;>\ .. a .i-. pi -as.-tl 
. -• •' ■. ,;■. ..I- i-l.tN-.l l.\ 111.- 

>- ■ iirhir; Miiisrrip- 
aii.l it ptiblish'-il it. 

-il lull I'.r iiian;.' ila\-.-' I iu- li-^t ■■' --ul'^. ii;-- 
* I i\ '■>\ ami siai.-<l th.i.t i:i--> 

, .1 l> ih'- N". ^\ s Tribim.-." 
■ , .-^ii; 1> ::i ' v.a< ni'ihiii;;;' in ihis ar- 
il I ti«^in inili'aiuiK any licsu \n ic;,":- if 
-■;{ bi-litd-^ th" .N" ws Tribiu.. ■•> .iiii.l. li 
.";.-;■■•; i h ■ ■ ! i.-i-..i ;. ■ : • • liiiu mail-' I'y 
lb-- !ii' -iiiii.;; pup'-!' -iii'l i-.-li.-v s thai. 
tiP'tn -■■ ! r- (I'M'tioii. :-. ' i ..lii-IU''.-- 
' [■• asi.i; f.-r .- iipp. ■."ii:;.; tlutt 
. i ji, . . . . il. iif. il t-. 1-1. 1. i: .•; any 
i.r-.l' iri! it -li-l t-inai'i-- raisii!!.; 

il fund. Th- r-- i- im khimI 
■.,i,~.-ii . ■: luai-f.'liiij; <>V'-: i\r< -iilij.--;. 
hi^l'it.d !■> it>- f--i,'atil !''.i 1 •:'. SuUt-r 
. l.-;i\i;!;; Tiial til- d»---il.- was a-n- 
.i.i. ihai :t Salt- r m.-niMrial sli-mld b,- 
I .-ar ■■! :tt ih-- ■ ;• > '.■- 1 i ' h ■ di-l ^-^ tuil'-h 

I i; 1 t.. in.- !.-ll.i\\ iii'-n, 'nic H'-ra'.d 

! 1;- iviiiv unit ■! \\ iib :b-- N-'-vs 

! Il 111' M.' >.iii .it .111(1 it L- \ .-! y si>ri-y 

thai any ui.s<-i>id sboiiM at ibi-s 

\ littb> thinj,- likf a fitv dot-s not ..-lop 

: H-Mia. 

(Ii'tl«-r anil 4>(iiluur\. 

ilil.aK'" < '!iroi.;«-|.-; li !-. .i Uitli- IniniiU 
atltiR t't obsvr\. that, wbll. l>a\\-io ■ •'iiv'. 
w l.i'.-li is i.:i I'miadiasi u-iTlttTS'. lias h vii 
i>i>tat*ly fivo iiKii: rriin ■ aim vinU in-: ihi> 
wliitt-r, T:»i\-a iiiid Skanuny, oa our sidr- 
Hi 111.- line haNi" b'-.-.i i( rrori'-S'il by dis. 
P' radix . -J. 'hu r- pori ni' i }(«\ii-in>r Itradv 
ti ■ Aliuska .-^hnws :^ i-ond'tion of .ift'aii'v 
that <'idl< tor iii-onipt ariioii by tli. f'd. 
i-.'al ainhorili'>s uidrs.-^ a ri ipii of l-imi- 
is- til ••\!.'-i whi-n lb- ihllux nt" sold .si-. k r.s 
bi-Kiiis hi th-- .'-■prinK'. Tbe I'liii'-d Staii-s 
iti.iislinl if. powt-rlc-ss ;tad tin- ik-orii-s i.f 
tlu- i-oiirt.-; ail- laourhi-d at. TriH>i>.-< will 
pr'»biibly bo ii«.-« i-.'^.sary .o i-nfur.-r- urdiT. 
I'll it is 1,1 til- ri'KT. tt.-d (bat 1:iv\I«\sk.ii-s.«: 
lia.s\ boKuii :<< nuinilVsi its. If. Th. 
.■-y.-nin <if mmititt-tt pfiiii-. wbi'h has 
|ini\.(l .si> oiTioti\a- ill the wiliP-r ii-!i,'ii-'ti.«! 
Ill i'ari.ida and Ausir.-ilia \\i>iil'l n.> ilmib; 
l.a\«- lip rat i'. is .■^aii.'^lai.-ti'ril.x' mi .air nvsti 
t -ir.ltir.v and tht- t-.-~labli.^linii-ii'. ol such a 

>si.'ni i.-^ wiaili th'- iriii.-ldf-ratioa of ibi-. 
ltd' lal aiiilioritl' y. It wnuld d.. awa.v witb 
;b'- ll.-i- of fodiTal troop.-^ in lilai.itailliliK 
• :-''i-r a id woiUil pal ib<' polii--- innv r 
wli. r.r it b' loiiR.s— In iho hand-^ nf tJi- *!vil 
.uithiprttii >-. 



us 1 

Niivv. as Jadaiii IJ-'dr stjys. 

.. :■ aui'th'-r. 


-•. ■t;;-l '.!■.- 
-■ iiatiir 

t ■ 

1. ...^ 



1- :iM . 

■ ■i til'- w't-k. 

:n~: ;.. i 

f;.| I.itulsay. 

t-.r -.Il 

... - ^i. tii- 


.1 .-^land b;.- 


ii-l-ay r.-a!!v 

ali i 

h: .. 

; , . 1 . - .\ - 

fiai nil 

rilK HANDS (»J >l KK( V. 

!libll"i II at- iii- 
y which ar,- 

- h-vils. T:v 

1. ■ 1! -,.i! • -1 

,1- la i-dil.aviiii; a rilil 1 t'lli' .>t ;il»- 

-.pi. - iiK''ii i.- I oi!sid(.'Taii>n 

:. .iii.t if a .-hil'l is tai'.siit :.■ 

I'.iaib < rt-atur'-s. b-- \\ A\ th- 

hiiik if his playtnal' « 

.\'u \ in; ■- . -■•iu;i. >l u: ;lv 

,s ^it'ii .1 i>",.dK''. i-iidiii;; ;i< 

-■I .. : ■;. '., I. ■ uiii 1 *... an 

1'^ . . a:;::- -. ali.l ; : .. ;.- 

I .•."•m vTU'l u.»-a'4- ." Til 
.: -'i iran-l arraiiu- s nri'-- i 

• - ; .iniiual.- ari iiiirudu ■.■ I, 
■ I --.r-.n-t siin«. -a- uha;.-\'-r 

■ • ill!-- ;'<-r in :yi. hal:' 
- ■;;:- i-ufp--- :•.■ li-- 1.1 

1*1 -ill..- ' 

\\- ui: i\ nil'- 
■ 1 S. iiaior 

: r.; nu ; i;-- ; -5- 

- rt-ai-llrd !>.'■ 

.. this .subj'"'' 

■.; that th- 

lur bntll Vidllll- 

■.itiKrui.ti V titid 
■ ■.:- nf 

.S4>lv«*tl lliv l'rolil<>tii. 

.", c't i;ai- hor.s.- on tin' Ninth a\''nu. 
lid.' halKril at Kn.-ly-si.Mh sir- i li.'-i 
ninhl. .<ay.s .i Ni-w York papt-i. A orowit 
i-.di.-i- ad. and tin- p.-iss.-ne«-i> Koi oiil ol 
ihv. lar. Th'> driv.-r brout:hi lit.s wb.p 
ilowi- a»'ro<.x th. bor.-^*'.»: ba«-k willmui . f. 
ffi-t. A .sloiit iriau wh.i had jusi so-ppiil 
• It III. car .--aid: 'liont On tba . I'll K.-t 
him started." lb- rubbed th.- horsc'.s no.«i-. 
J. at led him on lb.- aiok and talk.-<l pi-r. 
siiasiv. ly. all vs'lihotit r«'-iilt. Ily :liis liu;.- 
tiiiir cars w--r«- .'••lall'-il. Soin. Ijmly sii>;- 
U-Mtd oats, .'iiiolbi r kcios»-in-. a lhir.1 a 
pairni watfou. Aimtln-r h<-l«i n. i.iiraliiK 
t..-\s spap.-r uiukr th'- hors-i-. .Sidl it dldir; 


.\i Itist a girl of about i:; i>u>h. d h^-r 
way through tin- cnnvd and s;dd: "Say. 
mister, if yiiiril rinf< ilu lw-1! twin- tii<- 
ti>i.~i- will think .-.nui. imdy lia.^ jii.s: not 
oil", and h -'11 trn ab.^.ad." 

Th" condiiitf>r |nill.'«l tbo l«-ll and th<- 
pai-iScUK'-rs bail to run to Oiiti-h the car. 

No Tile Kor .I<m'. 

.\.-w York Sun: The r.-|iort lati iy sc-il- 
i-r'd ov. 1 till- coii.Ury that the lion. Jm 
iJalle.c, of'-sville. has bt-cii s eii ;n 
wear a "silk but" uui.--t b'- s- t flown as a 
laaliciiiii.s invi-iuion. Mr. r.ail' > habituall\ 
' lowiis lii.s crown wiili a black "slou' h" abniit the .size fif two bathtubs. He 
scorn.'' the ".'-ilk ha;" * v.-n a.-< h< scnrn.s 
i-v- iilii^" clothe.^-. Ill- is jiosiiiv.- that th-i 
■■ht-ol I'f lb'- inor.e>- powi'^r is .shod." as he 
sa.\.- in h'.s lino poetic lalif^-uai;.-. "with 
silk." I'luiocrat.-^ aad mnnoimlisls atlnia 
th-ir b-^ad.s wi:h ".•'ilk !i:.l.-. Mr. Itail.-y 
may liav l'»<>rro\\rd o.-i.- nf the aliniiilnablr- 
tbin;:s for the put|>os;' of Illustration, but 
b - Would sooU' r p.-rish than usi- it. 


Absuiutciy Purtt 

fl.-lYAl fcAWlho fO«Pf « f^-. •if* *"«•<. 


fire Attacks Evening Herald 

Office, Second lime 

In a \vac. 



CHtfRY CHAff. 

it I 

1 : 

t I 

i: ni i<> UK HON i; 

- : ; .- 1 ' 1 1 I . 

a ■'■"t!. 

wha;, a.'-k> 
will il- ;h. 

Ill --• 
a:i-l I. 
. ;■ 111 

lis I ntiniry. ai;d lU- i. 
ra;i Ily iin-r- a:-ins:. In 

• : ■ Il - 1 i , -■ .!-;• :i :- are • iii- 

■ ir;;aniz- bauds all -iv.r the 

Ajiiih :h"y \vn;-k. in ih- .Ji-h.-ol.-- 

! (All. 'I'ml;. lHihi;:i ii- '.■= 

!. :i ii i-i.i . !"ii^ .^i'h i;s s;c'-p hil!- 

:• ■■ .iM ;n win:.-! and mill. itu-l'- 

in sun, a ; . I.": til - iti-nl \\.-ll; 

I . .--h..!!!'! '.i\ a.- i; - a 11- ;-ti;f 

.1 ;■■ II ; ill ; h ' . : > . 

i;. n. l-'if/.)ii!;;ii I ha-- writt.-ii a, I'-ll.-f 

t.i th'- fiiri-tian Iferal!. ii .N'l w Yin"k. 
poiatias- oii: ihc ai. thi.-* liino 

nf fiitiiidirii,' an i.riih.iii asylum in Cuba 

t , , r- - ; 11- til.' pn 'f. iMiii. li-<.- I hihlren 
t ai tli.-r.- .ii".i;ii.l. Tlv- il.-rabi has 
i.Ii. i-.-l t ■ pa> th.- r.-nt of th'- l.itilditijr 

Tin: iRiMi:. 

'i'h> re'.s a sort of kinrier id'asar.-. v. h 'ii 
a ft-lbr's ai his bisuri. 
.\.id h.- know.s he's just koi iiotiiinj; for 
to Worry at an' Co. 
h*.. i: Is with nit at . my wf.rk hc- 

liiiiu I'm li-.ivin'. 
Ami I -t.irt f')r Icin . .ni- lu.-d. ktiicv- 
ini; ail ni.\ l"il .^ ibrollKli. 

Lonp thfr>nc.- is and droary. imt it 
ni-\ ■ r iiiakt-s me weary. 
l-\>r .ach iwij; .-iiid llmti I know and 
stiuly ih-m a.'-' I p.-i.s.s by. 
'I h. n the biril«. tlu-y s-'jtii to bk.^ nie. 
Willi.:- till liiancbcs do imi strike lU'- 
.\- 1 stalk beii..iih tlu-ir fnllui:- and Hi 
I'adini; .stinsr-t .sky. 

Il'.w I love to leap '.h' hed;;os and to 
\\.\e ; hf- «t»a of t*»-dJ;c^l. 
When ill ir rtags .tr»- llaiiniins gaily 
.-iiid a-llirtin" with the hr. i-iti . 
' M ni- "Ti .1 brook's liaiik so|ipiiiir. w'lica 
th<- aci.rns linbtl.v- ilr.ppiiiK. 
In Ilu- wat-r, and lloat, balk-dk''. iieatli 
11- shallows i»f the ir^t.-s. 

1 a-l-- to nil- th:ir swoctcsl st..'- , -.ii. 
and niurniur of ih- plories. 
Which .no w.Ji'it lu lilcs.s and briKbton 
balmy. sc-:-ntf.l siimnv-r da.\s. 
And the woodchuck\- fell.iw — in his 
cnai o( I'l'il anil .\ ■ How. 
Skims amon»; th« Iwi.sM-il hr.-tn.'li •-. lit 
by lit fill, gliniinj? r >.■<. 

N.irrnw. winding and surroiirilid by tlio 
foliage, and well bounil'-.l, 
I'liwaril 1- adin>.' to tp.e suuimit of som. 

Iiilloi-k's llowen-d I rest. 
Thns m.v path, by w-eds and Kra.sses. on 
llie mount and lliroiij-h tnora.sses, 
1.1 -■ l.i-fni.- ine still I !i.\. it oV'-ri if i' 
ain t till' b'.l. 

W'.dkin' lioiiii- wh -n at my b isiiro. siiri l.\ 
that is ipiile a pleasur -. 
When suri'oiiiiib (t li.v the lii-autlis tind 
Ihc straiu;'-r tblnKs iha; «lwi II 
111 th - swamp and on ihc mountain. w:iv 
the hill.sii'ic's biibbllnK innni.iin. 
With the l.avis lo sint,' voii musiu alul 
t 11 birds to wish \ i.ii well. 

-\V. blVINi.STo.N I.AK.NKIi. 


l.'iaim.iinini; it fur 

- -uM 'I:i'-- 

I ■ 1 ;i' - •:' 1 

. .:i I- iiii- 

:i - i a'Aa>' 
Am- r: 

1 .• ' " 

I - 

T.'.y at-- :-,i;. ini,' ..:' W'illiaai V. iWnK-'- 
of Howininhaiii. M'.. .Nhn a i- i rninti 
.--■.ildi.-r ilurintc the i.r' ili.- i--iiel|inn. 
-1,1 ;.. ' -.rdi.ill-. a.L'iiH - tiiat li.- wa.-* 
:.,! Iy tii-al'-d while a piisniier in Libby 
pit-. 111. I'Jrhinoii 1. Va. He is supiMis'-d 
i-i 1,.- iii.- iit<t mail I'll f'- ■ord in riii''-do 
: t M t . 

tlovornor CIoul-Ii will I..- in Duluth 
this i-V'-niiit,' In t.ik" p.n" ill I .Nfa-nriic 

!|!li liill. l-'iiP !h'- i'.riilil of hi- old will) iiim'iit fail t<> 
! . (-..cirr/.e Iiini. it may In- st:it.-.l that h.- 

1,,, 1 ; luiiii' i l-.'.v II 111- >\ i)i-K.-i-. and 



I .. 

I I'l 


r ill 


I'lli: rATillWoUK QlIl.T. 
She ioineil the sipian s with loving i-are 

And set the dainty .s:itohes, 
.\ ihiili\- ilam - in old.-n days 

III lalfow dips anil wilchf.s. 
And 1 vi-r.v row of lii-rrtn>;boiio 

.Villi bloi-k- sfi .leaily shad, d 
t'all I'-ll i story nf its nwn. 

Tliou>;b sadly wnin and faded. 



K,'. piiiL, !h. .\..lf fi'i.iii the . i-ts 

i-n; null. > ill Mniil.iii.i. That siaie p.iid 

.i-JiM».<t*Hi for wolf bniiniios last year. T(i«' 

■ti'^'-r" in Ihiitc probably t'.ft ruiich 

.1 .. \\ heeler, wlln Is ,t inoillbi T 

\labariia. has on lib- 

.\ar Mill •• a <-tandln>T off'T of his 

This muslin with the lilac sprin 

Sii'- Will - In Siinda.v iiiectl.aK. 
Will n bashful arniinil Ml.- i 

Were waiting for h--r Krc-lintj. 
I s'-. Ill to s. 1 hi r slip|iered le. i. 

Till drow-iy SI riiioii ov r. 
• in iwinkriit; out amnim the gr.m-i, 

Knee di-ep in d.-»y i-lover. 

This little .«( rap of ivory hu ■ 

Ibr wi-ddi i>j vrown dis.-loses. 
\ui\ as a tiny .MMiiii; wifi- she woro 

This pink broi-ade with ro•^o.s. 
.\s \ -ais lb'- duties mulllplb'd 

Th ilors Krew iimr- sohi r 

T'll niiddli awe di-uuir. Iy w.'nt 

In broW iS of sc.-ir t»ctnbor. 

Ho you can r-^ad her uuiot lifo 

l-'roni moriiPiu's m.-rry matin 
Iniil .villi spell tile >is|><rs out 

In bils III' i-hhily. and saliri. 
.\nd hie Volt know h- r fnrni was hent, 

llcr locks w. I'l- iliin a. id hoary, 
I'.ir Mocks of'-n. hlack and gray 

.\iii| piirjilc einl the Kinry. 

-Town Topics. 

t'leveland Plain !>. .il-r: "Pottor ralmcr 
Is i'oiiifj to builil a hon;o .hat will cost 

"Tha; look.s as If the plumbing was in- 
cludcil. ■ 

Dell'. it .louriial; |.itw\or — You shall ha\e 
your day in conn inadani. 

l.itit;ant -iJay? What i.-^ ono day lo a 
woin.iu who iias i woiit.\ -live KowiisV 

Jiidiie: "John i;ot sn dLscourafrc-d ' about 
iitnisclf ithai he wciii to th. dcK-ior yos- 
lerday to kiow the worst." 

"l>id he >.ret 'he Information h- was 

se.-kinuV ' 

••Y'-s; 111'- U.). ,.'r till. I him his bill was 
$l>. • 

D'-troit l"r. . I'l,^-: "Tli y say that Mr.-;, 
liriadl'.- does a iiv: I ileal i"if fanoy work." 

"I .shrmld .s,i\- sii.. ilbl. N\'heii she can 
lind iiotbiiiK ei.s II. do she rtitth.-b her has. 
band's li-liip. r. ' 

liofton Tiaiisi-ii|i:: Butters— Como, you 
ow- me an .iimlofy. I hear >ou said ineiv 
was nothiii.i^ ill mj hi\id. 

t'hrslo\ I h.ip- .<iiu will forj^lvo mo. 1 
for^,'ot about the wlio»;l!S. 

India lapolis J..iirual: 1-Miior of tli^ Itii- 
f--li-l»id Noll ri ail iii\- idiiorlal this niorii- 
iiiu on "How Shall Wi l''i.rilfy '.'" 

The j^^roeer -W'> no. 1 ihoUKht it was a 
biiti-r.s ailv-riisi-incai. 

fhicaK'' Tribuin : "M.iud Mot linni.i " 
bllli-rl% i-.xclaini'.l till- iiifaliiatid youth. 
".Noll .ire not iii'inH sr-iiar.- with uifl" 

••^oc f'a.N^hai.' jd'a.-.aiiily 
the .\-oniu; woniuii. "Ii.-ouu.s.- I'm woariia; 
a I iii-ular." 

tm.11.1 'iioUKii. ino. thoy irisrp walkias' 

.(roiinii the bio. K. 

Soniervill. .biuri .il; iii" — Mis.-, lloatricc. 1 
lo\.- you iiaui- tliaii 1 c.iiv ll:id word.s to 


Ml.«-s Itiatr:..- '\\liy don": you buy a dic- 

I'hilad.-lphia N'nrtli Amotioan: 'W.-yler 
ito ill Loiii'i— nil) friend. I .sympathize 
with .villi. ! w:is in I'liba. 

1» laiiui — -Man. your ixperionce was 
lam.-. I w.i.s ill the riiit<-<l Stales. 

Chicago Tribu.'.c: "( uir cou.sin Jolin. who 
livis u.\t iloor to u-i. )ia.^ >;one 'o the 
"NYenvi't \oii si.rry lo soo blm go?" 
"Not so awfully sorry, lb- took bis .tlx 
do>;.- w'lih liiia." 

Yo,ik(r.s Stalesiiiaii: "I think I will iiavo 
ill luiy you a iliciioiiary," said the pro- 
pri -tor. 

"You noo^ln'i i.othor yruirs. If; I novor 
ti.«.- it." rerdieil III- t.\ pe-A-rltf r. 

'I didn't ihink >'ou did." 

••No. sir; I loiik«'<l at niio oin o. rind — 
Would Sou belli ,,• ltV--ov.ry word ■was 
sp.-lled wronif." : lb — 1 wonder what !bo 
moaaiiu; of that picture is'.' 'I'he yoiiib and 
tlv<- maidi-u arc in n tpurtf-r atiiiude. 

•Sill. — <>. don't v'ou seo? He has .iii^t 
asko.1 h-r to many him. and sin- i.s .-o:- 
c. ptiiuf him. Ho'.v sw-fC AVhal does the 
ariist call Hie |)icliiro? 

Heilonkinu' al'i.iti— O. I .sof-! T;"s wrfi- 

teii on a i-.ilil ai th- holtoill. "Sold"' 

I ire Confined to Damage lo 

I fie Press and Slock 

of Paper. 

R.v unit Hy. 

Wo will sof a mighty ohang(». 

It> and l.iy . 
Si.'' son;.- r. velalloi.s strariff*-. 

My and by. 
All the cufitniiis of toila;. 
In th ■ p.-is; will fail- .iway, 
I, if'- will be .a.s suiiiiN .May. 

Hy and by. 

M n whom w<- oloot t.-i powor 

I'.y an.l b\-, 
itf tin la. id will bo till- llowpr 

l:>' allil by. 
Tliey will s'ok ih-> peoplA's woal. 

Will lint look with UOlcSB zr:t\ 

I'or a chain-,- t.i mak. a steal, 
Hy .•iiiil by. 

Politicians will bo pure, 

V'S and by. 
P'octfiis n. A cr fall to oiiro, 

Pv and by. 
Our nlllcial.s all will »..• 
(^ of sin and infamy. 
Kiom dishonest v ho froo, 

Py anil by. 

Not a tattling tongue we'll hoar 

I5y and by. 
Not a >-(-aiidal wound iho oar. 

Ity and by. 
Minisi. rs will coas.- to to.uh 
Hoctrines oir of ooniiiion roach; 
I'uro rcliginii ih.-v will pr.-aili. 

Py and by. " , 

Cirls will hov' r w. 1 '."•: l.'.me, 

Py and by. 
\N'ill not. seek a till.- aamo, 

Py and by. 
.So dlvnrc s will bt* givoa. 
Not a marriage t'e b.- rivon, 
i-;ver\- hniiie will b. i hoavoii, 

Py and by. 

Lawyers to the truth will Mtick, 

P\ and by. 
Nor .•ii;em|it a b-gnl i'-lck. 

Py and by. 
In the courts th ■ nv ii of tamo 
And Ihc- men nf huiiil.l- n.iin>- 
Will I' - tri-.iie.i iust 111. same. J 

Py and by. 

This will b- niir funny staP*. 

P.\ an^l b.\-. 
It is 1 liming, siir. a.- fato, 

Pv and by. 
Thoiuih yoiir lips and mliio be dumb 
III :he uraNe. 'lis siir*' to como 
With the Ki-oai mill-ntiini, 

Pv and by. 

— Ponvor I'ost. 

Firo mado a oall on Tho llorald one* 
moro la^t nighi. lor the sooond t inn- 
wit bin a year, and whib* it lasted it 
inadt^ warni uorlc in the nart of Tho 
Hifall building in which it siart«'d. 
The- alarm nf lire was turned in snorlly 
aftor :» ii'cloi-k, and when the lire do. 
partnii-nt canu- th.- ba-dt part of tho 
mailing' ruonis. which arc in the .sub- 
baseniont nf lii- building' frntiiing uu 
'Jifhigan street, wore a inii.?.< of llamos. 
The iiro was nue fif the fie'-cost iiuagiu- 
aLk- in that part of tho liuibling. as 
thoio was a glial deal of dry wood in 
th.' beiK'ho.s and puriiiions, as well a.s 
pik-s of jia|>or. the lib s of The Horahl. 

Till" depart uii-nt turned 
ptroanis o;' water nu the tiro from tho 
lack ontraiu-o, and iho lisht against the 
f.anios began. It was ;i stubborn ton- 
ust. and the firo doparimont. from 
Chief l!!ack<lowii to iho men, did inblo 
\yoi'k. 'i'ho intonrtity of tho heat was 
1 rightful, and lii:- d.'nso smoke inado 
Work inside tho Icilding not only ox- 
ti'i ijiolv dillictili. but tiucomforiablo and 
'Veil daiigoiou.s. There ua-; groai <lan- 
tor that the lire would sf.road thrntigh 
ti;e tlnni-:, .so fiercely Was It burning, 
ttiid inilii t serious daniago on th" upper 
.stories. Put o'.ving to tho enorg.-tic 
v.ork of the tirem.-n it was i-hockcil in 
lime t--» prov.-ni au.v sorious dtimago 
abo\o tho sub-b.isomoai. thougrh in tho. 
mailing rooms and tni- pri-s.s room iho 
h;i\oc was general. 

Tho iiit.ri ir of tho pros.e •ooin Avas 
nii.-t .^'ei-inu5=l.v damaged, as tho blaze 
tlid not .-xti-nd far inward the front of 
th'- building. The heat in this part wa: 
intetise, howovor. and tho press was 
badly rustod b.v water and s'-orchod by 
h«at. All abiiit it t.'iai wtis infiammabb burtii.d. ;tnd the rubber rolb-rs and 
ipaii.v small ni.'ees W'ero riliii.-d. Tho 
i;;ain part of tho pr.-s.s. however, was 
r.o: harmed lo ;i.ny oxti-iit. it is thouplil. 
though th-- oxact tiniount of damage 
I aim )( bo le:irtu-<l tiiiiil th" press is 
taken apart, w iiich ina\' take several 
v.ot-ks". In the pn ss ro mi wa.s stored a 
l.'irg'o riuantil.v of jiaper. atnl all of this 
vil! be prai'iiially ,l total loss lo Th^ 
III raid, though there may bo some sal- 
vagi- in il If it is taken to ih»^ mill. 
What paper rolls wore imi buriiod were 
so;ikod with water. 

Th- origin of the fire is in doubt. Tho 
city elect rician.s, who made an oxtimin- 
.Mi-<n. b.-lit-ve that it laughl from a 
swiii-h board ihiU was itlaood on the 
vail n.-'i- w lure In.' lire started, but 
there is no certainty about th ' theory. 
At S;4<t o'clock tho janitor mad.- his 
last roun<l llirough tho buibling. and 
bo passed through tho mailing room in 
i!:e dark, a-^ has be.-n his nigiitly cu.s- 
tom. so that if ihoro had been tiny lire 
.-^t tliat till)'- In- Would ha\ o soon it. A 
h.alf an hour afior that th.' fire was 
i^con from .Mi'liigan street and an alarm 
iLtrnod in. 

The pros.-i oannit b'' used for some 
tiino. and during tho interval reuuirod 
fo'- its repair Tho Horald will have to 
depend upon ilu* emiriosy of the News 
Trlbiino and use its 4Uoss. There will 
bo a largo amount of inconvenience ro- 
suilting from the fire, in addition lo tho 
a tual damage, .vbovo iho luvss and 
n.i.iling rooms there was liitl" damage. 
The entire building was filbnl with 
smoke, and the firo burned through the 
f!..or in i 'hrudinsky's trunk fad ary. It 
made a hole in ti.e tloor about th'^ size 
of a tea cup. and the walls wore some, .-corchod, but th-- daniago will bo 
slight. Th.' loss to tho building will bo 
tibout $.'.oo and th.- loss to Tin- Herald 
'Will be about *2t»0ii. P.oth are fully iii- 

still Awiiitiiii; Mt-iilion. 
C.r.inil Uapids'l-Peviow: Tin- Po- 
piiblicaiis ar. having a in- rry time ot 
it Irving In pick out a candid. itc to do up 
.Inhn I. bid iie.M all. U then- is a man 
in the siaie who can boat Hom-st .lohii 
bis M.inie lia>i not b. 1-1 "mi-ii:lonid' as 
y* t. 



TI ro.'^ts but la ronl.'* a w.-ok to hav" 
Tho i:voning Herald dellverod every 
right at yur hoiue, 



Anil rest for tired mothi rs in a warm bath 
Milht I rill uv Sovr.amlasimrloaiiplicailoii 

of ( 1 in iii.\ iiiiieru .the great skin cure. 

<i in 1 i:\. l!KMi mis allord instant rolioi. 
aad point toaspcily ciuo of torliiriiig, ilii> 
ligiiriii::,lmiiiiliatiiig. ill hing, biinini;r,iiloi-il- 
iiig. iTiistoil, scaly skill and scalp luiiiiorb, 
with loss uf hair, when all else fails. 

«i,,|.l,..iil On- « irll. I'.'ivil. tin... *Mi riii«. 
• '.■IU . S,.l. I'r.ip".. IhMi.iii 
[ ,• >au« .. |-iir- .sViu r.n 


l.jr-,.-* lYi'r, 

;,i, I lliir ll<.«.ilill. 1 br 

cmci'i..v sow. 

Talk i-rboiit yor buildin's 

Thais all bet up b.\ s:e:im; 
r;i\i- me the old o'lk tlr.- 

Whar the old tolks ust r 

The rickotv dog irons - 

r»ni--si<tctl as could h'-: 
Til'- ash.- baiik.-d with lators — 

piiasiin' ihar fer nu-: 

Th.- d.iU on oil.- side drowshl' 

I ir barkin' nigh th.- door, 
The kilieu cu'iia' 

Willi III' knitiin' o:i ilo^ tloor. 

.\n' mo .a little towhead 

Pv mammy's sid - .it night, 
Willi both m\ choi-ks a-liiirnin" 

l-'rom I hi' r.'d llames Icapln' hrlgb'.: 

Tbopr buildin's tntike me 

■b-st Weary for ibi- bl.-izc 
Th.ii was h tip more comfortable 

111 cliildhoods nights an' day.«. 

.An' Id give the liin si 

In the buiMin's In-t by st..aiii 
l''iir tiio old time .-bimiiev cnr.'ii r 

Whar It;.- old folks list r ilroain. 

.Vtlaiiia ro.nsiiiuiion. 

Dr. Burton Discusses Tfiis 
Rising Auttior and Mod- 
ern Realism. 

-V large audience last night attead:-d the 

first of ihc herie.s of two loo;uri:s for ih - 

hoi-Jii of the traveling library fund w 

th* High .School last night, and th'-y w. n- 

W'-ll rpaifl for ilicir at .i-ndanc.-. Tin- 

«D..uJ:i r was Dr. Uichard Purton, und'-r 

i!'..': genoral head of •-Kamoiii l-^ictlonisis 

)'" Today." whi(.-h cov r> botn nl bis 1 -c- 

•••s last ni(.'.hi .s wa.s on "Kipling — .Mod- 

.ilisin." Tho le.-luri-r is w.-li know > 

liloiar.v man. his pio.nis havim-- 

-d him :t m-rii'-d plao.- in th,- w'ornl 

Ol I'tior.s. He is also k:iown as an .-du- 

oalor, and ther-- is a strong iirobabilil ;. 

that be will soon till ilie chair of lii.-r;i 

tur.- a", the uniVM.-ii>- nf .Minnesota. Thai 

he is w. II aci.uaiiii d with lln li.-lil n! 

lit.-ratur- was .\i.l.-iit from liis talk lasi 

night aid it is also ivloin. thai In- do. n 

his nailing di.S' nmlnatingly and with a 

critical i-yc. 

11- was lntrodiief-,i hist night by p. v i 
C. H. Patloa as a son of lu. NailuuU i i 
Purton. who was a. well-known ilt'-ni.,. 
giua ol New l-:nglana. In luibsiaiu-i- ili - 
lei-tur r said; 

"Yoii b -ar a great df-a! now-a-ila>'s 
about realism, u.iu to mos't of us the .-x- ( 
jiri ssioii lalls up an unrilo:vsant pba;,'- nl i 
current literatiir-. iiealism as ii is I 
inoiil.v uiiik-rstood has to do ■ mo: - 
hill probings f>f niotlv.- a:id the suliil.- I 
analyzing ol' s aios of iniinl or that wliii'h 
<1, .il;, frarikl;' with ih - small, mean. diii'. 
am! 1 \' -n groi.sipie ami lini'ribli- of hu- 
iiKin iiatiu.-. We ai'f- more likely wli-.i w- 
think of lealism in think of ilu- nalisin of 
Haid.v, /ada or irAniu'iii-lu. Vot there i-. 
a lino a:i.| iiohl • siil - of realism. It is 
iioihing more or le.-^s than a disiie ti> t.-il 
the truth. Modern loaders demand tli.;- I 
iriitli, and lh>-.\- insist upon having human 
nature as it is and not dress.-d up for 
pulilic in.spociioii, as lit were. Winn ib'- 
abuses of r.-ulisin pas.-^ away, u.s :\\y 
lur Iy will. I boUeve that we' will lin.t 
that ilu-re has b.-e.i a givai b.-n.-lit from 
ilii- ivalislic t..-ndoncy jn rii-iion. < 

•'In spi-aking of mod -rn realism w'.- ' 
not do bef.t-r to sjn-ak of Pudvai'ii i 
Kipling as ono of tho stro.igest if not ilii-| 
strongest of .li • school. 11- is a sup-rli ( 
.-.vainple. and wlrn a ;.oung una wlm is i 
y.-i uinicr ;;.'. .\ i ars of age suc-eed.s in 
i ig his nam-- a bou.sehol.l word all o\'.-r 
th.- World ho ma.\ well bo i.-rni'-d a phi- ' 
uoini-no.i. His moii-o;ie ca.i'oer is th-' ' 
fiieatesi in l-^ since Sl-vo.isoti. 

"It is amusing and i.isiriii-ti\'.- to ylaii.-. 
over bis carr-ii and se.- whai he ha. i 
ilono. Ton years ago In- was ounknown. a | 
rank oiMsidi-r. lb- an ill-.-<oundi ..s; 
nana-, aii'l that is more of a haiidlcai) 
than niJiay might think. IP- wti.s a hack 
jouinalisi oil a pajior in l.idia doing al- 
most anything from settinfr tyiu- to doln^- 
i«ditorial work. H- go: bis irainini; iii 
thai school, a school from which over ha.; 
the liii-rary men of today ri i tlu-irs. i 
havi- uo s.sinpathy with llios. who claiiii 
ilal journalism is a Poteli on lit-ralur.- 
and that b.-c-uis.;- a nia.i is a journalist 
he i-anno: l.ei-oiue a writer. 11^ is dis- 
tinctively self-made is Kipling. He I'.u'c.-il 
himrelf oul ihiniigh his merely Im-al Ji.- 
dbi.i aiiilii ui-e all n\er tin- world, bursi- 
ing through all imji dini-nis. .Vniniig tds 
fa volatile coiiditio:is was the fai-L that 
lo- .-am. of good stuck, his fatlier being 
a disiinguisb.-d arti.=t and man nf b-ii rs. 
"Ki|illiig caiiii' In the I'nil.-d Sta'es. 
marri.-<l an Am.-rica.i girl, and iIioukIi bis 
un.asy spirit l.-.l him awa.v again I belli v.- 
thai he will com.-- back to stay. \\'h--ii 
his nam-- lirsi i am^ iw-fore the public li 
w.-is alms i1 li.-ciiijs.- of sonic let;ers wi.i- 
tc:i by him o.-i Amorii^ y-ars ago in whicl: 
hri .s.i-.ri-d I "iucago and oihor ciiios some- 
what. Thor- has be,-n a great chaiig. ai 
the attiiud.- toward him situ • th -ii. In 
p..-t:ing at his Work let us first clear awa.\ 
som.' faults, for Kipling has sonie^ .-sp - I 
ciall>' iu his earlier work.s, the Indian I 
tab ;-. I b,-liev." ill cl-ariiig away the I'aiiiis | 
liist. not in swalolwing a:i aiilhor whni i 
as sniii'- Prnwniiii-- s.ielelios dfi HrnW n- | 
ing, for Instance. To sa.\- thai, all 
Prow ning or any otli.'-r man wrote 
Kood is sini|>ly paralyziiii;. <)ni- ol Kip- 
In his Indian i.abrs there ;irt- coun'loss 
waiids on fV.-r\ page oi" the mr-aning of 
which one c;in only guess iriless h- it liited 
for undcrsta.'idiUf; them b.v tlu Italian 
training, riidoubudly th-y are all a.i-u- 
ra:e and Ihe.\' giv local but Ir* 
sliould noi have appealed lo a general 
public with them. 

"AiKUher fault Is .n certain young man's 
brass.v c.Miicism. Iiut this is dis.iijpcaiing 
from bis later works. .Another Is a t-ii- 
doiicy to aiinosl to liruialii\. 
which prevents his being a favorite with 
the wuine.i. This is also disai>iieai'i.ig, 
though he is still a man's writ'r ratln-r 
than a wouian's wri;i r. In his woik 1 
con.sid-r the huiniu- soconilar\. ihoiu^h il 
is esc-elleiii and the sol.lirrs tliroo not in 
mention Hinah Shad of happ.v lirmiiO'. 
are splendidly humorous creations. Put 
Kililing Is fii his best in th • tragic, hv 
wierd and the- horrihli'. In the lati r 
group ho has a happy faculty of nit-riting 
till- real and th- siiriornaluiul uiitii li.- 
describes wha: is su]K"-i natural with great and d.-tail. A third side of Kiplini, 
is t-hown in bis siorl.s for children in 
wliiob he show.s a;i osp.ciall.\ d'Hcat..- a. id 
ii ndor strength. 

"In diction Kipling is one of iho most 
idiomatic wriurs before th - j)ublli-, and 
idi.iin is slang r -formed, if I may us'i- ili.- 
I xiir s.sinii. It was not a m.'itii-r of lan- 
guage Willi hini bill of fore- and pnwi-r 
nf oxitre.ssinn. He luis a power of lialf- 
siati'inont which is far mor.- off c'tv.- 
tha;i ;he vivid description. A pecu- 
liar fealiiri- of Klplinyr, as well as of 
uvenson is his little u.s.- of love motive. 
It shows thai iho Invi- niniiv, ha.s ti.en 
iivilwnrk d and Ilia; writirs an cnming 
In I'.-.ilize ilial ihor.- is suinothing tn write 
alioiit nuisidt of II. 

"tn aasw.-r o Ih.- i|Ueslion. can Kipliiii; 
wrl'e a. iioV'-IV it can oily be .said b 
ha.*-' not .\ .-1 done so. i hough In- lias pro- 
diic.-il si-vi-ral sirong novobt os. Afi.^r do. 
li-g lids w- find him i-oiiii:ig out in vi-r.^e. 
and bei'iiiniiiK ilu- first bard of <rr aii-r 
Pritfain. of Priialii. He i.s by ail 
ndd,^ ;h.- i.inst successful ballad writer 
nf inday. " 

Th ■ speaker coiiclud -d by ro.Tdlng fiimo 
iif Kipling's verse, slniwing Imw In- has 
iliriiwa 111 glamor of po.-try about some 
■ if the iiuisi pi'os.'iic of subj.-iis. The n. xt 
l.eture will lak.- place II. -xt Tll.-sday e\ , ii- 
iiig. and il will ibal wi:li "The .New- P..- 

malltic Schonl - ,S|eVe|;s..n, Hoy!.-, Wi y- 
inan, Parri i to." 


A CO., 

2B.30.Womt Superior St. 

Unusually small are the 
prices for Reliable Goods, 
as you'll find here, every 
day has its own happen- 
ing. These are for Tomor- 
row's doings. 

(.lips anJ :>auceis, I et {'.til C3C 

lo-i'iPC* 7oil«-l Sei4, v,.»ilti CP t r» O 
t;.*o. tiir... dIlUG 

imjo farl;.-ij»<'s •,; Envelopes, •-' 
I uckages lur .. . 

'.'x> luitiles Ink I'lriorrow. per 

'■. bl{' jol> in .Wc.'i'-, Sliirts, Jjii-. w-.i - 

: : 25c 1 35c 

■3 J(ji .Men's Heavy kil l-e I I'l. jerv tjr 
tur spiiii(f wi-jr, worlli y^c tatli, Cm 
ti)in.irr<)-A's spei ai £ww 

..., iiii ;-i;.'ui-rJ iJio-.n 
■.;ain Jl. .. 


l.sJios is: and i-rc Cotton ri.--ceJ 
Huse, per pair. 

<; gross Ro:;crs' ''iifrman Silver Te.-i 
Spoons, maniitacl ireJ Iy i!- U 
Po^rers Ml^'. G-.. HaruotJ 
t-'ifin.; \K\ sti 

Tat/le Sfioons, sax« .jiulit;. 
leas. ytrV v-i 

. Joz l-*si 'it .e Water Pails. reR'i'ji 
! ricf ;5c. ivhiie tliey last tomor 
;.)W at . 

fVjvereJ Cluml ■ 

k heap, at ^ 

C.'ark s six-eorJ tinisli S| ■. .. 
(Dillon, i spMui-, . 

Only lo Cliif Clutlies lU.-ila-ts 
.•ai:li ai -. 








Remnants ot Outing Flannel, Per- 
cales, Black Sateens, White tioeds, 
German Blue Calicoes, Etc., at very 
Smai! Prices. 

CuspiJui'S at b9C 

ro bars Stack's Hjpr'- Hour A jj^ 

LjuiiJry Soap Tor £ww 

PciKil liixes, better than you'll imiCA 
an>>vlitro. for - vC 

1 Juz BreaJ Kaisers, to->]uart. *«<* 
ti.r £9C 

A great spe.lal in Rogers' 
knives an J Pir'BS. 
liilK wairanleJ. per m-I 

!■»-. rakes Toilet So.,[ 
worth 5.;, at . . 

1 icr.iss Cruml' Tiays aiiJ 
brushes at . 

:i)-piei-e Tea Seis. assnrie.'. 
Jeciiraiiuns. at 

'.<>■ j-.iari (iraniir. Pish Pans 




iiii: I Nwi-:i.«oMi: pap.y. 

If I had known 
Ili.w I old this Strang--- old world of yours 

Wi'iUld b.- — 

How little I'l'oni there was in it for im — 
1 minbt have s;a.ved wli.-ie tli.-n- was 

room to spar.-, 
.\nd liuht and lov and w -home evory- 

litsii ad of cntning h Jo uruiski'd, aloa-'. 
If I ha'l nnl> kiinwii! 

If I had kn11v.11 
llnw hani lile is fur all nf ihoso who live— 
lli-w little peace its pli asur. s ev.-r give— 
I iniu'lit h.iM- cr- lit cliisi- In the fo t of 

Pcf 111- w'liiis- glorv SU.1 and siars .-ire dim. 
.Ami hid tln-re in iln- shadow of his tliron.-. 

If I had only known: IIIO CO homi ; 
Pack to Ih.- shadow land from whcnre 1 

Paik to a love that I may dare to claim, 
llniii. 1.1 mv Kathi rs liniis- again, wlnr.- 

Will take mo In his arms and comlort mo. 
.\iid sooihe with loving words my grief 
and p:ii;i. m • go home again; 


1 c.iNi-;. 

,ludgi ; I bive all in-iny. I give hi.s Imx 
a diuni. 

I have a wealthy fri iid. I uivc him ,1 

.li.ii .1 and b- ch if'-.- inwarill.\. hut ..'- 

uii'iis soiin-lhing mote , xp- iisive. 

I hive a poor fri. -ml. I uivc him my 
I.est wish. s. and In- is nl. as. d. for h can 
rcinrn lln ciiurles\ wilbnu: iP privation. 

I hav.- a molln-r. I «i\. h-r lb it which 
.--•lu- ri-allv needs. 

I bav. ,1 lath r. I give him that whidi 
would pK'ase iiixsilf. 

I have a will. I look for the bare spot 
in our home, and I cov- r il. 

I ha\i a son. I »;i\o hiin that which 
pleased iin- as n boy. 

I have a daughor. 1 give h r that which 
m. mory lolls mo nn-st pk-ascd lu-r mother 
a.'s a girl. 

A i.iTTi.i: i-:vi-:NiNt: jch'I{Ni-:y. 

Trom Poikaway to Pillow town, in siinwy 

while arrayod. 
At s.-vrn ev'i'.\' i-voiii:ig there's a little 

jniiri.i .V made; 
And th-' tire on shore is burning 'a.s 

till- \ cssel stills awa.v. 
And the crew singing softl.v as we drift 

aiii'W n ;ho ba.v. 

•fin- tiro behind grows fainter and ib-^ 
cr.-w is singing low-. 

Thromb drows.v mist I dimb' see .-i wel- 
come land I knoW" 

Th-> purpb- shores nf xiumbor where w- 
i.i\' .iside all care. 

Pol th- blessed bud of Childhood 1' i.b 
oiornal blos.som there. 

Aad eager for those sunlit .shores all 1 lad 

ill snowv white. 
.\ liiili mill- that I know go-s sailing 

i-vi i'\ aigh;. 
I-'rom Pockawav the vc.=s:l starts, about 

tho hour of seven. 
I'or thai fair town of Pillows, lying ju=l 

this side of Heaven. 

Jsailing down the riulei ttay, 

SilUf as We j;o— 
Swinging out at dose of ila.\". 

To 'In- sicigs v.r knew. 
Hrop[>ing down to PiUowtown. 

P.-.tcilllllv wo glide, 

H.iwn thi b.-iv to Itockaway, 

lu-ifting wiih III' tide. 

Nl w York H. raid 

(loisal fins are prol-iiigoii into an appeji- 
d.-ige of ciiiisiikrtible length. 

••Tile taiiion is not. iu t'lorid.i at ica-^r. 
ri-gardeii as uood i--iting. the tl-sh b.-ilit; 
coarse and dark: cijii.- iiuently. when alter 
gi'-al resistaii'-e a lisli has l..-en hroiii:ir 
to land, it is dr-liven-il ovr-r to the wai'..itig 
buzzards or tn ihi- taxid'rmist. 

lloi'll, DKP kaisck: 
Per kaiser am dor Vaterland 
I'nd liott oil High .-ill ihiii-r8 commar.d, 
\'i- :v. o: .A -h: don'.l yoa understand' 

.AIoin»eIf-uiid iloit. 

A\hil'.- some uieii -ing dor power .ii'.liif. 
M in soldiers d.-r Waeht am Khet.i. 
I'liil trink her hf-P. in Rlo-inish Wi-in. 
.Anf no — und Ooit. . 

Irr-'s Ki-ancc dot .swaggers all aroun.i.. 
She's aiihge.i-.iiii-li— she's r.o airgound: 
To nun b. ve thinks, sh. don i arnount— 
.M. iiis.-lf- tind 

She will not dar-^ to fight agt^lr. 
P.u'. if r-he should. I'll niifjw her bl-a!;i 
l)ot Klsuss und (111 Fren.-hi l>oiTai:. . 
.^re meiii, by Ooti. 

Diri's grmdma dinks she's k?in si.ii.a.: 

Mit Pores und dings she interfere- 
She'll p-arn nout owns dis miglity .- , . 
Put nn — und Goit. 

She dinks, gooil frati. some ships shr s got. 
I'ad soldi, rs mil <li-r scarlet c.->at — 
.Ach: \''- eniild knock di-m- pouf—like dot' 
.MeiiiM-lf— und iknt. 

In dimo.s aiif peace breb.arod for wair.. 
1 b.Mr Ih.- helm und spear 01 Mar.-. 
Cnd care alclu for ten dousand . zai^— 
.Moiii.^elf -und tioit. 

In short. I hunior 1 v-,-ry whim. 
.Mit asiieci dark and \ isago grim; 
• bit: laills mil m -. mid 1 mil him - 
M* ins' If -iiii.l ik'tt. 

—Montreal Sun. 

Washiiigion. Mtirch 1'.- (Special to Thc- 
lfora;d. I — t'on^'i-ssma:! Morri« was m 
I'ay notiiie.l that Peter V. Clapper, o; 
St. Cloud, had lioeii granted an increase 
of J^ per month In hi.s pi-usion. 

When you want The Evening Hera'nJ 
wants, bring what you w.-uit. 


THK T.\KP<AN nl' IT. id: I DA 
Outing; "This li-h fn-ipiii;t!y itt.iin- .1 
IciiLiib of sov n fo.M or 111. .re. with a 
w icbl. 1.1-rliap'^. of iinue than Ji«i \) 
Sill li ui.ii-Miilii . lit sp. .1111. lis. hoW'-vi-r. .,1- 
seldiiin taken uooli liand-la< kli . and nv>.-t 
annlei-s are willing 10 p uard a tish w.-igli- 
iiig liHi pounds as a very .s.iiislactory . .-itcn. 
"The tarpon is \ cry clos<-ly r.-lated t.. 
the b.-rring: and besid s its gnat si»:c 
stii-nglh and it is ri-markahl'- 
for iis i-mirnioiis scales, sum.- ol ihos.. 
from a lisli w. igliing b*" imuiids. me.isiir- 
ing four inch, s across. Over the !;r at. 1 
p-irt 111 the l)od.\ the exposed portion nl 
ih- sell, is ooverid wi;b an 1 pidi-rni s 
wbieli i-esi-mblcs fioslcil sib r; wbili- tin 
b.o-k of the tish is ^reen and bo.'iulil^uil v 
Iridi-sceiii. The low. r jaw tu'ojccts stron-.r- 
\y. sort of indication of Uu- r.-soluie dis- 
lio.sition uf iIk' li'^h, The last rajs of ihe 


Ew»ry Might Thi» Week, Comntmnc- 
ing Monday, Salurdav Matlnoa. 




A.Ml RUj\S 

I'l'l-lil.l-. l.|m-S--l. 


no liiKller. 






I, • 


Annual \tessage of His Honor 

to fherouiicil Keddlast 

t vcniny. 


He Goes Into a ruti and Com- 
plete f \position ut I heir 


' ■ ' , mi 

■ niMrinif y \\a)\ an 

iri! p> 1 '111! Ir-.l 

: :li, i....!.|r 1.. 
:■' y.'ur lioii.T.rul-- 

' . i«l<'U altt'iuion. 
\ uhirh. to my 

■i.tiitifd ari«l 

ink tny 

!!• il. 

•t- ■ .V! > '. .-r th.' 

■:ini''n ;;"...t ai. 1 !.'•.■> 

i !■> 1 .ii-fin as iril- 

'■''■.■■•.! y as tiie 

■ ;lU-Stioll. 

>.-a:'. ::a-. asiiat-Ml 

.. , ■• ■ill'- ari'i U.i< ■•:iu--'''»l 

:::n.;i. .iiuf '.viu -li n>t •! >ul>t 

i" linuniial siamliiiK uf tnir 

lOiin.l ;i h:«i.pv solu- 

•i.iv.'>'.l t • lauThiisi- 

.\ .ili*r [ilaiu {'tv III-- Slim of 

a iiiaji-rii'." "i I I.' 1. and 

.:;-f-Tr. -t N' 

■•;.;. ■ l'\ ■ !■ -.-Ill- 

1 mil- i'.<i|. -■ .\ ill a-i'ill 

• !i'i- all i whMl---i..iiif 

: th. -.aU--.l 

-■•■■■ ■ Ml, i: ihf 
il wifn. 

. I M. ■;-.... .i:i.i »;■■ ^■•l,■rl a^' 

'■lar--. will' h I uiul-'.- 

■ '•: 1-' 'iirn-,-- 

■ . . an and 

.11 i»^ a' -ui-i'lifvi. 

nnprit . I : ih.- uutifuiriff 

' 1 ai ■ ••iiuTt«'»l with t!u- 

:>.'-m<'iitat y sy:4- 

:ap- ti-n; i;'.a'..n--r in \vhi«'h 

. - 1" r!i .l-iii". A !a:a;f u-a- 

- kin.l i-4 loiiiiil ID i-aiise 

r.i-- faulty i>litns "t" xhc 

,iu:*<-d a frr>-at tl«-iil -•: i - 

ii«truflio!i. aiid :i\r > ~(.j-\- 

■liil-; r-a\v.-a th.> Ci>vm:^il. 

.■•iali. V, '"rk.- arul tht' t-oa- 

• i-ui linrtlly all nund-* m.r aii-l ih.- 

'• -.1- -•-tih'-l. W'.- 'all j-ri-lt* 

aasiiii; a siKlitl>' aii-t -ui-- 

■ ■,... : in-.', a - i-.-.iit 1.' Ih.- . it . . 

':■(; ti--i; '■■ rii.- imak'' [•!'■■. 

: i'li I h- ■-. --II iii!'> 

-.■ \ I '. -I V ilitlu-cii 
• ■■ 111. ■•■ I iiii'f.' I iii!-- I 'laii I r 
la ii-(l. 1 1 al.-to l<*' a ir.i- n- - -•-- 

' -■-:■■ • ; . ! . a , , • f 

! ' r.M- • •-i-stnii, t< d 

th'- i'iix-.-i and al.-^" 

i. .! ' ..f tht- lak-. Th-s.' 

., ii.t--i\al^ and lilh'-l with 

-wl ilii- work has Uv-cii '•ijmpUt«-it 

. ■.i,.,ory iiuinju-r. Th.- pif/t- is 

■ i-i .;i. liy |init«"n> d 

• II- ,ti ih>- r-nd of 

> et. i-- •■ni; i'ai-ti;itiy 

■ \ii".'^ a- ■■' ■■ lia\a- ta-- 

■ .■ r- ;- !; ■ i^I.-at tiUl'-y 

-.•:■; 'US -litll- uliy 

■ ■ tl;.- .■.I115I ril'"t!.-'i M I'lr 

■ !; : ■ ■■'■'tr.'ict '.va:- li-t ;•' 
I ' •lUiipaiiy. and 

. Miiu •- ■..11.--. • . "; - ■ :'\'. as au- 

..• -1 un-i. r Ih.- * .--ii i i .iiii'l»-tt' 

All -i<-;'S ta till.-, mail -r 

!i ui.l. r a.lvi:?'-m«-tit f>{ ih.* 

'. il!- tl-i>- ^■.^'lisv-m "f 

l'...l-i- ih.->.- lar- 

a.ii.l i-.-a ^oii t'> 1' •- 

. ' Nvill li|.'..-t Willi ai. 

:..■•;■ tat- tiiat lli.- 
iij'.j-U'iii'-iitai'.v r!y?t«'iii, aji 

■ w I"' asi ■••rt allied , will iiat 
iiiriru-i-i'.H t■^tiIllall• t.. a:;y 
xit-iit. if at all. 

11. -1 I'V ihf i-ity aitc>rn-y 
iinaii. s in i-i)n!i*H^ti<'ii wi'ft 

!.:d All-f l-lallt l'\ 

:,,.:. ly li.ivr l,.--<'n cuiii- 

it 1 !-■ from hitri ami th.' 

w Iter crtrupanj' hav.- 

• -icistor f»f d*'«»ds !'• 

■ I a-' r'ri"''"'-rty. M«*;;t<rs. 

W i.-lil. urn I'lul.-r 

•■.■.-'.■■'•■i Ih-- I'itv .ittorti'-y 

■M-- t-. f.-port t.. ymr lioii- 

1! 1 t-. I h.- lit! • t . t a.- 

-!iii--'-tii«!i 1 w add 

:11>- .-UKK'-^t that whal- 

. ..f!%-r--<l r-.r sal-* t.. pay 

M !ii( th'- 1 ity 

'iiiird'Ui '»(' 

rii.ii ii-lyU-' ■: |■..■^tl>Il. or 

f i;->l'-d at !• ir;.- ;. <. in f»-sjaril 

• . '■•: < .-• !• Ml-, la-l wh -n 

1-1^ -•! ' 1- 1 1 -1 .il--. ih -11 

n-'-iiidiiional Idds. W.- havt- 

: 1' tl i.r aiirittyati" •• s^iiii i..iad 

. -r wlui hid '>n 

.-...'.y. and « h«'ii.-\ «■!• iln-y 

nh' ijikini; ih.- l>'.nds tii-y 

* ••••■I ahh- i'> ha\.- si.m.- 


Ts the time when you Bhould lake a 
-|)rlii^ MttliiiiK- to purify y<tur hlooil, 
irivi- Villi jrooti !ip|>Mit*», sound slff'p, 
rt'-ativ ii'Tves ami perlwt (lij^t'Slinn. 
i tiat seroluluua Uiiiir, that skin tiou- 
ble, Uiat li\»'r dif- 

ohjcctionablo ttiiw raHod hj- tlu-ir own 
auoriioys. and in lonsetiuencf havt> re- 
I'nsi-d to iiki- ihi» bonds, rauslti;; annoy- 
anci- and l<->ss of rim,- ;tnd inr>nt-> in iho 

KiillowinK is a rt-p>^il in.'idt^ by rh.^ ijity 
tieasurrr un ihi- »ity tinani-.-s; 
Fi-ndt-.l d.'hi. city ot" Diihilh. 

j;tn» lal fund. ."> fn-r i.-nt..$ .'.S.'., 000 00 
Uond.-d tl.d>t. oiry <>r Iniluih. 

K«"n<fal I'vind. V-j per t-t-nt r.«»3.000 M 
Cit.\ Ml Uvilnth street iin- 

pr-'V cintiit bonds, ;"> per 

vut 10<).000 00 

'"iiy -ii' Indntli park iin- 

prov.iii.-iii bonds, 1 p.'i- 

vtjii ;:i2,oOO M 

Vlliau** of Duluth .s.-w«T 

bon !.•<. "i per ivnl 'JG.OOO o«» 

\V«'t;t Dniiiih bonds, general 

finiil, »: p.r ivnt l»V..«KtO (m» 

.\.-\y UtiUith, (i p(r ft-ni jT.h^hi t-t 

I'.'iid dii l.a.'. 7 jM-r < .-nt ltt,00<MMi 

<'i;y id l.ak.'sld.^. j4--n«-nil 

iinul. »i per (••-lit ^':, o<ti t'O 

Tunndhip mI" ((n.-ola. t. p.r 

'>nt l';..iK)t) (Kf 

\'iUar-' .-1 1 hi!!!, h i. niii.linK- 

b"u!s. i; p r ..III i:',S.'J.'.t» tK) 

T.dai i:.or.r.,:;.'.o o«> 

Th«- last it III .'I" i\::\.::.ii was issiud 
.Li th'^ tiin.- uh.ii ih- ciiy ..i Dtdiitli n-- 
v.rt.d into th.- villai-.- und.-r a sp.-.'i<«l 
ili't. A fnnd lot ill.- payment of both 
prliHJpal an'l ini. r»-st was provid*d i-.r 
by th- i-onniy. Th ■ idty, ihi-r. I<»r<-. is 
p.ivinM int. r si ..n $l,i«17,tH:Mt b.»n<ls. 
("iiy of Diiliilh str.H-t iin- 

provt-ui>-nt <.< riifleai.'.s now 

"iitsiandinf;, b urluK" iii!'i- 

.St at K pt-r >-L-nt .dr-iiisT '.K 

City of Laktsidc. .sirefi lin- 

prowin-Mit. 7 p.-r i-<-nt 0,:.<>;i 4". 

Village of WVst iHihith, »tr«v: 

iinproveintnt. 7 p.^- r<'nt.. r.G.125 82 
City Old- f.s outsiundiiip. 7 p.-r 

. .-nt ?M.(m 0«» 

Toiul Si»;i2,72;t 2.' 

To olT-^.-t this ind'^bt -dnoss thi-re Is 
dii ■ th. lily from d- lin<iu.'nt us.soss- 
111 tits anil la.\«s oyi-r Jl.KKl.t'HMi. « »f 
this ain.mnt s.^m.-tlnnK ov«'r $6n<i,0")«i is 

I !-M- as-s.-sstiKTiis made for sm-ft im- 
p[.i\ -tnfnis on prop.'rty in ih.- rliy if 
Dulnih prop.-r. and is a lirst lirn upon 
ihf piop.rty That, toffth-r with ;h. 
•Uliniin. nt ta-\.-.s, will nndoubiidly Ix- 
paid up within a fow yeais and will 
wifi.- t»iit our ••niir»- floating d bt. 1 do 
n««t know of a single cms.- w her.^ th>» 
j>roi..riy is n<i! ?ro..»l for ih.- a, -nt 
iveii in thes.' liin.s. For tin- \V« l>u- 
Inih as.s€*.ssnirnts it is oialnied, and I 
bi-litVr- ;.. -oni.- fas.^s it is tru''. that 
thf proptTty Is not worth th- a?.sj^ss- 
tii tits and ia.\'-s. hut l»-i thai b. a.-* it 
iiiav. \\hai.'\.r m.- f^i-t out of II will :>•- 
■ -'. -1 and abo\.- inii- d.d>! and •.;-< nundi 
of a Sill pi u.'' in tin- iri-asurj. 
S'.iv-i .'►-rtlll. ui.-.*» of Ihi- 
luili. U'l.v. I>ulinh. I,.iik- - 

i sid.- 'nusiandinf: F.-l>. 1. 

iSit: H12.U1 :'0 

t'it\- ■•r.l- IS i.i:t-iaiidiiif4 F'-b. 

1. iy7.. 

. . ■'.2!»,49;i 70 



t'lideiicy, tlial 
lirod IVeliii',', are 
all cured by Jlood'fS Sarsaparilla. <iivf 
this inediiiiK! a laii- trial and yuu will 
ivuli^o iu positive merit. It i^ not 
what V. r -a;, . but what the people who 
an- rut" d say, whicli prove tJiat 



Tot id $7ll,C3l 6» 

< '• riiiii ai»-s and ordi r.s oiu- 
sian.linji;- a.s abuvt- on F.-lt. 

1 t^itv .m;i2.t:'". -0 

('i;y ••i l>uliuli r-fundiriK" 1'-. 
p..r !■ nt. i^sv^ -I duri/i^; la. -I 
\-ar.. iKIiKtO 0<l 

Total *72.'.72" •-•0 

K.a\in^' a balam-. of $i:.. ;«»>.«>»; 
nii'ii'-v r.-tuni-.l to wai.'»f fund dnrlns' 
last y.>ar. $:{2.>::i'.«>L': total. .^■»><.7:;o.4::. i.. - 
inK- th>- n't r<-.lin'li">n of th.:" iit>s in- 
d bi--<ln*>s durintf Ih- last year. 

Wbil.- I aiii no; abl-^ lo report as larp 
a r.-dui tion in our i ity ind.-t>ie<ln. ss as 
last ja^ar. ih.- baiain"" nev.^rih less n - 
mains on tht- rijrht .-.Id.- i.f the ledti.r. 
\Vi- may •■oii>!iatnlat»- ours,-lv.-s willi 
having t>.-.-n kI'I • to k--. p .-xp.-n.-:. s >•( 
\h' "ity uithin our ineom.-. »sp.-»lall> 
uh-n Uf tak'- into e'»iisidi ration thi^ in- 
ability of ihi' p '^^-pl.- lo pay tlu-ir lax-s. 
The eity ti'-axuri-r has at all limes b»-.^ii 
aid- to proeur-- funds to pay all de- 
mands upon ill-- iieaMiiy, aii'l in oi.n- 
.s.-qu.-mv ihe < r, dii of our eity has b-t-n 
maiiitaiiiid. in this eoun'-etion 1 
\%ani to < all lie- aiLnlion of your 
honorabh' b.«iy ti> th.- urgent iifi-esslty 
f.-ir eontiimal rt-tr«-n' hni nt .uid ihe 
elos.-sl etonomy in all «Uy affairs. W.- 
iiiusi not only try to llw within our 
ineom--, bill in ord^r to invit<- prosper- 
ity, taxes b.' low.-r^-d. and this. I 
am satisiU-tl. lan be done as !«"xm as 
lb. p. ople ar inabh-d to pay up ih ir 
l-a- k taxes. 

A.SSK.'«J50irS REPC«KT. 
i h- r port of th-^ eiiy ass.s.sor. whiih 
I h lewiih submit for your laivful 
prusal, shovs but v.-ry .small chanses 
In the valuation of last >-ar. 
Ill- r al ••stai«- r -maininic praeiiially 
Ih.- same as in IMh;. The itn ivaSi- in 
real (Stale is in ilo- naiur.- of n-'W- 
buildiiijjs, umountinK to l22-'>.-71. Tiu^ 
ass'-ssed vaInatio:i for th.- year 1S;»7 
shows a d.-en-a.s ..f ab..ui $2»iti.i"-0. This 
d.-i.-r.-as.- Is :iio'.- than aeeoiint.-.| for in 
th«- ii'^ni of bauk .stoiks, uhieh hav.- de- 
. vi-ry laiRi-ly in ipianlity 
and valu- Th.' foilowlns labl- 
will siiow a r..niparison of ass"->5s- .1 
valuaiion.s tor the past few y.-ai-»: IVrsonal 

l-;slat.-. J'roperty. Total. 
.*n/.,SlH,HSt> »4,9l4.r.77 J4i».7fi:;.4»".'. 

.. :;i;.i.".7,7i:; 4. xr.:!, .'..'.<• 4i,oi::,2f.i! 

.. 2f>,o:;7,.'.ll 4.4:;n,n44 ;:<t,47("..l.".:. 

.. i:«;,ii2,.vr. 4.i7s,7..4 ::«t.L'!»i,fii!» 

rate of taxation is th- same for 




IsiC as I hat for IK*6. namely :'.1.4. 

Th.- followint; tabl- will sh..w th • 
rale of taxation for th.- past si-v.-ral 
vt-ars and the i.roj".rtlon for ihr- dif- 
ivniit purpos.-s. ineludliii,' the l.xal 1 
iidll tax whi'h is U-vid und-r th- 
state law : 

\s'.C l'<;i4. 

:!.:t;. ;'..:tr. 

::.:• 4.K'". 

;i 1' ;■.•• 

i:.t; 11.1 

I'lirpos- . 
Stat.- lax . 
(onnty lax 
Sehool lax. 
» "it v tax . . 

ls;t.'.. is'.tf.. 


•j.t*.'. 2.;*.'. 


r..4r. 4.4r. 


s.r. 11.2 


11.0 12. N 


(Ireuusl Mcdl- 
;;lrie. <'. I. Hood Si Co., Ltiwell. Man"*. 

Hrwwre Pille '•'"'^*" '•'*•'' '"»; «"*''' ^'^ 

Totals. 2!t.or. 2K.;: 27. It ::i.4 rii.i 
From a study of i.'ie abovi lijiun s it 
will b.- s«-t-n that th.- iiu«>stion of .ax- s 
d ..-s not d-P'-tid so larK. Iv up-'ti ;i. 
assi .'?Kor'< d-'piirim. nt as Is i.opulari.v 
: iipi->s.-.l, foral:houKh vry heavy r-dii' - 
lions have Ih.-n n:a<le in Uu valuaiion.s 
duiiiiK ih- past two yiars. a .-(ri vspon I- 
irisi in lat'S lia,s tak.-n pla-.- , 
whi h vi-ry nearly on".-».is th' f-ff-ci oi 
ih- r.-lu' tioii in yaluations, showin.t^ 
iliat .-xp' riditurcs must b- riihi.'.-l. 
Til' rale "iiy purp"s. s lias n-)t bi-.-n 
Iner'asnd wii!i th.- v<dii.ii-.n in valu. s, 
thai for ih-- year is!<7 ^howiiiK a r. -iue- 
lioii of !•,.*■ of a mill '>\^r that of l./.i.?, 
)irovin« thai . -.inomy is br ins praeti'-, 1 
ill :h-'t -"f eiiy affairs, and that 
ih- iiier.-as»' of th.- tal- fUiriiuf th>- pas: 
;wo y.-ars has be -n larK-ly du- lo th- 
l.-vi.-s fir oih'-r Th.- . xpens . 
>i 111'- d>-paVLm. Hi fir ih'- pa."*; y>ar has 
1. 11 $4.4!»:5..'.l. A eomparisoii \\\:h for- 
m.-r vi-ars is as follows; 

iv...: ". 3-' 11 

1S'I4 H.;!K.'. lo 

is:.:, .','.'... •"■.'Ht4 V, 

1 yt,; r..47f. Pi 

l»'i; i.'nyi .'d 

FIKK Idli'AinWn.NT. 

l-'xp. ns.s of ihr rti" depart 111. nt fr. n, 
FVb. I, 1M>-, ta F.b. 1, iN'.tfi. $I12.:;»7.J!>: 
n. tn F.b. 1. l^:••■•. I" l''<'»- 1. •'^••". *'•♦"'-- 
!i27.1J: from F- b. 1. 1M»7. lo F.-b. 1, lH<>>i. 
<.>T.:;;.'.i.r.»;. sh.iwinv a n ''.uiti.m iv-r last 
y. ar -d ts:,s: .:,»;, or a n.-t sayinR in th- 
" x; '-nse of thf iLpartm-n; for two 
y-ars of $2.'..«r.7..V\ wliiih savlne will \f 
fiirthi r in r. as'-d dnrimj tiiis y ar if ;h^ 
satiii >i-->ri»iiry i.« pr.ietie.d. be.-aust- th.- 
Iar«- I. 'Iu -tion in th.^ «• was in! 
ma.l' until in th • fall, and eons-qui-ntly 
do s n >t .si) >w the full iimount in th'- 
;o:al~ "f this V'-ai'. 

!• rsniinel oi th.- defiarlnuTit r>r \sWi: 
I HI.- I hl-'f. two assislants. two bla-k- 
smilh-. I .vo lire wai.l.ns, on-- waRoii- 
m-rik>-r. oil" paint, r, on.-' elri-tiii-iaii. 
liKhty-eiKht iir>'iin-n. two ii .ii 
N'W I'uluth; tatal, b»l m.-n. 

PfT.sonnel of Uie J. parLmeiU for 1*97: 

0.1- ehief. two as.slhiants. one blao^U- 
Miilth, one wacm maker, one tiro war- 
i..-n, sev.n;y-'is^bt liri-men, on • llreman 
a: N' »v ImUith, 'Uie llnanan, om cl-'c- 
irl'dan; t'Jiul, ss men 

While lari;.- i.-.lueilons in ihfi p 'r- 
sonn I of ilie dt-t>ar:mf-iu have b.- n 
made, 1 am tilad i > be able m .suite thai 
111- liiKh etliii' ni-y of tin- d.'paitm'-ni 
.las K-en fully maintained. A f.-w .lays 
aK" the i-rlieii-m-y of th.- d'pjirim.-nl at 
the I'hambi r of y'.nnm'-re,' lir.- was fully 
provi n. 1 heard a ki'"1 many coiii-i'll- 
iii.-ni.iry r.-maiks from m.-mln-rs ot tho 
K'-tail I'.ro.fs' JI.--SOI iatl-.m, visitors to 
.■i:.y. \^h't Wile pns.-ni at ilie tir., of th" 
iibi.- maiiti' r in u hi- h t'hief llla-k an I 
his assisianis aiui lir.-men .■.mdu'ti- I 
»h.-jn.s^lv.s. 1 hav«- luard it rip<a>illy 
siau-d. and know P. i^ tru--, thai, aeenrd- 
ln« to the siz.- of <iur di partmeiii. it !s 
s.- -ond to none in th- eouniry. In ihiK 
I .iniieitloii 1 w.nil.l r. sp. --ifully sim;;> st 
:hai as soon as w«r u--i p iss.-ssl m of ih.^ 
v\a!.-r plant, a sironK eiYiiri shoiiM be 
:ii.a.;e lor a h avy r.du.'ii'in in insurant e 
ra'.-s. It has be<-n pr-jrnlsed, and thf 
;■ ipl'" are .-niitl-'l t.» s.»nie su)>,sianthil 
returnit for the lar.-^o outlay In niainrain- 
in« sii.-h an «-fnel,.nr f'.ir<«e of tire light - 


Fire revird '>f the city of Duluth fr >!n 
I-', b. I, l^f*.'. :o Kelt. 1, 

Amount i>f iiisui"an>v on buiidinj??. 
i.V'^O.tit;.'.; I-\ss .>n saru.' by llr.-. *3fi.261.N2: 
r malnlnii. »r.41.7iCl^; l.>s.s on oiiildin^.i F-b. 1. l.v;.t). t'» F.-b. 1, l.sy7, U:>.- 
it44.s:'., I'^ss on biiildlnjrs in tlm- . 
»:;•'. •ji;i.S2: .bi-nas.- in bit's, $17,7S:;.0l. 

Insiirati'V on lonl-nts, $IS4,4.*>0: |.>ss 
on same by frv, $31,4^2.71; r'Miiainiiiff. 
$l.-i2.;i«;7.29; l'")S.s on eoiuents from F.-b. !, 
IK,C. tt F.b. 1. 1M<7, *4.'.,229.:!0; from F.b. 
1, ls(«7, t.> F>-1>. 1. IWX. $.11.4N2.71; d-- 
rreusi in l>)ss "ii ''jti'-nts, $l;'.,74i>..'.J*. 
PO lA C I-; I > F ! • A 1 iT.M F N T. 

A . omi>araiiv.- st.Tt ni.-ni .>f the ex- 
I»f use of the p'di.i- depai imi-nt furnisiie.l 
me by the Htvrf tary of the dvpaitineni is 
hf-r. witli Kiv»ii in detail: 
Yiar .ndiuB F.-bruary. 1S9.',.. 
Yi-ar .-iidinK F.-bruaiy, l.V«t; . 
Year < mllnit Fib:uary, l^f»7 .. 
Ytar.ndinK F. binary, ISfi.s .. 
showing: a .savins in the depaiuncnt for 
rhi- past :!iic*- y^ars of $lS.t:i9.ri7. This 
will b- fiuthrr t.Mlufed .hiring n<-Xt y- ar 
on a< oount of th.- rf-Uution in the f.iri.v 
havinj; be n made last fall. 

In ine face -^f th'-e fart.s I am gla-l 
to b' abb- t.> .sia;o- that the ^en-ial f?iiod 
o:d :• and #• atv- ..f our . Iiy has been 
malniainvd. tiiat n,t all times wt« hav..- 
Im on aid- to pion.-": the Uv.-s and prop- 
«!;y '.>f our eitiz. ns and .-nforo- the law. 
I am .•oniinur.lly .onipllm. nied by .n t:i.' go-jd •ird.-r of the iby, 
lur li'im.- I'r-ipl'- an- 
ih'ins.-lvis 1/. II' V. that 
if affairs .-xi^ts in the 
They hav.- made al- 
>f ehars.-s.if eoriiptlona^falnsi th-» 
d'.pariJii' nt. duly a w— .-k a^o a 

.$0»J..-29 07 
. ,V.i,(;<'>.lS 
. i>.".,70.'j 7o 
. 47,910 10 

.vhile som.' ci( 
bound to make 
a t.-rribl«- .^'tat.- 
ci:v of liuluih. 

hiinistrr in the pulpit aieusi .1 ih.- p di. •■ 
of f-e-l'.im; hush moU'-N ir>m Kanild .s, 
rlainiinic that h-- had pi-.d authority i.r 
his s:al. riicut. I invt-siiKa: il ih.- i.r.i.'f 
thai was inociU' -d and lotind tliti: a 
eoupb of ga-nibb-rs Inil '."Id a p.'omlne".; 
a;iorne> ihai ih.y ha 1 [Kill mon.-y ■> 
ih- poli «-, bit: when I -alle i uixm him 
h.- I'fustd to Riv.' tin- nanus of th-. 
gamblers, '•laimiUK that he eould no: u-i 
-."» vs'lihout ihfir ennsi-ni: s<5 far the e^n- 
s. n. has not Ix-j-n obtaln>-d. it is as- 
iinNhln.i; how otherwis.- honor- 
.■ildi- m.-n will eondemn a polii-.-man on 
siieii »-\ idPiiee. They .s'-.-m to think 
that the wi,',a1 of a gambb-r should l«r 
lak.i; in pi.-f- renc- to that of an otlio r 
who may hav.- sorwil the i lt> faithfully 
(or y.-ars, who may hav«- a rosjM-italdo 
family ati'l '.n ho lias always borne a 
Ko<k! reputation, it is depl.irable thai 
n..-!'. v\ ho oih- rwist- stand high in the 
eommunity f.uK't ihi-ms.-lv.-.s so far as 
to h.ap such Kioss injustie..- upon inno- 
c.-nt tiu-n and v\ill iond»-mn an otii.-cr 
Aithoui trial upon h.-aisay ividem- .tin! 
that .-vld< nee funils'h.-d by Kamblers. 
Th'-sc u.-ntb-men's lOde of lx\'> against 
polii ,- otliif-is ditYer^ from the eoimnon 
law. hlvi-ry polie.-niiin is guilty until 
ht- proves his iun.Keii.-. , while under 
the fom.non law .-very man is presumed 
i.» b.' inno<'«-ni until he is prov.-n Kuilly. 

I'hf roster shows the strength of th • 
f.iree lo b.- forty-nine in plaee of sixty- 
on.- a year tiK", a.s follows: f»no chief, 
one eapiajn, on.- lieutenant, two dei.-..'- 
tiv.-s, four sergeants, two lourt otliet-is. 
two jaile's, is>o drivers, thirty-two pa- 

A reeord of arrests made from the 
y«-ar 1>>n9 utitil ;ind Including ih- 
1.S97, and ehargcs i>r<-firred, mtiy be Ih- 
ten-sidig ai this tlm-t b.-eaus^- it .'ds- 
pos«'S of th'- statriiK-nts ma Je by sonv:- 
i>t our « iii2.-iis. I hav.- only referred to 
ili.'Si- i-h.arb'''S eomplain.-d of. Th.? r.?- 
cord furlh.-r sh'iw.s that th- morals of 
our j>.-..p|.> ari- Imiuoving: 

N'unib..r of arrests- I x?<y, 16S9; 
2«t.''o: 1S92. 227*;; IS'.':. 
l»<'.ij, 2«>i»«>: ISIh;, 1S4H; 

276*'. ; 

of <lrunkenness— 1S^9, 
i.^ifd, u»ft2: i.vic, 13»h;: 

SO.S; 1S9[., SSS; 1S'."6, 7;k1: 

-IKSli. 10: 
:,. i!<9-i. I.: 



2:!x»;: is;d, 
ls94, 23l»t; 

IS'.M). 1L".«2; 

U'<i4; is'M. 


Arrert.'s for Rambling 
iW. lx!»l, 16: lSft2, :{; is9;i. 
12: l.v.Mi, 12: 1VI7, 18. 

K.-.-ping hous»s of lU-famo-— 1RS9. SI; 
lS!<i», I'lS; iviil. 1.".7: 1S92, 1«57; ISd,'!, 171; 
lK;t4. 172; ivt.'., 17:t; 1S;«C. l.'d; l*»l»7, 100. 

nfHi-'-rs aii.i deieoiivs have Instriu;- 
lioiis to 'liive disre|iutabl.' ihar.aei.-rs 
out of Ih.- I ity as soon as they appear. 
This rub- has bf-.-n siriit'.y (-nfiuved, atid 
1 am I onviii'.-d it has prewnteil th" 
vjinmisslon of a great deal of irlnie in 
our I ■ i t .v . 

Ml 'NIC I PAL roruT. 

Kxpense of the year endiiiij 

F,-bniary 1. 1897 

FIxpen.s.' for the year .-n-llnj 

F- bruar\- 1. l.M»H 

.$10,287 r.« 
9.938 42 

r»eer.ase $ 34 'J II 

Fin.-s n-eelved during yfar end- 
ing Feb. 1. Isy7 $13,6.".3 4S 

Fin.-s v'^.-ived during year end- 
ing F b. 1, ISlt.S 1:^.029 *1 

l>.-.r.-a.«e I 623 <;7 

De'lueting, th'- tines ive.-;vt-<l 
le«v<- a ii'-i i-arnjiig for th- munb ipal 
.•ourt of $:!ti!tl.;t".i. Th.-ri- tire tw.i eoiirl 
oMle..-rs now in plae.- of three a year 
ago, who devoii- their entlp- time to 
this ijepartnifnt. Their salarbs. 

timouniing to $l«;2ii, are eharg.-d to the 
poll.-.- d.-partni'-m and should properly 
b.' eharg'il to Ihe inuniei|>al court. If 
s.. charg.-.l it would ri-duct- th." t-xp.'nse 
of th.- poli.f department lo thai amount 
an.l r.'dui •■ th-- nt-i . arnings of th'- 
inunieipal <-ourf $u;-'0. 


It has afr'.rd'.l me special pleasur.- 
lo bi- abb- from year to y.-ar to r.-pori 
a redu.tion of th.- • xp.'ns.-s of this ib- 
partni'-ni. and if we k.-ep up at this rate 
I sh.ill soon b»- abl.- to r.port a revenu*- 
in plae.. of an ••xpen.s" . .Note the fol- 
Fxp.-nso for vear ending Feb. 

1, 1S9,-. $22,362 .'0 

Fxp<ii.«.' for year •■ndlng F.-b. 

I, l.siM: 14..'.93 7r. 

Fxpens.- for y.>ar ending Feb. 1. 

is:i7 lO.cT.'i 10 

Hxp.'ns'- var endin.g F.-b. 

1. 1S9S 7.196 r,0 

.V decr.-iis." iu expen.*' for th*' three 
years, amounting to $l."..l6i;. and a de- 
crea.sf- as i ompared with last y.-ar of 
$:i.'.iK». This is I'sp'-eially gnitifying as 
Ih" ellieb-nc.v of the ib-[iartmi'nt has 
in no way b.-cu inipair.-d. but, on tli.> th.- doctor b.-lii-\.-s that in 
s<im. braneh.-* of Ih." wurk high.-r elll- 
i-i'-ii'-y has b.-.-n atlaind. Th.- hi-alih 
odi.-'-r calls .-titeiition t'> tin- fact lli:il 
for th'- liist tim.' in th.- history of tin- 
liiwa thor.iugh s.vsl.-m of i-t-llar inspec- 
li-iA has b.-.-n inaugural. -d. an.l Ih" 
.iii.T.- an.l iiii.satisfaet..ry sulphur fumi- 
naiioii has beon displa. .-.1 by fumiga- 
tion with formaldehyde gas. The docmr 

h'dieves that the system of cellar insp<'o- 
ilon and the new met ho. I of se|,.ntilic 
fumi.gaiion are in a larg.- tueasur.- re- 
.sjxiTisibl.. ffir th-^ follow'iij; somewhat 
lemarkablo ilgures: 

For the ten months onding F.-b. 1. 
IStKi— Scarlet f'-v.-r, 127 r;i.s<^.s: illphtlieria. 
40 rlis.-s. 

For the- ten moiitlis ending FV-b. 1. 
I.S!»7— Scarl.-t b-v.-r, 3H .n.s.-s; diphtheria. 
St. itises. 

For the t.-n monlhs •nding F.-li. I, 
ISfiK -Scarlet f.-vi-r, 2<t cas.s; diphtlicrla. 
ir< cas.-s. Only live cji.;..., qj- .iH:-arl<>t 
f.-ver an.! f.uir ca.s.s of diphth.-ria liitve 
o. . iirre.l sine- .lune 1.'.. Is97, at which 
tiin- lii.' r»-lkir insp.'.Mion was about 
complel.-<l and th.- new system of funil- 
gati.jii was inauiiur.'i-ted. 

pi'iii.K' r-initAUY. 

Th" library .vear closes .March 1. This 
rep..ri i-ov.-TS only eieven months of th.? 
Hooks pur.dia-s-^d 'luring 

the p.-ri.Kl 2,124 vols 

Ho'iks worn, out and with- 

.Irawn 9.3R vol.-? 

Hooks in th»- library Feb. i.. :'4.6os vols 
Dooks l88ue<l to home- r.-a.l- 

ers 95,196 vols 

(Making u dally aveptige 
of 337). 
FU.oks issu.-d on t.-acher.s' 

special cards for scho >l 

iLse .'■.,626 vol t5 

TJooks repair. (1 at lih.'-ary... 6,591 vols 

H'loks re-botind 952 vola 

.\lagazin. s b lun'l 143 vols. 

<"»v.-rdu.> notic.-s fi:-iii i,.'i67 

Numb, r of pt -'Ple who have used 

:he riHidlng footn 61,10''. 

|{'e.i\>l frun tax levy $10,168 2S 

Pai.l out t'.ir books i.ntfi 1.4 

.Supplb.< and incidentals iS9 OS 

K^aling rooiii 40a IS 

R-nt 1,741 •!:; 

Salaries ;;,2ul l',i 

I'.in.ling 4812:'. 

Cunen; rxi^.ns. s, in:luding in- 
surant, i- and lighl 49r. 12 

Furniuir. and lixtutvs 2'Jl '.."j 

Wtst I»ulutli r.-ading ro .m 424 93 

West Fnl reading I'H^mi 642-10 

i:eih-I 86 9.^1 

B.-nnch Bethel 22 70 

Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine- 8 

Nerve Food and Strength-Giving Tonic. 

m l::iCK OT ^v. 

jt supply X 
ne. The W. 

To:aI $ 9,6:;6 C2 


No '•contracts v.ere b-i for iho op-ning, 
grading or pavitij^ of sir..-e;s. The cosi 
of campl' ling rontiac-ts iPt in 1n96 for 
this Une if work was $1."'. 729.6:;, .if whicii 
$,'.3.)|.3.': vras ooatrlbub-.i by the Duluth- 
Siu>;rior Uridgi- companj-. 

Til-- amount .-xpended for ihp construc- 
tion "f fr=' wf rs was J6.".<i.l'I. 

Th- total paym-nt- -.r. mi.s.-. llaiKous 
Contracts wtus $4:!s6..''i9. Th'-se comr.Hj.s 
di not r-prf-stiit any .-xt. n.'^i m of prer- 
• nt Improv'^jn. lilts, but iui-tu'l.- sic-h work 
iis till- r.JHill.;in>: 111 \\..rn .nit sidewalks 
ami th- sprinkling "f .str.-.-ts, whi'h be- 
long to ihat .-lass of sir.-'-i maiiuenanc", 
th.' cost of whit-h is .b fray. .1 by assi-ss- 
m.-nts against th- pr.ijM-ny specially 
b.-n.-iii'-.l. I dfjiiv to ' uigrtiiulji: • yotp- 
hoiorabl.- body on kv'-Ping th.- ainoiint . f 
iiKUi' y .xpenJ. d ..jniln" I to su h a stiuil! 
Sinn, anil 1 iiope thai you ivill imrsu.- the 
samr couts-e as during rhe y.-ar luist. 
Taxpayers ai.> ov. ibui'len. d with im- 
pr.A.-m«nt and genertil taxrs. an<l should 
b.- given time lo i.-.'up^-iai.-. Our aim 
should b.; to keep lait of .b-bi and n.c. 
s.n.'iid a dollar unl< ss ruiii. ly n-'cssa':.. 

PV:" ihr iw.-lv. mom lis . nd.-<l Feb. I. 
Th.- total expen.litur.'s wati-rwuks 
'onslruetioti v\as $,'.2.'i,OK7,4ii. 

Thf I >.si of g' n. ral mainti-nant-.-, 
which inchi''..-.s all I'pair w.nk on 
str-^-is and s--vvi-i-s, iht- op'ratinn of ;h< 
canal f.-ny ami i.iad rilK,'. ar.d the 
ananagi-ment of pris,>ners" woik on ih- 
fork iiile. was $66,::62..3ti. I If ;his anoun. 
$22.75't.72 is < iiarg. to ;hi sionn., A 
July .! an.l .\ug. n. 

Maintinaiu.- of sir^ ts and other i^x- 
pciis s as abov.- spi-ciii' .1. ihe y.'.'ir 
' n.ling Feb. 1, INH7, 7!"l,sl'».42: i<v Mi- emling F.b. 1, ?6«;, ;;»;:;. ;'m. 1». - 
du. t fr >:n this ainouii; ?J2, 7.^9.72, exp,.n- 
ditur. s ch,'ir.'.;eab|i !.. storms, b-avts 
$4:!.»;o2..".x, a .!. eri .i^^e in cxpindltun-S <r 

Th" 'ust of .str.v I lighting ainounied 
t.j #.'.4.635.06. 

v'-'.Uari-s an.l otlV^- MippUi-s, $o2S.'i.36. 
Exp. us-- oi ingineiiiiig d.-p.irt- 

inenl for in-ling- F.ii. 1, 

1X97 $10,198 ^a 

For y.xir ending l'''eb. 1, 1X98 6,2.'S '.'. 

Overwork is one of ihechief sources of nerv- 
ous disorders so deplor.ibly prevalent in -this 
country. An overworked ' nervous system is 
always an e.xhausted nervous system. All the 
nuiriiive organs of the body sufter from l::ick of 
nerve control, and ihe blood vessels th 
the nerve centers are not in proper ton 
brain cells become congested and deranged r.tlie 
bl()od is poisoned v/ith the refuse from dead 
lissik'S and cells which the livt-r and kidn'eys 
fail to carry off. The appetite is lost: dige^.tion 
and nutrition are interft-red Vv'ith, andthe wholf 
system becomes v/eak and incapacitated. Dr. 
Aiiles' Restorative Nervine strengthens the 
nerves and aids the digestive organism to the 
(^ proper fulfillment of its functions, it gives motive strength to the muscular 
(^ structure and healthful vitality to the nerve centers. It restores heaJth. 

V Altliough Kev. W. M. Davis, of .Atoka, I. T., is past 6o years of age, and has passed through some of 
ro the most trv'inK ordeals that could befall a missionary worker, he still h:is the fire of youth iii his eye and 

S/V^ springiness in his step. He writes; "I was prematurely broken down from severe sickness, ovcm-urk and 

V hard study. 1 was sorely afflicted with headaclie, rheumatic pains, in fact, nil kinds of aches and pains to- 
gether with ne.'-vous prostration, heart trouble .md mental worry. ! found Dr. Miles' Restorative N'enine tlie 

, best nerve tonic and restorative medicine 1 ever used, and to check acute ]^a\n of any kind nothini; in the 

V world equals Dr. ;\li!es' Anti-Pain Pills." 

rn Dr. Miles' Remedies are for sale by all druggists under a guarantee hrst q 

Q bottle beneiits or money refunded. Book on heart and nerves free. Address en 

^ Dr. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart. Ind. 


.V d*"on.ase of expeii.s. in engi- 
ne J 's ollli>- of $ 3,940 3 i 

Iti addition salarif s tor .-ngineots and 
Inspe.-tofs .nyMiy-d on wab-.'^v uk.-j 
airi'iun: to $9.>(9u.:'3. 

U r H> 1>1 .N O IN .^P ECTi lit. 

Building I" rinlts issU'"!. ::os. 

Valuail 111, $240,st;s 

bJI-.-vai'irs insp<c! i'l, 11.^. 

KI.-ctiM.- n't'i.s ii-iii-. i.-l, 2*>.'.. 

^Va;'■r m- :ers lest'-.i, 2o»;. 

Oas 111- t.-rs ;fs:..l. 166. 

Th • liuil ling liisp tor re-i^ris soieral 
t>^sts of .-andl j'ow-.jr and pr'-s!^uje of 
gas. and lind that the .-andl.- 
av'ra.g.s be. ween 2J an.J 23. lb- has i^o 
nvans for as- .-riaiiiing the candb- fKuvv.- 
,r.f sir.'-; lig-his. I ihink it would havw 
b'-.-n vv.ll if a test had b-i-ii ma.b in th-.- 
I«ist, but .-ts the C'lmra- t for the eleciri'.- 
lighting •n tile . i;y will so..n run ou:, it 
n;ighi not i... advisablr- t> incur ch.- * x- 
p-Mis.- of bringing an axp. rt h.-ie .-it th!s 

.\o buiMlng.-i hav. pr.ivcn dangerous. 
n«r)i.iv. any .-k-vaiof accidents o.-currt-d 
during ih« v.-ar. 

rHAKTFll ("OMMlSSfoN. 

During th.- early part of last fall the 
Juiige.^ of th.' distriet .'.uirt uppoini.-d 
tlfterji commlssion.-rs for th.- purpost- 
ji pr.-paring a ne.v city chart. -r for the 
.iiy. Th.» c.immis^i'iners w. re (artfully 
silecif-.l fr.nn aiiKitigst our best buwin.'ss 
111* 11 ..f th.- city. No att'-ntioii was giv.-ii 
by th.- judgt-s in I'-gard t.i tb. ir iHdili- 
cal alhliations. It was the .b-sire as 
express.-. I to me that the rharter hhould 
In- pi-'-pari-.l i-niirely in the int.-rest ot 
till- p.-opb- i--g-ardl.-ss of p<iliiics, an.l 
fn>m what inf irmaiion 1 hav.* been able 
t" obt;iin 1 am fully stitisibd thai the* 
commissi. uH-rs na\.- I'.iithfully and in- 
tt llig.-atly disi harg'-d tli.-ir duty and 
have proven \>y tii.-ir that the cm- 
ti i-ni f rejiostnl In Ih.-m has not b.-en 
mis|ilae»-d. Whib- it is impo.-'sible to 
draw a 'diarter w hieh in cv.-ry particular 
'vill satisfy Ihe ..pinion of .-wry 
vi'tual voi.-r. 1 think the fundainental 
prill. ipli'S will satisfy .ill who ii.av.- the 
ini.-r.-sis .rf ih.- lity at heart. Th.- lab ir I 
of th.' i-oimni.ssioii'-r.^ will s-'on In- ended 
v'.licii th. p.-opb; will 111- ma.b- ai-iiuainled 
with all its provisions, an-l 1 hojie 
till- p.-.. pit- will smdy it car.fully. so 
V. li.-n laii-r it is siibmiti.Ml for th.di 
.ippr.ival ih'.v will b.- abb' t.i vol.- in- 
t.-llig.-nily .111 this important .|uesti m. 
.\ chart. -r is tne f.iuiidaiion upon whii-li 
th.- nuinicipaliiy rests. If the charier 
i- faulty Ih.- supersiruclure will totter 
and tlnally fall. We have outgrown our 
pies. -Ill .barter and are laii.uing at a 
ili-advant.i.g.-. F<ir y. ais vv.- have b<-en 
living I I obtain a new charter, but on 
ui. iiunt .if siieiial legislation b.'iiig 
.tbolish.-il wc haV'- s i lar b.-t-n unalde 
to agit.' with 'lur sist.-i- ciii.s in ihe 
Stat'" uo'ii ;i uniform ihart'-r for all 
cities of a i-.-rtain <'tass. This, th.-ii. 
will be till- inly way t.i obtain a .hari.'r 
i-ommtii-urate t.> our pres.'nt wants. 
Willi your p.rini-«ioii I .b-sir.- to bring 
lo your n itice a f-'W of the mtiin a.l- 
v..ntag.-s of th.' ii'-w . hart.-r. 

First. That, unlik'- th.- j.resent .har- 
t.-r. it will be r.-a^onably .-ousistent and 
I I'-ar in its provisions. 

S.''i.nd. 'i'hai it v\ ill limit th-' d.'bt- 
<r<aling in.w.'r of the ciiy, w hit h is eu- unlimlt'd imd'-r th<- pr. sent 

Thir.l. it will provi.le f..r th.- 
a.lminisi rat loll of Ihe wiUer an.l light 
.l.pariment of Ih.' .Ity by a noji-parti- 
san boai-'l of li\.- member.', wh'i will s.>rve a term .vf fiv.- years, and by this 
means will remove the water and light 

departrnput of the rity and its patronage 
li'iin p.illtics. I'nder the present char- 
ter, under the decision of the supreme 
curt in th.? ca;>e of State vs. Roiith, 61 
Minn.. 2ur.. the water board would have 
It b.- e|.;ct.7d '-very year by the cDmmon 
council. No beti. r system could be de- 
\ii.'il than the one under the pr'?;sent 
ch.'irier to keep the water department 
tilways in p<.liiics. 

F.iurth. L'ti'ler the new charter tlio 
' xiien.s.; of the city will be divided 
amiiig a iiumb.r of funds, and money 
will b.- appropiiat.-.l in .idvaiice by Uio 
.•'."inuiion council jirior t<i thi- bt-ginnlng 
of ev.-ry tisciil year for each one of tht>se 
.unds, and it will be impossihb- lo l>or- 
r.iw from oae fund to another. IJy this 
means economy will b.- enforced, as Ihe 
f '>uiicil will aways be disiiose.1 i.) put a 
lower estimate on the aiTiount «if money 
nee.led for a particular dejiartment It 
the estimate is made in advame ihan 
ti.'-y would if they paid out the money 
wh.i-n.'Vi-r call.-d for. as at present, h'ur- 
iherm.ire, this system will prevent the 
mlsa.|ipr<jpriation of inoriej' ral.scd for 
one fu;id by converting it t.i the use of 

Fifth. Under the new ch.arter the 
coun. il will have absolute control of all 
the's of f-\vry department of 
the city government and of the salarlt-s 
of evi-ry employ therein, whi.h will 
guarani' o .-.-or.omy on the pan of ihe 
diiTcri-nt .iepartinenis. The council can 
I tit down the amount to be .xnended 
I y sui-h departm.-nts. They will never 
r.'.luc.. it th.-msf-lvirs. 

Sixtli. ""'■- bistilutiou of a b'Oard of 
•, coinpo.^ed of the hea-ls of the 
dlffereni dep.'irtmentr.. who will meet 
once a month and make reports as to 
th.* financial condition of the several 
ib'pa.rtni>-nis. vill ha\.> a tendency, as 
iuis be^n foun<J in St. Paul, to enforce 

Seventh. There will be in the new 
ohart'T a system of coibH'ting assess- 
ments which vvdll be practicable. Every 
ju.Jgin«-ni and every sale maiie under 
the pre.'^ent charter for asses.sments 
have bt-e:i held void by the dbrdrict 
court. It is not putting the case boo 
strongly to say that it is difllcult legally 
li enforce the jiayment of an xs.sessrnent 
under the !.re.s.-nt charter. The new 
charter, modeled, with some changes 
^vhich go to .strengthen its proces.s, upon 
til.- general tax \r.w. will nrovido a 
in. an.s of colb.cting assersment.=, an.l a-i 
the gen.ral lax law has been .al>undant- 
Iv construed by the .supreme court o:* 
Ihe sttii.-, there will be no oliscurit.v 
atwjut the m.-.ming of the new 
iiient law. 

Fight h. The method provided fir new 
a-.-essinents will be ma.le .-.pplicable to 
the obi om-s. sh. that a large amount of 
mom-v' outstaii'llng on obi assessment;* 

< an b.- .olle.'teil by the cii.v. 

Ninth. Th.' introduction of a sy--tem 

< i" ( ivil servii'e rules will remove th. 
patnnage .if the < itv from political 
loiiirol. mak.* our riolltics clean.-r an<l 
iiicreas.- the .-flicit-ncy of ih.- apfMiintees. 

Tenth. The api'ointing power will be 
place.i in the hands ..f th.' mayor, and 
the people will know whom to hoM re- 
jponsibb- for bad app>lntmenis. At the 
s.iine time, in the city engln.-er's office 
an.l th"- .b-partm.-ni of he;ilth the p<jW'*r 
will Im- I'laied in lb.- city engineer and 
the health commissioner, t.i avoiil ihe 
constant frit-tion an.l division ot re- 
sponsibility as has existed in those 
ofllceB. The idea of the < barter is to 
h.i\e the may ir responsible for the 
i.eads of the departments, and each head 
of .lei.artuient solely r.-sjioMsilile for the 
coi.du.'t of his department. It is be- 
bevevl that this system will increase 
rieaily the elficiency of the city gov- 

Flrventh. I'nder the new ch.arter no 
fr.-.mhise can b.- grante.i without sub- 
mitting ih«- que.stion to a vote of the 
p.opb-. This will prevent In the future 
any hast.v granting <if valuable fran- 
c!ii--e.-. If the people think it is for their 
int.'rests that a .-ertain franchise siiould ' 
b. granted, they can vote in the atlir- 
mativ.-; if otherwise, ihe.v can record 
liieir obj.-<tions. Too nuny valuable 
fraiKhis's have be.-ii granted in th-^ 
past. A f.-\v men w.uild organize a 

I ompan.v, appl> to th-- eoutuil and get 
;i lianehisc, ami then hold il uniil il b.-- 
came x'aluabl.' and .s.-ll out for a large 
coiisid.-r.itiin and pock.-i the money 
wnbh rightfully belong-'d to the people. 
Such jiracti. e sh.iuld be slopped, and the 
new chart. -r stops it. 

•MA It K FT S. 
Huring last 1 sent several com- 
muiii.'aiions to your honorabi - 
r.-.omm. -nding that the cit.v market be 
op. ii--d I'l th'- publi.-. I als.i s.-nt an .ir- 
.iinaiK •• vvbi.h 1 had drawn up t.i pr.ip- 

I I ly i.indu.t th'- mark'i. but it did not 
s." :ii to lind with ih.- loniier 
..' as nothing was done in th- 
iiuiltr. 1 deem it my <lutv' to bring 
this matter again t.i your jittcntioii. I 
b.-liev.- a start should b.- mad'- in ihis 
tlirr.-ti.m so as to indin-- maik. t gar- 
il'-ning in th ■ n ighborhood .if lb'- cit.v. of acr.s li'- idl.' that ean lie 
bad from th.* ow n.-rs ai small rent, aiel 
if ,1 i>!a. c wer.- provid. d wh-'C.- buy •' s 
ami s-lli rs woubl m .i. I s.-.- ii'i reasin 
why a great many m. n who ar.- now 
I'll.* a gr.-at part of thtir time cinild 
not procure a piece of land and th-y 
wamld soon beoiiie indeppnil^nt and 
would b- .a beni'flt to the community. 
Th.-re Is no good reason why we should 
not have our vegetables and green stuff 

supplied \>y home gardeners and thus 
save th.'Uhands of dollars which now 
go outside of the city. The 
trouble with u.s is that we are not pro- 
ducing .-nough. We are all .'onf.umers. 
but very few produc-frn, and it seems 
to me that a mark?t would give th- 
first imp'''tus iti this direction. The 
place is ready for occupancy and it 
woul'l incur no ixtra exi>jnse to the 
city to open it. The inspector oi 
weights and uK-asurcs could have Ihe 
platform sc.-iles back of ihe city hall 
on .Michigan sti'-ei moved in front of 
the marki t on Firsi street. He coiiid 
keep his olfl.'- in th-:- room a.ljaci-nt to 
Ihe mark- 1, and in additiori i'.> his 
present duUes could a/i iis inark.r; 
master. 1 hoju- your honoiabb- body 
will jclve this iniiuediate .-utention. It 
Seems to me it is our duty at least to try 
the exp- riment. Wi- can meet no l>:iss 
if the .suggesiion as outlined is fol- 

In my last m-issnge to your honorable 
body a year ago 1 stated th- present 
year will be important lo Duluth; a 
great work lies l.> fore us."' 1 may rc- 
jieat those very words at this time. 
While We hav.- ))eifoiiiusl a part of our 
w.irk, it is by no means coinpletc-d. In 
the first pla-'c wc shall hav--- to iieid'eci 
the present watt r and gas nlnnts and 
lurnish th.: jie<.)pl- alo!;;,-^ th..- hillsid..- 
with water, ;:::d while th.- pre!L-.ent 
plant may bring :i rev. nu * t.> the city 
iuiflii'i.-nt lo jiriy the running exijcns-'s 
and the interest on the bonded indebt- 
edness, it rMUt.i be !ary;ely lncreas':d so 
that wst^i* may be furnishe«l al a less 
C'lst. This we ha'f p'oniifcd to th** 
people and we must fulbil oui pruiiu3'j,-> 
in all things. 

The luesent cost of nianufaciunng 
gas is exorbitant; the machinery is out 
of date. If 1 am rightly informed U 
costs fron*. 40 to aO cents per IWO lo 
manufactur.* gas, while with improved 
ma.'hineiy and the new jirocess'-s of 
manufacturlnii gas it can be produced 
ar from 6 to 7 cents p.r Vm. I have 
br-eii I' into this matt.'r to; soiUe 
timc, ami I know of tw.> tlrni.-. that are 
nianufaclurirg ga,s at th.- stated pricts. 
The buildings au'l th'* reservoir w ill an- 
sw.-r th-- purpose. All we have to jto- 
.•ure is the ma?hinery to make the ga.'. 
Nov/ thintc of the great saving of 
money to our people if we aiv able to 
manufnciure gas at 7 c-nts. We :<hall 
be enabled to .sell fue! gas at 2G cent.s 
per l(M>u. It would pro.nire to our p>-o- 
pl- fuel at h.alf the pric- they are now 
)>a>-ing for cal and wood and giv- them 
light at a nominal c.>st over k'-ros.-ne 
oil. This, as you will pen-eive. Is i 
question of such enormcus benefli to 
the people that no time should be lost 
In procuring it. 

While so,iie of the newly elect el mem- 
b.-is of the council are oppo.scl to me 
politically, I am happy to say that th- re 
is no difr.-rcnce of opinioji in r.-gaid to 
public ownership of monopolies. Th.- 
platforms of ai! parties are agreed on 
this proposition. Duluth i.-- rather hap- 
pily situated in this resp.-ct becaus-- all 
franchises grant.-d expln- ih«- next two 
years and hiside of two yt-ars Dulu'.h 
will own ail monopolies esc-pt th- street 
railway and ll.s franchise dos nrit ex- 
pire iMiiil 1914. so that we ncd no: 
wurrv about as yet. 

But what you will b.- calle.l upon to 
procure inunedlately is ih- lectiic light 
jiiant. elth<-r by jMiivhase or cr.' 
It. costs the city almost a d'lUar f-ir 
every man, woman ami child to liglii 
our streets, and besides peopj./ com- 
plain, and 1 think they have good r.-a-, of vbe exorbitant charges for elec- 
tric light. This condition will so.m 
change wlien the city owns and op^'r- 
aies her own el.;ctric light and gas 
plants. If l am correcly informe.! it 
i-osts the electric coinjiany $14 jier horse- 
power per annum for th. ir plant, while 
I ;im iniormed ihat with the new system 
of manufacturing gas a hors.- pow.>r can 
b.' i)rodu.a-<l at $3.:.'i per annum. There- 
fore I would respectfully suggest thit 
no time be lost in obtaining the eb-crric 
light plant. If the company is willln-:; 
to sell its pl.ant for what it is worth 
then the price should be ascertaine-i 
If thev are not willing to sell at such 
inic'-. "ihen 1 think it wouM be well to 
bring an •>xp4">rt engineer to Duluth to 
prepare plans for an electric light 

The present pas and wat- r cmpany 
supolies Lak»*side and Diilulh. but not 
W.*st Duluth, but as we will not be 
happ'- until we own all monopoii.'s we 
must" have the West Duluth water plant 
cither by jiurchase or erection. A cou- 
ple of vears ago the company offert-.l 
th.' plain to the city at $32a.tMtO. This 
is at least $22:'.0t>0 more than It Is worth, 
in fact 1 am credildy informed that ii 
.-ost I- ss ihiin $.so,0iMi 1.1 constrmt. Th.- 
i.inira. t to furnish water to it which 
is n.iw furnished by th.- Duluth Oas 
and Water company will not b.- binding us when we come into pos.scssion 
..f th" Duluth Oas and Water plant. 
Whib- 1 woul'l lutvis.- taking any a-1 
vantage on account of this circum- 
stanee, w. may the advantage to 
compel the comP''»ny to sell their plant 
to the city at a reasonabie price, but if 
they do not want to sell th-'ir plant .it 
a fair pricf> we can then parall- i and 
also extend the gas mains to West Du- 

There Is still another matter \'c nii. 
have to deal with inside of tlv- year, 
and that Is, supplying the people with 
telephones at a more reasonable cost 
than they now pay. The franchise of 

th.;^ present company expires in about a 
year from now, but b.-fore v^ can han- 
dle this ijufsti'On it will be nw?es?ar\ to 
procuie s»m^? legislation. Th»r enablin,? 
act of the Shc-'han amendintnt exceprs 
blinds issued for water ard ^g^t from 
the 5 i>er cent limit of ir-.lebt|-rl:iess, bu' 
does not except for any o'lier purpas 
to in order to pro< urv th'- mon.-y to 
build a telephone syrtem it wlill be nec- 
essary to have a .qen'-ruJ bill passed by 
ihe. legislature authori:ing <iti'-s to 
liulld t.-lephon.* lA-.siems' an^l provide 
that the I'osi thereof shall not U- in- 
. hided in th.- ■> P'-r c-nt liciii .tf iiidebt- 
e.iness. .Such a, bill will lind n.> opposi- 
tion exc>.]>t. maybe, from t'lleplione 
compani'S in th.- state. 1 l*ive m n- 
tlon.-d this now so 1\ will r-.^cive prop- 
er attention when the leg:slati»-e mec-ls. 
If we will complete this work s-.i out- 
lined in .1 .satisfactory manner. ,fhe p»V'- 
Ide. who will b- ih.- beneficiarrles, will 
assist and encourag.- u.*; in our under- 
takinjj. and it will not only b<- a l>ene- 
lit to th'- pre.sent. bur to fuiur»* genera- 
tiotiS yet lo come. The time luts gone 
b.v when corpomtbons can liv.- on the fai 
of th<- la.nd at the .■:vrM?n.=e of the p.-o- 
ple. Thes< monopolies whicii rightfull\- 
belong to th.- i>eople shouM bo conduct- 
ed in the inierepi.s of .ill the people an.l 
.-h.Hild not be .a privai-'^ .simp for ibe 
benefit the indlviduaL I^'Spectfully 



riiuay-jitds "f I'l^opJt llaic Wysf^rf la In 

lis Worm Forju iiuu ri:> >'.l Knt-i<- Tl. 

A w^ak i:tunia-.ii ia th.^ cau.«<-' cf about 
ninc-t.'nths of all dio-^ane, yet in rno?t 
cas.>g the v. rong thing is treated and th» 
liue oaus' overlooked. 

This is h--cau.^.e n weak digestion pro- 
duces symp'oms re.sombting nearly 
every' disease b. cause jt weakens iind 
dif^furbs the action of every nerw and 
organ in the body; r.oor digeiuion 
causes Iieart trouble, kidney troubles^, 
lung weakness; ai:d e.-pj-ciaily nervous 
break down or nervous proseratlon, the 
nerv-.s .^tjpnot sts.nd the w.-ar and tear gcneiouFl.v fed by well digesteil 
wliolcomc f.'o'Kl. 

Keep the digestion good .ind n«o on-? 
need fear th-* approach of dls<*aae. 

Mrs. H. -M. Lee. of Rochester. N. Y., 
writ;>-: For tlu- JU'ke of suffe.nng hu- 
manity I v.ati i'> M.y ihat from a child 
J had a V'-ry weak stomach, threw up 
my food v.-ry often after tating an.l 
after a few>> n«-rv.iu.H dyspepsia 
ivsult'-<l and for m.>re than twenty 
year.s 1 hav.> vuft-^red in xpressibly. 

I trii^d many phy.^i'ians and adver- 
tis'.l rem.-di. .s wiih '-nly temporary re- 
lief for n.-rvous dyspepsia and not un- 
til I C'.mnii nc-Hi laking Stuart's Dys- 
|iej»sia Tablets last Sept. mbc-r, six 
months ago. have 1 been free fn.>m suf- 
fering- cau.-^ed by the con.liiion of m> 
nerves and stoma, h: in .short, chronic 
nervous liysp.-j'ida. 

I have r-ecmm'-n<i.-<l Stuart's Dys- 
P'-Ijsia Tabl- Is to many of my friends 
and now 1 want in a publii- way to say 
they .iTe lb.: paf.-si, plea.';.'intest and I 
believe .'■.ure>-t cure for stomach and 
n.-!\ .- tiMubi.'.-^. 1 v.rii-- my 
.^'Pinion au'l 1 will gladly .-luswer any 
htter.>4 of iU'iuiry at any time and feel 
thai I am, in my small way, helping on 
ft .go.j.t cause. 

Stujrfs l)>spepsia Tablets i.^ not a. 
pat- nt m.dicin.-, but th.-y onl.v 
t hi- fruit sails, tligesih-- .and pep- nec.-ssary to h.-lp th.- weak st.^m- 
ach to promptly ami th.>roughly dlg-si 

All druggists sell Rtu-ari's Dyspepsia 
Tablets at .'.0 cents for full-siz.*.! j.ack- 
ag.- and anyone suflVring from nei-v ou.-s 
dysp.-psia. sour stoma, h. h a.lach -s. 
aeidity, gases, bcbhing. etc.. will liU'l 
thcni not only a .juick relief, but a cure. 

Scn.l to Stuart company, M.arshaJl. 
Ml'h.. for littl- book describ'ntr "Pau:^? 
ar.d Cure of P'onia- 'i T;-uubr*s," gi*. iug 
. ymptom?; and tr.-ati:u'tu of ih'i >"arioui 
f-.tnifc of indig'-tiioii. 

To California Without Change. 


On ever.v Saturda.v an elegant Pull- 
man tourist sleeper will leave Minne- 
apolis (S:2o a. m.), St. Paul (S:35 a. irt) 
ami arrive L.i.s Angel.-s, i\il., .at S;30 i. 
m. Ihe following Wednesday. 

Via "The Mllwauk.v'.s" famou* 
"Hedrick Route" to Kan?a«» City. 
then-'e via the .\.. T. & S. F. railway 
through Suuthern California. 

A most delightful winter route to the 

This car Is "per.sonally conducted" 
— in immwliat'' charge ..f an official ami 
an attendant throut;h to destination. 

Rate per berth, $«> through from St. 
Paul and Minneapolis. 

Leave St. Paul and Minneapolis ever.v 
Saturday morning, arriving at JjOa An- 
geles I \ er.v W.'dn.-sday morning. 

For berths, complete information and 
lowest rates apply lo "The Milwaukee" 
agents, St. Paul or Minneai>ilis. or ad- 
dress, J. T. CONLEY. 
Asst. Gen'l Pass. Agt. 
.St, Paul. Minn. 




fdi^.v be achie^•ed Ihroug)! tho adver- 
tising column? of Tlv^Freriing Hera'.:}. 
EverylKMly reads The Herald because 
It gives the news and Is the popular 
family newspaper. 


I I 



1^ Spring % 



stu Opening 

'C f f f -' .' 


And Tomorrow We Display 

the High and Exclusive 

Novelties of Silks 


Duiiith Bids I air to Suoii Be 

as IVumiiienl as 



Wliuh .irrivi'il lat«.'ly in v«'ii- 
lu-ition witli "ui I rrru h 
Dress C lO-'d:. "I cui "\\ n iin- 
l^'ilalioii. II) lliv most vli- 
Nit.ibK" Libiiv. . I cJ.iN* ui- 
.i1s<> <'[\ II tlif '-pi 111^; liiK" <'t 

RIBB( >NS— !''.iii>> -ni-l I'lnctcs— .ill "1 tli<- iu-wc-<i atul ht.'t. 

We i^nJc oui>cl\cs I'll ahv.iv.s Knii: the iir^t i^ Imhv vait llu 

\ t ' csl IhuKS 111 the market. 



Ihi^ i> tlie lime lei Ihcm. aru! we vntainK lia. 
.1 line and selLVtien as eaii :>• icuiul .nuuhere. 




aiul Jesuable -oods ^anv. m. m 
e>:-iis. L:ii^Ush /eph\T •. 


Dimities, m 


M i>lr.iN <«l the lai- 


•thin:' til It'-. 


I hdt Number on the Cdlenilar 

— No Answer In Menden- 

hall Case. 



I- -ml \\;r 
all tiir-1 




.ci'. e.l a liaiKl^iOtiu 

and Misses' Plaid Hose, 
jud .-onsequently searee. 

i: '■ in 

line el Childien' 
!i real dcman^ 


T.Mn'V.row It will shine u'itli new lliin;:^; llu lii" 
i]uisite Shirt Wa:>l-. Ladies' Spm;^ Sa;i •. I.adu-." 
arate Skirts m all the newest maiu- anJ -uk-s in 
Satin. Se: ce. Broadcloth, etc. 


TflMflDDnW ^^^ ^\pL>:i ;o Black Skiri>, 
I UlvlUliriUfw well madeout ol fiRarfJ bnlliair 
L:,,c, .ii; 1 r.eJ. which uv will ofYer M . . .- 
The best value in this country* 



iiiUUTii, JeiiLlat. Palladi". Thone No. 9. 
..„..,..- ^'r^-t■ •■ .ignr. W. A. Footc. 

■ Siiiuitz t -i'.inviiiial 

, •■•;:'i-ly (iXi: I. U wiU 

in '•;; Wednesday 

:;. .Slar^ n -••. -' !i. ' ' l-'- ''OX. s 

,ilr'-a<ly bt-.n - -'i-'-. 

■ '■ •:■< says tiKii he ali-'-vcd Iuh 

. ■'! as ii o.iiidldatc for ei;y 
.•It-rk. at til'-' insUii''' ■•'' • 'ivir ■->!■ !h 
:iM*:Tmcn. li»'" nays if 'i t;;ia bf-'H afi-r 
'i.jf l»f> thinl- ' .ul I havv Ip..:i 

■ viikf a 1/ ■ ' -ins. 

H. Oran;. :- ■ '^ acf. rcsi 1 

'"1 Iv.-i-- Tlii!-'! - •ii'^tl yfs:.T- 

■i;. 'I'-i-- : ni-llli^ ■>'. in 

■ ; •,. ; 11. N. V . I'jr iu". ; - 


anl M: 
•I Ityiii .1 

hi the- Tiviii 

i> •; ini; o!" 
11- 1^ :i 



I:K; , .,,■.. 


In police cMur: :h>-. in >!-nins f.ia'-l'-^ 
Hottmaii and William (.;r.:'eii pl^^ad' d 
srullty of dninkviiu'?.-^. and -.■. m: u',< for 
ten <la>'s. Nathan i'lunv i ' ' :i 

days fcr the sam<- <»ff» nsi 

The Woman's FoifiBii Missi-.tiary s'- 
.Ijy will s«rvc dinti'-c ai th- Firv; >T. 
I. ■'hundi toimirn.w t-vrnins" i'' 'ii> '"• ''• 
'..]<. m. 

Kii'>x hats mad ■ a'. Killy i<. 

^^. ■ ..:ri-i;and j.^tt'-rprof^s '.\aiit»'d. 
(>',u, Aui!i-id. Ill I'hambt :■ i-f Com- 

,11 surpfiS' .. , ■! iiuiod ^<'''- ds 

pariv. hk<' a Match blizzard, struck 

tli. fjra-'^ M. K. parHonaji'' last nicrhi. 

house to its utin>:^i tinariiy. 

!ig was a most .njoynblc oik. 

ivith music and smial 'hat which sp. d 

th.^ hours av ay. AfbM- refr shmonts 

had bf-n servi.l ami tlve Ku sts had 

depart 'd. an"th< r surpris-- awaitfd the 

pastor and hi.s wif.-. Not i>nly did th -y 

find 1 ann<"d goods and RrocTi s enough 

f--'V many days, but silver and ,Tre,'ti- 

•a.' ka T;orf? scattt^red promiscuously 

in th«^ dininjjroom. 

A mass mfetiiiK vill b*-- h.lvl m ttv 
. 'ii'il chamb-r in tlir- city linli at 
■".'.•1 : Superior tonij^ht undei- th- Jiiis- 
Pic's of the Silver Leaf club to ask pro- 
tection for the ncfirr. fp-m mob an<; 
Ivneh law lliroughout tli- riiit.d 
Ktatcr. A number of color d u.- n fi"m 
Diiluth V 111 attend. 

'Mving to the dvitli of Mrs. \\arrcii 
Wi!>"n, wh'j was a member of the » lub. 
the meeting of th-- Home Culture dull, 
nhl'di was to h^ held tonight at lh«; 
home .)f S W. Klrhanlson, has Iwvn 
pr.:.tpone«l to the rail of the president. 

Ti '■ kinderj;arten elasf^ of the Jackon 
1 visited the central fire hall today 
and witnessed a drill that wi^ ■,rr--<-n for 
tlieir Ijenofit. 

The chaml'fr of i-omnien c v^ oKM-ttn;; 
tin . afternoon and has a number of 
important matters to disru-^s. 

Dr. Robert Forbes, preskliap ( Idcr of 
the Duluth district, will preach in tlie 
First Methodist i-liureh next Sunday 
morning. Itnmodlately after the service 
he will leave for a threr- weeks' trip 
over the Northern Paci»i<'. 

A chimney fire called the fire depart- 
ment to FVjurth avenue west and Fourth 
street shortly after •> o'clock this uiorn- 
ing. Tlierf; was i. « dama;;'-. 

eitl ■-. 

N. s. I ; '-1 ■ 
Trans -lii'i 
-morniuK l" 

Knii:hts Ti iru'lar : , :.i;. 

j"U>'--t at ill'- St»ildii. ■ 

Kdvvin II. F«l ly. sup.iiu 
Mit' b II A' M^CIurt s mill. i« 'aimed y - 
t, ; '.i^cin.i .V. .Mich., uh'ic h'l 

h\i'. itt !id ;hr funeral of his 


y, I,. ., I I. ll.'tchki :iii I W . 

«". M'-e'bii t b-veliind :iti.-iidin.; 

Ih.- lumb. I .;,\'Tlli..o. 

\V. 11. Kii"\ !• u:ii' a ^' • 'div !;ol:i 
■ii- l'a«nlic .■....-•:. lb -' i'l - ■;•'! tic^iii 
•xteiisive in>pi"\ • imi;? ; ■ ''•■ '''ay null. 
,,u in '■ iiii, whi'Ii ui I b- r.iM ru;-. 1 

durim; •►initio -■ •'- oi ui.d r iii;^ 

maiia.i;cnc III. 

Mrs. Klb II T '.)..•> l.ft f. I- Minneapolis 
••"•stcrday b' aUind the d' parnn' le cip, 
vinliuii as dclecalc-at-laiK' 

Miss T. na Wcsb rii left tli- Ibr^iiicss 
rni\crsity lo accfp! Ih • position .>i 
btciioKiaph r f'-r K. t!. Dun & <"o. 

E. Norelius, b.iss and bai?sooii player 
of the City band and a. iiivnibcr of the 
in-satiization for nine years, left last 
iiiKht for a trii> to Minneaitolis and the 
Southwest, to liM.k for another location. 
D. W. StwkiUK ha.H i.-turned from i 
two wc. ks' \isit at SI. Jos-ph. .Mo. 

Frank K. Hoar>- will leave today for 
Mill' ral T'"itit. Wis., wher.- he will rep- 
resent tie- .\'\v York Life Insurance 
compati.'. . 

A. L. <b'Uh.'ll 
tercd at tlie St. Loib:^. 

l>r. Stuart Hates .;un'' d'.Aii 
Vir;rinia l"!a\ and r-ui-tri. d at ! 

N. .\. <;i|. hr:-l. of .Mountain Iron, is 
;n I lie >itv. a gu>st at th'- •'•^i. Ijouis. 

\V U. i;aumba<h. of Wad.n.i. i^ 

Piii'-m; I" l.ivs arrivals at the St. l,oui>;. 

n. L. Simm"iis. a grain man fnuii 

Waslil'urii' , is a ^lu.-st at the St. l.«>uis. 

David .MooK. of Minii'a polls, regis- 

l.r< d 1' the Spalding today. 

i; \v Kur.'in-t. Jr.. th< Stillual-r lum- 
l.-noiP is a guest at tUv- St. houi- 
\\ A Kogerf. of Minneapoii 

til" :'• 1-."UJ;\ 

W . , i-;miiici'ii. ..f I'ower. ; ■ 

.11-,. I .i,'ii.rii at the St. liOUi 

I". T. f'owlfs. of St. i'aul. 1 ' :;uc-t 
at the Spalding 

!■:. A. Nick<-t>"H. I. '■ r..Mii'-n. Iv 1,. 
K'imi' V, c-.irg"- .N. Fon-ni.iii and I". S. 
Fan-, of- .Mimt<a rolls, are .niiong toda>''- 
arrivals at the Spalding. 

.1 C Ketchiini is ilo\Mi from lower 
to.iay. a guest a.l th- Spalding. 

t>. It. Scanlan. travclinu i>as.seng«r 
agent for Ihe (.'hi< ago. .Minneapolis K. 
St I'lul lailwav. is in Imliith today. 
In.ideiiiallv Mr. Scanlan is distributing 
sjonie handsome calen<lars whi<h 
aside from great artistic- beauty shows 
the extensive territory covered by their 

Marcli ;■ nil "1 di-.ric 

I this morning with 
ill atti'iululK ' . an 1 III'- ncord for ^\a.s again fiaclur' il 
when ih< list of cases ;■' b. uicil at tie 
ctuniug !<Tm «aa ri.ii< vwd. Last i Tin. 
whvn til • rc.oid waH broken lirsi. ih.i.' 
'.\ir>- but rj.'i cjist-s on the This 
t: !"ni iluie \\"ic but III at I 11'' c;ill <>; 
!ii- cab iidar this morning, and afb-r lit 
c.ill all but . i«iity-niti'* >f this lis: h.i 1 
!>• ••n disp.'.scd of in ote ^vay or aii'tlri. 

• ith' r contlnui J or ilihinissi d. 

Th-ie is mi., thing that this . in ^\ ill 
be strong <in. howevi-r. and ili.ii i di- 
vorciv I'a.s-s. Till re are mi ihc ial<:i.iar 
^••\ciit<> ji c.^sc^•, in whi -'i tin- i>artii'i s- k 
lo haV'- marriage ti's disrupPd. This is 
iimi.?iially • a- n ( >r :« larp'- t-Tiii. 
and for a t-tin that br<aks r^ ci»rds for it Is Ji little siirnilicant lo ha\i- 
divon ,■ ta--(s showing trp mor>- pi.uiii- 
ii'Mitly than ever, liulicil. it app-atr. 
that divon-i- biisinc--.^; in tli.- ilisiri.t com i 
is steadily '"i the iiicnas'. Th.- numb i 

• if (.■a>=i"s e\riy I. .1111 is large. j>! ibably 
targ»r rlian m ist other citio.s- of this sizv. 
Ii is saiil that il is a.s « asy to jin-ur"- a 
diVi>iyc in this slat> as it is in any "f 
(he <• 1" biati d di\<u-c.- loluui' s. . .sc.|ii 
that lip- applicant must hav*- In n longt r 
a rcsid- 111. lilt.- it is essential tin 
.ipplitaiU. ^dIa!l have be> n a ri sitbiit of 
the st.ib- lor .'Hi- year, while in the di- 
\.>r<i colonies tlie period is sh.irti r. The 
yrrcat.r niuiibe!- -if dhon-os Mirure ' .)i 
this slate an- 'Ui the irn'iind of d' s.-iiion. 
wliii h is t-asilj shown if ih^rc is no o'>- 
j'cti.'ii I.I the ili\ ji-ie on lilt p;ut of ;h 
dcfi iidanl. which is usually the cas •. 

.\tn.iii.q: ihe 1 a.scs that ;iri to eonu- ii;« 
at tills il iin sixtt n arc il f.-iiiU '-as s; 
ill otlicr woijs, till' d'b-ndam maki-s ni 
oijL'.si.i n to the giaiitin.i!: of the i!iv«"nc. 
Thfsi- will !»'• taken up toinotrow and 
Fri'l.iy. tluKscdays at tli-- >pcniii<< of . a -ii 
'. . nn being ^■••t a'^'d • ' •»• iliv. •!■•<• ca ^ s 
and motions. Th> : . •. ■ cas. In which 
th-ic is a dcf -n.K , .liil -..Lit will com • up 
f'lr trial by jury late In tin tirin. This is 
ilie case of Cliarl ~ h'-yiZ' a'-,':ut-.~=: If n- 
1,< yiZe. 

The di\or c ..f F.ll.n 

K. .Mcndeiihall against laither 

j .vbndi iihall is among the default ct-s s 
s< t fo( [oniurow. The of Nath.ili-- 
Iiows" lluntKss :ii:aii;si FriiJ F. Ilu:.- 
les.- is not on ih.- caleiK'a'-. 

Th. cast.s that I'.iM- Ix-cii .--.••. f'<: l"- 
UiJir e.v and Filday are as follows: 

Thursdax -•.'»). ::::. I". «>l. '". '-, '"-'. >"■• 
'.••J. w. 10;;. li'.'., li'N. lo't. llu. 


Mcfore till' '-all of L'.ic ■.wii.i.i.- l.ii.- 
morning, th' i-oui-; :inn''uuc.,il that lu-n- 
aft! r Llie ckik would la-obably bi- in- 
^ttucted to refuse to lilo llote.s of IS.SU 
which do U' t stab- whether thf cas > fs 
f.jr trial bv c >urt or .jury. This rub- h;us 
t> .-n urged r'tM-aledly. but tluie are a!- 
wa.vs a nunibi.r of nut -s of issue lib I 
which b avi- it to the inm^iinatiou 
^vhcthcr thi- i ase Ij; for court or jury. 
In tic • the announci an tit of this morn- 

Th'j call r' suited in showing sixiv- 
ihiee cases for the I ourt and t>\ •nty- 
ihree for the jmy. each nunvbcr bciiv.; 
smalbr tliaii the numlM-rs at the las: 
t rm. Tin n maind'-r of the cases ou; of 
lie of III wep- cilhcr coiiLinucd. 
f-tricki u from the cal -mlar or di-inisscd. 

.ludxe I'insign will oiri,;.\ n.urt .No. I 
this term, ami will handli- the '-aJ. ndar 
.ind Ihi criminal casi s. .ludgi- Mocr will 
si; ill '• ouri No. ::. and Judge Cant in 
court Nj. -. 

A lov Words About Ihc OrctU IHoits 
ol Liltlc Ihinys. 

.\ Hull' I'aii will .-.i\i >>iu liilKli .1111(0} - 

.III! 1 . 

.\ little i:e>;|.cl of siiiiii. simple duly ni.iy 
liid to a dlsa>(ei witiih would Inii.utr 
\ our llfi . 

.V lillle kbi'lii — to a r.lli.w cnaair 
may caus'e you litib » ITort aid iii.iy i«- 
>iiilt In uatoUl Kooil. 

A llllle iiliinlloii o (111- riKht lliini; :it 
Ihe ri>4lii imn- may ii.miI; in Kr at thiiiK 
to \i>n at lie proin r tiiii''. 

.\ liill.- 1 hill nia.v .'iicni trillitm', but il 
iii.i.s bi- tin- lirs: sxhhipmii of piniinionia. 
|lo^sil)ly of il 'alli. 

,\ liltli- proin|ii ;iti.iitioii when .m'U lirsl 
f il n.. ly i^ by all m- .ilif^ lb IhiiiK .M'U 
should do, alid do ,(I ii:H'e. 

A liill pine in.diihi.d stlimilant ;ak''ii 
l>ioiiipil.\ will ilrivi- aw.ty the • hill, nstoi 
till- rii-i iil.ilioii ami w.iiai lh< blood. 

.V liltl.- nllii lion will show >oil (bal 
only .1 piiii'. ni' stiiiuilaiit will an- 
-w-.'r and thai ileii i- Imi one wICuli J^ 
IniiYv's Pure .Mdi \\ tnsky. 

.\ lit lb liinniis.- will II lln- dmnKist or 
i;iocr Iriis lo m'II ymi soim- so-ialb-ii 
vhisky wbiili has in> imrit. v%ill sa\i- .mhi 
mill II aniio.\a:ice and p.rliaps pre,--iei\i. 
voiir lii'al:b. 

A littlo coiista It 11.-^ of Ihi^ piin- ni<di 
I'liial stiiimlaiil will ii-nd to help voiir 
hialtii and k< • <> yoii in a cicidition to 
resist the' .•'llilib-n cli:iii);i'« of the S' asoii 
.-ind all 111.' inroads of liiseasi- which often 
prove :'ii si-rious. 


Board of Public Works Will 

lemporarily Repair Oneota 

Street Bridge. 


found her husbiiud. ;ind to him r'lal'd 
the story. J|e iimncdiatcly conlided to 
Ih' hostess winU iiad occurri'd. and she. 
bciim a woman of wit. resolved on .i 
prompt and unenibai lassin;; way to rc- 
coviT Inr properly. Standitur mar ih 
doorw;iy to bid li'-r frii'inls ^;ood ni«h;. 
th" uuiily visitor presently ranie to In-r. 
Till- hostiss was admiring' ami aff-ction- 
.iti ly toyiii!^ with thr lace on the corsage 
of hor guest, •■t.i." she said, suddenly, 
makinij a dive inp» tin- siitin pocket of 
the- bodice, -you ar.- KoitlK off with mv 
pins." and sin- quickly and laughingly 
txtrai-tcd bur ;r. asuri-s. Turning st at - 
lit. the KUilty one stammered. "Why to 
br sill. : took 111. Ill to fasten my gl ivcs." 
and luini'dly ih parti-d. 

No Likelihood of Immediate 

Danger — Junior Demorest 

Medal Contest. 


i».VNri:i> .\ r a miniihf.i*. 

In a farm Iniis. in the n 'ith'rn part 
.>f S.'Uthold. I.. 1., and ov rlookinj; Long 
Island sound, livis a man who just 
l>assid his liKMh birthday, yd he js not 
lind of life, ii.ilh.r ilo"S time hang 
heavy -.vith him. .uid h" ni:ik.'s th ■ boast 
to his frii nd-: that In- is still ;ibli to earn 
his own ii\ iiiK by m.inual lah'jr, says the 
■New Vork Herald. 

This man is .Ni liolas wh.> 
is iii-rh:ii>s the most wonderful subject of 
lougevitv lod.i>- on III" whole of L'ltni 
Island. In honor ..f his b"iiiming a c.ii- 
tenarian th- old m;in danciMl a break- 
d.'Wii on N.w Vi ar's night, from tin 
effi . t .f w hii h ho showed very litth 
fatigii.'. while tin- y.Minger iminbers of 
Ihe j'lliy party Wiro .luPlassi-.l in Ih." 
n el "by Ihc livoly sb |i lak.ti by th. oj.I 

.\s alrcad.v to|,|. hah lln^ town turind 
"Ut to p!»y homage i.i the old m.ui. 
Farni'-rs and llnir wivs and families 
visili-d thi- old and formcil a jolly 
part .v. .No ono I'lijoj.-d lb" fun more 
than M'-tJuiilan him.s. If. 

I saw .Mr. .Mcquillan this aft«rno(.n at 
the 11 sidence of J.isrph II. Tlionilison, 
his neidicw. with whom h'" has for years 
r •sill. d. .Mr. .Mc«,iui!!.in .sitting in 
an o|d-fa.«hion d lii;;li-b.i,k i-hair. His 
form is slightl> In nl. but the old 
is \ ig. roas In In alth .ukI is as si>rigl»lly 
;is men man.\ years Ids juniof. 

Mr. .Mctjuillan was in the best of 
s;.ii-its ami talkc.l of lii • jolly icl.d.ration 
which his friends gavo liim. He was in 
the act of sowing ciipit lags wlnn I 
first saw him. iiinl did this without th> 
all] "if giass's. Th.' .Id man explained 
that he spent smne tLine sewing rags I'or 
the women f'llks. ami tlnn went doM n 
to his lo'in and w.-av. d them lom-ther 
f'U' i-ariiets of mats. He said In' never 
wore fflass s in his lif". and his eyesight 
is reniarkalilc. 

"I can earn m.v .>w n living today if 
necessary," proutll.v boasK-d the old 
man, "and 1 do consi ItM-ablc work now 
.about the house ami weave some, but 
tho -weaving business is not what il usid 
to be." 

\".'. II. Smilli, iircsidiiil of the boai-d of 
public Works, s.iid today that a force of 
mi'ti would be si-t lo work ripairing th'- 
biil.gis oil iMieota streol at l'\irt.\ -lirsl 
and Forly-thiid .ivctuns west tomoi- 
I'lW. It is 111'- inti'iilioii of tin- bo;ird lo 
make only teiiipoiary repairs at present 
ainJ this will bi- dim- at an eslinitit'' 
eXpiliSc of about $1.'.<MI. .\s long .is tl •,• 
gioiind leinains tioz.-ii. .Mr. Smith sa>- 
tlii-r.- is no il.itiger of iho Ijiidges. but it 
thi'> should bo pcrmilted to p main in 
their pt-i-senl condition tiny would In- 
very ;ijd to bi- larii'-d out by tin- spriiii': 
fn-lnts. rile board of public works is 
consiJ- ring tin- advisiibiiity of lilling in 
th- sc gultas and thus do away with 
tin- bridgis and the i-xiietise of niain- 
tainiii!;^ tlntu. II could In- dom- at an 
esliaiated cost of about Jijno'i. V.r.s <losc 
w.atch has bci-n kept of the bridges in 
• Ui'ota street for more tlmii six imuilhs 
and they have licll SUbj-cted to fre- 
MUenl inspections. .Mr. Smith said that 
the street car traflic subj-cis lliem to 
the- greatest siraiii, and that if it wep- 
not lor that lln-y would stand fm- an 
in leiinite jxriod. In his opinion the lailway sIkuiIiI lake aiiotir r font.- 

t.i West luiluth, by which Ihe n ssity ci-ossing the viadud an.] tin- severtil 
brid«"s oil iMicota stf-i-t would i.>e 
a \ oi.l- d. 

Refer Him to Us for Bonds ! 


American Bonding & Trust Co., 

6C0. R. UYBOURN, 6on. A|t., 14 Phoenix BIk 


5^0 on Business Properly. 
()%on Residence Property. 

Willi ■ ( '11 <.r bc|..rr- Prr. ill-;;.- 




|,'v> l.'.r'.J.ilp lti;il.!;ti;;. 

I iti.un.l I I.Hir. 




;;ton Star; "Mister," -ai-1 
M'a:»cl"Jing Mike, -'would you like to 
itave all th" money you wanted?" 
"Of cour'^c I would." was the natural 


"Well. th.jn, I kin approach \ou as 
to man an' tcdl ycr me own ftcl- 
a '^ood deal t-. b" able to de- 
svinpathy an' co-oporation in 
[, All de moijey I wants fur de 

J, ,v io rents, which is somcthin' 

that I kno" ^ .M '' 'b ■''• '" ''•''^^^• 

OU' Tiii'-sin'," ^__^^^_^_^_^.__^— — 

B-. local ai.plic.tiuas. as •>';•>•,;••";"';.' 
rffuh Ihe .iiseas.d portion of » "■ ' •'^• 
There Is onlv oae w.iy to cure ileafn.-hs 
■and that is'hv .onsf itnlional rem- dn s. 
l>eafness is <-a»s.>d by an inllaiii't 
of tin miiioiis linlrit; of tin 


1." ■ 

AaamlmMV.—^' Aei"'^"'' C-urc f->r iho Hcut is 
.^,lviallv>ffectiv«• in aporlfclic ivmrtoms. If yon I'ave 
.ii.pleasant diizlncss. llRhtncss or suJJon rush of 
blooa to the licad. take rfccaultons aeainst i recur- 
r^nrc Tliis z^cul rcmc.1v uill remove tht- c.iusc. 
Tlie rress ot tlio Ian J l)as dailv a kitie list of sudden 
Jf.ith- wli'cti wnulJ "It he chronirle.l if Or. Affticw s 
( lire tor tlir Heart v rrc iise.l. S'.KI bv bmilh «c 
inii'li. Max Wir'h . , Wcbt bureri-.T streci -iv 

F.U'. ta- 
1 luan Tub". When this tube kcIs in- 
tlaia'i) vf.'i liiiv. a nmiblinx sound .r 
Imperfe.l h arinp. and wh.n it is entirely 
<!.>cd .harness is ti.e result, and im'rv.s 
the inltanmiatlou can be taken out :.n.t 
this tube leHtor.-d to its normal .oa.!.- 
tion. hcaru.K will be u-stroy.-d lo'>'V"r: 
nine cases out of Pn i.rf caused n.s ..i- 
tarrh. whi.ii is nothinsr but an Inninnd 
lomlilion of the niiif.ii«« ^"rfiiies 

We will Ki"- <nie lIundr.Ml T>ollars f..i 
;inv case of d*<ifnrss (caused by catnrr.u 
that cannot b- curd by Halls Catarrh 
Cure. Send for .'ir. iilars. froe. 

F. .1. ••nK.Nr:v & »"^>. 

S< l«i h\- driijrcis's. 75e. 

HaH". Family Pills are the otzi. 

Toledo. Oh:o. 

The most you wjuit is tho Ica-st yuu 
gel in The SalurUay llcralJ. 

The miners' is 
1.. h h<Id shor:ly at Vi. una. 

Tlie coinmilt 'f «;|au.l Im.a l.lai U- 

appoiiil d to ask the re;all sho.' .Iiabrs 
to discontinue the fn-i- shin ■<ls 
^.ciind till- eon.«-nt of i.vcry retail dealer 
ill the <ity pi one. 

Tbo Lon.loii S'Hi' ty of I'mnposit'us lias 
,|. l.viiill \..tcs :o i::i t.» tin- 
Mip. ranm'ialii.n .dlowanci s. Th'-y h iv.- de- 
1 i.lod lo .olopt til" Ii'-W sclutiu- of fcdir i- 
tioii (if tra'l" iini'ins. 

In Ihe Hubliii. Ireland, str et cbaiioiK 
departmint lli<- waj;es < omni.m •• .<' »ll- 
f.jr swe.ii'i-s. while .•ar;ers and ni'^hlni' n, 
drivers of >:w.'e|iin(.; inachiuis. i ic. f- 
leive i.'..L'r. and J.'>..'.a per w.'k. 

"Hl>r ."^it" or more properly .N- w ^ork 
Tvpocraplibal miioii No, r^ -is pUtimin« I" 
bir a :r it I no I of l.ind on w'li'h |o 
.i.|..iii7.e ili.-M of it:- nil inb.r:: wlio c.iunol 
;«cure •luplovnieiit .it their lrad<-. 

FreisldiUit lii- k;;. at th.- .N.w York <••" 
rress of III • Knights of IhiIvo- oti Tms- 
<\n\ lust, said: "\ eonibin.ition is lornon^; 
with a laiT" to b" u? .d for lie- pur- 
pose of j^.ttinp (he Kovernnnnt !'> turn 
o\cr to private capital our postolllce de- 

A' a UKflinr ol iilv l.\po- 
u'raiiliical union a e..imiiiinical.oii fr.>m 
IM.- nvijor lioil\ was reii-ivid d"i lariiiK 
tint if iioii-imion printers sued the city |o 
i-si the ordinaiu e r. .lUiriiiK the niii.»ii 
lai'il on all cilv |>rin;ln;,'. lin.iiuial anil 
bzal h Ip would bo furiilsheil oy tlie 

i-'nioii. . , , , , 

Newc.'slle I'a.. unionists ini!u..-.l loe:il 
iTicrehaiils to boyi'itl the Armour .NPal 
roiTipain. Armour .ipeiiid a slioi> .ukI has 
I ei II s'-'lliiu: tin- tnst yirloin sPaKS at . 
e. i:ls a pound and hams .at •! e.iiis. Ar- 
nioer enmlovi-d similar lietics at .Marion 
In. I until the boyioll was dropp.d. 

Tlie tv.entv-two unions of jouriHV ni"ii 
I.arbirs in .nI w Yolk :-lal" li.ld a i onvi n- 
lioii in vraetis.' last w.i k. Th- "» :< 
Pill rciiiiirim: exainin.ition-.. but aw o|.- 
i.ovr.i to 111" bill prepared by th" . ,a|.l"y- 

. ;s. Till. e-r. Ill -hops w. re denoimcc'l. !iS 

^vi rr »>.irber coll'ces. .V Chica^v man 

own- t\\cli1y-.SfVen colli-jres. 

The Itrirklavi rs' and Masons Pit- ni:'- nni'Mi imt at I'corla. 111., on Mon- 
ilav last It e..iisi.s;s f>r ll'H l<'ial onions. 
with ir. <Hi(l inenilM i-s. The S-lionr d.iy has 
l.<s n seeiired in forty-ri;,'ht cities, an 1 nine 
hoi. IS .onstilnle a day in other towns eov- 
.iiil l.y the union. The Initiation lee in 
New York is $J.".. No strike the pa"; three 
\ < <i rs. , ,. 

■ <-Ievfland I'ftitral Labor union was nt- 
f.rcfl X.''"! bv a Syr.ieusj house for Its in-* iiient I'lf a history of the labor niov.-- 
ment In < 'by. land. Wlu-n the iin oiusls 
barned tbi' nienlianls \< ho wer asUeii 
to ad\ertise undersPKi.l :hat ihi entire 
ii"< 11 "(Is were for the imioii. th I'-ntral 
Lab-.r union rescinded its agriemcnl with 
th" publishers. 


Will procure anythim; procurable. 
Will sell anylhing salable. 
Will rcul anythlue lliat is roulahle. 


Washington I'ost: "N:ithaniel Fatrick 
Henry Schoiield Herry," calhil the )).>- 
li^'e court clerk in stentorian tones, and 
a hearty lau;;h was h ;ird ftom the 
hiwyors. bailiffs and gen-ral hatigcrs-on 
arouml the room. 

A vi-ry black negi" "f about 40 
sli-pp-'»t bj the bar with tho remark, 
"Yes. sail, dafs my co^uonieii title." 

"Well. Na!. what h.ivc you got lo say 
.-ibout Ibis charg • of— of— whafs the 
name of that thing, anyiiow. .Mr. Lail- 

".Shoolin' cr.ips. your honor." 

",>>hooliir craps." rep. at. -d the judge, 
"now, loidt hei-e, I have s.-nt en..ugh of 
you fellows down on this eharge, but I 
lonf.'ss I know nothimc about th" gaim-. 
if such it mlKht I'c call"il. I've listened 
to the pig"on-l':ii;;lisli of Chinamen in 
telling of th ir fatilan ariangeni. nl. and 
now you. Nal. there, bll me what this 
gam.; of cr.aps is like." 

"Well. Judge, it's jusi like this. You 
sc vou l.iko de bones—' 

"The what',*" 

"Wy. do bones, yiT honali, Them s 
the things you throw." 

"The dice." suggested Ihe police oi- 
llcer making the complaint. 

"Uh. I sc •," answered his honor. "il'H 
plav d with dice, eh'."' 

"S"ou take de bones." contUiuoa N.i- 
thaniel IJcrry. looking with supreme 
contcinpt on the surrounding cro.vd 
anxious t" learn th • ins and ouls of a 
fatuous, but badly misunderstood gani". 
"Oe Hrst he ilin.--: the bom-s out 
like dis and pops his lin^r.-rs. •Com.i 
seven-eleven.' 'got you fad d," 'cut his 
throat el, veil,' 'railro.i'l,' 'uafriil, crap, 
'giiuun- de bones.' 'babv's got t'> h,tv' 
deiii iioo slioi-s.' 'laki- my gal to Ralii- 
niore." 'Itig IHik's my point.* 'all th- 
\\ay from IJoston." 'coni>- "ii. Joe. you 
(iiiist be mine-' " . , , 

"Hold on there. "shoiil'd the JUdC'-.bc- 
fore III.- ent>iusia;-tic .Nalhani< I could b. 
headed in his eulliiisia:aii' dissertation. 
'•I'm still in Ihe dark ab uit that gaiii". 
but from whai 1 hav • li ard you g -t 
seven nnuitln;." 

"niankee. judf,'",' s;i'd Natli, as h- 
wtis led grinning from Mie bar ol jus- 


The I»eiiiorcst jiinjiir ni'-dal contest at 
Westnii:isler Ft csbytcrian cliutch last 
ni>,'ht was a iiio-U ^'r.ttifying success. 
Pile church was well lilb-d with an audi- 
eU'c that was hi'^hly enl. rtaiiied by the 
reiilatioiis of tin- contestants and tic- 
musical numbers with which they wire 
interspers(.d. The silver ut dal was 
awardi-d to .Miss cnaco Hcndrii ks, 9 
years old. who recited "Y'our offerings." 
C'harles Towner was given the s-.cond 
prize, a subsc-riiition to Deinurcsi's 
Ma«a7.iiie for one year. His rci-italion 
was ".V Voii-'- I-'rom the Juvciiil'; 
lianks." Curtis .Annsliong was award- 
ed ill'.- thit-d priz'-. a year's subscription 
to the F.ackboiie, a luohibition jour- published at St. Faul. The other 
contestants were dertrude Armstrong. 
Kitlic Meiritt, Nellie Sullivan. Mary 
.McKinnoii. H- mice Fhelps and Fercius 
Skinner, .ill of whom did well and 
showed candul |irei>ai-ation. Two mu- 
sical numbeis were leiidcred by a 
1 li'U-us of twenty children whi<h wore 
es)>ctially jileasing. before the pri'<ies 
were aw-iirded by the judges, Itev. J. 
W. Heard. Mi-s. Siiaugler and .Miss Hart-, .Ma-'^ter David, of Lake- 
.side. was present, and sang a number of 
songs which weii- well received. Mr. 
Koy .\bboit and .Miss Fottcr contribut'-Ml 
to the entertainment with a character 
song, representing J<^'siah .Mien and wife. 
.Mis. Fniily .Menilt ^:ave a. short talk 
oil contest work. .Much of llv 
of the contetii was due to the cffort.s 
of .Mts. H. 11. I'lieM'S. who was ably as- 
.--risled by .Mrs. F-ronsou. who spetit much 
time in" drilling the ihildicn. 


A few evenings asio three prominent 
West Duluth young ladi'.s wont out with 
on e.scort to coast, .\rter they had nui'le 
several exhilarating trij.s down the 
st<- p hill, they met a member of the 
West Duluth iire departim-nt escorting 
a frie:id who had been overcome from 
ovciimlulgence in aboholii- bcvera-g- s. 
to his home. The lireman was iaborin-.; 
hard, for the intoxicate-l man w.-is a 
I'ead weight, beins absolutely hel).les>^. 
.\s h" started up the hill he found his 
task too .irduous to proceed further and 
he was forced to lay his uni-on.<cioiis 
burden by the loadsidc < nie of the 
vi.ung ladies the:i su.ggestcd that they 
iniudil be cd" assista:ice to him and the 
suK^k'cstion met with tin- appioval of tlie 
othcis. lb- was accordingly loaded on 
tlie bobs and Iin- entire ptirty took hold 
of Ihe rope and hauled him to his home, 
which was at thv summit of tin- hill. 

A Brciu h of Promise Chsc cind How 
it Was Adjudicalcd. 

When the old bnvyer who began hi- 
pfofessional career in Texas is in a i"- 
miniseent mood, those who have the 
privilcKi- of hearing him a ti-cat. 
says the Detroit Vvi>' I'ress. 

"Vou h.ive no idea." he said, "hov 
some of these early justices <d' the pcac- 
down thi-r.- used to exercise jurisdie- 
tion and .lulliorily. Tlieyd dispose of 
ativthing ftom a murder case to a plait, 
drunk, ami there was no app-al, eith.!-. 
-I lei-ail a <us.- in which .-i w.miau 
sued a r.incher for breach of promis •. 
and the rough riders and mugh lighlers 
of the frontier came pretty near Idoliz- 
iii« a \MUiian. I took the .b-fens.' for th'- 
rancher. .My tirst cl.iini was that th" 
justice had no purisdictioti, a-nl. of 
eourse. Hie l.iw was with me. The j;riz-<5- 
Iv oM clnip that personillpd justic. 
promptly limil m.- Jlao for contempt, 
eouly put the money in his long wallet 
and'told tin- attorney oji Ih'- otlnr sid-- 
to proei.r-d. 

••Th. youii;; woni:iii .-iiid :i fri'-nd "f In-rs 
testitied that th'- plaintitT and tin- 
rain-hii- had been enjiap d, inii prodiiecd 
•lo letters or convincing conversaiioii. 
riiis look'd easy, but w iieti 1 went 1" 
put in my evideiiee 111'- Justice fairly 
roared in Ids iu.lignation. .No lady in 
Texas couid be iiisulted by havin" h-i- 
word questioned by "a I'd o' smakin' 
male .ritters seemed to fur«-it a' 
how they o:n-t had molheis and sisPrs.' 
iNot a witness would In- hear. I was 

mad enough to sh , but ha.1 the horse 

.sense to agree with the old fellow ami 
to aj. prove his piofound knowledge 
of the law. The nioP' he thought of thi'-- 
praise, the more it tickled his vanity. 
He started in by talking of haii.i,Mng 
my client. soften<-d to a consid'ratioii 
nf' penitentiary f.u- lib-, and linally 
wound up with a $5 line." 


.\ll chart's on st.uage with us must 
Im pai'l by March 1.'.. ISHK. or ^r-jods will 
lie sold as allow, d by law, iSayha & Co.. 
Duluth. Feb. IV. IV'.'S. 


s'r/.'n:.Mi:NT *^>v thi-: 

of Hie 

fv'.Nur; I ».■>■ 


Oklaliuniii Mun Sacrifitcs a ( Inim 
and Wins a Bride. 

.\ friendship bcKUii niid.r peculiar a id 
.•xciting circumstaiie s was eulniinated a 
lew days ago in the marriage of Richard 

Malone and Miss Mary Hlldre:h 
raldwell. Kan., says ill- D. nv.'r Post. 
For sivinil nionihs previous to th 
the I'hi-rok'- strip to s"ttl 



Duluth. Minnesota, at the close of business 
Fridav cwnin^^. F»t>ru;iry PIli. l^V^s. 


I,..,iiis :iii.l "li.^i onnis * ^•l'^. 

I IV. rdr.ifts. seeuri-d 

(iveldarfts. unsecured 

Real eslale 

Itotuls and stoi-k-^ 

Pax ami atsessuiciii crtUicatcs 
'. :; II loans on grain 

eollateral •?'M..M.M 

Itesvrvc — 

Due from b.iuks ji :■'... "" 

Cash -.111 li;in.l Jm.'..>1 "I 

— _ — i.:.i.'i.r.:u; »>j 

*4 u*. 

i.iTi :'7 

471 ».'. 

I'.'l.iiH' i'. 

7J.<H«i ay 

l.'.'io Ul 


f the I 'llel-oK'- ■ Sirip lo s-iie - 

ijindsoine ifirl coiiltl •' 
s.-.':i d.-iilv lidin;,' a spiril'-d black horse 
a: brerikiicck speed on the plai.i.s^ soiiih 
of Faldwell. She was jir:!.' iclm.' for th- 
r HI for a cl.ii.n. .-mil bad lixcd ti|)oli a 
bautiful v;illev elaiin about six mibs 
south of Caldwell. <->n the op nin« day 
sli.' was in line. ;inil as the si«:n:il K'm 
ivoomcil forth h'T hors.- leajM-d ahea.l ot 
lb.- wailini,' crowd. haviuK been iraiiieil 
bv il r to lump at p'siol shot, and sh ^ 
vva'^ soon far in the bad of all excepl a 
VMim;^ man on .-i b;iy hors.'. \*-lio k' pt 
almost abreast of the fair rider. 

Like the wi;id tlie two r;iccd lorward lor 
four mil.--, when suddenly th ' «irih ol 
th saddle oil the black horse .snapped 
and a nionn nl biter the fair rid'-r f"II t" 
tie- ground. Stoppin;c his horse ilv yoimi: 
man disinonnt-d and ess^iyed lo assist th" 
unfortunal" >ounK lady. She was un- 
'tiiirl save a siu-aim-d a.ikl". but si)'' 

eoulil pro d ;i'» fiirth r owiii}; to th" 

broU-'li sad'lle. Th" .I'.nvd tl'.at had b-en 
lef; bi'hiiid w.-is now alni'jsi upon them, 
and the voar.^r woman at oiiee decided t" 
st.-ik • the claim wh.'ie she had falU-n. and 
m'K '1 the young man to hurry on to a 
bi Iter nlace. 

AlthoUfTh a stranger he refused to leave 
the fair o;ie ill distress, srave up his hopL' 
for a line claim i:i tin- valley, and stak'-'d 
th cliiim adioinin^' hers. Th:> acMuaint- 
anee thus bejjiin soon ripened into friend- 
ship and later into love, and bi'fore many 
weeks had j>:issed the two were e.ij;ai;< d. 
Four vears th "v wait'd. however, to pos- 
.sess til" honi. s for which th'-y had riskcil 
SI. niiich. and oily last Week :hey prov .1 
up their claims, and at once si>u;,'ht the 
nearest minislir and wiii nj.nle one. 

The funeral of .Miss .Mamie .Soiietl was 
held from St. James' Catholic- chuich 
at ;t o'elock this morning. It was at- 
t.-ndi'd bv a very lai-Kc number of peo- 
ple, and ni.-iny Moral offerin;;s rested 
up'Ui the casket. where they wen- placed 
l.y th'- yoti'iff lady's mournim; fri'-nds 
;i.s :i last tribiit'- to In-r lovable charac- 
ter .\ (ouching fimcial service was 
preache.l bv Kev. I-'ather Mackey. who 
last .saw .Miss Siiiott at church last Sun- 
day .ippar. ntly iu good health and 
boiivaiit spirits. .\ la.i-y:e pag.-ant fol- 
lowed the rcin.iins lo Calvary ceimdcry. 
w Ik re Ihe interment took place. 

?ij.;;7:;.!!a):; 25 

(-apiiil St. Ilk paid in $ j".i0.000 IW 

Surplus .ind undivided prolits 

less exp.'iiscs and taxes paid.. U^,l.>4 ;•;. 

Idvid; ads uiii>aid ~i^ 'JJ 

individual deposits 

siibi.-<l to cheek ..$ \*}\.:W id 
D-.-maiid ccrtiticatcs of 

deposit ■l.'.-i.v' 'd 

Time tcrtilicatcs A 

deposit iMi'.'XA r. 

reriiiied ilneks 1 1 .^.i.;i :::.• 

Cishier's I'hecks i:i..4!d i/J 

Deposits of other 

banks ::7l.:'y7 11 

Mills jiayablc 
i:cdi.-icounts .. 

l.;r.5.711» 7'J 

$i.:;7o'.s.M 2r. 


1. James F. llimter. cashier of tho 
.\merlc«ii Lxehanse bank. il<i soloimily 
swear Unit Ml'- above statein'iit is Iriio 
tu the b'si of niv knowb'.lKc and beii.i. 
■jA.MLiS C. Ut'A l-Klt. 


cKditci: .<i'KN< i-:k. 

H. .\1. FKVTmN. Dii" lor.-. 
Sworn ami subs.Tilieil to b«-lori in.- thi."? 
)sl d;iv of M:irih. iv^-. 

c. F. ma<-kf.n/.ii: 

Nr.tary FuLlic. St. Louis t.'o., Mliui. 

w iHTi; ipicsi; v\ ri 

rhieiuo IPcoi-d: Tie n- is |Mrli.ip.- m. 

Hum or Pb in which tli-re is su.-li ur- 

K.iil n '-'I "f 'jui'Kii.'.ss i.r wil aii.l kin.ll.v 

Put as .It lb'- pnblle r plion'^ f:lveii »>y 

the prcsid'-ul of the Fiiit-d Slates and Ins 

^^'v'mericans of all elassi s crowil into He 
liiiie room, many with a (|iist|on or a 
joke which Hi y li;ive pni-.-in d t" tire at 
their iiiipr p.ii-'d ruler. Sone- "I Hi' ui. t'l". 
throiudi .-be.r emb:irr.i-sin"iit. make P>oi- 
ish rniarks. th" iiienii.r.\ "f will, h prob- 
ablv eaiis'S th'in misery i' H, ''^^ '"■''•„ 

line frlubteiiid lady, assiif-'l Mrs. « bve- 
l.ind: "It is a mutual (.le.isfire to ineet 
M.ii •• emricllnp h-r uiisak'' by lalllim' 
•'nit as sh>' was passed down Hi hue: I 
meant P- say the id.asnr is all on vour 

^ A lUM-oiip of stnileiits out from eoll' ;:e 
lii.Hila.\ were ples.nteil I" tin 

l;,,tv iusi after h r eiilraii." '.'> the Whim 
lloiise for the second time, nn- l.-iil. a 
fre<liin:in. pab with diMiileiice. Heard him- 
sell to his horror saying in i loud, squeaky 
tun" of authority. 

"Madam. I think yon h.ive just cause to 
lie i.rnud of vour hiishami." 

Th'- oilier bovs sliirt.d with aniiizemeiii 
and deiicbt. siorinar up tin "joke on Hill 
for all future lime. I'.in Hi re was not ihe 
(lieUr-r of a smile upon lb' swcel. wo- 
manlv fac of th.. lirst "!"",'"';';"'■, 

-Ml'-- sh.^ sai.l. cravclv. still h..ldlnp bis 
hanil. "\"U brtns me '.he vfrdicl of po-^lir- 
iiv! I tbiink you." 

F.ill vowed be had m.l Hie loveliest wo- 
man in Ihi' world. 


I'ai' lid lodge, A. F. ami .\. .M.. iir cts 


.Mi.-s Anna Lougimey li:i.- goin- 1.J Mi- 
l»eiior f'U- a week's vi;it with fri'-lids. 

F. A. .Mitchell, superintendent of Iin- 
Transfer Railway company, has re- 
liirn-.l from W. st Radeii Springs, where 
he has been for the beiielit of his health. 
He is mmh improved. 

|''i\e cents to I", ceiiis for Wall p:ip'r 
.It S. J, Nvgi-'-n's drug stoi-. . 

.Music at W". D. link Thursday ev ii g. 

Rev. I' M. Wils'ui will pr.-a'hat 
the ciiurch of th'- Holy Apostles at 7:oO 
this evening. . 

.V regular m'>etini.r of the W. ( . I. i . 
of Westi>ulutb v.ill be held in Hie Con- 
^;rc^a.timlal church fmiorrow aft-rnooii 
at l o'clock. 

The meiiib'-rs of Fiym-uith CoimreKa- 
liomil Siiiidav .si liool have raised a fund 
of about .^n; for the Cuban sulterers. 

Music at W, D, rink Thursday cw n g. 

STATi: t'l" ,MIN.Ni:S<;i|A. CUl'.NTV CM' 
ST. I.OtlS.- , . . . 

lUstrict Court. Lieveiith Judicial Dis- 
trict. ' , , , 
l:i ;lie niatt.i- of tin, assigimi'. nt of John 
l''l.iod. insolvent: | 
The anpli' ation of F. S. Kelb y. assign- ' 
of Hie above named in.solv.llt. caille oil to 
h li.;iril bebue the court on this I'tltb day 
of F.bruary. IM'S. and it .-ipneari.ur that 
the tinal .■lecoun; of said .issieine has 
1. .en tiled and .-in order asked in s.iid ap- 
plieatioii to hav.. a hcHrin;;- mi his IiiihI 
,•(111)11111, and b.r a fiirtbi r order, rmnlr- 
iiiK' 111'- creditors of said i.isolveiit. wlio 
have tiled claims and releases, to show 
einse wli\ s:iid as.-ii;ii'>e should not be 
disehai-fr'-'i ind ins boiidsm n relievd. 

It is oidi red. that .1 hearing ou said ap- 
olieaiioti I"' lii'l before this eourt. :it a 
special term Hi'i'iif to be InM on Situr- 
dav. Hi.' l:;th .lay of .March. l'.:n>. and that 
Hie er.ilitors of raid insolvjiit. who have claims and releases h'rei;i, show 
.•.111-.' at th"- il rm of this curt 
I,, be li'ld o:i Sa;urd:iy. tin- -titli d:iy of 
.March. I^-S-^ vvli.v said .•is.'-ign''e shoiil'l 
b'- diseliarg d ;ind his boiidsiin n leliev.d. 
Let n.itic her-of be >;iveii. b.\ piiblisli- 
iiiK- this order Hir.e Hnies b.rtli\v:Hi ii 
Tin- Duluth I';v.nin«: Ibr-il'l aii.l by mail- 
ing a coj.v of th.. satn.' lo all creditors 
of said i.isolvut. who hav- tiled th.-u- 
elaims and refas. s liei'ln forthwith. 
Dated F.bruaiy liO.h. A. D. IM'v 

S. II. .M'd:i:. 



Will p1-ncuro anVlhing lu-ocurable. 
YVill fall anyihin;; s.Habb . 
Will real anylliins thai is reiilahh^ 

A SoCIKTV tiiii-:f. 

WashiiiRt'Ui Star: At an evening r. - 
ception of one of the b -st houses hi-re a 
^'uest felt ill ami willn'rew to the dress- 
ing room. Sweeping aside the wraps oi 
fur and velvet l.viiiKon the l»ed she Ihtew 
hei.--elf across the foot of it. fa'-e down. 
Havin;; remained llicie about ten min- 
utes, sho was roused from half sloop by 
the sound of some one moving al>ou.. 
and raising Inr head saw a fashionab'.- 
woman of her aciiuaiiitance standing I'l - 
side the dressing table. Rcfor^- sin (-"uld 
announce her presence she was starlUd 
and horrilied by obscivlng the other wo- 
man take fiom tho idn cushion ami 
iravs a miinber of valuable jeweled pins, 
the" properly of the and sbp 
them into a pockc; in her bodice. Afraid 
to move, she losumed her former at!i- 
tude among th.' wraps until Hi- suljjec! 
of h r alarm had withdrawn. -M"'"'' ;' 
litHe retlcelion iln unhap|iy invjilio. 
' fcolins worse than when elic ,<?ous1il rest. 

tdtDioK I'M simw lAisi'; mn filinc 
fi;titid.n td si;ll land.— 

St.'^iti of Minnesota, ('mi:ity of St. L.oi' 


In Fr..bale I 'ourt. Sp-cbil Term. March 

"'"1. 1*''•^'^ , .. 1 . 

In the milter of Hn- esta'. of l.n.lg' i 

ii'i'iinnor. deceased: 

Du r'.nling and lilitie Hie j.itilion of 
•M.irv Nniaii. .idiiiinist i iitrix of siiid .smi.- 
set!i'i(4 f..rHi till- aniount of pers-mal i s- 
lal.- Ibal bus cone into h r baii'ls. Hie 
disposilien thereof, ami tlia: none remain, 
undispos d of: Hn- amount of delit out- 
s:auilin'-r against siiid dee aseil. as lar as 
Hm' same ca.i be ascertaineil: ami a dc- 
siripton of all the r. al estate of win- h 
said deceased ilicd seizoil. and the ondl- 
ti.iii and V.I In.' of the respective j.ortions 
or lots thii-eof: ;lie p« rsons Inier. s|.<l m 
s;iid cst.iti'. Willi their r.sideii.'es: .-iinl 
pr.-Mii,;; that lieeiise t.e to her granted P. 
■eilall of sai.l .st:i:c. in said pc'ni.n 
il.'Seribdl at prixat.' sab. A:ld it apjcar- 
i',;; l.v saiil P'titioii. thai there is not 
«ullicieiil personal .-sla;.- hi tlie hands of 
said administratrix lo pay s;iiil dfi'ts or 
expiiis. s of a.Iniinistralion. and that it is 
n c.ssaiv for tln^ iia\ni< "f sinh del.;s 
.-(Ud expenses to sel the whole of said real 

^''it' is tlicrefo:-e that all per.«o;is 
Inter. St. d in saiil es;at. at.ue|M- before 
lids court Ol I'-riday. thr :i..;h day "f 
.March !«•< at 10 ocloek n. m.. at Hie 
<-ourt "huuse in Dubith. in said conn-.v. 
tlieu and tlure to show c:iuse tit anv 
Hiei-e bll whv li. ens.' sh..uld n..t I'c 
sranted to ; lid .Mary Nanan. as a.lmiii- 
TstrHtHx. :o s-ll. .it private s;ile. so iiiuch 
of the real esiale of said d; ceased as sha.l 
lir necessary to p.iy sui h debts and «x- 

'' \nir"it is fnrtlur ord red. that :his ord' r 
'^hall b" published once in eaeh Week tor 
Hiree sueecssiv. wc.ks prior t.. said iia.\ 
of h.'uiin^. in The Duiuth Kv :nmtf Ibr- 
■il.i a dailv newspaper niiii''d and pui-- 
llsh'.'d at Dubith. in said t'ou.iiv. 

D.i'ed al I>ulntli. .Minn., the --'nd day ol 
Match. A. D. IS^s. 

l!v th t.iurt. 

i'ni.Ni:.v.s .vvi;i;. 

Judpc of f'robai 
(S al ol I'lol-'.ii. ' o-J-t.' 
Duluth livening Herald, Mch-J-y-lo. 

.MORTCAca-: FORUrCLOSl Ki: SALl-: - 

D. fault having b"iii n.ade in ;hc pay- 
ment of the sum of four thousand seven 
hundred and lifty-tbr' an. I ll-l'y' i»b.'.."..ln 
dollars, and interest whii-li I'"- 
eame du" o.i the Ist day of D.e.mb. r. 
ls:<7, which default has eonlinued to ih" 
date of this noiiie. up.'U a eeri.iln moit- 
K.iK'-. 'hilv 1 M-<-uii'il and d livend by .\i- 
thur H. II..I;;ale and Lillian R. Ilol^'at". 
ihis vvifei III .rtira^ror-^. to Hi.' Mimies..;:t 
Loan .i.ii Trust Comnauy. morijr:. ■-;••«-. 

bearing date the .".111 ila.v of NoVeml" r. 
IS'.d. a:id with a iiow.-r of sale th.-r in c.>n. 
tailed dniv nioid. d in the oiliee of th'- 
r>"^U\i\- ofdeeds In and for Hi .•oiiiity of 
St Louis an.l stat. of .Minn. som. on the 
i;,'lli day of Novenib.r. IMd. at 4:r.'i .. elo.k 
p. ni.. "in Hook ;;7 of inoriKrag.s. on page 

Wb-ch s.iid inorluriKe Pisetlier with Hi' 
.lib: s'cuie,! lli-r l>.\. was duly assiKlntl 
l.y sai.l Till .-Mlmi.s.ita Loan and Trust 
Conuianv. nlort^r;l^r<•<•. to l-iliza I-', d.i FosPi 
Rieei bv written assi^- ini";it daPtl Hn- 
U'tli <Iav' of F bni.try. I-nI'-. ami ri-<-.u-il"d 
in ;be ''fl!' '' "f ^^-li'l r.-;;ist r of .beds on 
He l^'rd d.iv of F. briKirv. IV'.. at I o'cl'xk 
p. ni.. in it...ik ;;. of sai.l nmrtca^re rec- 
ords, on pa^.' r.n: ami w h- reas there i-' 
aituallv due :iiid elaim.d lo be due and 
pavabi" at the date of this noti.'v- the 
•-UI11 of f'Hir thousand seven hundnd tif- 
tv-tlir.-' .-ind H-li"i (H7..::.ll» d..llai-s. wlHi 
interest thereon .it Hie rate of seven per pi r .-laniiin. fioiii Hi- 1st il;iy "f D' - 
eeintver. \K'i' . aii'l wle-r as \\n- s.-iid powi-r 
of sale has b. op.rative. and no ae- 

tii.u or proe lin^; haviiiK b(.tn insHtu-'d. 

at law or rvvis.'. to riuver Hi'- debt 
seeuied by sai'l mortgagi. or any part 
thereof. .... I 

Now. Hiercfon . :s heivt.v given, 
that bv virluc of Hi.' power of sale con. 
t^iimdin said mort^jaC'. .ui'l pursuant t.. 
Ih.' stalntc in smh cms m.nle :i:id pro- 
vid'd. the said niortir.iKe will Ix^ 
elosed bv a sale of th ■ pr.'UliseS «lescrlb.-d 
i:i :iiid loiiveved bv said iiior jraK '. vlx: 

.Ml that part of lot sixty-.seveii P'.7>. 
l.loek Hiirty-lwo tSL'i. T>u!uth Prop- r. 
Third Division', a.c'.r.linit to the plat 
tber.of on tile or of record in ih" otiie. 
of the rey-ist'r of dee.!s ill and s.-o.l 
eountv of St. Louis lbs within on 
hm.dr". li H'^o feet .if Hie icrHierly iin of 
■| bird street, and he remai:uier of said lo' 
that lies within ten (I'o f. et of lb.- «li\:.l- 
intr li."' betwp.n said lot :unl 1..I sixt.x- 
iiiii" (C.'.'i. in .said bloi-k. in St. L..uis I'ouii- 
:v and st.ite of Minnesota, vvitli Hn- 
lier«'dita(nenls and app;ii'tenii i.- s: wb!.;h 
s:ili' will be m:lde bv Hi.- sli. I ilT of s,i,lil 
St Louis i-oiintv. at l>' front door ot the 
lourt hous.'. ill Ih- < it\ of Dulu;h. ni sanl 
ci.untv a. Ill state, on Hi-' I'lith <lay of 1- . b- 
riiarv. is;<,s. at M o-el..ek a. m.. of that 
dav."at publle Vendue, to Hie lii^di st bid- 
der for cash, to pav siiid debt ;md iiit'-r- 
tst and th lax..-, if any. on said t.-em- and si vent v -live (.<7.".i dollars attor. 
K^v s fe.s. as stipulated in and bv said 
n!iu-;s;;iRe in casr i •" foreeb'siirc. and the 
disbuisemellls allow.d by law: .subject to 
led'niption at any time withi'i o:ie year 
Mom Hie dav tt( sab . as i,.rovaled by law. 

Dalc«l Janiiary nth. A. D. tSOS. 

LLI/.-V F. d.i ( USl'A Rp-fl. 
.Vssi^ine ' of MortSHKee. 
Duluth i:venin;; I braid. Jau-i;-ll»-L*6-Feb- 

:;-:•- Pi-•-':^. 

Ihe sale of the mori^'ayeil premises 
above noticed is lereliy posll>oned mud 
the .".Hi day of March, '.-^".'n. at tlu same 
hour and place. 
Da ed Februarv :;';. IMi-x. 

.Vssignof' of .Morlgage«\ 
Flil-,D i;. Dtd.ici:. 
Altorniv- fur .\ssiJ4:iee of Morl;;agoe, 
yl7-?1s"Now Vork Lif'- Hulldlng. 
Minneapolis. .Mi i" 
Dulu-Ji Ev.uing Herald. Mch-::. 







Tin: Dii.rTn i:vi:mn(; hkkaij): WKhNKsu.^v. makcii -2. isns. 

> ; 


All [wni Which Is (ousing 

INhii h Kejoicing Xiiiung 

Koiiuin Ca(holks. 


Now Itiit li\c \ cars from 

Ihe IVo^cibial "Years 

of St. Peter." 

I ; . 

tli" I'ini 

l!;- .!• -: 

< 'f •uiMX'. it is* rnsty tn s'/o \\ liy iifiliial 
ti. n ill'- jouiik; irnijular luil>it--. I«>^*s 
' I'UhI aiul sK'i'|i. cxiHisiir" tn III'- x- 
•' nxH i>r NvintlnT. JiiIUhk: hikI *ili:ik 
u\K I'V'i- r.'ueh iMmN. iiilialtir^ i.ii- 
, I ii'i't -laiI'M ilii>t i>f llif loiil .iir I'l' a 
rliiji.' i-atria;r<-. thf fon^inTil iin'iiUil 
!<traln <>( woiK^iiii-; ilinRiioMlr ••yinv- 
iMiiis ami tlui'ai"*'"!'" iiidltalU'iis ul'li 
til.' i-Mi- iif criiu^ xvhiTf liiiiiKin li\''-« 
ai. ill t*tah«', ami la^t. I>ut noi Kant. 
al!i><' ulih many Ih- u.irry < \|ji>'ssly 
iMilililili-ti liy till- Majili r a.-ionlliv^- |.> 
S;. .Mai(i>\v vf.. -jri-iU -all th<s ■ \aiiM;.is 
:!■-: ii< i- > ^|"'m| .mr icwrii' v- 


Uo%% Ihis lndustr> Mas Changed of 
late Years. 

\ _■ .ii n.iiiiri- has 1 iiiih- ■\iT thi' 

! kiiij; iii'lusiiy lUitini; tin- la.*t 

■ \ says ill.' I'liil.i-lfli'hia I'Vfss. 

. \ ■ \r- au;" ■•! ! --, Ih' l" Was U 

filial; aiiii,/ ■'.•' li.ii>tl>la>ks in ilif slrc»'ts, 

. • nip ■-•■il ••:' wliili' an<i lol.irci lnjy.s. 

;!i ,1 Kii ami a ifrtai;! stalloii 

li li- \\a- .ntltli'"! hy ill'- ilii- 

x\rilti-:i l.^^^ "' ''■iU|>atl'U n.-ri'Tally. 

! in •■■ni.tiiii- s !■> ■- Miiiiifst. Tlv vvliit<< 

ni.iinl> Aiii'Ticaiis uiiil Irish. 

. il.l iiai>''rs u hell iioi |ii>li>*hiii}; 

\i iti»* i^i-frtfiit tini>- .<h If |)'>lish- 

aiii'il ..11 alMM^l .•xrlusivvly at 

•.111. It .II-'- i-.-:u--l I." Ih." poli.-ilif'r.-' 

ii:-'-! ili\ •■'',-, •)f th'- 

;ii 1 k- a i\\ ai'.- ill. 11. mainly Ital- 

,i;li..ugh tli'-i-'- .ir.' many uc^ru.'s 

Wu.<in''<- 111. •!•«• lit*' still a U^w 

v\li.> t.>aiii al"»ul lh>' strt-ftn with 

i><>X>'H sIlHltf .iVff th.'il- Hili'UltUTH. 

lit tli.-\. I..", ai-f ihi'lly Italian hoy.-.. 

litji I lair |ir«.i>.>rti.iii "f •■nl ircl latN. 

r • V I tU- a |.r>v-ai-i"U~ !l\in'i. Intvv- 

I- •!•.. iy (-.i|-f< !'■ .-IiikI (111 th<' 

■ • iv hi.-* -hiii'.s ini|):<Iit il when 

• I 11 .Msv .hair t<i ssit in at 

:■ T'l-t a:.y;.-r Tii.-, as a 

■■■. at'- .l■.^ll'-.l ii\ ■ 'jiitra. t'i'.s. who 

t thfUi t» the |nili.s|n-rs m- .•itiiil.)y 

Ml .it r.-Biitar wase--. Tli-n- is nn way 

I (rcttinji at the I'xa.-i lisnrt-s, hut it l> 

(■. ii.'V.'l thai ■>y-v S."i»it.»MM> ;, y.-ar l;* 

-,i. !it .in lii- ' I'- ■! "\ |i..!istiiay .■^h"'-s ill 

I :li^ • i'} . 

\ .n: \ I.. US \v<».\i.v.N. 

'I": ■ , a ii'-w Uiiiil ."t" ti'k'-ls .lu 

I. ;■ ■ 1 . ■suli'lat" li Slri'.'t nil way 

> ~.\ Mi ("I'-vtlantl J^.-aiK-f. Kvery 

■-;ui,ni.-ni'-<l witii I'li-iurfs nf 

-A.iliicli. It: - "a '-.I' h ."hk" "il" 

^ . -'. '.!..> Ill" :;!ii4 .1 un'|.il'--a-.-'l iiian 
.,,, .Ill tin- I'a ^ 11'- a\ •nil'- lill'' 

■ ,'■;'. l.\. l>.iaril.-d a ■ ai ai..l h-Kl uiit 
"'' .■.-ills -a viiiLj: 
Ti k- I-," 

<indiii-t.jr I'lill'.l a -irii. .il" ti.-k"ts 

lis |i(i k'-i. I'll.- .Ill'' iifT and liaiul- 

' la- r .-I 1. 1 r'l" pass •ii.m.-r. 

■I ''■■ ' iti'-r :-!ari".] 1.. I'lI'I I a-' li -k'-ts 

■. aiiil lli'-ii -U'l'l- :ily -l'.;.|"-,i ami 

ii 1. 

'l 11! 

1 i ■ 1 -■ 1 

.' 1' k 

1 "1". 

■I . 

■aiTi I 


■ I 


i' Iv 





• 1 ), 


il.- IX 


' lilx'l . 

■' Wliy .' W aa ; - • - i:i i : I'l' with 

111." suriJfisfd lumhi'-tur askt-d. 
\ l.i'diiiis at him s-t -a.lily fur a 

. 111.-- passitisi-r .< li.i; 

\ ; i-z ittan. l\] hat'- l.> !■ II .\ m « liat 

i ■ \ "-iM il I if -li'- ;' lU'i'l .iriijllii-r 

■.I.- I'i' tiif'- ill iiiv [... k'-i. Why. 

.'•u IviKiw that she di).-.<iri alatw m<> 

iMt .*! i.iMssini.- rh.-y'v.- t;.)! t.i put- 

.; AI 1 I ■ ':a \\ 1- '. : u- '•;■< I'i.'i {IV-- -ilV 

' ■■ !-■ . -, -. . ; - 1 ■ • 
\v ' ' ■ niR-Juint l''!» :i inductor 
. . i ' ■ 'I." I r -Ilia'- ■ 'la ii'^i-. 

.- : ; : 'V i.\ .\i mm;. 

' ■■.nim'-rrial: State Suiji-nnti-n- 

S' Mill.-, StitsiHi was \'sili IB a 

• I In r.-nili|-ok' . wlitn li.- irui 

.— atii nmzi-s ..f n itur*' siudli-s 

vi ..-k'.'i -'i-iii.' ' i.i. .-liiiL; 1)11. stions 

...lit 111. iiiMi- fl, ••;■,• ■■" ;li- \v..rld al>Otit 

■ nil. Ill iin ■ • 
■ ■ 'k- nucrif'l. N'l ■• "• 
sjild Vi«- ><ttit>' Kiiu«rin- 
5>.ni i-at many ;ili|i|.-s in 

A-. 11 an. I ^' ill' fruit 

■-..I in i.> !i.i( a. ■• III- ■ 'Mill- 
un. Now. p. vhiiis «um<' li 11" 

\ - i1ri\- ., |t.,. , .m-.. 1.. ,,iv:ln((. 

I iri)'-. ■ :: ■■:• "1 

THi; I'lifi: i:i.<';:i\ i.m; TWr: •'ai:iii.v.\i..< 

!■■' • 

; j'l.i.'. I :. : 1. 

M;.i. ti .; \^. 

.! i-i^ihtv-six 
:i.l ill li'tl. 

.\i : \ I ~'r]:':> i.i ^^ y. '•' 'N'* 



:.;.'. 1 1 


I itii|i(tiz- 

•,ik.- iTii 

.' Ill- ti i.. v\ I li'- i-iiw li-i^ Il ; i ■ 'ii : ' 
.V.i arij^w.-r. I!iilli»r wa^ ;li i' l-Iaiik .is- 

:i:~I:III. •' I :.l I:iS . 11'.. r. ...J li.V 'lll'^ lltlli. 

■ ■ Uig till- iiii.iriiialion thai 

' 'til nil llilltl Jaws "i MUfj 

la v\ -- ill..' .i!! >li> litl. ." 

' ; li,i ! i- -.1. Ill ^ l.i.\-." r 1.1' il Hi- i;. .i.l 

i . '.' . "'-I'.i .1.1 ; . \ ...11 tu 

■ "V '.'. Il !i I' ill Mil 

111- nil!.-' iiiii. I'tii affaii.l. 

1 liai-. .1 .-inili' t| tialur*' 

■ ii.-li ■■ 

I ■ I" - • li. t.'ik ..l tli>- 

• I ■.-. '!': ■ ;v rui". -.-..! Ih" 

•.:.;;. 1. ' .i;;. I!-- d th.- 

i.i.iii I .!•..' ill. |..i.ti.-r 

■ a- -hi . ..;,'.- |---.|(l>-in 

\ i;..- ~.i', .-•■■ — !■ •.) Il- r . .iiiiii.j iii.iiis 
..niinul licr and i.'ra\.l>- siii.l. "N'.w. 
' tilldrfii. innki li.-lit-\-. tli.i; I'm .\Ir. St< t- 
s..!i. ViiuV B'.t t" li ."U 11 •• . ..i.'.iir ...ID- 

ti:"II |tli'l!;S. \ '' ; "U >i' -l :•■!•'" ;il| ;^|-.,\v 

'. M '' ^ 

' Il 111- - , -1.1' . .t'TII- 

I : ' ■ ' -U 111.1 •''■ ■ .1 I il.l - 

.\iai'IIin'i-:kv wrrin .ir .vni.-^i;. 

Til" ■■ '■ ''na'i t'- It inal.s fur rails 

.11 i- .;i;.-.l I.l kiii til- i-i.titM- iif ilio 

rii.-.v- a T" mad'- "T nanjil. 

ai'i. ;;nal"J witli ...jls and sU|».i-HLialIy 

a! •'! with ::'ij". wiii.-Ii has' tiLvU r. a- 

i>> til' addiliun ijf 

I M 'IK 111 "iniil'' and ri»nnaldchyf]f . 

ih'-Ti vt-ry liighly c.jmpi-. .>.isfd. s.» a^ 

.1 :n I'iai' s from om'-thirU nf uii 

1 ! • \ :a! imli'-."* In .sn 

I- I. and yi t i-tastlf. that a rail may 

I'laf-'d 'in snrh ji pi'-.- • '.f mattins^ 

illiniit I'UttinK^ it. Tlii.-i iron felt has 

I arrt-at fuiur.- in tnuiti" r.mms. \Mirk- 

-h,.p- ,.•.■. 

I »< H IJLE-gL'K'K UKW .\ i:!> 
I . .' a;;" Ji'urnal. Tli' nlli-i- ti'i\- 
.--(••piitil lain I lie |/ii rtiiu'i.' ul 111'. :jr''at 
T'l'T'-lui tit. Ilval■in^ in his arms an 'MTir- 
i>-i ■ iiask"i. 
. \'. Y«.-u:""f prcs'.nt. ii: naid. 
. t "Il ill" lliiur and tuut hiiij; lii» 
- (-'(ir >'>ur '■al'-ti'lars i'"f Is'!*--;." 
J .!, ,; ■ " : ..'.'■ a. I ' h • ;;ri-at 

.M; AdUi-inUp. ' ?aitl lli- -;: ii iii.i- 

■ii: I. li.iir :iTi Imur l.-ii'-i-. ■ . la- i.'j'iii- 
.!' abl'- .liiniry'- -■ li-i ■■;' 


Sarsoparilla Reilly Talks to 

Sinkers About Wives and 


Finally the Iwo Agree to 

••Resign lhcmselves'*from 

All Lodges. 

Siii>.i|.al ilia !:■ ill> *s..l.- a i». ^\ liutl.'li 

in liks mat lapil wh.-ii \v jrrertod d- 

Slnk'T Man hi lh>: iislatjiant. » ly.s ih 

.Vi-T\ Viirk S'ln. Th'- inUtiiii Imi. th • 

l.'lti-is •■!'. It. i; .*!.'■ tilamliis i<! t'' 
bnia-:-. Sii-.k'i.-* ' X'laimi'd; 

'liid >.in J'lint di i- 'Ji-atil .\iiiiy ..f d'.-; 
ir'pnMi. aii(»'."" 

-Nil.- i.jili.d Kilily. •Whal niak - 
>. T ax thai iiiifHli'in ."■ 

■' '• 'aii.>i«-."'l Sirik'-i.-*. "1 t<!.-f yoii i;..; 
a t\-\K linttia) insli-aJ uf 'K-r H. A. » •.. 
whli h y.ju always .ltd liad b"f«j(i' -in S; 
Ffitri' k'.s Hf.y paiad' a'l'jadj." 

"Well." M iiiaikt 1 Ko|ll>. ■< li'm in a 
i\v\\ ff'i': Micitiy. oi joitinl ii a- 
Satnida' iiiBh;. .Hii' ifai iH-tlh' r i-<ir anny 
'.»tlii<t- that wcri- i\' 
staif^d life iii-mranct ■' 

"l»i» du! buii'iii rt'sur.- ynm lii--V 
isk' I Sinki i.s. 

"Vis." answcr.'.l H'-illy. ■ihatll in- 
sun nn-. I.)lfi for thri-c yiais. ' 

'■\"at i; oimls, Hi' li a luiltun .'" 

"That d^plnds int'dft-ly .i:i huw mn.-.'i 
y. r fxpr, I til git will!! y.'i. d'-ad.' -x- 
plai'nd IMIIy. 

"\'Iih! I i-xpri-tatiiiii \ li. 11 I di V" .sail 

"Nil. bni whafll . uni'- i- i ycr wif.-. 
L.-'iai. whin .\'i-'r>' .l"ad." an.swrr'-'l 
li<ill.\'. "Nou. for I'xanipli-. if Ui shuil I 
di'- iir iiifiUt. nu- old woman wud ;; r 
fiOii ii« . iii.l .'.ish. Thai's if I 'li.- to- 

"I'nd ti.i; a i.'..nt \ h< n .voii dli- i.imo - 
row?" said SinU"rs. 

"CVilainly." atisw^r-d i: illy. "If -li 
diid !■ ;■ ni.irjiiw slv-'il sit !h" -saiii.-. Uiu 
if C»i Jida'i di» mull ni'.vt yiai. sun- 
slud ail doiibli- th 'tirsi yi-ir. or SHMmi." 

■r>oi voiild 111 b'ltcr vh' n ymi i:«ii Ji 
sii i|ui> k." .said ihu Sinker Alan. "D.-r 
l.jijg. r ^oii live dt-i bott^i you gi-t ilr: 
bf:<t of dff 'surani-f (.otiipanv. vhai." 

"That's it." .-ontimjid It. illy. "It's a 
f'lltn ord'.'t. " 

"Kor \ha! sh'iiild d -r I'-ri.-is muair.'" 
aski'J ."jinku.s. "D.'i T. < >. |; .s.' busi- 

■'L'an'i J. I gU' x.s it'.'" askid Ktilly. 

".M'diii ." .imsw.'iid Siukt-is. "l>cr 
first Is r. for orlons. uiid (j for for-f,r 
on. nil J It. S. for rii:ht sid'-. Doi voiiM 
li- «'>i;i.jiis on P.ieh: Sid." 

".No." said fli'illy. "lliim li-iu-is stand 
far L'nitid t>rdtr av K-d Shirts. Y. - 
M". Sink' IS. i\ hin wo havi- 'inr r.'snlar 
niL-itin's \\-.- all wear r'-d sliii-ts. That's 
• iM- i\v oiii- si-(.-ii-t», but d'jii't III- 1. Ilin" 
•.ni\\ b'id.N about II. Tlnr whii» W" havi 
I'Ur so.lal." iviiy mi mb'.r lia:^ th' spu-i; ' 
riii\ !!►'!;<■ av kis;in" i\iiy oth-r nu nib-.t" 

"fur, shoiil I II pu "If vi.-: mil- boak." 
■said I'll Siiikor .M.-ii:. 


"\'hN. lii'iausL- \ liy. " 

"W^ll. I xplain yrrsilf.' sail U'-iU.x. 

"r>"''y \i't.\ wronj; for a rul'-." i-iMi 
tiiiu<<l SUiki I.". "Suppisitimi dot I Join; 
dot ord' r ural iiu-bb my wif. I.' n;; 
i-'j)ncs oil dt ;• m. '■-liiiy. Vmi tiiiK I vnull 
lik' vlu n all di'V m.-iiib. ;,s kiss h' r. my 
vif. . d r inothrr from my (hildrons'.'" 

"FJui wi "r all brofhci.s whin Wf take 
th' ^^.^.r t oath." ixplain. J IJ» illy 

"V.-ll. I v.jiiid I'-: uji my .-"if'L'r kiss 
my vK"."' said Slnkeiv. 

■'Yon'r'^ j'-alo»s." said K'-ill>. 

".No. fin !•.'):, ■' i-'pli'd Sinkers, "liul I 
\ ijuld iiol pt rmissiuii dot. I'nd yit b.'- 
sij.s. I v.juM no! kiss ymir vif.." 

"Why wiidn't ycr." 

"V'll." said Sink',r.s. 'xhiii iii\ \if. 
Miiild hjd sul-!» bit; ears llkt yuiir vif.. 
,'ot. I voiild Bit a divoi'-.- yisi' rdav 
I'li'ady. h: di r liisl pUi'j<\ I \inild im: 
maii-> a v. .man vtiat .i^i-.-w on sU'h a 
r.ic-(. mil a Hat lijs. ." 

"Si'<- h' ri ," said lit illy, "ilon'i sa\ m., 
"i!. lia.i a Mat ti.jS' . i.r « >1'I1 s.nd y.m 
Iioii!'- in th' raltl r."' 

"N'l'll. yoii 'omni r • i] it." « splaiia.l 

"I; was y.iii \\|i.. .:i,;!i.j. . 1 il." |.. 
•■irl.d K' illy. 

■'.No,'" said ."^inkMs. ".mju vaiit- d ;■' 
«• I iny vif.- to J'jin .vonr lodu' ." 

"If sh .loin' d."" r-niarkt-d li. illy. ";ir 
>ligh<;rand llxtriim Mos: ICxi- lln! lol- 
I'l.-t'.ir av Hi i',--a-l!ra'- 'iid s'-ooii in li. i 
lar<- for thi- <;urio <.*oll.."<:llot> in ih- 
<"hamb..r av Hotiors up in our IoJk' 
I'dini. IJi-"J t'ln a laid" on h'-r. too. It 
"■juld nad; 'l.-na. th" litilch Miunmy. 
■lilt; onl iiv Ih" IMiltii< av Flaai-hni." 

'I>Lii rd-fd-vvll. I v.iiil'l kno'-'.k 
liim'.s nosi- in sinash-J!*. ' said Sinkff--. 
"I v'jitlil in a mimib put him out." 

'.*Jiii... .von ' iid:-.'t put a. ' audi- "ii'.'' 
iniark. d fl'.illy. "but t.-r bi- candid wid 
>'.. SiiV<.'is. ]'il a'lviS" vi'i- tf-r sK y.'V 
I'lif" iiisur'.d."" 

"I'm in two lodB'.-.--' now. iii'.d m.ii-. - 
lio^vlinp clubs l»"»<|dps." said th'- Sink-v 

'An' is >• ; Iif-. in.suii-d in I't' bowliru 

■"No."" said .'^li»k..i-.»'. "liui I y'»! m.x li:'-.- 
i-^ del Kru:ik«imnt« N'tT. in."" 

"Kor h'»« much'.'" a^kcd li'-llly 

"Vi-ll." ansAvei'd Sink-rs, "dot il'»- 
p -ndi< vh' a .vou di< . f"m in for tn.-c 
y.-aLS lik- .voiir i:,d Shii! lods:". !>• i 
lirsi Mnu- f dii- I S't not a (-.i:t.'" 

'Vou nil an the lh.«t tim- .vnu li.- ih' 
lirst yoai-.'" sal'l IJcilly. 

"liui's it." coiKinui d Sinkers, "in d 
V liui I -Jlcd tfr Ht-eoi:d .\i'ai- I jjct iwi'-i 
as mii'-h as foe d -i- tirst year vhat I 
.li'Jii't di'." 

"Sui". that vvinln"t bi- aiiiiytliiir.r. ' 
said rjeiily: "If ytr s.,-t uothin" tli" tlist 
tim • y.,r di.-. ai»" twlc- as nuK-h Ih" S' -- 
ond yir. surt. .ve'd be owina; th" l.idv.'. 
nioii' y."" 

"I ki?o\\ dot."' (.xplalned Sinkt-Ts. "but 
vhei: I Jl- ilcr last time in dcr first thiee 
y'-arf'. d'-n I'm ahead oof d-r lodg^. I'n- 

"i.ih. iliais as plain as day." said 
i:-'lily. "I supos' if yer die th" fourtli 
;im' !h I'^dtje Boi.s Up th' llu' .' " 

"Vhert do it go'.'" 

"It so'"s aft- r yju." said Iteilly. "That'i- 
plain. ■ oo. Jubt as .s'jon as > ou di- f'l-ar 
timi-3 ill', lody di'S once." 

"A'-h. '.n\ .'"■ e-X'-IainU'l SiiVt ; s. "you 
dor't undi'istood vhich I am t-xplana- 
tioii. .Now ll.sttn. Veil I am four years 
old ill dt-r lud^e. I Set fiv..: I'ousand d'dlur 
for 'lying. ISut \lifii I'm only tlin-e I 
Ket only oni- f'lUsand. Vlun I die d i' 
sei oiv] V'.ar. den I ain't ir d'-r I'mIk"' >el 
a .C'lod 111' mber Ions einiUKh." 

"Well. Uf didn't know anny lodge t.jok 
in mi-mbiia thre-. or four years ohl." sidd 

"l-i'.y k' e|i >i.iu in do! loiij; for ymir 
moni i N hen jou don": die dcr flist or 
^'■'■o;.d .ir third tlnvj dot .vc-ars." i..\- 
plaiir d Sinkeib. 

"Th' n iej- can'i <Ji'- whin >• r lilv',-. ay 
111 uthir I'Ml^en."' said It-illv. 

"Su." >■' iitiiiU'tl Sink'-7-M. "you mii!* 
vait yet four years for dor full iii'in'y.'" 

""Ml you'll wall'."" sail [Ji-llly. 

"f•^|; sur^." Hftlil Sinkei-s. "You tink 
1 pay my duea for not a eent? My \ire 
ii'/ils doi money ^Ilcn I'm dt-ad. don't 


"C'Tfainl.i. " .said iCellly. "Slit I'udn'l 
jiet marilod a^aiit unh-bs bhc had money. 

Xo . l.isiijl • man wud -ak • h- r."" 

I eou't allow her to S't morri-.-d 

i.K'ain. ' ri niaik'-d Ih.- Sinker Man. "Von 
link I'm ciazy to Id her lin\' .\ct a new 

■•|!ut .vou"ll b'- deiul." -^I'ld Ki illy, "ai: 
uhc-n sh.'ll lie blowiii' In yom 111.' Insui. 
aii'-e iiioi* -.\ you won't l»e able to l',a\i 
V'.n- i-ollin to slop her." 

The Sink' r .Man phiii'id al lli. cclllm; 
and ^^cratcld his head. KH.'atly li.- snid: 

"Come, IMlly. ve vill r.'stM'XIIoi: ou:- 
selves out of all hur l"di;es. UUd swcar 
olT m£- life Insuranec Vc"n siari a new 
loiiKe for ourselvis imd ilrlt>'< our ifW'"' V 
up lor dues. Vhat '."' 

"We will." nald K-illy. :"'d 111. y ivoJ 
II' xt d'Kir to INmI Jerr>''s. when, th y p.-ild 
.lu. s on till lirst quai ur. 



I'll.- \. I. AiLliTMiii Woii.l .inJ l.iiai .111,1 
liii'lC'i. hAvt l-'«-i'" .i-> l.irt'J iiiiliir h\- 
(^.iri'.-nlors' I' fur ''nirt'iyinK ii'>" 
iinifin i.iip»iit<.-i-> iip'in its »'irl,. I ri.-nj-. 
'»t urir.»iii/i-.l labor plej^i- t.ike noli, i-. 

fS,.Ml ^ I. .A CLARI V. IV'-sU.'iu 

MiesI h. I Mldd.KP, S'vreUu. 

I ii,tor>o.i I" 1-i-Jor.ilf.l Trades A^M-in 
b'v ,,i Du iiili. . ., 

\V. I . \\. rWnS. Preslacni. 
I. \V. .M.l.KN. Sfirel.-irv. 


Comparative Production of Beer and 
Ale In Several States. 

T\\ CI lull lesiiii;; siip|.l> III. Ills a..- pub- 
lished ^^i!h Un- l-'.-brn.ii .v' mmibi.i .,f d, . 
ISriwcr.s' .Jiiiirnal: ili<- tiisl. a liioailsi.l: . 
shuwlii)? the sabs of mall r.i|iioi.«« hi i]\ 
rnite.l StateK fo' th" y. ar IsitT and ili 
till pre.-cdln»; yens, and showinj^ ,||..,, 
Ihe Hales ill i:ie principal eili .s {,,v ili- 
same e|( \tn yoaiH; th' so'-oii'!, an ullici i! 
'iiri '-t'lr.N' III bif-wcis .•md malsii-is in ;>i.- 
L'nil'l Slabs and Canada. 

Fi'im thr broadt<iil'^ it app.-ais th;,: 
■ linin.i; th.- revenue year iiidin;; Jiiti'- ;;<(. 
IS'.iT. thi- sal"S of b, ei- aii'l al.- amonii;..! 
to .':|.4-.;.ii!'l liariels. a d'-.iasi-. in spi! 
if this «r.jil i.m.'iiiii. of l.l'iL'.!i!i;i bairt I.- 
fiom the .«al's in Ihe i.-v-mic .vi-ar l.slti'i. 
.New Yoik stands al th" h. ad of th- 
Stat' s as a bn wins stat-. iMnlnj; l.SJi;. 
from 111 r lirewerii s. !t.^!>ft.i;;j liainls ,,; 
iI" and b""r were sol. I. a .iHi-i-eas" of 
'.'iT.l'IT barrels fi-oni the oulpnl if isiiil. 

feiinsylvania siood smoiiiI. wiiii an 
iiitpiit uf ;:.;hi-.'.-jS(1 Ihh-i-, is: lllin.iis. will, 
!..'44.s;ti; liari-els. caiir third. Wisi-on.sin. 
whi'h has th- larpsi sin;;l(,' incweiy. 
stands fourth uilh :;.i'it;_'.tjl!« imrils: aii.l 
then com., (ihio. wiUi :;.t;:;i.»)»):i; Missouri 
with L'.-iri.477; .N.w .I'-rs-y. with :;.<M11.. 
'•!'!*. and M.i.-^sai litis, tts. vvili I.6Tii..'..",t; 

.\ study of th. Hum-' s for -lev. n 
shows soiiii' T-atli'i- inl.'irsliii'i cliang"S 
in 111' ontimts of th" various statis. in 
Is.sT s,.\,.|, .stall s solj mori- ilinp l.OrtO.- 
'.•IM) barrels of malt li'iuoi' i-a'-h: .N.-vs 
York, l-'i-niisylx aiiia. ••bio. lllin.iis. Wis- 
•unsin, .Miss.iUri an. I X' a\ .br.S' y. .M i;;- 
sai-hn.-.-;is Join-d th.- li-^t in l^sS.. .-md tie 
list reniaiiii-d iin. lians'd until IS'*"1. w In n 
th'- last c.jiiit r dropp'-'l mii. tu •- juie bai-k 

lo stay in \s'Xl. In 1^:«« il rd'i 

haiiije,! I, I this: New York. I'ennsyl- 
\ania. Illinois. U'iseonsin, rUiio. .Mi- 
souri. N"W Jl rs' y. Massailius. lis. aii'l 
!>o i; has I niained. i xcept in ISOO, wh' !i 
Oliio and Wisconsin i-hanafed pla'-es, bul 
iiily for that yar. 

Alaska, which br. w ed 111 barrels ii. 
IS.v;. br. rtcd ---1 in \yjl: .Viizona bn ws^ 
inly on.--''iKhth as miieh ii'iw as sti- 
did in ISiiiT: Florida taok up br. wiiifj fo! 
ih.' Mist time- last .vear an 1 pio'lu'-' u 
■JlVi burr. Is. Xoij' III !he laiC" brewing 
sta'is iii'-feas (I its oiitjiul last ■ x- 
ci.pi Massa.-hus. lis. whi'h biiwed Iia.iXM 
ban-. I.-j mor. than in l}<t*t'i; I'|. oth'.-rs d'- 
cr -as.-il 111' Ir prodiie!iii' b.i Iroiii I.'.u.'m.mj 
bairib; in Priinsylvaiiia t" .".'lO.OOO in Lhi- 
stat •. 

In !h.- iwenty-two citi. s whuce b" i 
thirst is labulat'-d. only ItosUm j'lui 
Ni w Orleans drank mo;'« I '• f in ISO? 
than ill ISt**!: the thirst if th" o:h.^i 
iwenly %vas satisfi"d(- with fiom tJiiOo 
f"W,r barr- b t i liSO.aOo f w-r — th" larg. ."^i 
Jteieas" 111 In;; in this cii\-. the smailesi 
in San Fiani-iso. Jn spit.' i.if Ihr'f; 
lo£!S- s th" h.-er thirst i.f th. -dll'S re- 
mains vry constant .ir jrrows as ;lv' 
p'iptilation stows. For insiann-. in ISST 
.Mb.-iny drank iiTti.ii'K* baiT'-ls of; In 
IsitT. :::i.s:.'. liari'-ls: D'iroit. 'J.-vJ.Ml ir 
ISST aial ::si.;ml in ly.u : Milwaukc dis 
(los" J .if I.L'ls.aiMj baiT'ls ilevi-n year- 
asro and -.rt7»>.fMMi 1ji.v-| y. ar: New Vml. 
"pul away" 1.imi;:,iiimi in l>s7 and I. ♦;::!*. ti'i' 
ii< lS!«r. 

II iiiiiy li. iiui.'l h<i-<'ibat 111' sal>-s •.; 
:n.-ilt li'iuijis in Uj'al l!-itain and fi' - 
land amount"'! to 47.I7J. l»i-"i .\merican 
barri-ls. an inereas.- of .'li. I7l' barii-ls ov. i 
Ih" 'uitiiut of iNjifi. an 1 in •biinany to 
.".l.Kr.s, |:;;« .Vm. r'.iati ban. Is, a .•!" 
.".l'.,".SO barn Is. This. t<...i ciuntri.s still 
s-iirjiahs us in brrwinp. 

Th" s ml supnl'iie II'. 'h- Brew, i:-' 

iJiii-clory. s?iv"s Ih*- nam s and aildri'.st"-'- 
.)f til" bi-i wers and b' i win-,; cumjiani"s of 
Ih" I'niti-d .-Jlal's. Willi th- saks of '.aeli. 
.Sotni' I'-.ti r.'Stins facts ar- to b' Bl-aneJ 
fr am this unpiet' ntimis littb- book. !v. 
!h" lit SI plai-i . no btewi-iy sold nurt. 
than I.iHHi.iMiii bjirvcls last \ear: only oii.- 
bi'wei>. siinal'd in .\lihvauk' ■-. soM 
ni'ivf than immi.imih bari' is. and only imi - 

bl'Wi-ry in this cit.V .soil b.-lweeil SfMI.. 

''Mio and '.Hm.iMMi The laiRs; 
in thi;s city s M blween r.ati.- 
»;i>ii.iift(i ban. Is Th" larc si 
ai husfMs was not in 
Worc'sl'i'. There at. 
seven breWfiiis in .Maska. one of whi.-h 
wa.s start- I durin.u th r.-vi-niie y-ai 
IS%: tout in AlaViama. mid two in Ari- 
zona. Ta' lars' s; siiii;! • bnwerj in 
California was in Sai-'aiin iito: luit i 
bi'-witit; "oiiipany in San Fraivlsc ". 
.)p' tat ill!:.' .-igli! br-'wi-ris. di'J a laiS'i 
busiiietss. Five ji|-.W'ri-s in Clii.-as ' 
with one iir.wery in .Mihvauk.". sold le- 
tW'.'m litMi.oiMt and 7a'\'i" baiivls: and 
tliic" oth' r'i c.iiiijianii.s. uiili- 1. 
Slid b"tw"in :'.."ii|.fMKt an I UW.OiMt Twi. 
brewtiifs in Kansas .-a.i'i abjut sOdO 
bairels b twcn iheni. K ii'ii ky made a 
U'xid Phowin^ in tlie br- w'liK bn-'iiiess. in 
spite of its disiillins in:- rsts. tw-.-niy- 
sev"n lirms sellins; fnui. I""" liaii-Ks lu 
70.00a duiiiiK th.- .N.'braska bias!- 
L'l twenly-oiie brewi rit's. but initi" of 
th'-m was in Lin'oln. N' vada had six 
»»reweii;b. New llamps'iiii " four: .New 
Jerj<ey Kot s venth pla am hi.k br-vving 
states by ha\ii!« f.irly-foui brewerio*. 
two eombiiiaiions anion- whi'li so!'l 
about on- -:hird of th" stall's totdl 
aniounl. .Ni w- Mexi'n hai two and .N"W 
York L'»i4 bi"\\erlis: North Carolina has 
jiie br. W'ly. South Car'ilina two. an. I 
Wyoming four br.jWeries. In fu'l. evi-r.v 
Slate but f.nir at l-ast oie brewery 
and thes'- ex.-r-jitions ai" Arkansas. 
Main..-. Mississippi and V "-mont. 

Story fold of Twins Who Arc 
Engineers on the Penn- 
sylvania Railroad. 

How the Wrong Moran Killed 

the Elephant— Was It 

a Juilgment? 

^ I 

Two of the liesl-.knuwii eiigiiieers v>ii 
th.- Pennsylvania r.allroad nystcnx are 
i'al and Jiiii Mman. of .Mtoona. Pi., 
who ale twins jfjiil 'IS alike as two 
peas, Kays ihe New ,J"<»."k Sun. A score 
of \i-ars asii tln-y Wt*r».' firemen on tho 
Pittsburg division. .I'h t was seveial 
y. ais 111" s'-nioi- uf Jinni, in «-xperiencp. 
ami was C'liisitlei I'll n'jiA'y for promo- 
tioii to ill'- throttle. .Ifim was iii"x- 
pirient-eil in Rt-noral raili V'tttlinRT. thougli 
III- cnilil stok*' a mopul «\'iv the division 
Willi th.- best of lln-m. 

The hapi.y <lay of r'ai'V proinotioii 
'-ante al last, suui the roun.'Ihotise fiii-e- 
man was instructed lo seti^il him out 
Willi a train. l'nfortunat>>ly for ih" 
foreman and all iiarlies loneirned. when 
Jim turmd up that evenintr with his 
arms full of oil i-ans. thf? foreman inis- 
look hl.'ii for Pat. 

"Pat. " sai<l li.- Kiaciousl.v, 'yoirvi?- 
bi-eii pi-on.oted. and .vou"ro to take tlup 
extra fast ireiffht out toniRht.*' 

error with a Khurklt». 
of nerve and love of 
held his ton;;un. 

br w. I y 
liiMl a III 
bicwe:y in Ma.> 
B'>ston. but in 

liKITSIID A IH\<»K<'i:. 

C-'TK' I-. Whiti. « vuuiic man. was b' 
fore Judtf" Sliiv. r In lb" eireul, . ourl. yes- 
terd.iv. s;ivv lb.- Kaiis-ns '"Ity Jo'jr lal. 
.-»skl:ip- for a dlviirn- fiolil MarKanl 
Whii". Til y w re in.irried last .March 
ail)' Iheil tojjctlii.r a nionl'". 

"Why do .vou wish a d.vone'."" ask' 'J 
th' judt'". 

"I couldn't (.'"I aliinj.' with her." 

"How do \<iu ku'Mv \ "U could no:'.'" 

••Why. I trinl to." 

"Von t'l"i il f'jr a iiioalh V 

"VcH. sir.' 

"\'oii illd ii'.t live i<iji-.'itii-r Ions- "iiiHiKb 
to tlnd iiui If vou could get aloiiK^. " 

•I did lind out. iu'lte. Sli • w lit t'l 
ina:iiiees a-id ba.s.-liall iraiii'-s and wotilila't 
do thf hoiisffw-ork 'IP put up "'> 'i-i"' h'-oii 
wbi-n f W' nf to work." 

"iKin'l ri-i-li" sour xiri'vaiu-.^ to tlii.- 
eiMirt." lIll"rnlpl^d tli«^ .luds-o. ".\ '■'oiiiil' 
wli'i it\\ up lifter oiili :i inoiilb of irvIng 
lo Kol aloiiK have not tried hard '-iiouKh. 
The court thf divurie." 

Aiiylhin« you 
want, read Th'- 
adt) -and get. 

h<i\en I R'li that you 
bveiilns Herald wani 

will carry hralth in and sickness 
out of youi house. Is Non-lntoxi- 
Icating and thcTc-forc Lvcry 
body's Malt Extract. 

Convalescent,, mnti have it — 
fiive-. new strength — new life to the 
Weill out systemb. All druggists. 

Val Blatz Brewing Co. 

Duluth Branch. Tel. 62. 

outs unt5l 



Jim iioled Ihe 
but h" was fvll 
adv(-nture. so l«» 

■Take Ihe 17!i." th'- 
liniieil. "Sh'-'lf be 

thei- iirilers." j 

".•Ml right, l)a\*t-," Jim answered 
'•h''ei-ily. ami willi an inward fti-in lie 
Ifathered up iiis oil <-aiis and njnunted 
the I7;». Me kiiiw liov to Stan lik-r and 
how to stop hit-, and Jiuil been iiHfiateii 
int. I tin- mysl'-iies of tin- air hrak''. 
tli'-n a n"W invenlioii, buL beyoiuJ this 
.iims stock was niailH. up largely oC 

The oliI 17!i stcanied 'Uit of ihe rouiiil- 
lioiisc in her ai-i-uslom"d !4t.vle. and Jim 
Hi th" thniltle felt that if he e.mUl j^ct 
her awaj b^'fon- Pat turned up 
he would have some fun before tlio 
nijjhi i-nd-'d. lie goi liei- np tlirough 
tb" yar'l without a Jiili h and finally. 
Willi 111'- aitl of Pri»\-idene". haii liis 
train started westwa.fl. Then his 
tmubb-s b.-gan. 

l''or th" tirsi fi\-" miles h-- got aUnig 
fairly well, bui when In- struck th'* 
grade iin I In- nioniitaiii side lie wiii< ju 
difti'-alties. When he thf-w 'in th" full 
h'-a'l '>;■ steam the <lriv«rs slijipecl and 
whirrt'd jiselessls- around because ho 
forsol to droji sand till she got fairly 
started. .Th'-n when h" threw tl»o 
'hi'illli' li-\ i-r back il i-anie tm* fat" and 
the train stoi>j»ie<i. Joe. ih" flrerrtun. 
-a si appreh'-nsfV" looks al tlie new cp^ 
srineer. but sail/ noticing. Me ha<l l)"en 
-lut with tir.'-^l-irfii men before. :md he. 
ih'iughl that this -»\ as the worst h'- had 
ever seen. Piiialv* Jim had the -train 
uoing al a fait- sjn'cd. iind then aimther 
difli'-iilly sprang iiji. The water wan 
ij-ilting lovv ill th" Voiler and Jim 
lidn'l umlersland the in:Jec|ni-. 

"There's s'lniethinp wrong wilh ihi.i 
infernal inj'-i tor. Ju.-."' \%- finally said to 
the liroman. 

Jo'- b-am-d uii his shoVel a moment 
-ind remark"'l that it lotiked all right 
to him. 

"Hut sb" w'in'l work." Vim <ried in 
di speralion. "and we're sti.U four miles 
from 111'' I'lp of the mountain." 

"TI,.' wal'-r'll last two mib^s. and then 
shell bust nnb-ss w.- draw llie tiro," Joe 
n-marlC'd nieilitalively. , 

"W'll. f'jr lieav-en's sake, tsee if yoti 
'■an get ii'i- to work." Jim iKj^ged, hor- 
rified at th" [iros|K'c). 

.Foe gav"'- a twisi to the in.1i*-tor valvo 
find th" wi'lcome s'liind 'if ^va lev gush- 
ing into the boilof rewarded his ef- 
forts. Jim heaved a sigh of relief and 
went back to his seat. 

"I guess she just got stuck a little." 
Joe remark"'l as In- took up (h" shovel 
•"■ain. Jim blesseil hint lor Ills «-on- 

Down 111" gra'l'- on th-' 'illier side nf 
the niouiilain Jim counted mi an ea.=v 
s|i"leh. The stiinmit of the ridg-^ 
|iassed. he fell his nerve. sh;ljifill by 
111.' inj"ctor episoil". returning-. Witii 
th" train goins: at ih" rate of llitrty 
mil"s an hotir aruuiid 111" sharj* <-urves 
Ix-low ('ressiin he was alread.v «-liurk- 
llng over his joke .m Pal. wh.oii sud- 
denly a great dark thing loomed up on 
111" track directly ahea<l and a. t^eeond 
later a trcnnnd'Uis jar almost showk thf? 
mogul ofl' the rails. With a bla^iiched 
face Jim levrseil tin- engine anil ap- 
pli"il the brake. Wh.-n the train «ame 
to a standstill h"- s.-nl th'- fireman jiack 
I" see what lucJ been siriiek. 

Tor. Il in hand. Joe scrambled olj" th.i 
engine. lie was goin* several ininiiit -.«. 
ami when h" cam.* back his eyes •were 
starling from his In-ad. 

"ft was an elephant." he san^ out 

.Tssertlon. Ihi- for.niaii hnrricl t f- 

t'-el th'- mischi.r. II. ,ii,| II,.' liisl tbiti" 
lie 'ould think of, and that was to .<end 
an '■mpty ciijcim- after Jim in charge of 
an exi> engim-er. This dom-, he 
ealled the trainmaster and told him the' 
story. Messas'S (lew alu-ad of Jim or-, 
deiinfi: him to d-liver the iiaiii to thf' 
eniiilr engine folluwing. P.ut the oper- ' 
atm- had sear, ely ti.-ke.i .iff the last ur- 
dec when the di spaK-h' r i-'-c.iv<-d ihi- 
n»''ssai.'i- fiiiii' lb" s'-i-ni- uf ,)'-.i, ii>--i 
■.■nisforlnne. The (tain was held besi-lo 
til" dead elephant until the .-xtra .'n- ' 
giwecr ariivi'il and Ihii ill.- ii.iuiiie was 
«iV"i-. ; 

.lini was not discharged, as he ex- 
iJfM ted. although he was laid off a' 
Jiionth fur his escapade, lie did not. 
learn foi- several days that the ele- ; 
I'hant slrmk was on<- lliar es(-ai'"d ! th" wreck of a circus (rain on Iho- 
morning of his adventuff. | 


Iit-lroil Flic Pi-vss: "rm siU'lyin;; . 
Ibis nali.ral gait iiiiisli m." anniuiii-' i! 
4:iiKh:.r, as h-- retired lo his Inner . 
otlice jnul said that hi was in to n" i 
oil' fjr ih; next two hour.s. "It's iho | s<-i. ntitii- pt.di|. :ii ,,f th. day.' 
I a .11 almjst eonvlnced that lli<re av 
.ai-Aies w.. have- noi y.-t fa:li)tn.-d Ilia ', 
pi'iluei vaiying degi-e' s o.'' lieiisity and 
lli»il pro(.!uce lik" variati'Ui in iIk- mat- i 


t .»r of pressure. Int. rnal f'jtci 
Iji- mast-rcd. niusi govern. 

"Take ni.v own i-xpi ri' n 
months a-,-ii, though I k"i)t th 

yet to 

In thr ••Hoi Bunch Social Club" of 
Ne>* Orleans. 

Ciiii'iuitur W.iii-. "liAJi lip-t'jwri 
.-licliic liin-. bad. pi-i liap« t le- iii'.j; 
uniitui- e;irload of fans Sunday night 
h'- or any uller condu'-tor lias "V- r 
haii'lli-d ill N'rw < Ml. -fins, .says Ihe New 
•irlcitns Tim- .'■• lii'tiiocrai. Ii wa.s 
somewhere about Hro:idvvay thai llV" 
• oiiiilcs. Iioj s and girls of ironi IJ t" 
14 v.ars of age. boardi d 111" ear Th- 
i-ar h.-i'l ii'il Irav'-l-'l live blu'-ks b"for'- 
'•\'-ij- l.oy lia.l his .irm around a girl. 

"Say. Jai-kl" \ell"d ote- iif th" young- 
slers t'l 111" ••oiiduelor." i-an't y'lii pull 
Ihe troll' y '»IT r'»r abou; a minute"" 

At l<iiiiisian;L .-tv- nu.- th" trolt'-y -lid 
e.iifi" off. an 'l;h'-r.' was an unmistak- 
able sound of kissinu • Wle-n Ih" trol- 
li y was put sudd-nly ba- k .-tii.! Ih. -ar 
was light. -d up <iii" lilll" maid'-n oi' 
about I'j y.-ars was .>'lMti.ling boll up- 
riKhl in th.- aisle, h.-r fai-c a ti-ry r d. 

"Th.-il's 111" stuff; " rapliiroiisly erb i] 
.-I bud. ling l.,ii| hario. 'run tie- train ofll' 
the trai-k atid k.-'ji tin- irolby tiff a 
week or so. Tliis is the Hot Biineli 
.s:,'i-iiil club." th v.iiiiigster .explain"'!, 
"ami Ibis young ladv with m-' is th 
warim-sL baby in the buTi>.h,"' and 5till 
th'- '-;ir rolli-il on. 

L. Two 
going a: high picssurc wi;h .-i view In 
g'lting tile walks of the house ilio- 
loiighly dri- d and w»irm<-i;, my bill 
was Ij^it Ji;;. |,.,vt in.iiii.;i. w h. n les- 


f 11 Ilia. -e 

my bill 

"Ills an 

; re'iuirc 

hi a I was f'tiuired. and th- 
was regulaii-d ai-i-m dingly. 
\va-i $30. This, you se. . pn-s. 
in 'cresting probh m. Does 1; 
nA>r. gas to produi-c a given ainomr, 
'jf lu-a't at on- time iliaii .-inothr'.' I> 
♦ h" vaiiaiioii due ii almiisph"ti- '-.m- 
ditioMS ou;sid': of llios--' recot-'b-'l liy 
the Ihi i inomet' r'.' Dm s th: great in- 
ternal .ginei-ator if tin fu I iiirn out 
bf :ier gas a; on.; llm • than amilhi-r'.' 
Is m.iie ri'i ssun- eXel-i. <l one week or 
one month than an ilher'/ Are we at 
111- m-.-ii-y of el' iiiciKal piiii -ipli-s that 
have tludid us thriiigh Ih • a.?-'? An- 
till- tlu'tuatiuns 'if g.-is slock subje -; to 
<rratle moods of naiun'/ It is a 
Kiand i>!obI' m. Dmi'i nermil .-iny.ine 
lo disiurb nv until fiirtli. r mdi -e."' 

How Poor lo's Orip on the Irrasury 

is ii'ii |iiiiir. but Ilk" th" 
wa.vK vv I'll ii>. and Is h1- 

iis iniiiie.v. In fad. Ilio 
thoiigb slc:idily diiiMiisbing in 
is ciinsi.-ini Iy gi-ow Ing mor.- 



he is :ii 
cost ing 

red mail, 
expensive, says tin 
nal. In ls70 Iheie 
in 111.- .-oiintrv. Pi 
-tfl.l7u. Today ther 

K.-ifisas Cit> Jour 

w.-re r,oo,(H»o Indiaii.-i 

\'<'ji< th- ri' was onl.v 

e are hardly I'oO.'iO't. 












the gas 
ikki eper, 





of a 





hi a'l 

Hy Jove 


V 1 1- 

111. Ill 


. r 





looiv in 

! . 1 



r an.v 






Poston Trav 
'■'iiii-se. what 

but as ellelli. s ,-i| 

bine for . aram.-l^ 

Full CAI{A.Mi;i-S. I 

li-r: Villi ,-ill know, of 
lobbing cli'-riii-s is. 
no! ill ^.'a."lJli bob- 
is :i III. rr.v .-substi- 

fioni the ground. "We 
bioimiiiig Ihinn dear 

".Joe." remarked the 
dignity, "you ought n't 
gitieei- because it's his 
vou thiik r know that 

iff «iii the 


engineer with 
to kid yoirr en- 
tirst trip. Don'l 
elephants donl 

lute. I'iist you •^'■\ .V'liir eaiaml., 
Ibi-r v.m lix ihem su it is hard fur vuiij- 
gU'st I'l g't lb 111. .ilili'iu!,'!! i-ai-h'ha-; 
a .-ham -. Tbi-.-a.! a larg" le eilf- willi 
a yard ..f Iiaiii siiool .-otlon kiiutt.'l at 
and :-iring a soft e;iram.| on 
the knot eali-h s. Huvi- ••iioiiijii 
■ pi' par. d i-.u-h on in ili- 
party. <;i\.' on>' of th. bobbins: i-ara- 
mr-ls to eai b on.- and l.t il In- tak.-ii bv 
•.h" f re ■ end of t)i.. thr ad (whieb ,-iIsv» 
has a kii'it. au'l. of i-oui-sc. is wilhotit 
th" iie.-dlei in 111" mouth ami hi ea- li 
'iirainl bv iratlii-r- 
in 111 - nioiitli. th" 
b hind the back, 
iboul this, but il 
11 il. t )ne biiil 
must b'- h.'l'i 

tin- "ii'l 
it until 
of tlies' 

oil'- try !'» g't 111. 
ing up th'- strin^r 
haii'ls« lii-l.l 
Th.-i'- is a Iri'k 
W'luJd spoil 
will s-jfiii-". 

the fun to t' 
Th" knot 

lirmly b.-t vv. en tli.' t'- th. 
onl.v gel th.' buoby priz!\ 
one to win 111" 'arani'l. .v 
bils of fun waleliinH- ih" 

aml grima.'^s f>f tlms 
Ih.- game with vui. 

l-;ven if >.iii 

as the l:i.s| 

lU will 'oav. 

eontori i.iii-i 

who are trylni: 

Seveiileen years ago ill iJiNi -tlie Indian 
aiiproprialions vvi-r.. $l.r.i!.-'.."ia)<. .Nim 
.vi-ars .iKo. ill isy^. ili.'y Were S,"i.40l.330 
l-'m- iv.i.s they are lu be $7,eL'7,'_'o4. 

The wliiie ['"iiple uf the cnuni r,', who 
foot these bills, are Willing that Ihe In- 
dian shall bi- li-i-ati-(l fairl.v. They recog 
iiiz.- th.-it hi' has a cinim .oi tiie gov-rn- 
nii-ni for rea.-ion.ilde pr-it'-'-tion. but 
tiie.v do ii'il desir.- lu s<iua:eJer nion--'. 
"11 him. Ther.' an- Indian.-; in the pi- 
.li;iii terrii.iry w)io have grown rii-li oe 
the gov.-rnnient's botinly jiml are .-till 
dr:iwing it ngularl.v. The treatb^s thai 
have been made with siiine of the Irili-'s 
will have to be honored, of .-.lurse. and 
lln-Ke call for annual iiavm'-nts "f 
rnoiii-y, but the ;ipproiiriatiuTis sh.'Ul I 
b." kept down to 111- liiw. 3t limit. 

Th" Iruth is Ihst th" people- lb" 
Western jteupl" • -peiially— are pruwing 
lired of I'Upp'irtillg 111'" red:ikijl in Idi- 
iii-H.'--. Ttii-v want th« governnn-il tu 
br.-ak up hi"^ tribal relatiotis and put 
him lo Work fcir hi'' liviDg. They d" iiol 
maintain the hi-althy an 1 i;tronB of 
ili'-ir own col'ir in shiftle-JGn. y? and th" 
bur.Jeii of supriorti'ig the laz.v, llllhi 
lii'luins ai publl' charges is becoming 
irks'jtne. Man.v of them have become 
.stifiii ieiitly civilized to i-a rti good liv- 
ings if they vvouid. but th' > vvlll iimI 
•III ;-o as long as thoy are p.-rmlil'd •'» 
Ii\.- on the government Pidlea.l ..f 
growing larger the appt..|irlafion.s for 
llii-ir siipjiort would be.-oim- graduallv 
but s|ea<lilv smaller. 

Th" In.'.i.-in i^ ;« nuif^aiiee an.v wa.v > mi 
i.iKe him .-md ihe l.-ss ex|i.-nsi\e .i mii- 
;-.iiice is made to be the more s.'Llis. 
f.ietor.v the iiietiiod of dealing with i! 
Tlicfe ha.-; bi • ii loo mu'-h i.entiment .'itnl liitje practical sense in tb'- go\ ert; 
nielli's Ircatimni of It.'^ r.-d charrre-" 
II is Iiieli time th;if liu- exi»eiisi'.' n<in- 
^:■|'n^:e rIiouI'J fctup. 

browse on lb.- Alleghauies?' 

■'By the l„ord. Pat." tin- fireman ro- 
luined fervently. "I'm a-tellin' yon th« 
truth. c.o back and see fur vourself." 

Still iiicri-.i'ilous liio .-fi'wl.'l .luw i\ 
fiom th" I ngine and went liaek. Thre.^ 
hundred I'l-et in th.' rear he fotind ser- 
••lal liiaki-iiii II standing oV'T the car- 
cass of a big elephant. 

'By heH\ en. Pat. " said one as he came 
ufi. ".vou've made a rci-ord for .vour first 
trip. IPs th" first ebphani we've 
killed fur a coupl'- of months." 

"Y"S." |)Ut in another, "it's about tho 
biggest one I evoT- Saw here. Bill 

Ml. b;..'t l-ill"d O".- 

' Don't. " put in Jim weakly, "don't 
josh me. fellows. It's a judgment sent 
on me for doin* Pat out of his run. T 
aie'i Pat. I'lr Jim." 

••W'ell. Ill be " 

"Nevor mind what .vou'll be." Jim 
blurted out: 'you won't be fired like me. 
anyway. Do you sec that tower there'.' 
W'll. Pio Ruin' 111! now lo I'-ll th" 
operator I'm done for. Not another inch 
will I liudge thai train, s.i help me. " 

U'ith niiiik strides h.' hastened to the 
tower, and the result of his conversa- 
tion with the operator was this ni'is- 
sag" to the train runner: 

.Moran killed an elephant and lost Ilia 
nerve. Ailvise what is to !>•> Jon". 

The answer ilash.-d back waa explieit 
and laconii : 

Send Moian home and keep the ele- 

Meanwhil' theio had been lively times 
at the roiiii'lhouso. .\n hour after 
Jim started wltli the mogul Pat, having; 
h'-ard of liis iHumotlun. turned up to b' 
assigned lo a run. 

"W' II. vvhalll I take out, Dave?" Iv. 
asked the foreman. 

'"Take out nothing." the foreman an- 
swered curll\. "D'l > nu think all the 
Morans were promoted when Pat got 
a run?" 

"T3ut 1 am I'at. ' said the owner of 
thai name worderlngly. 

"Well, by thunder, if you're Pat. Jim 
stole youi' run. and lli',>n;'Il bo the 
deuce lo pay." 

"Great Jehosaphat." wnB all that Pat 

ciiuld SH^ . Th"ll lb-- fill' < 

of Jim'fl tri.'k broke upon him ho tnul- 
tei-ed: 'If tliai seoundre) gets home 
all'". Ill torture him with fire.'* 
Convinced by the earn-ielness oC Pafn 

sm iWi-'.D iii-:ii TiiKS. 

Fiv.- rosy lo.-s. a bit uf bared a.nkl.' 
and a glim|is" uf whit- ling ri>- w-i-' 
ixiiibiti-d lo Judg.' W'-rii r. jury m- n 
and a i-ourl full of sii.-clalors 
Thui-sda.v moi-niiig in the trial term of 
supreme cuurf, at Uo.-lie.ster. N. V.. 
when W 11. Dull her insist d ilial Iph 
'•lieiit. .Mrs. Marie l-'ulb r. jirove that 
her foot had b.-, n injur.-d sullici.'ntl.v t.i 
warrant he suing for tfJlMMi damag'S. 
says .N'.\v York H'lald. Mrs. i-'ull-r 
was walking 'lown Slab- street wh n 
an iron trap door in the sidewalk in 
front of a hardwar ■ stor" f. 11. nip- 
pimi 111.- « too of her ri#hl fool. 
\\'li"ii Mrs. I'^ule-r recov.-red fn-m th- 
injury sh" su- d lli.i )iropri''l'>r of ili. 
hardware stor>- for 'ia.mag-s. Mis. 
l-'iiU-r (')ok Ih. stand this morning, ami 
the lirst i|U-slion b.v the attoin.y for 
the di-f. use w as: 

"Mrs. I-'ulb-r. will .vou slniw u.s ih.- 
l»iot that v\ as hurl V" 

Il'sitating and lilu.shini;-. 
iff linally answer d in tln- 
and asked le-rmission to i 
.liidg.'s chamber. This w 
Sin- was gon ■ lv\<i miiiut.-s 
and court a't! -ndants rushed to 
front of the i-.jom as sh'- ein-rged. 


U ill pi'i- ure anything pr. "'ural.I»>. 
U'lll sell an.vthing .«alablr 
Will rent aii.\-lhlne that 1.=; rentable 

lb" plaiiit- 

af1irniali-\ .■ 

.tit-.- to th" 

as Kraiit"'l. 

. Sicctators 



•omm.iiided Justite 

the jiir.v 111,11 marly fell out "f tin- box 
in their anxi'ty to s e Mr.-. Full I's In- 
jiind toe. 

■■IJa.-k. ther.-; 

.Mrs. Full r lifi'-.l lb'- li.-m of h"r 
skill barely moi-i- than an iinh. slipp •'! 
off her sho ami then- was t b" bml. 
.lustif-e Wi-riH'r insiie'-lcd the fool 
gravol.v, and th" jury men gallni'il 
arouml and t'i'd; a 'los'-r vi'-w . 

"That will <l->. Mrs. Full'-r." said I b" 
judge. 'I Inn the trial vv nt on. 

■When y.5U want The I-^'oning Herald 
wirts. bring what you wnnl. 

H.irnum wa;- mav'ir of Uridgei/ori 
and a widower. He was i'.iii.'sonie and 
his b.-auliful home, Wald'nior'-, <jii th'^ 
shore of Lmig l-lan'l sound, was im; 
much visiteil except i.y sights -ers. lie 
bi-.-ame inlerestf-d in Ihe beautiful 
'laught'-r of .Tolin I"i;;h. of Soulhport. 
Fngl.and. a r.-ilnd maiiur.-tctur' r, and 
solicit. >i| hr-r ha ml in marriag'^. Bar 
iium was Well a.iivati'-'.-«l in years au'l 
knew his f.'«,m'" a.s the prim.-*' of slmw - 
men was riot suITii i"iit to win th" prize. 
In fail, the fame might hurt his suit 
rallier than In Ip il, for Mls:^ Fish gre«i- 
!>■ dislik'd 111' notoriety attached to liie 
"gr.-atoHt sli'iw .in earth," and afl»*r 
she ha<l m.'irrie.l its 'ivviior. always man- 
agisl to Ii'pI.J li'-rsi-lf al'iof frani the jiub 
lioity her husband l.ivi-^l s«i W?!!. 

But 111" 'lid showman's kiiowKdge of 
the I-:ng^lisli 1 ive for '-'-li-brity led him 
lo pia.v a. viinnjng: ear'J. He had his 
plioto«T:i|ili tak'-n. Tlie pa-lure repre- 
sented him so.Tt_ d in a showy landau 
harne.ssi d !•» f'ur b.-autiful blaek 
h'>r.s.»s. his <-'-acbmaii "ii the box and 
tw'i footnion b.^hin'l. l'n«l"r lb-- pliolo- were the words. "F^ird M4.voi- uf 
Bridg< port. " .\ ,if this picture 
was forward'^il to .Miss l'"isii. and Bar- 
niim always thoiigbl it "did th.* busi- 
n--ss." At all ev.-iits. It wa.s not iang 
cifti-r M.iss' Fish iie.-ived the |»i' tur-' 
tiial ^hi" ticeam.' his wife. 


Are Ihe tilings we Want. What v.iu 
w.'uit can b'^st be s.-.-iired Ibroiich Tie 
J-^vcmIdj; ll.-rald want culumii.-. pf-.-JuUv 
•re furo. ^ 


Give her time, 

and almost every soap-ii.siii;; woman will 
around lo ilie u.^e ol Pearlinc. liic 

to 1"; .Mirc. 
women ean 
witlioul doubling and trembling, 
wlicn a woman once wakes tj[> 

iisin^ habit is sLron 
all these vear-j 



t put 


the fact that 
serves the \ery 
lulji. then tlic 
Pearlinc prove 

necdiT and de 
best household 
in favor 
than any 


There's case, economy, quickness, health 
and safety in Pearline washing and cleaning. 




I i 








niK l»l l.l Til I:VI:MN(} HKKALH: NVKDNKSIk^V. MAK<II '2. ISMS. 


All Ivrnl WImli Is (musing 

MiH li Kejoiting Amoiuj 

Kunum Catholics. 



'"Utx-. it is ta^y :■> S'l- \\ liy iii'<liial 

ri li-' >(imiu; irnsiilui" lijil>it-t, l"«s 

■i iiiiil slffp. f.\|>os»iir • (ii ilv- 'X- 

>>\' \Mntlicr. Joltlnc Htnl hIimU 

i; .>\(f I. •null iKiuls. iiilialin'.; iii- 

..).. -lad'H iliist <'i' (lie ixiil .lir <'l' a 

•sr ranlai:"-. Hi' i on^tunt imntiil 

tiilti ■>! wi-itrhiim Ui«Rii'>stlr -ymp- 

iiis itIUl thrrai'tMilii- iiKli.iiiioiis wiMi 

f'-.U* •>! cniti;; wIi'Ti- liiiiinin li\'--< 

.it stakr. uiul Inst. Iiut nut li.isl. 

wiUi mniiv llv w.iriy lAiii'-ssly 

•1 In 1 > lU-- Mai»l'i' a««oriilu^ )<> 

\i I, It- A \i . -J.".-;:! -all tln-S" vari'ias 

- ?^i <) ■>tir .Kmirv y. 


^itm lUit live ^cars Irom 

the Prmcrbial "\cars 

of St. Peter." 


I' 1,1 


Hu» Ihis Inilustn Has Changed of 
Late Years. 

\ . ..liii;. has < omi- .v >r tin- 

1 Ulii^r iiiiliistiy iliirimr tli.- l.i.'^t 
us. says ilu- I' I'r.'ss. 

■'v,'':l> SMI- .il;m. ..f I -- 11. I'. • w.i-, a 

: ,1 ,il iMiiy .>i' l>i»otl>l.ii-k> in ilif -trfft.-*. 

■ till' - mI .if Wllltf ail<l v.ihtCi'il l>U.V.s. 

,. h unii .t kit aittl a <»'rt.aiu station 

I ■ i; h h- was .iitltli'.l liy th'' uii- 

■ I U|>ati 111 itriii-raily. 

inniirst Th ■ \vl(il(> 

mainly Ain-Tiraus ami Irish. 

ill ;>.i|)f"rs uhi-ii uoi i>i>ii»<hinii 

\ i>it->MU line- sh >>■ pxljsti- 

:;:;■,' Mil .iIm',.i-i .-xcltisiifly al 

.viiii-h ar- i.'ii- i t.. til,' [..jlislifTs 

-"■•rili\.- M-.^i '"f th-- 

1 .w .!:• 111. II mainly Ital- 

- ti I II'.;-:'' '';-ri- .ii>- many tifijrufs 

■ M- l-u.-i' riifri- ai-'' stil! .1 f«'\v 

. .\ li • 1 .. I •:; jl.Milt ih.- <lr. ■■■!.< Willi 

1..1V.'.- slui'i; .>\.r lli--)r siHUllil.'rs. 

\ '•■■•. ail- rlii'il\ Italian l»>ys. 

|.''<ittikrl iiiM ii" • 111 irrd latl^. 

( I'l •• I .1- liviity;-. iiuw- 

.1... i\ 1 i; • - ■ ' .starul on th<' 

■ . havt« hU sh«»'s«il u hen 

•}r.i\ ati fa!«y t-hair tu ell in al 

.■r!;-'!-. '\"i)f -i.iii'ls. as a 

■ •! l<\ . 'Hit I'M' t TS. wilO 

•! ttir'ii I I 111'' (Milislii-r- or '■luploy 
■I it !•'■;;!!', ir ^.liies. 'flv r'l' i.- ni> vv;iy 
.; ■ ii;; at th>- i-xa< t liisiircs. lint it i^ 

1 that lA. t $.",1111. IMM> ;( is 

•i ill.' i.iiiMf ,., p.ilislniij; .-li'i'S jri 

\ .n: \ !.' 'I S WOMAN. 

Ti'.', , ,\ ,1 •!• A- ki:iJ .•:' ti' k"t- ••!) 

: I.,;' • ( .i.'isiili'ialt il Stii-''t i.iiluay 

- -.i\~ !lit- I'lrV'lanil lyfaiU-r. Kvery 

■ ■ii'-nicl \\ itii i>i.-tur»'s nf 

:ifii. Ill- 0:1 '/.i' h sitli- ^>f 

,., . ■ ' • ;.i ,1;^ .1 luii'i i''-.i~>"l man 

' inir.i oil til'- I'uyn.- avfiiu<- lin*- 

•1 '. lay. h.iarili-d a ijr atul li>'kl uut 

■|' ^I'Tlts. -.i ^■I|1^ 
Ti k' t-.-' 

iiidui'tur jiulU'ii a striti .if ii'k»'l.- 
' ~ 1"' k"l. tuff lUlf- nlT ;iti.l '1 tiul- 

'1 - [■< r"n' Ma^s.'ojt"--'' 

•| :: ,,;,•;■ .-tarf'^l in !"m1'1 I ;• t i^ k'-ts 

• -' ; , ,iTl iii"ii -ud'l' !ily -l'>ii|..',l ami 

'i lii'-'ii. » 

. ' h" -,n I. '1 !■ !■ - t ..-III liai/k 

' •■U'Jiicti'i-. I . iii'i 1:-" thosi-. 

• lit a, nirk>-l u: I i;i\-- iii" u\y 

•'Why.' WiKii'.- til iiiitt'i- Willi 

iiV" ill-' surpris.-iJ . uni|u<.ti(i- a>kt-il. 
\ 't'T l.>. .kins' at hlin s|"a>Iily f.-r a 

. . itu- passi'HSff s li'i : 
\ ■'.' r-r ill. in. IM hat'- !■« t'll \ mi aliat 




iril .iDiith'T 

I'l ■!• 


: I ' I - 1 - : 

ii' ■ ' .1 : : II - 
; 'I' 1 ; itix [>t t'"- 

■ ':■■ Ii . V I'lltll- r. 

■ inil< Ii ;i ■■! -il 
I.\. '.'. 111. il u . 

■; luf" ill m\ I'l" k't. Wh.v. 
■ .\'iu ki).. A Mill '-Iv OO''t allou- nio 

wM' >I iil1> -ill. »' th''y"v'- -.C'li to put- 
- .Mii'iiia W.i-''iinut"trs pii'Uir<' 'Hv 

■ " ■ I'l. 1. -i '. " '.'t : ■ 
\\ ' t . '.- lii;;'Ui lU I. . . Ix r ;i ■ ■ ■ .ll.Jil' tnr 
: '. ■ ■']• ■ M. I ..nil- 111 1 ;;'. . '1.1 ii'.^". 

SI I i.v i.\ .\i.\iN);. 

i:.i!";-.f ' ""nini-'r. i.'il: Slati- Supi-i'tiit'-ti- 

1 ,.'■ >, ■■. .,i- Sl'fsini i\a- \'siii'ip -I 

r-nilirok'-. Tv'litii li.- Koi 

, • '■ ni:izi'> i>f natur*' stmlli-; 

rii*',l iiskt'l •=i.'iii-' j !l<:-r<-.slin(f ipi' sti<>n.s 

l»'>.it 111- litfl'' Uiin--;s --f th> n-.>rli] ai>0'it 

-.1. .I'HII. .'■ Ill- lIUvl ii'.l. Nil •> I'- 

And yt't." sa'.d li»' st it ■ »uu«rln- 
";ill rif VitU "Mt iniiiiv aiiplis III 

■ ell - ..r I \-. :ii .111.1 -. II.'- fruit 

. <l.iy. p: 'jl'.ilily." 

"*'o'i iiiK^t '....I ti ... i. . Ih- ■ 'itlli' 

Mil las ill natnri . .\"uw. j.- rli ip- si)ini_. |i tl.. 

i > '• ilriv Jj 111- . ii«-- il. paslur*' 

'.i this siimni-r im t II mt- -.-i 

THK l-i'TM l:v..'..i\ l.Vi; TflR CAHWNMA. 

• raiiiiat'/'l 
-I ailMi-ii- 

1 .,.■ .■•-.v ;.-.|.. 
ill. Til' •'■■)■ 

I-lai'-- il 
;,,■. tt ::, 

■ I i.r tut'-' . 

U-- fi-i- ITlti, 

-■ (•-•imi 
. ,,.,..1..- 

■ ,. . .11'-. t,>n;.'. 

I -iKhl.x -six 
■■■ 1 in r.'ti. 


i :.- Li \ Mi I.' '\i ; M -'I'. 

I ; 

,•:,.,, |,i .... . ,1 

^.,-_ ill li.'i.liii;.; ..Ml' 1' 
■ 'ill _- 1 il' ;:■ I'.M !i. ■'' -' 
,; - . • '\\lv ■•■.I III n. 

.-, II,. \f !■- ■.-!.' -I'l 

ttiil-.. .i'-i-.-l dill'- 
I ii'- .lt',ali I ■■'' 
,: - ),.'l •■ . 11 -J.', if.l I. 

, V l|.■T^^ ••■II ' 'i": -■ 

,..-. i-.. I'! I'll'-''. 

vvnirli i-ivv 111-- .:.iw lus h -r t rth?" 
Xi> aoFWi-r. FJalh.-r was tli^rt- l>lunk ns- 

iDinshnif-nt :it ta.s. pit n xd tiy uii-i lill!-. 

I"' llinv \ijliinl»-.rintf th«- iiifi'rnialiun that 

"•tur ■"'W hws lr".-fh tm (-.I'l i:iw,-s iHitt".- 

ii>- 1 haws liay all tip I'm 

'If Is .sij. my Vxiy." 1 |.:: '1 Mi. Ill a«l 

s.'htJ'lI^. 'M'-l .1.1', '.■■ voU \K> 

■ • .it'P I'tn' ."W uiili t' 'ill Oil 

■ nn- nins.'iiili. I'm afrai-l. 

• a lia.Vi ft slildi'd liaiur*-'' 


"t ■'! i> . !. -iin- tll.i Ih- Talk ot' 111*- 

I •! . :• i'l'iil 'Ji-pl.\ iiii|ii ••>!i'd tll'- 

' i-ai'li«-stlv ijis'-ilss d 11i<- 

' -- linn'', .(fill iln' i»ai In I" 

Mil. ;i.\ .;,!'. ..V . rli. : r,< tin , "ii '.- r-all-ni 

in tli^' play '..nil. 

A lift!- ;;!i-| uui soin i.t li.r ■ oinp.i iiioli> 
.iriiiiiiil li(.-r and Kjrmtly said; ".N'l.iw. 
I hildnri. m:ik< b-^liuvi tliat I'm Mr. SP.t- 

stitl. VnuV pnl to k.lHW Ilior-' aimut lolll- 

iiiiiii tlii-iK-'^. If" .^"11 il'ti'i v-'ii'll uH srow 

\i\> 1.. ll ' I'lJIils. 

•".V.-u. ■•'II nil. ■ -Il .-.lid. I.i.ik :iiL.-' sti-rii- 
' ll I i«l;i ;. 111,1 !', ■ ii.iu Mi..;:- 1 -.iMi'-i- Iias 

-\iAi'iii\i;i:v wriMhur .vmsi-:. 

'I'ii" ii"'.\ <; nil L!i !'■ :i .'11. ii,- fur rail.s 
al ' 'i' ,-i;,;iii'.l I'l kiil ill- ri.iM-r nf ihf 
ijani.\a>. 'rii''.\' al''- mad'- "I' nuod. 
iiiipi-i-Knati'd "itii "ii- and .-up-jrllL-ially 
''"-.' ".if'i q'li . wiiili h.i- ii.'i'ii f'.a- 
. "iiii.i ii.v III-' ijf 
>.<diu;n biiluinnal*- and fui maldehydf. 
.infl Ihi'Ti v»-r.v iiijrhly e-oinpii-ssJi'd. so a = 
I I ''iiin platis from uiu--t;iirU of un 
.11. ll 1'. s"Vfial iiii'lu-« in tJiickiifss. so 

.1' I 'iii'l .\ ' ' ilastic, ilial a mil may 

' I'i.i'.i "ll -nrli H pici-" of matliiii; 

\\itliont i-utlinn it. This iruii felt ha.'-; 

a srt-at futur'- in fUKiin- i-oom», wurk- 

>h"i.-. '-t". 



.1.. till- 

iMillJLE-QLK'K ItHW.\i:i>. 
I'linaKo Ji'urnul: Tin oili.-.- l..i\- 
.st<'pp«'d tnio tlic'iR-L- ol lh>' ifrf-jit 
lip rrliaiit. Iiiaiinj: in his arms an -'nor- 
ii!"!!^ \' abi,-'i'i. 

.V Xi-\\ Ytur's ii;'cs..iiL. ii_ !<oid. 
i.iittiii.c it i-n Ihi- lloor and tuurhi.iiJr hit- 
.ap. "l''or \ our »-ali'ndat-s r-ir {••'H'';.'" 
■J'liarl< .\on. .Jaiti' s." aid t Iv ;rf»-at 

■ 1' ]■' t ,:i |i ; . 

'" \ . 'Hi." S'Uill till- «r '»t lil''l- 

i, .,,,!. iial; a;, hour lut'-l". l',» Ins I>yok- 

k 1" f, "doubh' Jimiry> Kilnry 



Sarsoparilla Keilly lalks to 

Sinkers Al>oiil Wives and 


Finally the Two Agree to 
Resign I hcmsclvcs" from 
All Lodges. 


What niak • ; 

I -I- yiiii i;ol 
'k-: ll. A. «'.. 

Saih.ipai ilia IC ill> v\oii-a i» w IjutlHi 
in his .oat lapil wh<ii ho KTcy-tf^d tli-- 
Sinki"- Man In thii tistuurant. .siys l)i. 
X.'U Vi.:k S'Ui. Th" liuitnii bon Ih • 
l.-tt'ts •'I'. I ». I:. .<.' iMaiU'tng at th 
btii.o:-. Sir.k-is t'S'lainn'd; 

"l»id >ou Joint di !■ <;rant .\iiiiy if d-.-; 
I!«'piitdi' an.s".' ■ 

••.\o."' 1 jili.d Uiiily. 
>i'i' ax that nii'-Htioii '.'■' 

• Cuiiw." .s.Ud t<iriU»'i- 
a i!"W bnttuii ln«l<'aJ -1; 
wliii h yiju alwayp "lid Inid b-fon- oti Si. 
Hrttri.'ks liny iihiuI- aM'-'ady." 

■•Will." ninarki 1 Kf^llly. •td'm in a 
nt'n sfivi .voc-j'.ty. nj Jniiuil ji :i- 
Satmila' nigh:, an" it's lulth- r ror aimy 
dl.ot iiiijany-zation that wert i\ 
stHitrid tor Mfi' lii-iiranft-." 

■'L'o dot buUon resui - y.iui III- .' 
iski d Sinkn.s. 

"Vis." answci'd Ht-illy. ■Lliatll in- 
j«ilit nil-. |.>lf« for thri'»' vt-ais." 

"\'al I; fo.sts. Hi' h a bnttoti ."" 

"That deplnd»« inloiri'l.\- m; how mu.'.'i 
yi r t^xpi'.l to git whin y .'i- d-ad." .-v- 
|dHi!ifd Itiilly. 

'\'hH? I i-.\|it?i-taii"ii s ll' n I .ii ■ ' sail 

"No, but w hafll oni. t- 1 y..r wifi', 
Lor.a. whin yn'ri' d"ad." aiiswirod 
ll'illy. '.Vou. for ••xanipl»-. if Ui sh "ill I 
di<- ;• r night, uu- old wuniati winl n'.i 
f".0<t ill -'oM lo:^!!. That's if 1 dit- to- 

"ITnd no: a (.-unl \h<.n you dit.- tonio - 
row'.'" said Sinh"rs. 

"Ci-itaiiily." an<<wvn-d i; illy. "If ''>i 
died ;. i' mor;o\\ she'd git th' .sain-'. Kii;. 
if (.d Jidtii tllf until iifxt yi-ar. sui" 
shi'd isit doubit- th "tirsi yiir. or SHWi). " 

"r>oi \ould Ih bi-itiT- vh- II you 1:01 di 
so i|iiiik." said the Sinker Man. "Ui-r 
loi>st I' yoii live dvi bottt^i you get de:- 
best of dt-r 'suraiicf c-uinpauy. \hat'."' 

"That's it." t-oiitiiui'd It-illy. "It's a 
foiri'' ordfi." 

"For vha; t^hniild d -r h-rtris nitan'.'" 
ussked :?inki.i.'<. "Dot l". < >. U. S." busl- 


•'Can't yi'i gU'S-s if.' " asked Keilly. 

".Mtfld" .■■ auhU'-itd Siukeis>. "Der 
lirst Is r. for onions, uud u for -for — f.r 
i.-n. iinJ It. S. for right .sid*-. Dot vouM 
b- Oni'jns on l^.ich; Sid-.." 

■•.No. " said rieilly. ' tliiin letleis stand 
far L't'.itid tJidtr av It-d Shirts. Yt 1 
SI • . Sink* IS. w liin wo have -jur regular 
ineetin's wv all wear ri-d shirts. Tliat'- 
oil" iiv oui' si-et>ts. but don't In- t- Ilia" 
•nnybod.v ab'>ui II. Ther whin w- ha\t 
"Ur so ialH iviry numb'-r has th' speeli ' 
pti\ il^'5e av ki.siin' i\iiv oth-r nunib*t' 

"r»iit should b pu olf dof rule boak.' 
said t'lf Sinker Man. 


"N'hy. b.-eause vhy." 

'Will, t xplain yerself." sail Kvilly. 

"r)"''s \i't\ wroiif,' for a rule." eon 
tinued Sinkers. "Supposition ilot I Join; 
d<ii ordi r und uifbb my wift I, 'in. 
ejmes on dtv np'"ti;:g. Voii tink 1 voul.l 
lik'^ vhrn all tier ni'tiib: ; ..^ ki»is h- r, my 
vif-. d( r mother from my ehildroiis'."' 

"Cut w. 'r. all brothers whin ■\vc take 
111' ^cr:! oath.' rxplaiiuj UeSlly 

"V.-ll. I voiild |.-t not tny ."ifli-r ki.-t 
my vlfo." said Slnkrr!». 

"Yoii'r.- Jealous." said Keilly. 

".No. I'm ti.j;,' fi pli- d Sinkers, "but I 
\oulJ no! pi rmistiion dot. I'ml .vt t l>e- 
-ili!-. I vuuld tio! kiss your vift." 
"Why wndn't yer'."" 
■Veil." said Sinkers, "vhtii my vii'f 
^ould hjd sue!) big ears like your vif: 
•.;tjt. I vould {fit it divore-- yest' rda.v 
a'rt-ady. In ib-r liist place. I xmild n-t 
mai'i'.v a v.-iman vhat gi'i'W on su. h j 
r I'-e mit a tiat i>j-=' ." 

"See hi n ," said Keilly. ''i say iii.-, 
will ha.-' a Hat iius' . (ir <Ji'll sen. I yon 
honi- In th' rattli-r." 

"Veil. .1-ou lonmi' m- d it, ' explained 

■'I: was S'lii wli.i '■ iinin-n.ed il." i' - 
I'-rl.d K'illy. 

"Xo." said Sinkois. •yuu vant-d i . 
yel my vife to Johi .votir lodgt." 

■■|;' sh Join- d." I'-niiirked Kiilly. 'th' 
iligh'Jrand lOxtremi Most I'ixedl.nt iid- 
l"ctor av Hrie-a-l'ia" 'ud si-ooi> in h» 1 
fact- for thi- ("urio i'ulb.'Otlon in th, 
• 'hamb-.r av Honors up In our lodgt 
iionv IJ.'d pir2 .1 labb' on h<>r. too. It 
uould read: 'li-na. th' Dnteh Mtmvm.v. 
■lug out av 111' Kuins av Haarhni." 

■iVn I'd - I'd - V' 11. I voubJ kno-'k 
liim's nos" in smash-js. ' said Sinker". 
■■| vould in a minul< put him out." 

Snii.. .von iudi:"t put a 1 andli- oiit." 
ii-markid Keilly. "but tir bt- eandid wid 
yi.. SiiV<i-is. I'd advis- yer t^r gil y r 
I'dfi- insured." 

Tm in fwo lodge-' iiow. und ni.,iv ' 
bowling einbs bt'nides." said th" Sinkir 

".\n' is >i r lif" insured in ill' bowling 

"Xo. ' said .«»lr» ■but I got m.\ lifj 
i'^ del Kraiik'^nuntersttit/a n N'er-in." 

"Kor how iiuieh.'" asked Kfilly. 

"\'»'ll." ansAvei-fd Sinkers, "dot d'»- 
p.-nd» vh> a .vou die. I'm in for tre-e lik' .vmir K-.d Shiri lodge. I> r 
(list time f di<- I get not a eei:t."' 

"Vou mtan the Ihs: tim-' .vou -lie th" 
lirst yoa'-.' said Keilly. 

"Dot's it. " lonLimuil Sinkers, "u! d 
vlit I) F died t'-r set-uiid .\ear I get ^^vi(> 
as inui-h as for d-.-r tirsl year vliai I 
ditin'l di' " 

■Sui". that wndn't lit- aimyt!iin--r. ' 
."-dill Keilly: 'If ytr get notliUr th' llr^t 
tim ^ yer dl<-. at*' twke as mueh Ih' s- "- 
ond y >r. sun. .ve'd be owing th' l«idy, 

"I know tkit. " explained Sinkers, "but 
vhei: I die der last timt; in der first three 
y-ais. ll '11 I'm ahead oof der lodge. I'n- 

"L'li. i!iat's as plain as day." saiti 
K'iily. "I supofee if .ver die th" fourth 
time ih lodge gotri up th' llUi V ' 

•VllVll; do It go'.'" 

"It goes aft- r you." -said Keilly. ' That't 
plain. -.00. Jusjt as .-iooii as you die four 
times 111', lodge dies onee." 

".Neh. !ii> :" ex-laiiiU'l Sii^ki rs. "yuu 
do::'t uudi-rsttjod vhieli I am e.plana- 
lioii. .Now Ii.-?ten. Ven I am fou:' > cars 
oltl in der lodge. I get five t'oosand dollar 
fof dying. Kul \'!ieu I'm only three I 
get uiie t'ousaiid. Vheii I dli- d 1 
set ui«l vtar. den I ain't lit d<T lotlge .vet 
a Jiooil 111' mlier long tiiough." 

"Well. Ul didn't know ami.v lodge took 
in iiifuib-, •.-; tliret or four .vears oM. " said 

"Iity k' ep yuu in ilo! long for your 
nioni i \ hen you don't die dor first or 
h'l-oi.d .If third time dot .vears." e.v- 
lilaiii' d Sinkt-is. 

■'Th' n yer oan't di" whin yer like, a^» 
in other loil^cs,^' said Keilly. 

•Xo," i-< ntiiiui'«l SInkei-s. ■you muM 
xait yi t f'lur years for dor full mon»y.' 

"Mi suppose you II waif.'"' sai.l Keilly. 

"I-Ve. surf." nakl Sinkers. ■You tink 
1 pay my du<f» for not a een'. ? My viie 
lieids doi innr.i.y \ hon I'm dead, don't 


"C -rfainly ." said K'-^illy. "Slif eudn'i 
get marrii^d again unless she had moiie.v. 
Xo . insibi- inun wud ;ak- h- 1." 

"I vyu't allo^v h'^-r tu get niorrp..! 

i.gain." nniaik.-d tin- Sinker Man. ■'Yon 
link I'm crazy to lei her hav- y.-t a new 

"Kut .vonll b-' diiul."' 'ithi K.'illy, -ai:' 
whin sh.'ll b" bliwiii' In your llf.' insnt- 
aliee moil y you wont be abl" to I a\i 
yor etiflln to stop her." 

Tin- Sink, r Mati planet tl at th- eiillng 
aii.l Ills head. F''I«;atly h-- sait!: 

■'("om<. Kiilly. ve vill r.-stuinatioi; om- 
selves out of all our kidges. tKUl swear 
olT ni£; llfi- Insuranet . V.'ll start h n.nv 
lodgf for ourst-lv.s und driiVc our ink.>ni y 
up for dues. Vhat "."■ 

"We will.' said K'illy. itnd ih'-y w,"i 
III xt door to Ked JeriT'^. when- th y paid 
du s on th- first ipiarit r. 


Story lold of Twins Wlio Arc 
Engineers on the Penn- 
sylvania Railroad. 


I'lio v. I. Aiutorsoii Wi^i.l anj (.iMi.aiJ 
luolC.t. iMve I'ffii li-.i.iri'J iiiit.iir hv 
(.„irv>'nlof>' liiirtti tor i-mrloyinc non- 
iiiiioii i.inH'iiti'is upon llN wiirk. I rK-nJ-^ 
'it orcani/i'.l lat»or rIejM' Ukc noliio. I. A CLAPI.V. Pr.,-siJ.-nl. 

\tlesi; K. I MLLI.LR. S'.reUry. 

l:nLiiir%e.l bv It-Jor.ileJ Tr.ldcs .A-.scin- 
b'v I.r Du uili. 

\V. I . M. FAVl.N. PrrsiJcnt. 
I. W. AI.LHN. V. ref.-ir.v. 

How the Wrong Moran Killed 
the Elepihant— Was 
a Jutlgment? 


Comparative Production of Beer and 
Ale In Several States. 

Two inii I'l'siing siippl'in. nis a." pnb- 
llshi>d with tli" li'ebruai.v luimbti of the 
Knwer.'s' Journal: th.- tirst. a broadsi.l, . 
showing the sales of malt liipioi.^ in \\-y 
fnite.l Stales for tin- y. ar ls;i7 and t!i. 
ten pree. ding yens, and showing al.-'. 
the Hales in Llie piint-ipal <iti s foi ili- 
same eb v»-n yearH: Ih. sei-ond. .-m oflit^i il 
direi-tor.v oi bif-weis .ind nialsti-is in ;')'• 
L'nited Stati-s and fana.ia. 

Ki'oin thi: broadskk it apji-ais ilia: 
. lining tht- rt-vcnue yen- ending Juii" ::ii. 
I!>^'.i7. the sale-s of b"er ainl al.' ain.iunTiil 
to :M,'ij;:.0!il bariels. a .le.itase. in s|iil 
if this gnat am'.nini. of 1.4«»i;.!tnn barn l.- 
Iroin til.' sali-s in the i.'V.nii.' l.sur.. 
.New York stands at the h. ad .if tht 
statt s ;is a bn wing state. l>uiing l.Si>.'. 
from ll r Inewerk s. !t.4ff'.l:;j liainls ..; 
lb" and b-'er Wen- s.ild. a dHri-fast- oi' 
"'.M.L'IT barn-Is from the outjmt of \hVi6. 

Peiins.vlvania stood s' eond. with .-in 
..ntpiit ..f ;:.;Mi:'.i'.sa barn K: Illin.iis. will, 
i?..'M.SH»> liari-t=-ls. eani" third. Wisi-onsin. 
wh'i-li has tht- largest single breweiy, 
stands fourth with L'.firiJ.ul'.i liMn-ls: aii.l 
then I oni" Oliin. with L'.ti:;i.t>ti:i: Missouri, 
with :.'.Jti;.177: .New .jei-?'\v. Willi L'.nOl.. 
'»:.'S*. and Massaeluisotts. wi;h 1.6TO..-,,-,6 

.\ study of the tipurcs for t.levi n year.- 
shows some rath-'i- inter.stin-.; ehang-s 
in the onlfiuts of th^ various slabs. In 
is.s'7 -^fnt'ii stall s solj mor" ilian l.OOO.- 
•m barn-ks tif malt lliuor laeli: .N.-u 
York. Pi-nnsylvania. idiio. Illinois. Wis- 
-onsin. .Missouri and X'l \\ .bi-.s. y. M i^;- 
saehn.-'.'Ms Joiind th.- list in ISsS. and th; 
list reniaiiu'd nnehanged until lS90, when 
the last eonirr .Jropptd on!, to ejine bark 
to stay in \s'Xl. In ISHu th-- '.rder wat 
•hanged 11 this--: N'l-w York. F'ennsyl- 
\ania. Illiimis. Wisi-nisin, Ohio. .Mi.- 
soni i. Xi'W J. i-sey. Massaihiis. Its. and 
so it has 1' tuuined. vxeept in ISOfi, w h- n 
0!iio iiul Wisionsln elianged pla-tP, but 
•nly for that year. 

.\!aska. whii-h brt wed \\\ barrels ii, 
IS.S7. br.weil TZ2\ in Iyj7: .Xiizona bi.'Wt 
-Illy uiii-eighth as mueh n-.w as sh. 
did in ISS7: Florida fjok up l.n wing fo- 
th"' Crst time last year an I proiJu'--. .) 
■JtSO ba rr- Is. .Noin oi the laig" bnwins; 
statts iiii'!.-as <] lis output last year - x- 
eepi Massaihnsi Its. whi. h brewed I'O.ixK 
ba rr- !.•< mor. than in IM'ii; I'l" oth'^.rs de 
cr -a.s.-d !!). ir pro.luetijp l-y ;rom I.^CHtO 
barrels in Pennsylvania lo .".",0.000 in Lhk- 
Stat •. 

In th-- tweiity-lwt.i oiti- s whose b '.i 
thirst is tabula bd. only lioston .tnd 
Xtyv Orleans drank ^nor< I-- r in l^O" 
than in lHS»rt: the thirst if the o;hr-j 
twenty Mas sati-5Mt-d<- wiih from t»;^oo 
fewer barn b t.i :;S0.i»'»O f "W-r— thf larg..'-; 
dtcrias" biing in this ei'y, the smallest 
in San Fiamiseo. Jii sjiite of th'?s. 
lofs-.'fs the Iver Ihirst of th. ellies re- 
mains v ry eonf?tant ^>r grows as th' 
population grows. Fur iiislaiu(\ in bSST 
Albany tirank ;;7i».»m)0 bair-l.e of b tr: in 
is!t7. -.Vll. >■:.'. barn-Is; D' ;rolt. ■l:<■l,?.■^\ in 
1J«>;7 an.l ;;sl.:tni in ls:i7; Milwaukee dis- 
posel .if 1.:,'l.s.iMiy bai!-'ls el.i^ven y.vii-- 
aero and ::.07»).fH»a lasl .v- .ir; New York 
"put away" i,iMi;{.(MMi in ]v"«7 and l.t>::jt.tifi'' 
in isnr. 

tl may b' n.j|.-d In n- ;but lie sabs "i 
malt 1 injurs in f.r'at Britain and fi' - 
land anuntnt-'d lo 'i7.t7iJ.I»k''. .Vmeiie:in 
barrels, an inen-as-' of .".ti. ITl* barrels ov. 1 
th' output .if l.'Si'fi. anl in Cermany l-i 
,'.1.«.".S, i:;ii .Vni' r'.ean barr'-ls. a deer.'a.s.- et' 
'.:;.r-80 barn Is. This.- tw.i i-'iuntries still 
surpass us in brewing. 

Tht- sei-onl suvpl.-ni- ni. th- Brewer;-' 
Diit-i-tory. giv.s th«=> nani' s and atldn-sfe- 
ijf t'l" br, wers and le. wing eoinpanies of 
the l'nit>-«l Slat'->. with th- salt^s of eaeh. 
Somt- l".t( resting faets aiv to b- gl-aiud 
frini this iinpiett nt:<»us little book. If, 
the llrsi plaei . no biew.-iy .sold nvjrt 
than l.tMMi.tMMi barnls last year: only on<- 
biewt^iy. simated in .\Jilwank' -■. sold 
mole than iton.iMVt bari' !s. an. I only on ' 
bnwer.v in this eit.v s.iM b'twi'eii srtO.- 
'MMi and '.MMi.iHiit barnls. The larg si 
bi w. ly in thi.- el;y sld bftwt-en .".on.. 
IMM> unl tiDit.itOii barn Is. Th-' laic st 
biewe;y in Massaihusf ;i.- was not in 
Boston, but in Wore-sl-r. Th.n' an 
seven lii-ew.'ri- s in .Alaska, out- of whU-h 
was start' d durin.u tie r-v.-nue .v-ai 
IS1»«: four in Alabama, ami two in .Xii- 
zona, T'l" larg.s: singl" biewei-y in 
California was in Sa.-raintnto: but a 
bn-wing .-tjinpany in San I-'raiK-lst-'i. 
.jperatin.c eight bn'w.vis. ilid a lais-i 
busin.'ss. Five brew-ri'S In I'hi.-ag.. 
with one brewery in Milviaukn-. soM be- 
tween •ilMi.oO" and 7IK1.IMI Itavrels: and 
ihree othi'i' (Mhieago ei.iiipani-.s. uniti-.l. 
sold l"dwe.-n :;.".0.0'>0 anl iOO.OiiO Tw.. 
brewtiifs in Kansas about sOOO 
barn-Is between tln^m. K niiieky made a 
-.iood showing in tlie br- wing business, in 
spite of its liisiilling Ini'nsls. twenly- 
sev. n lirms s.-lling fron. I""" Itainls to 
70.000 <hning the y-ar. .Nebraska b-jast- 
'..d twinly-tiiK- brewi ries. but nun" of 
ihi-m was in lan"oln. .N'\ada had six 
breweries. .N.nv llampsliii" four: .N.-w 
Jerst^y got s venth pla" anung br -w ing 
.states by having forty-four brewerie?. 
twtj e.iinbinati.'iis among whi.-h soM 
about oiie-:hinl .>f th"^^ state'.* total 
amount. .N. w Mexieo ha I two and N'-w 
York L't"i4 bn-werit's; .North Carolina has 
.n^- bn wi'iy. South Car.ilina twt«. and 
Wyoming four bnjweries. In fu'-t. every 
slate but f.nir has at l-asl on- brewery 
.uul thes-- ex.-eptions an- Arkansas. 
Maine. Mississippi ami V -niiont. 

UKI'fSI.D A l»l\'uK»'K. 

• ;..(. IK' I,. WhitL'. a. vuung man. was b' 
fore Judg" Slov. r In th" oireuU .ourt. > es- 
Itrdny. ^as the Kansas I'lty .beji.ial. 
.-iskkig f..r a dlvorn- fn)in Margar.i 
While. Til y WW. 111, 'riled lasl .Mareh 
ant' lixeil to^.tli.-r a nionlb. 

"Why do you wish a divone.' " ask'.d 
tin judg". 

"I t-ouldn'f g«-| along with li. r. " 

"ll.iv do \-ou know vou eoubl no.'.'" 

"Why. I iri"d to." 

"Von trb.l It fur a inoiilh'."" 

"Yes. sir." 

"Vou tlld live together long "iioiigli 
t'j llnd tilil If vou coulil get aloiig.'^ 

"I dill linil out. 1u<li,'e. Slu- w lit I" 
u»a:lnei's aid bi^siliall games ami woiibl I't 
do th" housework or nut up my lun- h-on 
whi'ii I w ( lit to \Mirk.'" 

"I>on't re.'lie- your iirl.'Vanee--^ to thi.-- 
eoiiri." liit.rrnpti'd the .ludsre. ".V e..ii|ilt' 
wb.i gK up aft M- only a month of irvIng 
t<i gel along have not tried hard •'tiougli. 
The court I•efu^i<.s tlK- ilivone." 

Aiiylhin« yuu 
want, read The 
ads and get. 

Ii<i\ent got that you 
lilvoiilns' Hemld want 



Two of ih.i best-.known engineers oji 
th." IViinsylvania r.ailroad system are 
I'al and Jim Maran. of Alloona, Pa., 
who art' twins .-ftrnl 'is alike as two 
pea.s. says the Xew ii>v\i Sun. A .score 
of .\i-.nrs ago tln-y wvrV.- firemen on tho 
Pittslmrg: .iivision. .Pfc t Avas several 
y.-ars th" senior of Jioni, in experience, 
and was e.msideieil I'tviA'y f"r promo- 
tion t<» the throttle. .Jlioi wa.« in-x- 
perienee<J in peneral railriuulingr. though 
he ( Kiild stoki- a. mo.gul ovi'v the tlivi?ion 
with thi- best of lln-m. 

The happy day of Pat'V promotion 
eanie at last, ajid the niun.^lhouse fore- 
man was irslrueteil to senil him out 
Willi H train. I'nf.irtiimit-ily for th.- 
foreiiian ami all jiarties .-nm-trned. when 
Jim turm-d up that eveniniC with his 
arms' full ol oil i.ins. the foreman mis- 
took hl.'ii for I'at. 

"Pat. " said h.- giaeiousl.v. "you'vi?- 
b.-en pron.'oted. and .vou're to take tine 
extra fast freight out tonight." 

Jim noted ih.e error with a (Chuckle, 
but l).' was fvll "f nerve and love of 
adventure. «>< Jv held his tonguP. 

•'Taki' the 17;*." the fortMiiam ron- 
iinu»-d. ".She'lf b.- y.nii.'s until fur- 
ther .irders." , 

".Ml right. Daw. ' Jim anstwered 
elieerily, an.l witli an inward g;i^in he 
gathered up his oil <ans and n»iunted 
the 179. Fit' kiit-w hir»\- to start hier and 
how to slop li.r. and Jiad been initiated 
into the mysteries .>f the air lirak'^. 
tli"ii .a n»-w invt'iition. but beyond this 
.iim's stock was madt- up largely oC 

The .)ld 17!' sU-anied .nit <if ihe round- 
house in her a.-eiisiomed s^t.vb-. and Jim 
at the throttle felt that if he e.nild get 
her away befor.- Pat turned up 
he Would havf- some fun liefore the 
night t-nd"d. iie ;joi her up through 
the yard without a Jiiteh and finaJly. 
with th" aid of l^rmidenee. had his 
train starte.l Then his 
tronblt-s began. 

l-'or tin- lirsi five miles he got along^ 
fairly wt-ll. but wh(-n In- struek th'* 
grade on I In- mountain side he wiu? in 
difliealties. When he thrt-w <m lht» full 
ln-ail t>v'' stt-am tht- drivers slij)pecl aiid 
whirred uselessly around because- hi? 
forgot t.> droj) sand till she got i^airly 
started. .Then when he threw tl>o 
Ml tot tie lev i^r back it '-anie too far and 
ihe train stoJ»;>ed. Joe. tli.> tiremun. 
■asl appI•eh.■ns:^i"" locks at the iieyv en- 
gineer. bTit said notliing. lit- had lieen 
'Hit with lir.i'^t-irfji men before. aTKl he 
thou.iilit that this •♦vus the worst he- had 
ever seen. Finaly'^ Jim had the -train 
going at. a fair spoetl. and thf-n aniither 
dillienlty siiraiig up. The water was 
gelling kiv\ in th" \ioiiler and Jim 
lidn't understand tho injector. 

"Tlure's simiething v* ronp with this 
infernal injeefoi. Joe." \%- finally said to 
th" fireman. leaned .jii his shovel a. moment 
•tnil remarked that it lotiked all right 
to him. 

"But sill' won'! work." yim erir-fl in 
desperation, "and we're sti U four miles 
from the io). of tlie mountain." 

"Tl;.' val"r'll last Iwo mib^s. and then 
shell bust nnl"ss w-- draw tlie tire." Joe 
n-markeil meditatively. , 

"■VN'ell. for heaven's sake. Isee if yotj 
can get h-r to work." Jim bqgged, hor- 
ritied at the prosi>eet. 

.To" gav" a twist to the in.lei-'tor valve 
and th" w ek-ome sound of water gusli- 
ing into the boiler rewarded his ef- 
forts. Jim heavetl a sigh of relief and 
weni baek to his seat. 

"T guf'ss she just .got stuck a little." 
Joe remarkt^d as he took uj* the shovel 
"?ain. Jim blessed him lor his eon- 

Down th" grade on the other side of 
the mountain Jim i-ounted on an ea.-y 
streteli. The summit <\! the ridge 
passed, he felt his iierve. shiiJvCvii liy 
Ihe injt'itor episod". returning. W'itii 
the train going at ih" rate of thirty 
iniles an hour around tin- sliari» «urvt's 
below r'ressoii he was airead.v chuck- 
ling .iver his jok.» on Pat. wht?!! sud- 
denly a g-reat dark thing loomed up on 
till' track dirc'tly ahead and a •5econd 
later .a tr.'mendoii.s jar almost shoiok tlio 
mogul off the rails. With a blajiiched 
fa.'e Jim 1 ev.-rsed thf engine antl ap- 
plied the brake. When the trjiin «ame 
to a standstill In- sent the fireman J)ack 
to see what had been struck. 

Tor( h in hand. Jof serambled 
engine, lie was goii" several m 
and when h.- i-amo back his eyes "n-ere 
starting from his head. 

Tl was an elephant." he sang' out 
from th" groiiiitl. "W>> knoeked the 
biooming thing clear off on tlie *»ast 
trai-k. " 

"Joe." n-niarketl the irigineer ^vitli 
dignity, "yon .night n't to kid yoirt* en- 
ginecT- beeause it's his first trip. 'Don't 
vou think I know thai elephants don't 
browse .jii th" .\lleghaiii*^s?' 

"By the la-rd. Pat." thf fireman re- 
turned fervently. "I'm a-tellin' you the 
inith. Co liaek and see for vourself." 

Still iiier"<l'ilous liin eri.wk<i ■•'mti 
from th" . ngine and went back. Tbre-^. 
hundri-tl feet in the reai- he fotmd sev- 
eral brakemen standing over the car- 
cass of a l.iig t>ltphant. 

'By lieav en. Pat. " said one as he came 
OF'. ",vi>u've made a record for your fli-st 
trip. It's th" first elephant we've 
killed for a coiipk- of months." 

■'Yt's." put in another, "it's about the 
liiggest one 1 ever saw Iiere. Bill 
^^•.■ha••1 l-ill"d o". " 

"Don't." put in Jim weakly, "don't 
josh me. fellows. It's a judgment sent 
on me for doin' Pai out of his lun. T 
ai>'''i Pat. I'm Jim." 

•Well. Ill be "■ 

"X«»\er min<l what .vou'll be." Jim 
blurted out: "you wont be tired like me, 
anywa.v. Do you see that tower there".' 
Well. F'ni goin' nn now to n-il tp.- 
operator I'm done for. Xot another inch 
will 1 budge that train, so help me." 

With nuiek strides he hastened to the 
ttower. and the rcfult of his i-onversa- 
tion with the t>per.'i.tor was this ni°s- 
sag" to till- train runner: 

Moran killed an elephant and lost lii3 
nerA e. .'Xdvis" vhat is to be done. 

The answer Hashed back was explicit 
and laconic: 

Send Moran home and keep the ele- 

.M(-anwliil.' there had been livel.v times 
at the roundhouse. Xn hour after 
Jim started w itii the mogul Pat. having: 
h.-ard o( bis |iromotion. lurncil Up to b. 
assigned to a run. 

"Well, whafll I take out. Dave?" he 
asked the f.n-einan. 

"Take out nothing. " the f.jremaii an- 
swered curtly. "Do you think all the 
Moi-ans were promoted when Pat ffot 
a run?" 

"But 1 am I'at. " said the owner of 
that name m opderlngly. 

"Well, by thunder, if y«iurc Pat, Jim 
stole your run. and there'll be the 
deuce to pay." 

"Great Jehosaphat," was all that Pat 
cnibl say. Then th'- fnP eiiii<-epii..i 
of Jim's tri.-k broke upon him he mut- 
terf^d: "If that si-omidrel gets homo 
alh e. J"ll torture hiin with fire. " 

Convinced by the earnestness of Fat".** 

assertion, th.- fi,i"m.iii luirrit.l to eoe- 
teci th" mischiir. lb dl'l ih.- lirsI thin-' 
lie (ould think of, and that was to ,«end 
an empty .iigin" after Jim in charge of 
an experiem »-d engine, r. This done, he 
ealled the trainmaster and told him lhf> ' 
story. Messag"S fiew ahf-.-id of Jim or- 
dering him to d.'liver the train to the' 
♦^niril'y -ngine following. But the oper- ' 
atoi- had scan ely ti.-k.-d off th.- last ..r- 
dcL- when the despatch-r leeeived the 
n»"ssap.- fi.iio th." s<'eiie of .i"r> ^ in'.>' 
■misfortune. Th.- train was held besido ' 
the .lead elephant until th.,- extra ""- ' 
gi«e,.t- aniv.-d and th 11 iln- irouni. 


Jim was not discharg':-d. as he ex- 
pected, although hf was laid off a 
Jnonth for his escapade. He did not 
learn f.n- several days that the ele- 
phant struck was (jne tliat ".sean^d 
fr.ini Ih" wreck of a circus train on thn 
nnnning of his adventure. 

will carry health in and sickness 
out of your house. Is Non-intoxi- 
tcating and t'ncrcfoic tvery 
body's Malt Extract. 

Convalescento mnt-t have il — 
Rive-i; new strength — nsw life to the 
wcin out systemb. Ali druggists. 

Val Blatz Brewing Co. 

Duluth Branch. Tel. 62. 


In the "Hot Bunth Social Club" of 
Ne>» Orleans. 

nductor L5ii|i Ware, oii^ij up- 


i-lt cliii 
h" or 

line. had. 
<-arload ..f 
any o;!i, r 

UiAll up-to\Mj 
perliap« the most 
fans Sunday night 
c'liidu'-tor Jia.s ev^r 



I.>elroit Free Press: "I'm studying . 
Ibis natr.ral ga.s tiuesti on." ann.iuncec! 
flight.!-, as h.- n-tired lo his inner ; 
oflit-e 'j'nd said that h. was in lo n-' i 
ou" fji- ihi iK^xt rwo hours. "li's the i 
grea.T-st sebntilk- piobl':n ...f tin day.' 
I a.n almost convinced that there .ir- 
c-ai^es We have not .v.-t fathjin.-d ilia '. 
pnpluee varying degn- s of dciisiiy and 
tbM pruc'uee- like variation in the mai- 
t 'r of pressure. Intirnal f'jrce. yet to' 
Ije mastered, must govern. 

"Take niy own e.xjhri"n.-e. Twn ' 
months a-,-... I k"pt tli-: furna.-e 
going a: high piessure with a vIca to 
gitring tile walls of the house 
roughly dried and warineL!, my 
was \i^u $i;j. kast inonL:i. wh. n was rei^uired. and ih- fur 
was i-egulaKd aec-ordingly. my 
w-a-; ^"jn. This, .vou se. , pivs.'iils 
in' probk ni. Does i: repiire 
nAjn gas to produce a givt-n am.nml 
Mf heat a* one time than anoili r? Is 
th" vaiiaiion due i i atni.isrih'-i i • 
ditions ..utsid-i of ih.iise reeordid by 
the thermometer? l>ots thi gnal in- 
ternal generator if the fu.l turn out 
bf'/ier .gas at .me lime than anilher? 
Is more pn ssure exerl.d oiu- wei k or 
one mouth than an ifher? An- we at 
the nieiey of el'-mental prin -iiiles that 
have eluded us ihruigh 111- age? An- 
th-' Huetualions .if gas stock subji-.-t t.i 
erratic m.xids of naiure? l! is a 
grand probb m. I>..n'i nerniil any. me 
lo disturb nn uiilll further iiotiee." 





Inindb-d in .N. \v i nleans. ^Tays tlie New 
< n-l.-ans Tim.'-- l».'mocrai. Tt was 
soiiiiwhere ab.nit Br-j.idway that fiV" 
ionpl,.s. boys an.l girls of from 12 to 
If .v"ars of ag". boanJ.-d th" car. Th-' 
<ar h.i.l ne>l tvav- led I'm- blo.-ks b-'for" 
.■\eij b.i.v had his ."irm annirid a pirl. 

"Stiy, Jack!" yelbd on- of th" yourip- 
slers t-i the <" can't you put! 
Ihe troll' y off for abou! a ininuie?" 

Al Loiiisian.-i av- mi.- th" iroli.-y did 
coitif off. an .k'h.-r.' w;is an unmisiak- 
abk- s.iuri.l of kissing . Wh-n th-- tro!- 
1. y was )iuf suild'-nly l-a-K iu\<.\ the car 
was lighti'd lip on- litib- maiden of 
ab.iiit !•_' y-ars was i-tiimling bijll up- 
right in th-' aisle, her fa.e a ti'-ry r d. 

"That's tin- stuff:'" rar-! uroU'Sly tried 
a bud.Jiiig- L..iliari.i. run tht- train ofl" 
the trai-k and k"i p tin- trolley off a 
w.-ek or so. This is the IFot Bunch 
.s:,,"ial club," th' yiiniigster explained, 
'"and this yming Ia<ly with nv- is th 
warmesL baliy in th" butieh," and still 
the <ar r.ill.'.l .m. 


Hov\ Poor lo\ Grip on the Ireasury 


The Indian is nut poor, but lik- tli" 
poor, he is uhvayK with u.s, and is al 
ways costing us nniiifv. Fn faci. the 

th.jugh steadily dinilnii<bing in 
is constant ly growing more 

in the .gas 
of mind. 
"By Jov"! 
I'll JO"k, inio 
not. engaged." 

tile myst.'iy 
nil ter." snggi 
who is of a 


sitd Ih" 

.N. VI 


r Ih.iii^hl 
If anyoii" 

. r ; 



off th.-' 

Boston Trav-lir: Voii all know, of 
course, what bobbing for cheriit-s is. 
but as cherries arc not in sea.'on tmli- 
bing for caramels is a iii-rry substi- 
tiiie. First you get your .arain 1:;. 
tliep y.,u lix Ih.-in S.I it is hard for y-.ur 
•.;:U' st t-i g"t th 111. .iltli-nmh caih'has 
a chani". Tbna.I a larg-' n- e.ll ' wiib 
a yard .if light cotton kiiotbd a! 
the <Mid and string a soft caram.l on 
it until the kimt cat.h s. Ilav.- .-noiigh 
of tlies" pr.pari d f.»r ca.-h .m in ili-. 
party. <4iv.- one of lli- bobbing .ara- 
tr.fls to each .111" ami I. I it b.- taken by 
'.h.' fre ' end of Ih'- tlir a-I (wlii.-h also 
has a knot. ami. of (>oiiise. is without! 
th" iie.-dle) in the month and Id ca- h 
en ram, I by gather- 
In th ' mouth. Ihe j 
b hinil the back, j 

one try t.t g.-t tin 
ing lip the string lieing- h.-l.l 
Tht'i" is a tri.k 
would sp.iil 
will s'jfiie.'. 
firmly b,! w 

th.- fun to t, 
Th" kn-it 
"11 the le th. 

this, but it 
'11 it. <^ne hint 
must be held 
]-;vt-ii if you 

<mly get the booby priz;\ as the lasl 
oil" t.i win the t-araniel. you will have 
lots of fun watching iln- e.inlorli._.n'- 
ind grimaces of tlios.' who tm.- tryinu 
line with y.<u. 


Sn<>Wl-:D IIHK TitKS. 
Five rosy toes, a bit of bared 
and a .a:linipS" of whit? ling ri-- 
cvliibited to Judg.- Werner, jury 
and a court full of sji ■. 

red man. 

cxiieiisivc. says th.- Kafisas City Jour- 
nal. In 1S70 then' were .".00,000 Indian.^ 
in 111" country. In is^o th- r<- was onl.v 
-tH.17;j. Today there are hardly L'aO.'xKi. 
ScVi-nteen years ag.i in JS!<I -lli«' Indian 
ap|ii-.i|.irialioiis vv.-n- $l.r-o.'.7.U!<. .Nin»' 
>.-ar.s ag.i. in l.v>>;<. ih-y Sr..4ol.310 
Vtiy ls;<.s |||..y are b' be J7.6:;7.*JOI. 

'J'he whin- p'.ipl" of the country, who 
foot tli"se bills, iire willing that the In- 
dian shall bt- treat.-d fairly. Tln-y re.-og 
nizi- thai In- has a i-laim on the g.tvrn- 
inciit for reasonable pri>t"(-iii..n. but 
they do Hot di-sirt- t.t s.piander mone^ 
oil him. There an- Indian.-; in the Iii- 
tliaii territory wiio have grown rich on 
tin- goverimit'iit's bounty and ai" still 
drawing it regularly. The treaties thai 
ii.-ive been mad" with soiiie of the triti'i's 
will hayf to be h.jnored, .:>f c-iurse. an<J 
ilic^e call for annual pavnn-nts of 
:noii".v. bul the appropriati-.n? sIi'juIJ 
be kept down to th- l.iw. st limit. 

Tin- truth is that the people^— tie- 
Western people egpe»'ially— are growing 
tired of supporting the redskin in Idl-- 
ness. They waiii tint KoveriiHicit tu 
break up hi-- tribal relations and put 
him to Work for hi? liy lug. They do jiol 
maintain the healthy and litrong of 
th"ir eiwu eol'>r in shift If>-5ne.=? ateJ tin- 
bunj'^n of supporti!ig the lazy, filthy 
Indians ac public charges is becoming 
irk."^ome. Maii.v of them havt- become 
sufiieiently civilized to earn good liv- 
ings- if they vvould. but th- y will n**' 
-lo ;-o as king as they are i--rniitt-ij to 
Iiv.- .Ill tlie government. Instead of 
growing larger tlie appn-prtafion.'? for 
their support would become gradually 
but stt-adily riinallpr. 

rii" Ini.!ian i; .-i nuisance any way yon 
take him and the less\e a imjI- 
:-ance is made to be tlie more satis- 
factory the method of dealing with i! 
There li;is bi,"-;n tijo much r-t-ntiment .-iri'l littje itractical sense in th" govern- 
ment's treatment ..f llf? Toii .-liarf:*-- 
It is high time that the expeiiEi'.- non- 
sense Eliould stop. 


w r- 

111 11 


Thnisday morning in the trial t.-rm t-f 
supreme court, at It.icht^sler. X. V.. 
when W FI. Duicher insist d that Ins 
client. .Mrs. .Marie Fnlbr. in-ove that 
her foot had be. n injured snnicii-nlly t.t 
warrant he suing for :f-00a damag"S. 
says Xew York H.iabl. Mrs. I'^ull-r 
Was waJking .lown Slab" street wh n 
an iron trap il.^or in the sidewalk in 
front of a hardwai"' slor" fill, nip- 
ping; th- gnat toe of her riUhl foot. 
\\'h"n .Mrs. Fuller recover.'d from llv 
injury sh" sii .1 Ih.^ pr.ipri.'tor of ilie 
hardwai'i' store for damag's. Mrs. 
l'"nll'-r took the stand this morning, ami 
th" first tiU'Stion by the at'oriiey for 
the defense was: 

"Mrs. Fuller, will you show us Ihe 
toot I hat was hurt ?" 

fl'sitatiiig and lilushing. tie- plaint- 
iff finally answer d in the aflirmalii" 
ami asked [ t.i retire te> th-- 
jmlge's chamber. This was grant"d. 
Sh" was .uon- two miiiut-^s. Spi'ctatt>rs 
and court alt -ndants rushed to the 
fiont of th" room as she ein-rged. whil- 
the jury ni< n nearl.y fell out -if ih.- box 
in their anxiety to s.e Mrs. Full is in- 
jured toe. 



W ill i-rocare anything proeurable. 
\A'I1I pell anything salable 
Will rent au>-thlne that 1.^ rentable 

Back, thei"! " 

Mrs. Full r lift 
skirt bar. ly nioi-" 
off her sho and 
Justic-e Werner 
gravely, and th" 
around and took 

I the hi-ni 

than an imh. 

there was th- 

insjiiv-tcd th 

■ jiii.v men ; 

a closer vi.^w. 


..f h'-r 

slipp >d 


- fool 



will d'l. M 
'I hen the t 

s. li'uller." said 
rial w nt mi. 


When .vau want The Fveniii^: Hcral.l 
wints. bring what you watit. 


li.'irnum wa.s may'-'r -.f Brjdgept>rt 
an.l a widower. He was ione*onie and 
his beautiful home. Wald'mere, .jii th?' 
shore of L.-'iig Ifiland sound, was net 
much visited except by sights vrs. He 
h.-iMino interested in the b'^autifu! 
daughter of .Tolm Fish, of Southport. 
I'^ngland. a retired manufactur r. and 
solicit.Ml her hand in marriag-\ Bar- 
num was well advanced in years and 
knew liis f.'«.in" as 1 lie prince of show- 
men was mil sufiicient to win the prize. 
In fact. tlii> f.inie might hurt hi>' suit 
rather than In Ip it. for Mistii Fish erect- 
ly dislikcti tli» notoriety attached to the 
"grr-atost sh'iw on earth." and aft.,»r 
she had imirried its owner, always man- 
agenl to h-jlij h-T-self aloof from the pub- 
licity her husband lovt>.l h«> w-^1!. 

But the -lid showman's knowl<-dge of 
the 1-^iip^lish I'lVe for c-^Ubrity led him 
to i>Iay a. winnjng card. He had his 
photog-i-itih tak-.-n. The picture repre- 
sented him sent_ <1 in ;i showy landau, 
harnessed t'» 'f<air beautifu"; black 
h.irsi's. his <--iachman .m the box ami 
two footmen b.'>hin.l. T'nder thr- pholo- 
g' were the \\ ords. "I,'ird M.tyor oi 
Bridgejxirl. " .\ (••f\^y of this picture 
was forwardfxl to Miss l''ish. ami Bar- 
niini always th. (light jt "did the busi- 
ii'-ss." At all cv.iits. II was not long 
Jlfl.-r .Miss^ Fisli received the picture 
tliat she VKcann^ his wife. 


Are the tilings wt« want. XViiat V'^U 
w.i.nt can best be <j.-.'ured tlir.>neli Th" 
Kvcpbig Hi-rald want columns. Results 
•T*" .'ure. , 

Give her time, 

and almost cvciy soap-iisiii;; wuinan will come 

around U) tlit: ul.c ol Pearlinc. The boap- 

u.sin^ iiabit ib slrong. to be .snrc. After 

all these years some wonien cant put 

without doubting and Ircinbling. 

when a woman once wakes up 

needs and dc 
best household 
in favor 
than any 


the fact that she 
serves the very 
h<^1p. ihen the 
Pearlinc prove 




There's ease, economy, quickness, health 
and s,ifrt>- in Pearline washing andcleanmg. 


^ 1 . . . w- — — — ■ 






( ' 



THE nrtrTH KVENIXO herald: WEI)NES!»AV. MAUrn 'l, ISfM. 


I Every 


♦ Person 
I Wants a 
J Portrait 

i Now..-. 

^ -\i ;, -pie diJu'i tako so warmly to the iJci, 

J hat ir .-. ::'.:t tlifv ha\r M'cn the- ele*!ant work 

X ttia: car .i-n-'-ts ar\' tu!r,u\i: cut anJ Ikui- lic.i:J. i 

♦ tlM .■-prov.:! and lejonimeiidations trum J 

t:s askiu. ... ...;....- — ■'^^^'^^ luisiiKSS in the Art ^ 

LVpanmem. as v.'ril .«> al! -ner Uu- store, is very ▲ 

acti\:-. h'bVHMHbH. i^c;\- Portrait is a w.^rk ^ 

-f Ail. It costs >(•■.! ahNi'lutei\- p.othiiv, !^i!t is ^ 

:-• .• with e\"!\' purcha>fr ot Svi\> "i ^n-o; ▼ 

"{^ ) M\.\ .M<tc:ri. v^ arc luuler no obliua- ▼ 

: v iHiv trumes. rhf Portraits arr ^ 

finav- - w>; j'hotos only, (rnakin>i a full fu:iiri* ^ 

or .: :. i "^in^le ha>t i:r>hi a ;;r-Hip photo, then- X 

!.; .1 st; ^ ' vira v-:;a:^j. Cl.'nu' in anJ <vo tho ^ 









^36 itairs Man's $4^.00, $S.OO, $6. GO and $7.00 
Shoos at the evtrciiitly l)\\ i^ri;-,- "t $2m98 a pairm I'tiese Shoes 
were made by Banister, IV- L. Douglas, A. E. Nettlcton 

and othsr t'irstvLiss makers. 

at $1,4-9, worth $3.50, 

240 priirs Ladies' Fine Frenoli D«tfiKola Bmton and Lace Shoes in the 
new coin and dime toe^; sizes j. 2)i. y. j.'i, 4, 4''-' and 5: B, C. D and L 
widths tit $1,49 a pair. At this pri.v it is hke giving tiiem ;iway. 


Ghildron's 30c Rubbers tOc a pair. 
Girls' 4-00 Rubbers, lirst tfuality, 15a a pair. 





Shoes Almost 
Given Away ! 

20of. pair- of Laaie>\ .Ml^.--.- and Chiidren's 
Shoes, worth S^M .. >^^^ S4a»oand .S'.oo. bought 
bv us ai our tnvn pricj iroin the Bankrupt stock ol 
White 6^ H./vvc. -I Sin-ix City, low a. on sale 
Thursda\- at vv: per paii. 

I adics SGc ' ^pera Toe, tirst quality Ru'abers.. . 
Ladies' 6Gc nrst qiiahtN- Storm Rubbers, all toes. 
Men's 85c Rubbers 

25c a pair 
35c a pair 
5Gc a pair 


Judge Moer Cautions the 

Grand Jury to Help Out 


O'llrien. on th- 
^ Th.- |.:ini-H 
an.' r'*spectivt'l>'. 


The Famous Shoe Store 

Hi West Superior Street. 


Have Been Expensive In Past 

—Large Street Railway 

Suit Begun. 


Mrs. O'Brien Wishes Separation 
trom Lawrence O'Brien. 

MfuA K. <ia:ri.n this •.u-nniujr;- 
tiiied pro^*«.•l''lin^s fov rlivorcf 
lit-r husl>.'in<i. I..i\s i-fnct- 
i^iMund o: (iruiikcnin? 
HIV- _:• :iail ;J!> >' rir.-» of ; . 

anil tl»«*y well' snarrieJ in s'l. J'aul .Ian. | 
10. 1SN'.». Thi-y lia\>' two chil'hen. Mrs. 
(il'.iiiii rluini.^ that h«'r hushanil has 
ii-t'ti an habitniU drnnkatil for nion- 
tli.m a \eur i>a.«t, un>l she asks for d'- 
viHV 0.1 that m-oiind. She also asks 
\\>i- ih*' custody .if thf childieti and for 
.ilhuony tuouwh to pay th*^- ♦'xpensof of 
tliM suit and tu maintahi h'-r during it>; 
p.-nU'.uiv. It. 11. Brig.i{s is he:- aiior- 

Death of Mrs- W. Wilson. 

W. WiL-iOU. ^viff of l"'r. \y;irrf-n 

di.?d al her hoin*- '^'■••-f 

-irt-ct, last night, a^- •- -■■■ ;>'---u-.-. 

efferti of an abet; 53, aflw an 


Mrs. Perry Gets Hold of Acid Instead 
of Medicine. 

totn. .n 

r:n».)n. Tl; 


Land Office 


TI-'K- r 

■T^ort jf ':• 


1 .if ihf- 


rih ..: r 


s.'.... ■■ 



».-niri» - 



;:• i'-' 

l' timi 

, l.T'Kt 

17.1 0(1 

1 Sioux iiai: jrc..-rt i-'- 

1 - 

t.lori . 


1 (V-r*. 

■ n-a^' "f i<^ ■ 







}.',.:.>■. i.'.ts 

l-'-t:;k l^.-n-y. ..■; :y:^ \v.->^ First 
LI- -vVcilio'.viiifT ^' .rm- I ar- 
id ..11 Sunday, ll'-f lU'^ ""'I 
.: s.-r.- l.a.lly lairmnJ. Init n<>n>- of 
-MjiY .■iifr."t li '-'h. A(-rord- 

in- lu Mr. T.::v -li- -.-'i- np l" take 
some rouifn m- h- int- and mistook the 
}..■"]■ ontaininj; the acid, uhich. vith 
-■-, ■ '.il .-fthtrs. was aluns^idi- that con- 
uO.aiiK th'- ui-aiinf. t?hH drank di- 
r-i tly fmni in- I ■>;rk'. which, f.irtunau- 
iv. ronlaluf-d t.ut a v.-ry small amount 
of acid. , , 

.Vlth.iUKh Mr. t^^-rry, vvho i^ .-mployed 
n.u ■;- a.s a cook, wa.s at homt- in bod 
; tini..-. it appvar.f that Iht' peoplo 
ii.iiig over th«- aparinieiils of th*' 
t'errya wu-r-- th-- first t.. h.-ar Mrs. 

1 ry's groan.-i and go t.> h^-r aid. Dr. 

omb wa-^ summon.-d. who admin- 

■ • antidot*'>'. Mrs. IVrry w;i« get- 

. .UK niridy today, anJ ulthouph 

- irn>- ..1 the [.oison l^ yt in h.>r syst^-m, 

.-h. is htdieved i» in- "Ut >>f .lang'T 


1 .!'.iry Ui 
anil aft'T 

C. P. L-land h'i<! l"-<n appf>int. d fore- 

oreanizt-<l. it a'l- 
h n 't i.«-'.f.*n 

h.i\- ' n 

Towne Buttons Contest. 

A H. Smith and F. N. had' 
,..,-..-. •■ ,r :o,: To'.vnt- butlony* last 
t(.- ■ lulinu' rink, and -M. - i 
lus.-os o...-n .Li... .v.arinK Uit- buttons. | 
TlKT-' i-f a disput- over th** handii-ap i 
■ Mfl>ar»'n's im"u arf entith-d to. i 
Tlie a.tiial scor*' was lt> to 
. Ml Mvor of Smith. M'-l^ar»-n claims 
-i hajidieap "f -ix points, which wouM 
civv him th'; gam'- r-y on<- point. H*- 
.btims ihiH handicap was agreed on U:- . 
for" thf g'amfv Smith, on the other han-l. . 
clain-JH that M< is only entltle.I to 
four points handl'-ap. 

Lai.--r-Tlu- .li.-put-- has rvsult.-l iir 

Smiih i'.-ing fe'ivrn th*- l.uuon-^ 

v.r-rb':; f.laim vv,'i« thai M' p!ay<'«l 

-aid Morris-'!"- v' '• '■'■'' 

f.nritli-.| t'l ■ -,f'-:i'' : 

I! ■,', ■^•lli'i ill 

Putting In a Sawmill. 

]■ M. ARn<-\v. of Chippt-'Wa Falls, 
l.-..«id.Mit of the Agnew Lumbor com- 
pany, has hcgun th-- erection of a small 
^iwndll on Sucker riv..r, about cightc.-n 
nuics fn^m iHiluih. Thv foundation is 
II. .w in and tlH' machinery will h,: in 
position for the np--ning of the sawing 
St ason. J I will have a .apacity of about 
4<:.ut»tl fK'^t a day. TIk- Asnew company 
is taking out logs on Suck^-r rivt-r with 
V hii^h to supply thf mill. 

Drawn on the Jury. 

Ph.- following arc among ih.- Jur..r? 
uh'. have been drawn to serve at the 
.\I:r. h term of the Fnilfd States ourt 
whuh will convene at Fergus Falls. 
Marrh 22: For grand jury, John Fraser, 
..f Duluth: for petit jury, Fnd Kuglor. 
\\- V Heloch. of Dnluth: .1. 1>. Murphy. 
.( Tower; William Barr*-tt. ..f Hlbbinc. 

man an. I ih'.* .bi'\ 
2 .urii'-'i I" ' ■!'> .1 
o.Mi.ii the .iail 
iw ailing it 

.Tudg'- MuiT in ;m .i'li;- -:.i'i l-l^at n.- 
1;!)('W of nothing oui>*ide «>f Ui.* loutin-! 
matters provid.'d by law to call to tn.- at- 
tenllon ..f the jury, but it was their duty 
t.. inv.'sligate anything that i ame u;. 
or ihat \Nas .ailed t> Ihtlr .attenuon. 
( .nc part of his char.ire that wa? .-ynie- 
.\hal out >,i the ordinary run wa^^ that 
in whbh he the jury to have an 
fve t«. the cost that would ensue to the 
.-"•untv from their i)r.)ce'-dings. He 
,.,id that in the paj-t the county ha.l 
l..-cn out t.i a i:(M>il .leal --f .■xnen.'='- in 
criminal matters, though he ..-..uld not 
Ktiy whether it n»-eessary -.r un- 
iuces.«ary. and h.- hoped that the jury 
■.>ould bear that in mind. Th-.- jury is 
lh<- «^ole Ju.lge of the amount »' tlnn- 
it is i.i put in each day, and it lan meet 
;>nd a.lj.'urn as it saw tit. but he hope.t 
that th.- Jury could .see its way clear t.. 
iiuiiing in as mu.'h time as p .ssibh 
..very <lav and g'-tting matters clear-'d 
u|- as SO(.n as possible, for the sak.- of 
the .-iverburd'-n.-.l taxpayers. 



Isaackson Sues the Street 
Railway Company. 

■n>e l->nluth Str.ei Kailway compajiy 
is ihe def.-ndani in a larg.- personal in- 
jury suit begun this morning by Krlk 
A. 'lsaack.«un. The plaintiff claims that 
i:i March. 1^97, after a severe snow-_ 
.-lorm. he was walking on the tracks of 
th. comi>any between N'inth and F.igh- 
i.-enth aveau.-s west, wh.-n he w.a.s 
■?tru.^k bv a car an.l run over. He says 
tliat the\-.^.mpany had thrown the sn )W 
off its tracks and into the str.-ei, <-on- 
irarv to th.- ordinances, and it was 
n.cessary for him to walk on th- track 
in order to pass along. He --^ays 
that it was th>- .luty of th.' company to 
nm its west-lvnmd cars >n th.- northern 
t:-a<-k and its east-bound i ars on the 
southern track, as was its . nsiom. He 
w.'is walkin;.' west on a south-.rn track. 
I. M. king out f.)r cars coming in the usual 
mann.-r. w h.m one came nj'. be alleges, 
at a high rate of spee-l. running west on 
th.- south ira'-k. He was stru -k. an.l as 
th.- r.-3ult of his injuri.-s h- spent nine 
nn-nths in an insane asylum and will 
iiev.-r i>e th.- same man again. H«- wants 
??r.(i<Ki damageo. J dm Jen>-\vuld, Jr.. is 
his attorney. 

Business Good In Denver. 

Kdkvai.l A, Siilierst--in, who is T>r:-ic-^ 
tlcins law in I.>env-r, Col., in in the city 
..n .-i month's visit with his parents. 
Ml-, and Mrs. H. Silber.-*teiu. He says 
that l.usiness la Denver is in a more 
llourishing <on.rtion than It has been 
foi- years anvl tliat the activity in ihf- 
Colorado mining .ljstri<ts is nnpvn-'-- 

5t. Jahes Hotel, 

Sr«i;ian,.)w Rates Pr e-.jillnt;. 

Steam Heal. 

lixti-ilent Service. 
lllectric Light, Etc., Lfc. 


NV-A York Heral'J: rcrhui)S there is 
n.j staple artich' of riuiuneico aUout 
whi<h less is known by the av. rage p.-r- 
son than human hair. It will doubtl.-i-s 
smprisi- man.v lo ham that the ^b-aliM-s 
u; human hair do not d.-pend on ehaiut 
(lippings 111 rt and Iheiv out there is a;ar hair ha.'-Nest that can always be 
T<l'i«:d upon. It is siim.ji.'il tliat over 
iL'.iKla iiounds of luiman hair .are used 
annually in thr civiliad worl.l for adorn- 
iiiK th- h:-ads .>f int-u ai>d w-micn. I>u'. 
inini'ii'ally the fair sex. 

Tht lar.gest .sui>j'ly of hair comts from 
Sw it/., rlan.l. <'.ermiiny atnl the French 
ini'vinccs. There s a human hair mar- 
kt t in thf de.partm.-nt of the low.r 
Pyrenees, held every Friday. Hundr. ds 
of hair inaders walk up and d.)wn the 
o'lH sinM-i of th<- village, their shears 
danglinj; from their belts, and inspe< t 
the brai.lK which ih'- p.-asant girls. 
standii:g on the Kteps of Mv houses, let 
lown f.«- inspoctlo!!. If a bargain i.«i 
struck the hair is cut and the m.>ney 
paid on thf simjI. 

A woman's hair may grow lo the 
l'.r.glli of .six f.-r:. A single hair will 
btar up a weight ui f.nir ouncrs without 
hr. akin;,', but the haii thus iieavily tried be dark br-nvn, for blon.l liair 
break umU-r a strain of iwo and one- 
half luncijs, 


Flrst and Always." 


Produces F LO U R ■ 

any other Flour you can buy. 

Mav.^ y-.u tinally tired of I'aying ^' 
■r a h.Tt no lieitt-r thiin the fjordin'/ 

hair can tell in a 
lo.-ks .iffered thf-m 
.- oTidieJ out. They 
th'? hairs througii 
hair has be -n cut 

Dealers in human 
m.imonl whether tli- 
havi- bc-en cut ofJ' of 
do this by ruUbiim 

Ih. ir lingers. If Ih. 

from the head ami has n."t been niis- 
pla.-. .1 it reman.s in its .)rigiiial jiosiiion. 
If it has been pulh-.l o; eom!»cd .an an.l 
put together ;egaril!ess of the directl.«r« 
In whit-h it grew, one portion of it will 
slip to th.' richt aiul the other lo the 
1« ft. It .lo'-s this b.-.'-aus«« the jagg.-d 
0"lg'-s catch up.-m each other and pull In 
'.pliosite dir<-ction?. 

Houses, rooms an.l flats are quickly 
rented when advertised in The Evening 

Ihere Is No Better lime. There Is 
No Better Place. 

Tli'-rt- is no better lime M becin .-i 
.-ommeielal or slenoj;raiddc cms.- than 
Monday. Mar«-h 7. an.l no b-tl.r plni-.- 
than tiie Duluth lousiness I'niv rsity. 
During; Ih.- past month boveii gradu- 
ati^s from this institnti.m havr ac- 
eepte.l good paying i«.»sltlons. 

Sprinir term begins on Monday. 
March 7, when a large class will bi- 

t'all at lb. <-oll-g.- and arrange t.> "n- 
ti r at the opening. 

A head without a Cordon hat Is lik. 
.a man without a country. 

You may never know It happened It I ^^^'^ "^"^ "'■^••^': »^":f ['^'^^"^V^.en" 
vou are n.*t a subseriher for The Even- | you iire not a subscriber for The Lven- 

ng Herald. . i»K "«'-'^'^- 


A curious accidc nt hai-pen.^d r-cent- 
ly To th.- Hritish steamer Laura, bound 
from the n<7Tih of Kngland M Triest-. 
with a cargo of 70a tons of odic, says 
thf- P.oston <il<>l).'. 

Wh.'ii .iff th ■ Yorkshire coast she ran 
ashor.' in a fog at th.- f.>.>t of th - ellflfs 
..n th.- s.)uth fijde of Filey bay, near 
Framt«>ro Head. As the water was 
calm, a number of tugs und-Mtook to 
float the st>Mm.-r ami pulled her off. 
but unluckily «liagged her upon a nar- 
i>.w sand bank, with bow and st.^rn 
both atloat. 

Th.- ship thil snfipp-d tn two as cl<«an 
as If she had been cut -vv-ith a saw, the 
noise t)f the break sounding like an 
explosion and frightening horses on 
sh or..-. 

St.'rm.v wvather set in for some 
Weeks, dtiring which the st-=-rn p.irtion 
of the l^nira was shifted anmnd till 
it was at right ungb^ with the bow- 
half. The " mnts describe the 

two halves of the steamer as high ami 
dry, and still in the same relative po- 



i'oi tlic Spiinu anJ bumniei season ,,1 iSt>s li.ive- an ivrd, and uill be ivady tor y-var ap- 
proval K -morrow morning. In the .•olieclion you'll lind Travt-rs Poplm, Covert Cilaer. 
i-pin^U- \iuK\w Suif, Soirie Travers, (iaiori Bi}iOvireii:v, Toile Kaison Boudc, (jrenadin^s, 
Poplin (ilace. Carrt^au.\ Camaicu.x, Chain Double, in taet all the late weaves obtainable. 

We also show the handsomest lot of Exclusive Novelty Dress Patterns 

ever shown in the City, See thent, 



Stiirt Waists .A remarkably fine lint? of 
Wajsis in \ er\ sl\lisli patierns, all 
spletidiJiv made in the latcsl Mouse et- 
led. tull pltaled batlc. has detachable 
sell maleri.ti at popular 
prices lr:»m .... 



lo call your aUciiti>in lo the complrle- 
ness of our Corset Deparlineiu tlii 

•iw^iSikiiiii^w!*'^'-^' ^ 




Women's Wash Wrappers -In tlie iiru 
sprii.g styles, handsome patterns of 
Percales, in black and while, blue and 
A liite :ind red .md w iiite, also an e.\- 
celleiit .tssoftnieiit o1 inedii::!! nvA rii;ln 
shades, from 98c, $1.26, $1.50, 
$1.85, and high as 

Orass Skirts \ 

hewildeiin;; dis- 
play of Spring 
13ress Skirls in 
silks, woolens, 
mohair, Sicilian--, 
cb?\ iot and 
serj^es, all made 
ill Ihe new 
styles and per- 
fect in workman- 
ship and Kuai- 
leed 10 til; 
prices range 



AT 35c A YARD 

::«-in< !i tw.>-ion.-a Uress .\la:f-nal». 
•<»pi^s of import -<J stuffs, '.(-ctjlor 


AT 50c A YARD 

3C-in<li i^luiin I'opijns; ili-::. -m" 
smootti linishnl stufts. th'- \ ery 
latefii of \v-a\.-s: hav- th.- wearing- 
qu.iiiti-s altaeh .1. 

from - 

$1.75 "> |20 

Spring Suits- -Pretty Spring Sitits in 
latest tailor suitin::s, every new con- 
ceplim: evcrythin;4 that is up-to-dale 
Vi'u will t'lndat popular prices - 

From $5.00 up to $35.00 

Come in ^nd gc\ posted on sprmii 

New Spring Jackets We show advance 
sprin;; styles in Jackets in a!! the new 
sl^ades; new arri\ als everv J.iy; prices 

^=*"«'^^"^'^'"~ $5.00 


Winter Jackets Better bargains ihan 
e\ er will be given on all winter 
ments, to Rive room for spring goods, 

Fur Capes, Fur Jackets, at unheard-of 
prices. Come r.irly cefore ib.e choic- 
est are gone. 

We have added many new style*, lo 
our \erv extensive line of superb Cor- 
sets. Prominentlv among which are 
the Celebrated /.. Z. and J. B. Corsets 
in the f:ishioiuble short waisl. short 
hip and long waist styles. We c:in 
suit any figure or shape w ilh petted 
ruling corsets, 


Y.m'll lind Satin Soli-1, ("r'-i«>ns. 
tJii-nadin s l>iap l>'fit'-, Cloiia, 
Eplnglcs. Whip i:'ords. Storm S-rges, 
Diagonals, Hem iettits, Poi>lins, Mr>- 
hairs, Jactuaids. Ottoman Cords. 
Drap D'Alma Cianiies. Reversibl- 
U'-i!s. Clii-viois unil man.\ other de- 
sir.'ibl-- "i\ a\ .s. 

Here's Half a Glance at 
some of the 
Newest Comers I 

AT 60c A YARD 

:;s-lnch'-k .Vll Wo-. I 'IranU. 

AT 60c A YARD 

:',N-im-h I'.lack .\lohait i '!■•[■. ns and 
V-lour Fancies. 

AT 68c A YARD 

-Jd-iinh Itlail; .l.c .luar.i N\.v.-His 

AT 75c A YARD 

pi-inch I'.laik Al! W.iol Granit-s. 

AT 85c A YARD 

44-incli I!la.-k .\U \\'"ol Doubl.- 
Wliip Co).!>. 

AT 95c A YARD - 

t,'-inch Hlack All Wu<il Diagonals 
AT 95c A YARD- 

tiMnch I'.la. 1< All \V.>ol Fancy 
Diap d'Et.-. 

AT $1,25 A YARD- 

l»;-i!uii I "a. k All \V.".! Xa:t.-. 

AT $1,35 A YARD 

44-ineh All W-iol Soli. 1. 



."Is-iteh d'anli Siniings 

AT 65c A YARD 

4<i-inch .Meil.iilion Suiiiiif--- - • ' 
<-olor blendinKs; just th 
f.>r -tylish str 't ^..-,,i.-. 

AT 65c A YARD 

^(i-in<-h Siri|. il Hpingie . 
tinish.'d with a nice lusi.-r 
up-io-dat-' stnfVs. 

AT 88c A YARD 

4»;-inch two-ton—l <■.,•■:' 
Ill h c.ip.iintfs. 

AT 88c A YARD 

4»i-in«-h Silk and Wool Mixtures, s.jft 
to the t.>n.-h. swell ;.> the -y . 

AT $1,00 A YARD 

LS-inch Chang.abl Whip Cor.t-:. /n- 
lit tie glints <>£ biight col.>rs 'H 
dark grounds giv. them a winnhii; 

AT $1,20 A YARD 

4S-in. h liiunnnaie.i Lirai< •il.- 

Fr nch surR.-it-nt weigh: 

prev»-nt '■!-ushing. I' .-sprii;^ M:\- 


Wf- show .-xcl-asiv.- si>l.s in Or-, Dimiti-s., Zc-phyrs. 
Lattice Checks, Piques, <".ing- 
hanis. '•t'-. 

AT 25c A YARD 

Imp.nt-d Organdies. -■■ .-■>! - ' ' 
•1 ct from 

AT 25c A YARD- 

ImjMjrted Irish Din;:; - " t :■ 

AT 30g a YARD 

lirip.n-j<'d Silk Strips 1 ;<; ! • 
Zephy.- Cin.ichanis. 

AT 15c A YARD- 

Fin- Indian Dimiti. s In beautiful 
ri.-w .i.sij^ii.- .ic..} .oinrings 

AT 29c A YARD 

Imp.nt- .1 Plaid Oinghar: - '. ' 



„«., „, . /.» «o™ ,... -» .... "l^Sii'SSSi miwcM sou, »«. . 

Ladies' genuine Box Cal 

Sli)es. exti-nsii.n •>'>i<:, coir l»e 
<• •«> t'.rmi-r!-. — rcJureJ to 

i ^f OA Misses' Dongola Button ^J^3S 

S^ g B^^%^ ,,r La,. f Shoes, extension -."Ic, dull lips, l^^w**^'*^ 

~ir $1.-: ttie iixint-r price—re jucej i.) 

i Kid Button ^O Jggi Misses' Dongola Button or QQq 

U, .eMt,:e,H. wearer; ^>^-*0 ^^^t^^^^'X^^^^-'^lt:^^':?'':'^: ^^^ 

...jwimci , ,,v. ■re.iu..^cl t.) -- ^^ 

ies' Extension Sole 4:0 00 Children's Dongola Lace or ||^^ 

I IvanJ tutus, S'ltt -.ilky stiic !.-. ^^4 Mi"t-^. .n 

Ladies' Vici 

or Laie Slioes, c(.rk s 
f :.?o tormer i-rli 





Will Arrive With the Knights Templar 

(;ovcinor «."louKh has ricceiC'.d the 
invitation of M. M. C.asser, eminent 
.•oiTimand--r of Duluth comniandeiy. 
Knights T-mplar, t-i be present this 
evening at the -mnnal inspection of Du- 
luth conmiand-ry. lb- will he accom- 
panied by till- grand commanJ .r of the 
state and his siatf and abou; r<'.vi*nty- 
ttve visiting knights Two extra 
«-oa«-hes and a din.-r are attached to th^ 
train arriving here in the . vening ai 
;:;t(i .i'<-lo«-k, lift, en minutes ah- a. I of 
schedule linv-. Dnhiih commander.N, 
with the Duluth City band, will r.-ceive 
tht and .-scut th-m to ih^ 

ne.-n who started from AshLiial ; 'i M. 
1 n with the horses yesleiday got .iriink 
.m the road, and while they wer-- .lui.-t- 
ly sleeping <ifl their jags th.- h.>rses 
>\an<l.-re<l away in the woods '•: i ha\ 
not yet been found. 

good f" 1- 

th"- func- 


.ie. where th- w .uk u; tin 


Cross desrc;^ will bi^ .-x..-mpl'u^d, aft'-r 
which will follow th.- traditi.mal bai:- 
"ju.-t. The Spalding h.>us.- Mill be th-.' 
head.iuari rs of th.- visitors whih- her,^ 
"^rh.- maj.oity of tlnni will i -turn fi- 
inoi-row afte'nvion on ih • limited, but 
part will remain i.' Thursday «-veii- 
ing aii'l wirni'ss tlu work in the twcc- 
tv-tirsf ilesirce of S.iUtish Itite Ma- 
sonr> . 



Youth's Companion: A man w-la> had 
stopped at a crowd- d hotel in a city 
where a national political convention 
was in .session st« j'ped up lo the clerk's on the morning of his departure, 
to settle. 

"Aw, how mu(-h is it, m.- 
h»w'.'" he a.sked the clerK. 

"Thiriy-si.v d.>llars." r>-plie.l 
thmary, after a glanc- at his 

"How do you make that otil'.'" 

"Four dollars a day for three of you. 
You have been hei-< thr.^e days, Thiv. 
times twelve are thirty-six." 

"Hut, me .iro.xl f.-llow, there are only 
two .«f us~my wife an.l mystdf. " 

"You regisl-re.l as Mr. and .Mrs. Ip- 
smith and Fidelia.' ' 

"Aw. me good fell.)vv. *Fide!ia' is my 
wife's lap<log. you know: " 

"All I know is that we put an .-xtra 
••ot in your room for Miss Fidelia." n-- 
j.)ined the inexorable clerk, 'an.l every 
.-ot in the house has Kot to bring in 
monev this wck. Thirty-six dollars. 

And Mr. Smith had to pay it. 

lutini; others f.)r supporting such - v:- 
dence in behalf of the .lefendant. i? 
they really knew of its exisicn<-e. The 
announcement of th-: minister's deci- 
sion was rei-eived at Cayuga with joy- 
ous riemonstraticm by a large crowd of 


-- - - 



cl.airs. lasei, 
Nolj ilii-ap. 

I- 1.. 

r..y\cw Hurt- 
In g.KlJ 

MA & CO . 

c\ Stiuj* ' 
».rJei, and will It ' 
.-4 last SuperiiM 



' W.> -ire at S\n..-ii"r-l"-au;li with .•> lirst- 
1 cl;i.-=s .lre.lKiii« plant, an.l sire j.r.-pare.l to 
' ilo work proniptly an.l :o r. as..i.;.W« rat.^s 
1 For estiniiUes a:i.l pri.-o a.^di. >- 


IMIbWACKi:!;. w ■ 

Drivers Slept and the Animals 

Wandered Av\ay. 

W. G. Bohn. ..f Iron Kiv.--, r-gi-- 
tercl at th.- Si. L-aiis this m.u-ning and 
returned horn- this afternoon. Mr. 
Itohn has ju«t built a sawmill at Md- 
len on th.- Wis.'.msin cMUra! 
railn.a.l. about tweiity-liv- niil.'s tr-mi 
Vshland, and it will be started ui' nex. 
Mondav. H-^ has a .-.mira<t for about 
;;(MMi.(Mio fe I ..f hemlo(-k bridge limbers, 
whiih he will saw out at .m.-.'. He 
also pr.>i>os.-s to mnnufacturi- hemlo<-K 
lumber and shingl.-s. In fad the mil. 
was built exclusively for sawin-,' hem- of which there is a large bo<ly m 
th. vlcinitv of M'llin. Hefor.- t ikmu' 
th.- train from Ashlaml this af..-rnoon 
Mr. r..dHi r.-<-.-iv..i a t-l.-grain tr-an his 
foreman an.uincing that iw.lve li.-ad or 
hors.'s Jiad L).ni lost, it sc-ms that ili.-i 


\ curious provisiim of Cana.lian law 
emiMiwcrs ih.- minister "f justic in tlie 
.-abinet of the D..minion gov.-rnment t> 
grant a new trial in criminal cases 
where he entertains a doubt as to tlv- 
Justic- of a eonvi(-tion. ;«ays the New. 
York Sun. A woman at Cayuga, in the, 
l-rovince of Ontario, was saved from the | 
^'ar..)ws bv the t-xercise of this authorl-j 
ty on W.ilnes.lay, only a few hours be- 
fore the time llx<-<i for her ex.-.-utiou. | 
The pri.-^oner, a .Mrs. Sternaman. ha.l 
l.een convict. -.1 of having murdered h.-r 
husban.l by poisoning. The evi.lence 
laid b.'for.- the minister of justice, how- 
ev.-r indi.ates that the p.d.son found in 
th.- b.idv came from .t tlui.l tised 
embalming purp..s.-s, an.l that inf..rma- 
tion f. this effect had Ucn given to the 
pub'.h- pr.K-ecutor. The action ot ih.? 
minister is generally .-.unmcnded, but 
the Canadian press criUcis^es Ihe 


Business Property 5 per ant. 
Residences. 6 per cent 

Partial Payment Privilege. See us before 
Making a Loan. 


Security Bank Deposits 
for Sale Cheap. 

N. J. UPHAM t CO., 400 Burrows Buildinf. 

■kWAMpnOI A Heartl-.iini, Cia<.triti> 
|ITX|'t'K^|B. an4 ail stomdili Jis 
W ■ wi ^a ^ra^J or Jers positively cuiei. 
i.rcj\ ei Cjraliani L)\ spep>.ia RemeJy is a spev ifi»:. One 
Jose remo\ cs all Ji-.tresb. anJ a perman<-nl . ure ot 
flie ini>st chri>nlc aiiJ severe case^ S };uJranteeJ. D» 
not suiter! A 50-cent bottle will convince Uie roo->i 



, - 




rm l{sl^\^. m.\K'< ii 









\" ' I uill \\\\{ Ihi\ a pi.uii' tmtil I luui' l»ttiki\l ti\ li 
J I'iKii iV B.kncU'^ tu'J llH'ir priii-s, 

11/ Wnlll.lM lues lU 5llt\lH)! Uiul IkI piillld WMS ^ 

.1,1; ' ! htt\ i>i. S!u's.i\tJ AN I \ KN UrNDUlM i iK Jl.- 
I \ , • . t ill Chic.i; n, <•[ 

I . ■•Ill I'lhiT ik-aif! -- !u-i r. 





^ .... Aril, uiihoul icniiii^ here lo ^fr 

\\\\j\ \\v ..'viLI tio. p.iyin-i i>-'7> K'i it. When our a}.*yiit 

liii! aiul cIiujUJ iHir \'\wi' tjf S195 on tlu' 

, ..:tii.> r ht- fi.iJ .ilriMJ\' l''*!!!;'!!!, 

■ hsrn, wasn't n '' 
\\ ; will '^w :■ i:ic iiaincs lit these pt-nj^k- t^' anynie 

■■U\\ aiul tlu vrnot of liu- facts. 

■ ' . .[Xii^r wwi jMano i'^usiiu-'-- i-. \*-;>' 

*mifvluni w 11. ■ ■ ■ hiiNiiu'ss aiul 

' >ip.!\' Jr:i,lfr^ :.i:^- i'u'^.m- v.iiev't lor ^."a^ll. 

A uc 'Mil >a\L' N'i'u ni'tufv on piano-- aiul 

V. n\- \(iu v'an't alio- J not to voiisuli us ulu-n \ ou Imiv 

^ P 




■^ . . 

March Magazines 

Chamberlain & Taylor, 

Book Store. 

32.^ West Superior Street. 


■ ■111 IS. \ilii>h ini'V.-ms till- sfVi'ial 
t:(i.s fiiiiii i-'t;iiliitinj; till- iittt rst.o..' 
lialti< 'it ;iilullri:it<-.| I'Miils. Staitliii 

l««^iitv-J our Slates Represcnlt-d In ','>"'" :;! •■'•'"''^^'V;' \rr*.,»/;f ','.'." 

the VVrtshinqton Gtitheriiig. 


■ I ailiilti-r aloi s' .«« -'I'l' liavc itM-ciUlv 

nKt'lf l".v fxp(-i:>~ ii th- il-pait- 

a-^! ii ultiii ••. I'li; siiiirii;i- a-< it 

Hi, I h- 1. <l ral K-iVt-iriint-iii . 

lii« li is litlini; Ih'-S'- ilislMii^'st manii- 

iiiit>-rs with ■•!! ■ sii'Mifi aim. ha- 

I'lishiiii; llu-ivi I'lttvwinl in ii w . \ 

aiiotli.-i. Th«- irUftii.!- iK-i».n>t- 

1 iiKU 111. in i;raiiis [>atfn:H. \\<>\. <.nl.\' l.iriiiliil- 

:,! 1 , !.; t'oinls. hut li.r- tli iigacllin-i \ 

!!■. r.. ii< iiiariiirii'-Uir.-. S-fi'-- 

..| .\.u! 11 uh 111 ■■ .lanii-s Wilson li;i.-i 

A>rkin'-''l -.wtU "th^-f uovi-i-ii- 

i.fHi'JaN inl. 1.- -l.-il in tlv- l.-foii-i 

ati<l \sill lt-li<l 111' il>-U'f;aU'S all 

1. . 1,. !. li. ii' .- .'-Sat >• lo a.t'fiini|ilisli ili- 

— 1. 

w>^'\\ t ' ■' ■ M ' 1 i ■ I ,: -~' ' 

.\ ■ ;i;' ii:<;: V •ri:.vf:i:i)V. 

I t ■.i.i--l.-. 1 .1. M.»r. h .;. — Hl**-f» VV U..1. .^ 

(■ ^ 

mm \' ^*^^ 

1 -■^mmm 

"t&ii .,. 


:• \Ti:.-i i..\i:«>i:at< tKV. 

I- |.i 1..- t.-s!fi|.) 

iiii IikI-I a \ii >■ r''>niitT''"t younjr l':ii-nit-r hfi-i-. tuiiav 

• I th- ! ■• :i:\-r.m: >l;.it an<l l;ill.-a hi>- l.ioi ln-i Th >!na<. nn 

-■■1 li. \V. s' . iiii; th.- it-siilt '>r his -hut. ih" l.toih.-i- 

riuiii-<l lh»- sun upon liitn.->'ir ami «-\\t 

i.iilh-t throujfh his lirain. Thf hrotht-r.-^ 

ii-i. If.l ipvci- ^lusin^•>^s inatt'T.-*. 


a. (1 I" 1- 

i:ii'i'''l!Mi' :> I 

..t I - ■ • ■ ■ 


' 1 1 1 ; : I ,\ 1 ■ ■ •. 

- .4 r :!> 1 ,: jui-»'! 
: a'-t- hanil w i>- 
■'hoiil'i I'-iiii'- 
n|..-i;> !.,!..■!!. -.1. 


.11. Muirli :; - .\l!ipi>l 
i 'iiion is I >-iM ■-•III 

Mlav I- 

I 'M I- 

.i\.Mi-:s \vi;,S''\'. 

I I aiA ■ i \ m I' (;ltiii'/l 


:• -wr la 
la'i Vi>- 
..II.- pi- 
. , ,il ,.r„ 

^^.n t ■ ha 

• 1 ,. |. v, ;. |.|. \ • III 

! laisii-pr -s'-iit-itioii-: ■>! 

firm natht-riiiK oi i h 

la .- th ■ I). fiitmiriK ' 

'I'h.' •_:.>\ ■•rnur of '-.h 'i 

has si-ni <l ' ■;;a^•^ 

^.ition (■Mn>'si- ' '■ 

" I'h.o nia<iHis.4iiji' if- 

■ I nianiifa' liM'-r nn<l 

iiiainifai till .-r. F«-!l- 

An Austrian Government Representa- 
tive Is Present. 

\\'ilU.--l.:i-ii-. i'a , Mat-.-h ::.— Th. tli.ll 
'■! Shi-lin Mai:'ii a:,.! his dt'pUtit'S pfo- 

i^ .s|f.\> ly luiiay. l>ffnity H»-?»s Was 

K-'-allf.t anil his < i n^^-.-vainination wa.s 

'•'Ml mil'-. i. I|.- -.ii.| hf wa.s sun- 

' hi- .lid 11-. I ill- ,1 sliMi: h.- ha.l h.-ani rp. 

■ .iimnapil .-v.-n i.. lii.-. Although lh<- 

:li.- -lu-iilf '.■.a- in •-■.i.-at pfril, lh< 

ti'-ss <-lainu-.l h.- ilil not oi-flfr his 

1 - umpany to lir.- iipnn th*- striK- rs. a-! 

, hf wa-; .itiaiil ili.ii 111.- sliiTifl' mi.nht 

piissjliiy (,». shot as hf was in 

; li>- nii'lst of thf liun<-h of stiikt-rs. , 

.lohii A. .*^alnlon. of llariishiir«. tfsti- 

lif., i>i hfins for fimi- 'lays a (Ifpnly 

li'tilY. Salmon sai'l th»* day was si 

ai.ii that h- was o\-.'i-<-iimi' l>y tho 

11. at .-mil w.-is h-anins asainst thi- ft-n. i-. 

.ai k of lilt- i!ipiit:i-s \\ iifii thi- shoDtin-' 

•' lurifd. 

Altoiruy •I' A. <'"V«-. of Phila- 
li-iphia, t<-pi' s.-niint; Ih'- Anstiian ko.- 
•-innii-ni niadi* his lii-st appfatani't- sini-i- 
j th»- tfial romnif nf-«'d. .VIr. (Vixf stated 
I that his visit v. as purely an luioflii-ia 
• ■:!•-. as hi- has ha'd n i->'|if»sfnt.ativi- h<-ii' 
all III.- liini. and was Itt-pt u«-ll In- 
1 .Mil' I ..n thi- <-asf. 

KN<;i.A.\I) MAV (UTMM'V. 
Shanghai. Maiih :;. The China f'.a- 
'••it'- .sass (' Mritairi will or«-M?iy 
\V -i Hal \V«'i in tin- t-wnt "f Japan 
\\ ilhtiravi inf? from that p<irt. 

i 1. 

r'F:K.'<rDi-:NTiAi. .^•^^MJ^^\TI^^•.^. 

Washiiision. M.tnh '!. -Thi- pffsidi-nt. 
I'll I paitin-Titr^ jind ' today sf'nt thf roll>win< nominations to 
ti i,|.. .- til. lis ai.- ''" '''natf: (isuond ('. Ulancy. to In- as- 

• .| -; apprais'-r of tnfn handisi-, dls- 

I'liii. ipal i".|i.- ..1 ...111 i,;:.,ii ■,iii|lli..t of l:i><l"ii an. I f 'h.irli-sluw n, Ma.^s. 




The Dons Are Silently But Actively Getting 

Ready For a War With the 

United States* 


Presence of American Fleet at Hong Kong, 

Ready to Descend Upon Manilla^ 

Excites the Spaniards, 

M.i.lii.t ;.-Tli.- piil.lio is mii'>i I 
i ■•! .■\' 1 ;!!•• it-p'ii; tf iht- pi-fKon -•.■ 
"i a sipMili Ml 'i; I'liici-d St.i;.-s waishlps 
a: II >nK K.iii^;, as it is prisiunt-d :li- 
M-S.V-IS iiM. nd I'l ihoaii-n Manilla. Ih-- 
rapiitul .if Lhi riiili|>pinc islands, in :hi- 
mini of war 1m iWffn itic I'nii. I S;a:. s 
ind Spain 

Till- imp.ii. iai in an ar:i. K* h- .idfd "T > 
Manilln — 'lo .\ a N 'ik." nuMti-d an i;n- 
iiaitii- d hin'h pi*i s ijiajni , who siouts ;h-. 
Klca of an imi;nlnf!i. i'up;in<-, and say.--: 
"T'lr pf sen*!' of th- uaishii's at lIon.,j:i 
K.iiiK is only Wash inv. ion's p.ilii-y with i 
tl\^ \ ii-w of r tit' iwiiif; thf jin>;ot-s." Th - 
hiph p« rsonai?«- is .«uid ;o havi- added' 
"Hill Aiiit-iita has ii'H so many waiships 
as tt wairain siirh hold a -lion. If iIi-'.s S.I ;.i the I'hilippin' s. ihi- Sj-an- 
i.iids will «.' to NVw Yolk."' 

Th- (;ii.h,>u it'tnatks: "Thi jjovfin- 
lU'-nt is alive m ,th«- i-iitlt al situation, ani 
is silently pupaiinn foi the w.nst. Ihit 
it is too dii>l •maiii- to tli.s<l'».sf the jii ■- 
i-ediue liy whi.'h it is piepaiinj;' lo;" 
i-nit ru'-mies." In fon«'liision. the <iiol>oii 
sa.vs: "Koi'iuna<i>dy tne iian<|Uil pf'-- 
paiaiiioiis i'f ihe j?oveiiuntnt aie th- 
ties: assiifani'i- liia: it will he ivady wh'-n 
t'h • o-iasion leijuiirs ii. The puhli -, 
s. i-in^ the i-.<oln< ss iif Si-n-ii Sa;;.»s;a. 
^haild I'.impi' h« n I that li- mi-ans a-ts 
iind 11"; wauls. llowevii liiikitfd the 
liiiMii's ( .mlideiii-e in the ji. . niii :■. thi y. 
like oiiiselvts. have ninli.leinc iha; he;, 
t.-i .|.i.\s will dawn ' 


d. l,-iy imist in- viiahly orcnr. It is ini- 
piolialili ih.a the Diiii.k Oliief la.i 
j-i-a( h lla\ana iiaihoi and }?. t at w<ii k 
nunh hefoii- Ih-- niiddl ■ of next weel;. 
As for the hi;; Deiiitk .Monanh the 
dale for her sailing; lias not heen S't. 

Some privato letters are eomini? ti 
Wa-hin«rt )n from odi-eis in Havana. 
l>Mt while they all h.tve sonieihiiiK lo 
say tiiii' hint; the Maim- explo-ion. it 
(■••tinot he sai'l that the statements an» 
hased upon any leteni ami i;ener.»ll>' 
iinUnnw n dPVeloi»menis. 

.A most •;iih=taiitial i-videi)(i» fif sym- 
p:it:i.v for the sill vivors .if the .M.iine and 
t''e families of the victims eanie to 
at the navy depan'iiient today in the 
shape iif a rheok'fof $''mi from I'ri-sideni 
I>ole of Hawaii. Th« inoiu-y was turned 
into the Maine relief fund. 

It is denied at tlie navy department 
that any rerniest h;is hei-n m.ide nimn 
the Newjiort News Siiiphiiildin^ lom- 
pan.N' to hasten the I.Mini'Min.i;' of the 
hatileships KearsaiR- iind Kentuck.v, 
.set fur .Maiih -M. 

Iluuuler Storm Hinders Operations 
of the Divers. 

K-avann. .Maieli ;;. — Th.- opfia.ti«»ns d' 
Ih ■ divMs :his morning w. re inteniip:' .1 
l.y a heavy thun>le: Ktoiin. Tlie indiea 
lions aie. h'lwevi-r. that the weather will 

i-l' at later in the ilay. 

Seiiaioi- I'rotitar miay leave llaxana en 
Saiurday fi-r home. thoiij;h the time •>: 
his depaituie is nit .vi-: deeid»-d. He may'..iin hen- iin:il W. dnesda.w and in 
I ha: case will piohahly tak.- a liiii ir.l.i 
ill- pio\ incf of I'inar l)il Kia willj Su- 

(■. line Il'lent |-;iwell if ;he Uel C'luss S'l- 

I i. :y. iiiihss ;h' .-iofmy w> .i;h.-r < h.ln.H'•^• 
the iii.i;;ratn. 

'Phi- rni:ed .states l:j;!ithoiise tender 
.ManRiow and the naval (-nirt of ini|ui:> 
iiuo ihi loss of tht- ;l'-ship Main . a: ■ 
1 x.peft«<l here today. 


Secretary Eonq Has Not Heard Erom 
Board of Inquiry. 

\'v'.isiiiiiyioti. M.iiih I. — .Se.ti-iaiy l.oii; 
loday aifthorizi il an aK" iliite ;ind p.isi- 
tive denial of a lepoii; asseiiinu that a 
f-.iii.ii;il or pii limin.i.y n-p m had h-eii 
ii eivt-d hy 'the jriiveinint nt from th • 
.Maim- inipiiiy ••oaid, indii-atinff oi de- 
i i.iiinK t.hat the loss of the .Main- wa^ 
dii- to an exti rnal '-xplo-ion. He said 
.ha: H'l iipoit of any kind had lie.-n t--- 
I • ivi-d. and that nhe piihlic- ha<l all the 
infoimation that had heeii re.-(-lved. 


Some of Her Subjects Eost on the 
Warship Maine. 

C'hii a;?". March ::. — A spwial to th- 
Daily News from Washln.tjton .-ays: 
".Spain will have tn rei kon. with Japan 
as -well as with tho rnin^l .states in 
till event the res|x^>nsiliility nf the .Maim- 
e.\plosi(in is luid at the <1 lor of th-- dmi. 
The navy department has aseertained 
that on the .Maine were Japanese snh- 
Jeits i-mplo.ved as i.-fMiks iind other ser- 
\riits. and these were List. The faet of 
their de'.ith has heen communicated to 
the Japane.sf government throii;;h the 
sl.ite dejiartment. 


Chairman Boutelle and Secretary 
Eong Have a Conference. 

WashinRton. March* X— Seoret.iry 
Lonj; sj.< nt a wood part of the mornin.:; 
in close communication with Chairman 
Houtelle. of the house naval commit- 
tee. He denie,! himself to all othei^ 
<'allers and from time to time, sent for 
various hiifau chiefs of the di'p;irt- 
nietit. a pietty clear imlieation that Mr. 
Itouielle was lieinj; supplied with sm-h 
information as th- department could 
furnish as to the immediate needs of 
the naval .servir-e. 

I'p to noon no word had come to the 
department from the inurt of imiuii.v 
at Key West. It is .said that the «-ouri 
is nnd-r no oldiKation to inform the ilc- 
partiiK-nt as to when it has eon<-luded 
this hranch of the in<|iiliy. nor is It 
tieces.sary to seek permission from the 
'lepartment to return to Havana. 
The iirih r under which the 

I oiirt is oiHTatInK «-urrl<.— ■ 

suiricient authority for ehanRe ol 
hase at any m<mient. though thedepar*- 
qient mai' he informed as a m.itter <>• 

If the prfiRresn of the inipiiry at 
Havana de|ien«>H iifmn the work of tic 
w !-■ cki-rs. a.s seems lo lie (he case, nmh- 
liiK of suhsttinl iai importanc-'- ran I..' 
achieved until the hi-avy dilnis [a i.- 
iiiii\i-i| from the wreck .ind >'onslderah|e 

Key West. Man h 'l --Lii-ui. .Maiix. 
the jtidj; ■ advocat'- of the I'niied S:ai s 
naval eoiiit of inijiiiiv into the luss •>( 
the I. at ill-ship .\luine. which cuicluiled 
iis sessions here yeslerda.v, said lod;»y 
I hut h'- did not know wlien tlie court 
Would leave Key West. 

NATI'ltK l.\ thi: .STKKIIAOR. 
H. Phelfis Whitmai.^li writes of "The 
.steera};.' of T.idav" in the Ceiitury. 
Mr. Whitmarsh, who i rossed the m-. an 
in the steerase hims If. says: To nn- the 
mii:-t noticeahjo thin;; ahoiit the life 
was the ease with w hieh Ih-- y.ike of 
(ivilization was thrown otT. If <-ondi- 
tion.s he favotalde. I upine that a lari;:- 
proportion of th'- st-.-rajjc passenf;ers 
thr.iw hack t.i their liarwinian ances- 
try ahout the thin! da> out. -Vway 
from home. <-ountry, .ind lelisrlous inllu- 
en<^ s, uiii'estrain* d '^^y eu>-tom and con- 
\ entiinality, hound i>y no laws of ^n-- and s i>arated from all that f.n-ce 
of oiiinion so strong; in the world asho:-e. 
they let th-niselves «'>. and all-uv their 
haser natures to run riot. No so.iti-r 
iias tl<- seasi(-kii'-ss left Ihi-m th lU 
they K'owl and snail over their food 
liki* doRs. si-ramiiling' for the choie.- 
pie»-es. ;ind iiinnin'^ off t'> lli-ir hiinlis 
with th"in; the> rilw ipiai lelsani'': 
th'-ir talk is lewil .and insulting:: In-jri' 
stitn:.;(h is in tlie ascendant; an. I, 
wiihniit shani'-, h-ith sexi-s sliow tf.e 
animal side of theii natur. s. 15ut nio;U 
apparent and ohn ixions are the (llthy 
haliits into whi(-li many <if them f.ill. 
The sea secniJi utterly to demoralize 
them. .Slime of tliem will remain for 
d.iys in their hcrths. wliere, without 
I hanpinR their <-loilies, they eat, slecji. 
a:ii| are sick witli th'» utmost impar- 
tiality, and without the lilessins of soap 
and water. Hence the steerage as a 
wliol-. th'- "married quarters " (where 
there Were children! in particular, was 
ill-smellinK and oth'-rwise nlijeeiionahle. 


'The ohllRations and duties of the 
Christian life are not all external," 
writes Cardinal Cildions. pointinR out 
a religious life to youiiR men, in ihe 
Ladies' Home .Inuinal. "Th y are 

mainly material. and must proceed 
flam the heart. There is no virtue in 
iin-'s ilaily ai-iions unless It he first es- 
i.ililishi-d in the soul, and is only an '-x- 
!• rnal exr>iessiiin of heartfelt senti- 
ments. Yet th»> external practii-e of 
iMirisiian virtue.", and the p rformance 
of christian duti-s. perl.iin to the integ- 
rity, if not the essential charaeter. of 
the Christian life. Th» interior s- nti- 
ments soon p rish without external ex- 
pressiiin. as life and holily powers •>•- 
e.iine extinct without (iue and i>roper 
exeriise or employment. 

However, as th- exttrnal duties are 
not ahsolutely, and under all i-ircum- 
siantes. essential, thej vary hoth in 
numhei and fiei|uency, accrdinf;- to en- 
vironments and ofiiiort'initii's. .\ liusi- 
m-ss man cannot do ail that a c|. rgv- 
man is expected to do; a man in trade 
not what a man in let^ure i-an acc-om- 
Iilisli. nor a man of tie world all that 
is [ and easy t> one who keeps 
him.self from .soi-iety. Hut all. no mat- 
t r where, no matter what their en- 
xacements and seiulir pursuits, how 

liitl ■ how mmh tiBie they can -all 

ihtir own. can and jiiv oliliKcd to per- 
form daily a< is of prayer and religion, 
and acditnplish many duties of virtue 
and fhaiitv. Th.-r if no condiiion id 
life whiih is ineompatShle with the dic- 
tates, and prin<ipl''S. aid precefiis of 
the Christian life." 

woRKiNf! c,ini;.=? r-HANCK. 

'The avei-a.s;e li.'ne hi>lds mit ;i far 
mile comforiahle time, a mate leisurei.v 
life, a healthier exisrem-o and better 
wa.ues than ihie.*; the oTice, stare or fac- 
tmy t'l an intelligent Rirl or woman,'* 
writes Edward W. Hrk of 'The Work- 
ins riirl's Croat Chinte" In the Febru- 
ary Ladies' Hame Journal. "The same 
time dev.itetl, for exariide, to the study 
of sharthand or typ'-Mitinff, if Riven to 
the study i)f nursiiiK or «lome.<tic servii.-. 
wi'iild mean tvvie the iiuimie to a 
bright, steady Rirl I'iforlunately. Rill.-; 
will n>t see this, and thousands of them 
who are t.Mlny stiuRtH^R UiroUKh an 
existence in the .niter world could have 
far more cimfoi table H\es and lieitei- 
wa.Re.s in excellent l»mes. How the 
avetage j;iil i-an delileiately shut her 
eyes to the opporturlty which fairly 
Rlares upan her a.s a |ood maid, nurse, 
companion or d»menic of any sort. 
lM.<ses averase o unpiehensi.m. There 
ha.>« never heen o linn' when mistre.-ses 
\vere readier or iii<"ie villirvR to pay tjood 

..aiii lM l l H Hl l lHl KMllI— 



wapo« for Rond dnme«tlc sorvloo — waRcs 
eoinp.'ired to whiich the iriitanee paid in 
ships or factories sinks into inslKniti 
< ance. .\nd. <in the other hand, the 
niies iif wiimiMi in liuslness. as recent 
Maiistiis pfainly show, are t;ia dually oii 
the decrease because nf the willln,i<ness 
o) Inmdrcds of rIiIs to v^.irk for a meie 
liitt.ime. l-Ivery huslnes.^ house h'as to- 
day waltiiiR lists iif si-iin-s of hundiiNt- 
o! appiiiants. while hundreds of homcn 
cry out for inteUiRent domestic ser- 


Interesting Interstate Commerce 
Case on at Cleveland. 

Cleveland, .Man-h ::— .\t today'.-^ ses 
i-ion of the interstate <>iimmei'ce cnin- 
inisKioii which is inve.stiRatinR charges 
of discrimination iiRainst th" Car Ser- 
vice assoiiation, J. (5. .Simmons. Ji .uiaiii 
dealer, was on tin- witness stand, \\<- 
testified that he was forceil to pay car 
seiviie chaiRes on all of his shipment^ 
and ;;iiods received. (in many occa- 
sions the i-harR> s for hoidiiiR cars over- 
time or I'or transfer and switchiii}; was 
Rieater than the i-eRular fri-i.!;ht rates. 
It was stated by the witness tliat h<- 
knew larRi- .ijiain com|ianies often es- 
ia|«d without any iidditional chaiRc 
for switchini; or holdinR cars overtime 

The »-ommission continued the hear 
iiiR to Ajnil l:!. 



Territory Affair Which 
Result In Eynching. 


Wichita, Kan.. Mar.h ::.— At llyan. 
T., three masked men entereil the 


Expenditi.rus Half What They Were 
Lest Year. 

Til'- siit'eiin;i'ndi.n: "f i i.i;- this 
moinint; liled his rejMrt \'<n- .March in 
the idljce of the county audit n. H. 
sh.iws iliat dunin.v; I'h - n>>inh he and his 

assistants n\ade 12.'!!> visit.-^. and that Ih-. 
txpi iidiiUK-s were u.-- f.illows: I'rovi- 
slons. $:;i.':.;;ri: fuel. Jl'(>; cluhinR, $l.'..'i.'.; 
buiials, $9:;. GO; transpcrtalion. Il.sti; iiam 
I'ji'iii. $.">.SS.T."i: care af sii-k. $:;:;;*..:;ri; mis- 
oellancous. JlOC.Tri; total. $17Jl».:;.1. The 
(tiiMiini far i'hi sa'nie mmiih in I.s;t7 was 
$:;.'.»>»:.t;-l. so the .saviiiK was $1Sl'(i.2;>. Th« 
cxpi-n iilnres for the care of the sii-l; 
wi re dividt-<1 ani.iiiR iIk- hospitals as fol- 
I'lW.s: .s-'i;. .Mary's. J_'l(i.tiL': Si. Luk-'s, 
US. Ill; Wsi-meii's, SIG.dS. 

The c iiitwy phvsician icpins t' th- i" 
w.>^ii nine i-oiiii'l.v imti. nis in ihe hos- 
iiiials Fi ii. 1. ruu-ieen d'.schar,i;ad diir- 
ini; the monih. live died and i wenty-t-.v-. 
.a'dniriled durin.;; ihc month. m:ikiir; 
louiUeen Mai-'li 1. Th.irty-sevt n 
I a.-i s w. 1 • iiivesiiRa.eil and 17:! visits 
made and ollice cas'.-s rci-eivi-d. 

Tile ("iiir larni ii p.>rii .1 I'oity-one in- 
mates Jan. ::i. live admitiid and fnui 
( ischaiRed dniini; t.h-,- inonih. and foi;y- 
two innvates Fib. IS. Ti xpi-iisi s wd: 


Do Not Believe It. 

Lfi.-al tickil at;. Ills pLi. ■■ Utile cr. dene 
in the report that ilie Canaiiiaa I'milic 
i .11 nds lo make a rale of ).|ii from Iliiliilli . 
SI. I'aiil tilid .\llmic;i|iolJs ;o I'acilic (-oast 
I'oinis. Th.y :tie of the opinion that tin 
lull- v.tir. which is pruviujr ilisastnois ti. 
Ill i.illniad comiiaiilcs. will iioi b. ■•;;'-- 
lied 111 ,-iiiy Ini-lln-r e.vtieines aiul that 
the old rati-s all- more lilaly lo be ii . 
stored I hall a still fiirihi-r cut made. 
Tra\i I to ..Vla-iki ■.■- nm as brisk as it was 
a l>w da.vs In the we.-U ami r.-iilroad ;nen' 
lool; for a ste.-iily falling olT fioiii Ilii- Iiiili 

Will Exhibit His Dogs. 

T «mi!iy Michaiid will attend the 
Noilinvestii n Keiim-l club doR >liow at 
Si. I'aul nexi week. He will enter foul 
of his cockers .ind one bull teriier for 
the iirizes, and he expects to c.irry away 
liist honors in :it least one A full 
b'-other of one of his cockers carried off 
the iirst prize at tne New York doj; 
show recently. 

The Weather In February. 

Duiin;; Ih-.- lu >ii;li of I-', liiiiaiy ihe 
faicLin t ■iinicia^uie. aceordinx io the rer- 
oids a!' i''oiecast ()f1i(-ial K'tiealey. was 
17 di Riees. The aveia.i;*- duiiiiR iw -nty- 

eiRhi .VeJllS past was 17 dcRleeS. Tic- 

vvaiiii.'St day duiiiiR the iieintili was ihc 
L'lh. when the tiiennomt it r reyi.steinl :;s 
d..mi IS, and the coidi.-n rhe I'nd. when i; 
\v:is IS di Rii—s below. The picvailin.t; 
(liiection of the winil was narthw .-si. 
and the total mo\ int nt was 7l:!iJ miles. 
The hiRht s; velocily was ::.". miles, fiom 
tilie n.irtliwes; on tie .Mh. The i ilal pre- 
f-ipitalion Wa.-.: O.Sii iinln s. Thtie wen 
S cli .11- davs. i;; jMiily cloudy and 7 

Mr. Marsh Pays His Eine. 

F. J. .Marsh was this afternoon sen- 
tenced bj- JuiiRe l-alson to pav a (Ine of 
%2'> and co.sts for i-xhibitinR "Tht- <;iadl- 
atm" at the Ly< i-um. May JI. without 
a license. The line was jiaid. .Mr. .Marsh 
was tri- d and found RUiltj- .\iir. HI an.) 
appe.aled to the supreme ( olllt on the 
.ground that the li< o;i'inan<-e wa> 
iinconslitutional. thi- supri-nie court re 
cently haiitlinR a JudRnient aRainst him 

UK nOT IfIS LKC, r!.»CK. 

.\nswcis: The manaRt-r tif a shop in 
Lewes stood in tlie doorway the otiier 
day when a man with a wooden n-r .md 
i-iuKh came aloiiR and sai<l: 

"1 want you to «lo me .a favor. I 
want t > have mv h-R with you for a 
few minutes and ro round to the next 
Mi-eet and Work a house for half a 
( i-iiwn. I've an Idea that the folks are 
\( ry sympathetic. If 1 ro with one Icr 
I'm sure of it." 

"Vi-r.v well." .said the shopkeeper, 
"just leave your Icr here and I'll Like 
( are of it." 

Tile wooden substitute was iin- 
slrtippe.d ;ind htinded over, and the 
tii|iple used the crutch to help Jjimself 
d iwn the alley. 

I^ive minute^• later he raiiR the iloor 

bell of .-I h Jllse in the PeXt Street, to 

h;ive it «ipene<l by the man he had just 


"Wh-wh.a what!" he R.isped. 

"\'ery symiiathetic faniily Hves here." 
rjUit-tly rejilied ihp tilher. "You seem 
to htive nit-t with n sad loss and I'm 
acxioiis to help you. Here Is a wooden 
h-R whiih may fit ymi." 

The Icr was handtsl over. The man 
sat down on the steps and strappetl it 
on. and as he Rot up and stumped 
tlrouRh the Rate he sai<I to himself: 

■■I've hcird of coincidences ever since 
I was a younRSti-r, hut this is the first 
one thivt ever liit me with boili feet at 


Comjress May Investigate the 

killing of a South Carolina 




House of Representatives 

Continues to Discuss the 

Proposed Measure. 

WashiiiRton, March :!.— ^In the seinn 
toihiy tli. resolution providiiiR for a 
coiiRresslonal investiRtitioii iiitt> the 
murder of the |»f>stinaster at Lake City. 
.S. C., and his family, and tin* buiniiiR 
of his home w;is laid before the sen- 
ate. .Mr. LodRe sent to the clerk's d-rsk, 
to have rcati, a communication from 
William Henry Ferris, of tht. Harvard 
Divinity school. RivIiiR tjie prot-eedinRH 
of a nieeiiiiR of colored citizens of IIos- 
ton held on Feii. 2S. to exiness abllol- 
ciice for the at tion of the .Souih Caro- 
lina mob. 

.\lr. Allen t-haiRed .Mr. L'tdRe witii iii- 
trodiiclnR jKilitit-s into the discussion 
and th'iURht tht- ctimmunicaiion ouRht 
not to be read b.v the clerk. 

The « ommunication was read aini Mr. 
LodRe saiti tliat ihei«- was no tjue^tion 
of politics in the communication so far 
as he was aware. The act leferred to. 
he .said, met with the repiobation of 
ii'cn of all parties ami he would not in 
any wa.v Introiluci- iioliiics into it. 

.Mr. .McLauiin .-aid he had hoih-d the 
resolution would ro to the commili -e 
withmit ilist-ussion. The state auihoii- 
lics were excecdinRl.v active In their 
InvestiRatlon of the crime aiui Ik was 
jissuied that every effort was bidiiR 
•.nadi- to brinR the jierpctiators of the 
oiitra.ue to justice. ' He then hail read 
a clippin." fioin a Coliimliia. S. C.. pa|>-r 
to show that llie people of South Caro- 
lina wi-re not only not in sympaihv' 
with those who committed the ciiint-. 
bill keenly reiirobal -d it. 

.Mr. Ilawlcy said the t rime was <-lt-ar- 
ly broiiRht within federal jurisdiction 
by the fact that it was a federal of1ici;il 
who had been miirdi-red and Rovern- 
nieiit property tlnil had been di's»troyed. 
He express- d the opinion that the fetl- 
eral auihiMities ouRhi to maintain a 
< Itiso watcli upon tin- prot-i-ediiiRs. Th" 
resolution was then referred to the i-oin- 
niitiee on contin.R' III expcns.-s. 

il Jills were jiassed as foliows: To pro- 
viile for the transfer of the Fort Sid- 
iiev milit.iry post reserve to the stale 
of .Nebraska for educational puipose- 
atid to .stablish :iii assay oftiee at Sea! 
He. Wash. 


WashiJiRtoii. .March ::.— The debate on 
the l^iud bill reiaUiiR to second i-las> 
mail ;iialter < jo.sed toda.v. .Mr. While 
the only t-olore,; member of the house 
asked iin.-inimous t onseiit for th- f.»l 
low in,:; : 

■•\Vliei-c.-is. on or alioiii Ft-b. 21, one 
hiindred or more armed men lired upon 
and killed the poslma-^ti-i at Lake City 
S. C., killinR one of the famil.v and 
w-ounditiR si-v«ial others and burnin.!; 
all tliey had, and. 

■Whereas, the said famil.v is now stif- 
fi-iiiiR even fo!- means for nn-dical Heat- 
meni anil for other nei-cssaries of life 

■Itesolv tl. by the seiiale and hmise, 
Ihtit the sum of $1(111(1 IS hereby ap- 
propriated iind inailc immcdiandy avail- 
able for the n, lief of the said family." 

Spe.lker Iteed pill the p.<| of .Mr. 

.Ml. I'.artlett demanded the icRular or- 
der. .Many of the Uepiiblicaii mem- 
b.-is tried "N'l. no. no " but the <eiir 
Ria mcinber diil not yieltl. 

"The Rentleman from (letn-Ria de- 
mands the reRular order," said the 
speaker. "That is ei|uiv;i|.-iit lo an tib- 

The Louil bill was then resumed. 

WashiiiRloii, March .!. — The senate 
roiiimittee on commerce today decideil 
by unanimous vtite to i< port inlveist-ly 
the nomination of lli-niy liemas to bt 
naval onicer at New (iiie.'ins. 


Their Stay In Duluth Agreed to Have 
Been Delightful. 

Tlie vi.-iliiiR KniRlUs Templar left 
Duluth this aflernuun in a very happy 
.-tale of mind, thorou.^hl.v convincetl th:it 
the members of Duluth coinm.indety 
are jolly R<»od fell.>ws who know how to 
entertain visitin'4 brotiiers in royal R.iod 
style. When they offered to siMile their 
hotel bill at the .SpaldinR after dinii'-r 
thev wi-ie politely infoinii d that tln-ir 
money was not Rood there, .-md then it 
ikr.vned ui)on them lliai they were In- 
dt-ed the Riiests of the I ical < ommaiid- 
er.v. I'icfore l-aviiiR for the train one 
of the Miiint-apolis kniRhts t-xpressi-d 
tne tlianks of Zioii commaniler.v. of Min- 
neapolis, for the '.splendid enteriainmeiit 
they had received in nuluth, and ex- 
pic-^.-cd the that ihi-ir visit would 
he it-turnetl at an early date. Diat tlu-y 
miRht show the Muluth kniRhts how" 
well Zion commanderj t-ould play the 
jiart of The Zion i^uariet v.-o.-! 
called on for a ^oiir aiel responded with 
two popular stdections. The visitors 
then Rave three hearty cheers for Mu- 
luth t ommander.v, and In return the lui- 
lulh kniRhts cheered Ihret- tinn-s for 
Zion and shouted "liRi-r" besides. ,\|| 
iiaiids then marched tn the depot, an. I 
Ihe tr.iin carried the happ.v kniRhts 
aw.iy shontinR their liiiul fan^wells. 

Old Eolks Fall Out. 

.\ la It marri:iRc ami a*i early ilisrup- 
tion is the story that is brielly tol.l it* 
a divorce filed in district t-ouri 
yesten'a.v by .Villon Sehin-idt-r aRainsi 
Ihila St hiiider. The pariit-s are fil and 
."id .vt-ars of ase res|n-ctiv«d.v. ami they 
Were m.-inied in this ctiuniy Jiin- l.'>. 
ISU.'i. Sept. U. ISIi.'i. not thi'-e months 
later, the jilaintifl' allcRcs that his bride 
deserled him, and slie has be. u .ibseiit 
from his sidt» ever si. ice. He therefore 
wants a divorce. I'.aldwin »^- Haltlwhi 
are the attorn, ys. 


Matliiil. .March :;.— Th.- i|ij. i ii reRent 
has sitaii'd the ib t r.e redm Ihr th' 
duties on wheat and flour. 

Entry at St. Vincent Custom House 
Carries No litle. 

WashinRion. .March .■^.— tSp. i iaI t > 
The Ht-raltl.i- T. K. ISyrn s. of .Mmn. - 
apolis, tailed at tht- treasury't- 
iiicnt totlay and laiil le^ftue As-sistaiiT 
.Se<-iftary How, 11 alleRatiims that thi- 
inasiiry tli iiartn.'-nt is aidiuR in ;h.- 
violaiioii of Ihe .Minnesota law r l.iiii,,^ 
to tile possession of moose ilurinR the 
t lost-d Season. He rcpr.-st-nted that 
vi'ilaiois of this law hav.- bet-n t-m i - 
iiiR inoo.Je killetl ill Ito.s-au touniy at 
the custom liou:;" ill St. Viiicent aiul 
I laimiiiR thai sinh i-niiy pr. v. i.ts 

The ilepaitmeiit oflic-ials say ii" 
title can lie (aiiietl by .sm-h tiiiry ind 
hav.' called upon ih.- < ti||.,etor at Si. 
\iiiceni for a statement of the facts in 
the I ase with a vi.-w to tliavvin-R up 
n-Riilaiions to pn-v. nt futuie violations 
of the law as far us possible. 


Four-Story lUiiUling Riirnod 
and Many People Had Nar- 
row Escapes. 

.\linni av'lis, M.itn:i ■;— (.•-^;iec iai i.i Th- 
Hi-iald.)--.\ s[ie. ial lo the Journal \\\h\\ 
.Manka;o sa.\s: Tlie ^'llllmans lnvc.<t- 
iiieii'i iomi|ian.\'s IniildiiiR dt-sti 
'. y fill at an early 'Imur ihls jimrnin.:;. 
Th • biiildiiiR was a -l-s'ioiy In i k an) 
iron .-^ 1 1 III 1 11 1 e. siaiidiuR ai the ciuitt r .if 
.'-'ei-on.l and Hick n.v .'^!ree;s, Mud was oc- 
cupii .1 b.v siotes and olh.'t's on ihe'fltst 
I Wo lloois. the iliiid an.l foiiiih In ir.R 
oci-u'l ii-d b.v aptiiaiii-ius. Th.-ie w,-i« 

t.llxil.l- IWt lf:\ -live I'e.ipic a.slcep in the 

biiili .liiR when Ihe lir. bioki- oil!, and 
man.v of tlu-S" i.-icaped with dillicult> \ 
iniinJii-r weie taken il.ivvn in ihi ii iiit;ht 
. I J;h. .s. 

The ptiniipal losses wcie Incurred l»v 
till .Mankato i.ilank I'.o <k .Maiuifa -lui - 
iiiR iiimj'.in.v. which lises J-loiMi, wi:h an 
ijisiiKiiiie of jL'iHMi: I >. j,. i;.is-. insur- 
anci . loss of $J.".no. with iiisut.iiici aj 
^^.■"(». Tile biiildinR is va1u' <l at j:!4.<iiMi. 
tiiid was insiiii-d for $ls..",i»ii. Th.* a---.ei. - 

Rate loss is cstima':ed l-i ri .l< h ♦ a nan, 

with tl I'lial insurance of $:.':!. immi. 


Ingenious Device lu Be Built (or Gov- 
ernment Engineer. 

Maj. S- tiis received bids yestei.'tiy for 
a bliie print frame to be (-onsti iii-led 
ami p'.ai ed in the Rovertiment enRitieers 
otilce in the I'l'ovidellt-e buililillR. 1 1 
will be a \-.iy coinpli-te one and th.' 
work of makitiR blue prints with ii v\ill 
be a very simple operation. .\ fi-.ttwi.- 
of the frame will be tliat there will be 
no bracket on tin- oiiisid.' of the Imild- 
iiiR or disliRU.i-ineiil of any kind. 

Th.- fi.ime v\ ill lit- mounted on a liai U 
of aiiRle iron. The rear end will b.- su|i- 
poi tcl on a trestle with wiv els iiinninR 
on the iron tiaik on tin- iloor of ih< 
loom and the remainder will rt-st on jJ 

loller fixed oil the window sill, so licit 
the track on which Hit- blue print box 
is fix< d c:in be rllli out of the window 
into the .MiiiliRlit till. I drawn back iii 
aRtiin w lii-ii il is net-i-ssar.v 1^) rt-lo:id. 
It will be like a ili.saiipt-tiiiiiR .Riin in 
a fill t. Till- frame will run out thu-e 

fe.-l. It Ulll be maile of st- el. bias- 
aiid oiik. Tht- box will be prov idi-d with 
.-t piieiimtitic cushion whidi will biimr 
Ihe trat-inR and st-n.o.tized ptiper ini.i 
perfect <-ontacl. 

The bids wer.- as follows: Clyde Iron 
works. Ji:!:;..*i6; Northwestern -M.-ichint- 
works, of Superior, $H!l; National lum 
works. $::l':!. 


All Are Against Men Who Are In 

The Riaiid jury ;;.it d iw n to hard 
\>drk .ve-t< rd.i.v alternoon an I has bi-eii 
in session ilurinR the rcRuKir hours evi-r 
since. This iiioininR three indictments 
Were n-tiirncd. all aRainst mt-n who are 

in custody. John Ja( kson .ind \Villiam 
.viarsh.ill were indicted for robbery in 
tht first dt-Rree. They are ai-t-used iiy 
tht- Riand jury of hiiviuR. on Jan. Ii!, 

ttlkeil some inone.V from the pel-S III of 

,Iohii Maitson bv force, assault itiR him, 
with a i-liih, with wjiicli they iiiilicieil 
tciioiis injury. 

M.iit Is.iaison was intlit-te.l for asstiull 
in the si-cond dt-Rfee. the Riaiid jur.v ,-il- 
leRintr that on I-'.-b. js he ;itt n ked one 
John .M.iitsnn with smne siiaip instrii- 
nn nt. .i luriher descrlpiion of which i- 
tinkn awn t i the jury, and indii ted ser- 
ious injury upon him about the heatl. 
l.>-.ia<son is ac<u.sed of rourIiir M.iltson'-t 
eye out. 

Thomas Marx is ae'iised of <-saull in 
111.' s.iii|«d diRree Upon .S.imuel I'owdeli. 
The intliilmiiit all. Res thai on J.m. Zi 
hi- Vvoundetl Low den about Ihe heatl 
tiiid b idy with a jiocket knife. 

W.-irdiiiiRlon, .Mai.h :: i.sp-iial in 
The Heiald.t-.n. n. Kliuu-y .intl F. K. 
Si-aile. of Iniluth. spent itiday in Wasli- 
iiiR. .Ml. Kinney says he Is here *'ii 
privtite business. 

OCK A N STK \ .M S H 1 1 'S. 

.T'hiladeli»hl»i— Sailed: Ne.lerhmtl. for 

Ntvv York — • IT.ivcI, Rremen; 
H. H. Meyer, from Ihemeii. , 

















Two Frozen Dead Men Found 

\\\{h $160,000 In CtoUI 

Dust With Them. 


Report on Wreck of the Clara 

Nevada—Mo Bodies Are 




V\ 11 dt.l.l 11! 
*unt«d ]<o\\,: 

■ tl U '/.'-II 

I 1 I-v 

II. Til- u ■ 
at Ta:TViish 

M 'A Is .f I 
-. I! l\ nl! 

\\'< >: t \ ■ 
II :lii :;■:!!!. 
Kli'ii iil\ • -. 

t » havf liiit! 

.ciil $70.1""' 

r^»>:f tiati; ■ 



' Islau 
ina iian 



:al'lir=!i a ■ u.-t 'in !i 

,.li. •' 

t , (1 1 ' 
li.» |ia> 

a.', hi I 

r::M .! . 
,1 ■ !■ ' :it'> 

Miiii: . 
«n tr.i-; iii 





V a; :- 

: ! .1 

\4 K i I 

f Ihv 



a\ ■ 


,i by purS'iiRny "n th • 
■ itKtt tliL- l»y<-a a ail Is 

1 null' ■<. 

>\RrfK 01 
No Bodies 




•Ji.- ^ 


Found at the 
the Disaster. 

• M rifh ::.— A !• ■-■•.■i- ha ; 

I;. :'r.K- dwiu.h cf thf ill- 

("lai a NLvaila twin 

! [' ■! tl ir.'l. wh'i \va>-- .--cnt 

h li>r iho Ik dy oi h'.s fiicn.l 

Fcttter Utck and f-ir the- 

mbira '»f the nt a iinl 

1 .-ays in his letti-t 

v!sr;>?!i th': s?fn'? •? ihi 

~t ami ; Iluslkr. ans-! 

• til » XHtninat^on. 

1 i-a; tly off the lack, 

Uil (ii 

s sidt'. 

inTa -r. 


is aliuut twenty-four f-'t 
Tat' ina.-t.-* >{ the steami-r 
iMi'^'. Ah far as Kitd luul 1 

■! ■ i~ a '•• : hi>l»- in tlv 
I'T. li: ■ . - ai a, :'[iai- 

\ai-'l. \: 

1 l>|i>\\ lilt; a . 

laia Ni-vada 


_; a ' '. 1 ni'nv ili^ a . thi' 

'!■■ "U L.i', t'laia Ni-vada was 

As lar arf ihey couli t'-ll th 

\ in thf ordinary. Suddenly 

< tl.i.-ih 31). I all was d'irk. 

is t!u5h i\a-^ HUi>r"a^■.•d la 

• explosi in of th" l>i'il';r-=. 

i: the flas'h iT<riial>ly tanri' 

ihr il sti!«-« for the steamer' - 

tn i enpln' - > xj.iojf l. His theory 

: th' boilers did not extilodf.-. I>ut 

. ih-- 


was blown on lOldred 

n <k. an' 

1 the Ii: 

aust:! Ity th 

l.llnV.- 1- 

in;; iH'- 

tie sh<i(k. Mo:n 

>. ho went down 

1 :"oun>l near Ihu 


I>ivcr« will 111' yiMit 

X , :. . 

: ■-•arch r 

1 thf m. 





Many Argonauts Delayed lor Want 
of Steamer Room. 

S 111 I'.an isco. Man-h :;.--'r;"- .-•t'M.mois 
1 W'alla and Statf >: California 
iii- Ni'iih. 'I'll- foTmcr had 
114*:^ and lln' lattfi ."'.»0. Many 

an Itound t»> the Klondike, but 

•I ity an taking advantas:'.' m 

1 lates over ihe Canadian I'a - 

i, Ntthfin roads lo the Kast. 

•n; : Tillamook -.vill kave toilay 

1. a and Skasuay. Shf- 'AiU lakr 

I'll lassfneiis tr-m h' if. an 1 





rHi: II 


a n 

I »r. 


.Marih J.— The a;ea.mer 

has ."Hilr^ fi>r Skaguay 

Inn pa-sensers. Her 

tilli 1 up wuh miners" 

al tons of mf-rohandis=e 

" :■ until an'jtht-r 


Will Be Rushed I orward to Alaska to 
Save Their lives. 

-la' h :•- Ta'' T ,v o 

' .1 !i I 1 , 1 1 ' in !■ i :~ 

•' 'iri .\"i A ■tv 

ami nt I I If 

\' 1 ka. aiTi\ e'l 

, \\iii'h 

l.y th.' 

11. • 1 in 



Kverv woman should realize that her 
health is liko a bank account. .\t the out- 
set she has so much deposited to her credit 
in the hank of health. If she draws out 
more than she puts in she will socm over- 
draw her account. .\n over drawn account 
in the bank of health means one of two 
things, a life of hopeless .suffering: or an 
early death. 

The woman vho neglects her health in a 
womanly way i.s makiug big drafts on her 
account with the bank of health and will 
soon l>e a physical bankrupt. Disorders of 
this description wreck a woman's jjeneral 
health quicker than anythini; else in the 
world. They soon transform a he.ilthy. 
happv. amiable woman into a weak, si'^kly, 
fretful and despondent invalid. They ut- 
terly unfit a woman for wifehood or inother- 
hooicl, For all disorders of this nature Dr. 
Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the best 
of all medicines. It acts directly on the 
delicate and important orjfans concerned 
in maternity, pivinjr them health, strength, 
vigor and ela.sticity. It relieves pain, 
allays inflammation, checks debilitating 
drains, and quickly subdues all other symp- 
toms. It at once stops the dragging pains 
and sinking spalls, the nervousness, the 
digeMive disturbances and other complica- 
tions that arise from the same cause. Taken 
during the months of expectant maternity, 
it banishes the usual discomforts and 
makes baby's advent easy and almost pain- 
less. It in.'sures the new comer's health 
and a plentiful supply of nourishment. 
Thousands of women have testified to its- 
marvelous merits. .\a hi>nest dealer will 
not suggest an inferior substitute for the 
sake of extra pro&t. 



Water Will Not Be Sprinkled at 
Kearsargc Baptism. 

.N.wH'it News. Va.. March :'.— Mif- 
Winsl'W, who will ihri-Li n th ■ Kear- 
saijce, will not usf wator in the corv*- 
mony. Thi VV. C. T. I', has ren»''stPd 
;liat shp adapt tlio cour^^o outlined by 
.Miss DiulUy. ^^dio has announced Jier 
ir.ttntion if bieakinp a Imttk of spark- 
lin.e: .^pvine: watrr over th-^ piow of the 
Kentucky as it 1>eBins its iniUal voyagt 
hut -Mrs. \Vinslov> refudes to ado^\ the 

She says she will aldde by the wishoF 
>f her husband, and will u.-c i hampaccnt-. 
She is the wife (»f Lieut. Commander 
W'in^low. I'nitfd States navy, a dc- 
s.endant of the commander of the old 
Kearsaige. which dofoatnl th^ Alabama. 


Dynamite Jack 0*Bricn*s Big 

Expedition Now With the 

Cuban Patriots. 


Two Engagements With insur- 
gents Disastrous For Dons 
—Gomez' Messenger. 


The Family Friend. 






Tho Genuine never falls. 
It can always be relied on. 
Used Internally and Externally. 


Duluth Man Is Made Grand 
Patriarch of the Minne- 
sota Encampment. 

t>i-ts >f 

tl,.. .. 
Ira ill. 
on I'h' 
Tft. y 

• all d on theii 

■\ er the ChiciiKo. Mil- 

I'l it. Th' r" were twenty- 

' . .■•!- . ;(; .'t' sl'dK"5^- 

II. i. :~. t.s > okiii;:: and two 

Thetc wi-re i:i7 dif r and HH 

irc. \xho is in 

fliiinanr. of 

al..a:i th- 

Molis*. MarL'h 3.— <.)vcr LV) mcm- 
fhf granil tni ampmonA of Odl 
F. :i vvs .f Minnesota met yesterday nt 
th: hall of North Star lodge. 14 \Va-!hing- 
t'U avenue N. t ' dispose of the business 
th;:t had accumulated since the last 
ir-i'tlns a year ago. and to cleot ofneiis 
for th: new tlscal The meeting .var- 
woll attendel, and the errand oflUers an 
well pleased with th^- outlook. Tho Riand 
r'A".riarph rc'.^i'tted 'that two neu sub'T- 
(linate cncinniprntn'ts had been admitted, 
and the increase in n>.^Tib?rship since 
th: last meeting was lL'6. Sixty past 
chief patrian hH were admitted t") the 
Inland tnearrinmient. For the bsneflt of 
I bote not versed in Old K*llow?hip it 
mish; Iv well to .■stale that the eneamp- 
nienit Is not tho rcpiescntative body of 
thi onl r. but of a hish. r disiei- of ( uM 
FtllowshiT'. Iitarinc; much the same rela- 
tion to the order that the Se ittis-h rite 
uoes to Masonry. 

'I'iie ele« lion of ofllofrs rosulted in th- 
elevation of th- rdlowin:.:: R. K. l*ati<-r 
son. Duluth. tiiand ratiiai;h; M. C. Ke!- 
hiv. Sauk Center, .i^rand seni^Jr waidrn: 
KolKTt Ron>ick. Lake City, grand hish 
pritFt; S. W. Fhiisess. Mankato. .Htiand 
junior warden; J. D. Two. Miiineapolis 
fji-and reprew^cntative: S. E. Fen el. Min- 
ne:ipoIis, grand serilte: F. N. War^-. 
Winn.'bago City, sranl tr^^asurcr. W. CI. 
Nye, of Minnviiipolis. holds ave^r as Ihi 
other repiesentative to the national iiody 
and the remaining oflieers are ap- 

The afternmm session was devoted t'» 
the lefToris of the varicus (-orr^mittees 'o 
which had been referred th-.; rtputts of 
the ofTlitrs. thf. tran.s-aclion of routine 
business anl tinally to the Installation of 

New York. March :;.— A dispatch to the 
Herald from Havana says: A report 
has been recoived of the landing of a 
very laixo expedition almost in Matan- 
•/as harlnjr. It is lielievod to. bi' that 
taken on tho Dauntless by Dynamite 
Jack (I'ltrien. Tln^ supplies were taken 
charge of by rebel cavalry, munbfiin;.? 
liMt. They were attacked by >00 of iJeii. 
Molino's soldier?. It is reportedi that 
iho rebels refused battle and sueecsh'- 
tiilly escaped with the supplies, abso- 
lutely without lo?s. 

i;oi>>rts of insurgent activity continue 
to I'tune into Havana and greatly exas- 
pel ate the public. Rebel.s are espei iaily 
a<tive in the provinces of Santiago Ue 
I uba. rueito PHncipe and Santa 
Clari. The Sii.mish columns on Feb. 
■J ; wer<.' surprise4l and vigorously at- 
ta(k«^i by Cubans of tiarcia's lommand. 
The Spanish were thrown into < mi- 
ftision and lied precipitately, leaving 
C.ipt. Cromez Avelandi and seventeen 
liivates dead >n the Held. The rebels 
captured thirty-nine wounded Span- 
iards. Near Holgiun on the same day 
(.en. Torres, with S0« men. defeated the 
eomldned forces of C,en. Balle.steros 
and the marine infantry under Capt. 
Firnandez Colombo, killing twenty- 
nine and wouiuling Capt. Colombo. Maj. 
Ulvern anfl thirty-eight privates. 

Capt. Sigsbee has received a letter 
written l)y Cen. T. Jacinto Hernandez, 
expressin'g sympathy for the loss of his 
ship and crew. den. Hernandez feaie<l 
to a.I'.lress Capt. Sigsbee personally, as 
it might bo misunderstood, so he ad- 
dresscfl his letter to an Amerii-an who is 
in the field with (Jomez. The letter was 
tlK'n forwarded to this i ity. 

A mes.senger left (Jomez' camp early 
last week and is now proceeding to 
Washington, carrying full data and de- 
tails of insurgent field organizatian. In 
ease hoytilities break out den. ( iomez 
expects to t o-operate with the American 
fleet, and for this reason der^ires that 
American officers shall have full knowl- 
edge of the rebel iforces and equip- 
toeTU. It is understood here that (Jomez 
will offer to relinquish his command to 
any Am* ri< an general who may bo sent 
from Washington. 

A letter received from a Herald cor- 
respondent in the field near San An- 
tonio D«^ Las Vegas, dated Feb. 27. 
brings news rvf a 6-lxnir fl^^ht near the 
town of Tapaste. in the hills. No de- 
tails have been received, but it is known 
that the insurgents held their post, 
fencing the troips to retire. The corres- 
pondent writes: "We have been won- 
dering how the political situation ap- 
pears In Havana. It now being more 
than a week since we had any new.-^. 
SiKiniards in neighboring towns have 
been drinking many toasts to 'Satan'.? 
new visitors.' " 

Far supfrhr io any imitatiim cr suhstitufr. 

Il ifls/s morf to make, it costs more to />uy — 
/•Mt ii cheaper because strons^er^ better 
and pur tr than anythini^ eUe, 

C^"Nole our Name on Label and Wrapper. 

Pond's Rxtr»c'. Co., New York and London. 



Annual Roll Call of Minnesota 
crans at Minneapolis. 

Minnea'polis. March 3. — The 'annual 
cuampment of the Minnesota (Jrand 
Army l)egan ye.stiM-day in th? Lyceum 
theater. Di-^partment Commander 

Woods' report wjk heard with es|K'cial 
interest, as it was thought he might take 
aiivantage of the present international 
situation to give utterance to some stir- 
ring and patriotic remarks. He did not 
disar>p»int the veterans in touching on 

•but his references were 
Commander Woods S'ald 

III .\ \v. 

. ■,-ii:.|.|. 


ill 'h'- '. 

-11- all l-lioi n-'l. ' itlu-:- 
thts country, or bcf nf. 
tf IS mare than 
whi: h have a 

lllin li 

s : o r V • 

!■ ; lli'li:- ' \\ 

X ! 

Tie rii 


Mexico Citv. Miai'h .5.— Tho latest 
item of interest in the Arroyo murder 
rase appeal is the application of th<- 
\illavieinti-> attorneys for (ommutatioii 
of the death sentence to life impiison- 
rn»nt. This seems to indicate very little 
(or>fidenee. so far as this prisoner 1^ 
f onrerned. in the appeal for a new trial, 
a.-i twenty years is the maximum term 
of impri.-onment in Mexico and is only 
imposed in li'Mi of capital punishment. 

Arrangements have been concluded 
between the government and .Sir Witt- 
man Pearson, an English contractor, 
whereby the latter leasos the railroads 
a I loss the ib-thmus of Tehuanteijec 
ninety days. 


Cleveland Man Fails to Carry Out 
a Suicide Agreement. 

Cleveland. Ohio, Marih .1.— A man 
named Frank Bochder rushed up to 
Lieut. Schmunk and Patrolman (lill. 
who were standing on the corner of Su- 
pj-rior and Seneca streets toilay. and in 
breathless excitement said he had Just 
made an attempt to commit suicide. He 
was but half dressed and was trembling 
violently. He added that his nerve 
niially ficsertetl him and he gave up the 

He said that he and a woman whom 
he called >'rs. Stabo had agreed to die 
together. She took i aibolic ac id and 
he took moni)hine. They retired after 
having turned on the ga^--. Then he said 
hi-- nerve failcil him and he (led. The 
ofTn ers went to the Lake Shore hmise 
and found the dead woman. Uoehder 
was locked up. 



St. Joseph. Mo.. March .".—Lewis M<u-- 
liscm. the actor, with his wifo and 
daught' I-. who arc visiting friends in 
this city, has. it is announccMl. made 
airangtm' nts to play •■Fied'ri<-k the 
drt at" n^xt seascm with Charles VV. 
Young and C. N. Thompson, of this 
city, in the east. 

I IT! ''I \\a.^ ■ II ■■ 

had abani' '11'- 1 

'i th-*si' leindet r 

i < ha; th" gov ; a 
Ihe purjMfS" f t 
au'l their attend- 
Intende'l. and that th' wh 1' 
■ ■lid he I'ft in Chii-agi. A. < V 
!■ tal ttaftb m«iiia'4i r of the Chi 
veaukc" & St. i'aul. h.>wev i . 
♦•v n if Ihey were not wjinte '. 
il'i In- lushed on •" Ihe Pa. iti 
I .\ia:-ka. Th y ■ ould not liv- 
. ''1 I II .1 (i II t lini--. 


I' !, T'Twrnend. Mai'h .1. '"<dler>. . .r 

I - ons has rei eived fiom the lae 1 

"lib notification of the op- niny ". 

' "hilk »rt Railway and Transporta- 

u' M irnpany of \!-i«ka. as rarriei j of 

Itond'J fn igiit ai I " liandise berw ii 

th" i'-i; 'd \>y> -^ 'lel -h" Prif|;d) line. 


London. March ::.— I>r. Alb-n, 
•mateur golf ehamidan. i.-< dead. 



Cannes. Mar^^h :?.— Lady Cartier. 
wadiow «^f Sir c.eorge Cartier. the Can- 
adian statesman, is r|ead. 

The Senator Ready to Make 
Concessions on the Bank- 
ruptcy Bill. 

Washington. March ;i.— (Special to The 
HeraVl.)— Senator Nelson has "come off 
hi? perch" on the cjuestion of bank- 
ruptcy again. Several days 
generally iindi-rstocvl that 
stand out stubbornly for the 
■ind accept ncj compromise, 
willing to make a few 
Older to get 
session. It 

ago it was 

he vxaiuld 
senate bill 
N<»w he is 
conce-sions in 
a tiankruptc-y law at thi.'< 
is generally unclerstood 
that he has been called down from Min- 
nesota, and the r»»eent Herabl editorial 
undoubtedly had something to do with 
the sudden change of erpinion on his 


Nf w- York. Man h :'..- There is n con- 
tinuance of the a' tivity at tlie .New- 
York arsenal. The shipping '»f shells 
^nd other pro.jeetib^s to the fortifica- 
tions al«)Ut th- harbor continues. The 
supply of ammunition has been in- 
creas«'d in all the magazines and so ar- 
ranged that it can be seen. 

Th" first man who w-ore a Cordon 
Hat feit Ion -s >me. Now the man w h > 
doesn't wear the (Jordcm feels bme- 

the subject. 
; athei- veiled 
in substance; 

"Tiie report of the assistant adjutant 
genei'al shows that on Dec. Ml, 1S»6, then- 
were is:! |«(sts and sistj members In go'id 
standing In this department: that on 
Dec-. :il, ISJtT. there were ITS pasts and 
7U1 members in good standing. This 
shows a loss of five posts 'and 742 mem- 
bers during the .\ car. Of this 1 )ss of 
members there \sa^ a loss by hiuiorable 
disihiarge of 20; by transfer ifrom same 
source. 24; by death. l>d; leaving a loss 
of ,"d7 by suspension, mainly for non- 
Iiaymeiit of dues. 

"The surprising matter disclosed i-^ 
that tills loss comes from where it would 
be bast expected, from the larger cities. 
Thus. '(;arneld pist. St. Paul, suspended 
2!i members for not pa.vlng dues; Willis 
A. C.ormaii .oost, of Duluth. 19; Alex 
Wilkin i^os-t. Mankato. 27; Dudley P. 
Chase post, MinneaiKjlis, 13; L'.^vy Whit- 
ney ptKst. .Vppleton. Iti; Stantcm i>ost. 
Fergus Falls. 12; John A. Meyers' post, 
Jackson. 13; A. K. Welch post. Red 
Wing. 10, and J. .\. d^odwin |>ost. 31. 
There were 167 su^T'^nsions for not pay- dues in these nine posts. 

"Heretofore gr"at solicitude has been 
felt for the smaller popts and those 
loi ated in the country districts, but it 
seems ifroni this n fort that the smallei- 
country po:-;ts havi- sustained ccimpara- 
tively slight losse.-. Hiwever. in exam- 
ining the reiH)rts from other depart- 
ments I find mm li larger losses than 
ours have been suj-tained. We may bo 
certaiin that these are the sure signs of 
the coming of the c ad. Hard and intel- 
ligent work may retard but cannot 
wholly stay the inevitable results of old 
age and death. 

•■nefore 1 close I d'-sire to say. from 
kn>wleilge gained fiom the veterans, 
that I am warranted in t-eporting that 
our comrades who. sim e oui* great war, 
in .all our relations aii'l perilous contro- 
\ersies with foreign countries, have 
I. yally sustained our nation, and now 
have perfect faith in the prudence of 
our jtresident and r m.gress in every 
emergency that may arise, to sustain 
our government in taking such steps 
and measures as may t>e ne/escary to 
advance the interests of this nation and 
those of civilizaticin." 

The soldiers' luime ( ommittee failed 
to find any dissatisfai tion in the cm- 
ducting of the institution this year. 

There were oOo veterans nn'orted to 
be in attendance at the encampment. 
There will be a camp fire in the theater 
this evening. 

The Momen are al-o mixed lip in 
I dlitics ami the fight for the Relief 
Corps' president's cliair will be an in- 
teresting one. .Mready the following 
candidates have been announced as 
su-h; Mrs. Ella dearhart. Duluth; 
Mrs. Mary .\. vSjilouay. MinneaiKtlis; 
Mrs. Jemima Clifford. N:>rthtield. 

(iwing to the death of Department 
(^hoiplain «..'. C. Salt.'r. Comrade J. O. 
.Miilne of the coun-il of administration 
nwide his report, which showe-d that up 
to the time of his death the wc<rk of the 
departrr .mt chaplain had been kept well 
in hand, and that tnc .Memorial day ex- 
cfcists throughout the state had been 
participated in by all the people gen- 
• tally. .■>.">02 giaves of deceased soldiers 
having iK'en properly decorated. 

Comrade d. H. Hoi ! :n of Duluth iii- 
tiodu.Td the follnwing resolution, which 
was adopted: 

Resolved, that n committee of thrr~" be 
appeinlcd by the depai tn*.^n.l command- r 
i ' prepare suiiaMc ii .'Solutions on Hi,. 
ill ath of our hiie <!-paried i-hatilain. 
(fumade t'. C. Salter, which icf-olutions. 
together w ith a half-l uie likmss ■>! 
Comiade Salter ke ptildished in th 
journal of th*^^ encain'; aient. ami a copy 
duly eertitied b- presented to his 
w idow. 

Bombay, Man h - Am epid-ini' 

■ • 1- k li -ter" hj broken ouf in 
III ,.f Hv.ier^ind Filty death.: 
uirirci 'lailv. 




The Ruined California Grape Crop. 

The partial loss nf the grape crop this caused ttv th" h--avy r«ins. is es- 
.-ilirnafed t.. exceed JI.Ikhi.khi. Fanner:; 
and vineyards all over the northern part 
of the state hav sufffred. While this i.-; 
true, it is eciuallv a fact that li»st and 
failing strength may b? restored by th< 
p«»rs;Mtent. systematic use of the Kreaf na- 
tional tonic." Hofiftters Stomach Hitters. 
whic h renews ;ind tones the iietivtty ot (he 
stomach, liver and boweb:. c emnterai ts ii 
teneletifv to rb'timaMsm and kidney < eim- 
jilalnt. and prevents malarial disorders 
After exhansttPK diseases have run th'lr 
( ourse, rei ov-rr I'- gr'ntlv »rr eleriifd bv 
the iiM- of ih° Itltters. n-h'' h irnnroye^-e 
aiepeti'e jind inmarf- renewed vigor tn 
the deliilit-i'^il physieiu*. 


no ItlOWKY IIV _ 

man. A worM-wtciw rpputatlc^n b<irk or 
thUoff^r. Rv«ry ohBtd'-t* to heippT m«rr1««1 
llfK r»»movf"1. Full «»r*>aBth. dnvHopment 
andtono »ir»»n topt^rf portion of tti« Doay. 
ralluFA Jtnpowlhl* ; •»• no berrler. 

ERIE MEDICAL CO..bufpau). n. y. 

Chi>r>ii- i-oughei-j aie stupid bores nn i 
should be forced ti us> Dr. Hull's Cough 
Syrup, the only infallildc remedy. 


Senor (7ampoK Sales has been elec ticl 
president and Senor Rosa Sllvo has 
been electe'cl vicf picsid nt of Hrazil by 
a large majority. The opposition in 
Rice Janeiro abstaiiud from votin.g. 
Then- was no disorder. 

The- Northwc'slern Miller gives th- 
(lour output last week at Minneapolis 
as 272,.'i:jO barrels against 21o.fi7r( barv'-ls 
Ihe same- week hisL year, and 21.a,.".'.'i 
barrels in lS!t«. The output this we i-k 
i.s stimalcd at 2!ia.0(M) barrels. 

Ced. Pie tiuart. the disciplineil chi f 
witness for .M. /.ola in the recent trial 
of the author, has inforincd the Auroie 
that 111- will never ciuisc-nt to tight .Maj. 
1-Merliazy if the latter c-halliiig s him. 
The new rnitetl States torpeclo. bout. 
Tall)ot. was given her first builders' 
trial over the 7-knot cours- at Bristol. 
R. I., yesterday. The trial Nvas in 
ev ry way a success, and it wa.s an- 
nounced al the close that the bejut 
made the record of iwcnly-two knots 
an hour. 

The Southwestern Pass-'iig'-r assoi-i- 
i'tion has granteil to the christian En- 
deaxeirers of the Cnit el Stales an<l 
Canada all e-one-essiems eh sire-d. They 
ineluile the sale- of tickets to Nashville 
and n-turn for the Christian Endeavor 
(cinvcntion at ime fare for th- round 
trip, July 1 to ti. inc lusiv . with final 
limit July :d. and with jirivili-jrc of ex- 
tension to .\ug. b'l. i>i-ovicl el tii-keis are 
dcpositeil v\ith the terminal ImcH 
Nashville luioi- to July 31. 

T. 11. Santleinan has enliste-d as 
musician in the Marine c-orps and i~ 
eb signated as leader of the Marine 
band to sue-ce d Professor Fane iuili. 
He was Sousa's assistant in the band 
for several years. 

den. Ciascogn:'. commander-in-chief 
of the forces in Canada, arrived in 
Washington yesterday. His visit is 
uneJerstuod to hav no olllcial signifi- 
e-ane-e. He is ac-i-eunpani el b.v Mrs. 
< Jase-ogne. 

\\ San Franeise-o T. Takas. the new- 
ly appednti'cl Japanese c-onsul to Chi- 
cago, :tnil T. Yo. imperial naval c-cm- 
slrue-tor. who avii\ed from th Orient 
on Monday, had narrow isc-;ipes from 
death at the Oc<-id ntal hotel. Th y 
blew out till' gas. 

The iri-roiind glove 
Cicorge Ml Coy and 
se heduled to take plac 
,\rk.. today, has been 
acceiunt of interference 

Terrific weath r is report, d fnmi 
Northern Persia, the known for 
a c|uarter <if a centui\e. The high road 
from Resht, on the Caspian sea. to 
Teheran, is im|iassable from snow- 
drifts. More than KHt persons hav 
perished and a large number are miss- 


a bi-lwe'cn 

Nick Birley. 
at Hot S]irings. 
declared off op. 
by the state au- 


Take Laxative Dronir* 0"'"'"^ Tablets. All drug- 
Risis re-feinJ the money it it Mils to cure. ?5C. Tlie 
jrenuine tias L. B. Q. on cacli Ubiet. 



Consumption has been oHiiitilly <le- 
clared by the Cirand F'orks lioard of 
health to be an infectious di.sease, and 
has been placd among the diseases, 
the spread of which is to be guarded 
against by appropriate ciuarantine regu- 
lations. At its meeting the board de- 
signated as infectious or contagious 
diseases, subject to quarantine, the fol- 
lowing; Small pox, scarlet fever, ty- 
phoid fever, diphtheria, measles, chicken 
pox and tuberculosis. There have here- 
tofore been no i-egulations here with 
reference to quarantining consumption, 
but such will now Ije made. Whether 
it is po.ssible to enforce them or not, i-i 
th'- present condition of public senti- 
ment, is a different matter. It has long 
been a recognized fact among the medi- 
cal fraternity that consumption is i;i- 
fectious, but the idea has not yet Im- 
inessed the non-iirolc.ssional public very 
lorcibly. .\t any rate, the city has 
placed itself in line with other progres- 
sive cities by making even a formal ef- 
fort to quarantine the disease. The 
board has also appoinbrd a committee 
to repair the old county hospital and 
))ut it in condition to be used as a pest 
lios|)ital whenever ne^cded for this iiur- 
1 lOse. 

Los .VngelcF. Cal. .VI mh 3— The b>ard 
of directors of rhimber c.f com- 
merce has adopted a re;-olution request- 
ing our senators aid representatives in 
'•mgress to aid in 'n.icting such legisla- 
tion as will dopri'-e the Canadian Pa- 
li tie- railway and til other foreign Rail- 
ways of privileges that lan give the;> 
;in undue advanta.;*' over t/e railroads 
of the Cnited States. 


John T. Van Meter, who for a numlv r 
of years has held the position of inter- 
preter, a.ssistant clerk and postmaster 
at SissiMon agency, has been promoted 
to the position of issue clerk at Lower 
Mrule agency, near Chamberlain. Mr. 
Van Meter was sent to London :n 1S77 
bv the> authorities of the Lincoln insti- 
tute, of Philade-phia. as a representative 
of the Cnited Slates at thv queens 
jubilee. He is the first person of Indian 
extractiem cvcm admitted to the bar. 
and is widely known as the "Sioux law- 

.\ council of the order of Cnited Com- 
mercial Travelers will lie organized at 
Aberdeen on Saturday. The c-harb r 
list has thirty names and others will be 
added. P. V"- Crenshaw, of Fargo, grand 
counselor lor Minne.suta and the Da- 
kotas. will be here to ii\etitute the coun- 
cil. Many others will come from differ- 
ent sections. 

J. H. Stephens. ot Springfield, 
who was some weeks ago appointed 
Unit-e' States Indian agent at Crow 
Cieek agency, has just assumed the 
duties of his new position. Dr. Fred 
Treon, who is thus relieved, has been 
in tile Indian service, either as a phy- 
sic ian or agent, for more than ten years 
It is umlerstood that he will in 
itusiness in this city. 

Rv local npi.lieatioas. as they cannot 
ria.Ii the liiseascd po.tioii of the ear. 
Til. 11- is oiilv oae w.iv ;o cue el«'al n ->-'- 
iiiei that is bv I (.iistitnlional rem< iln s. 
I>e-iiliiess is c-aiiseel bv an inllanicd i o' 
li.i; of the mne-c.iis lining of Ihe Enita- 
eh'aii Tube. When this tube gels 
flamed you have a rumbliii 
imperfect hearing, and 
el. sell deafness is Ihe 
th- inMammation can 
this tiil>e ri-st.ired to 
tion. hearing will be 
niae cases out of ten !i 
tj.irh. whie h is in. thine 
conelltion of the mile .mis 

We will 
,Tnv e-asi 

siiiind e>r 
when il is entiii'ly 
result, and unlives 
lie taken out i.a.l 
its normal 

forev r: 
calise-il by la- 
liut an iiillained 
Kive One- Hiindrcl Dollars for 
.f deafniss (.acsed by i-al.irrhi 




.New York, .\lareli :;. -.\mong tlv pa-- 
sengeis whc» arrivol lodny on board the 
s'teamer .Mlianc a f>.mi Colon were C.en. 
Thomas Moonlight, e.f Kansas, ex- 
t'nifed States mirister to Bolivia, and 
Hon. dranville Stiart, of .Mcmtana, • x- 
Cnitc'd States minkter to Paraguay and 



Mr. R. B. (;reev-. merchant. ..f Chil- 
bowie, Vn., rertitlert that he hael ciinsiimp- 
tion, was given i.p to clie. sought all 
nieellral treattneiit hat mon<'y coulil pro- 
cure, trii'd all e muh remedi«-i lie c .nilel 
hear of. but K" tie» r.'lief; si.orit many 
nights silling up 1r a .hair; waa indue c.l 
totry Dr. Kings Nmv l>is< ovei y, an.l \v;i« 
< iire.i l>y the use o! t w-o bottles. For past 
tliree years has Itten attending to busi- 
ness and says Dr. King's New Dlscovcrv- 
is the grandest reiii-dy ever made, us tt 
has done so inu. Ii for him ami also for 
othprs in bis e-omiiiniilv. I»r. Kinc's New 
Dba-ovrry !.■: cnaraftee.j for •'ouch';, folds 
Htid • ■oivomipllon "t .l.ait fail. Trial bot- 
tles free at Duluth Drug couipanys drug 

that cannot be cur. d by 
Cure. Send for circular.-, fi 

F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. Ohio. 

Sold by druggists. 7r.c. ^^ . . 

Hin's Family Pills are the bcrt. 



"'^"^ A woman's hand Iclls lite trtlr \ 

If it is smex^lli and white it shows she use-, her head lo 
save her hands — that she uses 



to do her cleaning. If her hand is rouph, wrinklecl and '-hninken, 
it shows she is .still usinj,' the old soap and .soda combination. 
Whv don't von use- (iold 





mout<;vc;k FoRK<i.<'>sriti; SAi.i:.— i 

Intaiilt havine; bei ii nia.ic- in the pay- ^ 
n enl of the sutn .>f four ! iiii;- ' 
hiindr d thirty-live and '.O-im) dollars. • 
whieh is elainied to b. .hie an<l l^ .lee ' 
ill the .l.ili- of this n.cice upon a cerlai.i ! 
n:ore,'.;cf; , .luly cxc" lili'il and ele|i\-ere.l liy | 
.^ I,. Warner an.l Hairi"t V. Waraer. | 
e f Diilulh. ei)untv of St. iin.l stat.- i 
of Miniiisota. mortgagors, lo Mary E. 
l-'.i^ici iwiilow). of Philailelphia. I'.-i.. 
inoitg;,"ee. bearing dale the (ith .lav of 
1'. In.ary. 1^!':!. an.l with a p.'wc r e>r s.<|e 
l'ie>-.-=,i "e-oiilained, .bilv reeoi-leil .n 'h-- 
ctlUe of til--- recistel of deeds in aad f.-r I 
the e.ior.ty of St. L.nrs i-n.l siat.- of 
Miaaesdia, on tin- Ith day of Mar. h. \S'X.\, I 
•it .'- o . loe k a. m., in I'o.iU 'd eif ni. ••'- 
g;-.'4is. on page •<~t^. and no <ic-tic»n or pro- | 
c-ecdiii/ having bci n instiinte.l, at Itvv or 
I the-iwisc. to recover th' .lebt sei-eie,! iiy 
said mortgage. e>r any part there-of. 

Now. therefore, notice Is liereliy given, 
that by virtu.- of the pow.-r of sale con- 
'.niiu'.l in sai.l morlgafi" ami iiursnaat to 
;l'i' slalnle i.i slie-h case niaile .-end pro- 
\icl.l the said inoitgape \vill be- forc- 
c-l.tse.l b.v a sale of the premise;-- d.-- 
siiib.-d ill and c-oii\e'\-i'd by said mori- 
ga.^e. viz: All that tr le t i>r pare- I .tf 
lend lying ancl b.-ing in the e-oiinty of 
S*. Louis anil state of Minin sola. .!e- 
sc-rilie.l as f.iil'iws, t.'-wit: All of lnt nnm- 
ber sixty o;iii. West See-ond siru-t. Duluth 
Proper. I'^ir^t Dixision ae. en.ling to llie-n-- 
c.M-eieil plat 111. -re. if on til. and of r.-c-ord bi 
III.' .itlic- of the- register of deeds in a. id for 
sai.l .-.Mint.v. wi;h llie lieie.litamenls 
ai>pili-te:iaiie-cs; which sale- will be- Pl.ide 
b.i- the sheriff of said St. I.ouis C'Hint.v. 
Ht Ihe fr.iiii il.ior .tf ;h- .-oiirt lioii-ie. in 
the citv of iMiblth. In sai.l .-oniitv -i:id 
siMe. un Ilu t'th .lav of April. IS'js, at I.i 
o'clec U a. in., of that da\-. at piil'!. • xi'ii- 
due. to th.' hish'st bi.l.k-r for e-asb, \\ 
\y.\\ Yw'\\\ debt of thousand nine linn- 
drcd thirty-li\e ami ;ir.-iaa d.illars. -iml 
interest, and th-- lax s. if ;inv. .la sii.l 
pr'-inisrs and scvealy-live d.illais a'tor- 
lu-.v's f' es. as stipiilale,] in an.l iiv suet 
ni'iilgaye in . ase oi r.neclosur''. an.l the 
.lisbi:i sements all.iwcd by law: silbj e I lo 
r. de-niplietii at ;in>' lim<- within one ycir 
frctni the day of sale, as provide.l by law 

D.ite.l February 2fth. A. F*. IV'V. 

MARY E. FTt.^ 


All. rnev for Mortsagee. 
tiiK'i .-md <i"ii First National Bank Bldg., 
Duluth. Minn. 
Dninth Evening Herald. Feb-'21-Mch-3-]0- 



St. Loids— ss. 

Distfe'i Court. Eleventh JU'iieial Dis- 

i."liiirl.s \V. Elslo 1 ami Charles A. 

ll.-i1.eJl R- '^r::ikli:iin. J.'siah Itoid 
Jr.. I''iiili ri'-k V.'. Piirvoii>. Al- 
l,<il .M. Maisluil! ami Julia Mar. 
>hall. l-ie wife, .-ilso .ill<-r pei- 
s.jiis «ir i.atii.'s unknown, cl.-iim- 
ing ..iiv lij-'bt, till.', isiaic. lieu 
i.r i:'.:tresl in lb- rc-.d eslat.- de- 
scribeel ill the lomplaini li.-r in. 
Llef.n. bents. 
THE STA'l'E <d' MIN.N1':S" >T.\ To rUB 
"iiiil an.l e.ich o! ymi aie In r. ity s'lTii- 
iro i<-el a 11- r-eiuiiiil lo ansv\-i-r the eoin- 
pi.HUit of the plaiiitifi's in the .-ibov.' . nil- 
tie'. I .-:'ii.)!i. whieh iumjilaiiit has l.-ii- 
(il, .1 il- olli. e- of th.- Clerk of Ic^ Di>^- 
iriel Court of lh< Eleviiilli Dis- 
trii I. in ai.e! f.n- the C.tutity of Si. 1 <Mi'.* 
and Stale of Minnesota, ami lo serve a 
c-opy of "ycuir a:iswer I.j Ihe sai.l . .nn 
plaiat. on the .' nlira-ribers, at lli.ii odj. . . 
in the- Citv of Inibrh, in sai.l Coiinly oi 
St. Louis." within tweiily days .-ifte r tie- 
Mivice of Ibis summons upon you. ex. lu- 
sive of the d:ev of such serviee: and if .voii 
fail to aiiswi lb'- said e-omplaint wiiiiiu 
the ;im«- afoierai.l, the )tlaiiUitTs ia thi.s 
a.tion will apply lo sai.l e-onii tor the re- 
li.'l in sai.l ...niplaiiil. 
Dated Jaiinarv .Mb. IVi*". 

TO \V N 1-: .^: .M I'' H< ■ 1 1 A NT. 
I'l aiiiliffs' Atloineys. 
ll;a-l% Duluth Tuist C... Pl.lg.. 
Duluth, Miiincso.a. 

c'ounty of 


Solon S j) n n g_^a.i 'ZJll' ^ ''"-':li" - ^ ^ '." " ' ^-. 

When it was said to the woman: "In 
Borrow flhalt thou brinjf forth chil- 
dren," that a perpetual curse waa 
Sronouncpd, but the thrill of joy felt 
y every Mother when she clasps to 
her heart her babe proves the con- 
trary. True, dangers lurk in the 
pathway of the Expectant Mother 
and should be avoided. 

"Mother's Friend" 

So prepares the system for the change 
taking place that the final hour is 
robbed of all danger and pain. It« 
use insures safety to the life of both 
Mother and child, and makes child- 
birth easy and recovery more rapid. 

B«ot by M»1i, on rwselpt of rrie*. ft OH PER BOTTLE. 
Book. 'To KiD«ctf»o» Mother.." mill ed tre»«. con- 
talntnc TtlnabU iBtormatlon and Tolantary twu- 


Tk« BrtAflfId RevnUtor Co.. itlantt,6a. 

■OLD tY ALL DHUaai«T«i 


State of Minnesota, County of St. i.,ou:s 
— ss. 

la Pntbale Court, Sp'-v;ial Term, Febru- 
ary Kith. 1X"8. 
In the matter of tlr^- estate .if Amos C. 

Itate-h. lor, de. -eased: 

Whereas, an instruinent in writing, tnn- 
l)oiti:ig to be the last will ami t<-statneiit 
of Amos C.,.. lee-eased, late of 
said county, has lieen delivered to this 

And whereas, Ansusla Ratehelor b;it: 
filed therewith her itetilion. r.'iiri^sentinK 
among oilier things, that sai.l Amos C. 
Ratehelor died in sjiid e-oualy. on the 
22nd diiv of Jiiniiiiry, IsW. testate, said petitiuner is thte sole ex.n-utrix 
niitneil in said last will ;ind testameal. 
and pniying that the s;ild inslrumen; 
may be iidmiili^d to probate, and that let- 
ters testamentary be Lssueti ;hei-eon to 

Jt is orebred. that the prools of sai.l 

Instrument a:iel the s:ii.l petition be hear.! 

before this c.tiirl. at Ihe proliatc ofli< e in 

Duluth. in sai.l e.tuniv. on Saturday the 

twelfth day of .Mar.-li. .\. r>. IS'-'S. at nine 

.le-lock ill the f.ireii..Hin. jvhen ;ill p.-rs.tns 

inl.^ii ste-d in;i\' .ippi .ir for or e-oiuesl the 

probate of sai.l iiistriimi-nt. 

And it is further ordered, that notice 
of the time and place of said hearing be 
given to all persons interested, by pub- 
lishing Ibis order one-" i;i c-ae h w ek for 
three successive weeks prior l.i said .la.\ 
of hcariii.L' in The Duluth Evening 11 raid, 
il diiily newspaper prinlc-d and published 
at Duiiith. in said county. 

Diiti'l at Duluth. the sixteenth day ol 
February, A. 1 '. l«»s. 

Ijv the Court. 

Judge of Probate. 


Attorneys fen- petitioner. 
Duluth Evening Herald, Fi b-17-2l-Me h-l!. 


Default biiving be-.n ina.le in the pay- 
ment of the sum of two luindreel til teen 
and i;;-]iHi^J21.'j.i::) dollars. which is 
e laimcci to be due ami is due at the date 
of this notice upon a certain mortgage 
duly executed and delivered l.y Clnirles 
Miehur, mortgagor, to Anthony tiriihar- 
kiewiez. mortgiigee. be-;uing date the Jtftli 
ilav of o< I. titer. Isi'T. ;iml Willi ic power ul 
safe therein e-oiiiaincd. duly ree onlcd hi 
the oflke of the rc»;ister ..f d--e-<ls in an.l Ihr county .if S;. L.niis ;ind sl;iti .it 
Minmsol.i. <ui the 1st .lay itt Novenilicr. 
IM'T. at 3:10 o'clock p. in., in IJiHtk Hd ol 
mortg.iges. on piige 22. and no acti.ui -ir 
pro.eeding having be-n institute.i. at law- 
.tr otherwise, to recover the deb: se. ureeJ 
bv said mortgage, eir any itart then'of. 

'Now. therefore, notice Is hereley given, 
thiit bv virtue of the power of sale e-oii- 
tainc-.l'in sai.l mortgage-, auel puisu.ent :o 
the statute in such case ina.b' iin.l pr.i- 
vide.l. the s;iid mortgage will lie foreilosed 
bv ;i sale of the pr niisiS describe.l l" 
jiiid etinveyc-.l by said mortgage, viz: Ihe 
south. -asl "eiuarter cs.^l^i of sie lion twe-n- c2io, t<twns|iip lifty-tw>i (•:>. 
riiiige thirleen (b'.i W'St. a.-.-or.lin;; to He 
govcrntne-iit survey thcieot. said prc-mis.-s 
i>ing ;ind being in S:. Louis Coiiniy aiel 
s'tate of Miiin.'sotii. with th.r licr .bla- 
me nts iin.l iippurteiiiine e s; whi. li sab- will 
be ma.le bv the sheriff cif sjii.l St. Louis 
County, at the front .l.ior of the louit 
house.' in the i-itv of luiluth. in sai.l . onn- 
tv ;ind state, on" the eighteenth (istlii day 
..f March. IXIS, a; ten ..'. lo.-k ii. ni. .it 
Ihiit ela\', ill publi.- \emln.-. lo tlir luunesi 
liidiier ior . iish to pay said clel.l an.l in- 
l.'i-L-r-t iin.l the taxes, if an.\. on ine-m- 
i-."-- and I we-ntv-livo dollars ,.l;.irn.\vs 
Ires, as stipulated in and by siild morl- 
Kiige in ease of fore, losiuc. ami the ells- 
bursemeiits allowe-d by law-; sulije.t t.i re- 
demption at any time within .me 
from the elav of sal.' ics pi.tyKb .1 by law. 
Date.l Feb'ru.erv :'.d. .V. D. 1"^;"^- 



A. T-. AC.ATIN, 

Altoriiiv for siiiil Mortgagee, 

4S Ex. hange Huilding. 

Duluth. Minn. „ .„ .- ... 

Dubitli Evening Herald. Feb-3-10d<-J4- 


dl\-F,N THAT 

ob^ ill writing to 

ill-- eiiy of ji'i- 

!ll< e. praying '"c 

11); li.piors li\- T. 

West Superior 

te heard aid •'• 

<n . oiiiie il of '■^>' 

c.iuii'il .haruler 

on Monil.i.N. the 

at 7::ta p. m. .a" 

LIS i'i-:m>kns 

St. Louis— ss. . 

liist'ict Court, Eleventh 


Charles \V. Elsto i and Charles A. 


Herberl Tt. Tiakbam. Josiah Bond. 
Jr.. Frederick W. Parsons. Al- 
beit M. Marshall iin.l Julia Mar- 
si'.ill. h.i- wife, also a\\ ..ther i>i-'- 
sois or parties unUtiown. elaini- 
iu'; iiny right, till.-, estate, li. n 
• II ilKircsi i': th ' real c.-^tale de- 
sciibe.l in the- complaint her in. 

NOT1C1-: IS HEREBY iJIVEN that an 
a. lion his If iii c.imi.icnced in the above 
ni:mcel court. I'v th» t^iiid plaintiffs and 
Jigainst the s;iid defendaats, and that the 
(il.jec: of sai.l action is to determine 
cl.iims. cstiites. lie-ns and interests a'i- 
vorse t<» Siii.l plaintifts. jtiii.le by the « ."i 
.t.-fen.lams. an.l ■ ach .if tbcni. lu Uie real 
eslatc hereinaitcr tiescribcd. 

i'liat the real estate afftit.'.!. invulved 
iind brought in qucslion by said ae ii..a i.« 
described as follows, to-wit: An ua.livi.l.-il 
till one hundrc.l litteenihs iKi-lKo incr- 
1 St in all llios.- tract" or of lioal 
situate and being in th-- County of St. 
Louis and Stat.- of Min:iesota. describ. «t 
iis follows, lo-wit: L.ils niimlier.-.i four 
(II to eighteen (IS), both incbisivc; I'lis 
iiumbenil tw-.'nty <2'o. iwinty-nvo (22i. 
twintv-four (211. twenty-six i2ii». Iliirty- 
oiie- i:ili. tbirtv-twc) i::2i. thirty- thre- c::) 
iin.l thirty-lour i::i', iill in New York Pi.r. 
oii.'.ttii. aeeiirding t" the phit nil lib- in the Ollie .- of the Rcsisl.-r 
of Deeds in :iad for sai.l C'mn.y eif St. 
I.ouis iinil SliiK- of Minnesota. 

Als.i an u.idivided hve one hundn-.l fif- 
teenths ij-l).".) intcM-esi ill ail thus.' tr.n-'s 
or panels .if laii.l silu i . itn.l being in Ih" 
Counlv of St. Louis ici.l State .if Minii.-- 
s.ita. 'de.serilit^l iis follows, to-wit: L"ls 
numb' red nim'tein ilOt. i w- niy-oiw i21i. 
tweatv-tbree i2:;i. tw iit>-live i2-ii. tweut.^- 
se>en"r27i. twenty-eight (2'<», twenty-nine 
(2''i iind thirty ^'i^i. all in New York Pier, 
(^m-oia. ae-c-.irdi:ig to thi- re-.-onbil pliil 
there.if. on tile ia the oiti---- of the Regiist' r 
of l)'-eils in and for said County of St. 
L.mis iiml State .if Miniiesotii. 
Dated Jienuary 2sth. 1V»S. 

Plaintiffs' .X'torneys. 
103-ltW DiiUiih Trust Co. BldK-. 
Duluth, Miniie-so;a. 
Duluth Evening Herald. l-"eb-17-2l-Me.h-3- 

jippli. alien Ir-is b -en m. 
I'l.- common coumH of 
bilb. and HIe.l in my o 
license to sell iato\i.;Mi 
it. Ri. kford at .\"o. 'J-i 

Sail' appliciilion will 1 
•rirniiid li>' Siiid eomnii 
. ilv of Diiiiilh. at the 
la i.aid . it v of Duluth 
14;h da.\ ..f Miinh. ISI'S. 
that day. 

C. E. R 


City <"'!ik. 
Duluth Evening Herald, Fcb-'24-Meli ::■ 

Siiitc of Minncs.itii. County of St. Loui;- 

iii I'roliate Court, Speciiil T« rni. Fib- 
ruiirv 2.:nl. l«<s. 
In the niiitter of the gu;irdiaiisliip of 

l-'re.liii. k LimllKck and John D. Li:id- 

li. I k, .Minors: 

cm n.idiiig iiml liling the pctitioa of J. 
r. Sutphin. giiiir.liiin .if sai.l minors, r.-p- 
ns'-nting among .iib. r things, that tbc- 
siii.l wiirds ;iro seizeil of i-ei-t;iiii real 
.•s-.^tte ia Sill. I ectiinlv" and that f'lr the 
lii-ni-tit "if sai.l'lh same slculd be 
soi.l. an.l pr;i>iag for lie.-ns.- lo sell (lie- 
s.iinc; ami ii .ippeniing t'l th> salisf.i. - of the .-oiirt fnuu siii.l p titioii. :hii 
fee- Ihe h.-m.-iii of sai.l said 
cslalf shoiilil be sold; 

II is thiii iill interrs'ed 
in said cstati- iiiipeir l.ef.tre this .-01111 on 
Kri.liiv. the .'Kbli'-nlh .lay of Miii.b. .\. 
I >. isi'is. at leu .>"c lo< k ;i. m.. al the pro- 
liatc ofiii-i- in Iniliith. in said i-ou it>. then 
.iiid ther.- to show .-atise (if aa.v thei-'' !..•« 
why license shonl.l not b<' Kraal .1 lor 
the sale of sai.l real eslaf.-. ii.e.. riling lo 
111.- piii.ver of Sici.l 

Ami il is fiirib.'r .niier.'d. tlnil this 0: 
if-r shiill b' pnlilislie.l .iiiee in iv|.-)i wv k thr-e sil.c e-ssivi- w.-e-ks pi:ol lo -i.iid 
il ly of luiiring in The iMilulb Evcnin;: 
Ibriild. ii ebiiiy ii>'W-sp;ip(-r priiteil al!)i 
IHiblishcd iit Dninth. in s.iid <.iuit.\. 

I»at..l ill Dubiih. Ihe 2!id dav .d Feb- 
ruary. A. D. Ives. 

Bv lb-- Court. 

Jn.lge oi Prob a' '. 

iHiliilh Evening lienil.l. Feb-2f-Me h-Ma. 

pursuant lo iin oi.ler ninlc on 1-' briiaij- 
Lfi'h. ISHS. l.y the eUsiii.t ..ant of St. 
I, I. His County. Minncs.ita. Ih- under- 
signed, as iissign."- of IhM Mianes-.ta 
point Street R.iilwiiy Compan.v, ins.ily«-nt. 
will sell, at th'- e iir tiiiin .tf s;iltl insi»|y 
eat. .in Ihe corner of Pin- s:reet iind 
Minneiiotii itvenn-. on Minnesotii P.iiiil 
in the vWy .if Duluth. in sai.l loinilv iiii'i 
Kt,it.\ ,it inilili. itm IT^^I, ;o the biche-l 
liid.l.-r for .ash. on Fridiiy. M.-ireli e'^-^ - 
enth (I'lilii. ISt'S. at ten (Ku o'clock a ni . 
In Ki-oss. all of the track, equipmnit. 
friincbis.- a id e>fher assets of .vaal 111- 
Kolven;. f'Xc. pi a.eounts rec-eivable; s.iid 
s:4l>' to be made subjei t l.i the appro\al 
of said e.iiirt. 

Th.' prineip-cl ileitis of sidd prop'-rt> to 
b' sol.l ar.-. the track of said insolvent, 
cxt.n.lmg the c.inal s.iii'herly tor 
iilioiil llirc'. miles. SIX cars, 'he .-ar l-ain 
;>nd lot upon which it stands, one ;ioi- 
ci.uht h.irnesses. one desk, bl.nksmith ;-liiip 
an.l tiiols. titbles and be:i.-bes. 

Date.l February SS h. tws. 

Assicuec of Mtu'iesota P.iint Street Rail- 

wiiv C.inip.iin. 
Duluth Evening Herald, Feb-2S-Mch.3-7-W 



I i 




1 1 


Prices Suffered a Reaction 
foday, Ov>ing to the Re- 
ports Being Bearish. 


Favorable News About Amer- 
ican Crops, Particularly 
Those In California. 

i y 

u ■ .-I 1\ It 


' ■ ■ m; ll .i\\ il;^ t > 
Sim iii--ti '^1 .liii 
MI ,1 < • h • ' 

^ '! .' ill ll.- 

Miini- .ipolis aii'l 1 v; - 
: .! \y\ tlH- I'lltl . ■ .1! 
■ • ~ w • I iitin!- 

il nil! \\ . I K I i w • 

■ : 1 ni Ilk. \ 

■ I. ■! .i:i I liar- 

t p.irt:* on 


I ^ If r..r 

I with •"iil- \\ 111 .it 

■ 1 I. iiv • I > h' r«' Apiil 

I hi. ii:"i witli :i ni irKi" 

1.1 i;iv'ir iif til.- ^hi|»^"'r. 

11 I li.H^«rs i»r -|i.>n.ilii>ii. 

■11 iiiin<irs Ivtf of \vli>:it 

i.T 'lilpni'-tu l>u til' V i-Kiilil 

.1 "I'll.' shipitds 1 I liiii III'- 

.^I-. .-lit 1.1 V ' III'.' 

■.,1111 I' - 

whli h WKiil'l 

. ' I! ;;•• ani'iiMlt 

:,. imllllh !"..'I'I 

I. iH'il '.■!• hit;Ii! I :ii 
■ 1. -iitld lip asain tu 

1, . . \ I,, ;H lltl tult ll'. 

.1 11, 'lli'Ti was 
ii.l ihr matlti-l 

• I ,1 ■'■'■■,■■ .1 :i' I 
.l,i\, 'ni.-' mills 

• iltt a 111 tlU' «■!•'- 
' HiyitlK •i«f nVlT 

,. , l-'iitluwinjc \v,Tr 

. i<U. *' '"': Ma>. 

iili-mhiT ;■'' . N'l'. 1 

May. •" :■ . .Inly. 

No J ml I ll- 1 ;i 'yy-. 

.\.. 1 tiini, .M..'l; 
1 : . I'li ., ( >:il -. 

! ■ »;.:.: M.-iy. 

1 1. 

'.; ri.rn. ^ .; 

" It t'llpl.- 

■l-i; n-lts, 

II :i litis: 

\\ l|r.,it, lij"'! 


thi' I- 

lite Domestic Situtition Benrish tind 
Prices riurtudted. 

I ■ ■ ■ S iiiii- lirrVi>Ul-^li''5.-^ 

liini;^ in wht-at. 

,. r. i^tartins at 91*2 

lay's Hosinfr price 

\'\ ,1 I'lominont 

: tiif stfu kri uf u'iuMt at 

mil Duluth were coiiirolteil 

•liU" uwniTiK the Chit-ago wheat 

■• .lurtt.^vn 'if thr- Sii:»"i»li Krain 

. • . ■ :'!!■ iiiii'tiins- 

. • •• III I'li^i atr at 

' ' li-t week and Z\l 

: _ . v..,.ci\-cil 71 cars. 


.,, .I..' :•■ '.;,,d de- 

i t .|'p(d th»' dennand 

., Jill, . . ■ .1 ■.<? --.ton after 

,•■,:.■ ' ; rriitn t h'- 

'.' IV nt lu-.iii tii'^ .-hnrta 

liid tlr>' marit't s:rail- 

ntr. thousjh an under- 

■ uisin--=s wa^ disitlayed. 

ttviation was iiearish. 

;.iittiiip rmditlons pr«'- 

iri.^taiir>-F I «t .q;iii)d as 

if ri-coiteii :n-<>.s|ieet3 

' '. hi- n-tent rains. 

mil reacted t> 

|i>\''er ti) 'ti'- 

; . Im-d to ?.l,i*:r% r it aKain 

■I I 


i*f May wheat in Chi- 
irtilieiiil. the hnMers of 
It have hef?n jusstifiefi in 
- "if their aitihition ti pet 
the price they ar> a hie to 
ill- price- of No. 1 northern 
^ Liverpool tfiiiay was the 
per huij. in store, Chi- 
ta te of transpari, and 
: -^prinK vvh« at were 
Xo one siip[<0>-ed the 
' owner \\ ithin KK- 
iiid It i> V'^ry well 
' . ■ ; \\' \ di.-^po^-i'il fif A \-ery 
it ,it all nit the now 
-It pri' i^s. Til" 1.11 t of Xo. 
, liMii;;iit h'-f I'V a miller 
firittv i;i.iid iiidiiation of 
• pi.iiiti'-:--. Th.' t'ltal re- 
Wi'-t.-rii ni-irket> weri- 
. ■ I 1 :1 n iMMi liii< :i v'-ar 
■ v ere 

.M. . .. .. : -■ itl 

l/i\>'i; it a 

,.-.t ,■. h- .1 ; , I. i ^'1 for 

'mill th'' .V'.rthv\^est 

. ' 'll ks in < ountr>- 

ol l.'MMl.trto l.tis 

. l,i\!ipool Corn Tratie 

iitiii'i shipments for the 

I ii'-en very 

; ■ .|..-,iri '■■nt'-r,-. 

■ ■ alp- 

■.1 I . I oi-n opene<J %f 
• .M It ;;iiii'!»"i,i- and 




■ ilull I'llt tit til. h'Iped 
.Mav pork opened 

lY\.'mi\n.:,xVz. ad- 

1 lo |Hi.t;ii and react. -d to Slfl.To'/i. 
,,-,1 ,,p,>ned r.( hicher at t.'..22V-;c. 
■ • i ;' • hitrh'-r at |.'i.J*> and 
^ ", ■ ' ' . 

■ vvh'-at. "SViw . 

■<;'■■ 7Xe; Ilfcrfri. 
1 1 . (1 .^1 11.V .. ' lats M-trr-h, 
'.•i,' :' .luly.' IM^""^'.' . •■'"•". 

<'., :;tir<i,f; .Iiil\-. :;i-'-(e; .-;■ ri- 
le .Mar.h 510.WI: May. 
■,.iV.l M,iivh J.'. ■-•::: .Ma,v. 
■■ . Ml-.' *.".._•".: 
_: .J ... I 'ash. 
■ I '»;; Xo. :; ri'fl. 
Xo. :! HprinK. *'T 
• T. !>.".(•: No. :; h.ird 
in'W sprlnfT, $1 <>.">*». 


' ■ I : Mav. 

il-l' - .ash. N'orth- 
.' IV .il.'JP..; Anuii^t, J1 1.-.; 

■ ■ Tim.iih' ■ I 


M\i:i ' •■ 
I' M.t.r' n .. 
'" 'id h/wpr. 

''io;ina;: \Vh".Tt 
March. 7- l>»»,d. 



Ttiit yon can makr money by huyln»? some nt pffscnt prt<e!<; thoy arc t>ound to ad- 
vati(«' on hiK exports .itid small stock.--; t hi.v arr safer to trade la than wtu-al an.l 
dolt ri-ipiirc so nuKh money; $L'.'> lnv«sied th May oat.-< will make IfiS Inslclc ol fi<i 
(la>.'<, anil perhaps «|uicker. i.>iok into this and send for oiir fri-p lunik whIt h explains 
iriKlinK In wheat, corn, oats or pork. «'unnliiKham Ac Cnwby. successors to t)s- 
horr.. Crosby & Co.. Klour KxchattK', Mi nncaix.lis. 

May. Tji .'.^hd; .July. 7s 1 7^,(1; September, 
ti.-i o'h'J; Pei ember, fis r>\d. Corn fjuiet. 
nnchaoRed to Mel lower. March, oS 4»»d; 
Mav. It M; Julv, aS -»-jJ; September, 3» 


AM Ell I' ' 


MInne- New 


upoUs. Chicago. York. 



1 ip.ii 



1.(l«i.^.7 1.(>IT„ 


1 mi'.. 


1.": Li'i"i-v 




lie,'.. 111]'. 




MKilt l.OP'iA 


1 tj'iii 


i-l'-j-H f'-'T, 



in\ !•;{", 



!»1 •»•.'«,, 


■.»:' d; 

cincAoo ( 

;k.' ... 

!«U4r. trjtuA 




'oi n. 
















DAILY MOVKMKNT < 'K \\Mi-,.v'l. 

Receipts. SliipmvntK. 

Ihibith . 
I lii< .1^1) 
.'-^l. L.'iiis 
I'.froii . 
Kansas ( 
Xrw York 






:;:; iKHi 

.'.'.", ik".'i 


•J I rj;5 






r.. Lii!i 





;■.■_' !'»'> 

T'. I'll 


• AlILK AND IUm;.^ 
t 'hii irio. March .!.- KstinjaP-d r<'icit< ;i 
lio;;s today. iM.fioa; p-ft over. I:W» Mark»-t 
slow. wrak. Litfht. J.:.:"*/;, I la; nilx.d. *!!•.'. 
'"l.L.; heavv. $;!.:<.*/./ 1. 17' .;^h $:!;•:.'■'; I, .m 
Cllll.'. l>'(elpts, '.KliN*. lS|,<a<|y ;<> lih hlKh- 
er. l!r«"v«'S. $;;.l*t'«i.". ."lO; tows and hflfirs. 
*_M"'V»I.H': Texas steers. $.!..".«</ |;Ci; stock- 
ers ,tn<l fnd -rs. yi.-tn'e I. |i». Shieep. r.^- 
1 ■•ip s. IJ.tKid. Steady. Y'csterdays offlilal: 
(|oi;<. ri leipts. "JS.iiiS: hsipm^nts. W.y>, 
'atile. r.^' cipts. i:J..s?»: shipments! tiVt." 
Kh'- r'. r.-ciipts. i'.'.vK.i: shipments. l,'..Si;. 
Ksiimatcd recolpts hops tomorrow, ^ 
Sheep, steady. Native shetp. $3.1tWi4.iM; 
Westerns. S^t.:*viti.:,:,: lambs. H.lT.'ijr. «0. 


.New York. .March ". — Money on call 
tiotnina) at L'*?!!''; p'-r cent; prime mer- 
(.antile paper, o^(&4Vj pf'r «-ent; sterlins: 
evchan.qe flrni with actual husinciig in 
liankers' bills at $4.si54 for demand ami 
:i' S1.S2 for sixt.v days. Posted rates, 
ti.Kl .itid si.SJ's; commercial bills. 
?».."-iUi: silver r ertificates-, .V.^tTi .")(j%c; silver, .".tr Mexican dollars. 4i>e. 
ilovernment l>onds strong: new 4s reg- 
ular. liTi'i; now 4s coupon. 125^; 4s. 
111: 4s (oupin. 112'i: L's. !'!): T.s regrular, 
UV^: .'s coupon. llJ'.; Pacific fis of 'W. 

MinntMpolis, .Match :!— Wheat, low, r; 
March. !>!t^,c; May. !»7!%e: July. ;»6«^.. ; 
No. 1 hard. $l.*L'a»; No. 1 northern. 


.V, w York. .Mar. h :; Close: Wli a , 
March. $1.07: .May. Sl.ol'Vj: .luly. !»2-v. . 
S.'pt'-mber. M'st. May torn. :'..">'.i.i. 
May oTl.^. ■M<'..i\ 

N. u Yolk. .Man h :!.--Siior ctton 
I uosed dull; mi'l uj.Iatids. fi .">-Hi; mid 
Kulf. 6 J)-1B. Sales, none. Cotton fu- 
tures clojsed quiet and steady; sales. 
llLl'tO bal .s: March, jr.ll: April. JK.ll: 
May. $H.17; .lunc. Itilil; July. $fi.i:2; Aug- 
ust. $»i.24: Sept.inber, $t'..19; October. 
IH.17; Noveinbi-i. Ji! I'i; Dcternbtr, $ti.l7; 
January. $«._'ii. 

Received over private wire of R. K. Baker, 
Kraln tind stock broker, room lii7 Cham- 
ber of Commerce and .>t)7 Hoard of Tradt-. 
''hieaso. .March .".— Wheat today opened 
hitlli'-r althoUKh cables were lower. The 
sirtr.Kth was clue entirely to the reduction 
ot the Spanish duty on wh-at. The sea- 
board, however, did not follow us but 
rnleil weak all day. July wheat advanerd 
to 111'!,.' ivitti only a few sales at that 
-.irice (Itie to buving by local sialpcrs. Th.- 
cIosi> toniRht is lower wi.h most of th.- 
ad^•■^nce lost. The market looks tirid i:nd 
\e b.'lieve it is a sab- on all billies. There 
w.i-i ( .ii.siderable wheat <i:i the market lo- 
ilay and tht- < ll.pie <lid not onrsu'' it- 
usual taetiis by bid.linj; it up at the clo.se_ 
Corn <los.»s fr.ietion »II>' hisher than it 
.till last nitjht. There seems to be In- 
creased si»e< Illation In «orn. Holders of 
corn liav.- entire conlidence in lluir posi- 
tion owiiiK to its eheapncMs. and ari- lor- 
tlet eneoiiraKcd by the faet that cash Vo. 
: is ;.-!'ii'K- here today at less per 'oi-- 
than No. :; white oats. The d.'mand for 
I orrt for shipment is not as Koml as it 
«tti the recent advanc'' but the marke hts 
sh'ivvti a ureal deal of str.-nKth. (».-its 
stronK'i' atid hiRh.-r. We know of on.- s.ib- 
for i'X|)ort today .if :-an.()ao bus to ;;.> to 
I.ondan at the top price' oa the crop. 

[Provisions show aa advanee of aluait 
Me per hiuidred. The market Is strong. 
Some- ot fh<- If. nil IK packers arc the chlet 
biiv< rs. Receipts of hoKs are lighter than 
1-ist .year. The <a.sli dpm.ind kct'ps \-.rv 
larpc. Sliipmetits are cnormmis. 
C'lts. Mav wheat 11. ":P,f/ 1.(^14. 
M.iy wh at. $1.n.vii l.ns'-.. 

.lulv wheat ".M|l..l*/fH».-.^, 

Jul.\ wheat'. Ky^'iiyic. ' 
May corn. ;>"'l.c. 
May torn. ;!iK*<<-^ic asked. 



I'll «. 


Neme of Stock. Open 

TliRh Low CI-»B« 



iVtihiSotl preterieil. 1'7 '4 

-VV4 -7-4 


Siiuar I-Wh' 

12H'4 1 -••".% 


i 'anada Southern . 


c. n. .';- (J ■'.', 

'1'.'. '...-.I,, 


St I'aiil !'.; ^ 

■".'. :i:-!',i.| 


ctiicKi, C.Hs UW 

'•:■ ''174 


Pa.iti.- Mail 

C-p.' I'ji. ''11. : : :, 

;i ■-,:!•% 


* 'ni ih:i . . ' , 

-,,.. -., , 


Ktadiiii; r.ti^ 

r". m„\ 


L. K- S -.(', 

yj^ .-h|!)*: 


Manhattan H*; 

lii7",' inr.Si' 


Missouri P.i' Hi. , . •2~^^' 

■SX^t '-'"'a.! 

^7". '»|1 

•'■-'^ ;hWs. 


<• .>s N. W. I.-.; , 

ij::".^! ys^^\ 


X 1 '. pr'-fern .1 i.j ', 

•;::■•»' fii'-'ii 


r:.ii k Island xT'i 

SS', s^ 


1 iiio'i Pa< ilii :ani,i 

rmvii 2»"sJ>' 


W estein 1 nion ss 

S.X', S7^ 


t.cathir ti;.", 

»;:"- hy.A 


T. C. 1 ....! :i'.. 

■:\\ -v.. 



A Sluggish Tendency Noticed at the 

New York. Mart h :;.— The stoek mar- 
ket wa.s somewhat slugKish ut the op.-n- 
in<? an<l chanses were small. l'i.iserf pre- 
dominating. Metropolitan Street Rail- 
way dropped over a point and New- 
York Central lost -'j^. The hifiher quota- 
tions for Amerieans received from Lon- 
don were Ignored in the tradinR. .\ 
few promin-Tit stocks showed small 
Kains. inelurlinu St. Paul, fiork li^land, 
'Nottliein Paiifle. preferred, and Man- 

.V brisk flemau'l soon developed for 
the leadinj; specialtie>. The strenuth 
of th- se helped the whole market. Sugar. 
Tobat eo. People'.s Mas. Manhattan and 
Metropolitan Street Railway were the 
leaders and rose from 1 to o per cent. 
The standard railwa.v shares were also 
stronjr. New York Central leading with 
a rally of IVi. 

RealizinK cau.sed a decline In prleeis. 
fractional in most cases, but reaching 
o\er a point in Sugar and Metrop<»li- 
tan .'-street Railway Th" market fell 
into inten-e dullness .at the declln** anl 
liy midday ha-l about recjver-id. Sale.* 

of sto( ks to n<»on. lfirt.4(M» shares. The 
bond market was neglected, hut prices 
were well sustained: 


Fresh California sti a wherries in ••.mall 
ipianlltles -ire f<iund on MtchlRan slict 
now-a-days. They are worth about 4.". 
. eiits but ar.' exceptionally line. Mutt.-r 
in i-holee Brailos Is a shade higher and 
er.inberries have taken a big Jump. Other 
prices are lirm. 


Note— The i|uotatlon>s below are for 
goods whi(-h change hands In lots on the 
open market; In lllling orders, hi order 
to secure best goods tor shipping and to 
eov» r cost iiK-nrred. an ailvance over job- 
bing pri< es to be charged. The tlgurcs 
ar.' changed dail.v. 


Clover licaf. per lb 

Cream., s.^panitors. faney.. 
Dairies, fancy, Sf)ecla| make 

Paeking stock 

Dairy, ftilr 

Clover Leaf chc'-sc. per lb,. 
Twins, fl.its. full cr'm. new 
Full cr'm. Young America.. 

Swl.--s elirese. No. 1 

Rriik. No. 1 

Limbiirger, full cr'm. chohe 



CaU'lIed. strictly fresh 

Stor.igc. candled 

Faney white clover 







in T» 


11 -it 

12 'II 
11 itl 

!•< Vit 
ti ''if 

11 (li 








Fanev white elover. In jars 

strained, per lb 

Oolden rod 

D;irk honey 

IJuekwh'Ml. dark 


Vermont, per potmd 

Ohio, per pouiKl 

Maple svrup. per gal 


Choice, per lb 


Chestnuts, per lb 

Soft shell almondt:. per Iti.. 

Soft sht II walniitr. per lb 

Hard shell walnuts, per lb.. 

Rrazils. per lh 

Pecans, per lb 

Filh.-rts. per lb 

Peanuts, roasted, per lb 

Raw pc'inuis, per lb 


Horse r.-idish. per lb 

Hot house cucumbers, doz.. 1 

Parsley, per doz 

Jersey sweet potatoes, bbl.. : 
Hubliard souash. per doz. 



Lettuce, per box 

Spinach bus 

Ciilifornia celer,v. doz 

Wax beans, box 

Potatcx-s. per l)us 

Miat. per doz 

Ctiuliflower?. per doz 

c.'irrots. per bus 

Turnips, per bu.s 

Cabbage. t»er HH) lbs 

Red cabbage, per doz 

Horse radish roots, per bhl 
Onions, per bus 

12 'ctJ 12c 











f,i 1 IM) 
2>,«; .1 




I in 

?, ,*itt 

1 :.<) 


2 ,"i<l 



1 :.ti 

] IN) 


Ti ikl 

1 K) 





Fanc-y nav.v, per bus... 
M-^'linm. picked, btis.. 
Brown brans, fancy, bus... 

(Jreen and yclL->w peas 

'Jrecn peas, bus 


.^Ialag.a grapes, per bbl 

CranlK-rries. Jerseys 

Cranberries, counfr.v. bus.. 

Catawba grapes, basket 

Washington pears, per box.. 

Limes, per case 

California s<»edlings 

Mexii-an oranges 

Navel oranges 

Lemons, per box 

Cocoanuts, per t'oz 

P'igs. iK>r lb 

Dates, per lb 


N''w York spies, per bbl 

New \nrk kings, per bbl 

Wllb^w twtgH 

N. y. r..nioua Orleans, bbl 
Rhode Island greenings, bbl 

Wine saps, per bb^ 

Snow .-ipples 


Californl.'i bejIJlower.'^. Iioxes 

Roman beauties, per btil 

Ben I'avis. per bbl 

Genitom, per bbl 

N. Y. sweet elder, per keg.. 
Fruit juices, per keg 

1 .r. 
1 2.'' 
1 M 
1 H) 


1 !>tl 

4 no 

1 7.-. 
1 2,-. 
<,i 1 an 
fci 7(j 


lit 2 40 
rii m 
lit ?.:, 

lit 1 HI 

ft (;•) 
lit ,'. .".0 
(II 1 25 

fi 1 50 

'!< 1 ".0 

ll 1 2."i 

!t .'.0 

2 OK 

1 !»il 

4 2.'. 

7 m 

Hi 20 

lit 2 2.'> 

2 IN) 

2 7.-. 

2 .50 


4 00 
4 110 
s no 

,T 75 

3 .".0 

4 00 

.T 00 

,') <NI 

1 " 

2 7-. 

3 2.5 
2 50 

4 Ot) 

f I 4 ,'iO 

f? 2 40 

''cr 2 25 

tci :t 25 

(ll 3 flO 

HI' 75 

ifi 15 

fiP 10 

© 3 25 

(S 4 50 




I'll 3 IHJ 

(ll ^ m 

(ft 4 51 
(Sb 12 

Turkeys, p^r lb H 

Chickens, hens n 

<^hickcns, springs lo 


Hens ,-,! '..\i 

Spring chickens, pep lb 8 ' 




Veal, faney 

\'eal. good 



Choice south Minn $7 00 ffj 7 50 

Northern Minn 5 00 (n r, Ta) 

Ml ilium fi .50 rtt 7 50 

Tame. ton. ch-uce finiothv.. !i iki 


X lit 

S r„ 

5 (iv 


Bran. 2iiO lbs. sacks inc-. 
Short.". 100 lbs. sacks itic. 
Shorts. 2110 lbs. sacks inc.. 

Orotind feed No. 1 

Oround fe--'d No. 2 

Oats, car lots 


12 ,50 

13 1HI 

12 ,".!» 

13 DO "fin ,5'1 
13 •"•tl mi W 


Chicago, Match :!.— Butter, Hrm; 
eri s. 1 Iff 20c; dairies. ll'c/lSc. Eggs si adv; 
fresh. 12c. 

.Now York, March 3.— Butter receipts. 
2fl7 packages. (Irm; Wc^stern creamery. 
i:.fi20'ic: Elgins. 20V..<-; f-ictory, 
14'*:c. Eggs lirm: receipts light. 



The average- child, in its 4tli year. 
shciuli! be thre fct his:h and weigh 
more than twenty-eight pounds; in the 
6th year, thr.e and a half feet high, and 
weiijh forty-three; in the 8th year, four 
f" t in height and Hfty-aix pounds in 
wii.ght; at 12 years, five fret in heigh!, 
and f-eventy pounds in weight is a fair 
avfrage. i;rT.w-th is very irregular in 
ehildien an<1 yoimg ppiTj)le; perhaps tvvci 
inches may be gained in two months, 
and for the next ten months not over 
an inch, even up to the age of 10 or 12 
.years. While growth is thus rapid, 
fatigue is readily produ'ed: during the 
pause, weight Is gained and work can 
g-j cm again. 

• 'urioiis thiags occur in tin- opc-rution 
of eleetrie lractic»n ll.u^s and the introdtic^- 
ti.iii c>f the iindc-r-trollev system has devl- 
oped some possibilities for tinnciyance that 
w. re never susiiected befc»rc-. sa.vs the New 
York Sun. One of th.i'se oc I'urrecl when 
the el».etrie currnt was hrst turned on to 
the new Maclison ave:iue line to t'-'t it the.- 
night before thi- cars w-fr- set rti.iiiitig. 
The n>oment the etirnnt was let lii.n tiv 
dowtitown sc'ition. which ends at Astor 
plaeo, the current lire.iker for that s'-e- 
tlcin popped cm; with a bang. It was 
imshccl in. but nut !■ flew aKaIn on thi> 
instant, and it did this again .ind again. 
.is often as the con nee lion was ma'le. Or. 
ciinarll.v furnintr in the current i.i this wa.\ 
a few times will m'-lt or Imrn off only 
in'talllc- substance, that conn, its the • iir- 
reiit b.-aring rails aiwl prodin -s a slmrt 
• ■lirreilt on the line, but there seemed no 

elianc c- of this in the case i.i hancl. anci 
there was nothing lo be done but to fol- 
low the slot along from the power houti • 
out and tind th-? trouble. This was dop". 
and after hours the troubl" was located 
at the curve where the line tiirn« from 
Fourth avenue Into Astor i>lac^«-. Th'-n the 
hunters went under the tracks tc» see 
what was the matter. There they found 
that one of the laborers, i-xtra careful of 
his shovel, whieh was his own prcnierty. 
had stowecl it way for the- niKh", hanclb^ 
down and with th-' blade carefully 
pressed up diagonally lietween the two 
c tirrent 1»«»ari|n.g rails. When the men trie.l 
to remove ;h.- sh.o'ei the.\- found it liii- 
|M.~-siii|e If was weld'il f«|.it to ea' h rail 
aad had to be cut .iway with chisels. 

.:,. Ill L I ■iiiMlllliiililiiiili^^ 


le.i\e your order tit Boyci 's drug store. 

WANTED Ct>MPETENT (iipj, i\in housework. Apply 2125 East Su- 
jicrior street. 

S' I ve at liinth cciuntcr. .\|i|'ly to Mr. 
Robel, suiierinfenilcnt th. lleihtl Lake 
,ivenue, bclwi-en !• tind 10 a, ni. 

housework. Must understand 
No wasliliig. 505 East Seeond strc. t. 

do cooking preferred. j23 East S-noad 

SI 111 t. 

housework. Call l>c-twten 7 and ',t p. m., 
115 West Fifth street. 

Miillaiul hotel, at once. 

Cermaa girl for general :,; 
West SeciHid street. 

re liable employment ofliee for goo.l girls 
as I htive some good birls wishing 
places. 225 East Superior street. 

\V .\ NT l-n )- M I-: N AND Wc >M ION T< » 

work at honv. I pay $t< to }|i; y^vr week 
for making crayon iMulraits. n< w patent 
method, anyone who can r. a.i or write 
cia do the woi k at home-, in si>.ire time, 
day or evening. Send for i>articulars aii>l 
work at once. Address II. A. Oripp. 
Cerniall artist, Tyrone. Pa, 


le. push our goods. I''*iist clas;-. oils anel 
greases. Llber;tl c omissions p.iid. Ad- 
dress (jeni Oil and tlreasc comiiany. 
Cleveland, tthio. 

Duluth Jind a few In olh r p.irts of the 
slate to take orders for our ma.le to 
orcle-r nteirs suits at $4.50 lo Jir.. Ciooil pay 
and sleacly work lo llie liuht men. No 
1 xi>eri'-:ic-e" necc.'^'=ar\ , ,\'l'liesp American 
Woolen Mills comi)any, Chicago. 

to opc-rate thte Opligtajili Moving Pic- 
ture machines, th.^ Klondike Illustrated 
Entertainment outlits and llie Oraiilio- 
phone Talking machi.ies. show them to 
the public- and look after the- advertising. 
No soliciting and no pri-vi'ius cx|>ertencc 
nec-essary. Easy woik. st ady cmi'loy- 
ment. good pa.v" For full particulars ael- 
dress Sears. Roebuck ^: Co., (Inc.) Chi- 
cago. 111. 

of good address antl ability to solicit 
for life insurance. Salary or eommlssion 
paid. Api>ly at ofliee of Metropolitan 
l.ife Insurance eompaiiy of New York. 
rooia ,'!ii5 Burrows" bjoek. 


Halstead's Great t'uba Book; all atjoiit 
Cuba, SpJiin and gnat i-xcitenier.t; 
everyone buy.s it: en.- agent sold elKhty- 
sevfh In one dav: another made $1:! ii 
one hour; UOO pages: m.-iKnllicent ill'is. 
traticins: jihotographs, ete.. low p.-ic"; 
wi- guarantee the most liberal lernis; 
freight paid; tw-nty days' crecllt; out- 
lit free; senil six 2-c''iit .stamiis to ii.iy 
postage-. The Hiijic Hous. . 321 Dearborn, 
street, Chictigo. 

ccaintr.v towns to sell spee-ijilties in 
household goods on easy ji.-iyments. 
Svrite or apply to Gately StiiM'ly c c<ni- 
pariv. 705 West Superior street, Duluth, 
Mill n. 

msALPAmo fmcimlImork. 

West Superior street, roetn 2, 

.MISS E. A'^'^TlTlTir^ IRSE, 
movc'l to :!25 East Sup.iior stiee-t. 



acl Sheehan, i>orn in the parish of 
Cloyne, coutity Cork, Ire land, who Ian<l- 
ed in America in 1845 ur IMii, will coia- 
muricate with (.'. C. Krown. Herald 1 1- 
Pc-e. Dululli. he will 1. aril something to 
his aeivatitage. 

location suitable market garden- 
ing ancl i^oultrv farm. Address offers to 
(}. e.*i IL. Herald. 


horse suittthle for 'I -livery inirpos s. 
,\(iply at pop fae-tor.\-, Ncj. 17 Twetity- 
» i;,lith avenue west. 

stock and Imperial 

mill stuck. H. W. 

goods. Call or send post;i| to DuluUl 
auction house. 17 First aveliU" west. 



ROOM Willi .\LCoVK. oR 
two ailjoining rooms withiti ten mi:i- 
ulcs walk ot Board ot Trade, T 1;. Her. 



e Imiee business lots in Jani'-slown. N. 
D.. and li«1 acres of land all ready for 
croji, tcj exchange for house and lot in 
Duluth. Ai'ply Winston, care Herald. 


Cai7l " A^)"^''o?^Kr^T1?''~"'X7fi1^'^1^A^^; 
money. «'. Decker, 721 West Superior 

ri-;al i-:state transfers. ' 

SI. Paul &. Duluth R.iiltiiad i-om- 
panr to .^lulrew Magiiiisoii. 
lauds In section 15-51-1'; % I'"' 

S. Jewell Tinker et mar lo .\aiii'- 
Bergstrancl. lots 1 and 2. bkn k 
55. Harrison's 1'^' 

R. C, R.iV et al to Otto SwtMlsoll. 

iot 1;. bloe k Hlo. Rav's .innex cic-. too 
Matt Sakrison tii W. X. Shejjhaicl, 

binds in s'-ctioti ll-(i2-lT ^b' 

C. ,\. Blackmarr to G. H. Lite h- 

lielcl lands in section 1".1'.<-1." ■>•'« 

R. A. Park, to E M. <;aylord. part 

lots ):ki and l!i2, block ;^s. Dunitli 

l>ro|H-r. Second division lO") 


S 2 .\'i\ 



abov ' 

c .im- 



District Court. Eleventh Jidiclal 
trie t, 
William E. Lucas as receiver of 

The Marina National Bank of 




Andrew Swordjlng Claudln* ,E. 

Swordling, William B. Hie kox. 

Zavclee B. Hickox. md I!.>nja- 

min B. Richards and Clark Ii. 

Pofile co-partners as Rieliiirds & 


The state of Minnesobi to tht- 

namecl ilefendants: 

You. and each of you. are hereby 
rronec'l ancl recpiircd to answer the 
l>Ialiit of the plaintiff In the ahov 
tlci action which eomiilain has 
file. I in th • '.ifHce of the clerk of said dis- 
tiict eiiiiii at the city of Duluth, county 
of St. L'oiis and slate of Minnesota, and 
to s. r\-e a c-opy of yoiir .-insw.r to s.iid 
.'omplaint on the subscriber, fct his ofhie. 
No. 2"7-X First ,Natlonal Bank Buildi.ig. 
in the- city of Duluth. in 'he said county 
of St. Lcjiiis. within twenty days after 
service of this summons uimn yoti. exelii- 
si-e of the 'la.v of siieli serviie and if .\ 011 
tiil to answer the said compaint within 
the- time aforesaid, the- jilairtiff In this 
ac tion will aiiply to the court for the re- 
lii f demanded in said comi)' tint, tog'-thc-r 
\;itli plalntitT's leisf.s and clLlmrsements 

Datid Fehruarv 24lh, 1SW. 

Atle»rnev for Plaintiff, 
No. 207-S First Nation li Bank Bulldtnu. 
ResUlfncp No !'23 East Sunerl ir street, 

I>u'tith, Minn 
Dtd'iib Evening Herald. Marth-3-liM7.24- 







ro REMT-MOua^, 

Twenly-tlrst avenue west. Inepiirt- ^'r* 
l-'iisl National Bank building. 

cellar anel city water, in rear of xii;» East 
I'lrst strert. Inepiirc 2H.S First Nation. .1 
i'ank building. 


iier I'Mftli street and .lohii av.'iiue. West 
Siipe-rior. Wis. Sixty rooms, elieaji rent, 
t'.ill al or address the hotel. 

II. Crosby & Co., lot; Ih-ovidence build- 
ing. Tel. 24. 

mciits; centrally located. R. P. Paine, 
room 4, 20 West Superior street. 

IMJCASA^Tl^'Tn^RjrisTrE D "l tcioMs'^AND 
table board it si>cciallN'. Aiijilv 21S West 
Third street. 

rent suitable for cini- or two ladies, or 
gentlemen; board if c]es|r.-d: c lu-ai); in 
I'rivate- family; cciUrally locati-d. A. L 




nM)ms. 25 West Sufierlor ^;trect. 

West Seceipd street. Two blocks from 

TO reht-flat^ 

central location; all modern c-onvenl- 
ences, Sllvey & Stephenson, Providence 

Every Evening 


of Shrewd People 


The Herald 
Want Ads 

A Well Worded 

Standing Card 

Will Attract Their 

Attention and Bring 

You Business. 


$3lio!rFOR'X' B I* S I NESS^' ROPE liTY^ N 
the cit.v. tiow paying $.50 a month rent, 
$11(10 cash, assume mortgage J'25(K), thus 
netting •_'7 per cent on the cash invest- 
ed. D. W. Scott. 10 Mesaba block. 


lijO acres of the .hoi. est l-'a lining Lands 
in the world FREE. Land located in a 
gooel climate and near a good iniirket; als.i 
chea|i ralc's of transport.iliou to liona liilc 
s( tilers. For full ]iaiiiculats aiu'ly to or 
aclilre>ss J. I(. M. Park'jr. Canadian Govt 
Agl.. 502 Piilladio BIdg.. Duluth, Minn. 


In Ga.v's Division. Onl.v three more lots 
will be ofTerc-d at [iresent low pric-s. Ael- 
vance in prie-es will then be made. I have 
some Koo.l fractions at $200. $3ejo. $loo ami 
ni). worth double that nione.v. I have a 
land warr.'int and a few good »> jier c-ent 
mortgages for sale. Will guarantiee tliom. 
M.v projierty is free and clear from Jill 
inci'mbranc-e. ofii..o. and residence, for 
short time, 2J>t.'l West Third slre.-t. Duluth. 
E. G. tL\Y. 


FOiT'saI d-r^'TT(XlNT;7)"^'^)r><T'T>?A .Si 
Ralph Ward. Thii ty-ninth avenue 
and Sixth stiec;. 

lull blood Dm ham cow. S Kan 1-. :;2:s St. 
Croix avenue. 


lure, cheap. 321 Second tivcnne cast. 


Wyi koff. Seanicns eSi Benedict, 323 West 
Superior street. 

and overcoat s.ile at B. J. Cook's. 4114 
M'est Superior strc t, A full lin.- 'if tiir- 
iiishifig ttooibs at very low price;!. 


State of Minnesota. Count.v of St. I^mis 

In Probate Court. Special Term March 
3rd. 1S!»S. 
in the matter of the estate of JIa.son 

Gallagher, deceased: 

Wlereas. certain writings purporting to 
be ejul.v authenticated c cipic:- of th- las, 
will and testam.-nr of .Mason cJalla- 
gher late of Brooklyn, state of New Yoik. 
deceased, and the probat.^ thereof, in tin- 
surrogate's e ourt of Kings County, in said 
state of New York, have been delivered to 
this ciiurt. 

Ami whereas, Lucy S, Gallagher has 
tiled therewith her petition representing 
.■tm.iiiK other thltigs that said Mason Gal- 
lashtr lalcl.v .Ib-il in said eounty of Kings, 
ti state, |>ossess.jd of c-ortain ic.,il csla:e. 
situateel in said c iiunl.v of St. Louis, anci 
that said petitioner is the executrix named 
in. and appointed by saiii will, and prayi:iK 
that the said instrument may be ad- 
ri'ltti'd to proliate and that I. 'tiers testa- 
m<\' be to h.i- issued theii.-on. 

It Is oidiMed .that thr- proofs .jf said In- 
strument ancl the said petition, be hcarii 
before this eourt. ;it the pr.ibate olfli-e 
in said eounty. on Saturcla,\-. the 2i>tli 
clay of Marc h. A. D. K'S. at tea' o'clock in 
the forenoon, whi-n all persons interest- 
ed ma.v a|ipear for or contest the jji-oliate 
en" saiil instrument. 

,\n.l it is further ordered, that notic-c of 
the time ami place of said healing be 
given to all jiersons interested, by |iuli- 
lisbing this oi-cler once iti each week for 
thr-^e successive weeks prior to saiil day 
of hearing, in The Duluth l-^v^ning Her- 
ald, a dally newspaper printed and iiub. 
lisheil at Duluth. In sal. I conntv. 

Dated at Duluth. the third dav of 
Match. A. D. 1R»s. 

By the Court. 

.ludge of Probate, 

Ltuluth Evening Herald. March-S-lo-17. 

All advertisements of "Situa- 
tlons Wanted" inserted free. We 
invite as many repetitions as are 
necessary to secure what you ad- 
vertise for. The Herald's 50,000 
daily readers will be sure to fill 
your wants. 



or to do eillic e work, A.ldress T 2. Herald, 

YocNG marrii:d man, strong 

and willint;, wants work of tiny kind. 
Address T, 1.. Herald. 

WANTi;i»- ptisnioN IN SOME OF- 
lice by y.>iiiig man. 17 .viars of .-ige. 
Iia\i' a fair cdu.-.itioii, a fair p. iimaii 
and pot afrtiid of work; have worked 
in several otliccs in cit.v. Can give ref- 
erences. Address 10. 1., Herald. 

place in .-i private family to work for 
board and t-Iothes. T 17. Herald. 

Scrubbing or ollie-es :ind slor.-s to c-b'aii. 
Mis, Jackson. It! First avenue east. 
'\\'oik guaranteed. 

do w-ishliig and irotiing, by the clay. b.v 
Gel man weiman. 5"JiJ East Superior 
stre-et. Ciistairs. 


1,'ages. George 1... Roberts, 5u7 Boai-d of 

Will pay par for 
County Poor 
and Special Road 

A. R.riacfarlane, 

12 Exchange BIdg. 

AND LOAN OFFICE, :;2t W. Sup. street. 

Cooley & Cmierhill. lOj Palladio. 


^ l\\LEJ?rixTrT.f>D<;E NO. 79. A. 
J|. F. & A. M.— Regular nvctifigs 
^JejV^ tirst and third Monday ev.?n- 
y^S^ ing.s of ever.v month at 7:;<0 
.' ^r > I), m. Next meeting March 7, 
IMcS. Work, First dcgrrc. W. A. McGoa- 
agle, W. M.; James A. Crawford, secre- 


R. O. 

JONIC LODGE NO. 18(5. A. F. & 

A. M Regular meetings second 

and fourth Moiid.iy evenings of 

each rronlh al 7:3.') p. m. Next 

meetint: Feb. 2s. ISOS. Work. 

'legrc(\ William t\ White, W. M.; 

Swerny. Sr., secretary. 

R. A. M.— Stated convocation 
;:e(-ond ;ind fourth Wednesday 
evenings of each month at 7:tiO 
p. m. Next meeting Match 9. 
IXJtS. Work. M. M. degree. Lvonel 
II. P.; George 10. L'lng, secietary. 

for Irill. 


No. 18. K. T.— State-d conclave 
first Tuesday of each mcinth. 
7;.3o i>. m. Next conclave 
Tuerdav. Mar.-h 1. IS^ix. Work. 

M. M. Ga.sser, E. C; Alfred Le 


A. O. v. W.— FIDELITY LODGE NO. 10.5. 
Meets every Thursday in Hunter lilock, 
third floor. West Suiicrior street John 
Ric-htei-, M. W.; W. J. Stephens, le- 

Ho,;or. A. O. U. W. Meets at Odd Fel- 
■■-•ws' hall. Lake avenue, every first and 
!hi.-'1 Tuesday at 2 )>. m.. .-ind c>very 
secon,^ and fourth Tuesday ;it X p. m. 
Luc.v Purdy, C of IL; Minnie Wilbur, 

A. O. U. W.--DULUTII LODGE No. 10. 
Meet:, evirv Tiiesila\- i-v.iiing al I. O. 
o. F. hall, L.-ike avenue north. M, II, 
Seeley. M. W.; J. W. Shephercl.«on. rc- 

"ELRS" meet every Thiirsd.iv nicbf at t:;o, KiriR 
blo:k. Jnlin L. FuUcr. Scc'y. tJen.C. tiiltrrt. E. R. 


Distrlct Court. Eleventh Judicial Dis- 
I:i the matter of the iissignmrnt of ,/ohn 

I'^loii.l. insolveiil; 

The applie.'ition of i-^. S, Kclley. asslgiiei, 
of till- above name^d insol\-i nt. c-ame on to 
be hcird before the- court oil this ;ii;ili i|a\- 
of Febriiar.v. IX's. and it aii|ieari:.g that 
the linal aicount of said assignee has 
b ■en liled atid :in oreb-r askeil in said ap- 
plieatiou to lia\i' a hearing cai his liiKil 
aeeiiiiiil, and for a fnrlliiM- otcler, ricpiii- 
iiig the crcilitors of said l.isolvcpl. who 
have liliel claims ami releases, to show 
eai's.. wh.v saiil .•issi'.;nei> slicaiM not be 
cliseliarueil .iiicl his boii.lsin -n relieved. 

It is Oleic red. ttiat .1 Iparing mi said ap- 
I'liiatioii be- had before iiiiv: ceuirt. al a 
special t(>rm ihc-ieof. to be- held on Satur- 
day, thi- 12th clay of .Man h, is;i^, and th.ii 
the- cridiiois of ^^l itriilvriii. who lia\e' 
fil'-d claims and releases liere-i,!. show 
cause al the- spec-ial :e rm of this ciniit 
to br Ih.IcI ici Saillleliv. th- ".''il ll iliv of 
.March, is'.is. wh\ said a<;\;;nei. slioiiM not 
be disehargcl an.I his l.icidsmi ii r'-lii-\c-.l 

r,et iioliee her'-of be ^ivn. b.v imblisli. 
iii^' Ibis orclir three limes f<irihw:lli i i 
The riubitli lOvi'ning lli-tald ati'l by tnail- 
ilig a cop.\- of the same- to all cri'ditm.- 
.ll salil iasoh-' lit. who ha\' lib. I fie :r 
claims an.I re|.^a.>;<s herein f.irthwith 

Dated Februarv -J'lth. A. D l.-l'S. 

S. H. MOER, 


nncl is due at tlie .late- of this not!.- ti\e 

bnn'lr .1 thiri>-tivc- 'iollars .mil sc^\c-nt,\- 
oiie- cents, on a mortgage elated <Jet. IT. 
IV.'I. executed by L. L. .Marble aii'l Marv 
E. Marble, to the- und<"rsig.ii-cl. Henry 
man. whieh m'>rtgaue was 0:1 th • -_t tli 
da.v of Oct. M<*}. at ;i:;>>'i |). m. rei-ord-d in 
Book 7ei of mortgages, p.ige .'".V2. of tlie 
register of deeds oflic-" of St. I.oilis Count >•, 
Minnesota, Default ha\ in--; b.e-n ma.le in 
the' pa.vmeni of said mortgage, now, 
notice is hereby given, that \<y 
\irtue of a i>ow."r ot sale c-e»nlaincl 
th»rein, said mortga,i;e will he forcclos'd 
and the premises co\-eri^d by said niort- 
g.ige. to. wit: Lot ele\ en ell), in block 
eighty-ni:ie (s:n, Wrst Duluth, Second Di- 
\-ision, .-lec oriling to the plat thereof of 
r- icird in th- register of cleecis ofliee in 
St. Louis Count.v, Mhinesota. in which 
count.v ancl state sai.l pcmis'-s are sitnat- 
c-d. will be sold at pii'ilic auc ioii fo-,- c-ash 
to the highest bi'lder, l>> the- sheriff of said 
county at th'> front >loor of the court 
house in the eitv of Duluth. at 10 a. m.. 
on f'^riday, .Vinil Cth, IVtS. to pay said 
moitg.ige debt. an.I int-resl lin-rc-oii. ami 
taxes, if an.v.'on sai.l premises and an 
aftorne.v's tee- of tweity-llve dollats, and 
the c-cist of fori-elosure allowed by law; 
sain sale to In' subj'ct to recLmptlon as 
bv law firovided 

D.;tecl March 3rd, 1.«.!>S. 


Atiorne.v for ^lortgasee. 
;;o4 Lonsdal" Building.' 
Dulnth Mi:n) 
Duluth Eveniiia Herald. March..';-liM7-;4- 





oiis hair, moles, etc.. i>c-rmape:itly de- 
stroyed by cK'clrle ity. wiihcjut iiijiiry. 
Also scleiililic face; rrcissagc- an.I .-oni- 
Iilexlon treatment. Miinit urintr. <;iio|' 
toilet preparations. 3"5 Ma.'oiiic temple, 


St. Paul & OuiuthXC 

♦Daily. tExcer' Sunday. 

St. Paul 


'•'• }o acn 
*i ;-. PTV 
'7 41; pm 

Dululh. _ 

I'} r»T am 

*> SS Pfn 
•11 15 pm 

0|-|."|c-|,: ::v;( West Superior stre t. corner 
Providence biiil.iing. Tickets so|.i to i-ll 
points. Tcleiihone 21.S. 


C.. St. I'., M. \ 1). i;v. 
Ofliee 4f!5 W. Sui>-rior St. Phone No. 20. 


t4 fo pm 
7 <» am 

ivc. I *Dulutli. tHxiepi Sund.i\. j Arrive 
rzo 00 am St.Paiil. Minne;ir')lis and west 
Sl.Paul..Miniu-ap'ilisanJ west 

" J I 00 pm 
* ', 10 pnu 

— -.. ip'ilKanJ west 

Chit.iC'i LimileJ . 

*io ft am 

Parlor cnrF on d.iy tmiiis: Wagner's 
Fine .-a Sle.).. r:- mi night trains. 

Duluth, Missabe & 
Northern Ry. Co. 

1 .OJ 



1 1 ::;5 



l>uluth Arl 3: 

. Prctc-tor Lvi 3 

roll Junetio:i .Lv 1 

Daily except 

Wolf Lvl 1 

. Vitginia ...:-Lv 1 

.. Ev'l. lh Lv let 

.. Spait.i Lv 1 

. I'.iwabiU L\-.f.' 

. Mt. Iron ....Lv If 
^. llib[ang_ Lv 12 

Suml.isT ".T. B.^ll A N 
<;eii'-|-al Passe:it:e r 

p m. 
p m. 


Uc tit. 

Duluth, Superior & Western Ry. 

WEST. *D.iily except Sunda-.. EAST 
1" M. A. M. 

•3:05 I Lv Diiliiili \r,' 11:1a 

! 2;' .\r Clocpp t .J.v| 

I 7ij;Ar Swan Riv.r Lvl 

I Ar Hibbing Lv' 

!M Ar.. Grand Rapids ....Lvi 
ileJliiAr.... Deer Ivivf Lv 

4 :.i5 



Duluth & Iron Range R. R. 

3:15 p.m. |Lv Duluth Ar 12;0<i m. 

7:15 p.m. 'Ar Vir;;ini.i Lv 7:35 a.m. 

7:40p,m.Ar Ev.letii Lv|7::;5a.m. 

7:.50 i>.ni.i.\r...^..,, lOly ^ Lv l:.if);i.m. 

L'aily except Sunday. 

Duluth, So uth Shore & Atlantic Ry. 

Traiiis for all points FOast, 
leave Dululh u.on n || 
i'ni'ui depot at OiOU rim« 

Dailv c-ve n^l'T .-:.\'l I 1<- 
Sault Ste. Marie. 

West bmiml train arrives S:50 a. m. EX- 

Ticket oillc-es: 42r. Spalding Hotel build- 
ing and I'nion depot. 



Is llie "nlv line offering 


For lowest rates, rrliitoj m.ittcr. etc.. applv to 

T. H. L\RKE. W. R. CALl.A\VAY, 

4Jti Spalding House BIW,. ij. P. A.. 

Duluth, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. 



City Ticket Office: 432 Wait Superior SfrMl. 
Leave Duluth. 

"1 10 pm 
'11 IS pm 


St. Paul 
. .^^.^ Rlinnaapollm 

'Except Si;.-iJ.i;. . 

Arrive Duluth. 

1**2 10 pm 
*7 no am 

WHEN tioixr. TO >i;w YOKK OR 
i>iiiL\i>i:M>iit » 


,'ljolid Trains, ^ SiiiMTh K<inipMient, 

Uiulns Cars a !a i'artc. tSeeucry 


Route <>l the 


HaiidscHiiest Train in the World. 
For .VdvrrfiMing "Matter :ind Other 
Inforiiiatiiui write tu 
J. ». s. iti.:Ki». >. M. I'. 1. 

'it** Mniidi (liirk St.. I'hle.isn. III. 

.%. A. iiit%ni>, u. i>. %.. iiiirrniei. \. y. 

'•M.*S. s. LKK, ••eii. i'n-^-rnsrr \k«'ii(. 

P>Iiiliiflel|iliin. I>n. 

FinesI Trains on Earth from 

St. Paul and 
to Chicago. 

a spie mi', ling of the ni'-nil» rs .-f the 
Nortiiweslei n Benevobn: Society, of Du- 
luth. Minn. sola, will b^ held at the ..IficiS 
of th*- society, in thc> LonFclab- IniiMiiiK, 
Duluth. Miiinesota. mt Saturday, Mati-h 
12th. I'-PS. a; two o'cloc k p. m.. for tli« 
p-irpo:',-- of taking sm h acltoti as may 
ll" dec mc>il advisable upon the following 
I..-oposed amen.lment t.i the articles of 
iiicorpor.i tioii. or dccl. elation, of Jaid 
no.'icf y. to-wif : 

l?e-.. .|\ect, that Article 1 of th" artiel.'s 
c.r iac-orp'iration. or dec-laratif»n, c»f ill* 
Northwestern Benevolent Society, be 
ainendc-d so as to read as follows; '-Ar- 
tie le I.— It is the intention of this orgMUl- 
zntion to tr;insiiet a casu.ilty insurance 
intsin.-ss 11)100 the co-operative o.- 
meut plan to the provisions of 
Chapter 1s1, of the- Gcaeral Laws of Min- 
nesota, for the y.^^r iss.5, by uniting per- 
sons of soipid bodilv health .eti.l good 
moral ehar.ic tcr, and prc.»vldin!T abl and 
indemnily for members ,i:id their famil'.o. 
foi loss of time of members, and for ■ X- 
peiises and incurred in the care aii4 
hurwil of ni'Mubers, as the result of phT* 
steal disability. • 

Seerpf ai-v. 
Duluth Fvrnin Ilpr.ild. Feb !S ;o Meh 11 








i I 




Only Evening Paper in Duluth 

lili: JiVl:NIN(i lUIRAI.l) 


r«i**ihuit« Cillii: 1. _ 


I ■ ! 

Slnult* copy, ilaily 
One nioiith 
I tint- uiuiilh-. 

vi V moiilh:-. 
lliu- \ car 


$ .0^ 




iii.umrii' tnr.- MHV '»•' injurious i<> itios** 
V hii art- fiiK.iK»'<l ill tl-* |'r.|.ar.itii»ii aixl 
ii».mu;:i«iur<-; l-iit it w.uilil liav*- to »•«• 
liijurl UM ii> til.' piil'Hc health." 

'I h'- i;.'..n>l -^.lys: "TIk* iimsoiiIhk 
whivli lia.l-; i.> itii- .on.liisioii that thf 

I it.- ha< II. I \\'Aht «.» lnt«'rfero fur th<' 
I i.ii. (ti.Hi <>r life an<l Inalih I'f work' 
iMKiucii who m.iy Ik- piat tii ally fi»ri»il 
n aivfnt ^yn\\ terms of ••m|>li>ym«'nt ar« 

■ '.■ .(1. r..l 111. •Ill st'HMis l.nual. Ii i" 
J..I iiif \ ill' ''i r' ''!■• tii^'li'-l '■"Urt ill III.' 
laiKl Viol I'l'i- .li'ii><iiiu 

!>,. .n,< til. -larliitK •■■ ''" |.ii'tul\iiii in 

t>,.- othf! ;!-.-ti"!l " 

A \\ .1 I 

S[iaLii N\ 
. i.ul.l ll>' 

i: \ s u i:i IT Ni- \ IN. 

•1 ill- I ■ ii: '. . .1 Si .1 1 .-■ an. I 

.'I S)|.'^ ( lllll'illi.'ll. Il 

, , 1 ,-ii • '..•.jiu^'' Spain i^ '■»' 




1 sos: 

("hrniiicUv "tiiiil pnilt.iltly it is. tin- op.-n 
iiii; i>f tlu" tliaiiiau.' canal iii'Xt y> ar m 
a yiar lau-r will lin.l lli»* laKf ai a 
suiK** "f vvaii-r. Nk peri-f>pii'''"' ''ffci 
will ■>■ pio.liK'i-.t l>y ili«' wiilhlrawal >>( 
llif lloD'l iii<mI<-iI III f<><><) till- .-^aiiitarN 
riirn-nt. I( will l>»* y«'urs lu«furf tin- 
l»'.u«< 111' 1 1)'' pi't'pli' ill th«' laUi- cilifs an- 
.xtii- il a};ain l>y iln- «tiii<liii«m «>! Inw 

VVI-»:kI.V Hl:RALI). 

$1 iKi >car. 50 cents lor six months. 
15c lor three months. 






IHI WtAintR. 



I I 11! I . 


m , , . I. 

— I 


n.i l,..l.iv, ■^■. 
, iiiimiii.i /• ■■ 

■ ■'■! \ 1 'Llil > ■ 

■ ■ a n v I • ■ 
\fKS 1 


{■'.\i: '••■ 
: pi.i . 

\l IriU'-. 

.' 1. !■ . I 

I< I! t IMtl i: I AU \ .\l.ll». 

■ r I -a.vs til'- ■!•• \<\'>n 

1 .<'-< .--ii;.!'! '-:■' 'i.arl 

• . ■ I ■ . ii v,-i,.iin- ia 1. i-^ 

i:;.' iiiilii-ti"ial 

■ lutrs'. It 

: , . • , : ' ' ■ r 1 1 . > - 1 II f 

■ 'W< 11 ; . I.! .l-;i:'S 

, ;; •<..[■ ■ .itl-l I'.U- 

- - 'V.ii. 

. - :. .- ly 

, .'U iht' gioutid 
thi- pf.»\'ision 

-UiU'..!!'- ihat 


' ■ '11 

.-.. .-trii t i.a 

, ' ' -■ i 1 1 




• ,1 ..[■ 111'.', lil»- 
...; .in-' !H'<- >•<> <lf 

I ..-. -Il > iIlK- '.1' lilt* 

i,.l.iin?; lliai the K-jjis- 
, :,, . ... ...... \vith a juT- 

if t!i.' ilispo.-j- 
■ r !viii;-; iii.-;i tiad 

• I'r .III . "rtain 
...II i.r th.. Ifd- 

;ii ih.' I'Mh ca^o 

■ ,.■; . !■; ill !h.- .'fli. ■.!■■.%■ of 

I :.,,. i :i - : .,( i iii[>r.>vinB 


1 . .- ., i"..i .iliziii'-;- effect 

..1' loU.'l . 'Ut'f.'. 
-; ;: - i;.; . i.i.. ■ ..illl .lislini'tlv 

is-iiii; up.'ii ih'' '..ili.liiy •►l" 8- 
iii Kcn'ial. l.iit it susiairi''d 

I.,-,.. ;,^ ,. [.IH]..:- ..XT i-e of 

pi.ufT. That a. t htnii-.l ih.? 
\\..rl<m''ii I'lni'l .y.-l in mines 

1.. . ; .1 'IjV. Its 

I ;i.i! jal' -r uiitltr sii. h 

,. ;mh'Mlthfii! that \\«.rk- 

,. ! -M.ju).! not b** 

;!i^-r il'.Vll-. 

■ mill li- .-iii'i'-»"' 

.n I.- -Ill- iii'tly 

;., vins; fxc. Tilt which 

•fi.ini the opininn In 

ih.' p." pi'-: 

■ ill.. .-t.i!i' can 

,ii: i.r aliiiilse 

, • ,■ ■ .: - ,i 111.- ii--;ht 

•II i\ X'-ri'i.»<- of 

;.. prrimoti- tln! 

;'.-|y -if 

;. ill. lie; and il i.-^ .pifslion- 
.ur lif I'X ■iii-f.l t I pri'- 

I h • ..i^: K'''I 

I I rniii II. i.i!l \ 1" .aii.\' oil a v..ii ol 

l.ii.r... pi'M'oi ii'.n-^. 'I'll. i(p-ai»<i ii- 
vui I .-. I :ii i'ul.a ami aKo in tli" 
iM:ilip!.i!i : Im v .• '" ' u \ .-i .\ ■ .'--l l\ .mil 
Il i.lii\ ili.iiii-.l ill.' ti.asmy. 'I'li." 

11 , , ,.u ill t 'niia ail' saiil l.. I..- al- 

lUi-^t I I .l<l.\' ;.. I .A oil "11 :o inillil "!' 

il, wa> tli.y liav' l««'> a tn-ali-.i 'I'h.y 
.1! p.M.iiv ff.l, po..rlv I hul ami h.i\- 

III. I I.I ■ n p.iiil 1 II li;.;iiy iii..lil!i> Nil- 

n'.>ai;y iln' ai:n\ is lill..! wiih diss ■:!- 
-.,.11. ami i: \<...i!!i! imi tiik.' v.'jy niin-li 
|.t , \ ... .1' inii 1.1 i;i\!-.i ail 'USUI 1 , i-lioii 
iiiLili;^ tilt Sp.ituili si-l'liii.N m full. I. 
\iin.'im>>'iii<-ni was nun!- tin- oih r ilay 
!.\ ih r.iiiik ol' Spain til roiipons 
,,r 111 1. nils trpli >■• til iir; tli-' pillilic 
,1, I,; , ,111 .1 nii'tiih li''tii '■, w ill only I..- 
n.ii.l ••'.-, iih • ." 'I'lii- iii.'ans that 

I 111- Spainsli -.^ mil. Ill i- unal.l-' lo 
assure its linancial ai;.tii Hiat il" tli.' 
I. .ink 111' ill' -1. ^I "II ih.' ii.mils th.- 
tiioii y w ill I.I- 1. "Ut I.r th, n.i- 
iiot;;il tnasiiiy. It is .m a.l- 
ini-.-.on .>!' Sp. tin's l..iiikiupt<y. 

Willi an .ili..nly liiir.).-ns..iii ■ .l-iil 
'.\ hi-n 111 l.i~i I'niiaii v. ■■'■ i" '!-■ "Hi. 
.--■|,,iiii >ias i.!,i.|' '."an ;ill.-l I. ..ill sill.-.'. 
;t: •: H h.i.- .it. "Ill 1. ,11 li.-.l 111.- limit ot 
iMljiy 1." li"ti.iw. ,it '..MSI al'i'oail. 
rii- ,:■ .\<i tii!i.-nl may --Mil ..i>taiii S'.iii" 
ui..n >■ al lioiiit-. lull il is Vi'ty ilouht- 
fiil \\ h, rh. r it t'oiil.l >■■ . Ill " ;in\' i i 
I'nr.ip.'. !..u lii »iUi l> in ih .•V'lil of iis 
.|.-t.iii!!iiiK oti iiu.Tist upon i-xisiiii:4 
.,,:iiis, it is li.ii.lly !."Ssil.U- tliat Spain 
r.inlil .lispo . ..f any nion- l.omls m 
l.'i.iiic -. x\ 11. !•■ iMO'-l ol h.-r l'..r.-i.:;ii i:i- 
.1 ..'i ,|!ii -.^ is li li! anil I li. r.- Is i."i 
il,,. 1 .,M lil^.-lih.'"tl tiiat sill- loiil.l n -.1- 
(i;(i,. ,1 ill. Ill ill l-"a'.'!anil of io-iiTiany 
wh.ii--^.! lai.- sh.- iiiii'lii l.f willinv; to 
|i;iv "I iiroiiiisf to pa.\' 'rh.- war iti-l.f 

.,, ,,,, iiiliMi; lip. t'vi"W' '"*" a iii'UHIi 

' Il ii ',-..11 . \ p lis- s ii\ 
I 111.. I lo ;a.\ ii..ltiui-.; ol what is nf. il -il 
P.i ;iiirars line tli.- aimy. navy an. I 
,,iii: 1 s in III'- pill' " •'■ ~-'''' '•' 

aiiioiiiil I" $'<it.iHiii.iMiii. Not lar lioin 
hall ilio annual ji-v.'nn- "i" Spain Roes 
I., p.,\ iM. Ill of ini -I. -r "11 till- pulilic 
,1,1.1 ami ii..\\ ii S'--ms prolMM.- that 
ihi^ w lit n.ii II- piinc tually paiil. 

•■Ir ^;,■•■l:;■~ i nroiu --i vaM"." S.i\'S ill-- 

( Mnal.a I'- ■ ' ih 'i ;i n.iiiou in sui-li 
linaiicia! <ti;iiis i.m .s.-ii"iisly think of 
;;,,iio; II. will' a pow r lik-- ili- 
r,iii.-.! .Siai'S. wlii-s,- liiiaiirial r. - 
,,u!. ■ ' .mil I ri-i!ii .11' I'l •!' .i' .ill.^' un- 
liiiiii .1. 'ill • disparity li.-iwi-t-n ih.- 
iwo i,.uiittii-s in this r.-iifw^ii is almost 
imm. isinal.l.-. ^" iliai if ih.y w.-i.- .m 
.-•iiial iriu- in all oth.-r r.-spccls, tii.* 
I'nii-il S, .!..■: u..ui.l li.i\.' Ill'- ailvan- 
la'.:.-. r.iil u .i:-' al.-.. t.i 
Spain in liKliiiiiK <apaiity. Ii wmilil 
St- ni. :iii-i. fort', (hat .-v.-ry i.iiioiial con- 
si.l.r.riion would piotnpt S|>anish 
stai -n .ii t.. ii.ak.- all .just coiicrssions 
lo ih l ir.-d Staii-s^-nnd this <-(uniiy 
will ask noil.- iliai il ilo'S not d-t-m 
iusi ill oid.-r to .i\"i'! wai. ilu- iii- 
.■\ilal'..- oiilriiim- of wonld In- 
111.- loss lo SiMiii ol h.-i W.St India 
puss.-ssioiis ami [..-iliat.s lii- iii.-tri-v- 
al'lf ruin of that loiiiitiy I'ossiUly 
S|,.uii-li !■! i'l" w.Hlld i,i.!i 1 havi- this 
hapi.i n il' 111 yi' Id toAiii. i n ai. di-mamh . 
I„ vi -u I f til.- haiskruiil (onditinn of 
Spain what t.-asonuPh- hope tan tliat 
...-aiiuy h.i\.- "'f Htiropenii as.sislane.- 
j„ III i-v.nt of war with thr Tniti'd 
Suii.s.' Wh.ii nitioii ol' lliiropi- 
would niak .my sai rilir, m li'lp that .mil 'i - :iinii.^ nali..ii in a i .m- 
lii, I Willi Ihi.- r.j.llhlit? \V,- do not 
think 111!.- is on... for .-veil Fran<-.'. of th'- foi-i; n li M of Spain 

Ik* Rttyal ia the hi^bus. v''«<l* baliiao p*^4mr 

km«vm. AitMal taslaaWow it a**««»M«- 

lktr«l tartbcr tbau «ur wtbar braaA, 

s I-; N A l» t K N K. I .S«» N 'K A 'I'T 11 T I » K. 

Ill aiioisl.inri' Willi a r,' 
1.1. ily inadi- l<y Tho llriald, iln- iliam 
In r of ritmm<-r<-<' yesliTdoy took ai-iioii 
in n-«.ir,l to haiiki iipt -y IfjiislaiLni and 
lii.-;triiit<d itif >^«-i-H'tary to writf to 
.Si-ii.itor Nt-lsori st.iiiiiu lli.ii thi- pi-, •ph- 
ot MiiiiK-soi.L w.tni a f«-il<-ral iiatik- 
lupli-y law. and sii^sesliii}; liiat if tin" 
Ml iiaior 1 .11111 n sfi un- tin- passage of lii?* 
,iwn hill, he should support the int'asiire 
P.i."-s»mI liy tin- liiiiisf or si-iuro Ihi- adop- 
tion of a eoinpntmiso hill. 

'I liorc is nasun to li«-liove ili.ii Si'n.iioi 
Ni'Isoii is Tiow dispost-d to ad ipl this 
i-iiursi'. Whi-n llio houso roji-itcd his 
hill .llld iiasscd (lie lli-lldcisou hill. 
pio\idin.i; fitr hotli vohint.iry an. I iii- 
voluniary hankruptey, it was said that 
till' Sf-nator was imlined to stand out 
stuhhornly for his own hill. This w >ulil 
li.uo ii'sulti'd in no liaukiiipti-y lojjis- 
l.iiioii .It till- ipri'scnt sfssioii of i-oiiKross. 
I'lol.atil.v till' si-n.ttor lias lu'.ird and n-ad 
soiiii' t-xprcs-i.n- of pi'.hlir opinion and 
rt-ali^ii'il ih.u smh .in aliiiu.h- on his 
p. lit woiihl he \ fry iiiipolitii-, lu-.-atiso it 
is n iw reporleil fioni Washtngtou that 
111 is in. lint'd to mako sonif riuu-essions 
in oivh'i- to rrai li an asri't'ment. 

Th. . \.mi|.l.- .-.-! l.\' Ilu- c-hanih»-r of 
lonniifii-*' yt'j^ should, howfVi-r, 
I (• followed hy cVfry other loiniiieri ial 
l.ody in the state. The stronger tlie 4-x- 
picssim of i<uhlii' seutinieul on tijis 
iiii'-^tiou the nil. re dis|iosed Senator Ni-1- 
M.ii will 111- 1,1 make eiinr<».-sions and thus 
M.iiic ilie passa;-..' <>t' a ti.inki iipli-.\ l.iw 
al ..11 .-arh" dati-. 


Absolutely Pure 


■Ito.^v' I'roker has deelaii-d in favor 
of Ilu- nioviin. nt for hi.-nnial, inst ad 
.il tuniial. . si-ns of ilu- New Yoiu 
li-Kislature. His leasnn is thus st;iied: 
••liiiiividually siirakiuj?. my oh..i,'rv.uioM 
of the work of thf h".;islal'.tr.' aii.l ii-^ 
fruits proiuptJ> nic tit say that '.In 
ii'w.r st-ssiojis of thai hmly tIe-re ar ■ 
the Iti-tter oft are the p. ojile of New 
York rlty. Kveryhody siems to rejoiee 
when the leKislatuit- adjourns. !i-- 
I aiisi' thte is always somethine, heiiit; 
d.ine thi-rf that is dt'triint-nlal to th- 
iriti-it'St.<t id III-' jieojik* of this* sr: r. 
inuniiipality. ' 

As is ^v^•ll known In .\tiiui".^ota. .•< iia- 
tor r»avis i.s a gt-eat admirer of Naiiole.m. 
In .in intfrview iht other day he sah": 
"k is more than thirty y.-ars sini-e 1 he- 
f;an to make a colleotiou of w.trks r.-lat- 
ins to Nap. l. on I'.unaiKiPte. DuiinR.this 
perioil I have aceumiilated ah.iui M"t 
\..lam, s. Slime of tlu-in rari and piiie 
I ~ .\|y i-.illi-i ti n inausutai'-d h.-- 
I ii^- [he Napnltouic fad set ill. and w.i.- 
starlftl hifaii.s.' of the r.-t;ar.l I hav.- fm 
Hht j^itate.-t man i-'i.i.i,. ,\.-i 
know II." 

■I'ationize honif iiulnstries" is .1 .!^.i.i 1 
rry. and »he cliamher .>f i-oinmetcL t-an- 
not wi-.iV it t.i,» frequt nlly. No doul.: 
many p€-npU- fail to patronize hir.'.e in 
tliLMtriis hi-cause iluy lio u-l know whi< )i 
ai'i" the home maiU- .'iitiih-**, and la-- 
.nanufaetun rs m-v ■«• adv^i tisc tin ir pm- 
,hirts in nrdi-r to enlijihien tin- p-.i 


Iiiiroii l'"r.-.- I'l.-ss: 'Wliai is liiv.-siinent. 
!JI aliilpa .' ■ 

"Wi-I it is Kiviiii? " ""'" •' *'• "hnier. 

and lliiMi s.-lllliK tiiiti :i $11"N> I'lll of' 

ChhaKo Trlhitrip:'-"rh. has-is dninur.-rs 
iih-a of !nnsle Is to mak' all th.- iiols.- In- 
i-al> ■■ 

••Will, the 1111.11- III- makes, du- 
ll ss 111. i.-sl .if ilie h:inil is tuaril." 

< 'oiiiiiliiis. (Hii'i. .loin iial : "I'arki-r al- 
ways . xatiii'iati-s .\.rytliiii>f so." 

••Yi-s; III- ran I evea start an a< (-oiiiit at 
the hank witlimi: ii\ t-ldrawinK it." 

chiiaKo ISeiiii.i: ••||ave you any stylish 
ii 'jdihiirs'.' ■ 

••Stylish? Mrs. Toozle. next door, is jiis! 
f:ettiiif; ov.-r a JImmi alti'.tk of iy|iliolil tt- 

\ er." 

»'l v.-laail l.i-.nlr: I lelen— Dont ymi 
Ihiiik iiiv new III. nil. 1 W a |.t-rleil ilnain.' 

.Mattii— lis iiinn than a ilreani. ilear: 
It's a t;eaiiiiii' II ix hi mare. Ki .• I'n-ss: II-— Wliat makes 
.Mill appear so tlista i;? 1 tlioiiKhl V"'* ^-'i'' 

Mill Wi-I-e .ill !ii|ii.-\' 

Sh. I liiiil II im.tossihle to isieun a 
man that lani Imlil his own. 

flii.iiKo Xi-w.-: •'Wortls of <-herr are 
liri^hl j<-w.Is ali.n^; s pathway.' 

••Tliai's all lilii. Kill .iiisi wai: until 
\-.iii inn iip.iii a -ill >\!i.i is t-xp-rllliK' a 
tll.iMintuI riii.u." 

i:ii-^toii Ti.i: ii|i: I'lii-k— fall him a 
iiiiisjriaii: Wii.v. lie iloesnt know iht- 
ililfi-!t-iii-«- lii'lwiiii a iio.iiirae and .i tyni- 

I'laik-Yoii il.iii't mean U! 

.\iiil ;lif.\ hill IV to ;;t-t aw.iy from one 
• aiiolhi-r. i-:iii-ti is prrihly a fi aid. lliut lli'- 
oili-i will ask; •■Uy tin- way, wliai is lln 

Iii-troii .loiMiial: •/.ol.i. ' try his . neini. s. 
"voii all- ri-aj in. .-ml" 
'X.ila lar.:-:hi il n;iriii:iii. lailielte). 

•'tnii. iij,:;.^i.-iii - " he answ'-is. "I alw.Tyv 
try III ht- r. .tl K.-fn- 1 am aiiylhin;; «-ls, . 
iltin'l vt.n kiiiiw. " 

With. till 111.- moll smokiii!: rlKar- 
i-tu-s aiiil iii.lnU'.itij; in oilier aits of \io- 
jeiii.-: \.liil. i!|.ii.i all liaiuls were heinr. 
hPiin the ••,\lai.-..-i|lais,- " and '"I'ttf Alan 
Thai tli llaiik a: Mnto Carlo." 

A N A .\ I A S » i r T DON 1-:. 

Two ghastly shipts i-am • sl-alliiR from 

A tit-ep and aiii-ieni KiaM-: 
Thev ht-artl ill.- m vet sileiii liiiin 

Tli. II maik.- Ill human wave. 

Tlie\' lie.'ir.l 111.' iii-wslio.vs' siriil.-ni ^h.iir, 

Aaii I'll.- iliil sii.]! ami hiiy; 
.\iiil iliritiij;li 111.- sluet thus liawk.-il ahoiit 

IP- .SI all. 11 it with i-am-i- t-yt-. 

And jis he reail ill,- h-adlini-s o'er 
His fare Ki'^w p akeil .iliil pale. 

Aii'l ^^'llen lieil H-ad a little mole 
He f.;r:ispi-il :li.- iieari St rail. 

•■Saii|ihlr.i. diar. h- faintly erieil. 

•'This war m-v..-. lioUl and lirash, 
I 'iiliviiii t-s me u- iievi-r lieu — 

iiiir 1. lonrs r.i If tit smash!"" 

il.-v. land i'lain Dt-aler. 


Iielaiio l-aiuli-: If tine ri-asoiis from r.-- 
<.■.-. i.iphii al lims all .iiKimeni is in I.imh 
ol ihi iiiiiiilii.illi.n of (.'apt. Van S.ilil for 
i:,iv.rii.-r. <"liinj;li. N.-Immi. Meiiijini a iil 
,\ti-»iill. loVi riai; a periiMl of IWelvi-^. 
have lolll.- fr.iiii the Twia <"it(>.s allil Ih. 
N.iilli. The SI. mil. Ill |iar; of the : I:it, 
has hail no eandidale sim-e llllhlianr- 
tiiiM' lint n. o,.;i-aphii-al ii-:isoiis slioiil.l 
hav.- M'l.s liii;.- to ilii ill the iioiiiniaiioii 
of a «ovi-rmir. 

.M,.iiW Sun. Ilowi-v.-r minli i soiii 
Viap.- v.irlei.\- of disappointment nia> 
|ia\.- -.o ilo Willi Vai Salifs opposil 1..11 
fi.ilii i-i-nain iiiiallers, lliere Is u siis|)ii inn 
Dim lilt- i-xiiaoiilliiar\ t.nlles piii.-.iieil 
iiiMi-al,- llial a liii.' hliiff is hiliiK p.'siiloii. When i; eoints to saying-., as 
IS piaelieally il.iin- l<\ those lio.-lili- lo Van 
Sa.i:. lli:il Ik- has m. 1 ij^lit to ai-n-pi 01 
III- ' ailminis'iatioii to iiviijer .1 
■-iipporl. il is lakillR a ehet-ky posilloii 1.. 
-:ay he past. Inn then Sail is an iss.-iiiial 
••letriellt of Sliei-es...;flll hllllV. 

I ). iai.o l-:ank-: There m .ins t.i h,- a 141-11- opinio. 1 lhriiil;:;hoiit llie sl.ite amoar. 
llie. of .liiiln"- t'ollins thai ilu- 
jiiittji- I iilii I wiihiliaw from the eoiit<--i 
01 li i-oiin- moll ihaii .1 passix'e J-anilidal.-. 
His d etaralii.ii soiii.- da.vs hko to tin 
pi»-.-s has tin- line linn of patriotism. 
The ..llii e shi.iilil alwa\s s.-i-k tin- man. 
Iiiil di.ii is not ihe way il'.s tlom- in .\liii- 
nesolu. Hire, if a m.-i.-i ilf-;--ii<-s a.i ollii- 
III iiUHl i.ik - off his iiial. lay ivei ylhiii).-. 
else asiili- and n-i lo woik aiiil win 11. If 
.Imh't- ("olliiis hopes to 111- smet-ssi Id in hi-, 
ante. eoii\ eiii ion < amp.tiKii h • iiiiist orK.ui- 
i'/i his fori IS ihoioiiKhly and sy;i-matii al- 
l>. otiii-i th- .loliiinalioi) of I'apl. Van 
."^anl will follow as a ni.iit-r of t-miisi-. 

Cliiiv.ooil lliial.l; Seiitimi-ni on ih<- M'i- 
lii-l nati.lial is l.i-;;iimili^ In rl vs. 
tali/a . anil if Ih- altiliide ..f the editors 
al Idinm-.'i polls tan he triraeil W. 11. 
l-:iistis is Kaiaiaj; t^naiml. If lie ran eairy 
IPnmpin wlii.-h many app.-ar lo lielievt-. 
hi- will also have siioii}', siip|Hiit amom- 
oiitsiiU' dele^alioiis who a.lmiied his tirm, 
I oiira.m-iiiis am! ind, pi-iuli lit admlnisira- 
lioii as mayor of .Miii.u-apolis a:lil wtiiilil 
like lo f^ivi- him a 1 lo inaiiKm.ii.- 
a "polirs" as Koviriior. 

(litoiivill.- Iliialil Star: Having ort-raii- 
ifceil a few politii il eliihs ill Minneapolis. 
Willijiii Ht-iiry l" Is now f.;t»lnK 10 
Mexii o fill- a rest a:ii1 rei-ieatlo;!. At this 
viKoioiis rate of lampaiKiiiiif; ill-- smooth 
Mr. I'^iistis will not really net into ih.- 
raie until ahoii: 1!ki:! when t'api. \'an Sam 
will hi- l>iili^;in!H his sint-essfiil 4-.\e,iis' 
irm as j;overiior s.i a i lose. Hurralt for 

l':iistls In ]!Mi.'!- if he is rested. 

Km k I'oimty Heiahl: .\'o one eai doiihi 
thai it <"liiiiKh shmilil I"- th- Kepnhlira 1 
i:.lidiilale anailist l.lild 111 the iiex". eain- 
paij.^11 l.iiiil Woiilil I.e ehi'li-d hy an ov-i- 
wlu-liiiiiiK m.ijoriiy. What risht, tli.-ii. 

Iiavi- we III e.Xpeit that a nomlllt-e clliLsea 

hv (iov.tnor (*!oiij;h. lan hope to he siie- 
ei spfiil in smli a eoiii sf.' Tin- possiluli- 
ihs of K. pnlillian di-feal in lie- m-xi • .iin.- 
pai?;ii. unless the hest sentiment of ilie 
! ai l.v is expresseil in tlir- i-hoii-e of ii.s 
iieiniii-e for governor, are no; so remote 
th:il w.- eaii uffoi.l to ilisrifraiil tln-m. 
owai.mia .l.iiir.ial; There is eviilenrr 

.lloUJ^h of 111- ihorollKll iltKllolleS't.V of till- 

how! wliiih has h.eii raised ahoiii Van 
Saul .Uid ill." ma. -him- in the people wh 1 
lia\t- laiseil il. .N'o one looks fill ilisinii r- 
esieilm ss ill tin- t^i, I'aiil Hisnatrli oi 
wi.nltl easily mak.- tin- misliike of siip- 
|..i:-in-.; that its piihlislier Was alarm -il li-st 
a St. I'alll ealiil shnllld to:ittol the exi-e- 
i;li\.- is .x.iellv what he and his 
kiml \ian!. for it is only i mai-hiiir- ami u 
.oTiiilii m:iehii!e. that will yilnd mil aiiv- 
ihinn lor iheiii. 

Laki- l'..'.iion News: Van Sar.t spems to 
luiVr- . ollslileiahle null, hill .Illd(i..- Collias 
:inil W H. I'hisils Have heir lines ..ill 
rv the' way, William Hi-my woiildn't 
mak.' the wiusi hy any means, 
lie h:is many friends ;ill ovt-i the siale. 
anil iiiaii.\' |{epiiiilii-.uis ilowii this w:iy 
tii'.i .1 v\,iirii spot for him. If the See- 
II. "d lilsliiii ha.-» 11.1 e.iiiiliilate it iiiir.ld 
fare Worse than to siippoit l-histi.-. 


I Don't Put It Away ♦ 
I on the Shelf. | 

jT You are right in using" Wool Soap for wooleu^5. All ^T 

J careful people must do that, liut you are wrong in puitmg" J 
^ Wool Soap away until ttie next washing day. \ou lobc J 

niue-tcnths of its value. X 

It is impure ingredients that make other soaps shrink ^ 
woolens. But these do more than shrink wool. Used on J 
line goods oi any kind, they eat the fabric. Used on the J 

skin, they roughen it and redden it. J 
Used on the face, they spoil the com- J 
plexion. ^^ 

Other makers of soap havefi^t our ^ 
secret. All soaps except Wool Soap ^ 
have some injurious ingredient — ^ 
enough to shrink wool; enough to ^ 
harm the skin. ^ 

Whenever soap touches the skin, or ^ 
fine fabrics, or wool — there's where ^ 



you need 

"Wool Soap is an excellent article, and every womaa will be beaetHed by ^^ 
Mic* It"— HtLUN M. BAKKBB. Treas. Nat'l W. C. T. 0. ^ 

have lie(-n adopted h.v the fiiy coun- 
eil. I'^ight iieRioes and lliree w iiitt? men 
wen- iau.s<ht and all whipped, two .st-- 
veielv, ami foiee-l to leave town. 


His Iale«^t Plan to Deceive 
the People on Currency 


STATEMENT Ml-" Till-: iMNHl'li »->. 

of til.- 


Lniliitli, Miiine.--:ota. .1: the of Im 
I-'ridav eveiiiii;;. l-eiuiiaiy ixli. ! 


T.,oanK and 

• tv.'idr.lfts. seeu|-.-il 

I iv eularfls. UllS.-..llle.l esiale !'' 

I *,.lr.i*»,. |J loads and sto.-i;s 

LeyiSlullOn* l rax ami assesstnem (-i-riiti< .1 1. J 

I'll! loins on .uraie 

Wa^hiUKlon, Maicli :l.— iSp''ei:ii 1,, j 1 .^llai.ial $1.114,.'' 

I Itesi |-\e- - 

, Hue from hanks L'i:i,;cr. im 

]^«,."kSl 11 ! 

1 '■ 

AVHsliiits:t<>ii mid I.Iiii'oIm. 

.SI. I.imis (; Heiiioir.ii: On.- hi.'K- 
lapht-r rails Wash ill;-'. I Oil "a modern ni.iii." 
woi;ld til i'liv !;oliti n an.-, pas. or to eom.-. 
hTe fa.t is. that W.ishi.iKlon and l.imoln 

Whin Speaker IK-.d h. aid ..t ih.' oP.l- 
i-l.ll statemeii; liV the Seiltlaiy of '.h. 
navy that ".he .iilministraEion d ks ii-it 
liol.l Lilt- Spanish ^oveinm- ni ii.sponsihle the Maine disaster, he ixpr.ssed his 
.ojiinion shakily and unreservedly 
"Lon'^" he s-aid. "is an aps." 

One of tile lu.'st retiKukalih Kifts ihal 
ninament the home of the liev. Ih-. Tal- 
ma.^;.- sine, his return frvmi liis lecni 
widdin;; tiip i-s a llu.ssian tea sr-rvii-.- of 
KoU) and i-namel. a jit-rsoual Mk.'ii fi.nn 
the ezar of Itu.'^sia. 

Midi)v\> anil Ititelit'loi-x, 

Louisvill.- ri.iiiier-Joiirnal: Anoltu-t 
"n. w viuatlo.i"' fill wiiin.-n has hi.eii st.ui- 
. it hv a Ni w Y.iik wiil.iw, who luoin.s s 
lo inMki a hiisiiiess 1.1 iiiinishiiijr haih loi 
-iparinienis. Mir is iiiy hiisim-ss to h.- 
'111 oiirani'd wlih-h will make things 1 asl-i- 
fi.r liai-lielois ' I: lot lln- only fnrniliii. 
with whiih a wi !..w should fnrnisli a 
liaehi=-lors apartm. MIS a wiilow? 


.1 ,11) ■ I'. ..|.ln;.>n ill the 

1 .•■ t I II- '. iliil^t -■ 1.; til" 

r o' whi.-h ■.■ to 

. ill la Pin.':- 

I ,1 ,•, Iri lie- 

I siatult- He- Illimiis 

, 1 fiiT-i>i.-r th.iii w:i=! 

a ]]■. |,r.-, 1-1 |. jint 

;.ositiou lie- !«■- 

. t,,IM!iate.l hv th.' 

jt . it. (I from li,.' N'.-w 

, : itiar. t" -m 

,:i.,.i. ;:. ..'. :-; ■■ fi-^"-^ i" 

1 , , .-nt lini -es. ill w hi.-ii ."■ Ill s Ihi- 

■ ■[• , J,: a !!> I'lis ill W it Wolll'l not lie 

• uiii. .1 lit the U" of l"i>:i ■ o may 
lie in,; .■ . ■ . :.. ";m- :•■ I- 'It . ■" It'-'' ''-' 

M . I L 


W ll.l 

i., h.-ld. would 1.1 IP I los" the Whol,- 

,,f il than Spain in a war against 

th. fiut.-il'-s." ^ ^ 

I.AKI-:' i:isiN<i. 

Til.- Ill- ia the w.iteis of the great 
lakes diiiini; s.'V.-ral months past forms 
the suhjeit ..f an aiti. h- in the Chicago 
I' It l..-li.-ves tliat the rise is 
a....imted t.i! l.y He- In-avy snowfalls 
Uiioui,'hout the in the last 
i\,., pievious winters all.l tlie copious 
lainf.ill .lurirK last y-ai and a part of 
l.Mifi. I'rt-vioiis to IN!'.", there had he- n 
■ Iroiitlis ...\e!in.<; the sea.sims of ei.i?ht 
,„ len .\fars. All the streams were low 
III dii d Up diiri-.iK a large portion "f 
eaeh yeai. Kvaporathm a Kieat- 
.., i.,.ss of water in tlry and hot seasons in seasons of moisture and fre- 
Mueiii preiipitaiion. When the etmdi- 
tions of th- atmosphere wfie reversed 
Hie gradual rise of the waters lieRan. 
Tin- ,-Mi|.i.ialion of 1 In- hikes is - sti- 
inaled to amount to a foot iiiid a half 
i:i ordinary .sejisons. The direel rain- 
fall "11 lie- smf.i'.- of 111'' lakes is frtmi 
I.Tty to lifty in. h.s. This indieates 
Ihal from tw.i lo uvo ami a half feet 
,,t vvai.-i ar.' earrietl away through th" 
oiiiiils of the lakes. There was an oM 
th-oiy to the eflei t that the water in 
111.- 1.1!;. •< lose and fell 111 of 
sewn .\ This theory has hei.'u ex- 
ploded. Oh.-eiv.itinns show that th-re 
is no I. -'.pillar rule of perio.lieity govern- 
ing Ih.' lise and fall of the lakes. The 
liilal movements dep* nil only on the 
vo'iiine of the rainfall and .snowfjill or 
Ihe severity of the drouths in sueie.ssive 
years. It is i.rohal.le that, in the ortl- r 
.,1 iiaiiii ■-. tin- tain and snow may i-on- 
t, ,,,,,. 1., ix- I. .pious for a numher of 
y..iis. While tlu'ie IS no i.-gularity in 
ih. r luin of the dry and wet years, it 
is i.-tiain that nature sustains its granti 
.-.piilil.iiir.ns. The drouth lasting 
th! .1 de«-ade will he followed hv 
a eorrespomlliig Iieriod of sea.'«t>nahl»' 
r.iins or perhaps at times of rains un- 
■ 1 ,,-., exee?sive. 

a I his theory 1? correet." .says the 

'TJ. ?iu-< y.iu'ie right" is viiy good 

.1<>\ iC-e to f,»ll.»W hif.ire ili.-idin.g to d,'- 

flare war. Km it is also well to he sure 
y u d) delay Mo long tiyiiig to de- 
.-i.h* wh.-ther you are ri.ghi. 

.\ wild-eyeil Huffalo man has disrov- 
ei.-d that "Kome" hleW up the Main 
and says that he perils his life in tell- 
ing it. The HulTalo News thinks h. 
laeks a sense of humor. 

><enator Ilanna is oppost-d to war he- 
tause it would injure husin"ss. Na- 
tional honor ami patri<»lism are with 
him a matter of dollars and e-nts. 

T'>iual suffrage laiiie within tme vote 
of laiiyiiig the day in the Iowa l^gis- 
latiii.'. It was a ilo^Te Hhavt for the 

Why d» the .-idministiatiun nr.gan;- 
nt ver ref. r ti the Cuhaii iilank 'A the St 
Loins pl.iifot m. 

The New York legislators who en- 
listed 10 light th.^" eartoons have I n 

eoniph'tely routed. 

If we Welt not afraiil »vf Rngland in 
I.SIL'. why ^hi iild we h? afraid d .^paiii 

lloU ? 

No .4p|iai'«iil Ri*I«' value. 

HoKton Hlohe: Tin- siihjeet lor disrus- 
sio.) at t.'ie ini'e:iiig yestenlay of New 
Yolk s Kaiiiy IJ:iy 1 liih was ••Allriiism in 
Holiit- i)i!;aiilzali.iii ami Soiiety. " .liisi 
what that has lo lio with skirts eiuhl 
im In s ah.iV.- Ihe hoot tops remains to h. 
. \|ilaineil. 

Tht> Trisoii Angclt. 

Anoka liiioti: Tin- stale- prisnn invesii- 
«'.::ti 1(4 loiniiiitlee ii-poll Ilia: tin- st.ites 
piisoii oilh-ials are ill,- iii«-i-si 

I.. I I.r nenlli-meil o\el ill eliarge td a pen. 
ileiiliary v.-ritalilr- aiisels wllh WlnE^ 


To tlu« l»rail I-ettfi- tUTitie. 

lletloil .\'i us: Il 11 I.I he tiopeil that S. e. 
r. l:u\ tiarv is ke. pin.s; sialistles of ihe 
eam-i-llatii II of 11 'gro postmasters in the 


Another Coiirus Ndmes Candidates 
Tor Viilaqe Ofiices. 

Ciaml lliipids. Minn., Mareh H.— (Spe- 
.aal to The Ht raid.)— Another eaueiis lii'M yesterday mi»rning at villa.^e 
hall. Il I ndorsed the jirevi lus nomina- 
tion of Thomas Trainor for president 

if the vilhme eouneil, and for the re.-^t 
.if the lirket n.M.iinatttl' as follows: 
Trustees, J. J. Deiker. .\rthur fl'l.eary 
and J. .\l. Kdmaiis; recorder. Charles 
.' VDonnell: treasurer. Charles .\ikeii: 
Justices «d" the pea.-e, O. H. Stilson an. I 
.'iiurles Kearney: c uistahles. Fie I Col- 
let le iiinl (horge T. Kohinson. The 
1,11 cling then proceeded with the town- 
■;!.ip til ket. endorsing the noniiiuilion of 
.\l N. I'hilliiis for president of the towii- 

hiji hiL-aid. and the halaiue of the ticket 
tints: Sill eivisors. -M-'s^fs M;inston and 
(. (). itocksirtm; clerk, Felix Malette; 
treasurer. C. T. Clover; assessor, O. 15. 
Si-amaiis: road ii\.-rseers, V. H. Hlood lr;i Straus; justices, C. .\. Hiiell 
.111,1 Cli.irles K.-arncN': consinhU-s, Fred 
li-llciie and Ceorg.' T. llohius)ii. 

Inilorm Uaiik. K. of I'., has just 
elected oHicers for the (n.suiug year, 
msniely: Cainaiii. (Jeorge F. M«-yers: 
lirst lieut.'iKUit. K. A. Kremer; .second 
lieuieiiaiil. .J. J. Heckei: treasurer, H. 
F. i;r;ilf.i!n: right guide. J. S. /iJeriiie. 
.\laj. H. I>. 1' iwers will condiu-t the in 
slallalioii and insin^ition at Fytliiaii hall 
iii-xt -Monday evenin.g. 

— iSie-eial 
The lit ralil.)— Senator Hannu is ih 
auilior of an ailfiii scheme foi tlereiv- | «'ash on hand 
ing th people :ts to the policy of tin- 
Keimhlican party on curr.-iu-y l.-gisl.:- 1 
lion. At a tiieeling of liepulilican 1 ad- « I.TARIldTHlS. 

ers last night, il was decided to i.-p.i'i '' Ftock paiil in .' $ 5.ii.,-« 

sopit' mild currency measure and allow 


it to pass the house, knowing, of 
( lUiise. that it would he talked to tl ath 
in thv senate. 

This measure is to he non-committal 
oil the ouesiion of gold Of silver arnl in 
line with the K.-|iuldicau platform of 
It^lHi. 'I'lie piuposetl hill will he 
an i.ssue in th coming cou.i^ies.sio;!;;! 
< anipaign and Ih.e Minnesota congress- 
men ail- not entirely salislicd that it 
will h -ni-lif them in the campaign 

I'AiRionc wiirtiMrN. 

It Is Iiii|H>!isible. 

Chicago Iti.i.r.l: ihii-ago evidently will 
never sr.-ui. lint ajipi opriation until she 
invi:«-s Toiii Iteed 1.. ..imt- and hathe his liinl.s. in th- t hii ago river. 

CLASS IN .Mini'-nUOl.tXJV. 

Al ei.i-.liiiK to Ih Amerie.iii I'rim.Tiy 
Teach.'i. the lollowiiiK answers were le- 
ei-ntlv i;iveii In a willt'-:! examination lo 
Ihe ipiesiioii, "What I'ausc-s Kain".' : 

"Fog. ' 

••|-'a III .1." 

••<:... I. ■■ 

••Th .11 e:in " 

"1 l.-.l Veil.' _^ 

•I' ii.iin Ihf' ocean." 
••'111.- son gives jl." 
• rin- sun K-is it from the nrcnn. 
••.\t lit- sun ^:ois ilowii ami gets 
it. ■ 

iMTSi.vF^s snccFss 

Mav he achieved thioush the adver- 
tising coliinuis of TheFvt^ning Herald. 
Hveryh.idy i»-ads The because 
It g'.vfs tiie news and is the po|)UlAi 

War may he costl>. hut nalimml 
cowardice is nmr.^- expensive in th- 
end. ^ 

All A hie .liKlge. 

Mian apolis Joiiiiial iKi-p.i: Whi n i ' it- 
iZ'-n of MInnesoia Bo*s to the snpr. im' 
court seeking for Justice il doesn't inaitcr 
III him whethtr :he m.-nihers of the eoiiri 
ar- "parli.sans"' or noi : 'out 11 tlo'S mak. 
a ihrft-ri-:iee whether tm^V are pood Jmlg • 
01- not. Canlv. not wlihstamling ihe 'pai- 
llsan" talk of tin- iliove p;ir.u;raph is 
on. of the ahh-sl lawyers aad h. M .imlg.-s 
the stipi.-nit l.t-m h his nan 
fi.r v.ais The pi-oph- will s.-nti him :iai-k 
fur alio. her term. If th. U, piililii an part\ 
wllfiillv overlooks an opp..riimiiy to sm.w 
I,, th.- p. .ipli its g.toil f;'i:h and real tl si' 
loi- ihi-lr w Ifar.'. it will not h.' tin- lirsi 
lime a nils:.-ik.' of that s.irl was mail- 
Ami vet ihiririK tin- eanipai.utl U.-mil>h« an 
ill il. lis will K>< ov.r tin- Slat.' 1. Ihan ih 
iM.iph how ninth tin- It.-pnhlii m paii.\ 
I. .VIS III m anil is .L.-iik for iliein. a.i.l 
.'.-I ina.l wh. 11 th- pcph- iloii t t.ik- tln-ii 
wold for tins. ihhiKS. <»iie ail m tin- th- 
leition of k.-tpiip- Ihe supi.-m,- t.turi i.iil 
i,f politics an. I on a hkh plane ol alidU 
will h- worth to III. IJt-oiihIn an n.iijy 
till. ft voles ih.Ki a Ihoiisami slump sp. ik- 
. 1- , an make in a dnzt n campaigns. 


IliliInK, iir:»l>, lili'i-ailiL' piilniK, KhapclfM liailB, 
uiiil i.iiinriil llii);i-r iinii', ].iiii|.l.'ii, Ijlui-i.lii iuIh, 
(>il>, iiii.lliy »k II, dry, tliiii, iiml l.illiii/ liiiii, itrle 
lin^, n,-uly .•i-:kl|r, ill! >if-lil .(iiicLly t.i \tariii Imllu 
with Ct'ini'HA SdaI', :.i'il liiiill.- uiieiiitiiiKit 
Midi CuTK'Uiu (iiiiiuiii-iu;, the jjri-ut nklu cure. 


|. »,.l,l ihr..ii«li,iiil tl..' w..rl.I. J'..Ti«B IlKi-a t.>u Cum. 

C ..;.- . S..1.- l'C..|,>. I'»..t»ll. 

I f ■ iluK lu I'wi.i ••• s.n . Whlii- IIiDd*." riwe. 

ITCHING HUMORS~';:ri;*'^":';;;'.J:' 


A Parts Artist Recomes Demented 
and Commils Suicide. 

Paris. .March 3.— The Dr.^yfus cai--.- 
has had a fresh victim, an artist, 
wh.jsi- head hud heen lit. -rally turned 
li.\ the exi-ii'imiii, and who jumped .ait 
i.f a high window under the delusi.i-i 
thai h< was Maj. Fsi.-riiaj'.y and tiiat 
lh^■ iioliie were c.miing to arrest him. 
hay?i I'he F-*aris coiii spondent of ihe 
ili-iaJd. I'ivi r .since the heg'imiing of 
tihe Zola tiial this hapless individual 
:na.i.- himself cmsiiii-uous hy the cx- 
lieuie vioiiiice with wliicli he di;s' 
ih.' pro.eeding.s at the as.size. He 
iiev. r tiled of defending Maj. FsP r- 
h.izy. Fpon one iK-casion he naritwly 
I s( aii-e I heiii.g arresud f.n creating a 
.li.Mluihaiice in the court. 

As the Zola trial m-ared its (-.indti- 
sion rh.- artist .giew worse, and linally 
so iihiiiilied liim-ilf with the ti.iiihhs 
, f Maj. I'lsteihazy rhat h.' came to coii- 
luse His o^vn identity wiiii his hen.'s. 
1-1,. ihi. light 11. was .Maj. Fsiei !i;i/.y and 
I vi i.eliody around him was conspiring 
;.i hi ing ahoiit his downfall. "'< m 
(.VI ly si.le of him." says ihi- TeJiiU's. "lit- 
-■aw" amitiishes and Two days 
.i'.;.t his niiiids wi-ie a.slonislied to st i' 
h, lia.l shaved not .mly ids chin an 1 
111 per lip, hut his head as well. "If 
Col. Finiuari r.-v- ignizi s me." h.- cri-.l 

.a the t.ip of his \oi.e, "he will hi' a 

1 1, vi-r fi How. ' 

l-:arly this morning the unfoituuali 
man 1 'se hastily from h d. "They are 
.oining: Tiny alt- i oming to make a 
d ii..:.iiiaiy visi't to kill me!"' ht- cried 
in a liteais voice. Co ing to the win- 
.Iiw h.' op.-nt.l it and liirew hinisel! 
..lit. He was kill. , I on the .^lol- His was touml at 'i o'clock this inoie- 
ing in a pool .'l hl.»od on the cau.seway 
l.y his seivaiit. win a.; oine gave in- 
fii'iuation to Hie I'olii'e. 


London. Match :!.— The London coun- 
cil lections ate proceeding uuietly to- 
da\. Th.' voting is Inisk and all kinds 
of eipiipages have hei'U ri'i|uisit ioiici 
fnini the < oach to the donkey cart. A 
luiii of the ti.h' againsi .lolui Hurns. 
th- 1.1 hor leader, is supposed lo have 
oci-urre.l in ihe I'.atit-rs, :i district, and 
Vt-n the Lihcral Westminster t.a 
zettc .s:iys his e; ction is douhtfm rim 
oiitgoim; council cimsisled of sixty .Mod- 
erates and lifiy-eight Frogrcssivi-s, 
oth.-rwlse <'onseivatives and Liberals. 

'vruc.iNi; OF i'ai>i'cah. 

.Paductih, Ky., March .'{.-Forty <ii 
fifty burglaries of note in this locality 
latt'ly h:'ive aroused the people and 
stringent ordinance and a curfew law 

Wiliimj to rigitl lo Help Defeat the 


New York, March :'..— C.vclists all ovt-r 
ihe couniry. particularly the memhos 
of the L' ague of American Wheelmeti. 
are preparing to offer their services to 
hHk goveiiiment in < use hostilities ar- 
ileclare.l lielw-.en Spain ami the I'riiied 
States of the ](t7.uiKl members of th>- 
league; fuliy \w.m\\ it is estimated could 

he called upon. 

Fresiilent Isaac 1^. Potter, of the 
League of American Wheelmen says: 
•"While 1 hope ilieie will be no war be- 
tween this country and Spain, ami I do 
not at pr. sent aniiiipate thai open lios- 
lililies will be declared. I have mi douht 
thai in case w.u is ileclared, and if the 
emergency reipiires it, the wh-.elmen of 
this coiintiy. patticulaily those who are 
':m-llll)eis of the Li-agUc <d' .Amelit-all 
will- lllicll. would he found t.t 

take part in the coiillict and olTei tlit-ii 
:-eivi< es lo the goXfrmiie'.n. If aii.x boily 
of men on the face of the earth are 
leatless of danger it is the wheelmen, 
for evm ill thes- times of pe:ice tlle\ 
encounter more dilliculiies than lb.' 
avei;ige person has a:iy idea of. Th.y 
aie always looking for the worst to hap- 
),' 11 on iniblie highways, and go i>re- 
paied for it. Their instinct and their 
ability to cover ground rapidly cannot 
be overestimated. 

"I think an enemy would he tnoro 
careful of a (ompaiiy of unarmed c.y- 
< lists than they would of a whole regi- 
me:it of arme.l Hoops, for a wheelman 
on a fair inad with the :ueans at hand 
ft.r appearing and disai.pearing tapi.1-; 
Iv would be able to puzzle any general. 

S'irphis and undivided prtltiT^ 

less expf-iifies ami taxes paai.. US.i::4 'C 

1 livid, mis unpaid S& <M 

Imli', idiutl ili-posiis 

>iil.Je,i III check ..$ '.iiM,:.:'" i.l 
Demand ceilllicates f.t 

lit posit 4.''..L'.::' Id 

Time I eiiiiii ates it 

deposit :J'f^^:•^ i*; 

• "eriitied cheeks lJ..,i'. J-' 

f.ishier's cheeks i:;.r,.'.4 ci 

J leiiD-ats of oih.-r 

hanks liTl.L'.'T 11 

I-tllls payable .. 


?:;.::;.:. s'lj ::^ 

St. Lftl'IK- S:-!. 

J. Jam.-s C. Hunter, c.".:iliier of the 
Aiiieiiiaii I'^xcliuiiK*- hank, do soleinnis 
swear that the al.> slatelm-nl is line 
to the til lliv knowieilKe ami t.,-lie!. 
J.^.Mi^JS t". HI -N 1 IJi:. 
I ■.i-!ii.-r. 
H. .M. l'l-:V'r< i.\. |ilr--,f..l -.. 
Sworn and siibsciiUeii lo before n. 
Isi ilav of Match, ISHS. 

Nilurv Public, St. L'jiiis Co.. Mum. 



£V««>V Night Thie Waok. Vontntenc- 
/#>!) MtinUay, SatufUa-^ Matinee. 


LisiKiP si-:lwvns dkkl.nsk. 

An account of the sm-i.-.^slnl aad v.'rj- 
foivible i-,sistanee by ".he late bishop .1. 
Soilor a. Id Man of two bighwayin.-n on a 
h.nelv Manx road has r.-c ill.-.l a sum.- 
what' similar story .>f th.' goo.i 
and famous liisl bishop of N'-^v ''•••'- 
land '-■avs the Vonlhs t •onipanioii. 
'SeUvvii, win. was gentle ami sw.-f-t m 
ids life as w.-ll IS most e:ir; ami .11- 
,.-,prisiiiK in :h.- pr.iiiai^alion ot Ih - (...s- 
,,..1 amoni; the harhaiiaas of le S.. 
'a. ili.-. was a lii m t'eh-ml of .•>"",. ^;"' 
naiiv.s of New Zi-ulaml. .iml ;..ok thtdi 
niil pnl.l'clv in a dispiUt- which thev li.i.l 
i;,ih the Kligllsh setihr.s. ;ni.s nat.ira ly the low.r oilier of senilis, who 
were trylnt; to j^el tin- Ma. iris :'"''^-„. .^ 

one eveniag when I'.ishon S- wyii, was 
sll.els of .-Mlklaliii. h- a.Mi.s:".! hv a .hnnk.n Kiiglishman 
who after at. using him for Hit- part he 
had'tiiken in behalf of 'he naiives. kiiv. 
him a blow a. ro:-s the liKhi i h.-t-k 

Sl'EclAl IV 




Pi.p-alar ( iLrs - loi anj ?i c, r... 1. ..;tiei . 



<ELi.ABLt: BkAM.s i-M.i: ^illll^^n^\ 


kELi.ABLt: BkAM.s i-M.i: ^illll^^n^\ .=km. n u ^ -OiS 



hishop Stood ill astonishmtiil. and th. 11 
iiiraing tti his assailant his lelt che. k. 

'""•'■Now sir. tlie llible tells me when 
niv emmv .siHkes nie on one 'In; k I imisi 
in'i-n t.. him ;hi- "th.-r; so 1 will oh, .s its 
I onimamls." , • ,1, ...i„o 

rp,,ii this Hie riiman. st>t kmp th.- nimi- 
ratioii of the group of his synip" n/.eis 
who had|.-.l. stimk lln- '"sh';!' a 
Sevre blow on Ihe lelt cheek. ^■■^\)^\^- 

•'Oh. Mr. I'ishop. tli.i: s what your 
I. Us \ oil. is it ?" .. , ,,- 

Th hi-hor. iiirmM pale His examp.e o 
,,:,U.-nl f..H....ra,i.;.' h.t.l b.en <l'''»'" ''';■ 
.'.n the r.iHiaii aa.l the crowd. Ihe i.m 
had come for th- as.s.-riioii ol .he plu - 
sii 1I f. li. whii h. in his c.dl.'ge days. haU 
wi.'i f..i him the till.' "I "<h>' gi''-'> '.''O't^'' 
Selwyn."' Tin- l.isliop ^-'''';,, , ,,,.„,. ,„ 

"Vt's ih.ifs what my I'.lhle tells me to 
do io';he 1..W.111I that has struck nie 
nine. Pait. sir. .'.iir il gives nn- no 
iliii'clio'is as to what I am to do. ami 1 
am ens .|mnly al lihetiy to ac; 0:1 my 
,,\vn jiiil'jnient.' 

Thir.ntioii In- look ofi his coal, lolie.l 
nil his sleeves, a lid "pill hid nito Un- 
iiitha:) in inhlelic style. Th.- moh was 
h..iind to se fair phiy. and besnhs. i.s 
s. ninalhiis had now imne nvir to the siil.> 
I.f the l.isln.p. . _ 

And "his l..i.lship" thrash. -.1 th^ ruiriin 
s-,. ili,.r..iii;hl\ that In- i ried mercy. 


lake Ljx.illve guliilne r«blets. AH Jriij'- 
KKU rctuiiJ the money " H '»"* »^ '^^"f*'- "&'■ *'** 
genuine tia» L. B. Q. on «*..h ubiel. 

NoTii'i: ol' .mort<ja<:k sali-:.— 

Hefaiilt having b -11 made in the p.iy- 
nielit of 111.- sum of live hiindr.-d llliv- 
thre.- and :".::-hi<i doll.-ns. which e clilie.'-.l 
III be line and is dm- it :!)e <laie of this 
notiie upon .1 certain moilgag.. duly e:x- 
i.-llti-d and d.-liveie.l t.\- l';dw..i.l 11. .lohll- 
simi. wiilow.r. iiiof. na^or. to .John S. 
Stewart, moriuagi"'. lit-ariUf; lUii.- .May Mh. 
iyi2. anil v,-ith a power of sal.- therein c.>n 
tainted. dnl.\ n corded in th • otlic of ih-- 
r.Kisit-r of ".ht-i's in .-mil for lln- c.tuntv «.r 
St. Louis .-ind sate of Minnes.>ta ..a .M.v 
'.111. W.C al -I o'clock II. m, in Hook '-'S oi' 
inoiiMaKcs. on page "W; .iini 

Whei-'as. tin- said powt r of sale ha"^ It.-- 
eoine operaiive. and mi action or pi...<'.'l 
iiig at law or otherwise, has heeii insii 
tllt-'d to r. Cover the debt sei nreil hy sjid 
imirlKa.g.. or aiiv part thei-etif. 

Now, Iherefoit-. notice is In r. by given. 
;hat b\' viiiiie of the power of sab- c.iii- 
I.-iimilin sai.l molt;.;:!!'..-, .il'.l piii ••'laiii 1» 
III. siainie in such i-:is- tiiad.' and proxid- 

t-il. the s:iid moilgag.- Will he foreclose.! 
|jy a sale uf Hie premis.-s descilbed i.a ami 
eiiiueyi-il b> y-nM m.tilKage. viz: Lot 
mimb'eie.l elgh; (N>. in hhn k thiriy-one 
i"ll. OiU'ota. according lo Hie recuded 
)d:it III. r.'.if l:i St. Louis I'oimty vn-\ 
slule of .Miniiesola. wilh the hefedit.i- 
mi-ii;s and aiipnrtf'iianc.'s: which s.ile will 
til- liiailt- li.N till- sh.-riff of said St. Lou.v 
('.luntv al the fron: door of the coin t 
lnu;sc. in tlie city ol Hulnth. In said eou:;- 
1\ ami suite on April li;ili, IS!».s. at M 
oclo. k a. m.. of da.w at public veii- 
dm- to th.' higli.'sl bidth r cash. lo p.i> 
said di III aiiil Inli-rest aiid taxes, if an\\ 
on said premises a. -id lifty doihir:: altfe- 
ness" fe..s as slipnlaled in aad by s.ii.l 
moriKagf in case «.f f..reclosiiie. aiitl il'.e 
ilishnis.'im-nts allowed by law; subj.'.^t 
lo redeini.lion at any time within on..' 
\i-ar from Ha- date tif sale us luvivldod l-y 

I'aletl March l8t. ISt'S. 


.\iiornevs for Mortg.Tgee 
Duluth Evening Herald. March-S-lo-lT-; 1- 










TTiri:sh\v. MAiti'ii 



Pietessary For Dululh People 

to Patronize Their Home 



Minneapolis Has Built Ip Fine 
Manufactories I hat Way- 
Chamber Discussion. 

A,!*!h«'"' i'!Mn'''>>T 

I u I .III 111 I '1 rsi ni^i 'lis- 

' .'ti th<' sul<j,>i-i ,>f I.K.i! 

' !.■ ii '.\ .IS Icil l.\ I '.mi;; - 

1 ' 'iritiam, wlm 

:ivit.ititni of 

' wImih \\a> irt'crri''! 
I liriuiotis ftorn tlv 
tiiiinufiii tutiii.a isih-iinisr^ I 

' |jlii>l:l! li.iliiK,.-; >iu'>"i'rt»'<i I 

n u III • h ' ; 

r l( ( ! I ! ' V 


Cni.l ("lire rtirps colds in the hfml, rold.i on Ibn 
Imv. olil ci-liN, luMv roll!-* mill olisliinii' inlus, iiiul 
nil toriii>, (if iinp. Stuim Mii'ozini;, <llscliar;:i-< ir.nii 
lh(» iiiiit' niiil ryi <, iircvi'nl-^ I'ltl.irrli, <1i|>lillitTi;i, 
l'n>Miiiii>iiLi, iiMil till tlir.iut mill (iini; trotiMcx. Tlir--tt 
lilrnHaiit little peili'iN iiri> ahNoliiii'ly li.')rnilc<4t, have 
Mtvitt tlmiisiuMi.'* of livi-s niiil prpvi-ntcd niiu'h Kick- 
iii'xn. 'J'ho Muii.von lu-nifily LVmipunv prrpurp a 
fi'p.inilf ciiro fur ciwli dix-asc. At ali (lrtiKf;Kt»_ 
::> iiiii* n \iul. If Villi iioeil modinil ailvlf« writo 
I'ri.f. Miinyoii, 1306 Arch iSlrcut, I'blladelpbiu. It Is 
nb.solutily lt»?o. 




Grand Commander Farmer 

and Gov. Clough Visit the 

Duluth Commandery. 

!"!■• ,;!)tn;,il iiispci. ti >n i4 
■ \.. is. Kii:;;hts ' 
HM.H- la>t iVinliiR by Ki 
• liani Cominamlft I?, !•'. 

!"V ir.;-; t iv- i :i-("- li^in i\ .i^ 

I -III 111 t>l' llic K>'<1 Cross 
iirnl the ronifcrriiif; of tht 



'•'itipl I ' . .'. I -" 

;ht Kniimnt 

Fairurf. Fol- 

/n . xtmpllH- 

il'-KiiM- witik 

on l»i-. 



^lUl was a -.•>>[ |....iil !!'. 

V- ,1,- I 

■•. ' ' hnij; ;i '••>r. iis. 

\\ 1 - • • 

■ ;■•;■ a h't I'T aii'l 


1 .-I'laii A-nrf.i Mil .^;iN. 

Ti ;i, I • 

v\ huh thi.-y wa t\'>-'l iii- 


Sfcrt'lary fti-ai'> saiil h'* 


-■iiistlttitc ami sjii.l lie <)i<l 


. ;!■■ ' !iatii,lii'i' ■ 1 ■ - 

' i U.I r; ' 

'■'■!', ■ -- :r Xl'MTls 

of til. 

!:■.-.• : ■ ■•Pf-n- 


, f 


. ■ '111' I HI 11- ■ 

\<ii;' •;■. SI . Ill 

iiail iiffll riU<*rull.' sin - 

■.ix'li'nt <'!i5:in.-f-|-s .in. I 'i! 

. I ; M !• ! 1, 

I - .! -":t "! 
■ il''ni,i'i'l T'lai t li<'\ 111 

',I--!H W ,! - :niH .il'il. W 
.i[ll"'l!IV ] 


"1 11 111' 1 - 




I \t \ :i- u ■ : 'l>'|- 

!ll" ;■ ij..'! 

h:it I mUitli was 

i_-i!)i: 'It<<'i1min- 

• i w !i«'i '■ Mill,! 

't t!ic "'■ 111 

■iiili-ni)'i :.any 

-Iiot'.!'- th.' 

'Hi .■! !i; .■ 

' lh;ii HI 

: ..' iari'I ■ "1111111. . ..■ y 
• Ml ]y\n;x l'"! \^ •■!! I 'tlliltil 

I1 ii\ I il-i iliri I >l \' Ih'.'!! iliirti' 

! /; f ■ M 

Hir.-'h. 1:. S. Mini:;'!- .ui'l i:. 

; :i- 'I iU'l'l -i' •!■ ' if 

■' ■ ' 'in ;i . 

;■ 1 - 

: ! u I I ; " 1 1 1 • i 

- ;.. i-"-u ' 

IS W uUl'l :■ il j'.llrnniZf 
■stflliijsh'- I • M:i!lilfar- 

■ ■ . 1 a< il 

: !l'- ' it\- 


,: I i I 1 t ■ " " 

'■urtii il- <i7.-^. H- 
; hf p«-"ii.:'- "i Min- 
ijjilMirt. t>i 

.■-t lI.'i<fT-i! 

no \v 

i;,ij ■ ;. ... .:; • -I to 

he local nuirhants 

niz'- il. Kv'Tv travfl- 

>' '-ii: "II th'- ro;i'l f!-r)ni 

■ ■ Il I t h- -:' '■ 'f h'«m'' 

..,|- I.,-. ,. V r.-al- 

1 11.11 ill'- -.11' lit' th'-j->- -~ .- rii»-ani 

IciyriT lit to Mi-ni"ai»oi;s uorkin?- 
I !<■ siis'.:' • ' : :- ■ Hi.- - it v .•;' I>ti- 

: :^ht lin, :'m'- th'- '--lali- 

■i;r.i'tni-ins pltnts 

■ hov this roillil 1>- 

tii"u;:i: '■ ' '!■ '" 

rh.. r..l.,, 

' ill .11 1 il al 

ha'l sttrtlt 

I ii' ' i . |. .11,1 ;■.- ; 1. 1 ,1 ' iiltc t'tir 

■ '■ I*' pir't "I' thi- m";t'". vvax iisff) 

''«|-l«'.s til. . ' ' ■j.'.y'' '-rii- 

th'-Sf I" |i''- il-- ' '■ - 

.1 ■ ' . ..'iMiUHUty '.Miiild 

M«<i>ilritk sail! ihat onf ci-at 

!- that man'.' p'-'nih- thi-otis;h 

■'■ -li-- 

i-M'l '.' 

• ;i ..I h' ; I 'i-i- -at ihrir 

'.■ <■•■■ ((.- I."li.-v.'4 



' ■' !■ •' " "i ■ 

I'll 1 III ill "u;;iil ii|> I 111- 
■ ual oarikl ll|'t"\ i. ' I i'- -m.) 
• n r<'P<"»i't'"l fi..ii U".-hi,m:ton 
•..1 .V'lson h;i t II. I 'h It if 

[j.i I ■■ I. itl ci.llM ri.,- Ir.. ^l|li- 

.' , 'I. n..i..i ■ -..11 hill I... I 

■ Il . ' .■ . ■..itikfiii.i . . ' 

Tt)'' pcoiil"' .if .\Iiii- 

I Naiiki iii>t<> hill oT 

I' flii'v •'"uUJ not at't 

iiit'-i| t li< V wonl'l fak" 

I oiihi gr-t. Tin- ■ hanil'-M- l; ■■ 

t...i;l.l inform S'^nator .\fl-" 1 


iirr- th'' 

r.i.'.l I 

111. ..I ^11 1 I - I 11' 
,. I. ,11 I", . '.■ 

t . ■: .. .1 t .. 

,1 I,, --. » .- .V ,1 I 

null's f'lHi-i 

' >r {if I y yr-;M -. 



Masi"' After these cereniiinies 
l;nii;hts sat ilowti t > a han-iuet. 

iii;lit etTiineiu stand eoinm.iiuler 

-tiff, the ptiity niunheiinp; tifty- 

j iiir in all, arrived in >-pei iai ears .it- 

t.uhrd to tiif evening,' tiain on the St. 

r.iiil & nuliith road. They were riiet 

.- ih. '1 -pot hy .1 il"t.i.-hm'-iil of kiiislit.s 

■11;;. Ill '111! reRalia, aieom- 

. .\ the t'ity li,inil. {'arria;;.'!* 

I'rovideil for C.ivern >r Clovish. "'>o 

■ »h.- p.'uiy, und the offleials. TIk- 

'I' i'-( ,ti-ted to tJi - Masonie 

I III'- ,-uiay hi'i"-.: in inipjsiiig 

M'-asoaic hall i\a^ t.isi.-i'iilly deior- 
for the oeiasion. The M.tsonie 
1 "'' Mitineapdis. cave selei-tions, 
.11;. -.-es were deliveri'd by sonK^ 
■ I'l'imiiient kai;;lifs. 
M. <!a--ir, emiiiiMi 1 "'r 
th- IHiItitli ! oniriat<-il as 
i-;tni,ister at the bani|U''t. Toasts 
I I -i»om1ed to by Cajtl. I-;, S. I»iid- 
l .-:. A.: tlovernor ('louj;h, A. I*. 
in-^tt.iin, St. I'atil; I'.-I. U. II. H. ui- 
'l" 1:. Mer.ei-. li'Tiiy Staple^, F. S. 
1 1: ' '. f. iiiniuell. .Vlinn-'aiiolis; 
: ''iiiiii. Sj. tins' \'alley: J. H. (.'ot- 
;. r -1 l».nis. \V. !■:. lih. har-lsi-n an-l 
I'-nfeld. imluth, A lett.r from 



1 ■ 


I i iiu.i. who is yet, con I in. 
• 1- also. 

■! >waU let*t «t'>! St. 
•iiiii 'if hu-i'i'-s-. 


in thi' 

lilt • 

I .It 11 >nie 

I'atil last 
A niitnbe.r 

til'- \i-ii 'I.- left for 
111. ati'l the .>ih.'r.s re- 
pri'senl at the Work 
h m'l' 'if the .-^eottish 

■ 1' 



I I 

.1 ,.\.... I . ],. 
' l\\ eiity-hist 
this evetiinu. 

lilt; th" visit'iiit; oirii ets V. itli ("om- 
1 Tarnier werf: i;. .s. Dudhy. 

'■Illinent ^ he;ll'-|' of t he 

■n itripiiii-nl -f the I'nit. d Hl;iti's; 
^|. ' r, ;-;iMii.| 1 ai'! .liti i;ener.»l; 
W I! 11, .;:;i'ili'l sw.ii'i uanlell. 
Til "111 I ; M iiiKotne, jii-.tnd reeord-.'r; J. 
W. < 'hambfilain. junior warden; P. M. 
traiie, .-»wi»rd liearer. i;. II. llart- 
ifV, ^ranl >\.ii.len. .Vrti-in;; tin- 
. ."rni.iiv h-r- vv'-i-.- W. W <«tr'im, 
I- ii-iu-^ I onnnaii'li-iy N". 1: "W*. If. 
7i"ii I ornmamlery .N ' .' W. K, 
.1..;: 11- .ill, It.iriu- i-nmmaii'iriv .Vo. 7: !■'. 
St'-t'i.ii. iMiiti- I oinniandcry N >. 7, 
riry St tph-s. nio>t eminent i -ini- 
nuni'ler. Zioti eommaiideiy Xn. .': W. H. 
N orris, eminent eonimainier. .Miine afio- 
lis eoiMriiiiii'lery No. 'J'.',. 

1 . 



it Mciy Lcdd to Serious Results. 

U'hi-n pe'ipl l;- 11' lali' iitideistand all siieh fatal dis-M.'^' s a-s fisiiilH, 
'i!' : ..f the re -tinM, lis.- inc. . te.. almost 
iiivaiiably I.'i;in in a sinipl of 
piles. ih.->' vvlH I'aiii th • wisdom of 
tsikinj; I'l'Tiipt treatment for the- first 
apiii-ai .in. .f tionhle in this oiiart^r. 
Th Pyramid I'ih- Cih' uili i ertainly 
I iii'e I \--ry frinii .>{ pil-'s. itehin.s:, lil.^ed- 
ini; inott iidins or blind piles. tind 
lini.lieds of liv'-s have U' >aved ly 
u.sinv; this (> hut erfeeti\.- rem dy 
ri^ht a I the start, li cause at such a 
time a sinKli- packaRc will effeet a ciiri'>, 
whih- in the chronic, tlcej. -seated «ai<e«. 
several i>ai kas' s art sonielims* neres- 
sary befor-' a lastjns cure is effected. 

rh..vsieians are usItik the I'yramid 
F''Ie ('ui'' in iirefeience to siii'si* «l up-'r- 
alions and v. ith uniform suee.-ss. Th ■ 
i'-medy is i'l'-parefl by th.- Pyramid 
Diul; I'lt.ipany. of Marshall, Mich., and 
for sale by druRRists tverywhcie. 

This t\vv\ receives hundreds of ttsti- 
monial letters from cur d paii--nts arid 
publish- s a l"tt.'r fresh ev -ly w ■ k. This 
wi ek «e take pleasure in pi.-;'entiiis; 
th'- foihnvin;;: l''ioin M. A. Wilson, 
I'eabody. Kas.: Your I'yramid Pile 
Ture r. eeived and I have r 'i-iMVed nine 
iieiietit front two iipidii aliens ih.ui 
-r medicines 1 ha\e . v .'i- 
lieetl lloiibled with pil'-S 
ats. Till y would < ome 
i\' ;ind ha\'.- t" b" woik-'d 
V !i..- li.-.-ii d'lwn since 
aii.'ii "f t h I'.vramid. I 

fi'ini all oth' 
tii'd. I hav- 
for thirty y 
i|o\\ n '-y r.v d; 

hack. I'lit hav 

th' liist applii 

am a eiinvi-rt to th'- niiiils of ih • I'yia- 

iTiid I'ii <*i;i •-. 

Freni <' I). IM.; 
law. .\erlliti' 1<I. \ I.; 

rt'Mi. a 1 1"! ii'-.\'-at- 
Si-nd nie t \\<> paek- 



Fyiamid Pil.- 

h > has "had piles 

- > our I -ini-dy is 

.uid h«' has tried 

II. c.oodman. 



aK s 

ftith't. V. 
yeais. .-,(> 
has fiiiiti.! 
Finn W. 

T'-xas: < Jentletii n ; 
derful I'-lief from 
I'lir I vvotiid ri.'i 
1 1 a i^li... key. Liiti;.; 
nil. I Pile ('lite lia 
i"-'-ti v\ailinc I'l s 
v\iitiiiu and I can 
\-. I'll of I li pil'-s J 
• >lilit;atit>ns to yon. 

Fr-sh letters will .n ar 

rmrls of the f'nited Stat.-. 
fyitiK to the wfintleiftil .-tf i ts 

Cup-. My 
for fortv 
th • best he 
« Jri'enville. 

have ha'l won- 
Pyiatnid Pile 

' '.v 1 1 hoi It it. Froui 
W" \' : Th" Pyia- 
< III '1 me. I hav'- 

III- 1 Sllll b -fore 

honestly say 1 ,im 
nd fei-l iiridei mjiny 

\ariablv n-siilt wh'-ie 

r'-ni'dy is iiserl. 
'• ' ail' I most 

I'ini '-d b'-foi ■■ 
.ire SUhj.-'-t i. 

r-.-m-dy v, ill i 
is on Hale at 


; 'he 
ial pil 




• ■' n! 
1 1 . ■. I 
,1 ti '> 

II i- 
IT < ti 

.1 pill'-- III ;in.v 

ihmV" Ih'-iu. 
all diiiK ;aiiii.; 

from .ill 
all testi- 
which iii- 
( heapest. 
e rem -d.v 
'•. and if 



Kaeh fiackaije also i ontaint' .a 
"M ■ Th'- t'aiise and Cuie of 
v\ hi. h will int'Tesf an<l ln-iielU 

A Promcnrtdp ( onccrt. 

I'mil ai i.iiiKeiii' III - 11' 
:>.!• the iironietiioli- . 'iii. .-i 1 
Ins Tuesday eveninii, .M 
• ' ' ilian choral will sin;; 

• Mr Mandeb-rt and 
., I ; lUi part, an-l ther«. 

■ heiii;; tinch- 

at fh" Spal'l- 


'1 '-I il ntim- 

oiher soail.-ts 

will be flan< e 

mil -I 
... 1,,.. 

i:>\ i' 


'. : ' 




.Me.>sr.s. Flaaten and Hoel- 
Mr*. Ijovniin. This is not an 
affair. Therr Is a f-mall ad- 

' I" ' '11 nnt-'ie-lov-^fr ;ir" in- 

i:i . 
' u 



s<ftlv»» il the worUI toi » ui.-. 
!;..' . s, Sore.s. I'ht-r)-. S.ili lllienni, Fr- 
111 .-"r<s. T<fl«r. rti ippi 'I llin'ls. fliil- 
M.dii'', I'ltr'is an'l all Skin l-ji iipli'ms. and 
[Kisltively cnii-« Pil -• ..r no pay reipiiteU. 
It I- 1:11.11 ml' ■ •- |i rte.-| Hatif'Jac 

111. II ,.. It 1 -'I Pt (<•<• 'S> «-ilts 

1'. 1 i.iix I "i i-\ liiihitli OruK 


Bishop Vincent Tells How 

and What He Should 

Be Taught. 

A laiK au'li'iice heard liishop \'in- 
ciiit last . v nin;; at the First Method- 
ist chilli h. w hiTe he let tared on "Tom 
.iikI His Teachers." It was an excel- 
lent hcluf , instructive and heliiful and 
upon a topic which appv>aled to ev^•l•y- 
oiie; il was a plea for the proper edu- 
cation iif th'- .Vmeiican b.iy. As'.ion 
\'incent stepjied forward In- was jc'^'''u 
the ChautaU'iua salute and it pleased 
him ijreally. f"r a beainiiiK smile 
limad ned over his ftit -. He was in- 
troduced by Iir. Humason. who spoke 
"f him as a man who had always tak -n 
a lirni stand anainsi th. three fof 's 
which are constantiv wariini; aKsiiust 

the dev lopmeni of the humau i.n. 

biKotr>'. iunoraiH'- ami pri-judii-e. 

"Who is T"m'.' Who are Toms 
teachvrs? What shall Toms teachers 
teach him?" wiie the openiiiK 'vords of 
the I'cture and they w- re what mi;.;lit 
i>c called the text. Tom he explain- -1 
is th.' American b.iy. n'»t necessaril.v 
born in this countr.v. but an American 
just th" same. lie said he hati n it 
patien<e with those people who i ry that 
one must be boin in Ameiican to be {;n 
American. It is a jcroat thins to b- 
an Am'-rican boy— to be Toiii. 

As to who Tom's t-acht-rs ar , th-- 
speaker saifl he w<iuld tiil discuss his 
inoiessional teachei-s. but teachers wli'i 
intlu'-in e him and shape his life more 
than they. The jjossip that T<im h-^ars 
at horn • at th - supper tabl- of an even- 
ir.jn doi's more to intlueiicf- him than a 
whide week ai SI liool. The Incidents 
of the street, of the home and evn th ■ 
vi-iy atmosph r' of the room where h" 
sl.eps all (ontribute to thi- education 
of T'.m. H' is in sch'iol twenty-four 
houis durinp; th'- day. 

What shtill Tom's teachers teach 
Tom'.' In answ -r t-i this uuestion he 
< <insider'-il Ihst some minor matt-rs b - 
fori' priK-eedinj? to the mme radii al 
ones. Tom shfiuld be taupht to ihhik, 
to hav- common sense. Mish'ip \'in- 
cent d-clarid it ii» be his b li f th.ii 
commen s nse is no; born in one, but 
is aciuiied by 'ducati.m and euliiva- 
lion. Tom sh"id<l br- tati^ht to ob- 
serve, also, anil to i-eport correctly 
what he observes, 11,- shonM not b al- 
low d to exaKKirHt'-. lie shmild be 
taught to expr- ss hiinsi If in en lec-t 
Kufllish. No I hild can be tauRht in the 
St hi>ol to use correit latiRuaKe if h' 
h ais bad liinfiua.i;.- at hum.. Tom 
should be tauKht to take other p.-ople 
into aicoiinl. lie should b.- made to 
consider how to h Ip idhers. how he 
can leli ve his nnither titid others, lie 
should b • ttmsht to b i -;' nil -man and 
to respect old a;.:c. 

Comin;; to the mon radii a! thiti;;s 
th- speaker sai'l Tom should b- taimiil 
to b,' a pi-rson, not a tliiuK; a cause, 
not an effect: a p"\v i. n ■! a usult o| 
pow. r. He SI III n '1 the idi a tluit hen- 
diiv :iiid "iiviti'iiment ar.' res)ionsible 
lor what a nian':« life is. They may b 
resimusible for circuinsianc s which it 
will f-iiuire sireat strenf,'lh for him to 
overcome, but ov. fcome thi'in he can. 
He should b' taucht that there is n" 
sui-h thinfi a.« inh'iilance. The cur- 
r nt may be against him, but by th • 
exertion of pow. r he cati over, oni-' it. 
Tom shoul.l be tauuht to b • independ- 
ent, to earn his own way atid to r-- 
spect and honor i very niiin who ilo-s 
the same thin;;.. "I hat a tiamp, imIi 
or poor," said th.- speak-.r. He de- 
i-lared that no man is lit to inherit 
property unless he has been tau.i;:ht to 
work. Tom should also be t.uiRht th 
iiidep.ndeni • "f man, that he lives not 
alone for himself, but that he is but 
one of a Kteat many peojd -. He com- 
ininded th' publii schools its doinK a 
SI .at vvi-rk in this dir.^ition. 

P.ishop Vincent's i-losins thought— 
and h dwelt sonv time upon it— was; 
■'N.-ver Kive Tom up. " He tnay b- dull, 
but he must be persevered with. It is 
'dten the dull bov who makes th" 
strongest man. In this conno<tion Ih" 
speaker uniner< ifuHy scored the sar- 
cistie, liitter f"npu''d t aeh r, who de- 
lights in nausins at the dull boy. Th'-n. 
loo. he imr'lored Tom never b" 
Rivii-n uii morally. He tnay s '^m to be 
bad but thi' sfiod is there if it can onl> 
b' reach d. He tlwelt for a hms time 
on the inlUience of Tom's i-mployer up- 
on his life. rJetween the as-s of 14 
and :;i the man who ■ ni[>loys Tom do s 
more lo shajie his life thtm his pat- 
ents. The speaker drew a vivid pii- 
tur.' of a boy Koins to a city to work 
and illustrated the different fi-'lin'.s 
that will come over hitn if h (inds an 
. mplov r harsh antl un-t'hristian-lik.-, 
or one wh" larrii s his t'hristian qual- 
ities into his liusiness, 

Bishop Vincents closing; words 


The Rich Properties Around Bad 
Vermilion take. 

Mine (.'enter, Feb. '.'S-(S|.e(-ial lo rile 

Henild.)— The .sold dislricts of Western 
Ontario have struss''*"' hard asainsi 
the tlnaiicial depression of the past three 
.V. ais and the adverse reports of some 
would-be ininins experts, but tis sprins 
appioaches and increased inieresi is 
beins ffit in minins ventures here, il 
is eviiKnt thtit they are comins out as 
wlnneis, Duiins the pa^i tinee months 
capittil has been lookius this wa.v for 
investment. In London, Montreal, New 
York. Chlcaso and elsewhere, compani' s 
htlVe been lloativl to lH'O.sei uie develop- 
ment work and do deep minins, 



work and do d 

May 1 s- veil mines will be in ae- 
ipei-iitiou aUnit Pad N'ermilioii 

the .Mice A 

besides the Foley and 

they vvel-' 
n ss whii 
from the 
Tom up." 
on "'I'hat 
bvt'tian ' 

• delivered with an earnest - 
h showed that they cam-- 
heart — were: "Never pive 

p.ishop Vincent will lecture 
Il.iy" at the Fast Fnil Pres- 
hnieh in Superior. 


il ever — then buy a 

( lotdon 

Basket Boll Games. 

Th- re will be two smies of basket 
b,;ll in the Y. M. C A. syiunasium to- 
niotfi»w evening, when tlie juni'ir and 
senior teams of the Huluth association 
and the Siiperi >r normal school will 
play. Short halves will »»•• playetl. the 
tw-i teams .ilternatins. Yesterday af- 
ternoon a t-am from the Fii.-*l National 
b.,nk playeil th" assiw-iation team and 
was defeated by a s' ore of :;ti to 0. The 
line-ur> for tom'irrovv's game will be as 





I.. I niont 

I'arn"- . 


fdsi.n .. 

P"W 'TS 

Si hulze 

. . .. r irwar.l 
.... f.ii wai-'l 

cent. 'I- 

suard . . 

. . .suard 

forwa id 

. . .. foi-ward , 

renter ,. 

suar'l ,, 

suard .. 

^up -ri'M'. 




. .('ha|iman 
. .liillbnrn 

Sii[iei ior. 


. M<-r»onald 




For Infants and Children. 


QR. T 

A •«' 

<r n'-"'ii; , 

'/ y->rr< *»;-. 



— '■ — ^.iv niHn.t nii|Ti'-.> r^, klr . 


>l"tli I'm. hi-^, hii'ii iin.i :<kiii 

lit>e«.4-i> unit i-virv liliipiuli <.n 

fp.-iiiity mill ilrfli-M 

'(|< 111 nop. It Uii • 

l);lrMMl thi li-nl I. ft* 
Tl-.oi. unit Is -•• 
hninili I.. "" In " 
It ti^ h.- 'UII- tt I • 
p r" |ii- r I V inml'-. 
Aii-"|'l t|..i "ii'ili-i 
f. i» "t nni>l«r 
niimr I.>r I. ^ 
>f Ihi- tmiii Ir-n In 
iistfnli : ' *- V'lU 
nd 1 1- ' "til "<"- 
Ihi rn. I I. i-»<m 
I'loiirii.j.r- Cfpmii • 
■^v m Ihi" I'-n.^t i.f «II 
llii> -anil (.ii|.i«ritl"ii» " 
PorMlp tiTnll l>'ii| .fl K«ii. T i.'.".l.- l»'»l'"i-< 111 Ih" 
C 5 . ('i»n»'l* '•.III Eiii-uw . , „ .. ^ 

rERU T. UoPKlNS, rr'>|'rwt"''i S^ <ire»l Juu^j St., N. V. 


which lays twi> miles north of Wild 
Potato hike. IVvelopmenl work has 
lit en larried lo the exi.-ni with most 
of these properties until a pay Ins mine 
Is no lonser a i|uestion but a fact, and 
the prospects have a sansuine appear- 
ance. .Mieaily sev- fill new companies 
are makins reiidy to besi'i work, atnon;.; 
whii h are the Lakeside .Vlinins and De- 
velopment company, and the J(Ml Cold 
Minins company, w hich j loperty lays 
diixetly in the strike of tie Handolph 
or (JoUlen Star vein. 

The twenty stamps at the Foley 
mines are runnins nisht and day. and 
sinkins in the north shaft is beins 
jiushed as f.ast as possible. .>^uperlnten- 
ilent Strons says: "Th' mine is look- 
ins better than it ever has before. Ltisl 
week at a littl< below the :;,-|0-foot level 
we took out sonv of the best rock yet 
encountered in our work. It is rii-h !n 
fi-ee visible sold. The Vein is wide and 
strons. We are now :!i>."i fei-i de,-p." 

Mr. Preston reports the (»live mine 
to be looking well, and the last clean- 
ups show that the rock is i-arryins 
hish- 1 values than aiiylhins thai has 
ever yet been put thioush the mill. He 
i.s al,<o superintendins some develop- 
ment work on tllJit with eneouragins 

Th- Independence mine, situated 
north of Sturs''<'n Falls, is now a bull- 
ion juodueer. It has a small staitip mill 
enuitiped with a battery of five <;ates 
stamjis and a Frue vanni-r. .Mr, Thor- 
biis came into town last week a'ld re- 
ports everythins in shap- to turn out 
.sold bricks. The vein at the bottom of 
the shaft is six to eisht feet wide and 
carries sood quantities of sold. 

All reports fiom the (bdden Star ar- 
vei.v sratifyins to those interested in 
this district. Suiieiintendent W. .1.' 
Merrltt is now at Tower sfttins in a 


d- ep. 

boiler for th- 
is ex|>ei-ted 

• ttnil a new 
He says the 

push'^d down 
11, is IS.'i feel 
•1 the vein is 

in free s'dd. 

IS ,1 "bird." 
sliaft, whii-h i-^ b"iiu 
the srealest dispali 

t In the sei-olld levi 

tt-ons and extremely tiih 
.Mtoscther ,'.tii» feet of und'-rsmund work 
has been done duiins the last ten 
tnaufdhs. Late assays are innnins hish 
in sod. The mtintisetnent are v- r.v niihh 
pleased over the oulinok foj- this mine. 
Late letters fioin l':nsl.iii.l slate ihat 
the F- rsii'-'>n iniiT' will nol slait up un- 
til navisation opens, when supplies will 
be brousht ill 'ly boat. 


VV'.* liavr sciiTrfl llii'11'..iil.l 'l.'M IT-. |f. IiLiii 
.,T t-.ivicrn i',.fti s. .'.] r.l '.,- 



New Device Used at the Steel Barge 

The American Steel llai'se eompjiny 
has put in a novel d ■vice for paintins 
its bis .'•toel Vc.spel.s. The boats liuilt 
at that yard and th' many vessels 
which have been taken In there for re- 
paiiins hav(> all been paint- d by haml. 
Ill the future, however, they will be 
painted by a compress. -d air mai-hine. 
The same r>ow r vvhicii rivets, calks an.l 
trims the steel plates will hereafter 
paint the finished fnisht boats. The 
Wink (-an be done jusi as «• II by pneu- 
matic power and it can be done much 
quicker and cheaper h..' that syst-nn. .\ 
pail of paint is attai hi-d to the air de- 
vice and a sjnay of fiaint is forced 
from a little tube agiiinst the boat. The 
l>ainler works the nozzle of the appli- 
ance ba< k and birth .against the sid- ol 
the boat much as if h.- were vvaterin-,; 
the sr.'iss on a lawn with a sarden hose. 
.\ lisht sfiray of paint is emitted from 
the nozzle anil the tttsk of r>aintins v.'S- 
sels is qiiickl.v and economically done. 

This is only one of the -.nany modem 
afipliani cs which have been pliiced in 
the shijiyard in thv i>iist year and which 
have brousht it ui> to t place seiund to 
no shipyard on the lak.'s. 

Smith Still Holds Them. 

The .-'itlumic-ni ef thi- <Iifputc btwei.-n 
the i-wilins links of A. H. Smith and F. 
N. .McLaren ovi- the Towne buttons was 
not iiitliily satisfact "ly, so aU'illa-i 
game was played al Ih- link lasi night 
So se;,tle th" maitcr. Donald .M'ltrison 
resinned his place as skii>, and Smith 
j'layid with one man s.I'h i. but the lai- 
I f won out ovr .Moriison's handl.-ap 
four by a .score of H to 10. Th lin- - 
"I the links was y^ I'ellows: 




P. Ash. 
H, Smith. 



« ;. 

.M. Lfii'-i n, 

N. Ml LarL-n. 

Mi-iilson, skii 



Take LaxJitlve Rrnmn Onini'if Tablets. All drnn* 
gists rrfiin 1 the mimey It if (aiK ti> cure. 2«,r. 
Renulne has L. n. O- '>n ea.'li t.ibip|. 


Was Weak In Wind. 

Iiefei tive Tioyer h.ippened al' 
thioush the railroad yarvls near 
Imperial mill Tuesday in time 
.see a youns min lussins' a ♦'aek 

• ns 




wheat from 
sa w Troyer 
au'l a lively 

Troyer Rained on 
after a pursuit nf 
he sot within I'-n 
Tro.ver's wind sav 

a car. The youns man 

at about the same time 

chase en^Ufi. Althoush 

by his heavy overcoat. 

th.' fusifive until, 
about three blocks, 
feel of him. Then 
• oiiit an'l he was 

toreed to heave 't'l, the sfalii spei-ulator 
;;oi"S on down thioush the yards as if 
he meant to keep up his clip dear to St, 

ii«)W Tf» i.rnyK <;ooD. 

(;.>od looks are really more than skin 
rlei-|i, depenrliiif; etillrely il|>on a healtliy 
. 'imlili'in iif ,'i|| the ors.-ins. It the 
liver be iinieiive, you h-i\e a bllloiis look. 
If yiiir st'itnai-h be (Ihoid'Teil, >i>ii hav- 
a ilys|ieptii- look; if your be al- 
fecfed, yon havf. u. pinelieil limk. Becure 
soorl health, and von will suri-ly have 
>{oiii| looks. "I.^leifric Millers" Is a S'tod 
alleralivt- .•ind Ionic. A'ls dfreefly on the 
stof?i;uh, llvi-r and kiil'ic\s. Purlflr's the 
blooil. I iiii-s i>lniples. !i|ol. h'-s and b"ils, 
and stvi-s a S"od i-omi>l'-xt'>ii. Kvi-ry Imttle 
Kiiaranlei^.l. Sold ;if 1 "ninth Onis com- 
pany's drug store, W cents per buttle. 

lieilin, .March :;. - The budget commlt- 
t"e of the reh-hstas toda.v adopted seve- 
ral additional parasraph.^ on th' naval 
bill. Its ultimate passage is resarded 
a:^ assured. 

Politics made sfranse bedfellows — Th-^ 
• bird. .11 at makes siiiins''i'< friend?. 

Dright's disease? Solun Spring water. 


Business Men^s Association 

Will Take Lp Matter of 



Foundation Is Said to Be 

the Cause of the 


Til. West nulu;h Rusin; -s Men's a ■- 
smiatien will dis.-uss the subjci i of inan- 
ufattiuK-^. wihiih has enlist d the atti n- 
lion of al! the coimmi icjal bodies of Du- 
lvi::i recently. It ig probable thai a eoni- 
irr.i'tt'-e will be aifip-iint'd to ( -o-nnoraie 
w ith a like i-om:niu, to be named by th? 
fi'.ianU)t r ef tainmcixc, to meet represen- 
tfiitives of -he city eouneil and i-ninty 
CI nrir.'issiincrs to devise wa.vs and m-an.- 
f f r united ailt/lin fir the ( neourasement 
11.'" .small liidu.-l;ri;s. The 
businc.-s men nf West Dulu.'.i aie awake 
to the necessity of h.ililins oui indu'-c- 
nieius for I'he location of fa ; tries thai 
will furnish oirijiloymcnt I • the idle p.iji- 
tilation of this ' nd of the ci'iy, and they 
can It!' di-pended on lo do Unir full 
shall- in rh- wmk now b: in.s eittlined. 

.\ We.-: Duluth tneihanic, whoassisie.j 
in biiil'lins lae In ids' s on t)niota sU-j; i. 
u r 1. ty-Ilr-t an.! l*")i,.'>-idiiii avenues 
west, which are now iieins :ei>aiied hy 
tile b'aiil of public woiks, said today 
that all .-r the work that is d mc on ilu 
stiper.-trut tun of the biiilge will be un- 
availin.s. The foundation, he .says, is sc;k of the trouhl •, When the iiil. -^ 
for the foundation v.eie drivr-n. h<* said, 
the ( ..ntiaciots ha-; i.i be very careful 
not i ' diivt them too hard for fear of 
lesins tluni in th.- qui.ksand. An cnti' • 
new foundation will be m-.-c.^sary. h" 
said. to ir;ike thun safe. Of all Ih-- 
lit'idses on the siiiet, the one near the 
Huso II >n woiks is in the bf»t condilioj:, 
and it is quite shaky. 

Mis. Mai tin U. Thus dii 1 at noon 
.vciicrday at her h mn . lomer 'if Fifty- 
sixth avenue vvesi am; Hrislol slieet. of 
Ivail ' xhausti >n, after a Ions and SLVir- 
illness. She was ,'17 ytais ol ;isc, ani 
Il iives a husband ami four ciiildri n. The will be h' I'l ioiti'irow mmnin.s 
fiotii St, Jaincs" (.'atholi'.- t'hunh. 

Miss Kate Zci-h di d at her home on 
l-'il ly-nint h avenue vvcsl, near the cor- 
n.i- of Uedruth stie't, last nisht, ased 
P) years. Miss Zeeh had been ill with 
t.vfihoid fevei- sev oral w.'i ks. She was 
formerly employed as a derk in th 
<»nc Cent store at \Vesl Duluth ami 
was vii.v v.i-ll known timon.s the yoims 
peofd. , .\nanseni' nts foi Hi luneial 
have not yci be n ('impleted. 


Th Women's (.'hrislian Tcmtteianc' 
union held a post|)oned meclins in the 
pa 1 lots ol Plymouth ("^onsr sational 
church this afternoon. "Contest Woik" 
was th'' subject discuss-.^d, under ih.- 
Icadetship of Mrs. 11. H. Phelps. 

Th. West Duluth .Mandolin < lub met 
witli \^v. 1. It. Kinney last nisht foi 
Itratticc. Ptiifess'ir Uobinson, who is 
actins as instrui-tor. is pleased with 
the pt'osr ss the club is makins- 

The Worn ns I'^oreisn Missionary so- 
cii ty of Asbury M, K. church will sive 
a "famine lea" at the home of Mrs. 
Sans, corner of Fifiy-eishth av. lui.' 
west and Wadena streei on Friday af- 
ternoon al i;;:;o o'clock. 

The Haptisi Ladies' A'd soiiity nut 
this aft: moon witii Mrs. K. Small on 
Fifty-eishth avcnui- west, between Ni- 
colli-i and Main stre'is. 

Sf-veial street car loads of West Du- 
luth |»eople attintl <l the kciutv of 
Mish'.p Vim ent al the First .Methodist 
church lasi nisht. 

Mis, a. .McDousall went to .St, Paul 
todav to pav a visit to her parents. 

The Wi\st Duluth lodsc A, t). P. W\ 
has decided to sive a .stand ball on th-- 
Monday nisht followins lOaster Sun- 
day. Th • committee of arrans inents 
apiiointed at the last lodRe meetins 
met this mornins and start.-d the work 
of prHfiatins fr>r it. 

Miss U's- A. Mnridiy. ehrk in the 
West Duluth iiostollice. has s<>ne to 
Ashland to visit friends. 

W. T. Towner, stat ■ orsanizer of th': 
I'nited Older of F'nesters, was a visit- 
or in West Duluth yesterday. He re- 
turnid to St, Paul last nipht, 

S. ,1, Nysren carries a comph-de line 
of. wall paper. 

Music al W, D. rink Thursday ev'v;n's. 

Refer Him to Us for Bonds ! 


American Bonding & Trust Co., 

«C0. n. LIYIOUNN, Cm. «(t., 14 PkviiU »lk. 


Has No Worships Tor Sale to Spoin 
or Anyone. 

.Vow York. Mai eh ;;,— The tha: 
S-i ain is n-ST'dialins to buy from Chili 
thiie vvaishiips nuw in i-ourse of on- in Ens'lan-I is i liarai-teilzt.' ' 
as absurd by s*'veinincnt utlli ials here, 
says the \alpataiso coir'Spond' nl o! 
th'- Heiai'l. They lausli at the story, 
iind d'clarc thai the Chilian stvMii- 
iin III has never i-eecivid even th" i"- 
',niHcsl hint fi'jni Si<ai>i as lo the pur- 
I has'- 'f war.-hiji's. It is further stab -l 
that ( hiti has n't intention of paitins 
with any v. ssel of h. r navy, and tha; 
evt n if she woe'jSeil lo sell wni- 
sill|'.«. .'lit would not sell to the I'liit' I 
Stales or Sp.'tin, knowins th; status ' f 
ilie pn sent 1- htlions b'lween th' se iwi 
t-.iiinti i's. 

Cliili hiis only twj ships in lOnrop". 
' h' aPii'trod ciuisei o'Hissi">=- w hi- h 
is nearly finished, and th" s-hool ship 
tbii' ptimiednia, which .vill Ik- lin- 
i.died about the end of ihe year. 


Sprinslield, 111., .March :;.— Adjt. tS-^n. 
peese loilav leii'ived from the Mare 
lidand navy .var'l. .'.oo braml new rille- 
of -Ji; caliber. These rill- s are futnish'-l 
by the Inii'ii States soveinmeni in ev 
chans" for a similar number ol obsolete 
.'iO-c;illber Sprinsh- Id lilles. The new 
sun.-s will be distributed amons th.- vari- 
OU5 divisions of the Illinois naval mi- 
litia, it bitns Hi'" intention to arm til 
troops with tlfse lat"r jtattem arms. 

When you wrint The Evening Herald 
wants, bring what you want. 


««TerrAllne for Consuinplion." 

4 Saved the Life of 
A Lady Wlio Was Dying. 






September 14, iRo7- 
My experience with Tetraline has been very "alisfji- 
tory indeeJ. in one case it saved the life of a lady who 
was dying from a very bid cise of pulmonary disease. 
Her recivery w.-p; pprin;iiiciit. 


TnRRALINE has given new life to many a poor bclnjj wa5(inK 
away with consumption, many a delicate Krowing child. TLRRALINK 
wards off coughs and colds, and cures the earlier stages of consump- 
tion. It is pleasant to take has none of the disgusting and nauseat- 
ing features of Cod Liver Oil, but possesses all its curative «]ualltics. 
Children like it. TFiRRALINli is not a patent medicine. 

Write for "Physicians* Testimony." I'ree. 

Of DruKgists in the U. S. and Europe. The Terraline Cn., Wasinngi.jn. D » 







Diirang's Rheumatic Remedy. 

Wlillr in Wasliincl'in citv some time sintp. ati-l 3t Hie time Pt crwt -.iitlprrr (mm r'lie-iTal|.-tn 
Itie re..'.iTimfiiJ,itii>ii nt Ri. hirj ti. SptiWard. and ellioi-s, I use. I I>itr.iii;;'b Rl>''iim.iii. 
iiri^h.isi 1 llirei' b'ltli:.. .jii.l I am liarr'- '" ■-^'' llie sr, 011 1 UtUlr i nrr.l inr I l>.i\e n.i) ■lotleii 
s J-* .1 testim.ioial. but will clalh (iirnisli \..ii 'ine if \..u ..Irvirr i(. 1 relir miii I.i C.-iIdit'I Pi.-r. e 
vour ritv, who will \.)ii. h tlie aNne. 'S'"iii'- Inih . 

y. •,, |,..,,1 '■-I , p., ...,„,, Vt, 


5old by all Dniggisls 7.S ct; 

• »w V ^r "V ^B* ^r 'Vir ^ "^ 'y^ 5F ^ ^r 



Always sharp shxi with Ihe 


r Starkweather Wonts a Pier to 
Catch lake I ravel. 

.Mayer Slaikw i illn r haii askcl th 
Snpiii'ir (oiimil lo opJer a pirr built, 
rxt.ndiii.s from Hill avenui . near tiie 
t-iiH'ieri-ir .sas '.voiks, on Si?i>eri'ir bay. 
His e imnninii alii". n will li(> into, s-tins t.' 
Dulniih p( .ifiie, an'! a .i-.iti.'n of it is a- 

"1 liist coiu" ivi-d thi;; impoilant pr-i- 
.i' ct last summer wlun in Duluth. On.' 
d.iy, while llicie. .-I st'' r laii'hd .i 
vast crowd if people, TIi- :;<• |icQpl.- 
swarmi d up the i-in ets and gave Du- 
ll Ith 111'- a,picatanci' of a bu-^.v seap'jrl. 
.\im< ns the efwds I notii ed .'=-vrrai 
peisons bound for .SuiK-rior. and. at thr- 
same lime. I n ti'-i 'I pc'iple soing fruni 
Sutpei ior fn iht' piirp' se of Itikinp thi-; 
!=:iime b,iai on its outwaid trip. Ppon 
invi slisat'ion I found Ihat at> 'Ut P.T.tioii 
pi ij'I ■ were lantl. d in Dulut:i fimi 'h" 
various | issenser sb.-imi-is duiins Ih • 
season of ]SH7. It lefiuiied im i'.. ni m 
fitralion to show the Rieai ben: lit vvhi h 
ineichanls. hotel kei.pei,«; and evcr.v 
line of bnsine.=s mir^t receive fnHi: siicli 
an influx of people. Wltih i-onti ttjilai- 
ins ihi' matter, the ';.h'm.shl o.-ciriicd l<. 
me, "Wh.v (-annct we have a landins 
plac in Superior'.'" on eanviissiii-s tlf 
situation with the a.scnts of the vari'Mis 
sic aim.'-'hip eonipanifs, 1 found that on 
ac'cunt of the dilli< ult.v of passins 
thi'iush the new In and up into 
Tovvci liay slip, they wmuM iml make 
oui- city a resulai si"|.))iiis I'la'c, but if 
wc would construi-ta pier su'^li as thai 
li-. ."(-in pioiicsei, .rhey vviuhl slop risn- 
laily on their trip? for tlie loadins aiil 
unl.vidins "t freishi, and the lakitis 
i.n anil dis(«niharkins of ipassen^ers, 
f)ur merc-hants have (■omplain''d to me 
that the trade alons the south s!ioic. 
belonsins t' our wholesale and n ; ail 
'.no chants, is entirely m-iiioiMiiized by 
Duluith bi cause the boats iiin direelly 
t ) and from Duluth and when they 
have any fr:-isht to ship, it musi be 
S' n.1 to Dulutih. I am assiiri <l by th ' 
line of boats supplyins tha south ; hon 
I>oints that if this pier is cons-liuil. d 
t'hat iill ihi ii- b >ats will stop, s'fins anI 
i-.vmin.L\ and. n.>t only that, but thai 
all ficisht and rn'^--'nri''i'' destined l • 
p. lints Hlong the noith sh.ire will l.-- 
Daktn up tioi-n and landed on the sai.l 
pier. This m-w line of boats to Mi -lii- 
san points will also < all ea(-li way. I 
have lak'.n this mattei ui> vviih a srcai 
n»an.v of our business men. for Ih'- 
Kason thai it r: f|uires the outlay if 
considerable mi-m.v. ami have .vi t to 
find om- that is n'K enlau-iaslic in his 
aipi'iviil of it." 

Th- Supi-rior cnuii -il ii;is referred th- 
i iuittci :■! a .-.innnitt e^ 


Thkdrcadf d disease is oflr n 
the resoH of a simple cold, 
which W\t\z neglected, rap- 
idly develops into pneumo- 
nia. It is especially prevalent 
at (his lime of (he year and 
should be guarded against 
by wearing a BENSON'S 
PIa!s(er over f he chc^t. In all Throat and Lung 
affec(ions Rhrumatism, Sciatica, Lunibago» 
etc., BENSON'S Plai-lers afford immediate 
relief. Accept nosubslitute; serious results m.iy 
occur by wearing a pb.sler which the druggisl 
chims (faIsely),isjoMasgood. BF':NS0N*S 
CURES - Substitutes do not. Price, 25 cents. 

•„ 51 


One tviul will convinct you 


^Wc lijvo a brick house with all 
modern improvcmenfs, heated by 
Ivtt w.ifer, in a central location, 
belonuin^ to an estate, which we 
offer for sale at S4250.00. This 
property is now rented for over 
lo per cent upon the price asked. 
For furtiier particulars sec 


Wic W Ii » non poiarmo*)* 
ri-m'-'tv for 'lonnrrhTH. 
I newt, ■'^ pi' r mm .< t r tifrd. 
Whiti"*, uiinnttirftl iji»- 
fhsrE-i. i>r «nv InflnDiinn 
lion, iiiitnli'.u I'l uli:er«- 

ti.'n ..f til II r f. n a oi'm 
ti'cE«N6CHtMiriinn. bf*"^"- Non aiitiiin;i.iil 
Sold by nrnccUla. 
'or (n-nt III pliin wrnpper. 

I'V •■»pri'««. pi»p«ii1, f'lr 

• l.tKi. "( .-1 l".ltlf*. J,;.:.'.. 

OUc«l»r cent «• m«umI, 

"V rOUR horse being alvvavs f-harp slin.l. i= 
^ ready for Work. Hi . fe"t are abvay; 
ill Rood conditi HI, and lie i; not cousfntitly 
al till' blacksmith's being sharpeuel. which 
ruin; his feel, eaiisin-^ ered exoeu-^L- and 
loss of time. Ue!iie'.Jib''r y III I ail laalv 
put in ii'w eilk- vvlicii ii'-el'l ir'<ilif<l n - 
inorilir/ Ihe tilioes. 

T/ifxr ('idks iihsobilely /urnuf- 
Hlippinj, for Ifien -n ' .*tr>'. 

Be sure yotu hor-e- hoer ImR " 
slip*" on haii'l : liiive liiiu fih'ie with no 
other. Sen I your ad lit . for de'-eripUve 
rii-etilar with full itifov iialioti. nni'.ed fnr. 


New Brunswick. N. .1. 

NICOLS « OCAN, AoMili, SI. fut, Mlitn. 

Mlanit|ioliB Iron Slera Cv., Aftntt, Mimttaiwlii, Mlrni. 

THEY OFFER $100.00 

For mnv Damn of Itmrvoum or Sonual 

Wmmknmmm In Mmn Ihmy Trmat and 

Fall lo Curm. 

No fake cure, but .t >«. i'atil itic freatinent 
,idtnini>itereij bv plivs,, i,in>; in (;ood stand- 
ing, and sptcialitti ir ttivir Mnv. The St.ite 
Medical Companv one^ I osl Vitalitv. 
Nervous and Sexuil We.4kness, .tnJ re- 
stores ? ife Force in old -ind young men. 
Tliev will gtiiraiitee to lorr yoii or forfeit 
fiiyi should tlipy fiil, where their meji- 
lines ,iip liken .uioiilinc to diieclioir^. 
No moflty rtquirtd in advanca, [deposit the 
inoiipv with yitiir b.inl%et ('• b*" p.ii'l to 
them when voii ,«re. niej not befoip. Ihe 
State Me.Jiial Coinpinv is ,111 inc'irporated 
I oinpanv with .1 sto, K of $-7<^'<,nO'), 
Mul their is M'Uth I'Kicent-. on 
llie ijoji.ii. riirii tipitinrnt is Iriily a 
MAGICAL TREATIIENT, ..n,] m.iv be taken .it 
home iin.ier their 'lirP' tion>», or (h'*V will 
p.n' r.iilro.iil fare .Tn.J hotel biH*^ to .ill vvh'i 
prefer to co b^'i-,. if lli«>v f.iil t'> 
ciif. Thi-^ ."oinptnv dors not -.iipplv .inv 
thing free; Ihev chirg'' .1 rea-^onible pri- •• 
iftheveffe.t a cure, and iiothinc if they 
don't, and tlfv will tell you e.\jctly what 
it will C'tst |>ebire you tike it. 

Full information on recitie -t. Write l'.i- 




nentiv iiirel In IS '" C? Jisvs. Y"'i ■ *n be tre*lej .i! 
Iiome same pp'-e i»n.lersamepii«Miiii If m>ii pre- 
fer t'l tome hefe w villi ■ 'intr,t- t l'> p.\ rAilr'.aJ far* 
an-l ti'-t"! hill., and no . hurpe. if «••■ Ijil t-i . lire. It 
V"U tic e > tl^rn mmtfHM, t»#l)», paUrti .int «.ll!l b»v e 
a. Ii's ani i-jins. miw<M>t D**<.Mt m mo'itti ytr* 
Miraat, f*mrt«. e«ff*' e#»«t»d »ptt«. i^Mrt .n an, 
pjri t I'" ! '1 Hair at avo^aw* ^aWnf a«(, If Is 
(hi . Saean¥»ry Vfii roHa^ %"• H'l <• "<• • t , .ire We 
sill, il iiii m -a i»(nt)miia cw» wwl tti aW ati M <ln w»W 
(or a ea«t wt eaniiai fura. Ti... I.'.e4,» lu. divvj., s 
baHM IN tkin •( Iht matt m mn wl ftitkum. $(0d,. 
000 . 1; I'll I'.-tiint "ir iin. ni liti.' r'"t. Akaa- 
lirt* araal* --eni ^"alol 'ii .ippil. a.-.n AH"- -^ COOK 
RCMKOr CO., Ills MMm«€ Trniplt, CMoas*. IH- 

I ■^^^■" 






A Chance 
Of a 



500 p:iirs «>f l-.uiics', 
rUs5es' and Children's Slioc.^ 
(size-; i^ to 4!/j> 
to be sold tomorrow at 

bfs:-- if.n» r!.:w 3:,*MV5 ,M<1 lor $.ViH>. $.V50. S4.o\i and $5.00. 

.;i;i Dtllulh li.l'; r\»T 

!ctt ..! i.'iir puroh-tsf 

: ,.; I'i White ii 

C'tii!' Hi i.Iic nioin- 



Shoe 5tore-.. 

Ill West Superior Street. 


Vfrthiiiioiiiiil InfelicUies Aired 

In the Dtstricl Court 



I Defendant Admitted Wife's 
Allt*(jations and the Separ- 
ation Was Granted. 

Ii'fi and linmoraliiy. M.iry fugaii ae- 
riiiv.i a liivon-i' )i-uin J>ihn <'i>Kin urt ili. 
.^nuiii.l III I rihUy. 

Jiiil;;!' Aloti Kianti'.: Mary I.. o'T'.ii n 
:i tlivKii'i' fiii.n LawiiMut' tri<ii<*ii m 
ili>' KiKiind of huljiiuiil i)iiink»-iiii"'?J< aii-l 
iriii'lly. Sho hstiiWd l*iat lnr liii.-- 
iiuiuj Mii'l Ir r oil S»'<'<*i)i1 sitcfi iiiif «la.\ 
and Kiu"k«'d ht-v down aiiJ oihcr wil- 
ui'.xses tfsiliic,; that iht-y t>uil schu v\\' 
di-ans o!" his cniclty. They w. re iiiur- 
11.(1 it\ St. Paul In 1N*<5'. ;»i'd ih.'V an- 
L'St and :!!• yt-ais of uf;<-. Thry ha\»- two 

I htldtiM. 



Are Speculating Now on the 

Committees President 

Cochrane Will Name. 




{^j3aTn. l-r^ri^t, PaUarli-. 'Phone N'o. 9. 

'A . A. F«X>1«?. 

■ 'III 



I .-I.-' 

.M-s i>jtii-.- l;.i-.-'i; .1.1- !• ja: .i.iuallaj! 
ri<in (he I'uhith lJu>tiu«'«»-; uiiiveisity, 
; 1 K IIH-. .i?5 stenog1a|vhcr tor th" 
ii'i.- I. til- la>arani->- .•ompany. 

.,...-% A t'.i-f^an;, of IImT VVt-si rtvi- 
;v-rii.>r .-i!.--'-.-!. !>.'i'i !ab' ••V''nin;r fof un 
-xf rxl-i v\:,\: mtii iflativ.-i atui 
in- I.'!.-- n .\f'i!in>.'a!. 

\i: J \V. Sh'-i-lilHii v,ill Uav.' t'.d.ty 
, • ,1 . -;r >v ith !v'i' ['. nt> at L'oiui'-il.. . 

r. Hf!'' tr;i, ill I"aV'?l lliis --VI I ill >4 i'l) 

i.irk» IS. 
M. Pa,.r- 

. IK ins. 

,\ y •..-*■;. .rd.-iy. 


,1 = , J. M 



V^asi -i 11 

>ai ii'.rii 

.11. i .\1. 
■•n; a;i\''-.s 

iV.::' ■ ill L 

■" - l>.>U!d .>: 

Jr.. l>. W 

WilUari:^ aiil I >. Kii^ 

Minn. a!i .li"*, and !'. .1 

.Sli'^ fiaiius in h'l (x-ru- 
. ■••■ iMiy rail'd To kv'.-p I'v 
i.etvvt-f'n S»' ^ 

■...■. rT'.nes vv".''-^ . 
■ M:.;l . - ' ' i"a :i 
.■-it i'r . . t.--' >ln> 
■ -h'-' wa« ''adl\ hurl. J. dm J- .! 
1 .Jr., i- h. r .iti'.ra' y. 
T!i K:-:);,'.'.:* 'iVin| lui'l th ■!;■ (,.n..- 

■ ni.iii! 

i\.L .: ". >■[ -Vian>-hf«I> I'. N. fl. 

! \. 'iiay. of' Suan Uivt.'t', r;.;!.-.; : \ 

s . 1j. luis :his ^ft<:'fno>»i!. 

i>. U'iliarn.-^, .if Mai k'-r^an. "ii' i 

i-i- I .1 Knj? mrjrhiUUH of C'^nutil \\*i.>*- 

1 -m 11. i> 111 iJulu'h ; > l;iy. a £?iifst at .h.- 

- :i: !:ii;;'. 

lir-, .V. I^..ii C. llul- -■ :. - . . n: "f 

;ri <'liv . Miiiuti :■ >n;; any, i>tuint-d 

...iiv I"; Ml .1 ;rLii .<v^-r ;h.' Miiun«'>;a 

ii:.H- ira;{ d> of mninmonial 
iTi .:. ■■; . Miii.ily. lUin-iiding ti|ion thi- 
>.iun.ljMniii II. mi which it i.s ivfjarded, 
v\hiLh is an uitfiulatit <>f r-very tt-riu 
of th.sti'i.-t voiiM. wa;* on< ■ 
niijif ihis iiioriiini:. All thr .• r.MMn,< o; 
.listiiit ciiiui rn{;a«.'d ni'oii ti\- 
%■ : i-cs. anil dtirtiig the nnunint; 

■ vatiofs klndi* of doni.-slic lnf«-litilv 
{ Wl'I'" laid hare h.-foit- ih- <i»i»ir ami hr 
si^tM-tators who swaini'jU to ijidiilv- 
ih Ir muil«;d lasief with the maliilud.. 
of ftriVtiW- atVa!r.< that must oi h; cs- 
sity In- cxhumcd Jviiinp th • pro^ics^i ot 
diMiMv triiils. I'ouit No. 1, vvhii • tht 
partifr* ami th..»f I' uml \vltne«si> 
waili-d uiild !hi-ir taci-s w H' < alt ■'» 
wa** i'r.>wi1o(l, iind Lhors.:; who vVfir 
awaittns th li tuin lo iak»» th. i>al>'.i 
into thv di'^|»«"!=! tonss.-s of ilielr p-i 
vat:* IlVf?" iiianif stly i-iijovi d th.- imn- 
fort uf «-oinpai»ioii!ihii. In nii.«..ry that 
was artoidod thfiii Uy ih.' cases o.i 
trial. Th-'iv i^' a gnvat sanicii:'ss ii 
ihf sn«'it»:=>din3 fHvon r- days in dtsiri' i 
i.iuit. Th.- .-^aiiir uld talt-s of tii^v- 
liatcts thai h'lV'- ivsiilnl iinhajipilv 
tjirntsh lh^• nej;!''<i. vliioiisnts.-* an.! 
(olrtiicbs of one party .ir th- oth -r ac 
lol.l nv. 1 and . v.-r a^iiin. .-nth .-oni 
jilaiiiant ifiliiiR thi- slot y a;? if ht-r < as. 
wa-i thv fUM of ih.- kind. The sj-ndei 
i,-: iifiwl a.ivisi illy inr by far Ih- yrcat« r 
uuinh' ! of th.' siippliiaiiTs f<M- liv-'lon> 
ai" w.inu'n. 

F-ifflit i1i\ oiv.s wrr.' granted t.y th. 
Ihr" judges thi:' rt..>rtMn>r, and ih-r 
iir.- s. veral oaS'.-s y<-t to 'it- hcar.J. It» 
nnn- of rh,' > *s.t' that \v ro lii'.rt wa^ 
thf .-.uil suet c.-<sftil. ihoufjli .s-v.-ial w-i> 
coniinu d for n>'»r.> ,vid»-m-'- or fm ih. 
.-oru'iK'n "i d f-.ns in ih-- pl.a.linKS 
Th.. 'Mily ^.■«^•' of piii>li«' Int. nil wa 
thv shortest and .ii:i. (•■««t of the y.ssi.m 
Tiial was iho case <'.l Klh-ii »:. .Mt-nd.-n 
hull ;i;r.iin>'t Mith i M..ii.kiihii.l ioi- |H 
vo:«\- t-n til- i;TOund nf dt-ivition. Th< 
.asc was h.Hi.l l.y;o Cant in Cotir. 
No .'.'- l.-'wis :>pi. .li.d ioi 
Ml-- .\P-nil.-iihn!l. and th- only -vit 
ii^s>.j* ^^.•|■.- :h.- plaintiff an.l h. r s<-.i> 
Austin. Th-' papt-rs in the . ase w.-r- 
n..t lilt.l until this moriiinK. and ili. 
roiuplaint is a vriy hritf- on--. I' 
lU' iviitt-s ihit th niHuUii nan. 
„f the pl.iUitlfr was Kll'.-n K- Wnisoii 
that sh.- 
band 0> 

.I ■p^i tak-ti ia unU'irri' ar 

tn>.-i' l'-" th" <-.'. r.:i: 

] .- ■ >, nil.. II h"ll 

aped -7 

Iliw r ■ ■ ' ill t'h:.- 

■■. "> ».,- ,.;.,.,^hX ^< -■ 

V. \> ho ka^ 

II. ft. 

. \V, W.ilk':.- and uiff. of Twi 
s. ai i;.i' -.•i a: th»- .^l. l..otii.->. 
TaJiioys and J. C Pm.I.-. ,.f Kvr. 

I Die. 

1. ■ , 

. .11 <. <..ri .if .\li'.'- 

:•')•-' a:\ «tf<jt. ■!:*• 1 

; lis icit 

ni-. in". ' - ' 

••..i 11.;- 

I .lie si"ts;s at lilt- St. (,i)ui.-*. 

'. !• !, .vty uiid F. N. Waifurr. w>n 

ki. . : .\l : nil: apiilif* insurant nifn, aiv 
u'-ilval." at ih Spaldinu. 


.'i-tnii '"...- .--.:-. I.' i '•. I 
for the .•it'i-fi'Hi "( <i 
tivvpHinj; on Third sti 

Tenth ami i:i"\.-iUh 

1 ,; ■• \\ in^iia. 
;. <,<i\ liim. 

li, KticiinehiiiS' 
:;i' I.i;- arrivals . 
Ki. ; \ ;\ I li's 
■.1 1'" I i-i > .,1.. anvl 


ill ill" li; 



. -iilan 1, i>; amiiij; 
S:. Liiuis. 
.iin- up fr.»in Miim-- 

1 •iiisitifd a: tiie S:. 


6o<m1 Ad>ice By Ihe CUv Teletirnph 

;.•• Eililot of Thr- iltrrald: 

■ .r- :.-< '.!•" iii-an:- Hi ih-- h-rid^^ 


. I ». «:iiM..-. ..: i:ivu.-;.t:ii r. \Vi=., 
Iicsisicted a: liie S|ialdin.s: i.KJa\. 

Jitmt'.H C. Hfvbt, of Minn, apolis. »\hi> i.« 

Inr?i'.st<:-d in ffuld iiiinln.;^ property near 

JM'Tic- Cin>i. uiiiv'-d in rlie i?lty this 

I a:'t- Ml.. .11 .till ; -; - - . I a: th.' .Si)al''.- 

' lie- 
Max N -i!!, of Wa-sid'iini.'. 1.^ anion:; 

todai's a:i'iva!s a., ih>' St. l.iuis. 
FxtiTil.: .Johns, n!. r s.. i'.uil. is a ijuest 
tHt .hf^ Si. Lv.uis. 



- : ^ .,! ,;'- '..V'.-.ini^- fir.'.-- ill 

mdr invii'ULi y that ^.h.-uld b" brou!;hi 

' > ih'-ir -lit -Tition thioimh ilu- mf.ltum 

M!..':-i \i-. Ul': jll'.!Trk.ils 

',..'. ^ ,-,..-;r'-:.; in»-rcurhil Ihv- 

-iiL.Jts ;iir<.u.i;hovr. th" pr'-miscs in 

. "i <nr'.r (hat woiUfi InilU-at-,!: imni.Ui- 

i»lcjv, at liVi- d.parnn nt t kt^riph s'a- 

tt.T:-', .tiii' ir.'jrvas" ■'• r-innprattnv 

, •,,,*'- v.*;..; '■'..- .i''la;-; ii!i..ii ••:■ in 

Th-F- it-inperaujiv intriiatinR' drv ■ ••- 
are oniy of df-rld..d valu'- wh«n j.; t t 
.:. -.ttvif-v tht'>ii&hi'ui th- Imilding- d.-- 

^•^•■■i l€» 1'" vvt .-tfd. fnr oI.m.ius r -i - 
,'jiti. and th.'v should !■ ^" msiallt •! 
lUut th«.y '.vviUWl indiva'.i.- ih-- cxact ap.K 

ityv.;-.!, b> .TUlnC■!.ll..^r t.> .i- 

pUced up.->n :. . 'nt ol' th.-" buiUlin--' 

near ih»» si'lewalk. so that ih-^ mvinb-rs 'fru-nt-y i.>r the New York JjiiV Insmaiiot 
of the fire (i*'pai'l;:i .-r.t. iif'ti turiv al. [ , .iiitr«i.ny. i.; in th.^ city to in 1 1 r. i 
\^«:iuid 'i"' dlnri-d. ■.^i:il"!ll •:•■■■ ; 

^■. I, .■;•-• th 

\V. H. liobinsoii, .if W.inii 
l'.:-'.'i ii' the .^:. l-oms. 

K. r^- Arnold, of Minn'--.i!'"!is. ;■ .x 
g^:-. -. a. ih" Sjialilins;. 

.\ i' {■*» ri ii-. iiKTiibei i»f the if-;?ishi.tan.' 
fiv-ni >i!a.inf!d. and \\i.:\\ ai ■ •.^'j--sts .".t 
^hf Spalding. 

n .1 M.::.M"r. (If .•^rilhva:- r. is in th" 
fi:v-. a ^ur-s; at tht S;. kmiis. 

li. li. Stiirrevant, supriintvndcnt .>t 
:-.!': Pionf-er mint ai Ely. is in the city, a 
*;ot.-t .-i ; :h»^ St. Loui.-;. 

<'iss\ F^itzprf'saM an-.! her :r.>iipe nf 
'lay. la t"ok iliiuiit tid.iy m -.hf. SpuM 
»ni:. Th. c >ni|kany phiy.d a: .\shluinl 
la-;: r.j;iht, and chl,-* aP!"fiioou went u 
.<.. i^jLirt. V. ncr.- ;hfy \\ ill to- 

(■.'.'•:•"■■ (■ Si|Uii> -i. oi St. Prtu!, :ii- 

iha' in lh>» i.: m; 

-.\' t-ss- oH hial haa '"ausv! (h-.- .:--»-i'- lo 

,< rforir. it.'s duty. 

Th." apparatus Y ' i s. lined ii.!' 

' -'i «dopt€d in laif,-: viti*^ and hn^ 

i iniJlions of d.-iiUu.-s to j.rop •(;. 

; - . nii'l It.-i introdiK'tHni alxo 

■t..;.". '. ,; ' ,litcrifin of insuraii'-- 

Tai- .^. ti .-■' '» -t any theap-John »on- 

iptvaric" and do s nn a-ily s"t oxix of 

' '! -. t:on*scqiieii» t-. VVhtoi |Ta|>,nly 

fully ii;stalifd it im-Utd'-s ..u--- 

j: .till r-s;nlar in»p-< t'on f-y th-» 

;"«('!.fr aufhoriti •» .nid .. ii\ 't iharg" 

.■ . iiit iianc". with.Mi" >. bii'h it 

■ t and rr Hid not b> i-xnMt..-.l to 

"niativ. s of l.'i.- lire InsuraiK*? ".-ni- 
I.aiurs i". Hdjii.*^ the lots ai Ihf Cha.n- 
b*.!- of t' itmn^r ►- buildinif. Mr. S'luf. s 
i:- r sis:t a" th.- Spalding. 


tiallsfHCtioii thr ptil.dic d. 

^\\ — 

Via'"!. A petfei't ftre alarm ("Urjcraph 
.-v«t. la i« only attain, d by di.- umr- 
■..■i. ailnpT i.ti'>ii •! thos.- hislort.*a! 
*<>i<is: "Kt -rna! ^ig11.-^nl ■ is ih.- pru 
.if Uberty." Yours .11 uly, 

i5t»peii«t.-r.d. ii: (.I'i T-l.-prraph. Fti- 


Duluth. -Mar. h :'• • 


i| ili 

•iL;uil; ;hf kind frb-nds art-i 
.h,i J.." s -nfrously a*«sis;-.'d 
th--- a. I " ; of my wif . 

Xii.-if" at W. r> rink Thursday ..-v- hr. 

Mr. Joerns* Position. 

To til- Koit'-r of Til.- Ib.-rfll.l. 

In last "V Hindi's issii" your r.ipoi t- r, 
nit^riin^r t.' tli'.- i"i rtit <!Ly .•{■•rk von- 
ti-^'. i.'i!s(iuotn-d III' as li,i\in!? sai'l, 
that bad I really b, en ali-r the oflic-. 
I thought I v.ould hav 1>-(Mj abb- to 
make a ii^-tPr ."howing. This report 
i:i in. orrect and in JusHk- lioth to my- 
self and th" Kentb-imn win* kindly 
t.'tvored Jite with their i'i-!ntldenoe calls 
lor a d"nial. What I di«i say v.a.= thai 
my candidacy was tiui a per3(»nal oijf 
and I hat it original d with some .if tin- 
aldcMnien thfni.<»elvt!»: also that it was 
unpleasant to nu- to '.•.; •■onsideroil au 
api'licnttt for ofhc.-. 

So far a.s the result of that c<mt<»st is 
concrtud, f pr<sum. it is in fvry ix-- 
'^^pMt what the situati.jn warranteil. ! 
am tof. d»'.ply s.-nsible of thf' cotupli- 
nw nt of th.-' (insoliclied support of my 
tiicnds in the '-..uncil to iinltilgo in any 
rrtlicism as to the oiitfom", v.'hi.-h is 
ejilJrely suilsfart-.-ry to m-. 

\V. C. JOEP.NS. 

rxiluih. -Mai eh ;<. 



Fills the hill to perfection as a health beyerap:e, as a 

pleasure beverage, or any way you drink it. 

m. BLITZ BREWING CO., Milwaukee, Wii.rU. S. A. 

[y. :a ve;irs of ase and h^M- has 
that thty v.en- marii.-d ii 



th I 


l-'.b. 7. I.*<il7; llial th- .» 
• lived in ])ul>ah sine 1S70: iba 
' are tv.u sons. Watson an.l Aus 
and that th" .b-f.-ndaiit .l.s, :te.' 
th" plainiilY in August., isy.'. and h 
sliue <-..niinUed to live apait trom her 
She ask"d nothin«r but -liv.irr.- in h. i 
(..mplaini. an.l the testimony v, r\ 
bri.rlv and Pimply v.ent on to b ar ou 
the alksalions of the « .wnplaint. Th. 
d. lemlant put in an answer. «1^", ^••'> 
brief wiitt.->ii bv himself, in which hr 
in as f. V. w.nds as iM.ssl'.le. admtls al 
of th" allegations of the c'>mplaint, 

Xo aliinonv was asked, but Mrs. Men- 
d.-nhall asked that the decree pr.ivid. 
t|.at the p"rsonal property in h-r home 
on Thiivl strefl. with the exception ol 
. rie iMiokcase. he declar*^! her own. All 
that she aske.l was srante-l and the cast- 
was c included. 

Judffe Cant aHo heard the case of f arl 
J P.en.-«>n a.s{aiiist Mary lienson for .li- 
vod-p on the gr.iund of gros< immorality 
and inhuman treatment l.\\ard the 
plaintiff. Th-y are 44 and :;7 years oi 
a-e and ihev wore married in Roches- 
ter ' Minn.. Dec. -'4. 1S77. The plaintifl 
also alb-ses t'lat his wilV luol deserleo 
him for four year.s last past. On th* 
witness stand there was s nne tfstimony 
to show th'Jl the wife is now living with 
another man. though it wis not kn.iwr 
whether or not she ha.l goiif through 
the form of a marriage with him. and 
the case was continued fir more testi- 
monv along that line. 

.I,-n.iie Smith se.ur(.Ml a div,>rcP from 
ri.arU s I. Smith i»n the ground Cf de- 
sertion .lating from I.>ec. 1. l.S!t.'.. They 
aie 29 and 31 years of age. weie married 
in May, 1S<9. ami have two children 
Hciirv" Kiishinsky s./i-ured a divorct 
fr.,-in"lda Kushinsky .^n the ground ot 

iJefjre Judge Knsign there wa? on 
trial .It noon a t-oute-t.-.l div^jrce case 
ll.(- only on.- of the grist that did not 
gu through default »i the parly wh.. 
shonl'l have def.-ii.led. Annie S.-.itt 
aged :n. asks for a .Hvorf^ rrom Frank 
Sf-.dt. ap«-d r>4. on thv ol 
tiueliy. non-support and adultery. 
They \v.-re inarri.-d In Saginaw. Mi. h,, 
ill ISSD, and in her complaint th.- iilaintifl 
charged her husband with b.-atiiig her. 
choking her. threatening her life. a<-cus- 
ihg her with adultery with dUTerent 
parties, an.l other kinds of .lu^liy. Sh«^ 
also charged him with adultery with 
i'Prt.ain women. In Ills answer the de- 
lendant ( -uiteiitpd himself with a simple 
denial of her ihargfs. 

On the trial this morning he waa th.' 
first witness, being called by the plai'i- 
xiff for cross-examination under th- 
statute.'. IT.' took the opportunity ol 
placing himself on record in regard t.. 
the .'harges. Ele admitte.l that ihcr 
were a good many nuarrels, but he al- 
l.'g.'d that he did not lake part in them 
He .said that If l».- «ain- int.^ the hous- 
with a lillb- snow on his shoos .-'he vm»uM 
pi.-k Into him Hk.« a meat ax. but h.- 
never pernilticd hiins.-lf (>• f|UaiT.'l with 
her. Tiio plaintiff, a small but .1- t^-i 
min.-d-looking Individual. t«dd hei stoi.\ 
in no mu-ciiain toims. Sh..' sabl thai 
for a long while, when .=he was visiting 
her pan-nts. he only sent her JP", \Vh.';i 
hv Indii'-'id hor to to .Vshlatid an 1 
live with him she foun.l only a few 
piece's of fiirnituie. Including a set of 
bed springs on Ih.^ rlour. Wlu-ii hor ;il- 
toniey asked h.-r what on the bed 
siv .««aid. siiMppI<hlv an.l disgu.=t«-.lly. 
•• blankets." Tlie case was stU 
oil trial at noon, an.l th»-re wej.- a lanr. 
number of witne.sses wtiiing outside of 
the room, wh.-r.- th* y had be.-n sent 
nt the re<iuest of the defendants attor- 

Judge Ensign granted a divorce to 
.Martha .larchow from Honty .V, Jar 
f-how. on the gniunds of cruelty. Th- 
husband put In an answer 1n w hb h lo- 
denliKl thitt he ha.l been cruel t.> her. 
und alleire<l that she w.oil.) have be. ii 
all right had it been for his mother-. 
In-law, whom he alleged ha.l worke.l 
upon her nervous coiwlilion to g.d her 
to bring .'»uU. He wlthfliew his answer 
however, and the case went by default. 

Annie K. laira got a divorce from 
P.dward J. Lura on the groiin<l of non- 
support and desertion. Lizzie D. John- 
son rt-celved a divorce fiom Charles I. 
Johnson on the ground of cruelty, neg- 

County Board May Want to 

Know Why Tax Cases 

Are Neglected. 

'I":;. lUiity 1 ..aK'. at Us r.-?;ular 

Hoirihly met linn t.muiir.iw afu'inonn. is 
•liiiL'tt likely to lake .^.aiie impoitni a:Hio!i 
in iigard .to tax matter.-. Fir one ihin.g, 
ii i* imMx^Ule that the slo.vness that 
in ihe past aLO-nde.l tiie b-gal pi .c.»SP-.-s 
■ I tax edit ■-.ions will be s.-verely c.-n- 
■aiti'rt. and that the county at.oiney will 
be a-iki I to piLsh tax matieis pi a hnish. 
.Ls wt-ll as the suits againsi the 
•.nvn » f .lefuiiot b.inks, insiuiice, th. 
'.lun.y a a.irney nia> b. aske.l ab.jiu 
..i.w. personal properly tax ra.^fs that he 
■!.-(iled !.n th.- bate tax. wi..'^:..iai p.-nai- 
if • or interest. be< aus.- the owners of 
the pioperiy ); I to pay within i 
;j, I., time, '"ii-.sf- owni-rs wfre tihe .jwii- 
-j.s if pntilb- fnin.'hisrs. anc' not .mly d!.1 
hty gt I vhi- .-.un:y attorney t.> si.ib 
.\ (;;h<;i'.». tile p-^nalties and interest, im: 
.\>ih >u: inclu linj.; the tax. ..n their fiaii- 
.'hises. whii-n was dispu'ted. The ouiiiy 
w. !nl Loiiccured to settle these casts 
•iiiTiply l>e au.Sf i; was Infinned that 
UMi ) it p-iy'in-nt would bw made, an! 
sp '(.lally because tlie attorney who 
iiadt- the hitib.iunt ii.imisid that th." 
Otili! h Oas and Water com.pany! 1 
>ay up at th.- tigure on wiiich ih.y 
;r>jiled. Id w.(s prluirioally to gei this 
non.-y ft. tin the gas and wai.-i' " nnj.aiiv 
hat ih.> board made the s.-tileaieii.. 
Vk; bi»t one or twi> .>f tii,^ small'-i com- 
•anies have isild, and the gas and wa. r 
<imi...iiiy has no; paid ."iie cent. Th.* 
'unty boa!. I will |n-obably ask C.>un;y 
Vft^-'iney .\rln;iy why this is and w iiy, 
,\J>eii he .=aw ihar tlie companies w;-iv 
Mi going t'l I'a.v. Ir-" did luu take st^^jis 
•» tcfoicv pa>inint as h-:> lutl inomisiHl. 
.\no.hfr n-aa-.! that will pr.tbably b, 
ak^n up will be the sheriff's l»ill fo!' 
•.<?r\ ing sumiiuinses to pay personal 
•r .eity tax. The .•ommissiont''rs s.-ni. 
im'.- ago ..bjt(.'td U laying a l^ill of 
b-ju; J!«iO Service. b..oaus" the s.'r- 
ii." has be^n iivu'e hy mail insl.-ad I'^f 
er«'.ii.(lly. The bill had uhiadi b" n 
•ai'l. a. hi lii.- .iii"stion was wh.^ther the 
'1. -itV sh'Hil 1 b, asked :.i re:urn it. H' iha. if th.- b..ard deci.b.-.l that h^ 
• as he WlUU! loturn it, and it is 
ik"ly thai th" b.ia-d will ask him t.> do 
hat a I iti^ sc^si m t.>moiT iw. Fuithei- 
...iO. the .ehiiilf will be InstTucti^.l to 
p'lk.' tcrs-.nal s-r\lcf cf i,eisonal i>i'|'- 
r;y tax notices In the future, and make 
•n ofPii't to collr.i: them, l! the pa.'-- 
:i.uis are ii.^t male, he will l>e c.vpf'-t-^d 
... s'-aivh fa- j.i-.ipeT'ty m n^.tac^h. as th- 
HW pi, .vide:'. This has not be-n don- 
a the past li> Hiiy oflict-r in this tounty. 
•tid it will pi.>bably i.--.«*uli in a larger 
.fopoi-tlon of III' taxes h« ing paid In Ih" 


rhe Positions Which Rumor 
Assigns to the New Alder- 
men— Other Guesses. 





\inerir.ans and Exotics Will 
Again Saturday. 

Th.- curlers will have another intei-- 
nati'.nal contest at the rink Saturday 
evening and th" exotica will try and 
iiury their defeat of a couple of w. cks 
igu in a blaze of iilory. The rinks will 
play as follows: 

Kxotics — .\mericans. 

A. .MacUae. F. N. La Salle. 

F. N. McLaren. J. F:, Catlin. 
r,. F. Mackenzie. D, W, Stocking, 
n. J. MacLeod, .skip.i'. B. WoodrulY. 

Th.'ie are num. lous sp.-culations as 
to the personn.-l of the (uuin-il commit- 
lees. the a ii] H li lit nieii t s lo which Presi- 
dent C.M-hran • w ill probably send to th- 
council .Monday ninht. Il is g nei.illy 
th.iught that Alib-rman wil! 
g.i on th" auditing an.l tinanc- com- 
mittee, in place «if Abb-rman Hal.-; on 
till- claims and ac<-<iunts co.ii ib:i.-e hi 
place of Alderman Jefferson, md a:- 
uhatrman th<.ii;ih. and on th.- lire .k - 
.•■a'liiunt ' .imoiitie ■ in pla..-.- ot Alder- 
man Simpson, but ii'il as i-h.iirman. 

Alderman N'.lson is pla<-ed l.y ./.oi- 
j: I tnr.' fin the bridges and viudu. is 
lommitt.-e. iiossilily as chairman: on 
railrcads ami transptiilation t'nd \n\i- 
.-hasing and supplies. Alilerman (liif- 
nii. il is predii led. will have a pko. •- 
on drains, sr-wtrs ami parks. ij.issiOly 
as chairman: on lity property, buil.l- 
ings antl mark is. an<l. possibly, har- 
bors, d.nks and lunn.-ls. 

.\lderman Kiumsieg. iiredictio.i 
(ilai-fs on tire d.-partrneiit. light and 
water und iniblk- .iftb-es, .itlb-is fin. 
.'lections. Ald.-iniaii Cmmwell is as- 
signed to harbors, doiks and tunnel ;. 
police and license ami purchasing and 
suppli s. 

\ K-e President Crassweller. in a - 
...rdancc with custom, in ihe case »\ 
the vi<-e pivsidi>nt. will be given aboiii 
what he wants. It is surmised tha: 
II" may In- chairman of ordinaiu^' an.! 
ju.liciaiy and will be .m waterworks, 
aiul. .in lire d.'partment again. 

Alderman Crowley, it is ih.iught. nu'v 
be .m waterw.jiks, and is assigned also 
(o polic' and lii-ensc and streets, alle.v s 
and sidewalks. 

.As to the lio!d-.>Vri-s. it is habl that 
Al.lerman Sang may be glv-n the <-haii- 
maiiship of waterw.iiks. on which ii - 
has served iluring the past year. Alder- 
man Jeff.' is bo.died by rumor t" 
b lakeii off "d" claims and accounts 
and Al'lerman Simpson t.. b" n-lir-ve.l 
from dutv .m tire ckpuitnient. 

You will want a Carpet this spring. 
You fcL-l tliat you want sonietliin^-. up- 
to-date- "the latest." Couie in this 
week antl let us tell you what we 
know about Cur|)els. 

^ iiii iiiav i)e surpriscJ when we tell ymi, 
but \vr li.-tve 400 
Ironi. And the 

so beautiliil in color and iesign tii.-it you could make a seleclion with yoi:i 
eves closed and br pleasf-d. Measure your room, come In and Irl us nIio-a von 
how beaiilifiii w'c an iii:iive il look for sj little money uii hASY 1 l:l^V\S. 

00 palleros lor you lo select Uj^^ ^ ir^tM^^^ 
ic- new ones— well, lliey are ^^ * ■ ^^'f i ■ V...i^ 


You iie\'er U:tvc drawer j 
room eiioujih. If yoii buy |y, 
this yon will say it is the 
most convenient piece of 
funiiture in the liousc 

The Price is 


Best Axmiiister. 

per yard--- $1.UU 
Brussels, per yaivl 55c 
Good Ingrain, per \ j 40sj 

Misfit Carpets 

1 Joii'l forget our lii:e ol 
Mi^i'it Ingraiiis and Brus- 
sels. It your room will tit 
one of them you will be 
surprised how cb.eap %'ou 
can buv it. 

SPECIAL: - In our Draperv Departaiettl— One case 
•\ev. .I:ip Screens -tliev ;ire 4-fold ai;d embroidered in gold 
;iiid ;u'e be;uilies: v.e sell ihem lor. 



THE .A,cCO.\\MOD.\Tir)\ 


11. Neshitt. 
•^. M. Phail. 
T. <;ib.son. 
\. S. Wilson, skip. 
F. Kva. • 
D. Morrison. 
Donald MacLeod. 

L, T). Campbell. 
C. F. West. 
O. Heneage, 
W, J. West. skip. 

C. lirewer. 

D, C. Cutler, 
A. W. Frick. 


iiarrv Hurdon. skii-C. A. Duncan, .skip, 
A, ciithrie. I.. P. Hall. 

1). n. lilac k. \V. L. McLennan, 

C. M..Millen. L. W. Rolleston. 

.V. H. Smith. skii>. K. X. Bradley, skip 

irvin Missionary Society. 

The ladi-es of the Irvin Mi.ssionary so- 
riety will unite with the Woman's For- 
eign, Missionary society cif the I^ester 
Park .'hurch, and hold a union meeting 
Friday afternoon al 1:"0. at the resi- 
d' nee of Mrs, Car.-y on London road. 
The following program is arranged: 
Hyinn-nreenland's Icy Mountains," 

Bible rest. ling 

Mrs. Cra!»sweller. 


Mrs. Pickard. 
Kcijl call— Items of interest from th"* 

mission Held 


Solo— -The Plains of Peace" 

Mr.«. Bartholomew. 

Paper— "The Freedmen" 

Mrs. A. H. C.irv^?r. 

.Africa — Paper 

Mrs. Condon. 

Vocal solo 

Miss Wtman. 
•Mv Relation to the Women 
Heathen Countries— What 

If,'" — paper 

Mrs, Chapln. 

Paper— "The Mormons" 

Mrs. Blair, 
Paper— "What Have Missionaries 
Done T.»warcls Advancing the 
Financial and Scientific Progress 

of the W.>rld" 

Mrs. Pinker ton. 

('losing prttyer 

Mrs. Blackmarr. 
Hymn— "Blest Be the Tie That 



There Is No Better Time. There 
No Better Place. 

There ij^ no b.-Ml.r tim ■ to begin a 
cnomercial or sieu.igrai'hic couise than 
M.inday, Man-h 7, and no better place 
than tiie Iniluth Business Tniversity, 
During th" past month seven gradu- 
ates from this institution luive ac- 
cept. -d good paying positions. 

Spring term b.-arins on M.mday. 
March 7, when a large clas.<? will b" 
enroll', d. 

Call at th' colleg" and arrange to ^n- 
Pr at the c>p.-ning. 

''Charity, Hope and Protection." 

M. H, Seelv will deliver three lec- 
lur.-s, the subjects being respectively 
•Charity," "Hope" and "Protection.' 
the fundamental prbviples of the .An- 
. lent order of I'niied Worknv n. Th.^ 
first of these lectures will be given at 
Odd Fellows' hall next Tue.<»day even- 

Grand Fancy Dress Carnival. 

The Duluth City band of twenty pie.x-s 
will give a fancv dress carnival at I'n- link Satuniav evening. March f.. 
>Ladles In c-ostume free. Come and gel 
the laat skate ot the season. ^ 


Big Foundations For the Pumping 
House Engines. 

The work of putting the bed plate.s 
for the pumping engines at Lakvwood 
in place is about completed. These 
plates weigh ab.uit fcnirteen tons each. 
Tlu-iv are four of the-.n. The work of 
.-•etting up one of the engines w ill be be- 
gun light away and it is thought that 
it .an be put in running order in a 
month. The other .-ngbie is lining set 
up al the shell) in order that it may Ik- 
ascertained whether the pa'ts are cor- 
rectly adjust- d to each other. The parts 
will then be marked ami the .-ngine 
tak.-n down and shipped t 1 the 
station. It is th.iught that ih.- se< und 
engine will b- ready for shipment in 
about three weeks, if there are no drtiw- 

Was Without a Coat. 

A man giving his name as J.ihn Foley 
walked into the police station last 
night in his shirt si- eves and askc-d for 
shelter. He said he had been working 
at l>uncan & Jirewer's camp and came 
to Duluth to get medical .-ittendance 
for a hurt he had i^ceived. and thai 
he had spent all his money and lost his 
c-.iat s.imewhere. He was given a 
night's lodging and Jailer McKwen fit- 
ted him out with a coal this m.irning 
an.l ,sent him on his way. 

Postage Stamps on Sale. 

.S. F. Boyce has decided to (...itinu.' 
th- selling iif postage stamps and has 
placed a young lady in c-harge of the 
stationery and stamp department at 
his drug store. Stamps in any cpian- 
tity will be cm sale Ironi S a. m. to U' 
noiin. and from 1 p. m. to C p. m.. but 
the doctor says stamps will be on sale 
.iiilv at these hours. 

Tne worst .-jin"! in New Yuk in sli] - 
piiy weathei is immediaoly in from o- 
J. "Pieiponl Morgans bank, at Broa.l 
•ind Wall siie.^ts. says the Washington 
Post. A grating is all that k".-ps nit-n 
and horses frnn sibling into the sew.-r. 
.\ look a: it gives on the cdd shiveis. 
The slojie starts twenty feet away, an.l 
.inc" you begin to g.i down it you ai" 
.M.iigan's. Nothing can .save yni. 
F.veiyi'hing g >es Moigan's way in the 
street, and im woikIim. fen- t ven th • 
s'-w-.-is bring him victims, is the prefa.-e 
that "Tip." in the New Y.nk Pr-.-ss 
spins, and tht-n jiro.-eeds: 

If vou want to hear s.mic-thing funny 
listtn to 'Naiiol.-on ' Wormser when h.^ 
tells how he loves .M.iigan. He was nu- 
of a syndicate that se,nl M.ngan to Ku- 
lojo to dispose of some railway securi- 
ties, and heaiCed the del-gati.m that ni". 
the do<-tor at the pier on his return. 

•H" had s 'Id everything to the Dut.-h 
bank at ■'•''. and w- vvent ;.i congiaiulat - 
him." says Isidji. "for ih • price was far 
higher than we cxpcoted. 1 cried over 
his haml. I almost it. I was si 
happy. And think— the ilist thing w- 
knew the stock was selling a: CVt: ;Mi, 
M.-igan is a great man. but—" 

Isidor W.irmsi'i' looks like Napolt-on 
III. When, vei he aiipearel on ihe ll.ior 
.if the St 10k e.x.'hanj;e abmg in the 'K'l.s 
the brokers w.iubl sing. t.. the tune of 

•Maryland, my .Maryland." 

i>xi-: KYF. DN Till-: <i()Vi-:uNonsHiP 

Kepresei.tative Tatt of Ccngia. who 
returned to ihe city yesterday irom a 
visit to his hJim . says tiiai ex-Ue|)i - 
.tentative Candler will unbaihtedly b 
th'- n omin.-e for the govern. >r.shi|>. A 
nomination is e.piivalent t.i elrction, 
says the W-iushingbm Post. 

Mr. Candkr is well remembered her. 
a,s the in.!ei)'-n.ient who fought Kmory 
.-Jr.:-er.<. at that time the leading m^mlxi 
if the C..orgla cb legation. He is a 
genuine col.mel, having lost an eye in 
,111" of tiie liHitles ..f th- wai. He is an 
able and biight man, and many stori s 
111.' told of his ready wii when he wa-- 
in c.ingiess. 

on, ..f .Mr. Candler's latest saymus. 

MmmdRmllmt ha W Mlnutmm.-^r. Agnew's 

( al.irrtiai PowJer i;ives instant rcliet and per - 
maiienllv . ucpn talarili, Hav re\er. ColJs, HeaJavhe, 
Sore TliVoat, Tonsllltib. and Catarrhal Dt-afness. One 
short pull of llie powJer clears anJ . leansfs the nasal 
Mssaees. It is painless an J JelljrhKui t . use— Sold 
by Smith & Smith. Ma\ Wirth, 1 1 West Supeiiar 
street.— so. 

COMMERCI.U LIGHT & POWER CO. Rlectric Current for 

Light and Power 


Rooms 4-5-6, 216 West Superior Street. 

L. .VlE.NDliNHALL. listaMisheJ iS6.^. T. W. Ho' •; . - 


Money to Loan on First .National 

Improved Property. Bank Building. 

by the way. is said t,' b-.^ the cau.'se ' f 
his certain nomintiti'in, Down in 
(korgia a 'jhissum supper is syn.iny- 
mous with a pilltical conference, an.! 
1. 1 .im- of these occasicms Mr. Candl -r 
was invited. He knew iliat the men at 
the supjier were not altogether fa\ .>rabl,' 
to him, and he decided not to be pres- 

"A political 'pos-sum supjier." he wrote 
to the host .if the occasi<in. "is noi the 
place for a one-eyed man." 

The n^niark wen; all over the sta:". 
hostile .guns wert sjiikod. the su])])": 
failed to unite the oppeisirbm. ami th,' 
shrew-d one-ryed man. who hacl sigiit 
.'Hough til see thi.cugh the designs •;' 
the t nemy, will be governor of tli" 

WAItM Y.:>ritSKLF. 

Dr. C. L. Dight. of Jacks.m town- 
shii). Pennsylvania, ^ays the Pittsbur^r 
Dispatch, has sectired letters patent ..ii 
a devic- (-all.Ml the Dight thermal in- 
.spirator. which promises to overcim.- 
the effe.-ts .if c.ild and make it jiossibl- 
to wiihstan.l the most frigid climates. 
The inspirator is a device to main ih-- 
heat from the exhaled air. which, in 
turn, waiuis the inhaled air bef.irc- ii 
reaches the lungs. It pr- vents the loss 
of heat from the body, as ii ordinarily 
occurs, through the breath. 

While in Washington Dr. Dight se- 
cured an audience with the seer tary 
of war. who was so impressed with the 
thought of tisin.g it in the Klondike re- 
lief this winter, that he r. cpiested the 
c.immissioner of patents to make a 
special examination of the application, 
which was don- and the iiatenl .srant.-d 
socjii after. 

In a I .cent test Dr. Dight entered a j ^y^ ^^^ ^^ Snperioi-Diilnib with a lirst 
cold storage where the temperature was , ,.1^4^^ dredginK plant, and are i.r.-!ia!«-.l t 
below zero. and. by the use of the in- 

Postage stamps 

on sale 

at our store 

in any 



8 a. m. to 12 


1 p.m. to 6 p. ni. 

Drug: Store.. I 


spirator. •v\-her' the air reached __ th 
lungs It was raised from 70 to 7."i dr- I 
grees. The inventor thinks that even 1 
ai the North Pole, and wiih no other! 
clothing than that of ordinary wear, it . 
wciuld furnish a c.instant supply o 
warm air. and h^ hopes to have it worn 1> 
in an An lie i-xpedition which sails in 
the spring. 

. .- ^-- „ . I"-' . 

do work proiiinily :>iul at r.;iSonali.a rates 
For estimates and price's ad.iress 


Coffee at ni^^lit. It spoils tli.--ir sleei>. Yon 
can drink <.train-() when yciu please and 
slef'ii like a toii. For (".rain-O .loes not 
stinml-Hli': it ii.nirishes, cheers and teeds. 
Y.'t it l.i.'ks and t.istc^s like :he liest 
coffee. For nerv.ois persons. >oung people 
and c-iiilcben Craiii-O is tne perfect drink. 
Made from i»nre prains. Get a paekape 
from your grocer today. Try it in place of 
coffefl. 1") and 2,>. 


MILW Allsl':!-:. WIS. 


Business Property 5 per wnt. 
Residences, 6 per cent 

Partial Payment Privilege. See u» before 
Making a Loan. 


Natl Bank 


We will not accept Divorce cases. 


OfflM. In CxehMi* ■»«. T.I. 47»* 


Heartburn. Ciastritis 
,ir.J all stomacli J;-.- 
eirjers p.>sitl\ elv ill!.'.'- 
c"iro\c>r (iiahani Dyspepsia RemeJy is a siH-i.t.^'. One 
J.ise reinoses all distress. a."id a permanent cure "t 
tlie chronic and se\ere .ases s fjuarantced. i^- suffer ; A 50-cent l^.ntle will coun mce tlie nl.l^t 

THE LYCEUM PHARMACr E .<L Mattix. Prop. 









t 1! 

I \ 

' » 


'iftki:ntii \k\u. 


^L A lew o/ thorn reach a long way* on —•^^■^i^ 



Now Tomorraw"'' 



like til • 


?'V00 L Lstcrs, less 30 per cent, now $t4.00 

^•> listers, less ^0 per cent, now '*'10m30 

' ( Isters, less 30 per cent, now f^8,40 

M w I isters, less 30 per cent, now -^$7.00 

? vuO i isters, less 30 per cent, now, iSS.GO 


$ NEW. 


■; Inn il Iiv 






Warships Which an English Firm Was 

Building For Brazil Have Been 

Purchased By Spain* 




Vainly Tried Recently to Get Them 
Credit But Now Has Plenty 
of Money* 


hull irt an assci 

L iX'TlltlU ni. 

Tin ifitivii r 'U' ihi' Spaninh classes to- 
wani the I'liiltl Slaii s Ihuls sonic f\- 
hiliitioii u. pn.-cnt, Imt nut in the f^ni 
of hoslili' (U-moiistraiion. Il is raili ■^ 

II ilii- slia|if <if ft ivrni ]in»ii's!.s an<l 
ar, of liiyaliy to iho niorJi*-!- coiin- 
liv. Till- uriival of ihn warship 
\'izra.\a lia? <-aiis( il an iiiipouiinK "f 
ilii" li yal spirit, ihou.uli it was not <x- 
aidy spuniam oils, for iht- il. nionstra- 
tion was aiiatiKrd in atlvame. Appar- 
t nily a laiRH piopoj-tion of the popula''t» 

If' KiatiJied to sf'i» 4ho Viziaya an- 
( honil n )t fai- from the wreck of tlic 
Maint. Thf-y l)i*li>'Vi« that wiiii th-^ 
(itht-: waislji) s which are i(» coni<:'. 
with rht* torpedo llotilla, Havana 
tho ports of Cuba arc safe 
American ll< ct. 

a nil 





Stop ! Look in iitat Hat 
Winetow of oursm 

;iij .-til the '-pritv.; --ix le--. 
, ,rv, -■■piiiiK cr:!ev'ts. Ihr (lat> 
. '.'C :i-lit In- Lniyiiii; u M:W Hat 




!.— Spain lia.-i pur 
cniiscD*. whi -h the j 
I'liihlinK for 

r.oi tlif |.>s.- of 

! in'CHsion 

aid \e.-si-l was on the 
nam^'d in any rcsiioit iluo to 

fault or neB-linfiK n the part of any 

of thf oflicers or m<"mher« of th»> crtw 
111 .1 sist-r ship ' of said vessel, and if ^o. the names of 

;I1 - 


tw. n;y- 

icn i:.\n\i^. 

lis > n'Wo.i;il \i1M •■! 

.-' in •• ; .\ ■■ ■ : ;i. 
ulii-h ha\e li.en Imi 

:i!^l will 

a sitni- 

• iin»; il! 

U ill -^ ;iih 


I.i;ir.. liiiii. 
I>f leadj . 

Th<- Amazouius !s 

. .mi h-r iiMti' ship 

Icri's antl Hoys' 

Superior St. 


rurnisii l:!cctiic Current for 

Light and Power 


Rooms 4-5 6, 216 West Superior Street. 

I If >l'l.S. 


>lMii:.-ii i;"\ luiii I.: is ni-u .ly- 
.;r_ .; Ml- .iiiil lar;^e supplies of 

.iii.iiti.i.KH'n in Kn^land un.l on :hv 
loiiiin. n: fur Inimediaii.- us--. The kov- 
■ iniuin» of Spain st»r<ni.s ij hav-- funds. 

f !r i: is iindersLood to ho payinK a la:u> 
p.i;; •! t!ie piinhase money in casli. 
i:i\ii!,« security lor the tialan.- . th -.-.■ 
!>• inj; the oidy term.-* iipm whi h ;li- 
Atmslronits woulil deal. 

Some Wc'ks a^r > Spain a' to 
pu! -hasc shii>s and supplies in, on ciedit, hi». aftt r imiuiries , 
i;l!' til .ns refused to my cp»dit. Sin ■•• 
ilieii Spain procured fund.s from un- 
known |:. ur.'.-s. Ulploniats in 1-ondon 
. xp:ess the h.lief that Kieii h Ilnaiiclers 
.1!. h-lpiuK the Spunish k 'Vernnient. It 
i- l;i\*wn thai Siiaiii is iryint; to pur- 
ciias- thrci other shii>h, which are hc- 
iiiK I'liilt iiy the .\i instroiiKs. lui: she 
)m, II ye; .v:!!! cee I'-t! in iiiakini! a 

;;;iin. o|lS« ilUeM t ly thele is Still lime if 

Ilv r ;, : • I >:.!■ s v\ ish- s 1 i 

I such ofH<ers or memhfis of the cri w. 

and in what renpec t and to what extent 

' any '.r cither of them w>ie s.i at fault or 


If the court «hall conctn in th«» opinion 

t that further [(roce.-.iinK~ should he had 

j in the matter, it will Inlud." In It.s iv- 

P«)rt a succinct statemr-iit a* to the per- 

1 son or jiersons aKainst whom tuid upon 

! 'Ahlch such procee.linKV -lioviid l»' had. 

I Tlie com-t will also report its ..i)ini in 

j as to thi- cans*' lo- caused of ih'? exj'lo- 

j .-iion. or other in 'idents tliat limv direct - 

I ly op indirectly upon the loss of the 


It will tilso record any inf >rjn.'itiin 
that It may he ahle tn ohtain hy testi- 
mony and evitlence as to ■jiny person 
or persons not eonnecU'd with llie navy 
of the Cniteil States a ho ar«', in its 
o|dalon. resjionsihle. in part or whdly. 
directly or indirectly, f'-r the explosiim 
i ;.nd the loss of the .Maine, and will i:i- 
ilnde their names, in its opini.)n. to- 
t;t tliec with th"' deslee of slli li respoll- 
sihllitv in "-ach case. 

M. SICAltl). 
Hear Admiral. (""innmander-in-Ohief, 
I'lMted St:ite.< Xaval I'm* e i.n North 
Atl.-.iiiic Station. 

Still dt Key West Awaiting Orders 
From Washington. 

Key West. .Mar.h 4. - Th.- rnitel 
S(ati-s naval court of inquiry, apj'oint- 
id to inquire into the loss of the battle- 
ship Maine, i.s still heii-, inactive and 
auaitiiiK onleis from WashiiiKlon. 

HulZ. the court's chi^•f Sleliofliapller. 

lias r-turned to Washin.uton. lca\ing 
HIssell, his associate. Iv iv. 

'J'he suivi\ois received a month's pay 
yest<rda> and their claims for lost per- 
sonal inoperty liave he.-n lilcd. 
Si'h\varts. a cook I'f the Maine, has put 
in a < laini for $l-'.''i, which he said he 
liad in his eh- st whi<-h was Itlown to 
l>ieces. Many other etilisted men lost 
the savings of years. 

There have heen no movemcilts of the 
(1<- ts today except i;> the .Nashville, 
which towed a coal harse out In the 
low it. 

Later in the day il was said on Root 
authority that the naval court of in- 
• lUiry will le.ive here at ."» o'clock this 
evenins: for Havana uidess orders to the 
contrary are r- ceived from Admiral Si- 



nil Stall 


Can Forestall Spain in Purchasing 
Other Warships. 

I^ondon. March 4.— The fnited Siai-s 
( (uild forestall Si»iiin in the purchase 
oi oilier ships huildinii in Kncrlish and 
continental dock yards. Whi'.- Chill 
denits that any of the sliips ordered for 
that country are for sale, it is l>e|ieved 
li.\ naval constructors that Chills West 
I miser, the (>'H:s;Ki;is. which is just lin- 
i>he>!. could he purchase,!. 


Moacv lo Luan en 

Improved Property- 

First National 
Bank Building. 


Me. lovvne':* tSpeechmakinq Mr. Harlley Wants to Build 

loiir on the Pacilic Coast 
\ery Successful. 

One to Toot of ro>\er 


I\ Stib-lreaiurer Jordan Tes 
Reritirdinq a Bacon Check. 

1 !■■ 

W i-h 

;;iir'..>:, ^ 

l,i-. ii \ -iS 

p.- ,-.1 t.. 


.i ■ ■ S ■'[ 

1-1 W.i- 

1 1 1 1 1 ■-, ■ 1 ; .11.- 


li.- ,^ 1 

,.;.. !.. . . 

usiiii w II }i 1 : 

I>rt sr-nia- 

• ■:, 

1 1 \ •-.- \\ 




■ ••■.ii.- 

l.lll..:. Ill 

!h. . 

', iof! of a 


idge ;iii 

,., H 

|ii>cki t . 

■olJi til 

• .*!upcrio 

.■uil 1-. ; .■ 1 

'U!'i! !i .-'1- 

■ . ' i-r 1 

li'iiii;'- to 

the I III' ■■: 1 

. >■; ,, , I-- 

: •! 

W'- :{ ."-^Up' 1 il li . .--il' 1 

;i hridt; ■ 


• -' 1 \ ■ , - 

...I(.T Ml.- • 

• I'Hc from 

1 HllUlh 

■ r iiy I 


■■■: .: rri 


in across 

.[ \ he uijper end ot 

! ii«- J )l H 

K'-i, :iii.: 

1 . ..n 

o;,l Sup— 

nor if: 

il f..;ii| 

: . .. .^11 1 

leiior inio 

Tort ef 

■,i\ en He. 

.\Ii. ii:i- ' ;■ ^ 

~ays it i.- 


•' •■. |.ii; 

nil .1 :,;.. 

iiridKf in 

\\ i r h 

,.!,,;i- ; • 111 



1 ■ . . .,- 

,- . I .-tars 

<il V. .|. M.I 

Sears, ::i 


. 1, .• 


1 to 1..- :• 

ihoii.v;h '! 

■ . ■ (.III 

:,i.l ill t 

;•■ 1 I' 
.•; .Ill th'- 
ni.|~ ..•! 

I>uluth. is 
e proposi- 
iiiif-ly ex- 

ihe land 

.Morns hii; 

the .Mille 


.-•■1 \ .1 . !' •;. 






of Judg- 


ment Is No Good. 

V.-ik. .M. 

:(h 1 -Jusli 

•e riUHSell. 

' ■ 1 , 1 ' 1 

-tipi •■"^•■ 

, ,11,1 : Il 1^ ,1. 

ciicl that 


|<urttLioll. |oi ill.- 

ine paiii«-nlar cr 

.III m- 
purpi.fse of 

jirocecdliiK.H are 

r ' '- "•\al|.|. 




lilor and 

kejit set re I. ill" 

'I'll" dcisioii was 

Kiitliind. Andrews 

Tte pie^ident of 

I. l':risiKn. fa- 

e .., ihlel.tedneS.- 

hel'l i'\" Ills cousin 
to the .-iinnunt of 

.\ !!' 'Ti;!. rr !;• 

i:i •. 

!i 1. 



; I li 



V (•( i.\l. .\iIN!-:US. 

1 i>\ I. Mail 11 l. — I' 
11 "i.nveittion today hehind 
No deiliiite understand- 
heen reached .ml m- o.-^aniza- 
l effecled. 


r- w.i i. 

■ d .!oor:-= 

Text of the Command Convening the 
Court of Inquiry. 

\V.»?-hinston. March 4.— Admiral Sie- 

ler eonvenins th" lourt of in- 

;i. > oow investigatim; thi- disaster lo 

li.. liattlesiiip Maine has been reeeivt-d 

\ ■ ii.i\y deP"i''"""t ;i"'' \^*^ made 
; today. It mainly -hows the exact 
scope of the inquiry and the extent lo 
v>},i(h th«; rejMjrl Will iHK Aside from 
I lie u>;ual ortleis directinj; the court lo 
r. int both lindi'ip«« of fact and its opin- 
ici- 01 thc'^'e tindinjrs, .Vdmiral Sicard 
dif its the court to record any informa- 
lion as to person nr persons "not ton- 
ne, ted with the navy of tae Cnited 
States who are. in its opinion, respon- 
-lii'le in part or wh dly. directly or in- 
difectly. for the explo-slon anil the 
if 111- Maine." with ii.ames and th« 
>^ree of responsihillty in each i ase. 

The ordeis are dated at Key \Ve.«t, 
Fla.. Felt. 19, 1V.«S, ami are tlirecled to 
I'apt. Saini'Son. presiilent of th" court. 
Th.. text is as follows: A court of in- 
quiry, ionsislin«: of yourself (Capt. 
Sampson*, as president, antl Capt. 
f'hailwick and IJeut. Commander Will- 
iam I*. I'olter as additional memheis. 
and of hieut. Commander Adidph Marix 
as judee advoeale, is hertdiy irdercil to 
convene at noon im Monday. Keh. LM, 
l^l'S. <ir as so oi t.'ier'-after as pract ic.alil-, 
toi the purpose of ln«tulrlns into the cir- 
i iinistanceji t omiected with the Wy 
explosion of the Cnited States hattle- 
ship .Maine in the harhor of Havana on 
th. nijrht of Tuc-^day. Feb. l.'.. IMts. The 
court is authorize<l to h dd its session?? 
on l.ftard any ship of tht North Atlantic 
squatlron. or in the city of Key We.-t, 
ria., or in the harbor of the city of 
Havana, Cuba. The attention of lie- 
court IS invited to the in>truiii>ns eon- 
(einiiii; the particulars to he investi- 
Kal'tl in the case <d' the loss or Kround- 
ln« of a ship of the navy c.»ntained In 
the Cnited States naval reifulation.s. 

The f.dlowin« deseril»»-tl papers relat- 
ing- to the loss of the Cnitetl States 
l.iitleship Maine on he oci asion re- 
r-rreil are att.eV.ed to ami made part of 
this oi'iler: 

1. A enpy of a t^deirvam S'-nt by Capt. 
Charles Si(ri=l»ee at Havana. Cuba, to 
Commander James A. Forsyth, Cnited 
Slate..: navy, at Key \Vt..-.l. V\\.. without 
dale, lint probably sent on the night of 
fell. 1.-|. as it was received at Key West. 
Fla.. by I.ieut. Ctiinmander William 
Sii-le.<, Cniteil States navy, at 1 o't loci; 
a. ni. nf FVb. Ifi, IS'.is. ami by the c »m- 
mander-in-chlef at .'i::!»» of Feb. Ifi. at 
l>ry TortuKas. Fla. 

L'. .\ teh-Bram sent >>y c.ipt. *'. P. 
Slsrsbee. Cnited States navy, lo the com- 
man<ier-in-chief at Key West. Fla., 
.I,it.-<1 Havana, Cuba. Feb. U!, IS'jR. 

The court will diliBeiitly antl thor- 
oughly liuiuire into all the clrcum- 
siances atti'iidinff tiie los-< tif said vespel 
0:1 the tiate nametl. ami upon the con- 
clusion of the investiRation will if port 
I . the cimmander-in-chief its proteeil- 
inps, all th'» testimony tak-n. and th.» 
Cacis which may lie esiabli>h»^l in tie* 
cviilence adduced, together with opinion 
ns t • further pi <»ceedin>is. if any shouhl 
tje had in the meantime. 
1 The touri will also rei'ort whfChcr or 


Divers Have Proven That Beyond 
Chance of Doubt. 

Ni w Yolk, Mar( h 1. .\ dis|>atch lo 
the Triiiime trim Havana suys: Th • 
eadiiif? facts of the .M;i ii.^ disaster are 
all n.,w in the pessesM m of the naval 
board. The divers haei continuinl their 
wotk tUiiimr the abst nee of the board 
at Key Wi«4. Tney have dis:-overeil the 
tvidtnce whifii sho,\s that the rxph>- 
sitm \va<i exi^-rnal. Their examinatior, 
tliis wi-ek has ext- n (►'tl alongside t:i<- 
plaits, anil they jn ir -tratrd forwa-'i 
Will int.) tht biw, and all tht-y find is 
'meri l.\- cr.nllrniatory .f whx'. wa.s pre- 
viously disiovcied. Citp;. Samii.son and 
liis asso.'iates w- fe espcially anxiou;- 
lo await f'lvihi r work by the divtrs to 
d .ii;nine w.Teth'jr i:- not mistakts had 
!»• ell iiiude in any particular. N ithinp 
has been f.Mind to indicate a niistak'-. 
On till contrary, lie miok th niuwhly 
tile hull is txamiiiid the more conviit'- 
iuK ai'j.ear the uriuinal evidences ol 
exjilosiou fititn with. lilt. How I mj; the 
lii.ard will take to firmulate its e. in- 
clusions on this tioiiit can Lc* better 
judK' 1 in \Vasiiing<oii than In Htivana. 

.Not .v i; Ji.-tandlnK ;li' i»c;niission iriveii 
by th. Cnitetl Stat.s piveintneni for 
S|.aiii<h divers <.i . xainine the wr.-ck. 
th. in\ t stigation by the Spanish un- 
ih'iriii-s of ih( of ihi ship 
as i: lii-s in tht- wai'-i' pi n eeds sltiwly, 
'I'.iey Me. Ill t I Ih- ill III hiiriy to Lain 
th. fa Is about the h.iill. inaKazin. s and 
.•:h. r imtlteiv whi. ii wvre tiist to en- 
<^»K- the attentiiii "f ih. naval b.iard. 
Til- KtuiMHiiint has. |j>wtvei. t ik. 11 
viitisid-ia«ile *..'s:imoiiy "i persms who 
wtre ill the haiHior m '.he nish: if liie 
ex|.| .si-n. It fcives niu.h weight ;o lie- 
tis;iiriony ..l those .vh.i stiy the> sau 
tlaiii'S issuing: irttii th- Maine befor 
til >-'.)i]< w;us wn-ik. I by an .xpl.i.sion.- 

Th"- un leistan.liiiu in Havana is that 
t'ii.- iiav.i! boartl w.'Uld b.- einpliatii- in 

• x III rating Cap*.. Siusln-e an.l the ifli- 
'Us of the Maine from the impli'ati >n 
i.f n. ;ili>ffin f, lack o! ilis.iplin.- or n*- 
sj ..nsibility for thi- .'. I; ha.s 
bn n almost forK'-t'-.n that until th- 
boaiil itptirls on me subjecr. Ctipt. 
.Sitrsbee Is n miinally iin.ler a .1 lu.l. 
That I.s, the inquiry must d. t. --min • 
wh. ihi-r t»r imt ih.* ■ >nim;in<lfr «if '.hf 
Maine was in uny way ifsi...nsible f..r 
hi r loss. Til- .<ecreiy with which the in- 
\.stiKaiiin Ini.s b^eii c.nulucitd h;is not 
rir. \ ei:i-.e.| ihc te.xtimon.\ on the siibjcc: 
tiiiiii l)i-comii!EC kniwii. The boar.l will 
be able t 1 go fuiJiey and siiow nit only 
that tht.e was no a.' i'lent which c.uill 
iiave b. n i>r.'\ent. d. but no b.isiv 
for the tliiMirles of t'v- a^-eident fr mi an 
iinkn »wn cause, H.w far it will r.» in assiiti'iii of ptisiiive pro. if that th' 
Main- was blown up is tor the )iresont a 

• ..••iilati\ (!U»sti..n. The prevail nt 
iiUM'Ssion is that the board has evi- 
d. lice of the- lie-d, without th- means 
.if timliiiR out whi cimmitttnl it. It is 
inctMiibtnt 111 the u ivernnii nt 
to ilnd >ut that. 

Tie .1 ( .t dit 1 to Senor Du Ilose, 
in WasiiinKton, that mines » x- 
ist in Havana harbor tines n t 
re. iv • the wei.nht that wt.uld 
be Kiven to an ..irieial ileclaratioii 
from Capt. Cen. I'.laiico or I'r.-mi. r Sa- 
Ba^:a .III t!i>* .-anie subject. In otti. ial 
cii h s h'te it is 111.- evi.leni to 
.• .n>bat tin- limlint; "f !he naval 
Iiu: not UKKiesttively. The Spanish al- 
tilti.l. s.em.s t 1 l>* that an ae:ddent was 
probaiile. antl that tiie Cniled Siaies i.- Ju»-' in making a demand f ir 
rtpaia;lt.n wh. n th-- pr.iof of foul play 
is n 1. p sitiv.'. Th.' assumption wid b.^ 
that .he two Kovern(nini.s, after lakiny 
I vidt v,'<: w ere unable ;.) aKrec In their 
cell ins. how. ver. liicre htts been 
nnhim; In the naiuie of a joint invts- 

Fi.ioi th.» outlook. Madrid 
and Washingi in are the places where 
till- fills, iiiieiucs of the Main, exph*- 
sim will b.' .Jeinniin.'d. \A'A\f m.iie 
than is already kr. iwn can be learn, d 
hei.. Th. -wri-ckers propo.sf lo rem.iin 
in the lijirb.-! an iiel- linite pt, 
T'ii wie-kirw; comjanics will be aide 
lu raise tlie tjuns ol ih.. Muiut. Tlic 

American and Spanish Divers 
Progres&ing Slowly. 

Havana. Marco 4. — Rainy w.»ather 
prevailed here totlay am! everything ha-- 
settleil down Into repular Lenten quie- 
tude. .St» far as can be observe, 1 the 
ilivers at work are workiiifj slowly. Ini* 
siemlily iluring siiih hours as it is pos- 
sible to dti so in the turbid water. Thti 
bijj harse has been founil so useful in 
t-iirryitiK bi^ pieces of wreckage that it 
is a wonder it was not sent here before. 
■^I'he .Spanish divfis have been down but 
little to the wreik of the .Maine and any 
reports sent as c.imiiit; from them are 
liktdy to be inctirrecl. 

A number of beiiutiful wreaths and 
Iloral pieces were sent to the Colon 
( e.neieiy today liy the Americtins ul 
this city to decortit.' the graves of th.- 
vit tims of the Maine t i.suster. Th. 
scheme will be conti::u.*<l and the 
llowfis will be renewed when wither.' I. 
t.'able ili.spatt h*^s from Madrid. pub- 
lished here say that Senor .Moiit. the 
niiiiister of the colonies, conlitins thp 
statement of (Jen. Pei raco, that the 
government never ilmught of tlismissint; 
the X'.ilunteer.s. The cable dispatches 
also di-ny the reports that the tl.itilhi 
of Spa:Hsh lorpetlo Iniats and torpedo 
boat tiestrojtTs are to come t.i Cuba. 

S^niat.jr Proctor ami C<d. Parker went 
t.> Ai'it-.'iii sia, pro\iiiee <if Deiio. early 
i.his ii.i lining. Tiu-y will 1 eturn about 
.iiidiiiglu. Tile si-nati>r is not likely to 
leiive Havana tiinorr tw, as hi cannut 
get his h.alih I'l-aian.ts in time. 


Anti-Machine Men Claim That 

It Will Be Easily 


Wasliingt.iii. .\lai.h 4.--( Sp. cial m 
The Herald. I— Minncs.ita politicians in 
Washington ar.- beginning to believ .- 
s.inie of ihe retir.seinatitms t.f the anti- 
Van Sant 1 ad, IS to the effeet that he 
has anytliing but a sure thin.g in <■'(• 
U.-avoring t.i laptiir.. .he Itepublicjn 
giibernaloiial nomination. 

As a matter of fact a good many n.iw v.. that his defeat will be easily a. - 
t i.injilish. d. He is too heavily hundi- 
cappeti in ha\ing the bucking of ili 
present gov.'inor. Kepies^'iilative Hea'.- 
wole is now likely t.i be chost n to b' 
put up against Van Sant by the aiiii- 
machin. men. 

THi:V WANT S!^.l)lM».lMMl. 
Wiishington. .March 4. --The Kv.iviig 
Star this aft- riiooii will print an ii. 
ter\ icw Willi Uepres.ntativ .' White, .1! 
• ' ill which ihat gcntl.'inan is 
qu.itetl ;is saying that a t .iinpany of 
lapitalists. in w hit h h. /. h-iti-r an.l 
hims.'lf all' interested, hav. mad.' an 
offer ..f ."tT.iMlii.ii"" th plant .tn.l 
will of the Washington <;as Light <<>v-.- 
pany. Tie ..ff r, the aiticl- stat.-s. is 
und.'r t iin>ideration by th.- tiiinpany. 
the priiicijial r.-a.son lof delaying an 
answ. r being due to the fact that $S,- 
IJOO.IMK) is wanted. 


No Prospect of a New Nation- 
al Bank Examiner at 

Washington. March 4.— (Special to The 
Herald.)— Some of the St. Paul and Min- 
neapolis papers have printed stories m 
the effe. I that th.-if is trouble between 
State Hank Kxamiiier Keiiyon and Na- 
tional Hank Kxaininer Flynn, owing to 
the latter having rellccted upon the 
former's ability as a bank examiner. 
Il has been said that the matter was 
tarried t.i Comptroller .if the Currency 
D.'tvves. The latter has paid no atten- 
tion to il, howev.r. further than ask Mr. 
Flynn abtiut it. when he was in Wash- 
ington recently on routine matt.-rs r. ni- 
ne. ted with his ollice. 

Mr. Flynn's il.nial of the all.g.-d 
slait-ments has satisfied the coinptidUei 
an.l he has all.iweil tlw mailer lo drip. 
The comptr.iller slated t ..lay. in an- 
swer to questions, that there was no 
immttliat" jiros|ie< t of a ( in the 
olllce of I'.atitinal bank examiner for 
Minne-pta, There are several men wno 
art anxious to .secure Flynn's place. 
Dululh is said ti have a candidal." <ii 

I.MPnUrs OF iJOLli 
New Y.iik. Mar.h 4.— H- itl. lii.i ii. 
I.-kl. heim.'i & Co. announc t iday they 
have f.ii-war.l.'d J.Mio.non in i; 11 r .;• . x- 
P HI Uvm I'aris iJinorrow. 


'lilt- return of our buyer.s from ihc Ha.sti-rn ia;irki-ts, and v, ith 
tluTn the advidit of tlie new sprinji stuffs, will make it boili profit- 
able and pleasurable for you to visit the bi;i store Saturday. 


A Rousing Silk Sale! Cloak Dept. 

.An iip-U'-d.ile and eiilliusiasti." sale 
of tinesl qualities and choicest styles 
of silks and satins- For Tomorrow. 

Now Black Silks. 

Another arrival ol" Black Silks and 
Satins, including Satin l.u.\ors, Peaii 
de Soies. Poplins, Satm Ducliess. 
Kliadumes. Failles, etc., for waists, for 
skirts, lor dresses, at - 

$1.50, $1.39, $1.25, $i, 89c 
and 75c. 

Now Colorad Silks. 

.New Plaids, new Checks, new Stripes, 
new Brocades, neu Corded Silks, new 
wash Silks, at^ 

$1.50, $1.39, $1.25, $1, 89c, 
75c, 49c, 45c and 39c. 

The New Dress Goods 

liverybodv i-; telliii;; everybody else 
what a splendid stock of black and 
colored dress goods we are showing 
and what ev erybody is talking about 
must be true. 

New Plaids. 

The onlv stock of line, medium and 
low priced plaids in town—for tomor- 
row thev are - 

$i, 85c, 50c, 25c and 1234c 

"Here's a Wonder." 

About fio pieces fine Novelties, new, 
bright, sparkling goods, will go quick, 
tomorrow at - 

59c, 50c and 44c 

New Black Dress GcodSi 

K:\erybodv knows thtit the besi 
stock of blacls dress goods in Dululh 
are only to be found at the (jiass 
block, A few of the new arrivals: 

New -uiped and plaid bbck silk grena- 
dines in exclusive dress patterns at 

$15, $12.50, $9.50 and $8.50 

Another arri\ al of new black lancic-s. 
new Popiin cords, new curls, new Cre- 
pons, Thibet Serge'^. .Nuns Serges, 
Brocades, etc.. etc.. at — 

$1.50, $1.25, $1, 75c, 50c 
and 39c. 

For Saturday 

In uiir black dre>^ .i;Oods slock we of- 
fer so pieces black fancy Brocades full 
40 inches wide, considered cheap Q^p 

at 3yc. for tomorrow, a yd ui/v 

New LlnlnflS— This store has earned a 
reputation for selling reliable linings at 
prices away below the prices charged 
elseu here for inferior goods. 
Extra Special -l-"ast black AViire Perci- 
lineand line Silesias. Match them if 
yell can at 20c, 1 9'P 

our price Xu^ij 


Ladies' 'laiior-made Spring Siiits in 
blaci;, blue, brown and grreii. 
Jacket ot Suit is made in the newest 
style, l]y front, 22 inches long, can 
be worn with any kind ol Skirt. 
Skirt of suit is m.ide w ith the new- 
pleated back, lined throughout, bound 
with \el\et, lit guaranteed, CR QR 
equal to custom made, price l^u.^vl 
(lirl's new spring Reefer Jicl.r-ts. 
in all tlie new .ind dainty QQa ||m 
styles, in all colors, price */0t» Um 

soo pairs I.. -idles' Corsets just recr!\ed 
trom the Eastern market, in all styles 
.md sizes, the\' are all new and 
desirable makes. Pri.-es — 

39c, 4Sc and Si.OO 


\:>o pairs of Bovs Pants, made with 
cable seams, will not rip, 7sc /I Qa 

Special for Saturday. 

l;ind, sale price 


"Lorrainos"- Our new I.orr;iines, j- 
ciasp, brown, red, tan, green, navv 
and black are the best in the fl» 1 ft f| 

m.-trket at. per pair ipl.Uv 

"Zenith" -The Zenith. m;inuf;iclured 
expressly lor Panton tV Wliite. come 
in all new- spring shades and are equal 
to anything you have e\-er bought 
for Si. so our price, ff | 'JC 

per pair _ ipl .uii 

Laces and Embroideries. 

iJo not fail to look at the bargains wv 
are now oileiing in laces .-tnd embroid- 
eries at our lace counter. Ilwill payyo'.i. 

Children's Underwear 


Children's camel hair and wo..! \ r-i.s. 
Pants aiid Diawers^ 

Sizes 18 lo 22, worth up to \kk 
each, special sale price- "rurh*. 

Sizes 24 to 28, worth up to soc 
each, special sale price -each 
Sizes 30 to 34, worih up to 70c 
each, special sale price— each 




Our Wash Gocds Dept. 

Is radi.inl with spring he.nitv and now 
claims llie attention of feminine Duliith 
for its clioice assoriments of all that is 
to be stylish and fashionable. 
New .-arrivals in line Madras, line Or- 
g.mdie-, line silk striped .ind plaid 
};!ngh;tms, line silk /ephvrs, Che\ lots. 

40c, 35c, 25c, 19c, 15c, lOc 

Ne-\\' arrivals in Percales 2So pieces 
comprising ttll the new .md late de- 
signs, full j6 Inches wide, 1 O'lO 
at, ;; y.ird l4ijl> 

New Piques— 2000 yds of this popular 
clotii. light colors. With neat Q'P 

designs, [vr \'ard only I/jI/ 

Bargain Counter No. 1. 

5000 yds tine dress Gif.ghams, !*« 
regular 12 'jC goods, for Uv 

Bargain Counter No. 4. 

5000 \ds line iJimities, ]2 inches wide, 
all the new designs, worth 15c, Cfi 
only Uv 

Shoe Department. 

Rubber Boots $1.00 Per Pair. 

Women's >i.:s Rubber l-Joots, 
Misses' ?i.';o Rubber Boots. Ct 4 AA 
Youth's 51.7; Rubber Boots ipl.UU 
You can save 50c to 75c per pair b\- 
buying them now. 
Ladies' storm Rubbers, first qualitv. 
pic and opera toe, sizes 2'. • QOP 

Misses' storm Rubbers; 
sizes 13 to 2 . -- 

Children's Rubl-^ers, regular toi-. | i*» 

sizes 8, 8,'.., y, (/i 1 ^V 

Men's 75c first quality, low 
cut Rubbers 


Ladies' Underwear. 

$1.39-kadies' 1-ine Ribbed Wool '-Har- 
vard .\\ills"' Imperial \'esls and Pants, 
under the present tariff woilh f 2.00 
each, special sale price— tf| QQ 
each ipLut? 

$1.50-The "Munsing" Ladi-s' Rih'ned 
Worsted Combin.itioti Suits, 0i C fl 
worth *2, per suit, sale price iP 1 • JU 

Special in Ladies' Hosiery. 

$1.00 Ladies imported plaid cotton 
Hose I high Cvilors; spliced heel .indtoe: 
our regular 5i. so hose on fl| | AA 
sale at, per pair ip 1 lU v 

62; jc -Ladies' Black Opera Cashmere 
Hose, made in England, spliced heel 
and sole, our regular 75c hose. /5Q' p 
o;i sale at, per pair . - \juZ\j 

39c Ladies' L'ancy Lisle Thre;id Hose, 
Hermsdorf black giuund, with la;, v 
striped top, our regular soc QQp 

hose, on sale at, per pair . O HU 

3 pairs for $1.00— Ladies' Blade Cash- 
mere Hose, outsize ribbed and plain 
with Hrench leet. regular price vx per 
pair, on sale at 35c, 3 pairs fl« | A A 

Men's Furnishings. 

Men's Fine Neclcwear. 

39c All our regular soc Tecks, Puffs 
.ind Four-in-Hand Ties, on QQp sale al, each 0«/v 

19c -.All of our regular 2sc Nrclvwear, 
Tecks, i-our-in-Haiids, Band Bows 
and Club Scarfs, on special sale | Ap 

at. each ... . i Q\J 

Z for 25c— Twenty-live doz of 2>c B md 
P,ow s .,iid Tecks, on s;ile AC /^ 
Il 15e each 01 2 for fauL» 

50c .Men's White Laundered Shirts. 
.New York Mills Cotton and line linen 
'Dosom and cuffs, worth 75c RHp 
each; now each _ . wUv 

Drug Specials. 

Sculls hmulsion, Ji.oo size- 


Cuticura Resolvent, iSi.oo 

size -Special 

Liebig's Beef, Iron and Wine, 
soc size— Special. . . 
Wizard Oil, 50c size- 
Special - . 

Harlein Oil, loc size - 


I liamond Dyes, 10c size — 
Saturd.i\- - - - - - 








II* r« 



Prince Albert of Belgium 

Will rrd>el as Count 

De Rethy. 


Will Not Be a Guest of the 

Ncitiun But Iravel 

Privately . 


Ml II ! ;■ 

A . ' ■ 

vi ■ ! 1 

lit P' 

I ■ 


;;iii.-,, n >. 
!''i-' r.ui'i: 

,.- :li.' 

-iia -i - 
■tpii 'i'y 

--M ■ 



,ii ■-; in . N •! ■ 

;'■ '.! ;h 1 . 1 .: .... 

.1 v\ l'- 

,,: •' - >. li.i-i 

uilltnry rcinij»f ji- 

v\ t;h :hv |>rii;'.- . 

;■> liiin 111 'ii» 

i:i W'.ishin-.:- 

,'. .., . ..r ■ -h- 

A ■!.> will .. 

!i V ni 


. iiiiip. 

i:i\ Lii til- f»>l- 

ininisttr fr iin 

uimor will 'i>-' fol- 

: If Alii> h tile iii- 

riK Loumoss LichUT- i:.'. at half aftor 


, t \i: }\ < ,ii ; ^^ ill ;i!s" ■ u:- i - 
:'ti! (lilt'- lias no: y i l>, n 
;'rin I's stay in Wasli- 
- -. ;. pf'ibal'ly im; r.i -: 

■i.f.vs. ariil ii is nut 

will leniaia in any ' iI^■ 

If. Coiiiit Li. lUtivt'ld 

11! ■ will no: n main 

• four iiiitn;hs. am! 

.'• I 111 !■ ;•..•■■ iiin:. U ' 

i : -i.;;'.;)!! i y July I. 

r. h ■ u ill tr;i\ 1 

'- ■■ I" ;is .%■• '.v ( »• - 

.^. Si II I-'raP' is<- •, 

' ■ :-": ;!' n".-s:, 

' ' • ' -• . .mi 

. I ... .1 MS. 111^ >\.i>- lOrt-i !■> 

ji^'i.m.l -i;i.> s. and lat -r w Hi 

V ■■ V .tk and Philadflj.hia. 

• : _■: \--.n< ..i;. li 

- in i> >!iti al 

: ;...- I iril I'liddi ni-i •if 

-:liniK» is i'.^>■ tnil>' 

nit of FlandiTS. 

■-- of Kl:tillfl>. 

- .:ll jlicnz 'Ilt-rn. 

i ";.i : i , - i- >'.\ n iipiih'':" tiT 
K'l '^ I. . ■!".!. I 11. l-hillii. is 
■.ii'- ;iU'ii:.. and 
I : [;■ x:." 


Minneapolis Man Chosen De- 
partment Commander of 
0. A. R.— Relief Corps. 

Mart !i I.— d'lif -iossinns «>[ 
auipiin-nt 'a.-i->' i-fsunn-d 

W!;ii.- th.- :.;;■". d :.-:,Mt-- ■,\. i-.- 

■ <: M. H'dd.n. 

. ■ii!>'d ' h'- fiillow iny 

;:ii' im. nniiisr d- part- 

»• dir»'Ctt?iI t>. appuinl 

fr-din fa')! conjrifs- 

. ■ luiy it <hall !.••' to 

. .iniitini; lo th*- m-xi 

. ; niakim; .-mh ann-nd- 

>^'iit la\x' rolativ.- to th-? 

■..'lit-r fund as will t-naMo 

; th<' ^lnV' to r<-tai:i in u.h 

. th«' amount <>f tin- tax 

' " h.'iin- relief in 

t > I 'I- liisbuii'ei* 

i ' ■ .- . ' 

;■ <nluti'«n''^ I"a\-i)i-- 

• diiti m iif sent'il l>y 

t of Dulnth. fxi»rfss- 

'. i^ tini- of llv Maino 

■■ ' '■-- :',i!ni!i>'.s as- 

■ --'.!■:■■ , ■:' :; . Mill 

!■ :; ; -ii.i il i '' ni*'t'-d 

■ ilh fcelln^js of vif{>"- 

iti>al .Jiincturp in tlit- 

'. Ill'- dijridt.v and 

' ith nliitli ..uf 

ii-i Int. hoM«^ thv i-M]\ 

.i> ori n> T roursr and 

iiiiiid til'- l>r<'ak«'r.' of the 

- .li I'l'.id.iU' and i>i.'r.sonal in- 

. ,., : .'l that tlit-r.. xvill Ix- 

the |drdg»? is grivi-n that tin- 

dl npfiolil til" HM^>'i-n!n>'nt in 

, . -..Ill I v^ '■!•'• ad'-i'ti .1 a nd 

.; I.T.'I .-.'at lo «^i(it. SiRsliiT of 

and I hi- .Hc-nator.- ami n-jit'-- 

in ronsri.'.-'.-i from Minin-j^ota. 

-olution. snliinittcd l).v Ccnn- 

■ vl~. of Minn'-apoliH, ua-^ 

\l<r<-ysiiiK' indisnation at tlw 

iid'-r of a windc fainilv in 

■i.i l>-.«auf^(- a man v\ lioe>- 

, Ilia -k had li'-tn aj'poiut- 

: • ...I! lit! rniui ' d Uy ( 'Minra-l'* 

W .\"a-li. of .\HM-it r and 

! i-v f ■.iiiiiad"' < '. H. T.iylof. of 

,1 olni'iiinK: th<- tu.'^tom of 

, :- 1.. I. iii;cii|tiK- department 

, •,! -■■i| Tip. pM-Si'Ilf 

. . , i I M , .. [ .V ,1 - Mia d' .111 •■.\- 

■|', I '-illin.-. pa<l d.-pari - 
i '■ ' .iiiiinandfr of \\'\< 
•'I the rn» ainpnnnl. 
dcpa i! nn-nt i-'iininandiT 
I I f'.'.l.. Th<- nutnl"-! 

■ !.' ; - -.1 ) > foi- a choin-, 

' .uiraili' •;» aihart i-t-reU t-d 
M -Kay 1i:J. fonuad" Mor- 
: '! lion of Cnnrad*' .Mor- 

! .1 1 unanimous. Tlii- n<-v 

1. tid'T livi-s In Minnvapoli-, 

< ,!•• M<Mtim»T opfiu-d Id.' alt'i- 

I 11 with a. pleasant ."Speech. 

.; ]). 11. SfarU-. of S* Cloud 

' .leii acuiuf vice clcpuiim'-nl cuui- 

Setnc pcoj'lc in Ihr wotUl pct^i'l in 
cliliRniK lo idd me-lhod^. Tlit-tc atr nu-n 
who -^tilt UM- A f«»'kftl -tick in place of u 
inodtrn plow. There arc also nten. whu, 
when thry art- troubled with a di.«i<»rdiMid 
-toinaclj or live:, icsort to the old fashu>nrd 
violent lemcdics that rack and ren«l the 
n hole body, and w liile tbt y givr tcmpojary 
relif f. in the long rtin do the entire system 
n Rri-al amonnt of harm. 

Modi rn -cience has discovered rrniedir-* 
inf'initfly superior to these old-fashioned 
drujis, til,/. ,',,. their work by promoting the 
ii.ttural processes of excretion and secre- 
tion and pentlv eorrecting all circulatory 
ilisHirljances. When a man feels Rencrally 
out of sorts, wkirn he loses sleep at nicht. 
whni he gets up headachey and w itli a bad 
taste in liis ntonili in the morninjj, when ho 
feels dull and IclharRic all day, when his 
appetite is piH)r ami hi* food distresses 
him. whrn work comes hard and recreation 
is an impossibility, that man. IhouRh lie 
may not Jielieve it, is a prettv sick man. 
He is on the road lo consumption, nervous 
prostration, malaria, or some serious blood 
di.-.ease. In cases of this description a man 
.should resort at once to Dr. Pierce's Golden 
Medical Discovery. Il is the best medicine 
for a weak stomach, impaired disrestion 
and disordered liver. It is the preat blood 
maker and purifier, flesh-builder and nerve 
tonic. It cures g8 per cent, of all cases of 
consumption, bronchitis, lingering coughs 
and kindred ailments. Thou'-ands have 
tc -titled to its marvelous merits. It is 
a modern, scientific medicine that aids 
%vithout goading nature, antl that has stood 
the test for Ihirlv vears. Medicine dealers 
sell it. 

Ur. Tierce's Pellets cure conslipalion. 

ii'.Mvbr liv aei lainatioii. Comrades A. 
.1. Hess, of tjrtonvillo. and I>. A. Morii- 
siLin, of lloehosttT. w eiv plar-tnl in nom- 
ination for junior vleo commander, and 
Coiiiradt- Morris in w as ohHted. DuriiiR 
i! • (ountiiis of the vote Comrade John 
1 Wood was restored to hi.s riRhts as 
ia>l p'st eommander. and (.Seorge Plow- 
man, "f I.e Sueur, wurf treated in the 
same manner. 

Th'- ek'ctiiiK of .i president occupied 
a larso share >f the Woman's fteliof 
lorps s,.s:nion yesterday. Mrs. Jeinim«* 
Clifford, who had boon one of the inom- 
inent eandidates. withdrew her name, 
and the contest lay between Mrs. C. P. 
Silloway. of Minnoap<dls, anil Mrs. Gear- 
hart, of Duluth. Mrs. Silloway was 
elected, and the defeated eandi«late 
srarefully retinestod the honor of es- 
eortiiitr the sueeessful i aiidiilate to the 
idatfjrm. Mrs. Silloway spoke a few 
words of thanks and the meeting ad- 

The afternoon session was occupied 
with eleetiUK oflkcrs and delegates to 
the national eonvention. which will bo 
ield in Cin< innati next fall. This oven- 
ins the women of tlit> r'-lief . ,,fps at- 
tetidt-d the eamp lii>' of tie c,. .\. i:. it 
ti.e Lyceum theatei. 

Ihe ladies of the (',. A. II. this morning 
eh-ii.d iflleers as follows: President. 
Mr.s. Julia K. F. Lohdell. Minneapolis; 
senior vii-e president, Mrs Klizabeth 
Whitney. Wadena: junior vice president. 
Mis. .I'lmie Varm-y. Miiineapolis: troa.s- 
urer. Mrs. Ida Johnson. Streeter: chap- 
lain. Mrs. Klizai.-th Meade. Dniuth: 
i.ouneillor. Mrs. Wt-thern. .\noka; mem- 
• lers 1)1' admiiiistratjon. Mrs. Klizabetii 
K«a.m. Anoka: Mrs. S. K. Stein. Minm-- 
apolis: Mrs. Lillian West Smith. Min- 
neapolis. Th>- flection was one of the 
ni ist harmonious in the history id the 
ii-i;anization. and ninety-eight voting 
ii'.eml)ers to'ik [lart in it. 

Luncheon was peeved at noon, after 
■ hieh electing of oH'ic-.ts continued and 
I ports from th<- home commission wore 
iue^ent(-d. At J:;5'» a eummittee from 
li) - e.x-prisotiers of war brought greet- 
inss from that eonvention. The instal- 
1.1 1 ion of oUieers fnHowed. and the ex- 
eii!|ili(h ation of the code was given by 
ti.' .M.ij. Halslead eirde of Kxeelsior. 
A pleasant feature of the afternoon 
iM eting was tlie presentation to .Mrs. 
Welhern. retiring prcsid-nt. )f a liaiid- 
- ■ill'' iToM '.vateh. 


A Wonderful Improvement Upon the 
OIti Torch and Flags. 

.\.'\v Vork. March 1. — SergeanLs Clark 
and Jones, of the T'nited States signal 
cor)is, have been conducting a si-ries of 
exjie! im- iits at Governor's island that 

may result in i revolution of the 
system now in use by the army thiough- 
out the country. So far their experi- 
ments have been successful, and th- y 
ha\e written to Washington .suggesting 
the adiiption of a new apparatus, which 
tonsists of an aluminum lamp. \\ ith ;in 
ori'inaiy eiri vilar shultei-. 

So |ierf(-ci is the light thrown l>y the 
lamp that senteu" •. "war has been de- 
<laied with Spain" can We Hashed from 
Governor's island to the iiresidio of San 
P'ratreiseo in fewer than six minutes, 
providing the neeessar.v nuniher of sig- 
nal stations lan lie pla'.-ed along th-^ 

For a miilll"':' of \iar~ tie- oilleial'' 
of Ihe signal corps have ln-n eXT>eri- 
im-ntliig with various lights witli the ub- 
j>'ei of finding a tilting substitute f.^r 
the old tiuK torch. So long as the torch 
remains in use it will bt- necessary to 
signal in accordance with the flag sy-- 
tem. which is slow and eumbirsome. 
The new lamp permits a return to the 
more rapid ami euiiun-' hensive Morse 
eode. So strong is the light produced 
that signals can be (lashed thirty miles. 

The lamp rests upon a tripi>d about 
foin- feel high. Just in front of the 
di-k i- the einular shutti-r. resting on 
another tripod. The Hash's are jiro- 
ihn eil Ity the opening and closing of 
the shutter. The telegrajih eode is 
based ui>on the iluralion of the opening 
and « l(.>sin 

Come .vitli tiir time (or hot cakes. (iratKy 
your Lisle with lhech'>iccst braiiil — 

Towle's'lOfi CABIN 

Maple Syrup. 

Ah^ohitrlv ptire and full iiicas\ire. Hrillisiit 
ill I olor.ilrlicious ill flavor. At nil srocfirn. 

Souvenir Spoon 

For Customers. 

I hi-, (•■•iiiliful souvenir .-pfx'ii. '-il\rr pUt'fl 
DSTdi/'-H hiimhe, and B"H piMlC'l hiiwl will 
11.- gii-Mi ill cxrliMiis'- fer t •S'^ l»k»-ii 
fr-m • ur can', joiH lOt hi V!>. jlaiiipi>. 
s.ti>j(>ti<'niipi>t I'chail in any nlln-c \v,iy. 

The Tonic n«ple Syrup Co., 
ralHiii. Vt., and .SI. Tiill. Minn. 


A Great financial Enterprise 

Embracing Both North 

and South America. 


Expects to Displace Much of 

European Business on 

This Continent. 



a I 


Chicago. March I.— A llii.ux'ial 
poiatlon. to be known as the Int 
tioiial .Sm.rieun bank, with hraneh 
ihrtughout this eountry. Cuba 
South America, and with oilh es 
London, and possibly Paris, will st 
li doiiin liusim-ss on u lajiital stock 
*J.'..'KKi,tHM». Private advlce.s from Wa^ 
ingloii to c riain Western organize 
of the project indicati- that the sona 
and house committee «»n foreign reli 
lions will n port favorably on n bill i 
troduced in th senate within a for 
night hy Senator Koraker to carry in 
itTn t a plan to create an association 
lie known as tin- International Aim 
i( an bank. The promoins hav ■• l>. 
assuii d that tht- leeonim ndatiou 
the eomniittee will b.- synonymou.s 
with the ae<'-idance of the measure on 
the part of both bramh-s vf thi- na- 
tional legislature. 

Flnamieis hav heard of the plan to 
tstabllsh a great linaiicial house, uut 
its intentions and puiposis were not 
cluiidatid until today, wh n eompl. tc 
tbtails of the organization Wt-re madi- 
known privately. Th s< hriiie is of in- 
teriiHtional importance. The passage 
of the bill will imply that, among oth-r 
important fealur.s of the mea.<ure's 
provisions, the Cnit.d States, and th- 
South .\niorican countries will no long- 
■r lie dependent upon l-Iuropean banks 
for monetary transactions on the W. st 
orn hcmisjih.rc south of the Canadian 

The International .\inciican bank, 
while it will slightly emulate such com- 
panies as the Credit Lyonnais. vvill 
ramify mor- and be inhnitoly Inoader 
in its methods than the French estab- 
lishment. The headquarters of the 
International will be in Washington 
an«l New York. Simultaneously thjie 
will be founded at least iglit branches 
in this country, to l>.' located in Chi- 
rago, HnUiinorc. Pittsburg, Now Or- 
leans. St. Paul, Denver. St. Louis and 
San Francisco, and one in each of the 
capitals of the South American coun- 

Th ' organizers have selected twelve 
commissioners, and these have b-.-eii 
designated to receive subscriptions to 
the capital stock. Th.> commission 
consists of John J. .Mitchell. Samu -I 
Hill. T. Jefferson (."oolidge. H nry W. 
Cannon. Theodore C. Search. William 
P.arbour. John Cassels. Fdwin J. Iter- 
wind. John I. Waterbury. Charles^ It. 
F'lint, Grant H. Schley and William II. 
T. Hughes. In this gioup ihere are sev- 
eral well-known bankers. Mr. Water- 
bury is tin- president of the Manhai- 
tan Trust company of N- w York: Mr. 
Mitchell is th- head of th Illinois Trust 
and Savings bank: Mr. S< Id -y is of the 
Wall street tlrm of Moore & Schl- y. 
while Mr. Coolidge is the Poston multi- 
millionaire, who is H leading director 
in :i half dozen railroads. 

These (ommission' rs will meet in 
Washington inimediat' ly after th^ 
passage of th aet and appoint a 1cm- 
p4>rarv chairman and secretary: sub- 
se«iuently they will solicit public sub- 
scriptions to the stock of Ihe bi ' ii - 
stituiion. Th- subscribers must meet 
the full paym.-nts in tw\nty-fonr 
months from the time congress p r- 
mits th comptroller of the eurreiiey to 
issue a certiricate of ineornoration---:- 
per <-'nt in thiif do vs. 2o p r cent 
more within twelve nientiis. the third 
_•.■, p r cent within t-ight-cn months and 
the balance within tw- nty-four month-'. 
Aecordiiig lo the charter, the stock- 
holders will b- liable to doubb- the 
amount of th-ir holdings. That is to 
-ay th" stoek lialdlity of the concern 
will" be »r.0.t»lHt.0O0. 

The power of the bank to declare 
dividends Is restricled. It must carrv 
to surplus ev- r>- six months al least 
one-ighth of its net luolits before a 
disbursement may be paid on the 
shares. The bank will not be permitted 
to is.sue notes or oliliga lions in any form 
to be uj- d and circulated as money. <Jn 
the other hand, not only the comptrol- 
ler of the currency, but also the secre- 
tarv of the treasury will have the power 
to 'irake an examination of the <-orpora- 
tion. which will, in any -vent, report 
its condition to the government every 
four months. 

The I'nited States will not assume 
any of the bank's obligations and will 
not be a subscriber to the institution, 
which must keep in reserve 2.'. |>-.r cent 
of its deposits. 

The criminal iirovlsioii.s of the bank 
are ten-fold stronger thin those that 
bear on the national bank law. Th. y 
make ,-very dir- etor jiersonal'.y respon- 

Uelative to taxation th'- |iiovi-o 
reads: "That m. tax shall I"- linp"''«'d 
Upon th" property of said corporation, 
except piMjii the real estate Iv Id by t. 
bv and state, municipal or other au- 
thority within the I'nit-d States: but 
the several slot kholders shall be liab'- 
to assessm- nt and taxation upon the 
share.- held by them at their respective 
lilaees of residence, according to th-' 
true value thereof, and to the same ex- 
tent and in the same manner as othei 
l> isonal property Is there assessed and 

It has been ascertained that W |»er 
cent of the !o(-al banking busim>ss of 
the Fnlted States and .South .Vmeriean 
countries is done through London 
bankers, and the h%< rage <-ommission 
on this is three-fourths, whitdi is made 
l»y those forelgit without a 
jiennv of expenditure. "Kvcry pound of 
raw material imported and every manu- 
facturiMl article exported to the coun- 
tries south of us pays more or less trPi- 
tjte to the l!:uropean >»anker. who makes 
a handsome living out of the Am-ric an 
people. becan.<c the latter have not 
known enough or have not had suf- 
Ileicnt enterprise to do their own bank- 
ing," said one of the eommissioners. 

In addition to the men comprising 
the board of formation, the plan of the 
Inti-rnatlonal American is appioved by 
Oliver S. Carter. John C. MeAneiiuv. 
J Kdward Simmons. I-Mwin Uingilon. 
Iwiac llosenwald. A. P.. H-pbuin. all of 
them bank r>iesideirts: Ladcnbur^. 
Thalnnin * Co.. and the diplomatic rep- 
resentatives of the North .\inerican 

To eirciinivent any pos.silde aggrand- 
izement on th« part of the inslHution 
it is provided "that If the said corp-.- 
talion or its odi' eis at any time sh.ill 
«-sumi; to exercis".' any powers not 
herein grantu'. the eomjdroller of the 
( iirp ney is In-reby HiiiborizeJ and re 
nnired »o notify .said ioiporation and 
ItH ulfkerss to dealbt £iuu» such use and 




stops Grip and 
Stubborn Colds, 
that **hang on." 

to furnish him, within tliiity days of 
the gi\ ing of siieh notice, the proiff that 
the saiil corporation and its olUcers 
have <i'as«K| to assume the exercise of 
sueli powers, .Smh nolle- shall be 
gl\»-ii by the delivery thereof to such 
olllcei s of suih corporation .at its prin- 
cipal place of business. If the said ecu- 
|H»railon shall not furnish In-fore the 
expiration of said period of thirty <la\'s 
satisfa" lory proof to the said comidrol- 
!• r that the said corporation and its 
odlcers have desiste.l from the use of 
:in.v power or powers not granted to 
it. Ihe rights, privileges and fraiiebises 
of the corporation hereby formed shall 
l» thereby forfeited, and such proc«-ed- 
Ings shall thereafter be taken as are 
provided in the c;«se of th<' forfeiture of 
.siieh rights, privileges and franchises in 
till' preeediliK .Section thereof." 

The legality of Ihe charter .-iml its 
eonstitutionality have been investigated 
by .luliai) T. liavis. of New York, and 
Levy Mayer, of Chicago, who are to be 
the" I- gal advls.i-s of the institutioji. 
The goveinineiil granl of the corjiora- 
llon provides that the bank must have 
necessary facilities for buying and sell- 
ing exchange at all branches. 


Speaker Keed Has Agreed to 

Give lime Eor Its 


Washingtun. .Mar. li 4.— (Special to 
The Herald.)— Tliere is a possibility that 
some kind of an immigratiorv bill will 
be passed before the adjournment of 
this session. Chairman Danford of tiie 
house immigration committee !:as 
brought surtlci* nt pressure to bear upon 
.speak. -r Heed to have the bill given lim'> 
for consideration within the next tw.i 
weeks. .Mr. Danf.ird has been able to 
do this thKiURh th.- - fforts of lU-pre.sen- 
tative Ualzell an.i other members, who 
are intimate associates of Mr. Ueed. 

The present intention of Chairman 
Danford is lo eal! the bill upon .March 
1."). So'.ne of th« op])osition of Western 
members has been withdrawn, although 
it is Slated two or three meml)crs of the 
Minnesota delegation still hope that 
they ma.v n.>l have to go on i>.coi.l 
either for or against a restrictive immi- 
gration law before the elections next 
fall. They fear that, no matter whi' h 
way they may v.ite. there vvill lie dis- 
tjatisfaelion am. nig their constituenis. 
As before slat.'d. however, their de- 
sires are not likely to bo followed, an 1 
the iKuding senate bill, with jierhap'^ 
a. few slight chang-s. is likely to liccome 
a law. 


Blood Poisoning Proves Fatal to the 
Eminent Jurist. 

Minneapolis. Mai. li ».-Judgc G. i:. 
Vanderburgh, a nmivi^ if Saratoga. N. 
Y.. a ivshknt of .Minn .'aixdis since is."*;'., 
and for ten years a justice of the sn- 
prcn^e cijuit of ithc ^tate of Minncso'^a. 
died at II o'eIc»ek y«»serday morning, at 
his himir. I»L'5 Seventh street s-juth. fr. in 
blood poisoning. 

Judge Vanderbur'.;li had been si k 
about six w l jks. th. primary c. mplaiiu 
lieing kidney irouble. He haves a uif-. 
ill present conlini J to hev bid. and a 
..-jii. WUliam Henry N'anderbuigh. now 
a resident of New York. 



Service Commission Defines 
Some of Its Provisions. 

■Wcvliingion. Marc.i 1.— The civil ser- 
vice commission has prepared for sub- 
mission to congress some information 
OS lo th<- .ffe.-i of tile enactment Int'^ 
law of 111.- Fvans bill n "W" jM-n<liiig in 
the This bill removes from the 
e)>eratlon of the law all pisi lions now 
in the elassiliid sorv ici- lielow the iWO 
and also above the fl><00 grade, besides 
limiting its application in other r..'.«|iects. 
.\e(.-ijrding to the coiiiniitsi Jii thir^- are 
low ti-SS post'>lliees in the c-la'=silied ser- 
\ i.e with J6.000 employes, «.1« of which, 
with IJ.Mit einidoye.-. would be with- 
drawn if the bill wen- passed. The 
niimbt r of cu.-jtom houses the force in 
w hiih is now ilassilied wouhi be ri-duicd 
from lO;: to six. The emplj.ves of the 
folliwing named bure-ius uf th. execu- 
tive departnieats w.iiil.l b.- withdrawn 
f I om the servi. e und 'r the op'ralions of 
Mr. Evans' b'll: Tin- steamboat inspee- 
lion service, the mariii" hospital service. 
Ii3.> lighthouse istablishment. the life- 
saving service-, all the assa.v oflUes. the 
n-venue cutters, and in adiJilio:i s-.-veral 
jiositions tla.ssilii'^ by President Arthur 
when the present law went intj effect. 
Tin- total number of employes now In 
the elassiliid s-.-rvie.' is X4.LM0. o'l.:::'.". of 
V liieh will be taken .nit by the operation 
of the Fvans bill, and of those reniain- 
ing oSHo are in Wjsliington and "\.\2i 
in other cities. 


.San l-'raiiclsv'o. Mai.h l.-^Maj. i'<vn. 
I>i.kiiison has issit- il oeders foi- the in- 
spection of all th.- .National Guards of 
California in the mar future. The na- 
val militia is al.s.i to be insp»_vtcd and 
both branches of th.' servic.- placed in 
readiness any em- rgency. 

Keep in niiiul tluit Scott's 
Emulsion contains the hypo- 

These alone make it of 
great value for all affections 
of the nervous system. 

It also contains glycerine, 
a most valuable, soothing 
and hcaliiiii a-^ent. Then 
there is the cod-liver oil, ac- 
knowledged hv all physicians 
as the best remedy for poor 
blood and lt)ss in weight. 

These three ureat remedial 
agents blended into a creamy 
Emulsion, make a remark- 
able tissue buihler. 

,(* .'ii'l }i r.,, «:' ■! 'i;Ai I'- — ' 

SCOTT & BOWNt. Chemi^l"-, New YorV, ^.^ 


Millfii Wlllliinis. III. .\iisiln. Minn., 
inntil rcr of l!us l>rivcr l-'inii. Iiiid his 
preliinliiiiiy luailuK ,it Austin .vcsirdav. 
He was charKid vvllh inunl.'r. id.'ad.'d not 
KiilPy. >inil vvHH 11. 1.1 witlioul ball. Th.' 
e.iiirl r.ioiii vv ^s er.ivvtl.'d and the prlso.n-r 
Wiis mil. li afrnld li". would lie lynch. 'd, 

l-'.iglit wliol.snl.. a 111 liNi r tail eoiil deiil- 
i-is of San Kliimls.-o. tuive Iveli illill. I'll 
b.v Ihe f.'deral grand Jury of Callfornl i 
(or violating ihe trust a.t'. 

.M Texaikiiiia. Aik., yesterday a s ..'iin 
«liy kiln .olliiiised. fatally liijndng two 
Will km. n. iiil'lleilim nilior injurbs 
on it iiuinli r of others, 

'I'll.. Loiiil hill III iDrrct ull.'g.d abuses 
.if the s.-coii.l class nuiil matter privll-ge. 
whtili last V .'ill- passi'.l ill.- h.jiis.. bv a 
mujorli.v of Ml t.i tut, was buried \>y an 
ovcrwh.'lniiiig maj.irily liy th.- hoiis-' .v.s- 
terday al Wastiiiiuliin. Tin- v.d.- was 
not Ink n diiolly on tin bill, but on n 
inoiioi 1. 1 la.v L mi th.- table. My a vote 
.if lt)L' I.I 1i;i th.' iii.iiioii was earrli-d. 

At .Musk..;;..).!. Mi»'li., Iw st. v.-.L-n s' 

nipl.i.V'd hy ihi. tiiiiid Kapids ^: In- 
diana sti-anier us.e.da. Struck >'esti rila.v. 
'I'hcj- h.iv . bei'ii receiving 1". cents ti. r 
hour and dein.'iiidid :;ii. When ;i n.-w for. .. 
.if in. '11 was put ;o work a brief scrlm- 
in.iKe oeeiii-red ill on • of 111.' latter 
w;is sevir.'ly i.ijur.'d. Sev ral .•iii<..sis will 
be mad.-. 'I'll.' ii.'vv i.'iiii)l.>yi's ar' worki.iK 
liiidi r p.ilice pi'.jiK-iloa. 

Al Itca.lliig. Pa., benlmilng n- xi M.m- 
da.v 111''r st. el works will go on 
double tini . Working on vmij (..lies fm' 
the gov.rmncit aid imidu.ving :'.•' i In- 
st eu. I of rj.". hands. 

The I'arlists bive IssikiI :i nianir.-st.i 
.niini'iiii. ing ili.'ir iiitrtill.jii to lake imrl in 
:li-- e.uning .1 .lions. 

Till- Si h.iiili' r Sp. I'dwill. Capt, Ci>niier. 
fr.-ni .Marco, l-'la.. for Ki'\' West, was 
stni.k b.v a s.|Uall yoslcrdny wlill.- off 
.\lari|U< .-.^sa, cJchlLe.i ndles Ko.v 
West. a:id capsized. .Nine p. rsoiis vver > 
.Irovvned out of llilii .a on bonnl. Anvnig 
lie- vl.t'.ins Were iliri i hildicii of I'apt. 
Coniler. t!i org... Tom an.! Wilb- r, air '.I 
u s|n'..,lvi.|.v I. (J ,n\d N. .111.1 Pradle.v 
•jIs. his wife and son .'iii.l two gramli liild- 
re:i. The f-iniilv' was from Hridg iMjrt, 
< 'onn. 

In reply to th niaiiv puldlsh'd report? 
r.giir.ling Hi.- and wish'-s of th*- 
Westi'iii in L'liii-ago. Canadian Pa- 
eilie railruiid .itlieirils aniioiiaee ili:it they 
will not .hang.' Ilieir present polie\" u:i- 
Kss all the old rut.'s are nslor. d and Ihe.v 
are again allow-. 1 tin- dlff. r.nt i:il whi.-li 
llu.v wr-i-e :ill.)w..d up to Illu time thai 
lu^ rat.- War b gan. 

At Dubois. Pa.. s,.\-..j| ni.-n Wer-' badly 
burned, one fatally, by the x plosion of 
a keg of powdi r l.i laiiidon nii.i.' vcs. 

on., thousand eobjred nillitiaint n of 
South Carolin.i have t. inlered Ih ir serv- 
ic. s to ilie ill <aHe of war. Th" 
oft'. I was made hroiigh Col. Robrtson. 
color, d. of Ch.-irkstoi. 

*'o\. Ilciir.v. oiii- of the wllaessfs called 
ill The rei'«-iit of M. Zola to eonlradlel 
minor points of the t.s:lmony given bv 
Col. Picuuart. has challenged the latt.-r 
to a duel. 

I-^niaiuiel K(ddlng. a well-known piotn-cr 
was kill d by a fall of ro«k i.i an .-xten- of the King Sol.jnion mine iietir 
Clalic.v. Mom.. W'l'dnesda.v algbt. His 
body Was f.iuiid in ilie boilom of the shaft 
I his nioniinp, Mr. Hedding was the own r 
of th.- Ki.ig and Old Dan Tiiekir 
mines, iwo <if' the bist-know:i propertb-s 
of Ihe distilct. 

in Son' rvill.- .oiinty. T-x.. Harvey 
I line, a farmer, was killed bv Henrv 
lurklow. Ji fiirm hand. Th^ la'c. r sev- 
er. d Lane's head from the body with an 
nx. The onl.v witness was th.' S-year-.d«l 
di.oglit.r of Lane, who gav.- th.' alarm. 
IJiiikloVv has been arrested. 


TliounantU of People Have Uysiiepoia In 
III* ^VoTHt l-'urui Mild l>(i Nut Know It. 

A W'lik .'tomach is the cause uf about 
nine-tenths of all disease, yol in most 
cases the wrong thing is ti-caied and the 
liue caus:- overlooked. 

This is because a weak digestion pro- 
duces symptoms ivs mbling noarly 
e^p|y disease because it weakens and 
disturbs the action of ev(-ry nerve and 
organ in the body: poor digc^stion 
I a uses h.^art trouble, kidn-.y troubles, 
lung weakness- and especially ncr^"ous 
bleak down or mrvous pros.raf ion, the 
norv-'s cannot stand the wtar and tear 
unl ss generously f.^d by well iligestod 
wholesome food. 

Keep the digestion good and no on- 
need fear the approach of disoas.\ 

Mis. H. M. Lee. of riochest.M-. N. V.. 
writs: For the sjike of suffiring lin- 
maiiiiy I wan t.i sa.v that from a child 
I had a very weak stomneh, threw up 
my food \ory often after eating and 
after a few y. ars nervous dyspejisia 
rt suited and for more than twenty 
years I have suffered iu'^xprossibly. 

I tried nian.v physicians and adver- 
tised rciinHli. s with only tempoiary re- 
li'f for nervous dyspepsia and not un- 
til 1'd taking Stuart's Dys- 
pcp.-ia Tablets last Scptemb. r, six 
tiionths ago, hav.' I been free from suf- 
fering ( ause.J b.v the condiiion of my 
ntrvcs and stomach; in .short, chronic 
n< I \ ous dysp.'psia. 

I have recemmnuied Siuart's Pys- 
)». psia Tab|. tx to man.v of my frirnd'? 
and n.'iw 1 want in a piiblii- way to .'^ay 
Ihy ar>. the safest, pleasa.nt-st .and I 
Ix-lieve surest cure for stomach and 
m r\ I- troubles. 1 write my 
opinion and I will gladly answer -tiiy 
b I tors of inquiry at any time and f"ei 
that I am. in my small way. Irlpin.g on 
a good . ausi. 

Si u Ill's I»yspe|>sia Tablets i.s not a 
patent medicine, but Ih.-y < .'titain oiilv 
t he fruit salts, dig.^stive a.ids and p p- 
t.'iies neressar.v to h.-lp the vv.-nk sloin- 
aeh lo promptly and thoroughly dig st 

All .Iruggists soil Stuart's Dyspojisia 
Tabl'ls a I r.O cents for full-sized pa.k- 
age ami anyone suffering from nervous 
dvspepsia. sour stoma<h, liradacli.^.s. 
a. idily. gases, belching, etc.. ■will Und 
them not only a quick relief, but a 
ra< cure. 

.^end tc Stuart company. Marshall. 
Mich., for littl- book d.-'siribing "Caus? 
an<l <'ure of .Siomaeh Troubles." giving 
hymptonis and ti'atment of the variuuti 
forms of indigestion. 


Case Which May Result in Wholesale 

Wasldn.gton, March 4.— iSn. .ial t-i 
The H-jiald.)— Congressman Corliss of 
Michigan will make a test of the civil 
S' rv ice law in the tourts. The Hccre- 
lary of tlv tr asury the remov- 
al of three labor- rs in th.- Detroit 
poslonice not appointed from the .lig- 
ible list. The cust.jdian of the build- 
ing r ■fused to r. move them and is sus- 
stained .Mr. Corliss. The result may 
be the removal of laborers, fireimn an. I 
other low salari-'d federal employes the < lasslfie.l seiv'i.-. Maiiv 
places in Minnesota v\ otild be affected. 


Kentucky's Legislature Enacts Copy 
of Nebraska's law. 

Frankfort. Ky.. March I.— The house 
.if ivpresentativcs has passed, by a 
party vote, an act t.i prevent the mak- 
ing of a i'ontract payable In gold aii.l 
making sin h a contract null and void. 
Dr. At wood Smiih. of Loiii.'^vill'j, In- 
tro.luced the bill, and warmly ailviaated 
its passag.'. It is substantially a copy 
of the Nebraska law and iircveiits the 
discrimination of ciiher nutal against 
Hie oth.r. and declares liotli gold ami 
silver legal t.-iider in payment of debts 
.m exactly the same terms. 

.Never defer a vital nuilU r. A congii 
sliouldn't be lYglected when Uv. Bulls 
Cough Syrup vvill cure U at onec. 

Correct styles in hats, at K-lIy's. 

J'hv.sitiuiiB rcvoimiieiid Suluii Spring 

t\ aler. 

What is 

Car-itoria i:-i l>r. SaiiiiK-l l''it<li< r'.s jircMriiitioii lor 1iH:iii1s 
and ChililroM. Ilcoittains noitluT C)i>ii:iii, IM«»rj»liiii«' nor 
otlwr Narfutic siibstantc. It is a liainil<ss substitute 
for l*art>jf<>rir, J>n)j»s, .Soothing- .Syrnps and Castor Oil. 
It is IMcsisant. Its [;^iiarant<-'c is tliirty ycar>* use l>y 
MiUions of ?Iotliors. C'astoria is IJac C'liildri-n's l*ana«.<*a 
-thr 3Io{ln:'s Friend. 



TMT rifiTAun fovrAN- ?r M'»nnA< '- nfiT Nfvw voni*. riTr 




.\t I'.irg.i Mrs. Ilailie Kobiiisoi was 

gr.iut il a d er< •• .•!" .livoiee from .\. i '. 

Kobinson on tlH' ground of iieiii-supimr.. 

15oth par:its formerly livd in .N w Y.irk. 


The ipi slioii of SHlarii'S the teach- 
ors in t)ie Mndison schools is ag.dn luiiig 
(lis. US! ed. Man.v objei-t t.i the 
l.iub wag.s b iig paid, as It is tiiting 
lo be a ^•ery h Uil lo;id for th'-ni a id 
li.jini out that other .-it;is get as go.i.l 
servic ' Ht niii.h less rai.-s. A; a m.'.-t- 
inr. last evenltiK the niall.r was e.mi- 
pr.imis._d b iwnn the bfiard aial iill/..ns. 
b.v aKreeing to let th" s.M'r.-t;iry rind by 
correspond nee ;tu' rales iiald in other 
cities of the state and striking a.i aver- 
ag.^' Ih rcfiom. 

LasI week a stra-iger altenipl'-d to pass 
a raised chi^ck iiiHin a Yiinkton bank, 
and. tailing, .lisaniieared^ his ari-.-s' 
could b.' mad. . H. tJ. Tiiylor wiis arr.-sted 
el--argr-d with b.iiis Ihe man. A proiniiicni 
lawyer of V. rniillion is at Yaiiktoi. in 
tlv " inti-rest of Ta.vlor. a. id. Ic^fore th • 
arrest was made, endeavored lo set.b- 
Ihe nialtir with ih^ bank, but faikd. 
'i'av'or is the son of a i>r.)niin«'iu < 'Iny 
<o;iniv man. and is wiii 'l.v known ihroutth. 
ou: Ihe state as a i ra-k shot, b.iiig a 
memb. r of several giia dubs 

The stab- board of charities and cor- 
scssion at Sioiix Palls, eon- 
aece|)ted the plans for the lo III- .r.-d.-il at om-e 
furnish. -d b.v ;li.- people of 
Tli.'s.' people vvill iirobalily 
d by iIk' mxl legislatur.'. -ts 
evirvbodv reeog.i.z s th.. iie...s.sily Cor tli.- 
rebn'ilding of the inslitutioi. The (dans 
call for .'1 perfeetl.v tirepro.if siruct iiii . t.i 
b.' built of ston-? and bri.-k. 

Diiig.r Pros, were arresle.l at Wanba.v 
bv iJepiitv Cnit.^d Stntes Marshal A. T. 
Labrie. from P.-dii-H-l. for sellintr ini..xi- 
.•alilifT b'unors to Ih.. Iiidittis, The-.- hiive 
Jilv.'ir hearing tonmrrow b fore Cnaed 
States Commissi.i.i.-r Wallis. al Ab- 

Jacob S.-hall-r. well k i.iwn in th. 
Hills, was found d.-ad at lieadw.ioil 
room at Tirr.v. The .oroii. r .l.'cid. 
tlv man snicid d last l''ridiiy by 

re.tions, i:i 
sidered nn.l 
11' w r.'ftnni 
be ri iml urs. 

• <-n. 

lilt, k 

ill bis 

i-d that 


"Oh. I liavi- )iiiss-il a miserable iiiylil." 
-Ukhurd III. Act I. Scene t. 
Yon shonl.l have used Pond's Lxliact 
in your bath before retiring. 

Spring Term 

n.-gins al the Uiiluth lUisinss Tniv.-r 
sitv on .Moll. lav. Mar. h T. 


"For fifteen j'ears 
my daughter 8 u f- 
fci-ed terribly with 
inherited Eczema. 
She received the best medical atten- 
tion, was given many patent raedi- 
cinos, and u.sed various external 
applications, but they bad no effect 
\Thatever. !?. !^. S. 
m'Vnil xras finally given, 
■■If I'M II and it promptly 
Jtll^Llfln reached the seat of 
the disease, so that 
she is cured sound and well, her 
skin is perfectly clear and pure, 

Ulli>l':K FOK HlIAIHNi-; PIIOUF m" 
W ILL.- 
tiialc of Mbniisuta. ./oual.v of St. L-jUIs 

In Pr.ibale Court. Spr. i:»l Term. F'b- 
rii:.r.v Pith. I^!•^. 
In the nial:er of tli-; csia:. .if t>av;.i Sa.-g. 

deee;i.-( il: 

W iiereas. an insiruniMi?. i>iirpo:!'Mr lo 
be the last will .iml le.-taii;-- >t < I L>jv .1 
Sarg, deceased, late of s.iid county, has 
been ilr-livered t'l this .oiir.: 

And whereas. Harriet J. Sang has lil.-l 
th" rovvith Inr netition. re|iresi i.tu.u. 
iimong oth.r tliinss. Iliat said U-i'^io 
Sang d:.-.: in .said eoiiniy. on ihe !«tli da.v 
of l-.l.ra:irv . IV.'^. icslal.. <iiid 'hat ^.l;■l 
pel.!:. 1-. 1 is th'- exe<-ui.i\ naniej iv .--oit 
last will and le.sttun nt. and praying thai 
the said insirnmeiit may be admiti.'d :<• 
pr.iiiau-. aii.l thai liters testamentary be 
issued thereon to her. 

I; is .-itUi-... ihat tjroi'fs of said insirn. 
nit nt. and tho said petition l»e heard b-.- 
fore this eoiiit. at the |<rubaie ..fli.-c !'■' 
Di:iiith. In said eouniv. <,i.i Saturday. ili>' 
twelfth day of March. .X. D. IS^v a; ten 
o'< 'cck i;i th;- for'-nooii. vvhpu all per- 
sons interested may apjx-ar for or th'- pr..'.;,l< o*.' sai